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File: c816d458f6b05ac⋯.jpg (936.9 KB, 3600x1800, 2:1, 232561.jpg)

File: 0b1a0a44e64c4cf⋯.png (141.47 KB, 350x285, 70:57, 350px-Weichsel-Würm-Glacia….png)

File: c905d8fa3e13a8f⋯.png (167.59 KB, 450x275, 18:11, 4000BCkurgan.png)

9f9b44  No.12114084

A White Pill

Do you know what made indo-europeans supreme? A cataclysm that transcends any stress you see in modern life. You think Africans had a bad history? Let's go back to the last glacial period 11,700 years ago. All of North/western Europe is under an ice-sheet, Switzerland is a glacier, doggerland connects Briton to mainland europe, settlements are all along the coastline. And then it began to melt:

Ever wonder how a universal story is always a great flood? Europe being the most impacted, this ultimate test is what gave rise to modern man. A being capable of surviving and adapting in any environment quickly. The weak were punished and their blood line is dead.

Meanwhile in Africa, one of the worlds most fertile soil. If a bird shits a tree grows. Why would you ever need agriculture? No major seasonal changes around the equator can match what happened in eurasia. The great filter between the african-bantu is the Sahara desert. That is their limitations.

The sea, space, time. These are boundaries broken consistently by the group that has underwent the most difficult test, The indo-european. Yet this group is undergoing another test. It's not a physical environmental stress like it was before. Its a psychological/societal test. This is not something to fear. The Aryan has came back from much challenging obstacles in the past. This is something that will yield a higher being than the modern Aryan. This test will cull the weak. This test is not something to fear but something that will make us stronger.

The black-pilled are ignorant of our past. They think propaganda promoting miscegenation/pornography is going to win. The low fertility rate is going to kill us? Only the Aryan that is unfazed by the economic expense children are will pass on their genetics. It is merely filtering the unfit from our race.

efa256  No.12114158

File: 3bb5f500c9474b2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ursa-Major-swas.jpg)


COMMENCE GLOBAL COOLING! RAISE THULE FROM THE SEA! (no really can you imagine what we would find)

826f4f  No.12114190


22% of Indo-Europeans are somehow related to Gengis Khan. I guess our fat and rich IT geeks will find the same will to fuck. Sage.

26c714  No.12114236


North America was fucked hard too


>22% of Indo-Europeans are somehow related to Gengis Khan.

lmao what. also


826f4f  No.12114302



Just one of the many writings you could find on the topic. And sage.

5b0071  No.12114333

File: 2914bab47ca8ef7⋯.jpg (22.04 KB, 615x384, 205:128, ewen callaway.jpg)


>implying any of this is new to /pol/



look at this pissed turbo-eurasian-tiger-nigger

>(((Ewen Callaway)))


5b0071  No.12114356


also not to mention that link says fuck all about europeans/indo-europeans being 22% mongoloid

ec0288  No.12114435

File: acb7177ca55ef74⋯.jpg (79.28 KB, 538x634, 269:317, hercvsnes.jpg)

Comfort is the most dangerous enemy faced today. It lingers and renders you incapable of any action worthwhile.

Serenity a poison made as deadly as any other. It pacifies you and induces a state of mind. In which you do not even recognize the most essential tributes of your existence.

Our war is a wakeup call. It will bring us back where we belong. It will provide for us a reason for our existence. This is not the war to end all wars. This is the war that will never end…

63adde  No.12114848

Djengis Khan had red hair and green eyes, and his wife had grey eyes

cfe5f3  No.12114901

File: 17ce936d2984d50⋯.webm (4.73 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Ice fishing.webm)


What we need a second iceage.

Good luck Iceage-chan! I love you Iceage-chan! Thank you Iceage-chan!

870b15  No.12114975


>Europe being the most impacted,

Citation required.

8c4f8b  No.12115206

File: 57799f55849159d⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 700x646, 350:323, Vril.jpg)


unironically yes, pls.

86dbb3  No.12115573

File: 7c9bc7491234d8e⋯.jpg (602.7 KB, 2805x2196, 935:732, nuke.jpg)


The problem with your strength through war plan is that Western Ingenuity has made war too costly.

3cbbae  No.12115611

File: 393a35067bc3f54⋯.png (626.61 KB, 717x537, 239:179, poop.png)


but I hate cold wtf

2ada99  No.12115618


Total global thermonuclear war is the only thing that will save us at this point

I want one , something I could commit a war crime with.

b6f5b5  No.12115884

File: 30152793cd8a85b⋯.jpg (117.87 KB, 902x1126, 451:563, 30086306_1502987523143219_….jpg)

File: 996a78945c164b1⋯.jpg (86.97 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 32698097_221756841752877_9….jpg)

File: de02262cf6b2796⋯.jpg (110.87 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 29740820_192720324848163_1….jpg)

File: c4cdb21253719bc⋯.jpg (122.06 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DWhYMxlWsAAkGxg.jpg)

Am I one of the weak, /pol/? I can't stop jerking off to light-brown exotic women like this girl. Porn made me need extreme fetishes to get really aroused by white women, but any part of an attractive brown woman arouses me greatly.

