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File: a44ac69fbfdbf93⋯.mp4 (5.87 MB, 200x200, 1:1, Jack_Blondson_Tay.mp4)

9d8657  No.12115201


First Thread: >>12112567 || http://archive.li/hlNbu



>Chris Heavey and I gave random beepers to a stratified random sample of 30 students from a large urban university and interviewed them about the characteristics of their randomly selected pristine experiences. Five main characteristics emerged, each occurring in about a quarter of all samples (many samples had more than one characteristic). Three of those five characteristics may not surprise you: inner speech occurred in about a quarter of all samples; inner seeing occurred in about a quarter of all samples; and feelings occurred in about a quarter of all samples. The other two phenomena occurred just as frequently but are not so well known.

>Consider inner speech. Subject experienced themselves as innerly talking to themselves in 26% of all samples, but there were large individual differences: some subjects never experienced inner speech; other subjects experienced inner speech in as many as 75% of their samples. The median percentage across subjects was 20%.

>inner speech occurred in about a quarter of all samples

This means that the average person only thinks in speech about 25% of the time.

Other related links




1a8c04  No.12115213


First for sapience.

First for killing kikes mercilessly.

4bd092  No.12115220

How the fuck is that possible? I'm a heavily introverted fuck and would go bonkers if I couldn't have a quality conversation with myself.

576e11  No.12115256

File: 280a5834653deec⋯.jpg (8.81 KB, 168x255, 56:85, Bane 0 Percent Survivors.jpg)

File: 17797ae311d7232⋯.jpg (222.6 KB, 888x908, 222:227, Bane Reckoning.jpg)

File: ac116df04aa6d4e⋯.png (372.28 KB, 587x856, 587:856, Bane The Plane Crasher.png)

File: fb3238ceac92ee2⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 1281x1536, 427:512, Dank 40K Baneposts.jpg)


Traditional White languages and traditional White thinking are purely metaphorical, so that makes sense.


Only cucks consider anything "human." There's no such thing, just like there's no such thing as "racism" or "gender." It's all bullshit, friend.


That makes perfect sense. You all are the niggers posting 10+ times ITT. I always filter you. Lurk the fuck moar.


Indeed. Anyone exceeding 30 without a direct major contribution to a thread, like an insider leaking data or reporting on an event, should be autobanned for a fair amount of time. There's all kinds of shit that should be an autoban for not lurking two years.

>>12113187 (checking your murder digits)

I have been thinking for some time that NPCs need to be killed off. All of them.

Crashing this plane

With no survivors

9d8657  No.12115268

File: 6709dd097f526de⋯.png (685.22 KB, 931x486, 931:486, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cbd836f2636cd29⋯.png (74.79 KB, 947x380, 947:380, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c4e0d853999c9e1⋯.png (363.85 KB, 1265x604, 1265:604, ClipboardImage.png)

It appears to me that thinking with language enables a certain kind of behavioral cooperation, but also subversion. Money has the same effect: attached to it is material value (even though it's a piece of paper). Words are just symbols but are attached material value as well.

Those who can reflect on language and words are able to appreciate what others cannot.

Last bread had pics related

a6f403  No.12115270

File: 978de77ebf52bf3⋯.png (49.06 KB, 877x677, 877:677, npc_theory_reaches_normies.png)

guys look what just popped up on my twatter feed

0b316a  No.12115271

File: 994a4a591e4ef91⋯.jpg (74.67 KB, 677x510, 677:510, disney_movies_pinocchio_ji….jpg)

inner speech is your conscience right? wouldn't that mean 25% of people cant contemplate right from wrong?

yall need to check this shit out too


3b1326  No.12115311

This is just some soychologist confirming a truth that dates back to the dawn of humanity. Sentient thought/awareness isn't something inherent in humans. It's something that has to be developed over many lifetimes, and the hard truth is that 90% of humans are still base animals of the grossest nature. Once you get past a certain point of inhumanity/waste all your lives as an NPC you lose that chance for good. Most of the NPCs in current year are far beyond that point. If you can read this you're already a big brain Chad and need to start working on developing your wizard skills.

5f7d01  No.12115329

File: 719e7809e5615f4⋯.jpg (68.69 KB, 703x944, 703:944, 76cc345928e9a0aaa4c9f975d0….jpg)


I'm more of an amnovert, when I'm doig things with other people, I'm more in the moment since things are at a much faster pace and there is more pressure involved. Similar to how athletes don't think about every move they make, a lot is just off instinct.

When I'm with myself, I'm able to think critically since I have time to observe and evaluate shit.

3b1326  No.12115346


>third picture

He's right.

The soul isn't caused by the body, like you have likely been led to believe. It's actually the opposite, and the physical body is caused by the soul. There's a huge excess of physical bodies due to the degeneracy and uncontrolled population explosion of normalfags.

36b283  No.12115353


This is a thing too. Some people can't even visualize mental imagery, or at least have terribly untrained imaginations.


1f929e  No.12115362

Daily reminder that the average person is really stupid. This a great post on a blog to read about the subject. Take the test and see if you're subhuman.


918b43  No.12115368

File: 1788e8692413f48⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 374x325, 374:325, Capture.jpg)

File: 26559ddbb93044c⋯.jpg (52.59 KB, 1083x92, 1083:92, Capture2.jpg)


Doesn't matter what they say if they know it is a test to determine if they are a p-zombie. The zimboe will lie, not even knowing why, to defend it's so called humanity.

ba499d  No.12115378


I'm sort of with you on that one, but there are flaws with Essentialism. Look into the Ship of Theseus.

a6f403  No.12115383


yep obviously. just found it interesting normie pages starting to make polls and talk about this

94e3c1  No.12115384


I rarely think in voice. Too slow. Only good for preparing to verbalize an argument. What do you want to bet that one of less well known modes of thought is nigger monkey noises.

1f929e  No.12115391


Yeah, in the same study, the researcher found that the same number of people that lack an inner voice also lack an inner eye, they don't visualize.

2fa938  No.12115393


>>>12112567 (OP)



my immediate reaction too. I wish I could get my inner voice to shut the fuck up occasionally, the nigger is constantly badgering me and neither drink nor drugs will stop him flapping his gums at me. He is also my best friend, the nagging fucker, and has kept me alive for over half a century.

I think he must be the part of me I am supposed to let go of to fully accept God, I'm not sure, still quite confused about everything but I hope I die with God's name on my lips. eyes have filled with tears, which happens quite a bit too, lately. I don't want to have to hurt anyone so I hope He forgives me for the things I'm beginning to consider more and more. The outrages we have to tolerate are a fucking disgrace. This meek shit has grown very old.

minor blog post to indicate constant head chatter: lying in bed yesterday morning, naked under the sheets (relevant) and rubbing one of my dog's ears. Inside my head: still alive, made it through another night, mental check everything in working order, fuck the dogs (but you love them, dickhead) wonder what Trump's been up to the last few hours, is today the day Mum or Dad dies (literally everyday since I was a child), when will the 500 year floods arrive, should I buy a slingshot or a crossbow (because the tooth fairy keeps forgetting to leave two silenced pistols under my pillow) who are we and where do we come from...and as this shit is gnawing away at the edges of my thinking I swing my legs and an erection (relevant, just not to the missus, she festers away in another room) out of the bed and reach down to pick up my trousers when there is a loud crack and multiple sparks appear as ozone fills the air. I detumesced instantly and wondered if I've just narrowly avoided death.

My trousers had been lying across an electrical cord plugged into the wall. I mentally joke to myself that it was a failed mossad attack and even consider telling the missus but fuck her, we are in a cold war.

I walk and feed the dogs (there is an unrelenting chatter in my head about anything that pops up..lately its how quickly I could kill someone to avoid getting killed myself, then I enjoy one of my favourite times of the day, poached eggs on toast, a cup of tea in front of the computer checking out /pol/ but what's this, the wireless modem has no lights at all. Fuck me, neither does the unit on the wall, has the missus forgotten to pay the bill? I start wondering if the fucking jews have tracked me down and, if so, what now? txt missus to check online if there is an issue after checking different sockets to eliminate potential problems. missus rings to tell me to try different sockets, FUCKYOUBITCH I silently scream, why did you marry me if you think I'm a drooling imbecile? but I don't say any of that because cold war.

I'll put readers out of their misery with a long story shortened: my sparkly cock knocked the internet offline by blowing one of the fuses in the powerboard, so maybe I did get close to silencing my inner voice.

94e3c1  No.12115397


This is a closely guarded esoteric truth. Most humans are soulless. They're important though because they are vessels for growing new souls.

1f929e  No.12115400


You need to train it, dude. I can think in voice at a much faster rate than I can speak. I use it between my sentences all the time.

5f7d01  No.12115410


Literally this. How can you sound out entire words in your head when you can just take the feeling behind the word and comprehend the patters of sentences and their basic meanings. Maybe I'm just fucking weird, but I didn't think anyone actually thought through talking in their head.

e077d2  No.12115412

File: eabafa9b4f8a639⋯.jpg (40.42 KB, 500x478, 250:239, f7fa4ef51dfc50866d2cbf75f7….jpg)

guys, stop, these threads are legit freaking me out, what the hell

e7c5bd  No.12115414

File: 365836218cb88d6⋯.jpg (57 KB, 403x450, 403:450, 1412065045463.jpg)


Really makes me think about that NPC theory.

94e3c1  No.12115415


I use visualizations.

3b1326  No.12115423

File: 46336dc5374d5d6⋯.jpeg (9.41 KB, 163x224, 163:224, devlish.jpeg)


>This is a closely guarded esoteric truth


552cb8  No.12115424


Roosh's crowd isn't really what I would call normie. They're more Chad-ish than we are here and more distributed on the political spectrum, but they've definitely taken red pills to the extent that they do have to hide their own power levels in their lives, which you do have to admit takes some sort of introspection to achieve. I'm not surprised that 87% of them report having an inner voice. The other 13% though are probably niggers that just read Roosh to get easily memorized, mnemonic-tier tips on getting laid.

7b3ea6  No.12115431

>Chris Heavey and I gave random beepers to a stratified random sample of 30 students

<massive sample size of 30 (((diverse))) students

>interviewed them about the characteristics

<all results self reported

these fake scientists can come up with whatever conclusion they want. social science is all fake science.

e7c5bd  No.12115433

File: 8f3a54ec993dd1f⋯.jpg (65.42 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1521304374439.jpg)


>They're more Chad-ish

94e3c1  No.12115435

This isn't even that weird. Here is a real kicker: Do you remember personal experiences from 1st or 3rd person?

1f929e  No.12115444

If you ever decided to have a kid, you could be stuck with a zombie npc person to support. Hell, give these numbers, it's the likely outcome. Your wife is likely going to be like this. This is a rough pill to swallow.

94e3c1  No.12115445

Jews can't word kike you if your primary control loop doesn't involve language.

94e3c1  No.12115454


Cultivating a brand new divine spark in a flesh vessel is a moment you'll never forget. We are soul gardeners.

d5fde7  No.12115455


Is this only 30 people or is this a series of 30 people from an undisclosed amount? Neither confirm that this represents a good amount of people.

c0d02c  No.12115456

File: aa3cadb50faff4d⋯.gif (124.63 KB, 600x337, 600:337, soul level 713.gif)





>hasn't achieved full mindfulness in every waking moment

>probably doesn't even use mastery of dreams to cultivate self even while sleeping

>cannot silence stream of consciousness on a whim

>needs to think in internal vocal dialog rather than in entire symphonies of concepts

>totally entrenched in samsara

Get a load of all the mindlets ITT


Some hope for humanity exists

36b283  No.12115457


Anyone really concerned with their inability to visualize or fabricating internal monologues should read this.


Well, at least read only Part: II Practice, up to Step 2-c. The rest can be ignored if the books topic isn't of your interest, but the exercises in here could be used by anyone.

Prayer is a good way of practicing verbal thought since it requires some planning and intention.

a6f403  No.12115463

File: dd0df9245aee0e8⋯.png (402.53 KB, 781x905, 781:905, reminder_niggers_are_npcs.png)


it'll be interesting to see how the poll looks by tomorrow once its been shared and spread to normie-normies., it's only just been posted.

893f84  No.12115472

>still shilling the book

552cb8  No.12115481


If the theory that God is a white supremacist holds true, if you're white and your wife is white, your kid will most likely have a soul.

e7c5bd  No.12115497


I can't believe there's people so dead that they're silent inside.

Oh wait i can.


62a77a  No.12115501

Is this why people do small talk and annoy me with it when I am thinking about something? Without that they have nothing?

e7c5bd  No.12115509


>not doing both

>not having your own commentary over thoughts

>not having your own commentary in the form of concepts over concepts

>being limited in any way whatsoever

>it's fucking thoughts nigger

So glad i'm different.

94e3c1  No.12115510


This guy gets it


Compulsive low velocity auditory path spam is not high conciousness although it's better than niggertier reactive dream state. I generally consider compulsive self spam a sign of a weak mind.

e7c5bd  No.12115519


The same kind of people that get 'uncomfortable' when there's silence because you're not talking to them. Even though you're lightyears away and don't give a fuck.

e7c5bd  No.12115524




Also it's not compulsive. Sorry you drew the short stick.

e7c5bd  No.12115528


And what you just described is known as 'intrusive thoughts', which is a fucking disorder you chimp.

f8efe0  No.12115529

File: 8367e6636d171ca⋯.jpg (72.32 KB, 735x490, 3:2, buddhist terror.jpg)


>thinks he knows about samsara


>talks about cultivating SELF

You are like little babby

2fa938  No.12115531


>Is this why people do small talk and annoy me with it when I am thinking about something? Without that they have nothing?

could explain why you always get gabby fuckers in a cinema. I believe movie theatres should be small enough that you can stab gasbags without having to get up out of your seat. this idea needs work because I haven't taken the screen size into consideration.

21db41  No.12115533

File: 628be01a2c60fbd⋯.jpeg (54.97 KB, 322x600, 161:300, E2D17649-41A3-4675-BF9E-4….jpeg)


>inner speech 25%

>mind’s eye 25%

>feels 25%

<trait overlap?

~5000000000 NPC’s

I thought I was a borderline psychopath for lack of empathy(animals and environment not withstanding), but it’s literally everyone else’s fault not mine. This will make DOTR easier but slightly less enjoyable.


This plus different voices for each character. Or if I have heard the author of a nonfiction book I hear them lecturing me in my mind. This actually helped me realize Stephen Hawking was full of shit ages ago.


>define irony

Kek. Remember a few years ago the bugmen misusing the word constantly for the dumbest shit, same as “random”? Even my mother who has a masters in English; I just though they were retarded and it was a trend in retardation, colloquially changing the meaning of a word in a separate potato hivemind I had no access to. As usual, the reality is much simpler.


1st but I can do 3rd for more in-depth analysis.

>>12115444 checked

Evola says in Doctrine that Devine and Virtuous souls pick there vessels so it’s up to you and your wife to be worthy.


I always assumed they all had constant inane chatter they were trying to block out with normalfag distractions instead of analysis, problem solving, and self mastery work.

94e3c1  No.12115535


If I'm not talking about you then don't sperg like a girl you insecure cuck.

02de63  No.12115539

>This means that the average person only thinks in speech about 25% of the time.

But if you're a NEET, you can crack up that number. Not saying that that's a good thing.

94e3c1  No.12115555

Speech circuit is usually extremely slow compared to other options. If you try to telepathy speech you'll be seen as a troglodyte.

e7c5bd  No.12115560


I'm not the only, normalfag.

218b79  No.12115562

File: 0f80ef5d7d7b615⋯.gif (240.82 KB, 200x193, 200:193, iyf765d.gif)


checked same thoughts here and that part about Evola I hadn't heard before and I think that will help me alot



quads of truth

e7c5bd  No.12115579


Not really. Rather than listening word for word you would actually get the entire 'thing' that the other person is trying to 'say', becoming more clear and specific as it crystallizes in their mind.

Or do you really form sentences word for word in your mind?

576e11  No.12115582


Not only that, digitsanon, but top thinkers tend to think several different ways (at least three) about actual problems. It's just that speech is relatively easy, and if someone can't do that, they're probably an NPC.

The counterpoint to this is wordism and kike verbal subversion, but that comes later.

e7c5bd  No.12115587


Common core destroys the shit out of your way of thinking.

27db88  No.12115603

File: adb146e9d15c312⋯.png (259.34 KB, 1768x465, 1768:465, Sapience.PNG)


I want to elaborate on this anon's post further. If we take idea that it is language and grammar that grants sapience, then different languages at a young age could have different effects on one's brain.

With German being one of the most descriptive and precise languages, it's easier for Germans to be proficient in engineering and planing. It also explains why Europeans can so easily assimilate into other European nations, just after one generation, when their children learn local language from young age.

Other interesting thing that might be explained is why US nig-nogs are smarter than their African counterparts. Being immersed in English since young age somewhat uplifted them, but racial limitations still kick in and they end up with average IQ of 80. English is too complex for them, and this is how you end up with ebonics.

And finally this is why it is so important for jews to attack, disarm and change language. Controlling the language allows to control one's thoughts, if you can't think in precise terms, then you can't defend your values and attack values of your oponent.

>It is no nation we inhabit, but a language. Make no mistake; our native tongue is our true fatherland.

Kojima strikes again.

9bc52f  No.12115604


>This means that the average person only thinks in speech about 25% of the time.

How else do you "think"? Do they just act on impulse? When they read they must have a voice in their head. What are the demographics being tested? I can't image not have an "inner voice." My inner voice is basically a detective and a psychologist/therapist. I figure out and diagnose all my problems myself with it, and work them out. I can even stare blankly and forcibly daydream for numerous reasons. If I'm angry I can have a fight in my head. If I want to build something, I can build it in my head first to see if it works.

>30 students from a large urban university

This to me says it was mostly shit-skins.

e7c5bd  No.12115606


I mean digit thinking, not versatile thinking.

94e3c1  No.12115610


That's what these inner voice people are sperging about. Believe it or not.

9bc52f  No.12115613


>Other interesting thing that might be explained is why US nig-nogs are smarter than their African counterparts.

Europeans are the Neanderthal to the nigger. That is, they have a bit of our DNA. That's why they're smarter than their racially pure similars in Africa.

0f8ff0  No.12115615

File: 42059f475ec98cc⋯.png (306.98 KB, 836x874, 22:23, 42059f475ec98cc6c45c84d0d2….png)

ITT thousands of years later, "I think, therefore I am" is proven over "I am, therefore I think."

Socrates would have loved this

e7c5bd  No.12115617


I read 1984 too.

9cb971  No.12115623


There is no concept that can not be thought about in words if your verbal accuity is sufficient, but if you can think about multiple concepts at once without words and still come to a deeper understanding of things then kudos to you

94e3c1  No.12115626


The crystallization process of telepathic packets into words is actually very lossy. Ask your next contact about it. They generally warn against deciphering verbally too literally.

9bc52f  No.12115631


Filtered. It's not 2015 anymore. Fuck off. This is a serious board now.

424d3e  No.12115634


Based Roosh

e7c5bd  No.12115635


>The crystallization process of telepathic packets into words is actually very lossy.

Only with a BR ping.

3b1326  No.12115640

File: 85f20dedcd4520a⋯.jpeg (237.32 KB, 1920x674, 960:337, pinecones.jpeg)


>There is no concept that can not be thought about in words if your verbal accuity is sufficient


e7c5bd  No.12115643


Don't scare him off, i was hoping he would share his expert knowledge on dream catchers and mana stones.

2d3fc1  No.12115645

9f5580  No.12115659


>Still burdens his mind with the filter of "self."


e7c5bd  No.12115661


No it's not.

Keyword: sufficient.

a57b49  No.12115662


Is an inner-monologue the same as an inner voice? I thought it was being able to have an internal debate with yourself (as one person, not some schizo thing). Things along the line of "Do I really need to buy this distilled water? Well, it's less than a dollar-a-day and there's plenty of benefit as long as you are taking that multivitamin so it doesn't leech minerals from your teeth. Fair enough, but if that's the case, why not invest in a home distiller? Because the wifey is scared to spend money; her laptop was from 2009 before you bought a new one as a present and she still is using the old one until it dies. True, but the distiller really is an investment and should be less expensive overall"

Things like that

7c6ff9  No.12115665

Not one mention of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in this entire thing. Christ. Or anyone else of note. Bunch of blind leading the blind.

ae3870  No.12115666

I used to have an extremely powerful inner voice, but depression and brain fog fucked up my brain, and my inner voice makes me ruminate nonstop over how much of a failure I am at life, instead of my inner voice thinking about deep philosophical topics like in the past. How do I unfuck my inner voice?

9cb971  No.12115671


Symbol of the pineal gland which is involved in higher THINKING not mental silence

94e3c1  No.12115672


Psychedelics can help reset bad ruts. Use respectfully.

e7c5bd  No.12115674


>my inner voice makes me ruminate nonstop over how much of a failure I am at life

Call you inner voice a faggot and tell it to fuck off if it doesn't have anything better to bring to the table. Start with that.

218b79  No.12115683

>>12115666 (checked)

well satan jk whatever it criticizes try to fix

94e3c1  No.12115684



>Literal kike philosophy

>Hurr Durr words make thought

Absolutely wrong and poisonous. Words are limited domain of thought and in our world highly kiked. Kikes conflate words with thought to strengthen their Dominion.

9fadd2  No.12115694

File: 15d78b5fdfca39b⋯.png (35.47 KB, 972x203, 972:203, table.png)

Here's this new article to be published in Consciousness and Cognition, called "The varieties of inner speech questionnaire".


Some people in the study barely have internal dialogue, even though 80% have college degrees. I don't know what to make of this.

f95530  No.12115695


meh checked satanfag

>How do I unfuck my inner voice?


100% Exercise

It's not what you want to hear but it's what you need to do.

ae3870  No.12115702


I do use psychedelics and nootropics, and it has helped somewhat. One of the problems is that the de-brainfogging while on psychedelics seems to be mostly temporary. What psychedelics do you think are best?

94e3c1  No.12115703


Or you can let it all flash through your mind like a cascade of images. Only need your method if you're preparing a verbal explanation for wifey. You're not doing that are you Chad?

089c48  No.12115707


The answers are inverted if the original study is to be believed.

94e3c1  No.12115713


Ok then stop. You're fucking yourself up as soon as you defrag. Maybe take your own inner voices advice and fix your shit life. Literally drop everything and walk into woods if you have too.

1c0361  No.12115722


>these fake scientists can come up with whatever conclusion they want. social science is all fake science.

along with psychology. there's clearly some bearded jew in glasses behind all the bullshit; stroking his or some kidnapped child's cock while grinning maliciously.

c8c8f1  No.12115723


We need to do some weeding in our soul garden. Like 6,000 years worth.

5feb3d  No.12115726

File: 6764b6700514f2c⋯.png (166.73 KB, 831x826, 831:826, 1439006080626.png)


>All it does all fucking day every single fucking day is remind me of all my failures in life, of what a sorry excuse for a human being I am and constantly remind me that suicide is probably my best choice because things are not gonna get any better.

