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File: 5247aee0a87b217⋯.png (1.25 KB, 326x217, 326:217, 326px-In-jain.svg[1].png)

23426b  No.12113997

What do you know about Jains? My brief familiarity is from politically correct sources. A lot of them seem to be pretty okay with Hitler, however I'm not sure if that's a Jain thing or just and Indian thing. They're a very wealthy caste in India and continue to be wealthy when they relocate to or do business in the United States and have a reputation for building schools and improving communities in Jainist areas of India and opening said schools up even to the non-Jain population.

fe1218  No.12114020

One of their main doctrines is non-violence, ancient Indian religion, probably older than Hinduism

e740d5  No.12114025

I'm confused. Are Jains like Brahmins?

23426b  No.12114042


Brahmins are a social class of teachers and priests in Hinduism. Jainism is a religion separate from Hinduism.


e740d5  No.12114060


Okay, but which race is it mostly suited to? Like how Christianity is for Whites.

f930d1  No.12114073


>probably older than hinduism

By the best reckoning, it was founded formally around the same time as buddhism. Its certainly a descendant of Hindu philosophy and maybe canon. Its possible, although unlikely, that they were contemporaries. But any thought that Jains predate Hindus is a myth.

23426b  No.12114087


I have never heard of it being practiced by anyone other than an Indian.

644b6c  No.12114089


Christianity was reshaped by Europeans from its original form, as it was foreign to their ethos at the beginning. Jainism was not subject to this reshaping as its followers are of the same stock that founded it.

f930d1  No.12114107

Near as I can tell, to call Hinduism the vedic religion is inaccurate. Hinduism may have existed seperately in south India, while Brahmanism existed in northern India. Hindus and Brahmans mixed Hinduism eventually became the dominant, taking the Vedic texts and the traditions. Several hundred years later, a group of scorned brahmans led by Jina Vardhmana found Jainism and its tenets as both a revolt against Hinduism and the overly ritualistic Brahmanism. Theres much confusion over who has the legitamate claims to being the Vedic religion because of linguistic, cultural, and racial differences.

f930d1  No.12114115


Incorrect. Christianity is the embodiment of hellenicism at the time. There is a contextual history to the situation most folks forget or ignore. There is a reason it shit talks Jews while espousing certain greek philosophical concepts.

644b6c  No.12114152


>Christianity is the embodiment of Hellenism

Is that why its God is the Jewish demon (((YHWH)))? Is that why Christianity suppressed and persecuted actual Hellenic schools of thought like the Gnostics, the Stoics, and of course the worshippers of the Gods of the Hellenes?

f930d1  No.12114170


Interpretation is debatable, but from a historical standpoint Christianity is Hellenic more than it is anything else. Gnosticism was an outcropping, more Jewish than Hellenic. Stoicism was a philosophy, not a religion. Pagan worshippers are very similar to Brahmanism/Jainism/Hinduism. Meaning its just one of a family. I am like my brother, but not him.

8f3b05  No.12114208


Oh boy, here we go. Fuck off D&C shills.

644b6c  No.12114215


>Christianity is Hellenic more than anything else

Maybe if you reframe Christ as Logos and throw out that Jewish Messiah bullshit, sure. But that does NOT excuse the damage your religion did to the wealth of philosophical and religious understanding that was so prevalent in Greece at the time. Jesus should be respected, maybe even added to the native European pantheon - but not ignored altogether and discarded in favor of (((YHWH)))'s commands, which is exactly what Christianity did. Christianity abandoned Christ's footsteps pretty much the moment he died, and turned itself into (((YHWH)))'s golem to destroy all the beautiful European native faiths and replace them with Jewish demon worship.

f930d1  No.12114224


You have no clue what you are talking about. Lets refocus on the actual topic of Jainism.

644b6c  No.12114232


White Christians still have good blood, but that doesn't make their evil (((God))) somehow not evil. The fact that there are those that want to save these Christians from the vicegrip of (((YHWH))) should be seen as the opposite of D&C - as it is the worship of (((YHWH))) that has made Europeans kill each other over sectarian disputes.