355b2f  No.12115909

b6f5b5  No.12115919


But then I won't get to see her next cam show, and she might give a close-up on her pussy. I want to see it.

244136  No.12115964

Indo Europeans were horse riding Asiatic primitive niggers from the fringes of northern Eurasia that destroyed the complex and sophisticated societies of old Europe via war and pestilence, stop putting them on a pedestal, they literally set European development back by a thousand years at least.

ffa179  No.12116017

File: 0afd6026f7b547c⋯.jpg (14.01 KB, 246x255, 82:85, 1421444994850.jpg)


nofap will cure your faggotry, brain will hard reset.

If not, kill yourself.

27f427  No.12116022

In the Upper Paleolithic period, just over 12,000 years ago, Arene Candide in Italy’s northwestern Liguria region was an imposing cave with a massive, nearly 300-foot sand dune next to its entrance. Today, the dune has been quarried away. For archaeologist Vitale Sparacello of the University of Bordeaux, Arene Candide is key to understanding humanity’s legacy in the region. Sparacello grew up in Genoa, just about an hour east of Arene Candide, and has long been fascinated by the deep history the region has to offer. Unlike other caves, which have been studied mostly to see how people lived in them, for Sparacello and his colleagues, the site provides something else altogether—insight into how Paleolithic people buried their dead.

Arene Candide has 10 primary Paleolithic burials, two of which are double burials, and seven clusters of bones, totaling at least 20 individuals. There is a single burial, some 10,000 years older at the site, nicknamed the “young prince.” Piecing together the story of Arene Candide has not been easy. Working with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in Liguria, the Ligurian Archaeological Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Finale, and the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology in Florence, Sparacello combed through both the collections of human remains removed from the cave and the museums’ archives, in addition to participating in fieldwork at the site over several years, to illuminate what happened at the site during the Upper Paleolithic. “You always wish earlier excavations had done more, taken more notes, more photographs,” Sparacello says. “But it is humbling to see how much good work they did, especially when you go back to the field and realize that you are responsible for documenting your own generation’s excavations.”

The upper, most recent, levels of Arene Candide were first excavated in the 1880s and were found to contain several Neolithic burials dating to 5000–4300 B.C. Six decades later, in the 1940s, archaeologists dug through the site’s middle layers and uncovered the Paleolithic individuals, dating to more than 12,000 years ago. They were interred beneath a thick rocky layer in the cave that separated the older from the younger strata. These researchers described Arene Candide as a necropolis, based on the plethora of Neolithic burials. More recently, Sparacello and his colleagues have been able to take that description even further, concluding that Arene Candide was a place that Upper Paleolithic hunter-gatherers visited time and time again in order to inter their dead. They did this for more than 500 years, nearly 20 generations.

27f427  No.12116025

Sparacello’s research suggests that some of Arene Candide’s burials were intentionally moved from their original context. This happened in two distinct phases, separated by only a few centuries (10,820–10,420 B.C. and 10,030–9180 B.C.) But the older burials were not just haphazardly moved aside to make room for new bodies—the bones from the earlier burials were incorporated into the newer ones. Crania and other skeletal elements from the older burials were also integrated into the arrangement of stones that encircled the more recent examples.

Moreover, two individuals from different periods share skeletal anomalies, possibly related to congenital rickets. “This does not appear to be a coincidence,” Sparacello says. “People performing this funerary behavior knew whose bones were involved. We suggest that shared pathologies, especially congenital, may have been the focus of Paleolithic funerary behavior, particularly when it involved multiple individuals.” In addition, small, broken stones were found near the burial circles. Attempts to rejoin the halves of the pebbles have not been successful, leading researchers to propose that half a pebble was left with the dead while the other half was carried away as a talisman or souvenir.

b6f5b5  No.12116026


>brain will hard reset

Yeah, if I don't jerk off or watch porn or cam girls for a fucking year maybe, I don't want to that shit for a year.

3a5a7d  No.12116147


if you have to wank to sexy mutts instead of just putting your hand up and motioning to one to come over like you would a waiter, then there is no hope for you. All your dreams and fantasies will never come true. Your personal dotr is soon.

0824f2  No.12116159


Get the fuck out of here then, you don't belong here.

3d7f1d  No.12116222


Control yourself for fuck sake man, if it's that bad try fapping to some ASMR or kill your self, either will help.

1e49e6  No.12116243

File: 133821bcc93ee8c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, closeup.jpg)


Now that you've seen it, go ahead and kys

b6f5b5  No.12116283


I could jerk off to twitch girls. I mean, they're fully clothed. It'd probably be Korean girls though, because like I said, porn ruined white women for me. I need hardcore fetish shit to get off to white women.


>you don't belong here

This isn't a no-fap board, and most people here watch porn. No one in this thread, and probably less than 10 unique visits a year, are the ideal alpha chad people pretend to be. Most of us are normal fucking people. Most of us jerk off, some are anime obsessed niggers, some are hardcore LARPers like you etc.