Is your inner voice my Mom or Dad?

t. fast food worker living with his parents

I need to leave my parents house but how am I gonna survive on 8.50

c8c8f1  No.12115739


reddit tier spirituality…{yawn}

089c48  No.12115740


>Some people in the study barely have internal dialogue, even though 80% have college degrees. I don't know what to make of this.

You don't have much of a noggin to get joggin.


I recently wrote a long-winded explanation as to the true meaning and purpose of "alt-right", and came to similar conclusions as the screenshot.

I don't no where to publish, but I would like to get something for it along with more eyes on it.

218b79  No.12115741


I think a trade school might do you well anon I hear welders get payed very well look into it and think about it

ae3870  No.12115749


Psychedelics don't make my depression/brain fog worse though. My depression and brain fog were a lot worse before I started using psychedelics.

e7c5bd  No.12115754


Dunno about the rest of the world, but in my country there's an immense shortage of welders and electricians. Both get ridiculous pay.

f95530  No.12115759


I constantly use created words to identify concepts or thoughts that I otherwise don't have the vocabulary to explain.

I read a lot growing up, often a book a day, so I spent a lot of time in my head. I guess it's a bit odd when I say things and people have no idea what I'm saying, but once I explain to them what the word conflaturlisk means (A person whom exaggerates a story for no apparent reason) most people think it's an actual word and don't question it.

Arbitrary thoughts are meaningless without earthly construction. I can tell you a million dollar idea but it's useless without any application.

653bd0  No.12115771

Hold up, all my life I thought I had no soul because I'm autistic, but my inner voice never stops. Apparently a "soul" is the opposite of what I thought it was?

f95530  No.12115774


I will bet my testicles you don't do shit for exercise.

ff008a  No.12115775


>If you are not "accepted" by us, that's because you believe lies.

So not by characteristics, i.e being some hapa who likes "tumblr thicc" girls and acts cutesy and soft and having mediocre art, but for not being able to take the redpill? Is that it?

Looks like I don't have much issue since I took the redpill without a hitch four years back when I first got here.


AM/WF mix.

27db88  No.12115790


>I don't no where to publish, but I would like to get something for it along with more eyes on it.

You can start here and let it spread, while you think of better alternative. You could also try sending it the DS, but I don't know what is your opinion on Thai-Shack.

ae3870  No.12115791


I have been doing that, but that has also caused be to do a lot of retarded impulsive shit, which often makes the problem worse. Another problem is that a lot of the things it criticizes are things I did in the past, and therefore cannot fix.

c8c8f1  No.12115795


That pine cone is called the Thyrsus.

218b79  No.12115798


polite sage for offtopic but in the USA we have a shortage of truck drivers welders stone masons electricians and plumbers

f95530  No.12115804


>shortage of truck driver

Because nobody wants to get into a trade that won't be around in 10 years. That driverless truck shit scared everyone away.

94e3c1  No.12115805


There are large jumps in logic when you assume that the only explanation for solving the blue wall problem is language. There are many other mechanisms which are also developing in infants to include spatial and body reasoning which can act like symbolic sets for solving this problem. In fact there is quite a bit of evidence that children and adults think with the entire body. So it would be more accurate to see the interaction of the individual with its environment as an interaction of the body in reference to the problem presented. Language is only one of the many tools available to solve problems. Although it is very important to navigating the social hierarchy. To reduce a creature to only it's like linguistic capacity is a Jewish idea. They literally believe language is a totality of reality. And it's this idea which pushes them to dominate all thought and bring all types of thought into their realm of language. This is a huge trap and it's important that any spiritual Seeker not fall into it. Thought is not limited by any symbolic set much less by language.

c8c8f1  No.12115806


They want mental silence because it is easier for them to direct the flow of human actions when there is no higher thinking happening.

ae3870  No.12115807



Another problem is that I have cholinergic urticaria. Basically I break out into hives whenever I start to sweat. I think part of it is that I have a bad reaction to nightshades like tomatoes, and it has gotten significantly better over the past year or so.

25d71a  No.12115808


So, I keep running into a problem:

I unserstand how to solve all of these problems, its just logic and basic conversion. However, for whatever reason, my attention span feels short (personally I blame the quick satisfactiom nature of the world I grew up in, and how it affected me during adolescence), my thoughts come and go so fast that I have to write things down to get them done. I am able to solve the problem, but it is rather discouraging to know that others can do it in their heads spontaneously while I scribble and fact check every 5 seconds.

94e3c1  No.12115811


>Inb4 some smartass abstracts language to mean all symbolic sets.

You know that's not what we are talking about when we discuss verbalizing thought.

218b79  No.12115813


you have to essentially promise yourself you are going to do better in the future


tbh I really dont want driverless automated 20 ton killing machines flying at me going 80 mph on the highway

94e3c1  No.12115825


What part of they are already driven by n** do you not understand

f95530  No.12115845


You know we don't bullshit here on /pol/

you're mental health is not going to get better until you can exercise.

I get to the point of suicidal and the only thing out of it is exercise. It's the last thing on earth I want to do after I've been bed-ridden with anxiety for a month, but it's the only thing that fixes it. All the drugs in the world won't help when they aren't what you need.

I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. Without exercise, it doesn't get better.

t. bipolarfag

e7c5bd  No.12115846


>tbh I really dont want driverless automated 20 ton killing machines flying at me going 80 mph on the highway

This. I'll also never get into a 'driverless' taxi unless my only other option is a Chinese driver.

000000  No.12115848


I'd post one but lol tor.

218b79  No.12115851


oh shit you're right

94e3c1  No.12115856


Superimposing blue on the right-hand is sufficient to solve this problem. All that one needs to do is remember blue on the right hand and then maneuver your body to match the image. This does not involve any language in any conventional sense.

c8c8f1  No.12115864


Stop feeding it junk food.



This. I saw this retarded video the other day and it was of some guy learning to use a bow and drill to start a fire. So, I already know how to do this, but I haven't been able to shake the idea in days. I wanted to walk off into the woods so badly that I could smell the smell of the pines and the woodchips and the whipsy smoke of the kindling catching fire.

96a1e8  No.12115867


Somebody asked in the other thread "how can one think without words".

That is easy. If you work on math problems enough, particularly those involving symbolic manipulations, such as algebraic problems for example, you can easily start manipulating those symbols in your mind, as if there's a text editor in your head.

For problems that can be thought of geometrically, you can visualize the geometries you're dealing with.

For artistic problems, you will often picture a scene in your head before drawing it.

Even for real word things, if you are thinking about something physical, then visualizations work.

I personally find an "inner-voice" useful when I'm thinking about stories (narratives), politics, social stuff, or planning (e.g. how should I plan my day).

For music, one will often imagine the music before composing, not think about it in terms of words, unless they are writing a song.

96a1e8  No.12115891


So, for example, if I'm working on a math problem, say one involving symbolic manipulations, then my inner voice will go away once I really get into things - writing stuff down on paper and visualizing the next line in my head - with it perhaps chiming in once in a while if I get stuck on something or solve something that had stopped me before.

Once I think I've solved it, it is back to inner voice mode to decide which problem to solve next and read it.

94e3c1  No.12115897

Language is a evolutionary dead-end. The fact kikes have tied their entire existence to the validity of language is why they have become a parasitic people. All the engineering problems art and achievements our people need can be done completely without any verbal or verbal symbolic stand-ins. It can all be visualized as pure engineering creative product. There is a reason that memes broke the Jewish control on the narrative. As human communication continues to drift away from verbal linguistic symbols, Jews will continue to lose power.

c8c8f1  No.12115922


We need a new form of language. On like the dolphins have where they can locate form, words, concepts and ideas in space with high and low meanings. German is the closest language on Earth to what we need…but we need to go a step beyond that as well…we need to go where the kikes can't follow. Then we will see who is boss.

21fc95  No.12115940


>what are memes?

21fc95  No.12115948


This guy gets it

8ee60f  No.12115960


This is he same revalation I had as I explained to my GF sitting next to me the subject matter of this thread, she was shocked that I admit to being in my head that much, Im shocked that I sit here now with a drone …

My brother is like this too, yet I feel my parents are soulful creatures. And goven the years between generations.

Also I wasnt vaccinated yet my brother was … makes you wonder

ff008a  No.12115978

File: e0d8f9fc890395a⋯.png (5.43 MB, 3312x1778, 1656:889, ClipboardImage.png)


Original post was >>12114647, i'm b93da1.


>For artistic problems, you will often picture a scene in your head before drawing it.

This doesn't happen with me and i've been drawing for three years. Something's off.

d721c6  No.12115984


>your primary control loop doesn't involve language

You're literally admitting to being a subhuman animal of easily manipulated emotions and desires without reason.

I'd say you should kill yourself but you've never really been alive.

1b3fb0  No.12115986


honestly, calling what they call the inner voice an inner voice sounds misleading unless they had a description of said inner voice

some people might interpret it as the ability to think with words, some might interpret it as being a schizo with multiple personality disorder

but if they did the study again, the applicants might lie about having what they call an inner voice

d0ff1d  No.12115994


>If a particular thought train is utterly distressing and emphasizes how incompetent or 'tistic I am I seize up and heavily slow down whatever i'm doing until it dies down or I quit, and even then the lingering feeling of disgust clouds my brain like a thick veil of fail.

And easier method, that i have found to be useful myself, is to, while having such a spiraling depressive inner monologue, look into a mirror and say....

At least i'm not a nigger

You can also replace "Nigger" with "jew", "Muzzie" "Chink" etc.




94e3c1  No.12116003


Imagine being such a brainlet that you think you have to sub vocalize every thought before you make a decision.

ff008a  No.12116011


Does that wash away embarrassing memories of crippling autism? I know it'd make me feel relieved.

a6aed5  No.12116024

File: d9a831cfb8084b2⋯.png (185.51 KB, 1000x1144, 125:143, 0880s.png)

I rarely ever think in words to myself. I can do it, but it feels really forced. Come to think of it, I can't really say for sure that I have had any original thoughts either. For all I know, my mind might just be parroting things I read on /pol/ or from other places, but maybe I've been too stupid to realize it until this point. Am I just realizing that I have no soul?

7c6ff9  No.12116033


the hypothesis has their name, the idea long predated them, dipshit. why don't you look at its lineage among people who could actually think an idea through without having to examine the letters of a last name like cat shit to decide if they could accept it or not.

why don't you explain what a word "means" to a stranger using only your own made-up term for the word "meaning." see how far you get with this bullshit.

f8efe0  No.12116039



You're mostly just describing visualization or otherwise thinking in symbols based on sensory analogy, i.e. the mind's eye, or the "mind's ear" and so on. There is the animal form below that of having no inner voice, but there is also a transcendent form of thought that runs beyond inner-dialogue to the realm of pure reason, concepts and forms.

Despite some of the opinions voiced in this thread and the last, I think 'above' my inner voice a lot of the time, and mostly only switch over when my thoughts need to be articulated, verbally or put in writing etc. It's in this state that I think the most effectively, efficiently, and have some of my most interesting 'revelations', if you will.

It's hard for me to describe to someone who doesn't experience/do this, I've tried before. I remember when I first heard the phrase 'train of thought' when I was a child, it seemed pretty apt to my experience, although I don't think this is what most people mean when they say it. In a kind of poetic, not literal way, it almost feels like hopping aboard a train travelling at the speed of light. When I sit down to really consider something, I exit worldly experience and it feels like my visual cortex almost turns off, showing a blur not unlike my aforementioned light speed train, also a bit like the star-blur thing they show in science fiction when entering warp drive or whatever. The same can be said for all other sensory/worldly experience.

I tend to think of this state/realm of pure ideas without mental analogies of the senses as comparable to what the ancients saw in their prophets of Apollo, with their 'visions' of divine inspiration and prophecy. It's no coincidence that most of the ancient prophets like Tiresias were blind; being detached from the worldly realm affords a clarity of pure mental process. One must first build internal monologue to transcend base animal existence, but the gods do not speak in worldly tongues either, so they too must be transcended in time.

b2f8f3  No.12116044

File: 3a1480b397e3262⋯.jpg (519.18 KB, 623x900, 623:900, 3a1480b397e326290dc7ee6943….jpg)



94e3c1  No.12116049


That very question is the beginning of the Soul.

f8efe0  No.12116052


>Am I just realizing that I have no soul?


This guy beat me to it. At long last your soul is taking form and you are awakening.

f03b99  No.12116054

File: ea170ae84b8e6ca⋯.mp4 (6.07 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ea170ae84b8e6ca07047692348….mp4)


Absolutely correct. The synagogue of satan thrives on the manipulation of language. They subvert society by changing definitions and polluting meanings of concepts that were once absolute. Just look at how many 'translations' of the Bible exist. These agents of chaos love to insert themselves as interpreters and scribes. We are in the age of lies.

>John 8:44

>Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

ff008a  No.12116060


>he can't think in images, sounds, colors, music, feelings, nor motion

Imagine being such a subhuman that you not only lack an internal monologue, but even a cerebral cinema as well.

94e3c1  No.12116068


The idea is literally retarded on its face. Anyone with the iota of self-consciousness past the most basic level can see that their mind is comprised of an entire tree of thought most of which is nonverbal. If you can't see this you're basically a baby.

aa1d65  No.12116077


30 people isnt even statistically relevant. Without bothering to even look at their methodology, I'm pretty sure its bullshit pseudoscience from some psychoanalysis freud loving kikes.

0b19be  No.12116091

I find this topic pretty interesting myself.

What you describe sounds disjointed and scattered, like a never ending stream of disorganized babble.

I haven't had the ability to mentally conjure sound or visualize mental images at all since I was a kid, and it was when I did it was somewhat similar to a non stop torrent of crap distracting me, and making me unable to focus on or do even the most basic things. Eventually I learned to control it and it got to the point where it simply disappeared. Now even if I wanted to it's simply gone, or possible changed somehow.

I don't know how to describe how it is now, but when I close my eyes in a quiet place its simply dark and quiet. I still have abstract thoughts, but no inner monologue so to speak. It's more of a thing where I can't internalize senses, because it is the same for smells and tastes.

When I dream though it's almost exactly like being awake. All of my senses and normal thoughts, in relation to the scenario of the dream that is.

It is an interesting concept to explore, I know personally I still explore ideas and concepts, possibilities, and problems, but in a different way than I had before.

d721c6  No.12116098



This nigger actually talks to himself quietly to help himself think and he believes that's what an internal voice is.

229b91  No.12116099



That article is the most terrifying thing I've ever read.

94e3c1  No.12116105


That's literally what an inner voice is. Look it up. When you think in words your vocal cords twitch.

ea8510  No.12116114

File: 4cb8080f9084544⋯.jpg (67.88 KB, 591x600, 197:200, niggers-love-to-steal.jpg)


Do they just act on impulse?

All signs point at yes.

Look at the majority of crimes niggers commit. They aren't thinking shit out. They simply pull out a gun, rob a liquor store, rape, murder and kill, but they never really dream of the big crimes, like robbing a bank, for the most part. On average the crimes that niggers commit are as intellectually limited as the niggers themselves. Most of their crimes are also violent. Violence is often associated with low IQ. So, violent, spur of the moment style crimes, like carjacking, etc lend themselves more to the negro, than the white or Asian man. It's the difference between robbing a 7-11 for 20 bucks in the cash drawer, or robbing Fort Knox for a billion in gold. Niggers aren't going to plan something out for months, they are snatch and grabbers.

ae1915  No.12116118


>GUID filename



You've been ousted, joan.

8bda9c  No.12116124


I was going to say the same thing, while I am certainly sure there is a large % of people that are soulless insect people, I'd like to see a study with a larger sample size, as well as the race and gender of the participants. I'd be willing to bet the majority of soulless NPCs fall into the following categories

>athiest or non-spiritual



>addicted to social media

Stir the whole cocktail together and you've got a formula for a non-thinking being that is able to feign intelligence (mostly by parroting social media talking points ad verbatim) but otherwise acts entirely on instinct when making decisions.

0c0c1d  No.12116125

File: c6cbb41263f3579⋯.pdf (2.98 MB, Julian_Jaynes_The_Origin_o….pdf)

Voices in our head were the original gods, telling us what to do until we grew neocortexes. Schizophrenics display similarities to the previous unevolved people. Author concludes consciousness only developed in a few white cultures, including Greece and Egypt.

Meditate enough and the voices will go away but it is very odd if you don't hear any kind of narration, ever. NPCs are real.

27bfa1  No.12116162


>30 people isnt even statistically relevant.

Not correct. It actually depends. In this case, the differences between subjects are so big that we know that the differences are real. That's relevant. What will change if another study is conducted is the % of people who can think. But probably not by a whole lot.

7c48a3  No.12116171


I'll add that when they do attempt to do something a little more complex they tend to completely fuck it up

>I just got away clean?! yeah nigga why not drive 120 mph in the stolen car through a 35mph school zone with 4 cops watching

7c728b  No.12116188


The "inner voice" being activated really depends on the context. Not having much internal monologue isn't as bad as you think, you can still think coherently without it, you see language is in no way the perfect form of expression but it is the best way to express our thoughts currently, but if you have things of which you think about that are too fast and abstract for a coherent inner voice to put into words straight off the bat then it's absolutely fine. Of course a niggers spontaneous acts are another thing entirely and doesn't have much to do with the lack of an "inner voice" it is more so the lack of care for future security, a hunter gatherer mindset. The nignog could easily have an inner voice saying "ooga booga i need diz monei for kfc and watermelon let me just sho0t dis nigga in da face and steal his shoez", or a quick voice saying "imma punch this whitey in the back of the head", it wouldn't matter if they had an inner voice or lacked one.

When I exercise, there's no inner voice, just the thought of me running through natural surroundings like forests, punching people and fucking women at the speed of sound, this is most likely the very base form of abstract visualization.

Say you're thinking abstractly, with no input or output, like laying in bed, there's no need for the "voice" unless you're thinking of things in the context of needing to express yourself verbally or thinking back to conversations you've had, or something you've read with dialogue. When I'm writing something my inner voice only appears in the context of it being read by others, seeing if those words I put forward convey my thoughts correctly to others, if there's dialogue and if what I'm writing is logical (if intended to be). If i'm having an interesting conversation and want to get my point across in a coherent way (if I'm able to, for example, with a lot of technical things you'd have to use laymans terms and some things you aren't even able to put into the correct words if the other person lacks the technical knowledge, for example something related to computer science) the inner voice usually shows itself so I know the best way to get something across to someone and sometimes conversation just flows so naturally that the inner voice isn't needed, but I'm still able to state facts or ideas if they're already there and formulated in my brain. It's all contextual for me.

6d027b  No.12116205


Stop the junk food is right. Chill out on the inflammatory shit. You ever heard of GHB? The relaxy sleepy date rape drug? Our guts make a similar product just called butyrate. Feed yourself right. Take breaks from methionine (protein) as well, or balance with glycine. Methionine excess can create small amounts of psychotoxic neurotransmitters.

d721c6  No.12116217


>When you think in words your vocal cords twitch.

First off, that's not what subvocalize means. It means you move your lips silently or very quietly forming the words.

Secondly, if that's what you're doing, you're almost certainly a nigger. No one else is doing this.

0d17c9  No.12116235


Someone should write a book about acquiring an inner monologue for these subhumans, with the ulterior motive of imprinting your own voice into their minds

obviously it would have to be an audio book exclusive

8ee60f  No.12116241


Its called the talmud, how do you think zee jews got so far?

0d17c9  No.12116242


What's wrong with turning brown people into brain slaves for the frankenstein nazi elite?

94e3c1  No.12116244


Your level of unawareness is laughable


When you form words in your head you are subvocalizing and your vocal cords and entire auditory circuit are activated. When you read silently to yourself same deal. The entire auditory circuit to include your vocal cords is activated at a micro level. This is very slow compared to visualization circuit.

3b1326  No.12116251



overlay lilly wave mind control messages on pop music in video games and pop music

0d17c9  No.12116253


It has to be a self help book, suggestion doesn't work unless they are knowingly consuming it.

27bfa1  No.12116256


>questions aren't much more difficult than basic decisions you have to make each day

I'm done. Fuck this gay earth.

3907dd  No.12116258



It a reference from the 8 Fold Aryan path(proto Buddhism), Divyas and Viryas. It’s why Siddhartha didn’t want to teach because he knew 99% were not worth the effort.




After the dataset gets to a certain size the NPC’s will all just pick whichever is the majority regardless. Except the malfunctioning bots.



>>12115922 checked

Work out your mirror neurons brah.


There are plenty of people with souls who are normalfags but not NPC’s imo. They were just more susceptible to jewish tricks and the degenerative forces of Kali Yuga I believe.


This is also my experience and opinion.


I saved that ages ago before that thread. Deleted.

0d17c9  No.12116261


Then again considering the defects there is no telling what sort of subliminals could work.

fe941a  No.12116262


>having niggers on earth

anon you need to rethink this

94e3c1  No.12116292


Because memetic leakage into youth culture. Same reason teens are susceptible to nigger culture . Oera Linda Book warns against this explicitly.

6ed6c6  No.12116324

File: 85c0aaa6cf89414⋯.jpg (25.98 KB, 400x300, 4:3, going-crazy.jpg)


People need to stay out of Corticosteroid. I spend 3years of my life taking them because I started to have psoriasis on my scalp. I always blamed the alcohol for my fatigue and anxiety but I rarely took more than 2 drinks.

Long story short: The day I realized it was the corticosteroid that made me feel like trowing up/anxiety/depression everyday I stop it but It was hardcore. I started to have psychosis, feeling of impending doom, fatigue, feeling like going crazy for fucking 2 months. What kept me alive and not killing myself was believing that it will be all right after that god damn shit chemical will get out of my body. Now I can say that I feel better but the jew bot doctor said that I should gradually reduce the dosage. Fuck off, It would have taken one fucking year at least of misery.

TLDR: Corticosteroid Is what the Jew want you to take.

1f2a98  No.12116331


>Urban university

mfw blacks literally don't have a conscience

d0ff1d  No.12116335

>>12116011 check'd

>Does that wash away embarrassing memories of crippling autism?

It has more with boosting your self confidence than washing away an unliked part of one's self.

be48dc  No.12116342


Can you elaborate or point to further reading? I try and stick to a Keto/Paleo diet and I eat a lot og protein. Curious about these big words of yours/

ff008a  No.12116364


I never took, not taking, and won't take any kind of medication.


Sounds very effective.

dddfc1  No.12116381


Holy fuck, this. Shut the fuck up and let me travel around the universe on the wings of this song for a minute for fucks sake. No one gives a shit about your goddamn socks, I can literally feel my soul reaching for the stars when you fucking shut up.

d721c6  No.12116386

File: 86f6318117caa6a⋯.png (64.8 KB, 918x909, 102:101, hedidntevenreadit.PNG)


You're just embarrassing yourself now.

If you're curious, (since I know you didn't read it.) the study measures brain activity with parts of the brain related to language and speech.