644b6c  No.12114244


You're right that this discussion is off-topic, but you're very wrong if you think that other people can't have any clue what they're talking about unless they stay strictly with what your specific holy book says.

Polite sage for off-topic.

23426b  No.12114286



What factors have led to the economic success of Jains? They seem to have a lot of influence and wealth despite being less than half a percent of the population, but I'm not finding accusations of (((unscrupulousness or predatory practices))).

f930d1  No.12114288


Its not about Christian faith, but historical context. He is simply incorrect about his assertions regarding Christianity and its historical place. Its not about value or faith.

45260d  No.12114353


The tenets of their philosophy in combination with better genes. IIRC, Jainism is northern India, a higher admixture of older Aryan blood. Like Mormons or Amish, to a lesser extent. Might be a semitic link somewhere in their history, but their altruism doesn't suggest that.

f930d1  No.12114392

I think it also bears mentioning about Sikhs and Ba'hai. Ive never had personal interactions with Bahais or Jains, but I've known Sikhs. Dravidian-Semitics, with enough Aryan admixture to produce an interesting, somewhat honorbound belief. Like Indian rednecks. Ba'hai are globalists through and through though.

38bb8f  No.12114412


Lame D&C

644b6c  No.12114440


Proceed with your shaming language, you effeminate Redditoid-sounding faggot. But before you choke to death on a dick, tell us what you define as "D&C" and how it relates to this context. Do you mean to say that Christians are being divided from 'pagans'? Or are you upset that Christianity is losing favor with, or being 'divided' from, Whites?

fc7bc2  No.12114534


the other one is not eating roots/tubers. something about digging/pulling vegetables disrupts millions of bacteria so killing millions to eat 1 is not balanced.

Personally I have no problems with the fair-skinned Indians, and I understand the relationships formed between ancient whites and Indians created the Indo-European cultures we know and love. Leave it to some faggot to bumplock the thread.

a81b1a  No.12114540


yes, rabbi

whites must love that faggot kike jesus

dumb goy

f930d1  No.12114560


Falls apart if you ask a Theseus' Ship question. Its only called Indo-European because original indians were Aryan, not dravidian. Same reason Iranians are white, but not anymore.

fc7bc2  No.12114566

File: 3bed4ff45242f1c⋯.png (367.87 KB, 2000x2067, 2000:2067, Tree of Cultures.png)


>more off-topic D&C


What, exactly, did Jesus do to wrong you, personally?


It really doesn't though. The original Indians were not Aryan. You're confused. Indo-Aryan is a completely different tree of cultures. Eg, Persia is Indo-Aryan.

fc7bc2  No.12114572



a81b1a  No.12114585


>What, exactly, did Jesus do to wrong you, personally?

other than be a swindling jew fraud who singlehandedly led to the downfall of Western civilization and destroys the brains of otherwise healthy WHITE people, nothing, rabbi kike-lover

f930d1  No.12114607


Iranian derives from the PIE term "Aryan", the term I'm using to describe it as. Indian in this case is not the modern Indian (Dravidians, a different linguistic/genetic group native to southern India) nor is it the modern Iranian, who became very semitic after generations of interbreeding.

f930d1  No.12114619


Furthermore, it is a valid question. How do you define one soul in your body if they're going to broach microbes as having souls. Also


38bb8f  No.12114783


Lurk before you post here. You're not really convincing.

f13660  No.12116618

I enjoy the Jains quite a bit. Can't say that I agree with them on everything they are too sensy for me on things like their food restrictions. But the ones who are normal are interesting. If I was required to choose another religion (other than my current one) I would probably consider becoming a Jain. I like the idea of soul purification.

23426b  No.12116668


> I like the idea of soul purification.

What's their take on that?

23426b  No.12119104

File: dc5e56a671618d9⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 3493x3508, 3493:3508, manivelu-dws-jainism-symbo….jpg)

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