That looks disgusting. I don't like the texture of roast beef.

3d7f1d  No.12116293


You need to stop being such a faggot and have some self control, THATS IT, thats all you need you literal nigger. Soon you'll become a pedophile if you don't stop your shitty behaviour, do you have ANY friends that are some what normal?

b6f5b5  No.12116314


>Soon you'll become a pedophile

Why/how the fuck would I become a pedophile?

b6f5b5  No.12116320



>do you have ANY friends

Oh, and no. I don't go outside much. I'm a hermit.

3d7f1d  No.12116358


So am I, doesn't mean I shun social interaction. I only have a FEW close friends that are local, and share the same ideas as me. Take up a hobby, snowboarding is good, cross country skiing, hiking, fucking any thing. But if you say its ruined white women, your probably beyond help, and your soyness may be permanent.

b4f9c7  No.12116390

File: 313773951f4efa5⋯.webm (132.08 KB, 854x480, 427:240, varg stop watching.webm)

b6f5b5  No.12116433


Well when I say ruined, I mean my arousal (ability to achieve orgasm) when I see a white woman is different due to porn. I still find white women to be incredibly attractive, albeit cam girls have kind of tarnished their image in my mind a bit by way of their whoredom and marxist sexual liberation viewpoints (all my interaction with white women comes by way of cam girls, save for daily necessary interactions). Basically a white women is really attractive to me, but I almost universally am disgusted by what I perceive to be their mindsets (I think they're all sexually liberated whores who, when pressed, are deeply marxist and anti-white and open to fucking niggers and whatnot), and I also need, due to porn, extra things to achieve peak arousal, while with non-white women, who I never watch in porn (I only watch white women in porn, and only ever have my entire viewing history), I can simply get off to normally. They're "ruined" in that sense. I honestly have no cravings, ever, to have sex. It doesn't even enter my mind. I only masturbate out of boredom. Basically I'll hop from /pol/ to chaturbate and say "why not?" Then back to some other time-wasting shit. I'm not "addicted," I'm passing time.

b6f5b5  No.12116519


>If you fucked, you'd feel different.

Maybe. Although I don't want to talk to any women outside of necessary daily interactions like shopping or something, so I don't see how that'll happen. Also I was recently in a high-motivation mood, exercising daily, not watching porn, and I did that for a while, and no, nothing changed. My desire just isn't there. I mean maybe if I make a tinder account and fuck a random woman I'll start craving sex, but I don't really want to do that because I live in a small rural community, and I don't want to bump into people who spot me on tinder. I don't know. I'd rather exercise, build stuff out of wood, and just be generally socially reclusive. It's nice not having conversations with people face to face. It's been so long since I was socially active that my social skills have deteriorated so much that I enjoy not doing it much more now. I've been conditioned to enjoy solitary living conditions, and now social interaction makes me uncomfortable. Watching porn is merely a time-waster for me, just like /pol/, twitch etc. I don't have any deep attachment to any of it. If I start a woodworking project I won't think about any of it.

a4e835  No.12116564


not the same anon you were talking to, but here's my hot take. Being reclusive leads to bad shit. Its not healthy to have little to no social interactions. Having a woman who is at least not a coal burning whore (she doesn't have to agree about all political issues) is a healthy thing imo. The companionship is natural and if you find the right person, she can actually help you become a better man. The sex is part of it, but not all of it.

0e4314  No.12117393



>North/western Europe

>11,700yrs ago

Indo-Europeans didn't migrate into Europe for another 7,000 years, fucktard

42fa2a  No.12117468

42fa2a  No.12117474


>I'm not "addicted," I'm passing time.

I'm not a christfag, but there's something to be said for the sin of sloth. Clean your room and reward yourself with some strategy gaming.

Amazing how quick the urge to fap goes away when you have something even a little productive to do.

f3cf1d  No.12117641

File: 43f590f2daaf1a6⋯.png (1.67 MB, 3200x6422, 1600:3211, swast.png)


>brings the wheel to europe

>setting europe back a thousand years

f3cf1d  No.12117647


They're native eurasian/around ukraine-black/sea above the caucus mountains. Ice sheet recedes causing a new environment of migrations for animals AND humans

2cd347  No.12117666


B*Sque fingers typed this post

f37cbd  No.12117676

File: 6905637f50fb3c5⋯.webm (3.84 MB, 704x480, 22:15, 6905637f50fb3c5b35fcc526c….webm)


What are you, a man or a monkey?

643d2e  No.12118002

The ice age was 12kya

Indoeuropean expansion occurred from 5kya-3kya

Try again

37ceb6  No.12118108


Its not a real ice-age. Its a cooling cycle that will still have a very negative effect on the planets food production. Hope you are prepping for this.

5f59ec  No.12118235

File: 1e7706a0731e8bb⋯.jpeg (97.22 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 56798008765456789.jpeg)


Do you have a point or is this the extent of your knowledge?

>dont fear white genocide because its good for your people

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