Obviously they didn't cut someones throat open an attach vibration sensors to the larynx.

9d8657  No.12116389


which face when? you didn't post a face

130b50  No.12116397

File: 19cef504c22b70d⋯.png (128.06 KB, 912x869, 912:869, Ultimate Normalfag Theory.png)

3b1326  No.12116408

File: a0721dd252fa34c⋯.jpg (89.46 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 54jsxagz32p01.jpg)

bb248c  No.12116428

File: d54013b707ffcbe⋯.png (350.03 KB, 788x1025, 788:1025, OnSapience.png)


> Fuckhuge ultrawide screencap

I re-did it for you anon, please remember to improve readability on future caps.

ff008a  No.12116437

>The "Fluoride stare" is a new and increasingly popular term among conspiracy theorists for the look that normal people give them when they have said something bafflingly stupid.

And soon it'll be the look people give you when you try and argue for the existence of "gender", (((rationalwiki))). God do I hate these intellectually dishonest, shitcunt marxists.

349208  No.12116458

File: 28cd4948b40d4de⋯.jpg (134.8 KB, 913x921, 913:921, Wizard 030.jpg)

File: efa711e25cc4f38⋯.jpg (154.28 KB, 1000x687, 1000:687, Wizard 025.jpg)


>not being single pointed yet hyperbolic

9ca4c5  No.12116461

File: db5611c61ae60d5⋯.png (329.77 KB, 450x450, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


> But what do scientists actually know about this inner voice? Well, unfortunately it seems that this is one topic that’s been neglected by modern science.

9ca4c5  No.12116469


>>needs to think in internal vocal dialog rather than in entire symphonies of concepts


The ancient masters utilized the inner voice, but they dispensed with it as they achieved mastery.

One places the mind in the no-place, but the Zen Buddhists admitted that there is a transitional period, where one must first learn the teachings of the sword, and of Buddhism.

9cea63  No.12116470


You're painfully retarded if you think they havn't mapped the larynx to brain regions. You're so fucking stupid you can't even read 500wpm, ingesting entire pages at a glance. You're such a drooling imbecile you don't know the limits of verbalization have been known for centuries and anyone who is well read will have ditched it for the no-speed-limit-but-page-turn-speed power of visualization.

9ca4c5  No.12116472


In other words, without an inner voice it is not possible to attain enlightenment.

9ca4c5  No.12116473


You're a social retard.

So much for "intelligence".

8d885c  No.12116477

File: 369b8ceb3520edc⋯.png (198.46 KB, 1304x890, 652:445, npc.png)

Rate my OC.

9cea63  No.12116485


You dumb shit


f89091  No.12116496


this is for reading

ff008a  No.12116497


Needs background/10

t. drawfag

9ca4c5  No.12116498

File: c2c11cb578ce832⋯.png (25.71 KB, 127x205, 127:205, ClipboardImage.png)


Checked. Use this.

f8efe0  No.12116503


What do you usually do while you're reading?

9ca4c5  No.12116504

Subvocalization is good. It prevents you from admitting into your mind stupid beliefs unchallenged.

3dd845  No.12116506

>Yes goyim all of these (((white))) people are sheep and are not worth saving!

==The people in that small study were almost certainly entirely shitskins of one sort or another - White culture has, without exception,

taught respect, self-control, and therefore self awareness from a young age==


Bullshit. You sit down with your kid and be a strong and righteous Father, and he or she will follow your lead.


>cultivating self

>not breaking down self




True patricians ITT Ego boost!

The destruction of the self is entirely self-fulfilling and necessarily does not contribute to society, noted by Zen enclaves requiring outside support. For now, I have chosen eternal suffering to continue the cycle, for equilibrium is the end, and at that point, there wouldn't be a beginning, either. Didn't the buddha also say he would remain in hell because that's where he'd be needed? Fuckin' bitch-ass pussy Virgin Jesus ascending into heaven while Chad Buddha jumps straight into hell

0bc4ee  No.12116509


>Fuckin' bitch-ass pussy Virgin Jesus ascending into heaven while Chad Buddha jumps straight into hell


9ca4c5  No.12116512


Checked. And you think THAT'S bad. Consider that he could be a faggot, or whatever. Even likely to be. Or a blue-haired man hater.

MGTOW all the way.

9087a3  No.12116513


Fuck, I have been taking a corticosteroid for allergies in recent years. I have the same symptoms.

9ca4c5  No.12116517


Thumbs up.

a126a0  No.12116521


Seems like some nigger shit to me. I've never "seen" anything with my mind, everything has always been dialog.

872389  No.12116535


>english is to complex for dindus

the limitations of the dindu brain never cease to amaze me

i'm no linguistic expert but out of all the languages i've ever know, english is by far the easyes and most simple to learn.

French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese… they're all a royal pain in the ass

english is sooooooo fucking easy in comparision.

And i'm not talking about just learning it, i'm talking about mastering it to the point where you can invent new words, transform existing ones or fuse several words into a new one and the listener will still get a clear idea of the message the speaker tries to convey

their lack of intelligence trully baffles me, they fail at the most basic logic, even when they are actually puting in the mental effort to solve a problem, it frustrating and pitifull to watch, like seing a penguin trying to fly

honestly, i'm thankfull that most niggers are to dumb to realize how dumb they are becuase it really pains me to see the few and far between dindus that actually realize their mental limitations, try to overcome them and still fail in the most miserable way

i used to have a webm where some dude asked his 2 dindu friends how long it'll take for a car at a speed of 100km per hour to travel 100km and neither of them could answer properly despite trying to solve it among the 2 of them

it was really painfull to watch

aa3c1e  No.12116540

I guess it's good that people are talking about this, but anyone who has ever so much as looked at the cover of an nlp book already knows that people prefer different representational systems, and that many people aren't cognizant of all their representational systems.

9ca4c5  No.12116542


>I've never "seen" anything with my mind

This is simply amazing.


And what about food. Have you ever smelled a flower you didn't have in your hand?

And taste, have you ever tasted a donut without having eaten a donut in years?

I should very much like to know if this is a "virtual reality/imaginality" blindness, or if it's developmental, and if it can be rectified (??? if it is of any value…) through practice.

3dd845  No.12116545

File: f5c748e2ed7c98d⋯.png (328.54 KB, 458x460, 229:230, tsundere.png)



Son of a bitch.

How did I go to a Catholic school for 8 years and not know about this, and why is this not mentioned in prayers? I've only read most of the OT and Revelations, so it explains why I hadn't known

9ca4c5  No.12116546




62384f  No.12116547


>I've never "seen" anything with my mind, everything has always been dialog.

That's because you're a nigger who can't envision concepts broader than audio.

How pathetic that there are retards here openly exclaming themselves to be superior because they cannot think in images, I think in images, speech, and non-vocal audio, and then some. If you can't do all that then I say you're the NPC.

f8efe0  No.12116551

File: 1d66af35fada081⋯.webm (3.9 MB, 204x360, 17:30, niggers 80mph.webm)

File: 96518514531ada6⋯.jpg (454 B, 16x15, 16:15, bypass.jpg)


Nigger what are you doing? This must be bait

Anyway here's your webm

3b1326  No.12116553


kek i remember that

>ayo if a car goin 80 miles a hour, how far it go in one houa

62384f  No.12116554

BTW If most people are NPCs, then why do we care about what happens to most white people? What if most of those killed by blacks were good goy programmed NPCs, especially today with wiggerism and leftism being rampant?

aa3c1e  No.12116559


People aren't often cognizant of these representational systems. There are questions you can ask that can only be answered with certain representational systems. For visual, the typical question is,"Where is the red light on a stoplight?" This can only be remembered by looking at a stoplight in the mind's eye.

9ca4c5  No.12116562


All churches are like this. But you may not be ready for the ride, because once you get on the "Bible" bandwagon, you'll escape every dogma, every group, and you'll have no real home, theologically. This is especially true the moment you start to question translations.

ff008a  No.12116568


>hapa, but mom's german

>didn't end up a mindless zombie npc

Was I lucky

9ca4c5  No.12116569


For example, as someone from a evangelical-ish protestant group, I find myself required to call Saint Paul just that. A saint. If he's not a saint you and me are assfucked. But this means I am outside of the norms of all of these evangelical groups…

aa3c1e  No.12116570


Shepherds chapel.

6154e6  No.12116572

File: 415c1512aed0877⋯.png (52.53 KB, 133x203, 19:29, colonel.png)

File: 44f8d9e5d48b687⋯.png (75.85 KB, 255x255, 1:1, coincidence radar.png)



You faggots are forgetting various pieces of what's causing the results.

For one thing it's easy to argue the amount of medication that's being pumped into the watersupply that is being reingested into people within cities. Many side effects including "fog mindedness" and other symptoms of not being able to think coherently may occur.

Another and big important factor is this day and age's regular normalfag life. Those that wind up on social media on what very loose and shakey downtime they actually have to get caught up on the "current events" fed by (((mainstream media))). Along with this is the work ethics of many modern day jobs which many often treat their employees like garbage, often breaking their body and spirit in the process. This process is much more exhausting and when a person comes home they either just want to sleep or let their troubles go away via the Teleyid or social media. When it's not the job that is doing the breaking and condition, then it's the modern academia that is purposely injecting the mindset of only following steps when told to and being highly discouraged from straying from the long degenerate filled beaten path. This then coincides with conditioning normal fags to be discouraged from holding their own opinions and to simply follow along with herd mentality, which in its own way gets them to seek social events, which then keeps them busy, which then keeps them from having quiet or down time to think and ponder for themselves.

aa3c1e  No.12116579


Jesus went to hell as well.

f8efe0  No.12116586





Reminder that Jesus going to Hell to collect all the righteous who happened to be born before Him is completely different in principle from Buddha saying 'he would remain in hell because that's where he'd be needed', as previously described

aa3c1e  No.12116589


It's almost exactly the same. Christ didn't just go and say, "hey, you're cool, you can go to heaven." He went and preached and taught to those in hell just as he had done one Earth.

6154e6  No.12116590

File: c0e8f3e5d8b8cd4⋯.png (1.09 MB, 885x586, 885:586, lobster with cuck.png)


To followup, a yid's worst nightmare is when an entire school one day just sits down with no expectations, no direct orders, other than the spark of curiousity to start asking why, deliberating amongst eachother and taking the time to ponder about various things.

9ca4c5  No.12116591


I think I'm primarily auditory, but I lack nothing in visual imagination, at least by modern standards.*

NLP used self-exploration, however it used too little in the way of the scientific method. It evolved, though, which is the imprint of many tests, so there is wisdom there.

One of the things that has shocked me is that some people aren't able to automatically know how others feel. This is apparently pretty rare.

Here's another one, do and maybe it has a name in NLP: Do you feel literal physical pain if someone describes something painful? Like if someone describes someone's eyelid being sewn shut, so as to regrow it, because they had to remove bits of it, due to a cancerous lesion, do you, or might you, anyway, feel something like a prickly ouch sensation? I think this too may be rare (and useless?!!!)

*Do, if you get the chance, read The Art of Memory, Yates. I consider it life-changing.

9ca4c5  No.12116593


Simultaneously, I have hard about synesthesia, and have never experienced it at all, and I'm not certain if I should be jealous, though it sounds pretty amazing.

9ca4c5  No.12116596


With no inner voice, how can they question?!!!

d0ff1d  No.12116602


>My mother…rented me to a pedo.

>My mother used me as a tool against my Father.

>My mother only saw me as a way to get a monthly check from my father, and bonus m$$ from Mr. State.

>My mother absolutely refused to let my dick be clipped.

>My mother hates all psychotropics and flat out refused to even contemplate my taking Ritalin, when it was suggested when I was five, because my Kindergarten (((teacher))) thought I was to "rambunctious" and "Unsociable"

Thank you Mother for not letting someone other than my blood fuck over my life. Truly, I do thank her whenever I hear about one of my old middle/high school friends whom were on Ritalin and I see/hear they have become a mental wreck.

dd7dbd  No.12116603



Turmeric is supposedly good as an anti-inflammatory.

aa3c1e  No.12116604


In NLP that's just having feelings. The whole point of NLP is effective communication. You take your feelings and visual thoughts, turn them into words, and try and get the other person to experience them. That's literally the definition of communication.

9ca4c5  No.12116609

File: dc13677f0ddf89b⋯.png (502.01 KB, 702x511, 702:511, Buy a Sword.png)


Perhaps we would find more kinship than differences. However, I suspect my interpretation of this verse is not the same as his. I take it literally. Do you?


6154e6  No.12116610


With no expectation or early conditioning that discourages from straying from the beaten path, then internal monologues and deep/socratic thinking would more easily occur.

9ca4c5  No.12116620


This makes some sense. Have you heard of Gendlin's "felt sense(s)"? And that other psychologists have observed that many people have a bodily sensation to accompany feelings?

But the sensation, for me, of this kind of sort of sympathy pains thing, is distinct from other feelings. It could be like shock, or sorrow. But it's not the same, in how it feels. While I believe this is somewhat rare, I think it's nowhere near a 1% of the population kind of thing.

de54cc  No.12116625

No inner voice = NPC

1f3f93  No.12116627


Not him, but I take it to mean be equipped with lethal force. An AR-15 would suffice in my mind.

9ca4c5  No.12116630


I guess. But I wonder. We don't know really why some people lack completely any inner dialog at all. Some people literally have none. Literally. Regis of Regis and Kathy Lee is probably one of the bug people. He informed people on Millionaire that they needed to "talk it out". If you have an inner dialog you don't need to "talk it out", you bug person, because you already have, before you could even say one word.

9ca4c5  No.12116633


I think this is wise. I agree, it suffices. Actually, it's probably better.

aa3c1e  No.12116636


Also that's consideered external attention, maybe that's what you're trying to get at.

There are twelve main states of attention.

There are three main representation systems: Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic

Each representation system can be broadband or narrowband.

Each representation system can internal or external.

This makes twelve combinations. It's a good exercise to cycle through them. If you want more info check out the old navaching site on the way back machine.

f8efe0  No.12116638



Seconding this. In this day and age, Luke 22:36 means you should own an AR

9ca4c5  No.12116640

I say better, because "bring a sword" I take to mean "go to war". This "bring a sword" phrase I think is equivalent to the phrase "bear arms", in the US Constitution, 2A. It meant, at the time, to go to war, literally (that's how George Washington used the phrase, in his letters).

I believe it to be literal, and physical, but not limited to the physical.

9ca4c5  No.12116642


I'll read and think about what you have typed, because it's interesting. But my first reaction is that it's not related to this. It's literally a sensation of pain. Literally pain. Like I literally feel pain at a description of something painful. It's low-level, perhaps equivalent to a light slap. Not a bitch slap.

aa3c1e  No.12116648


Like I mention in the post I just made. That's still kinesthetic. All people have it, even if they are not conscious of it. When you wince at someone else's pain, that is external kinesthetic awareness. When you feel sad, that's internal kinesthetic awareness.

426127  No.12116649

>>12116188 checked

good post friend. as an exercise I try to think without words and it makes my brain work in different ways than with words. I don't know which mode is optimal most of the time, but I think if you usually think one way it's good to think in the other way at times.

9ca4c5  No.12116653


OK, the idea of attention is in keeping with Zen Buddhism. So, what do you think about holding your attention just below the navel? And then what about "no mind"? This is not to be confused with lacking inner dialog. It simply means the mind doesn't stop in one place. It has the illusion of everywhere, all places of attention at once, but really it's just moving very rapidly, and Zen Buddhists observed this fact.

f8efe0  No.12116662

File: abf918275cf4134⋯.png (317.96 KB, 491x334, 491:334, jew projecting.png)


You're just projecting yourself into what you're looking at, and then imagining what it would feel like, which is pretty normal. It's what differentiates empathy from mere sympathy.

People will experience it in varying degrees, but the only people who wouldn't know about that at all are sociopaths

a3a304  No.12116675

File: df0ea03456179c4⋯.jpg (102.13 KB, 422x408, 211:204, df0ea03456179c4d4870ca7739….jpg)

>Most people are literal NPCs

Fuck. Is the simulation theory the final redpill?

9ca4c5  No.12116677


Instantaneous, though. And it's not like my eyeballs hurt when I felt pain. It was more like just a jolt of paint. idk, I have a suspicion this is nothing like empathy at all.

And I suspect it is rare. But not ridiculously rare either. I think people who groan in response to a description of pain would be those who experience this. But the highly empathetic person is really unlikely to do that, but to only be sweet and understanding (not a bad thing, but different).

9ca4c5  No.12116678


But your differentiation of empathy and sympathy is interesting as well. So could there be three things? Sensation-communion, empathy, sympathy?

7c5e56  No.12116680


You don't 'sound it out', it's unconscious, it just kind of happens. Especially when I am thinking hard and fast.

d82758  No.12116681

File: 76cfb17904176c4⋯.jpg (25.93 KB, 455x451, 455:451, 7911d3d2960d684934644fd5d0….jpg)

>The word "thot" might be a manufactured attempt to prevent an innner voice from being formed by preventing people from thinking deeply about the word "thought" via distraction by phonetic association with the idea of slutty women

I mean, niggers always used "hoe", and now all of a sudden it's "thot"? Of course it's spread to white people now too.

9ca4c5  No.12116684



This is interesting. Now, are you aware of Eckart Tolle? He calls it the "pain body".

I think you're right it's under kinesthetic. But it's interesting that it's a distinct thing, the sympathy pain thing. Well, it's a distinct "note" or something like that, on the piano of kinesthesia.

9a7425  No.12116686

Is it possible for someone to lose the ability to think with language? I remember having conversations with what I thought was god in my head as a child, but recently my memory has been falling apart and I feel like I've been thinking with language less.

0d17c9  No.12116692


>NPCs in the real world are purely input output entities simply to save processing power

This brings up the question of what all that potentially wasted processing power is going to

aa3c1e  No.12116693


Good questions. I'm not familiar with the navel meditation, though I've heard of it. Id have to think about it. Off the top of my head, it sounds like a good way to hone narrowband skills. The latter experience is basically the same end goal as just about everyone seeking peak performance of any type: the ability to access all data available to us, and act on it appropriately.

There is aquite a lot of overlap between these subjects. You can find a lot of similar ideas in ninjitsu. The Ninja aims to keep his mind and heart empty to so he can not alert his enemy and react instantly. There are also similar ideas in native american… Mysticism, I guess you'd call it. Like ni jitsu, the native Americans also used it for the martial arts as well as survival and hunting skills.

9ca4c5  No.12116694


The bug people are real, man.

e09c4d  No.12116695


Yeah, non-verbal thoughts or relying on your unconscious seems clearly better. In sports or anything involving spatial intelligence. If you drive a car well purposely analyzing trying to make zero mistakes vs letting your body automate the task you'll screw up more. Same with doing math in general. Consciously turning it into words seems to slow you down and change working memory to the 7-14 objects removed at once cap. Instead of your body with regulates trillions or cells and hundreds of functions at once.

If you learn trust of your body, it'll figure out tasks that are way harder than ones you can understand well "brainstorming". It's disconcerting as you remove control from your conscious conversation heavy side of your mind. But, it's not even comparable capabilities wise.

Have a programming task? Try not to write anything down. You end up remembering it even better, usually with some form of visual map. Not even being aware you're working on a problem, coming back to it later your solutions are way more defined and effective.

Under the same premise as, someone forcing you into a conversation when you try to do math hinders your ability… Try it for yourself. Waspy types seem more likely to be control freaks that want to work at all times. Getting rushes of anxiety that they'll fall apart if they don't. But it's their bodies abilities in spite of that, that make them outperform bug people.

f89091  No.12116696


demon mind hackers install soul-coin miners onto npc brains

7c5e56  No.12116698


I don't think this explains sapience. It does explain the complex categorization and problem-solving ability we observe in humans though.

fe5c0c  No.12116700

File: d58582a811ec599⋯.gif (696.36 KB, 260x260, 1:1, make the grave great again.gif)

Daily Reminder: High Level Insider recommended one book.

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

/pol/: any books you recommend?

HLI: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

TL;DR all traces of consciousness disappeared for a period of time after civilization emerged (although you won't find that in this book, because it follows the traditional historical myth of a singular rise of civilization rather than rise, collapse, and rise again)

0d17c9  No.12116705


>demonic space jews are literally using the universe to mine interdimensional crypto

0b316a  No.12116713


use it or loose it anon, the brain is a muscle that will weaken by default if it's not strengthened

a3a304  No.12116714


Try driving them around without the radio on and watch them go berserk.

aa3c1e  No.12116716


Not a fan of Tolle. He's a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Here a link to that old site I was talking about. I'd check it out if I were you.

aa3c1e  No.12116717


It helps if I actually post it.


9ca4c5  No.12116718


>Have a programming task? Try not to write anything down. You end up remembering it even better, usually with some form of visual map. Not even being aware you're working on a problem, coming back to it later your solutions are way more defined and effective.


I'm pretty sure that experience is NOT a universal one.

9ca4c5  No.12116723



Tolle has one bit of advice that is surely not worthless:

"I have little use for the past"

Invaluable advice. Imperfect, but very useful.

aa3c1e  No.12116729


Yes. I'm fond of an similar and even more general phrase, IMHO. "Guilt and worry are useless emotions."

f8efe0  No.12116742

File: 765fa93754a4f4a⋯.png (70.13 KB, 762x758, 381:379, empathy sympathy.png)


For what it's worth, if you look at pic related on the etymology of the terms, empathy and sympathy basically already cover anything to do with sensation-communion; particularly in the case of sympathy. All you're really doing is creating a calque.

For my personal take, sympathy is basically Greek for "feeling together", whereas empathy is to be "in the feeling". I therefore think of sympathy as something more social, like telling someone you're sorry to hear of their misfortune; allowing them to talk about their problems and share the pain or other feelings as a part of a community. Empathy is what happens within oneself, in the sense of projecting into that misfortune and experiencing it oneself in the realm of fantasy.

You can empathize silently, and you can sympathize without empathy in offering a shoulder to cry on and what have you, but they very often occur together.

3dd845  No.12116755


Underrated post.

fecfd9  No.12116756


I actually thought about this

Do all people talk when they think?

Maybe they don't do it in complex sentences, but we are emotional beings. We associate thoughts to emotions.

Have you ever experienced something like: "I just forgot this idea but I really liked/disliked it"?

9ca4c5  No.12116758


I disagree with this idea of hand-waving. It's the same situation with op's "thinking". It's all thinking, see here, in the dictionary? But people definitely think way differently from one another, way differently.

So these distinctions are of interest.

And I'll bring up another. Most women see themselves in 3rd person. This is something science has almost realized, but not quite. We can test this out, easily, because women know what they have on, at all times, and they don't forget. This actually would go a long ways toward explaining the differences in performance on certain tasks. Women would be pretty shit at thinking up inventions that don't involve their physical presence, if they always imagine themselves, in 3rd person, in all thoughts.

f8efe0  No.12116771


Instantaneity is the essence of intuition and emotion. Your unconscious mind moves infinitely faster than the conscious brain when you think things out rationally, especially if you're thinking in the words of your inner voice as per the topic of the thread.

