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File: d94ffee262f273d⋯.jpeg (267.32 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 47356B3C-A0C9-44AF-B783-E….jpeg)

6a6815  No.12114147

This has been said before, but it can’t be emphasized enough that the key to a thriving society is the happy and independent family unit.

When parents genuinely show their kids how beautiful and fun marriage and love can be the kids want to grow up emulating their parents. He/she wants to be happy like his/her parents. They also grow up seeing the level of trust a happy marriage requires. These kids grow up to be honest, married adults who in turn teach their kids. But somewhere down the line this degrades. When trust/honesty aren’t present, a marriage begins with either an expiration date or a lifetime of unhappiness. When kids see their parents go through this they grow up bitter and resentful to the idea of serious relationships because of the incomplete childhood divorce or unhappy homelife left inside. So they have more casual, liquid living conditions and relationships that often include having children. These children in turn grow up with no structure and no idea of what true love and marriage actually are having never seen them firsthand from their parents. They idealize marriage and find partners they can trust and are experiencing the same feelings. They appreciate the trust they were deprived of as kids to become happily married. The cycle restarts.

The idea of marriage is ancient. Humans have known that as the tribe grows, the autonomy and strength of the family is what keeps society sane and peaceful. Did the ancients go through similar cycles? We’re obviously in today’s world at the desolate side of the cycle. Are there less families percentage wise with each revolution if the cycle? Genuinely curious if anyone has read or seen any sociological studies related to this idea. Having grown up in a household where we lost the farm because of my parents divorce, I never realized until just now how important a family is. I’ve just realized I need to get serious and settle down. I actually look forward to having white children.

Anons, let us shake off our vile and pathetic ways and make starting a family a serious goal!

36ed09  No.12114187

Family is all that actually matters; even the greatest minds work will be forgotten given enough time. Blood is infinity.

8db6da  No.12114222


Watcha sliding? Can't find anything that important. I am surely mistaken. I'll dig better in the catalog. Well, yeah, family matters, you are right. Sage.

9f3d01  No.12114235

File: d271ee1fae3c364⋯.jpg (22.91 KB, 447x306, 149:102, 1473166593856.jpg)


>Everything is a slide thread.

36ed09  No.12114258

>>12114222 check'd

We could use a /fatherland/ thread.

9f3d01  No.12114366

The way you talk about the cycle, implies it is every second generation, which i dont see being the case. A reaction to a decay does not imply a cycle.


>These children in turn grow up with no structure and no idea of what true love and marriage actually are having never seen them firsthand from their parents.

And thus the healthy traditions from hundreds of years are lost in one generation.

6a6815  No.12114470


Well I imagine that this cycle is much longer and more subtle than every second generation.

bcd259  No.12114489


>The cycle restarts.


the result is, no offspring and the race dies.

24cbd0  No.12114499


>family unit

not to go all /leftypol/ or whatever, but the "family unit" by this I assume you mean the "nuclear family," father + mother + children is a bourgeois/20th Century invention. Previously, the "family unit" was multi-generational, several orders "wide" (ie. reached out closely to cousins etc), and involved strong community ties and associations with non(/distant)-relatives. This "nuclear family" bullshit isn't going to get you anywhere in an identitarian movements – its lolbergtardian garbage. you need to focus on social capital more generally not simply the "family unit"

bcd259  No.12114526

File: 242bca38bbb4e0e⋯.jpg (544.47 KB, 1587x1055, 1587:1055, Untitled.jpg)


added to this fact is the very real genocide the has been occurring with the opioid epidemic.

>>12114499 (checked)

>Previously, the "family unit" was multi-generational, several orders "wide" (ie. reached out closely to cousins etc), and involved strong community ties and associations with non(/distant)-relatives.

This family is a well known family where I once lived and I can attest, it is significantly much smaller, consisting of one lone independent household, where in years past there were 35 all living within the same rural area.

Like so many threads here of late. This board is 100% kiked.

bcd259  No.12114697

File: 7fe0a87836d85c5⋯.jpg (339.83 KB, 1024x721, 1024:721, 15681038764_977154ecbb_b.jpg)

File: 83e9b4bc42155f6⋯.jpg (818.5 KB, 1024x804, 256:201, 6108512067_113a7731e9_b.jpg)

File: 3f151b62ae5b178⋯.jpg (419.56 KB, 1600x935, 320:187, 16495066133_bcc483d89d_h.jpg)

these pictures are roughly 100 years ago, 4 generations which have only gotten smaller, and more fractured, this was when everyone was Amish. You no longer see 10-12-15 family members living in the same house, and keep in mind a 1300 sqft house was big. We here say this is how spics and beaners live today piled in on top of each other like roaches.

6a6815  No.12114778


Interesting thought. Perhaps economic hardship for whites will push as back to these kinds of arrangements.

24cbd0  No.12115082


>Perhaps economic hardship for whites will push as back to these kinds of arrangements

the problem is that in the "advanced economy" whites actually get pushed further and further away from these arrangements as they move away from home to find jobs. unrestrained capitalism destroys communities

1c6c1c  No.12123107


bump, this is a good thread.

>>12114499 (fucking checked)

This is actually the goal. To restore ourselves we must build up the great families of the modern day. If you are under 30 and you have already had at least one child you are on time and can achieve this model in your lifetime.

It follows as such: you have your children and you raise them. You don't fuck up your finances on (((luxurious))) purchases and by the time your children are adults you should have at least one property paid off. You give your children a choice. They can stay with you, rent free, as long as they are helpful productive members of the family, whatever that may be for your situation. If/when they have children, you help them get their own property so they can branch out with their own family. As you are now older and a grandparent, you help with the raising of the grandchildren in a way that can free up time of their parents so they can continue to build the family wealth. This is the key step. Having the family members in their prime age earning money while the elderly and children occupy each other is the optimal way. This is best for the souls of the grandparents and grandchildren to be involved with each other, and creates the multi-generational family. After you die, you give all your wealth to your most successful child in terms of family size. They continue the cycle and their children will be debt free the day they are born due to your efforts. They no longer have to work to live to work to live but can pursue their passions and have large families because they are not financially trapped due to poverty


This is a huge problem, we must be the generation that is responsible and become the cycle breakers of bad marriage, divorce and pissing away our wealth for hedonism in the final third of our lives.


gas yourself

5e32ea  No.12123117


Reported for jewish transhumanist spam.

115434  No.12123142


paranoia is killing this place

721b88  No.12123157

File: 99a546a3eea4db4⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 638x430, 319:215, gop_bodyslam.jpg)


Paranoia is why this place cannot be subverted.

5ef573  No.12123269



Blaming everything on capitalism may be right insofar as it goes. But it's also low agency and childish. If we want people to form community we must creaste values, customs, and even religious practices which mandate tribal living. Anything less than this will doom our children to be at the whims of market forces and (((those who control them))). This is why religion and tradition is so important and why kikes are eager to destroy it. Religion and tradition supercede market forces.

tldr: if we want people to live in community we have to make it a religion/tradition/culture. I recommend rebooting Wraldaism (Oera Linda Book) as an umbrella religion for white pagans and Christians to form communities. Freedom of religion is the only protection left for the formation of racial homogeneous institutions.

5e32ea  No.12123275


>oy vey goyim there’s no hidden agenda anywhere

Reported for not being paranoid.

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