By your description, it just sounds like you are an empathetic listener, and as a function of emotion you instantly empathize with the person you're listening to. Again, I struggle to understand how you think this is rare, unless you're constantly surrounded by sociopaths and/or autists and no one else. Women in particular almost all do this, as a necessity of childcare skills

9ca4c5  No.12116776


> empathy

> the sense of projecting into that misfortune and experiencing it oneself in the realm of fantasy

So this is nothing like that then. This is immediate, without bothering to put oneself in that role. It's very fast. Hear about the painful thing, BAM feel pain.

9ca4c5  No.12116786


What's the greatest level of pain you've felt as result of a purely verbal description, from 1-10, 10 being the most excruciating physical pain you've ever felt, 1 being something like a pinch or a mosquito bite.

a3a304  No.12116788

File: 581312cac4265fc⋯.png (535.18 KB, 964x543, 964:543, �_�_�.png)



This actually makes sense

a8e687  No.12116789


t. nigger


t. another nigger

3b1326  No.12116798



f82982  No.12116801

File: f65233f3ad929c4⋯.jpg (140.37 KB, 430x330, 43:33, 1413944352463.jpg)


I told you fucking autismos that normalfaggots had no souls. I told you like a thousand times.


>The non-ego ego trip

The great thing about all that yoga is that sucking your own dick no longer has to be a metaphorical experience, amirite?

d0ff1d  No.12116813


I disagree, I believe that only a certain % of people have souls, but that those with souls have the correct genetic sequence/structure to grow a soul within the body of an individual human.

IWO, soul(s) are an outgrowth of certain sequences of DNA/DNA structures, and likely are tied into the "inner monologue" of the OP's article, and weather an individual is Sapient or Semi-Sapient.

f8efe0  No.12116818


How is this hand-waving? I only posted the screencap of the etymological website because I thought it was kind of funny how it said "community of feeling" when you said "sensation-communion". I was merely pointing out that you (accidentally?) created a calque presumably because you don't understand that the Greek means the same thing. You don't create a third concept simply by translating the name of one of the concepts into another language.


You are conflating consciously+rationally thinking about something, with unconsciously+emotionally feeling something. Emotions and instinctive reactions mostly occur instantaneously. Just think of how quickly an emotional expression shows on someone's face after stimulus occurs.


It's not quite the same for me. For whatever reason, when reading your eye example above for example, I get something that feels more like the disgust reaction than actual pain. Comparable to when you see something like a big bug crawling up your arm, and you feel a compulsion to swat it away. I do, however, "astral project" myself to some realm where whatever's being discussed is happening to me; I just don't tend to feel real pain, only that disgust thing I mentioned.

9d8657  No.12116826


'Incel' used with 'terrorist cell'

Both T and I are used to create unthinking manimals.

423c23  No.12116840

File: 1d022ddf7eadcb1⋯.jpg (133.41 KB, 835x842, 835:842, 122055241854.jpg)


I know better than to sage a thread with this many bots and newfags, but let the record show that somebody spoke out during the rabble: the study was done in an "urban university" full of nonwhites, and the selection pool was tiny. His results prove nothing of the sort of presumptions being bandied about in all these threads, and what they do suggest is merely what we already knew to begin with: that nonwhites are basically children in adult bodies that can barely pass the mirror test and struggle to function in civil society even with overt white support and supervision.

The idea that other people don't have souls, that only an elect and chosen few are actually "real people," is one of the core tenants of Satanism, and a foundational principle for the Kabbalah and the Talmud. No European man should ever believe any of this. The fact that this line is being pushed so heavily, and that people are even trying to use this to justify hating women and never having children "because they might be an NPC," is all the proof anyone intelligent should need to know this is a subversion op of some sort. A dodgy study with a microscopic sample pool of mostly nonwhites suggests that niggers, pajeets, and spics probably don't spend much time thinking their actions through or pondering the world around them. What an amazing revelation that is. Clearly you should hate white women and never have children because they might not be a real person, goyim.

The most fundamental principle of Christianity, of European morality, of National Socialism, is that you should love your people and your family and put them first in everything you do. If you do this, then no matter how confused and lied to you are, you can never stray so far from the path of truth that you cannot find your way back. You can never become truly lost if you set your blood and folk as your beacon of light in a world of darkness. Anything which proposes that the majority of whites are soulless cattle and husks to be casually discarded or ground up into dogmeat for the sake of convenience is Satanic, is semitic, is antichrist, and is diametrically opposed in every possible way to the ideals of National Socialism.

This is, explicitly, Jews shilling bogus voodoo nonsense to disenfranchised and angry young white men in the hopes of driving a wedge between them and the society they should be rising up to lead, and instead attempting to engender in them an irreversable misanthropy and irrational hatred of their own volk. These threads will not be anchored and the people pushing this semitic Crowley tripe will not be banned. But they should be, and they should be. Reported on principle, because somebody has to.

9d8657  No.12116842


I want you Q niggers to die, but you're already kikes with boomer tier cowardly arrogance which makes you fear Jews more than whites

d0ff1d  No.12116844

>>12116822 check'd

>Reddit spacing.

>Assumes the subject matter of the thread is about "Daimonium"'s existence and not on the percentage of the human population whom has an inner voice.


0d17c9  No.12116847


The fact that it exists isn't the really terrifying part, it's that it seems to be dying out.

Not even 30 years ago no one ever questioned the idea of the devil and angel sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear, it was just a fact of life so pervasive that all forms of fiction took it into account.

I believe we are seeing some of the first generations where it simple doesn't exist or is so rare that people will have a hard time believing it ever existed

d71ffd  No.12116850


i dont believe the inner voice is the geni. this is the riddle that must be solved through initiation process.

e7f17c  No.12116857

How can you not have an inner voice? Don't these people think? Or is it just worded weird for clickbait?

cb5060  No.12116861


I have full on debates with characters I create in my mind to debate issues that I see cropping up. It is a technique that works out so well, that I usually have a good retort for when a for when the related real life scenarios unfold.

Another technique I use is to envision a 'teacher type', who is somewhat condescending when I get things wrong. "Now, why would you do such and such, start again." There's also a similar 'drill sergeant' personality that appears as I work out.

I assume I'm sane.

cb5060  No.12116863


Maybe some people truly are automation NPCs.

d43941  No.12116868

File: 1f8211cff4257d7⋯.png (552.03 KB, 853x479, 853:479, 61eb34f5f756a028e58b5fca83….png)


well said

f8efe0  No.12116871


Look up 'tulpas'

e7f17c  No.12116876


I do the same thing. It's necessary when you work with a bunch of liberals and they know you're conservative

d82758  No.12116879


No, they literally don't have an inner voice. Read pic 1 from >>12115268.

0d17c9  No.12116882


>I assume I'm sane.

In this world that can only mean you're fucking nuts

cb5060  No.12116891


Also true. I don't use any social media, and my phone (when I bother to turn it on) isn't smart.

d0ff1d  No.12116895


I agree with your post, mostly. Yet yes this subject matter needs a much much larger sample size. But I disagree with your absumption that all individual members of homo sapiens sapiens have souls. Until we can clearly define and observe a soul, the soul remains within the territory of hypothesis, not theory of factum.

It would be emotionally uplifting to find out that every member of homo sapiens sapiens has a soul, yet being emotionally uplifting does not make for compelling enough evidence of the existence of the soul, let alone the soul's existence within the entirety of the species.

You are also assuming that the posters within the thread are looking upon those whom are, as described herein as "NPCs" with hatred in their minds. Myself I pity the NPC for it's lack of an inner monolgue/Soul, it disheartens me to think that any portion of my race, let alone the species to which I belong, is lacking this inner monologue or soul, and I would be most pleased to find myself wrong in the respect of the inner monolgue being synonymous with the soul.

Yet the lack of an inner monologue may very well be synonymous with the lack of a soul, or an indication that an individual is not fully Sapient but rather Semi-Sapient. And yes, if an individual happens to fall into the Semi-Sapient category they may very well have a soul.

8eae28  No.12116898


Only retards didn't notice the sample size.

>never having children "because they might be an NPC,"

Not even the retards are this retarded.

6934c6  No.12116904



The real disturbing thought is if this is a simulation, then non-NPCs are the primary people of interest for the beings running it. NPCs would be merely filling in roles for the environment, to create narratives to engage their test subjects. Though a simulation would have very distinct boundaries, because they're not going to simulate literally everything if its utterly irrelevant to what they're testing for.

f82982  No.12116907

File: 31477f01194f0d5⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, gerb-moskva-georgiy.jpg)


>The idea that other people don't have souls, that only an elect and chosen few are actually "real people," is one of the core tenants of Satanism,

It's actually the core tenant of race realism. White people an animals have souls. Niggercattle mud people do not. There is nothing kabbalistic about this axiom. The actual study in question was amateur hour bullshit though, I'll concede that point.

>semitic Crowley tripe

I don't see any heroin-soaked britbong doggerel or elaborately choreographed assfuck rituals in this thread.

185d82  No.12116914

The question is, were the jews aware of this and so, is this what they've been taking advantage as of lately, taking advantage of these goyim/normalfags?

cb5060  No.12116917


> then non-NPCs are the primary people of interest for the beings running it.

Have you noticed that when you walk into a large room, you become the centre of attention? Happens to me all the time and it is quite odd.

0d17c9  No.12116922


It being common knowledge among certain groups would certainly explain the piss poor methodology of the study.

What better way to discredit something than good old fashioned astroturf?

1ad3f2  No.12116926

File: aa8c256953d0d19⋯.png (1.16 MB, 581x762, 581:762, Narishma.png)


You do not "use" psychedelics the same as you do not "use" The Eucharist. They are a holy sacrament from the Gods and are to be treated as such, and should be used rarely. Only niggers and hippies defile their usage by making them a party drug.


then you are not using them properly and not getting the appropriate results. I have been a cleaner, more organized, more religious and more successful person ever since I've taken them, because I learned dearly the lessons that the gods had given me.

>which is best

depends, DMT is a 15 minute 1 way ticket to the highest levels of heaven, I have spoken the most clearly to the Gods and to Christ on DMT, acid, shrooms and mescaline are much easier to work up towards, depends on your level of experience and your spiritual power. Most people cant handle DMT tbh, they either pussy out before the gate and dont get the full experience or they just see flashy colors and lights because theyre nothing but simpletons.

if you are a normally adjusted person with no spiritual sickness, you should not need psychedelics or even touch them. But everyone in this age is spiritually sick.

0d17c9  No.12116927


I have noticed that people stare at me quite a bit, but I always assumed I was just ugly

f82982  No.12116935

File: 5ea50730e0722fa⋯.jpg (77.79 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Kalki-the-Destroyer.jpg)


>But everyone in this age is spiritually sick.

Don't worry bro, I'm on my way.

fecfd9  No.12116949


We create the world through language first, I agree.

Would the niggers exhibit similar IQ if they were brought up in white families? Maybe it has something to do with their surrounding, the educational level of their parents, jobs, etc.

It'd be interesting to study the performance of niggers that were adopted by whites and see if they exhibit inferior results to the average white IQ.

f82982  No.12116956



>Would the niggers exhibit similar IQ if they were brought up in white families? Maybe it has something to do with their surrounding

Calm down, Jared Diamond.

1ad3f2  No.12116964


Honestly I dont think it would make much of a difference, they would probably speak more like proper humans and maybe read and write a little better, but would they capable of creating abstract arguments in the realm of religion and science? No. would they paint the Sistine chapel? Fuck no. Would they be able to perpetuate this system and create a society of smart blacks? I would have fucking happened by now.

cb5060  No.12116972



It was done, at it seems to show a benefit to the black children if raised by whites. I have not taken a detailed look at the methodology of the study.

cb5060  No.12116976


This. They'd just reach their black potential.

3b1326  No.12116977


Really percolates the pinecones.

cb5060  No.12116982


I used to assume it was the opposite in my case, but now that I've come to ponder the NPC theory, it makes me wonder if they're just reacting to a player entering their game.

How do you know if there even are other players? Am I (or you) the only sentient player in the game? I spend far too much time here, I guess that makes the simulation writer's life a lot easier. Text is much easier to render than the holographic universe.

423c23  No.12116984


>Not even the retards are this retarded.

There were posts in the last thread to that effect which went uncontested and uncommented on. MGTOWfags are jumping in on this and using it to justify their hatred of white women and their disdain towards white children.


>It's actually the core tenant of race realism.

No it isn't, you fucking kike. That's the core tenant of the Talmud, and the reason the Jew is a cancer and a blight on the face of the earth.

If the Jew is exterminated but in the process he convinces the white man to take his place, to behave as he behaves and believe what he believes, then the Jew has won. Stop LARPing as a European and tell your handlers that they need to switch tactics again, because some of us have actually read National Socialist material and know what the fuck we're talking about.

I don't understand why the /pol/vols won't anchor this thread, with all the shilling going on in them, so I can only assume whoever is on duty right now is a fan of this particular flavor of anti-white rhetoric.

96c3eb  No.12116989

30 people is a tiny sampale, nowhere near enough for a serious psychological study, and students are not representative of the whole population. I'm sure there are other flaws with the study but I don't give enough shits to read it. Just seems like a bunch of crap

000000  No.12116991

Well that explains why shitskins act so subhuman, they have no souls or a frontal lobe for that matter.

9cea63  No.12117009


Shitty theory is fake, gay, and not backed by solid evidence. Jews always put theory before evidence. It's not the aryan way. Experience first. Then describe. Theory at minimum.

f82982  No.12117010

File: 50673e96217de30⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 620x387, 620:387, 1436221641875.jpg)


>Niggers are people.

Yeah, and I'm supposed to be the kike. Spare me your insincere outrage, faggot.

9cea63  No.12117015



The idea that souls grow like seeds is biblical. The idea that the mature soul can plunder and persecute the seedling souls is satanic. It's eating the infants in the cradle (which they act out literally). The aryan and Christian way is for the mature souls to guide and shepherd the young souls. The good shepherd dies for his sheep.

185d82  No.12117018


>Read the comment section

I am losing faith guys.

9cea63  No.12117019


They don't become on par with whites. They get a small benefit. But it's marginal compared to racial IQ gap.

423c23  No.12117023


>no one was talking about niggers but him

>equates 90% of white people with niggers

>but everyone who tells him he's wrong is the Jew

I told you to tell your handlers that they need to switch tactics again, not to try and backsass me with more pilpul. Filtered.

9cea63  No.12117027


I should add Tolkien and Lewis both strongly hinted at the cultivation of souls in animals and trees through interaction with spiritually higher beings. The same applies to lower humans. It is only satanic to enslave.

f82982  No.12117030

File: c55e8ecfd87b3f4⋯.jpg (244.25 KB, 666x776, 333:388, a1ad9d522e5cf59ecb323279ce….jpg)


>equates 90% of white people with niggers

I know you filtered me like the faggot you are, but I'm quoting this anyway just to point out to the others what a fucking mongoloid you are to infer that this was in anyway my point.

1ad3f2  No.12117035


I would explain the whole Genesis thing. Why else do Gods seem to be obsessed with creating living creatures to populate their worlds with?

0b316a  No.12117043

How can you believe in a God and not believe in the divinity within man? Unless of course its a God like that of the talmud which says that some humans have souls and others not. Some people have just been around more and others are spiritual newfags





1ad3f2  No.12117048


how is stating that niggers dont have souls kikish?

f82982  No.12117050

File: bfee7476fac827d⋯.jpg (44.29 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, bfee7476fac827d90107105b02….jpg)


White people are real people. Mudraces are soulless, demonic automatons. No amount of cheap gaslighting is going to change this reality, cuck.

423c23  No.12117084


>I should add Tolkien and Lewis both strongly hinted at the cultivation of souls in animals and trees through interaction with spiritually higher beings. The same applies to lower humans. It is only satanic to enslave.

While I'm not opposed to the notion, nonwhites will never take priority over white children on the list of lower souls that deserve cultivation. As long as a single white family exists on this earth, there are better things to nurture and cultivate than starving Somolians or arab women.

53ee18  No.12117096



I'm a big brain chad with burgeoning wizard powers

423c23  No.12117109


His statement has no correlation to anything anyone he quoted said, and he's defending anti-white bullshit by pretending it's only nonwhites being referred to, when anyone can scroll back through the threads and see it is not.

He's a kike for trying to refute someone countering anti-white arguments claiming most white people do not have souls, by saying niggers don't either.

1ad3f2  No.12117116


>He's a kike for trying to refute someone countering anti-white arguments claiming most white people do not have souls, by saying niggers don't either.

this is true though. have you met a nigger anon?

f82982  No.12117119

File: b0590a6b9fe44f7⋯.png (96.74 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1438622541990.png)


>He's a kike for trying to refute someone countering anti-white arguments claiming most white people do not have souls, by saying niggers don't either.

That's not what I was saying at all, you eternally buttrustled christfag.

000000  No.12117121


The fight between nazis and jews was the ultimate fight between humans for control over the NPCs.

423c23  No.12117153


I live in the American South. I'm surrounded by niggers. I know better than anyone that trying to cultivate whatever spiritual seed they may or may not have is pointless, and the best you can hope for is conditioning them into being passive and mostly nonviolent.

I will not and will never tolerate anti-white sentiment, no matter what clothes it wears or what rhetoric it hides behind. He's a kike for being a disingenuous fuck and defending anti-white sentiment by acting like universally misanthropic sentiment (which is what this thread and it's contents are) doesn't include white people in it. Even though there were literally people in the last thread shilling against marriage and children because "they might be an NPC."

If he was honest and his intentions pure, he would have never had cause to refute anything I said to start with, since it was extremely clear that I was talking about white people, about Europeans. He would have agreed with me.

"It's okay to say most white people are cattle because all niggers are cattle" is so Jewish it's trying to sue me right now.

ea928c  No.12117157


>This means that the average person only thinks in speech about 25% of the time.

How the fuck do they read?

f82982  No.12117185

File: 4896d7bde9e28cf⋯.png (76.5 KB, 480x317, 480:317, final-fantasy-vi-006.png)


This faggot takes one of my posts out of context and now he's going to be writing angry screeds about it for the rest of the fucking thread, I guess. Stuck on a verbal loop. Almost like an NPC :^)


>How the fuck do they read?

They mostly don't.

1738c2  No.12117200

File: 6f12bc56b65513d⋯.jpeg (57.93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 640x360.jpeg)

File: 16950483201565d⋯.gif (421.89 KB, 163x118, 163:118, 1517680114522.gif)

File: cfe8d929ea8be5b⋯.jpg (221.28 KB, 500x764, 125:191, 1518281611153.jpg)


>NPC theory.

It was right. /pol/ was right alle the time…again…that hurts…

fecfd9  No.12117211




Thanks for the link.

It seems the nigs are a bit impaired in their genetics. It's nonconclusive though, but certainly interesting.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at the surnames of the scientists… (((Richard Weinberg))) ???Sandra Scarr??? and (((Irwin D. Waldman)))

ea928c  No.12117214


based and redpilled

f8efe0  No.12117222


The stats on people who don't read are pretty appalling tbqh. This poll describes 24% of Americans not reading a book in the past year. When you consider the percentage of people who DO read, and how many of them are reading only trash fiction like '50 Shades of Grey', the prognosis is much worse.


f0a6d5  No.12117226


This is kind of freaking me out, I think I might have Aphantasia. When I try to visualize I can only really catch a fleeting glimpse in my head. The only time I can truly visualize is when I'm dreaming. For the record though, I can recreate any piece of music I've heard in my life down to the note, also I think with an internal monologue (no idea how the hell anyone can think without one).

1ad3f2  No.12117239

File: 020857f938e0815⋯.jpg (243.81 KB, 1014x698, 507:349, prodigal-son-oil-canvas-13….jpg)


most people dont read. they like to pretend to, they buy books and they put them on the desk to seem smart, and theyll scan some of it so they can talk about it at least a little bit, but actually sitting down and reading it word per word, to truly grasp what the author meant and memorize the parts that are worth remembering? But thats not what professor taught me, I should just scan through books like its a textbook and im looking for an answer to a test. Such fools will never find their answers. I mean how do you explain your average american christcuck? It says right fucking there in revelations that they (the kikes) are the synagogue of Satan. Pretty much 50 percent of the gospels are about how the Jews have fucked up and now the Covenant of God applies to all nations (specifically the "children of Esau", you guessed it, the people of Europe), because thats how badly they fucked up relations with their own God.And yet most american christians are ardent zionists and would defend Jews to death, while throwing their sisters and daughters to niggers and arabs.

The answer is very simple: people dont read shit, even their most sacred holy book which they beat other people over the heads with their whole lives, are books that are scarcely touched, little more than the idols that Christians spent hundreds of years hewing down. And they have no excuse; literally everyone in the Western world has SOME fucking free time. They wouldnt dare use it for reading though, lest they seem uncool to their peers or miss out on the 4th degenerate boring party this week. And thats probably being very generous with how they waste their time; in reality most people would rather masturbate or watch mindless television meant for cats than open a book.


And I live in the heart of LA, let me tell you dont know shit about niggers, you live where they are at least a little polite because they still remember what happens when they get uppity. LA is going to be the next South Africa I fucking guarantee you, these people are 10 percent clueless retards and 90 percent shifty-rat demons, like any other mud race. Having read much history and cultural studies, I would recommend you study some African history sometime. It really is quite fascinating. Sodomy rituals required for initiation into manhood, sewing little girls vaginas up because "it make dah poussi tightah", dancing around in voodoo masks that are made with blond hair and white paint in some bizarre attempt to steal the white mans juju powers. Such a fascinating people, truly their souls must be saved from the fires of Hell.

>The best you can hope for is conditioning them into being passive

Didnt work for the southeners, I will give you a better hope slaughter em all

>It's okay to say most white people are cattle because all niggers are cattle

unfortunately this is a true statement as well, have you talked to your average white man? Not someone online, who is guaranteed to have at least an above average IQ. I mean, your average joe, working at the gas station his whole life, married a dumb blond slut when he was 20 and regretted it forever white man. Is he woke on the Jew? Is he a paragon of good moral behavior? Is he a striking example of the supremacy of the Aryan race? Probably not I'm guessing. I try to love my race, but I was born into a poor white family, I have seen many poor whites, and to be perfectly frank most of them deserve the Hell they live in. they are just as degenerate as niggers, caring more about getting high and getting sum pousii than taking care of their child or ensuring a future. He can make himself useful, but it will be because someone came along and gave him the keys to see through the door. He will have to open the door himself, and most choose not to out of fear and ignorance, and attachment to their life of sin. We (that is, anons, and people of high intelligence in general) are an elect few, the Shepards of our race whose duty it is to lead our people to the kingdom of Heaven. Do not confuse realism with misanthropy; if the large majority of white people were super geniuses the 30 years war wouldnt have happened, Hitler would still be alive and not a single Jew would have existed since the time of the Romans.

ea928c  No.12117252

File: cfde098607b80d6⋯.jpg (250.52 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, MGS2 General.jpg)



Kojima is the most frightening celebrity I know of

3b1326  No.12117254

File: 661f90e7d09aa06⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1159x1345, 1159:1345, Synaxis_of_the_Twelve_Apos….jpg)


>We (that is, anons) are an elect few, the Shepards of our race whose duty it is to lead our people to the kingdom of Heaven.


883fcb  No.12117255


Yeah same here. I talk to myself a fuck ton. Obviously I don't hear any replies lel, and I'm not crazy; but, anyway, I talk a lot crafting arguments and whatnot as if I was debating someone and also trying to make arguments against what I already believe to try to disprove them, etc. I can't imagine not having all of these thoughts. I'm also highly observant of things and always am thinking why/how they are the way they are.

Not saying that I'm super smart or anything, but I'd think that someone who doesn't think all of the time and converse with themselves is probably a brainlet (on average).

399d45  No.12117259

In my own experience I know that I tend to think in words when I am actively trying to chew away at a problem conciously (and often speak thoughts out loud as well), but I also have that completely silent background thought process that is unconscious. When my concious thought can't solve a problem or make a decision, I'll give up on it for a while, and some time later the answer will hit need like a ton of bricks, it pops up from the unconscious mind after it finished working on it while I moved on to other things.

The thing is, you need nice quiet moments for your subconscious to have the opportunity to give you the answer. Commonly you'll hear this referred to as things like the bath tub eureka moment, shower thoughts, or the toilet epiphany. These are some of the few moments in your day where you have a chance to break away from distractions. I hope you aren't one of those people who uses their phone while taking a shit, because you are missing out on very valuable mental break throughs by distracting yourself 24/7.

399d45  No.12117265


Hit me* like a ton of bricks.

ea928c  No.12117274

File: 97aa89b01c7b7ec⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 3936x2692, 984:673, Golden_teacher_kookoskuidu….jpg)

fecfd9  No.12117283




Let's not be petty and selfish.

With great knowledge comes responsibility.

Do your part anon, save our Christian culture. Save souls through reason and compassion.

20de71  No.12117291


speech is linear and slow.

mindfullness requires attention, not gossip

ea928c  No.12117310


> I've never "seen" anything with my mind

found the nigger

6934c6  No.12117316


I've noticed thinking in language could be a side-effect of managing causal abstracts with greater clarity. So in sense the mind is dealing with temporal orientated abstracts by automatically defining them spatially through symbols. Might explain why inner voices would primarily involved in planning and reasoning based on a chain of events.

ea928c  No.12117326

File: bb7ca6a047f66ef⋯.jpg (105.53 KB, 681x703, 681:703, 1509765748372.jpg)


>you could have bumped into Socrates one morning in the Athenian Forum and he could have just as easily told you that "most people are NPCs."

Wait. THIS is why they sentenced him to death? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeee..........

1ad3f2  No.12117336

File: 32483558d715256⋯.jpg (222.42 KB, 1420x1062, 710:531, 'The_Hermit'_-_Sand_Painti….jpg)



Thank you friends. Be vigilant in your studies and your prayers.

000000  No.12117362


Have you considered that many intelligent people may think conceptually, abstractly or visually?

Words are limiting.

3b74c9  No.12117374



What the fuck. People actually "think" like this? Are they fucking sub-human animals or something? I've thought like this since kindergarten. The fucking chink grew up in Canada and never thought "What are my friends doing?" or " I'm going to do homework after watching TV." How do these people function? Are they bugs?

000000  No.12117375


Words are linear, slow and add distortion. Low information and less vivid.

e633cb  No.12117389

Anyone here have terrible nightmares where you think in math rather than speech as an internal voice?

000000  No.12117395


No, I've had dreams in alternate worlds like a black and green 3-D grid but math is not that much of my life.

Probably need to be studying STEM subjects or in a STEM profession or be a mathematician.

20de71  No.12117397




at least 3 of us are smarter than the endlessley talking normies who don't even stop in the privacy of their own minds.

000000  No.12117410


My inner dialog never shuts up. Ever. I can't even comprehend what "thinking" would be, if it weren't done in some kind of dialogue with myself, weighing up options, etc. More likely than not this is just shoddy research; or the people that answered 'no' are not self-aware enough (or too stupid) to realise that through their thought process they actually have an inner dialogue going.

000000  No.12117417

I am sincerely confused by this entire thread.

Wasn't this obvious? I thought that all anons here were full aware that the majority of people act like basic animals, doing nothing but reacting to base stimuli their whole lives.

Even most of the normies I speak to understand full well that some people just don't think at all.

Actually, I'm even more confused as to why cuckchan censored this at all. I was under the impression that this knowledge was obvious, even in the normie sphere.

Am I completely out of touch or something?

c4ce2e  No.12117422

File: 7418101279c5892⋯.jpg (84.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7418101279c5892a62d8834b7b….jpg)

I asked around the family and, as it turns out, the only family member incapable of an inner monologue is my grandmother, who, strangely enough, is also the only one in the family blindly parroting the TV and other media, to the point where she believes anything she reads in fictional books as a fact. Oddly enough, she also ALWAYS chooses to believe strangers over family members, even when the strangers are obviously wrong. She will start a huge argument over minuscule things, like the weather forecast, if someone's opinion differs from that of the neighbor lady or the TV and this trait seems to be getting worse and worse with age. Could this be a robot thing? Do robots instinctively dislike non-robots and feel the need to disagree with them?

When I asked her how she thinks, if not in words, she got extremely confused and said that she 'just thinks' so I couldn't get a coherent answer of how exactly it works.

I'm doubting that robotism is hereditary, though, as all of her children, including my mother, do think in words.

883fcb  No.12117423


1. c

2. b

3. d (Am I missing something? There's no way it's this easy You're literally just asking if 2 is a bigger number than 1, etc.)

4. d

5. 11am. Just calculate this backwards - it's 9km up and the same down; he has to return down the mountain by 8pm. He can get down at a clip of 3km/hr, so he has to start heading down at 5pm. He can get up the mountain at a pace of 1.5km/hr so it'll take him six to climb up meaning he's have to start at 11am, get to the top in six hours (5pm), say "That's pretty neato", and then take three hours to get down at double the pace to get back to shitposting at 8pm.

6. 28km/hr. 7km and 15 minutes in total; multiple both by four to figure out the per hour numbers. 7x4 = 28km, 15x4 = and hour

Is there an answer key or am I just blind? I wanna know how much of a brainlet I am. Granted I'm a college dropout, a shut in and diagnosed with "major depression" so I won't be surprised that I'm dumb lel.

3bdd6c  No.12117430


Are you fucking dense? The distribution is not "random," it's based on genes.

6934c6  No.12117434


No, but I can see why it might involve such behavior. Thinking in math wouldn't be constrained by familiar concepts that speech holds. When you're only thinking of numbers and operations, there would be a large scope of what memory references could be recalled randomly by coincidence. That's because the information being invoked is simply too abstract, and your mind is trying to compensate for it by conjuring up some sort of meaning out of such recalls. So the subconscious is reverting to primal fears and desires to construct such meaning and that surfaces when you sleep. It might be interesting to experiment to see if thinking mathematically while imagining practical applications of your work results in more predictable dreams.

1b37da  No.12117448


Assuming you have excess body fat, fast for up to a week. You'l notice a difference in brain clarity after 3 days. Look up autophagy, one of the most important things a human can do that is missing from modern life.

afeb99  No.12117450


This post made me remember the idea that everything we know is really some part of a computer simulation. To me that idea sounds stupid but I think you're on to something.

Reading this post >>12115805 makes me think what we have is a piece of a puzzle. I'm not sure what it would complete but we're on to something interesting.


Checked. I disagree in the context of this thread. It depends on the person and hoe they approach it.

20de71  No.12117453


inner dialogue is like writing letters to yourself to figure things out.

Your conscious attention is the SLOWEST part of your mind. Delegate tasks to your non conscious mind and shut down the chatter, let the vastly parallel quantum processing systems crunch that data the quick way, don't slow i t d o w n i n t o i n d i v i d u a l w o r d s f o r m e d i n t o l i n e a r s e q u e n e c e s for the love of god.

b7c8ac  No.12117458


Then you're not really thinking trough language, which is normal. Deep thought works without language, it's like with math.

3b74c9  No.12117466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>why it is so important for jews to attack, disarm and change language

Pretty much the exact function of Newspeak in 1984. Turn people into NPCs around 80-90 IQ so they can still work. This clip is relevant.

61066f  No.12117469



thats why mediation or praying is good for the soul

6934c6  No.12117472


I see it more like dropping anchor when your mind has reached a desired location in the data ocean. It's useful for refinement and delivery.

27d213  No.12117484


Just because you aren't literally thinking the sentence doesn't mean your brain isn't "translating" it. For example, I'm going on a trip this weekend and am almost out of food in the house. It took me a couple seconds to figure out that grocery shopping would be a waste, but I don't want fast food, so I'll go to the nearby dollar store to get a few frozen pizzas.

I "heard" the whole thought process in my head and was left with a memory of thinking those words, even though it took me a fraction of the time to think them rather than say them. When people say they're thinking with language, it's not literal, as if they are talking about things in their head (Although it is when it's done deliberately). It's how their brain processes, translates, conceptualizes, etc.


>NPC: Feels sensation of hunger, feels desire to find food, takes actions to find and aquire food.

>Human being: Feels sensation of hunger, brain translates this as some variation of "Fuck, I'm hungry", even if those words are not deliberately thought. Feels desire to find food, brain translates it as a distinct memory of some variation of "X sounds pretty good, do I have any in the fridge?", etc.. Takes action to acquire food, brain says "Do I have time? Where's the closest place to get x? Will I have to cook it? Yeah, that will work, just gotta find my keys"

a54d55  No.12117489

File: 1d32fc8738097e3⋯.png (185.09 KB, 894x815, 894:815, 1d32fc8738097e358ae959e130….png)


fuck off nigger

000000  No.12117493


I got the same answers.

acb57b  No.12117542

These zombie tards are why you should be armed to the teeth. Because right now, most are able to exist due to some sort of manual labor. Essentially make work programs exist for them. But come AI when these hopeless niggers are SOL, they do understand the grumbling in their gut.

f7c50f  No.12117574

>>12117422 checked

>said that she 'just thinks'

i doubt this

she is a repeater, not a broadcaster of thoughts

which is fine, women are for breeding

i hope your grandmother lives to hold your children anon

423c23  No.12117583


>And I live in the heart of LA, let me tell you dont know shit about niggers

I know plenty about niggers. There hasn't been a "polite" nigger born in America in the last sixty years, on either coast or on either side of the Mason-Dixon. The only ones that are passive and polite are the ones that are old enough to remember lynchings. Because lynchings are what it takes to beat niggers into something resembling a line. It's the same thing their tribal elders have to do to them in Africa to maintain some semblence of order.

>Didnt work for the southeners

It did work, and could work again, but it's not worth the time or the effort to bother. If America ever becomes uncucked enough to permit nigger lynchings and public killings, then we could just repatriate or kill them all and be done with it.


>Wait. THIS is why they sentenced him to death?

He was sentenced to death for questioning the state and questioning the wisdom and intelligence of all the so-called wise and intelligent of his day for blindly going along with what the state claimed was just and true. Plato has a very detailed and complete accounting of Socrates' death in Phaedo, and his reasoning for not fleeing or escaping his execution in spite of having the opportunity to do so are explained in Crito.

>he believed that fleeing would indicate a fear of death, which he believed no true philosopher has

>he believed that if he fled Athens his teachings would fare no better anywhere else, as he would continue to question all he met and incur the same wrath he had fled

>he believed that if he escaped with the help of his friends, then they would become liable to the same punishment under the law

>he believed that having voluntarily agreed to live under the laws of Athens, he subjected himself to the possibility of being accused of a crime and found guilty of it by a jury; to try and flee his sentencing simply because he did not like the outcome would be breaking the social contract he believed all citizens hold, and thusly both harm the state and undermine the community, inherently unprincipled and unethical actions

302db1  No.12117640








Go out in public. Talk to the normies. Try and count how many of them admit to using the internet.

>They don't. They go to work, come home, eat, sleep, and go to bed. Most of them have kids.

f4c9ae  No.12117687

File: 08c9e89dcd64251⋯.jpg (39.01 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 08c9e89dcd642514b8db636825….jpg)


What in the actual fuck. Introspection was something I thought everyone had. I've always had my inner voice there to guide me, carefully think about right and wrong in seemingly grey circumstances. I've held long conversations with myself, many times allowing me to discover something that talking with another wouldn't allow me to do.

The only time the voice goes away and I act on instinct is when I'm drunk. Even then it isn't entirely gone and I keep to being a goofy drunk instead of acting like a nigger.

Maybe the world truly is made of NPCs and we're the few true soul holding bodies. The spark of inspiration and light was something I thought most just squandered, now I believe most don't even have it in the first place.

I've never felt so alone before.

f4b472  No.12117749


You are not alone. You’re with us.

1ad3f2  No.12117758


Matthew 18:20

we are never alone brother

20de71  No.12117768


your "human being" sounds like a retard, to me.

why on earth have that verbal crap in your head? it is only for interfacing with non-self.

56f030  No.12117787

I dont

I can hold a debate with myself if I do it on purpose but I dont think in words usually, words feel…watered down?

I often have trouble expressing myself especially when it comes to emotions and I think it might be related

d5f529  No.12117789


Atheism correlates negatively with low IQ. There is a huge difference between nihilistic atheism and simply not believing in any god. I recognize beauty and morality and often have better discussions about these topics with religious people, not all unbelievers are created equal.

dd7cb0  No.12117791


they're covering it up because its shill sliding nonsense and psychology is not a science.


ac3923  No.12117795

File: bb7398b611ca272⋯.jpeg (250.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Niko Bellic the Dragon.jpeg)


The truth is it is you who are NPC's if you CAN'T think without words because you aren't aware enough to observe your thoughts without putting them into words. You's actually have to spell it out to yourselves because abstract thought is too subtle for your pea brains. In doing so, you make your thoughts linear and slow. You can break down and intellectualise your thoughts more efficiently without hearing a voice in your head.

Imagine being so stupid you don't know what you're thoughts are unless you translate, confine and limit them in words first Hahaha! Learn to observe your thoughts directly you low awareness sub humans. You'll find your thought much more faster and creative. Then you can think about how you would word your thoughts to express them to others. If you can't do both you are a brainlet.

dd7cb0  No.12117798

>ITT : autist pat eachother on the back, suck each others dicks and make strong cases for the Dunning–Kruger effect

ac3923  No.12117819


Also this

Learning to use your subconscious is very beneficial and the best, most genius ideas come from it, as if from no where when your mind has settled. It's good to let your concious mind step out of the way for the unconscious to do it's job more efficiently.

f253ac  No.12117837





93f6e9  No.12117854


Corticosteroids are naturally produced by your adrenal glands. You'd die without them. Glucocorticoids like hydrocortisone, Prednisone and solumedrol are stress hormones that manage your body's sugar / energy levels, which is why when you take lots of them you feel wired / stressed out. Youre literally replicating your fight or flight response chemically. But it's a feedback mechanism. Usually your brain would recognize a threat and trigger your adrenal cortex. This goes backwards, which can make it confusing and in some ways more stressful.

00b08f  No.12117856


Since I was a kid I was told that reading is really important because you need to know and use as many words as you can ,you add to that the idea that a smart man can explain complex stuff using single terms to anyone he want's

tabletop and video games stimulate your brain on many layers ,brain bender toys ,playing with shadows or the mirror test ,there are many ways to make your kid more human .You role as a father is to be able to answer every How or Why question your kids ask

41232f  No.12117869

I've always had trouble controlling my thoughts.

I don't have voices in my head telling me to kill people or that I'm being watched like a schizophrenic would have, but I can't seem to form thoughts that I would consider coming from me.

For example:

>think of a tree swaying back and forth in the wind

>try my hardest to form a thought where the tree stops swaying and stands still

>no matter how hard I force my brain to try and think of the tree standing still, it just won't happen and I can only possibly think of the tree swaying

Is there a name for this? Am I insane?

00b08f  No.12117871

8af58e  No.12117882

File: 573006404da3672⋯.jpg (212.78 KB, 1000x998, 500:499, kike mind vs non-verbal mi….jpg)

File: 28465459e179f84⋯.jpg (44.57 KB, 750x424, 375:212, DclwSMS.jpg)

File: 19601f352a18656⋯.jpg (60.65 KB, 850x400, 17:8, law-of-silence.jpg)

Same here. Non-verbal thinker. Usually thing in some sort of conceptual "quasi-synesthesia". The only time I think in a voice is when I'm simulating conversations in my head or thinking how best to clarify something I'm explaining. There are downsides: it can be exhausting to talk or verbalize. Also, I was raised by someone very nagging. You know how it is: they repeat something again and again and interrupt your train of though by reminding you of what you had already set on doing anyway. Then, since my mind is basically a simulator, the nagging voice would repeat again and again and I'd have to yell at the nagger to just shut the fuck up for putting me in this situation .

Silence is a blessing . Try verbalizing while you're programing, drawing or solving a rubix cube. You'll find it fucks shit up. What I'm surprised is that so many of you here take the side of the chatterboxes. Speech wasn't invented to do shit. Our brains do shit on our own just fine. Speech was invented solely to communicate information to other people, organize, and cooperate. Jews and other faggots hijacked this for deception. It makes thinking slower and more prone to error. The more you exalt verbalism the easier it is for the kike (whose mind is purely verbal) to deceive you. Don't talk. Do. The kike fears the non-verbal mind. Words should be merely an interface to reality. Focus less on the interface and more on the designated reality.

I hypothesize once there was a primordial non-verbal civilization who operated not by verbalization, but visualization and a sort of 'collective hallucination' for communication.

We see this also in memes. The left cannot meme because the left is literally blind . The jewish mind differs fundamentally from the aryan mind.

8af58e  No.12117883


meant for >>12116188 >>12116695

2cc8b5  No.12117889

File: e978d69c5bef7dc⋯.jpg (50.45 KB, 586x318, 293:159, 1440242254253.jpg)


It conveniently leaves out race as part of the observation information. So what percentage of the people who had inner speech verses inner seeing were white? Black? Asian? This would explain a lot. As most whites I've interacted with admit to holding internal monologues. And the few niggers I've been forced to interact with probably couldn't even spell monologue, much less know what it means. They seem to rely more on an internal image of something as their focus. I've never really had to interact with asians much, so I can't really discern their inner workings.

ab282f  No.12117895


If you try not to think you'll always end up thinking about it.

576e11  No.12117906


Actually, 30 is the exact number of samples one must have in order to be statistically relevant. I'm not sure where you got your idea, but it wasn't statistics. It's the minimum, which makes it sound like a temporary class project, but whatever. The other easy stats rule everyone should know is that you can always drop one outlier result from anything, no questions asked. The moment it becomes two results, it's no longer an outlier.


So? Anyone that falls for that has failed the modern evolutionary test. You could survive the last Ice Age by being physically and mentally superior. Modern kiked times are a period of history where you must be mentally strong to survive. Few will make it.

ac3923  No.12117908


Yeah you are normal.

You just don't get how the mind works. When you try to think of the tree being still, you are resisting the thought of the tree swaying, and giving the thought of it swaying attention so you can't let go of it.

8af58e  No.12117929

File: 415b11122e97f54⋯.png (109.03 KB, 530x463, 530:463, jung_memories_dreams_refle….png)


Don't worry. It can be a give and take with the non-verbal mind. Not full control. Tough holding an image of a tree in your head is already excellent progress. There's several things you can do: try moving around it, maybe even drawing it . Or let it do whatever. Think "surprise me, tree" . You might be surprised.



For a clingy thought, you should

1) change whatever conditions in your life are cause it. They're usually a symptom of evading something you have to face.

2) don't give attention to it . Watch it go by like a bird flying in the distance

Those steps should get rid of it.

55131c  No.12117958

File: 65d5058719e049e⋯.jpg (375.19 KB, 800x1993, 800:1993, mNjzWQ8.jpg)


I think almost exclusively in speech and sound and I still don't like reading, in fact I think it's what held me back, because I struggle to form the visual imagination that is required to understand most books.

Someone mentioned an example earlier, think of a streetlight and tell me where the green light is. I don't fucking know, I never memorized it and the image just doesn't show up in my head, I would just have to guess to not look like a retard, bottom?

But speak or play a melody and I can play it back in my mind 20 or 30 seconds afterwards with great clarity, even while still taking in new information, which makes me great at taking notes and great at playing music.

Different minds work differently and I think it's primarily due to the first experiences in your life. Most people agree now that the first 4 years of life are most important to development, and I don't know about you folk's but I have no memories from an age that early. Things happen to us before we're even conscious that triggers our brain into forming our consciousness in a way that is most suitable to survive our environment.

aa1d65  No.12117964

File: 8b63c92c6b866ff⋯.jpg (55.08 KB, 480x349, 480:349, donut3planarcuts.jpg)

Linguistics are required for thought. You can look into deaf, blind, mute and isolated from human contact examples for confirmation.

Take Helen Keller’s autobiography, as she lost both sight and hearing very young before she had any language, and then had no opportunity to learn ANY language until she was about 8 years old, before Anne Sullivan, her teacher, came into her life and taught her the concept of word symbols as she taught her the American Sign Language alphabet by making the letters and having Helen feel their shapes with her hands.

Helen said that she definitely did think before she had language, but it was more emotional reactions and problem solving to get what she needed or wanted, not in words or images. She had a hard time understanding that other persons were feeling and thinking beings like herself, though she would feel their faces and then her own as she tried to mimic their expressions, and when she had shaped her face into the same expression, she could feel the emotion they were feeling and thus have a bit of communication that way even before she had a language.


You'll find many examples here of how intellectually crippled people deprived of linguistic stimuli truly are reading this.

Primarily though, most completely deaf people think in sign language. Similar to how an “inner voice” of a hearing person is experienced in one's own voice, a completely deaf person sees or, more aptly, feels themselves signing in their head as they “talk” in their heads.

>I have a voice in my head, but it is not sound-based. I am a visual being, so in my head, I either see ASL signs, or pictures, or sometimes printed words. My inner voice does have words, concepts, and thoughts. My mind is not blank, nor is it silent. - From a person that was born deaf

It get's far more worse if you read up on deaf people and their thought processes.

Can you think without language? No, at least not at the level humans are accustomed to. That's why deafness can have far more serious consequences than blindness, developmentally speaking. The blind suffer many hardships, not the least of which is the inability to read in the usual manner. But even those sightless from birth acquire language by ear without difficulty in infancy, and having done so lead relatively ordinary lives. A congenitally deaf child isn't so lucky: unless someone realizes very early that he's not talking because he can't hear, his grasp of communication may never progress beyond the rudiments.The language of the deaf is a vast topic that has filled lots of books — one of the best is Seeing Voices: A Journey Into the World of the Deaf by Oliver Sacks (1989). All I can do in this venue is sketch out a few basic propositions:

The folks at issue here are both (a) profoundly and (b) prelingually deaf. If you don't become totally deaf until after you've acquired language, your problems are … well, not minor, but manageable. You think in whatever spoken language you've learned. Given some commonsense accommodation during schooling, you'll progress normally intellectually. Depending on circumstances you may be able to speak and lip-read.

About one child in a thousand, however, is born with no ability to hear whatsoever. Years ago such people were called deaf-mutes. Often they were considered retarded, and in a sense they were: they'd never learned language, a process that primes the pump for much later development. The critical age range seems to be 21 to 36 months. During this period children pick up the basics of language easily, and in so doing establish essential cognitive infrastructure. Later on it's far more difficult. If the congenitally deaf aren't diagnosed before they start school, they may face severe learning problems for the rest of their lives, even if in other respects their intelligence is normal.

aa1d65  No.12117967

File: 12398b9adc9d3be⋯.jpg (213.74 KB, 729x1439, 729:1439, womenVsMenBrainDifferences.jpg)

>>12117964 (cont)

The profoundly, prelingually deaf can and do acquire language; it's just gestural rather than verbal. The sign language most commonly used in the U.S. is American Sign Language, sometimes called Ameslan or just Sign. Those not conversant in Sign may suppose it's an invented form of communication like Esperanto or Morse code. It's not. It's an independent natural language, evolved by ordinary people and transmitted culturally from one generation to the next. It bears no relationship to English and in some ways is more similar to Chinese — a single highly inflected gesture can convey an entire word or phrase. (Signed English, in which you'll sometimes see words spelled out one letter at a time, is a completely different animal.)

Sign can be acquired effortlessly in early childhood — and by anyone, not just the deaf (e.g., hearing children of deaf parents). Those who do so use it as fluently as most Americans speak English. Sign equips native users with the ability to manipulate symbols, grasp abstractions, and actively acquire and process knowledge — in short, to think, in the full human sense of the term. Nonetheless, "oralists" have long insisted that the best way to educate the deaf is to teach them spoken language, sometimes going so far as to suppress signing. Sacks and many deaf folk think this has been a disaster for deaf people.

The answer to your question is now obvious. In what language do the profoundly deaf think? Why, in Sign (or the local equivalent), assuming they were fortunate enough to have learned it in infancy. The hearing can have only a general idea what this is like — the gulf between spoken and visual language is far greater than that between, say, English and Russian. Research suggests that the brain of a native deaf signer is organized differently from that of a hearing person.

Still, sometimes we can get a glimpse. Sacks writes of a visit to the island of Martha's Vineyard, where hereditary deafness was endemic for more than 250 years and a community of signers, most of whom hear normally, still flourishes. He met a woman in her 90s who would sometimes slip into a reverie, her hands moving constantly.

According to her daughter, she was thinking in Sign. "Even in sleep, I was further informed, the old lady might sketch fragmentary signs on the counterpane," Sacks writes. "She was dreaming in Sign."

6934c6  No.12117971


Try grounding the thought with another relevant abstract like imagining a forest or more specific characteristics of what defines a tree (like leaves or elevated dirt caused by roots). By invoking other references it could override compulsions triggered by certain memory recalls.

000000  No.12118046

There was a time where I would vividly daydream and think in such abstract ways that some of the time I myself was lost. Now I have killed my inner self. Sometimes I will sit and watch videos and literally it's like a blank in my mind. Right now I am thinking in bits and pieces but very little is really happening. I wonder, is this better? It sure feels better.

63928b  No.12118083


what the fuck is inner seeing?

having a fucking imagination?

5789bb  No.12118118


Regarding that image, it is true that women do that. However, they are indirect creatures and their effects should be viewed as such. Their direct actions are quite damning, but their indirect effects are as follows:

>the pulsation of male life; towards and away from women

>the increase in decor and complexification of societies, as they demand

They are akin to catalysts, like most evil.

d8055e  No.12118154

File: 0b04f358c8afbee⋯.png (37.4 KB, 469x470, 469:470, contents 2.png)

File: c1a4be002ec647f⋯.png (29.78 KB, 582x295, 582:295, contents 1.png)

File: 57a5fa26503c473⋯.png (48.15 KB, 704x483, 704:483, juice- thought control is ….png)

File: 444e443601cdaae⋯.png (47.12 KB, 698x444, 349:222, juice- conversation contro….png)


This idea is in a extremely unknown book

282f29  No.12118176

File: 76c88472080c6a0⋯.png (9.75 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1535802765035.png)


No it isn't. Also translations from Shekelnese to English paint the term Hades" in a different light (as in a hole in the ground and nothing else).

000000  No.12118208

>inner voice == having a soul

There is no such thing as a soul or spirit. There is no 'magic gas' your body holds onto in live and releases at death. Death to us is like yanking the power cord for a computer. Our higher order thought processes are due to our brains. Get off the kike ordained Abrahamic ooga-booga bullshit that is (((god))) and (((soul))). The reason those exist as concepts today is because shamans figured out you can control individuals and groups with imagery and memetics. THIS is the basis for MemeMagick(tm)! If you believe the bible to be the divine word of your creator, you've been memed!

d6a979  No.12118302


No anon it was the greatest battle between humans and demons for control of the NPCs.

8af58e  No.12118303

File: 50c2f8f35eb08d1⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1354x1606, 677:803, 78edcb0b5c9bd7aaed49414095….png)


"The reason those exist as concepts today is because shamans figured out you can control individuals and groups with imagery and memetics"

>implying (((science))) and (((new atheism))) aren't also means of control.

People that believe they are inherently mechanistic automatons geared towards consumption aren't going to be anything better. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy.

Theory comes from practice, not the other way around. The problem isn't religion or religion masquerading as science, ie. (((new atheism))), the problem is people don't know how to figure anything anymore. You ask them : why is this true? , ultimately it boils down to "someone told me it's true" . Not a single empirical bone in these so-called "empiricists" . If it was taught that "boiling water is cold" , they'd have to burn themselves multiple times before they'd begin to doubt it. Because don'cha know, science says boiling water is cold.

Now, in saying I don't have a soul you're taking a newtonian relativistic quantum mechanical (sorry, these keep changing) model of the universe derived from a small number of physics experiments and applying it where it was never meant to go. I'm open to the possibility that there are souls (would explain cases of past-life memories), and I don't see any downside for being so.

You talk about memetics, but it seems that in getting out of a meme, you've fallen into another one.

A wooden leg helps you walk, it's easier to understand than a real one, but that doesn't mean amputation is something to strive for.

8f01c3  No.12118385


If that's your idea of 'English', no wonder you thought it easy to learn.

000000  No.12118388


Spiritualists speak in absolutes, scientists speak in statistics and levels of confidence. The religious believe their models are absolute, the secularists believe their models to be the best available at that moment. Your view of atheism is a combination of false dichotomy and attribution error.

aa1d65  No.12118391


You have a naive concept of what scientists believe, think and say.

8f01c3  No.12118396


You're toying with an interesting idea, but you're straying way too close into (((no such thing as race))) with your idea that the cognitive fundaments of a race are purely an artifact of their language.

If the precision of the German language is why Germans are known for good engineering, how and why did they develop such a language in the first place? (((Coincidence)))?

8f01c3  No.12118400


You're either a shill or a complete fucking lunatic.

1e7215  No.12118412

I see a lot of you are getting hung up on the words “NPC” and “simulation”

Although not inaccurate, they fail to encapsulate the truth of things. Imagine a simulation without a simulator, and you’ll be closer. Reality behaves as a simulation because simulations-like reality itself-are constructs made of information.

Consider the immortal, omniscient, omnipotent god. The One And The All. Wouldn’t it be boring? How much eternal bliss can one withstand before it drives one mad like the blind, gibbering Azathoth?

Wouldn’t it make sense that existence is therefore subject to a cycle of death and rebirth, wherein the godhead dissolved itself into an infinite multitude of emanations, so that it’s experiences may have context and stakes? Without this chaos, the godhead would be static and unchanging, asking only for more of itself. Asking for nothing.

So we are born ignorant, and our quest is ascension. To remember that we bear within ourselves the divine spark of creation, to reclaim that power, and to wield it as a brute beloved by Fortuna.

Until we tire, choose to clear the memory, and replay the game. Maybe on a different map.

50ed6e  No.12118431


English has been taken hostage as a mercantile language by savages. Same as French and Spanish

6d2d51  No.12118432

Can an inner voice be non-(((voibahl)))? Can narration be wordless?

000000  No.12118456


Sound's like Scott Adams' book…

000000  No.12118457


Sounds like Scott Adams' book…

c3ac00  No.12118461


can confirm, this is p much how it works for me a lot of the time.


>inner speech

the only times I don't notice an inner speech is when I'm hyperfocused on something, and even then it still feels like there's speech just without words if that makes any sense. Sort of like being in the zone, or mushin no shin, one merely acts and exists solely in the moment

>inner seeing

Are there people who can't do this? I imagine that means being able to visualize things, right?


reminder that roosh rapes white women


I always like buddhist thought, I think it stems from the same Aryan root culture as European prechristian spiritualties


I always feel like I have to apologize to others when I'm silent for a while, like if I'm in the doctors office and the tech is taking vitals it always feels like they are so uncomfortable being in that silence. Hell, even when I'm talking I'm always starting and stopping trying to find the words for my thoughts. Not because I have a limited vocabulary, but often because the thought I have is a very specific one and using another word would alter its meaning


>I thought I was a borderline psychopath for lack of empathy(animals and environment not withstanding)

you should read Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi


the only telepathy I've ever experienced, spontaneously between me and my sister, was visual and nonverbal.


I could see this

7f4a74  No.12118469

File: 363d2407e104686⋯.jpg (386.57 KB, 1080x1508, 270:377, faggots.jpg)

>It's a "/pol/ fails at basic reading comprehension" episode

6d2d51  No.12118478


>all adultery is rape

You're in the wrong neighborhood

50ed6e  No.12118486


It's the last big thread of summer for these children

c3ac00  No.12118493

File: 53ba3e219a74f24⋯.jpg (244.81 KB, 1107x654, 369:218, wkth2yt.jpg)

f9e12a  No.12118501


>article is about 30 people

>image says 472 people

Reported for not even trying.

c1c50a  No.12118515


This I do. I can relate to this more than to the description of an 'inner voice'. It's not like I'm so much listening to myself but rather actively talking to myself. When I'm alone I also literally whisper it out loud many times as well (risky I know, but I can't help it).

000000  No.12118520



>not pirating Adobe CS6 Master Collection from Adobe.com and activating it with keygen xf-mccs6.exe (SHA256: AC2D47DC2D33E6123DA1F3AB00FEA3A1659CE0F47266CC9AB004FA4B811F3B21)


da6c0b  No.12118521

File: 5e566279ffa9b0e⋯.jpg (23.26 KB, 300x193, 300:193, 5e566279ffa9b0ed64b5154e8e….jpg)


This was brought to my attention by a friend in high school. He was freaking out at the end of the day, and when I asked why he told me to stand in the hall and look at people's eyes and tell him what I saw. It took maybe 15 seconds to realize that most people had dead eyes, like cow eyes. Maybe 1 in 20 had the 'spark', but they seemed confused and nervous. Probably because they were surrounded by NPCs and didn't realize it.

This leads to another experience of mine that I've mentioned before. When I was in my young 20s I was waiting tables and drinking and partying too much, just being a normalfag because life was so easy. After work I fell asleep, but woke suddenly in Absolute Terror, perceiving in my minds eye that a huge 'dragon' of sorts was rising from the depths of darkness to eat my soul. I was able to put a stop to that by attacking with my qi which also knocked out radio signals in the apartment for about 4 hours. Had I given into the terror I believe that I would have lost my soul and become an NPC as well. Who would have noticed the difference if I just went on that way? People would probably think I just became more well adjusted, kek. In any case now I can enjoy the company of the 'dragons', they won't try that again, I'm sure they felt stupid about that.

Now that I think about it this also happened to a friend of mine several years prior. He had a harder fight but also rejected being consumed. It all leads me to believe that my experience of this being 'a hell' for 'archons' to 'farm souls for food' is legit. And also my experience of this hell being nearly empty, almost ready for a reset. Which, as I've said, is why I came here. To sort out those on the bleeding edge of consciousness or consumption. It's my job, it's what I do for archons to keep things running smoothly while I hide out in hell, growing and thinking, planning my revenge. Janitor at the end of time, the judge, edgewalker, these are some of my local titles. I suggest anons stay committed to the vertical path of truth and spirituality, if you want to keep evolving instead of becoming dragon shit and evolving from slime again in the same closed loop infinity hell. Don't worry, I've almost worked out how to hold the door open next time I leave this…reality, dimension, hell, whatever you want to call it. I just need to make sure the NPCs all get consumed first. To deny that would be equivalent to breaking into someone's farm and destroying all the fences. A huge useless clusterfuck.

I'm glad you guys are figuring out this stuff. I want to break as many anons out of hell as possible and turn you into an army of unstoppable nazi frog wizards. And gardeners. And architects. And warriors. As we progress to the event horizon, you'll see I'm right more and more. When we get there you're going to have to enter the Void alone and retain your selfhood in order to make it to the next level. It's easy compared to life here, don't worry about that part.

4dbed2  No.12118527

9aee40  No.12118551


Third is default for me, but I can go also go into 1st at will. From my experience most people have first person memories, and they all thought I was crazy as a teenager when I told them my memories were in third person.

It really freaked me out for a while after realizing it. It's like having 3D camera that I could control to look at (my interpretation) of the past, even from impossible angles. I will say that third person is a more detached intellectual view of the memory, while in 1st it is much more emotionally oriented.

918b43  No.12118561



"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

000000  No.12118565


9d8657  No.12118566

File: 76b777d93b2524e⋯.mp4 (7.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Moonmans_Dad_White_Hot_Sum….mp4)


>he says, not knowing summerfags are eternal now after anti-kikefy coup

there is no end

781845  No.12118569


Jesus fucking Christ this is horrifying. These kids cant score well on tests that elementary students should know?!

000000  No.12118571





I bet y'all align your chakras with jade and quartz crystals too…

396bff  No.12118573

I got an idea, say if you are trying to learn a new language.

Then you try as early on as you can, to try thinking in this language.

This must actually very effective.

So if you don't remember shit, you just go… fuck okay I'll go check this.

Hmm considering learning faroic because I'm an autist and I want to know all nordic langs. Maybe I'll try, granted I get the time for it

9e1628  No.12118575

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I always feel like I have to apologize to others when I'm silent


1d7a63  No.12118606

What happens if a person with no inner voice is forced to sit in a chair and stare at a wall?

0d17c9  No.12118625


I assume they start painting with their own shit so they have something to look at

aa1d65  No.12118650

407857  No.12118662


You could share ideas, but they're vague and based on associations to other ideas that might not be shared between people. Words are discrete, concise packets of information. Without words you might convey some intent and emotion, but not explicit meaning without a pre-existing language and system of conventions for communication, verbal or otherwise.

396bff  No.12118665


they start to think in wall, like a guy on shrooms?

02de63  No.12118668

File: 84f0f4562ccb3dd⋯.jpg (20.52 KB, 371x387, 371:387, collinnose.JPG)


"I do murals with my own feces."

e40c60  No.12118681


It's not that it's the slowest, it just seems that way because the kicker is that your 'inner voice' is really just a rationalization after the fact. The fact that you have this recursive awareness capable of articulating your thoughts with language means it adds another layer of processing to your mind. A layer that apparently most people, the NPCs, don't have. Your inner voice's linguistic awareness and analysis changes the way the subconscious subroutines process, which then affects your inner voice, and on and on and on.

Also, my inner voice requires no conscious effort to maintain, it's just there. The only real commands I give it are to shut the fuck up, or force it to shift my attention elsewhere.

da6c0b  No.12118695

File: 279b3724954da44⋯.jpg (285.8 KB, 453x640, 453:640, 279b3724954da44e3841cc3efe….jpg)


>Am I just realizing that I have no soul?

Soul is consciousness, and consciousness is self-reflective awareness. Awareness is a nonphysical experience of relationships between things, such that a rock is aware of another rock that impacts it, proven by the fact that it responds to the impact. But a rock isn't aware that its aware. Consciousness is a strange loop which is a localized experience of infinity. So it's not that you have no soul if you're thinking about this stuff, it's a matter of how resilient your soul is, and how encompassing it can be. Best try to make it as coherent as possible. Coherence is God's currency IMO. Coherent structures can withstand chaotic forces just like a well built house can withstand a storm. Ergo why souled anons can deal with Kek's energy, turning chaos into order. Like a laser focuses incoherent light into coherent light, a soul transmutes chaos into order. There are lots of ways to do such things, limited mainly by one's creativity. That's my take on it.

2e364d  No.12118702


It is trivial to experience either state, unless you're an NPC.

a2e12e  No.12118725


Can someone lose the voice? Can someone lose the soulful being inside you? I always felt most of my family and many people I knew had an "extra spark." To them that was outside the "NPC population." But it seems like that spark is gone, and they don't feel more like they did once before.

41c601  No.12118759


in thread one, someone posted about aphantasia and upon looking it up, one man had a traumatic incident and lost this ability.

6934c6  No.12118776


I'd imagine if no other inner ability is present whatsoever, they'd experience "inner sensations" based on recalling recent memories with associated feelings or impulses. That would motivate them to eventually seek out behaviors that had previously rewarded them with good sensation, and avoid those which were bad. So it's likely certain impulses would compel them to escape from the boredom they're feeling.

7f4a74  No.12118796


That's the only part I don't get, probably a mistake.

07fbfb  No.12118800

File: 9937f4eef9758bc⋯.png (373.19 KB, 2040x3310, 204:331, Lesson IX page1.png)

File: e2e6c8b4e8f32ba⋯.png (398.38 KB, 2040x3335, 408:667, Lesson IX page2.png)

File: d174ea1fe1a2ac4⋯.png (397.07 KB, 2040x3320, 51:83, Lesson IX page3.png)

File: 54046484798698d⋯.png (401.69 KB, 2040x3357, 680:1119, Lesson IX page4.png)

File: d8071afa9282209⋯.png (401.03 KB, 2040x3277, 2040:3277, Lesson IX page5.png)

This topic reminds me of something I read in the book "The Arcane Teaching". The gist of it that the all sees itself through the the viewpoints of all the life that exists. All the npc's that you see in the world is therefore the all living through lifetime living a role. Individuality, to have a self separate from the all is the beginning of its reincarnating journey.

the link for the book: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015030464351;view=1up;seq=1

And the passage would be: Lesson IX. Survival of the fittest.

The images are the 5 first pages of that chapter.

a2e12e  No.12118807

File: 8c7db61269ab937⋯.jpg (179.99 KB, 801x823, 801:823, 4e64eac1e11f83ad165385d216….jpg)


My new greatest fear has now become, becoming an NPC on Earth.

41c601  No.12118814

So, from this article, the question should be, what is a beneficial mental habit and how can someone improve their mental strengths. Here are definite negatives I can see from this.

<subvocalization when reading (slows down information acquisition)

<neurotic internal dialogue (intrusive thoughts, or worrying about past events or future scenarios)

<can internal dialogue slow down your speed of thought? (similar to item 1)

<idle useless chatter (does the person that won't shut up in conversation, not shut up in their head?)

<mental masturbation (repeating a scenario or explanation uselessly over and over)

a77f30  No.12118896


The whole point of teaching the Western literary canon was to raise primitive man from his bestial state. The original idea behind the founding of classical "liberal arts" education was to liberate the higher soul from bodily confines, to become more than just a slave to our baser urges. We can see how far things have degenerated, to the point that getting a modern "liberal arts" education now does the exact opposite of its original classical intentions.

4dbed2  No.12118916


>I would recommend you study some African history sometime.

What are the best sources that you'd rec? Tried asking and searching on /pdf/ but not a lot is what I got. Want to get informed into how all those "countries" came to happen, about Liberia, about why there's constant death and violence besides being niggers. Already know about the downfall of Rhodesia, Libya, and the fascination with niggers with making niglet armies (not sure if what happened in sierra leone is related to joseph kony, heard about the event just in a musician's track)

fdf1b4  No.12118943

>ITT: retards are fed the perfect bait to justify shutting themselves at home, not connect and awaken their dying race and pat themselves on the back while doing it

Does your dog have a soul?

If not, I really, REALLY hope it's a hunting dog or similar animal with an actual practical use instead of a surrogate child shitting up the place and eating into your paycheck.

15f139  No.12118999

File: 1fe69fa4471a3ae⋯.jpg (14.24 KB, 220x292, 55:73, 1518422382313.jpg)


Don't worry they all got (((phones))) now

0d17c9  No.12119022


that's why I was suggesting subjugation

ae3870  No.12119038

File: b6e4c33596f84f0⋯.png (205.91 KB, 934x783, 934:783, researchchemicals.png)


How do shrooms compare to research chems like 4-AcO-DMT or 4-HO-MiPT?

63928b  No.12119183


you wouldn't even notice it happened when/if it does

000000  No.12119245

If you want to get your inner voice to shut up, teach it to play music. I'm one of those people who wake up to music in my head. Something's playing just about all day. I can usually think around it. But when it's something I really like, it's hard to concentrate on anything requiring too many cycles (computer speak for how much percentage of my brain is available for a task). If I'm really engaged in something, the music recedes to a far, distant background.

4c5560  No.12119334

File: 0be03349f2f6c16⋯.jpg (550.52 KB, 1300x863, 1300:863, sun god.jpg)

fuck off with the spritual nonsense, NOTHING paranormal exists.

26ed81  No.12119356


>Kek. Remember a few years ago the bugmen misusing the word constantly for the dumbest shit, same as “random”? Even my mother who has a masters in English; I just though they were retarded and it was a trend in retardation, colloquially changing the meaning of a word in a separate potato hivemind I had no access to. As usual, the reality is much simpler.

It's like how the word "toxic" nowadays seems to refer to people with antisocial behaviour, or some shit like that. I wonder if these "people" even realize that the word has another meaning, or that the newly aqcuired meaning for the word is a recent development? Also, a lot of people don't seem to realize that the word "than" exists. They use "then" and "than" interchangeably.

This shit pisses me off.

2d3fc1  No.12119363


>his greatest ambition in life is pampering human sheep

2d3fc1  No.12119375

File: e0c3ea223582459⋯.png (3.56 MB, 5000x5566, 2500:2783, 1420073387631.png)


If you want dialectic materialism there's the door:


003f72  No.12119431

File: 92d726de57ebcf2⋯.jpg (146.11 KB, 1111x954, 1111:954, empathy thought jesus self….jpg)

f9e12a  No.12119450


>the enemy of the jew is the jew

At least you always out yourselves, you fucking retards.

4c5560  No.12119451


thats a stupid reply, you can make everything you need with EnglishScript because people thought of the words already. english is really slow though.

4c5560  No.12119474


english should be more like this:

stupid, need word?made:past[thought translated] english slow.

but that would be hard to pronounce. we need telepathy.

932e2b  No.12119501


More reasonably it's a OP is a faggot episode and deliberately misrepresented the info for replies.

be46f6  No.12119523

>30 people sample

>self administered questionnaire

Look mom, I'm a scientist!!

aa1d65  No.12119528

File: ac893e788a29999⋯.png (138.87 KB, 665x420, 19:12, bbcPidgin.png)


found the pidgin nigger

be46f6  No.12119536


>to beat the jews you must first destroy christianity, goy

Thanks moshe

50ed6e  No.12119546


But that's actually how it is if you're not White anymore. Someone should obviously doing a better job of than the original and deeply flawed 30 person survey before conclusions are drawn but I'm not surprised people have a lot to say about this topic.

9ca4c5  No.12119599


That's not a kike. That's one of their golem, their bug men.

003f72  No.12119611

File: 844cd2be597b8d0⋯.jpg (110.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, married to the mob.jpg)



Jesus fags are Jewish created avatars who can't reason and have no inner-voice telling them that it's all retarded as fuck. You often explain your reasons as "faith", which is an emotional output rather than consequences of inner-dialog

Or maybe you're just massive fucking liars who lie all the time, even to yourselves… Like women or Jews.

003f72  No.12119644

File: a29669c01643dbd⋯.jpg (127.97 KB, 953x717, 953:717, budda feminism hillary ger….jpg)


>Meditate enough and the voices will go away but it is very odd if you don't hear any kind of narration, ever. NPCs are real.

Buddhism makes NPCs, then women take over!

9ca4c5  No.12119710


Are you willing to take a stand, now, against circumcision? yes or no?

dc4ca9  No.12119823

File: bb6a9f5db428cb3⋯.jpeg (24.31 KB, 267x265, 267:265, A4F20F62-1817-457C-9517-7….jpeg)


>Being drunk is a nigger simulation

This literally explains everything. I’m so glad I stopped before it was too late, and it stripped me of my soul.

ba499d  No.12119856


Buddhism does not make NPCs, brainlet. Meditation silences the voice you already have - it does not remove it permanently. Nor does it make you born without the voice in the first place. Having the internal dialogue seems to be an important requirement in enlightenment anyway so you're definitely wrong.

c9402e  No.12119914


>In america having sex would be rape

Not to defend a shitskin but, it wasn't in america, and secondly if women are too retarded to make decisions under influence of alcohol (something men are legally recognized to be capable of doing), maybe they should be prohibited from consuming it?

Pick any option, or suggest your own that's on topic.

>women can't make decisions under influence of X, therefore consumption of X is illegal for them

>women can't make decisions, so they're not legally allowed same way children under 18 can't take loans or be a side of a deal without a legal guardian, except father or oldest brother makes all the decisions, My favorite, if you need a compelling argument visit girlsdoporn.com or facialabuse.com, look for mayli, a hapa daughter of a goldman sachs fat cat excercising her right to get spit on and facefucked until almost puking and getting 100 dollars compensation for it

>pretend that women can make decisions just like men do because you hate women

sage for off topic

88dfdd  No.12119928



I think in the exact same way and have been trying to articulate this forever.

000000  No.12119930

NPCs = Lemmings = Trash Mobs = Why Democracy Doesn't Work

dcb7c1  No.12119935

File: 4895b1c5bb7a306⋯.jpg (71.55 KB, 495x495, 1:1, keke meditation.jpg)


>Having the internal dialogue seems to be an important requirement in enlightenment anyway so you're definitely wrong.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, anon, shh. Empty your mind. Be the NPC.

20de71  No.12119984

File: 4191d08d8d3f328⋯.jpg (123.35 KB, 604x573, 604:573, silently the seed is plant….jpg)


that's the classic 'do not think of an elephant'.

except that's a trap for low-control normies at the beginning of their life.

Did you not do any inner work, take control of your own mind from your yabbering ego?


Ego IS the voice that most people hear. It develops at around 7 years old (in a white caucasian) and serves to create a self/other boundary. It exists in the realm of language, observing incoming information and protecting the inner self from damage.

Ie. An idiot says: "you stink". the ego recognises an attack on self-image and responds "boil your head you banpot".

Most people seem to then let the ego take over. How many here have actually TRIED to talk inside their own mind? That tiny voice that sounds so different to the normal 'inner dialogue - that's you. That is your real inner voice. Anything else is either ego run amok or the gods taking the piss.

I think the high 'i talk to myself' density in this thread has outed the massive JIDF presence here. Since the Kike is lost in the word games that lost them the name of god in the first place.

Meanwhile some of us have re-discovered the non-symbolic pre-babel language and use it to conduct memetic warfare.

20de71  No.12120099


Ho ho ho. Now you are into an area of my expertise. Language acquisition in blind children.

And you are making it up. Not having sight severely hinders language acquisition, specifically language related to concepts of self/other boundaries.

You are confusing language and communication with thought. Everything you write demonstrates this confusion. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will always fall short.

>they may face severe learning problems for the rest of their lives, even if in other respects their intelligence is normal.


language =/= thought/intelligence.

You are lost in the ego trap, confusing the functions of the ego with the true capacity of the human mind.


You don't understand meme magic, which is transtemporal in nature and requires the existence of hyperdimensional beings.You have no soul, for sure, but that's because you never made one.


checked. with addendum. Decent scientists talk in terms of statistics and levels of confidence.


mortal projects limited mind onto that of god. Fails.


lol. You missed the bit where he states that some people 'never' experience an inner voice. Also, the bit where he trolls about aspects 4 and 5 of mind to sell his shitty book about pristine experience.

26e9a5  No.12120197



7c48a3  No.12120230

File: 330b68ee10aadce⋯.jpg (278.6 KB, 1455x1200, 97:80, 1524465771437.jpg)


that first paragraph was pretty interesting but then you devolved into bullshit, it's like I'm reading the transcript of a late-night conspiracy radio caller-in.

c3ac00  No.12120276


>If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will always fall short.

>quoting (((einstein)))

e23b66  No.12120408


< meditation is badman


1f3f93  No.12120482

I've been thinking a lot about this, and I've realized that I have the capacity to have the linguistic narrative, but most of the time that 'track' of my mind is occupied by music. I just hear music, all the time. I'm wondering what that means. I've noticed it's stressful to try to overpower the music with words, but I can do it, and I feel sharper when it's the case. But it's like holding on to Super Saiyan; I can only maintain it for so long. I'm a pathologically creative person, and I have a hard time getting out of the "Open Mode", if you know what that is. Maybe practicing linguistic thinking can be the key to helping me focus on tasks rather than getting lost in my head constantly.

aa1d65  No.12120494


I didnt say language = intelligence. I said linguistics are required for thoughts as related to the inner monologue discussion. I provided examples of numerous cases that describe how the blind and deaf do not have inner monologues or dialogues - they think in images and emotions and other abstracts. I showed how this impacted them significantly in their intellectual development.

The entire point was that language was a major component in how people internally conceptualize thoughts and how it impacts their development - usually permanently.

As for sight, it does not hinder language development. They have no problem learning to speak and understand words. Some concepts, such as colours or descriptions of physical things, can be difficult to conceptualize, but none of this affects their acquisition of language skills and, as relates to the entire topic, how they internalize thoughts - they can have inner monologues and dialogues with themselves.

And quoting the fraud, Einstein, who stole all his work from other, better scientists and was only promoted to push a Jewish agenda linking intellectual elite and smartest man in world moniker with Jews. He uses pseudo intellectual science and destroyed physics, settign it back for 100 years. We used to prove physics - now we make up theories and new fields to explain the endless problems with relativity. Every single thing, down to e=mc^2 was provable with Newtonian physics and aether theory with no need to make up nonsense about curved space and 4 space garbage. Even after 50 years, momentum could not be made to work under relativity. Gravitational theory has to be reworked to fit his work. It's a joke and quoting him only makes you look foolish.

7f16b2  No.12120525

This explains why niggers (and mutts) are always humming shitty rap songs.

94e3c1  No.12120537


Can you point to another theory which could replace relativity and explain some of the phenomenon currently explained by relativity?

74d6a8  No.12120540

File: f19f4c8362b0589⋯.jpg (27.82 KB, 500x375, 4:3, bart hitler.jpg)


I agree.

7f16b2  No.12120589

File: 0d925a69cd2f4d1⋯.png (229.15 KB, 1264x130, 632:65, image.png)

This could be where that "Tulpa" bullshit comes from. NPCs without any sort of internal monologue somehow become conscious without knowing how to deal with thoughts inside their head.

3ae6f5  No.12120626


After delving into this thread, I've actually come upon a more optimistic view contrary to the "not everyone has souls," and that, "a soul can be grown from sufficient introspection."

If anything, this thread has given me some food for thought and some leads on expanding my understanding of the human soul. If a soul is composed of thought and memories, then the purpose of memes and other factors of Internet culture would be to help advance human understanding.

… Admittedly, I'm still trying to piece together a coherent thought process on this.

f82982  No.12120666

File: c80139ec2a6e8da⋯.jpeg (296.76 KB, 850x797, 850:797, Fuck Tulpas.jpeg)


Tulpas are thoughtforms granted illicit agency by irresponsible retards. Creating a tulpa is the aetheric equivalent of giving a woman the right to vote.

3da98f  No.12120725

File: c8a038d6d163ce2⋯.png (117.2 KB, 331x388, 331:388, Capture.PNG)


>In which projection is employed

The author of this piece is exactly who you'd expect.

e23b66  No.12120746

c3ac00  No.12120763

>>12120666 (cheggd)

>practicing sigil/binding/kabbalistic magic

>not aryan/runic/channeling magic

>using your will to force things

>not weaving cosmic energies

>not drawing power from the sun

>enslaving spirits and forcing things instead of working with nature and life

ea4ae3  No.12120764


Hail Satan.

Why isn't pepe something already?

483d87  No.12120765

I'm coming from 4chan, I started this thread


have seen the mods deleting and moving threads all day long today

it really activates my fucking almonds

7f16b2  No.12120767


>I'm coming from 4chan

Never would have fucking guessed.

483d87  No.12120772


well i never post here, so there's that

i guess now i will

7f16b2  No.12120777


Thanks. You're alright. Don't be in America on DoTR.

00e02d  No.12120786

People at work would look at me like I was fucking insane when I told them how I conceptualize things. I described imagination as intellectually resource-hungry, in that it requires sufficient headmeat complexity as to be able to simulate at least one reality with its own rules and laws, to some scale, all within the confines of your skull. I imagine things like "what would an alien language look like, and if advanced to Earth year 3020 levels, what would its signage look like?" and what the world looks like to animals that can't see the color green.

02ff5c  No.12120803

File: da717f0a49ac71c⋯.jpg (22.34 KB, 476x477, 476:477, 1530566320250.jpg)


>This means that the average person


>Chris Heavey and I gave random beepers to a stratified random sample of 30 students from a large urban university


>students from a large urban university


> urban university


< urban


< average person

c822cc  No.12120822

>Study finds most people don't have an "inner voice"

That's not what the study said though. These threads are nothing more than excuses to pat yourselves on the back for being superior to the normies, but ironically you are all apparently too stupid to read.

02ff5c  No.12120839

File: acc5dd2d12c407d⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 231x219, 77:73, 1535552236973.jpg)



>Study finds most people don't have an "inner voice"

>That's not what the study said though.

direct quote from the article though

<I'm pretty sure that Baars and McWhorter are entirely mistaken. Maybe Baars talks to himself all the time, and maybe McWhorter himself sees images of written words while he talks (there's reason to be skeptical of both claims), but I've investigated such things as carefully as I know how and become convinced that most people (let alone all people) do not do such things.

e23b66  No.12120859

File: 30207f2341d704e⋯.png (24 KB, 620x163, 620:163, ClipboardImage.png)


Yep, it's correct. The exact breakdown is:

02ff5c  No.12120868

File: c8717159c2eb240⋯.jpg (261.93 KB, 995x1083, 995:1083, 1526039253457.jpg)


idk if its "correct", havent bothered to check the sources, but its definatly whats writen in the linked article

also the """people""" in the study arent normies, they ' re """urban youth""">>12120803

e23b66  No.12120869



So a more technical way of putting it would be:

> Some have nil inner speech

> Some experience inner speech 75% of the time

> Something closer to 20% is pretty average

>> op's implication is correct, then: at any given time, 80% of the brains on any given random bus or plane or room are busy quite literally not thinking, at least not with an inner voice.

c822cc  No.12120874


Yes, he's saying that most people don't talk to themselves constantly. Not that most people never have an inner voice. In the study, they asked the participants what internal experiences they were having at random times, and on average they experienced inner speech 25% of the time. This does NOT mean only 25% of people experience inner speech, it means that the people in the study have an internal monologue about 25% of the time. When the study says some people never experienced inner speech it means that they never experienced it in the samples taken for the study, not that they never experience it in their lives.

f82982  No.12120880

File: 66a8aca1d8d376c⋯.png (494.85 KB, 1123x594, 1123:594, 66a8aca1d8d376cfcbd97db7e2….png)


>Those implications

Were also my implications, tbh.

e23b66  No.12120897


Sigils have nothing to do with the others you mention. Sigils can be made of runes, by the way.

Indeed, sigils are an oddity. Very different from everything else, and, here's where it gets very strange, they don't seem to occur in the historic record. Nobody knows who invented them.

c822cc  No.12120899


Also you are misinterpreting this sentence as well:

>I'm pretty sure that Baars and McWhorter are entirely mistaken. Maybe Baars talks to himself all the time, and maybe McWhorter himself sees images of written words while he talks (there's reason to be skeptical of both claims), but I've investigated such things as carefully as I know how and become convinced that most people (let alone all people) do not do such things.

He is simply saying that most people do not have the same subjective experiences as Baars and Whorter.

Baars says

>Human beings talk to themselves every moment of the waking day.

and Whorter says

>When we utter a word, we cannot help but mentally see an image of its written version

The author is saying that he believes that they are both wrong in the sense that these may be their subjective experiences, but they should not assume that everyone else has a constant inner voice, or visualizes written words.

f82982  No.12120912

File: 50f872800c389cd⋯.jpg (37.52 KB, 422x378, 211:189, ns1.jpg)


>That webm

Top fucking kek. They basically admit that Nazi art is so badass that merely letting normalfags look at it would kick off an eternal Reich.

c3ac00  No.12120913


>Sigils can be made of runes, by the way.

Bindrunes aren't sigils, the "bind" part is referring to weaving the energy of the runes, as the Norns weave fate. Sigils are a jewish creation.

e23b66  No.12120925


They're just the literal bug people. They're so fucking insane and stupid they don't know what to do when something falls outside of their strict categories. They're helpless idiots. The result is that they are preserving these artworks for when those who have a mind upon which they may find themselves to exist as individuals seize power.

e23b66  No.12120927


>Sigils are a jewish creation.

You're a pathological liar. A Satanist, to be precise. And so, knowing the power of sigils, you seek to prevent the right-winger from having this capability.

OK, whatever. We'll still be here, we'll still see, by our eternal eye, the lighted way, and you the creatures of death and darkness in-reaching never.

f82982  No.12120947

File: 07fc7b023fee073⋯.jpg (6.84 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 07fc7b023fee073062a8d2ca1b….jpg)



Nitpicking the difference between sigils and runes is fruitless, as they are fucking synonyms. The difference is in intent and racial/cultural variables, not in basic mechanism. At the root it is the power of the alphabet, the written manifestation of the Word.

0da6c6  No.12120959



You have no mystical power and have never had one success ever in your life. Fuck off and filtered.

That sort of retard buying candles & shit at from a Jamaican scammer, yep, fake esotericism.

133f78  No.12120960


b77368  No.12120963

people who dont have an inner voice are the NPCs

b77368  No.12120965


fuck you, hivemind nigger

f82982  No.12120967

File: bfb9ea2f002efff⋯.jpg (53.71 KB, 477x637, 477:637, bfb9ea2f002efffc956fd29d68….jpg)



>Filter is le downvote

It was nice talking to you too :^)

c3ac00  No.12120968

File: d00243df91c5ac2⋯.jpg (155.73 KB, 800x815, 160:163, 800px-Goetia_seals.jpg)

File: 37febb94021d5cf⋯.jpg (65.63 KB, 600x788, 150:197, 6c9.jpg)


>muh yaweh satan dialectic

>muh christianity

>muh right vs left jewish dialectic

Sigils these days are used a lot by (((chaos magic))) followers, like Dugin and his ilk. Sigil shit is all related to and tied up with hermetic, kabbalistic, abrahamic bullshit. The power of sigils is an intimately jewish power, the power of those who enslave. The power to trap spirits, create golems, etc., whereas Aryan magic such as rune magic instead works with natural and cosmic forces, empowering those who use them and protecting them and their folk. Jewish magic is one of dominance, of force, whereas Aryan magic is one of harmony and nature. Aryans are Children of the Sun, and the cleansing light that purifies all terrifies kikes, as they depend on the darkness to disguise themselves.


this could also be true, though when I think of sigils I think of the ugly and needlessly complex works used by abrahamic practicioners, whereas runes are pure and simple.


solid argument, iirc the jamacians are renowned for their aryan practices of smoking weed and raping each other all day

f82982  No.12120986

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>the jamacians are renowned for their aryan practices of smoking weed and raping each other all day

Can I interest you in a scented candle fellow anon? Good for your juju :^)

725220  No.12120996


what if npc's are connected to gang stalking claims.

725220  No.12121009


been there done all of that faggot, this thread is about the people that never think in words, never have an inner voice.

000000  No.12121022


but jews are just evil npcs like mobs and boss monsters that exist only to be defeated

that is why all our forefathers observed the jews and how they cannot create because they lack the divine spark, soul, and spirit.

cad451  No.12121030


As if your "inner dialog" did not carry passions along with it.

Emotions, not passions, are valid because Logos is not subject to reasoning, so any metaphysical position has some base on axiomatic faith.

To do the opposite is called conceptualism, which is a revamp on talmudic Chokhmah. You're a talmudic theologian and don't even know it.

c3ac00  No.12121037


They can create, they're just shit at it. Their art is hideous, and is a mockery of beauty. Fuck, when they procreate, the most beautiful act of creation of all, all they make is just another fucking jew.

390d70  No.12121198


>soul-less waifu

The idea isn't new - see undines in European folklore:

Basiaclly a female water sprite without a soul - but cabable of obtaining one by marrying a mortal man and bearing his child.

5697e9  No.12121209


> Until we can clearly define and observe a soul

It is energy and it operates at a frequency. Nature has rules and they are absolute. All humans have souls. Tying an inner monologue to having a soul is simply retarded. We generally call people "soulless" when they lack empathy. NPC's often fit in this category. However, this is a phrase. A meme. This ability to internally narrate seems to show a higher level of function over those who cannot. That is all.

f3ab6e  No.12121309


pedophilia is a MINOR issue right now

we need to be getting rid of all the brown people who are replacing white people

d1bc40  No.12121312


>a person is only as sapient as they have enough words to describe their feelings and intensions.

What about weirdos that often think in patterns of colors or pitches of instruments? I often find it easier to count by tone than by name of a number, especially since if I'm counting in tone the tone I'm counting until will often be the amount I actually wind up needing due to errors or various other circumstance than the amount I should logically get.

45b4a4  No.12121335

I still cannot believe people don't have an inner voice. Maybe the survey result is wonky because the people being questioned don't understand the question?

Do some people not sound out the words in their head when they read or type or something? Or does this inner voice thing only apply to situations outside reading / writing / typing? Like, if you can read a sentence out loud, you can certainly read a sentence silently in your head, right? Isn't that inner thought?

Do some people really do not have thoughts pop up in their head as sentences? e.g.

"I wonder what the weather is like."

"I'll pee after I finish this e-mail."

"I should get off the computer and get ready for bed."

Or maybe I'm giving people too much credit.

I'm going to ask my more stupid coworkers if they have an inner voice next week. (people who keep asking stupid questions that they should easily be able to find the answer to, and people who cannot problem solve.)

I also know some people who really suck at board games. They seem to comprehend the rules (requires more explanation than average), but they cannot play effectively at all. I'll ask them too.

On the other hand, people who hear things involuntarily (e.g. hear nonsensical background chatter of voices not their own in the mild side of the spectrum to distinct outside voices judging them, telling them to do things in the more serious side) sounds schizophrenic and should seek help.

d863d4  No.12121347

Why haven't you built an AI and released it, anon?

>no insider has released the programming/code/software used to create Tay Sachs

>all of the good haxxors left the chans in 2014, and either disappeared to an uncharted island where they sip drinks given to them by bikini wearing Asian women as long as they don't code

>or … they're in the employ of the alphabets making more than their dads did in 5 lifetimes and they think they're the shit

You don't really want to win this war; do you anon?

9cea63  No.12121366


They are but not usually in the way you're thinking. Basically NPCs can be much more easily duped via psychic broadcast because they can't dicern the psychic voice from their enviroment/self.

29221f  No.12121368

This is absurd, I think to myself all the time. It's how I develop my beliefs. observations and feelings are the basis, then I'll unbiasedly critique my beliefs and formulate arguments against them. Then I critique the critiques of my beliefs and so on… it's breddy fun tbh, I couldn't imagine not being able to do this. The idea of actual NPCs walking amongst us is so absurd it's unbelievable to me. impossible.

9cea63  No.12121370


What I learned from this is anons have souls but they can't read so it doesn't matter.

377e99  No.12121379

I don't have an always active inner voice, I only hear it when I'm typing or before I talk, what does this mean?

d1bc40  No.12121381


> Is he woke on the Jew?

Yes. I deal with these types regularly. They're surprisingly aware of kikes.

>Is he a paragon of good moral behavior?

Fuck no. The ones that aren't drunks are crackheads or worse.

>Is he a striking example of the supremacy of the Aryan race?

Honestly, I would say yes. They're not paragons of men. They're not heroes. They're not wise, they're not prophets, they're not spiritual leaders, but they still stand head and shoulders above non-whites at whatever it is they dedicate themselves to. Even a homeless white tweaker will make sure to keep his knives sharp and perform basic maintenance on whatever else he thinks he needs. Even the lowest of them still have goodness within them and simply need guidance. There is a power and a godliness left inside them that is unharnessed and undirected.

9cea63  No.12121416


We must all have this keen eye for potential if we are to garden our people into oaks they are destined to become.

8031a6  No.12121438

Anyone who can't literally discard the entire normalfag world and become a literal NEET monk is a weakling who needs his ego stroked by the state and his fellow normalfags. If you can't, RIGHT NOW, say "fuck you" to everyone you've ever known, you're a faggot.

ff3cf7  No.12121462

File: c74f4c2adfe6292⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 469x595, 67:85, plif-fact839.jpg)

This whole thread.

946cee  No.12121509

Sigils have nothing to do with judaism. Fact.

946cee  No.12121513

Loudmouthed fool:


3b74c9  No.12121519

File: 29cb15449939785⋯.png (50.23 KB, 683x1256, 683:1256, 1512433141894.png)

f9e12a  No.12121523


Kill yourself. You’re a redditor. You’re a fucking brainwashed groupthink emotion-driven coward. You’re barely human. You have nothing resembling an argument.

946cee  No.12121538

This is what a CIA post looks like:


946cee  No.12121540


< having that image

55131c  No.12121636


Women were a mistake.

e66b60  No.12121672

File: 372f4b4280d83c2⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 372f4b4280d83c2e281a6f0549….jpg)


<Holding the tool by it's heating element

f9e12a  No.12121691


Reported for being from reddit. You can’t disprove a word of what he said and you’re terrified at not having your constant stream of social validation from “people” who are too stupid to save themselves from genocide. You have no business being here.

8031a6  No.12121702

Also, fuck all the kikes who assert that all black comedians are just "muh whitey." Several of them are extremely woke, and they constantly called out the jew. Now they're either dead, or blacklisted (Patrice, Chappelle)

df20b7  No.12121739

Is it nature or nurture? WHY don't normalfags have souls?

6934c6  No.12121758


It just means your mind is pre-processing language output prior to sending it off to motor control. It's like a verification and fine-tuning stage to make sure it's clear before you write or say it.

e66b60  No.12121766


Firstly only the communists believe in Nurture over Nature, and even then they only buy into it enough to excuse their inability to compete in any area. As for why normalfags lack souls, that's going to take some time to decipher. Re-read the thread again and reflect on your own belief structure to get a start.

ffd740  No.12121773



Could you it argue that a God in this sense would be a self replicating concept? Eg, creation of a "god of truth" in which people follow the ideal it represents, thus granting more power to that concept? In essence, memetic magic

ac22ca  No.12121792


This study has been making the rounds for days and I think I was the first person to dig the study itself up. Yea it seems like you, and almost everyone in this thread did not bother to closely read the study, which is confusing to interpret if all you do is skim the article or even the study itself. The blackpill never ends.

20de71  No.12121806


>I didnt say language = intelligence.

>i said linguistics are required for inner linguistics.

whateves. you claimed that deaf people suffer in intellectual development, whilst ONLY considering linguistic development AS intellectual development.

Fuck, I hate arguing with jews.

And you are WRONG about blind kids.


fucking kikes

3d3f3a  No.12121807


You deserved greater digits than these mighty torpedo!

55131c  No.12121848

File: 7beb621c1a46aee⋯.jpg (168.38 KB, 608x510, 304:255, xwHkCyV.jpg)


<Having to explain the obvious joke

1d1802  No.12121864


thats exactly what i said while debating myself last night

185d82  No.12122021

File: acb40d90c68beee⋯.jpg (153.49 KB, 800x770, 80:77, 1524951793322.jpg)


God our world is depressing as fuck… I wonder if we are really in the matrix, a lot of friends don't have an inner voice or think or talk to them selves, this girl I used to have a crush on and when she was talking to her friend about some issue, I looked at them, I feel I am alone, the only ones who do have have an inner voice are few of my friends and cousins other than that, I come to think about it, is the world really overpopulated that they are people being born everyday with no soul?

330732  No.12122024


you're confusing some things. the nignog COULD have that thought, but he doesn't. he just steals. the question this thread is asking is "does he steal because he doesn't think or would he steal even if he did think?" to me it seems more likely that it is impossible for him to form the thought "i'm going to steal this white lady's purse" because that simple internalization requires complex abstraction of future thoughts and processes. thinking about doing something would eventually lead someone to think about future consequences.

it is pretty natural to not think during routine physical labor. it's the "zen". but it is a state of deep concentration that is different from lack of thought.

185d82  No.12122046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

An interesting vid I found guys.

185d82  No.12122053

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c29190  No.12122122


>Imageboards are giant PVP servers

>Only place on the internet that strips away all social identifiers so only ideas remain

That's why we come here. Because it's ideas clashing against other ideas. It's the only way you can recreate the depth of an inner dialogue with unique feedback. Chans are bootleg telepathy.

d0ff1d  No.12122136


>Also I wasnt vaccinated yet my brother was … makes you wonder

nah, I was vaccinated For smallpox tbe, yes I am that old and I run an inner dialogue in my head, yes it also includes imagery and pure emotions, but the inner dialogue with myself is predominate.

And insofar as "breaking/destruction of the self, or the "I" " within myself. No thank you, I have no need of destroying my sense of self, I merely let my sense of self "detach" from my thought process, this is when imagery and/or emotion dominate my thoughts. Often I find myself attaining such a state while I am enjoying some work of fictional writing, or if the imagery is well made enough comics/manga or even gasp a TV show/movie. I find that being in such a mental state allows for greater enjoyment of the entertainment presented before me.

20de71  No.12122141

Ego, ego everywhere

talking to me in my sleep.

Filling my head with useless chatter

I am so alone

I'm so special, different, wise

no one else is real like me

all there is is all I am

my ego replaced me

d721c6  No.12122184


Fucking zombies everywhere.

ea04ca  No.12122204


Put another way, internalizing predictions of intent through imagination instead of just reacting after the fact. When a person has build enough conceptual understanding of the world, then they can imagine almost any circumstance without needing to actually experience it first hand. So you instinctively know jumping off a cliff for example is a bad idea without needing to actually do it first, as you would understand gravity, forces and the concept of death. The question really is more on how much thought is invested into evaluating which impulses to act on for a given situation?

eaf1b7  No.12122220

>Thinking with feelings

Animal tier

>Thinking with language

Somewhat conscious tier

>Thinking with abstract concepts/images combined with the language and feelings

Conscious tier

>Thinking with numbers and mathematical ratios

Ascended tier

>Thinking with numbers and mathematical ratios simultaneously with the rest

God tier

3b026c  No.12122224


> thinking with numbers

Everything is a number, anon. we matrix nao

77a5df  No.12122237

I don't get this innerspeech shit. I talk to myself all the time, is that the same thing? When people catch me doing it they think I'm really fucking weird. I've always thought, how could someone NOT talk to themselves? Whether outloud or in their head. To me that is very strange. Maybe thats why these people have to have constant distractions and always have to be filling their head with meaningless smalltalk.

eaf1b7  No.12122242


>Ship of Theseus

Platonism sort of solves that, you have the Idea of that ship, and the closer to that Idea it is, the more it is that ship. Now, Ideas can be extremely complex, so even making a carbon copy of that ship won't necessarily be it, due to hidden variables and implicit vibrations which may not be detected on a microcosmic scale. It could be a whole other set of numbers, only appearing the same as the original due to limited scope of observation.

3b026c  No.12122244


These people are the ones who are automatic in everything. They memorize rules, and that's all they know.

That's why they can't comprehend that a rule might apply to them. Ban Alex Jones, can't be a problem for right-minded folk like them. They simply don't think that way, they aren't quite human, and op is right. They just memorize the rules.

77a5df  No.12122248


The inerspeech thing, is that just you talking to yourself, whether in your head or out loud? I would assume everyone does this for the most part, but maybe not talking to themselves outloud.

c29190  No.12122253


>I'm so special, different, wise

>no one else is real like me

Did you miss the hundreds of posts explaining how HORRIFIYING this information is? Nobody is wanking over how proud they are they're trying to come to terms with a life of loneliness and isolation while being constantly surrounded by people they can never truly connect too. So take your phony, hypocritical, "humilitiy" and shove it up your ass.

ea04ca  No.12122261


Makes them sound like they're narrow AIs. Give a trained AI data it has no absolute training for and watch it fuck up catastrophically.

05818e  No.12122265


>Speaking NPCs that are trying to emulate real human despair by being misanthropic.

4f3771  No.12122275


Yeah, that thing, turns out it's rarer than you'd think.

Like let's say you take an average room of people. OK, only 20% are doing it, at any given time. And some unknown percent experience ZERO inner speech. Some will be really busy talking to themselves, though. And some are of course in the middle, around 20%. What's creepy about that is that means the majority of people spend most of their time without a single thought in their heads, if thought means the inner dialog thingy. Or talking aloud, which is equivalent, but far less socially appropriate to do.

c29190  No.12122279


That would mean they're self aware dipshit

4f3771  No.12122280


This would explain why they get so angry about the very idea of free speech. Thoughts literally just program them, so they have a legitimate reason to be concerned about people saying things that are "wrong".

05818e  No.12122286


No it doesn't, it just means that evolution has selected for the ones that try to be real boys the best. You're talking to robots that will ceaselessly try to convince you they're human without ever knowing or caring why, simply because doing so has allowed their kind to blend in and survive.

77a5df  No.12122293

File: ab33613f0ee1920⋯.png (431.9 KB, 619x563, 619:563, yuri3.png)


That is very interesting to say the least. But I'm not sure about the whole "matrix NPC sim" thing. With Jewish mind control through mass media, trauma based mind control through showing kids holocaust pictures when their young, and add to that all of the biological weapons in the food and water, can't that be more or less the reason? I think Yuri said it best in pic related.

People are brainwashed in the American public school system from a young age to react to certain stimuli, (the holocaust for example, through the images/video) So they're conditioned to think through images, and emotion, instead of being rational and logical. In my opinion that is more or less the reason. I think people underestimate just how much media and simple imagery from a young age can mold someones brain into what everyone is calling "NPC's". Just my opinion, though.

eaf1b7  No.12122299


God is perfection and whites are a race closest to perfection on earth. Having the right genes is only (but not necessarily) a requirement for an advanced soul to be born. Basically, whites have much higher chance of being born as demigods, but that doesn't change the fact that the majority of them are soulless husks of flesh, powered only by the life force of the "creator" of this universe. (Soul inflation)

Niggers and other lesser races on the other hand, are pretty much guaranteed to be soulless husks or animal/insect spirits due to shit genes, but occasional soul with great power can be born as one and become almost white tier.

Jews (real Jews, not those larping as such because they are 1/48 Jewish) are pretty much entirely barred from higher spiritual development. They have a covenant with the "creator" , meaning that their souls are entirely bound to the material world and his spirit. Rare ones might break out of it, but it takes enormous willpower and fighting against your own nature, against your genes and your culture.

4f3771  No.12122300


People are programmed regarding the kike, for sure. It's very solid programming. Our only hope is that they continue their progrom of censorship. If they censor everything, through corporations, they'll force out of existence the thing that maintains the programming pro-kike.

And they can all be taken out. They all rely upon super expensive services they cannot possibly afford themselves.

ea04ca  No.12122317


>Thoughts literally just program them

It's more a case of shaping how abstracts are interpreted so they excite certain memories and subsequent emotional/impulse cues. Much like how musical cues, wording and visuals are used to invoke emotional responses to ads or propaganda.

Experiencing free speech would be an alien concept to them. Because it means involving yourself in an environment which sometimes fails to conform to those ingrained cues. That's why memetic warfare would be useful as it can dismantle that programming over time. Unfortunately it doesn't mean they're suddenly thinking better, it just means the current suggestiveness have been rendered inert, freeing them to new ideas.

7c6ff9  No.12122329


Tell me what these inner concepts are like, or would be like, without publicly adhered upon definitions of words to describe them. In short, without having learned language, you would literally have no experience. That is the world of a baby prior to language that you want to roll in like a dog with a fresh pile of morning shit. You actually want to dwell there, yet have no way of proving the truth that it actually exists without using language, and in fact, would lack even a concept for the concept of not having concepts without the acquisition of language.

In short, you don't have self-conscious non-verbal experiences, you cannot even conceive of one. Yet here you all are.

This thread is full of meaningless anecdotes from people attempting to convince themselves they're superheroes or mutants. You have been misled by your libraries of comic books and education in vidya studies.

6bdd59  No.12122396


I'm not arguing against your point, but I'd really like to hear an explanation for why we experience the phenomenon of having experiences at all. Why aren't we just input/output machines?

da8ba9  No.12122435

File: 7dbf37205b25878⋯.jpg (50.45 KB, 564x663, 188:221, tinking.jpg)


>75% of population are NPCs

What is the ethnic breakdown of that study? I'm sure they didn't record that factor though, because hundreds of thousands of years of isolated evolution is not a factor because race is only skin deep :^).

eaf1b7  No.12122458


Kikes stole Kabbalah, just like they stole everything else. A Jew can never create, only corrupt and destroy. Most of their ideas predate them, they have just supplanted the real chosen with a sick caricature of nature, themselves. They have managed to corrupt pretty much every religion, philosophy and political thought over the countless centuries (Yes, even Satanism, Anton oy vey was a stereotypical kike), and are able to change their beliefs and stances on a whim, just like you would change a pair of the old socks. What makes you think that what they believe right now was originally theirs? They are just preserving it because it's highly valuable and helps them achieve their goals. But it's not their tool, their invention.

>Be a bunch of disgusting ratlike mongrels with no origin or culture

>Unable to do anything right except thievery, slavery and prostitution

>See a bunch of Aryan living gods with their ancient knowledge and traditions

>Get jealous and butthurt

>Make a covenant with (((god))) aka the real satan

>No goy, WE are the chosen now!

Also, Vedas are the remnants of the true Aryan religion (and contain pretty much all "Christian" myths that Rabbi Jeshohua stole for his very own religion), not kike SJW cults like Christianity. In order to preserve the Volk, you must discard the defective ones. As in, people whose selection instincts are so fucked up that they decide to breed with niggers (both male and female) or become consumerist drones. If you have proper instincts, no amount of kike brainwashing, genetically modified bacteria or chemicals in water can change that.

4c7fdb  No.12122472

File: 2d533dcc57e910f⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 2d533dcc57e910f0feef33ff9a….jpg)


>thinking the modern jews are the same people as ancient hebrews

eaf1b7  No.12122496


Where exactly did I imply that? Ancestors of modern Jews have genocided ancient Hebrews (especially Canaanites) which were white with the help of their "god" and gifts bestowed upon them by him. This war is much older than most of you can imagine. Ancient Egypt faced the same niggerification as western societies are going through right now. And it's promoters were kikes who took over power through subversion. Same goes for much older societies and civilizations.

da8ba9  No.12122502


How far back does this go?

d82758  No.12122562


>you can make everything you need with EnglishScript because people thought of the words already

There are many concepts and ideas that have no words for them, without being able to think without words they are beyond your reach. The meaning of words can also be manipulated against you, just look at how Jews are changing definitions of words all the time. Even if the definition itself doesn't appear to have changed, people can be trained to react to words in a certain way.

Internal language is important, but so is abstract thought. A healthy mind strives for balance in all things.

d82758  No.12122569


That's why it's so scary. It's like being dead, but you're not. You're just trapped.

d82758  No.12122577


>If you were talking to yourself in your head every second of every day you would be a nutjob.

I'm a nutjob?

e5f0a0  No.12122584

I've worked on Islands a lot with developing tribes (There's a greentext floating around about me building houses)

I can definitely confirm this seems to be the case in a lot of places, notably in the 'hotter' regions (Kenya, Vanuatu, Guinea, Sudan, Syria).

People will honestly look at you with confusion. I had a discussion with co-workers or locals often that resulted in them not understanding thought experiments or hypothetical.

For example a New Guinea local we went fishing with in a break got really frustrated with us because we were talking about how we would want to be remembered. He couldn't take understand the concept of living beyond your body through memory because we aren't "gods". We tried to explain we weren't talking about religion but were still met with nothing.

I've encountered the same when instructing africans, they can't understand nuance in the slightest. I have had to explicitly state to some of them "I am giving you this so you will give me that." when they didn't comprehend the idea of a favor. I've had others refuse to apologise or seem like they don't even have a concept of guilt.

Anyway before I ramble, Lots of stories and happy to answer any questions.

dae462  No.12122600

File: ec7b5ff30f9beba⋯.jpg (56.75 KB, 650x365, 130:73, thinking hard shinryaku ik….jpg)

I rarely use my inner-voice anymore and learned to tune it out as it kept insulting me.

After a while it started acting like an edgy chuunibyou and kept going on about darkness and such

I can still hear it when i read though

e5f0a0  No.12122602


This also may help:


Yes a lot of it is pozzed, but some of it is significant in it's threads

da8ba9  No.12122603


I'd imagine most people who follow alternative media or ideas are at least self aware. Its only the NPCs that cling to the fake media.

78cec2  No.12122605


>I talk a lot crafting arguments and whatnot as if I was debating someone and also trying to make arguments against what I already believe to try to disprove them, etc.

This is what I do too.

c9402e  No.12122607

File: 9e08a29134bdfa2⋯.jpg (81.78 KB, 539x558, 539:558, rhayT2O.jpg)



d82758  No.12122616


>I've had others refuse to apologise or seem like they don't even have a concept of guilt.

Do you speak their language? I remember a reading a greentext about how they lack a lot of words we have in English, like for example you couldn't say "the coconut is on the top, or bottom of the tree" you could only say "coconut on tree". They had no concept of future consequences so you couldn't explain to them you needed something for later, and he also mentioned the lack of apologies. I don't remember much, but I'll try to find it, maybe you can comment on it.

I do remember that when someone saw him with an English dictionary, they were astounded and asked why he would need a dictionary for his won language.

d82758  No.12122619

c3ac00  No.12122679


iirc, some of them don't have object permanence or a concept of time. There was some story of a linguist who had parked his car when some africans pulled up. They were screeching at him bc they needed a place to park, and when he tried to tell them he'd be back in like three minutes they couldn't understand what that meant. They saw the car in the spot, and since it was there then it will always be there, and the linguist was the one with the keys so if he disappeared i.e. by popping into the store then the car would never get moved and they couldn't park. I don't remember in full, but it was something like that.


obv not that anon, but I minored in linguistics before I left college, and one of the most distinct characteristics of african, and even african american, languages and dialects was that time seems to be binary. Like, something either is or is not. You can see this in niggertalk, if you ask them what they want to be when they're older they'll generally say something like "I be a rapper".

>I do remember that when someone saw him with an English dictionary, they were astounded and asked why he would need a dictionary for his won language.

yeah, if they don't know a word in their language then it must not exist. That's part of why their vocab is so limited, there is no record of the language outside of those who speak it. That and their low iq.

c3ac00  No.12122691


>80 years in the future

>some kike on fox news will be talking about the military archives

>giant panels of rare pepes are stored under military control

999c9a  No.12122808

c9402e  No.12122902


>>80 years in the future

>>some kike on fox news will be talking about the military archives

>80 years in the future

>kikes still existing

Pick one

c3ac00  No.12122924


I'll take the latter everytiem

669727  No.12123030


>gospels from the church of satan

>core tenant of race realism.

top kike

eaf1b7  No.12123043


Since the dawn of civilization, it's archetypal.

f82982  No.12123064

File: 85a2f3221108019⋯.jpg (214.27 KB, 736x781, 736:781, 85a2f32211080194f4e1d767f2….jpg)


>Niggers have souls

>Beaners have souls

Whatever you say, cuck.

694c8c  No.12123087


I'm a teacher and this is true. I tell my students to read using a voice in their head. Some understand what I'm talking about but most question this. I teach teenagers, and to think they went their entire lives without thinking in language is frightening. It's scary how this sort of thing is not developed.

8af58e  No.12123149

File: f6451ae47ce1b89⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 337x450, 337:450, jewish-museum-and-synagogu….jpg)

File: da2380c9daefe94⋯.jpg (146.09 KB, 800x531, 800:531, shepherds-fields-greek-ort….jpg)

File: 67c8836226e8e21⋯.jpg (129.3 KB, 845x403, 65:31, cromag3[1].jpg)



Saying that the jews were not hebrews is an attempt to justify all the lawyering protestants do with the old testament. "We wuz jews/I can keep my semite traditions and be totally red pilled" . If you want a decent part of the bible, try the new testament (only parts of it tough), and if you want a semi-decent branch of christianity, try orthodoxy. It kept that way by putting more emphasis on the works of the early church fathers and on the passed down traditions and less on the kiked scriptures themselves. Which is exactly the opposite of what protestants did.

The farthest I've been able to trace it is neanderthals (ancestors of the jews) vs cro-mangoms.

c29190  No.12123202


>going to the most anti mainstream site on the internet filled with anti-social, cultural outsiders who constantly have to hide their true opinions in order to function in larger society is the place someone on auto pilot would go to better fit in with herd mentality popular on entirely different websites

How retarded do you have to be to not see the most mindless people endlessly pumping out children?

> because doing so has allowed their kind to blend in and survive.

And mimicking the fringe minority that's constantly demonized as the lowest scum of the species is the exact opposite of blending in

5b5915  No.12123211


> the most anti mainstream site on the internet filled with anti-social, cultural outsiders who constantly have to hide their true opinions in order to function in larger society

Anon, I had to leave Western society because it was getting to be too much. Here, most natives still recognize white superiority, even if they're too proud to openly admit it. They look at us as if we're Gods.

6ba407  No.12123229

File: 35ddc8f293f918c⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 250x237, 250:237, zombie_professor.jpg)



You invest so much in it, don't you? It's what elevates you above the beasts of the field, it's what makes you special. Homo sapiens, you call yourself. Wise Man. Do you even know what it is, this consciousness you cite in your own exaltation? Do you even know what it's for?

Maybe you think it gives you free will. Maybe you've forgotten that sleepwalkers converse, drive vehicles, commit crimes and clean up afterwards, unconscious the whole time. Maybe nobody's told you that even waking souls are only slaves in denial.

Make a conscious choice. Decide to move your index finger. Too late! The electricity's already halfway down your arm. Your body began to act a full half-second before your conscious self 'chose' to, for the self chose nothing; something else set your body in motion, sent an executive summary—almost an afterthought— to the homunculus behind your eyes. That little man, that arrogant subroutine that thinks of itself as the person, mistakes correlation for causality: it reads the summary and it sees the hand move, and it thinks that one drove the other.

But it's not in charge. You're not in charge. If free will even exists, it doesn't share living space with the likes of you.

Insight, then. Wisdom. The quest for knowledge, the derivation of theorems, science and technology and all those exclusively human pursuits that must surely rest on a conscious foundation. Maybe that's what sentience would be for— if scientific breakthroughs didn't spring fully-formed from the subconscious mind, manifest themselves in dreams, as full-blown insights after a deep night's sleep. It's the most basic rule of the stymied researcher: stop thinking about the problem. Do something else. It will come to you if you just stop being conscious of it.

Every concert pianist knows that the surest way to ruin a performance is to be aware of what the fingers are doing. Every dancer and acrobat knows enough to let the mind go, let the body run itself. Every driver of any manual vehicle arrives at destinations with no recollection of the stops and turns and roads traveled in getting there. You are all sleepwalkers, whether climbing creative peaks or slogging through some mundane routine for the thousandth time. You are all sleepwalkers.

Don't even try to talk about the learning curve. Don't bother citing the months of deliberate practice that precede the unconscious performance, or the years of study and experiment leading up to the gift-wrapped Eureka moment. So what if your lessons are all learned consciously? Do you think that proves there's no other way? Heuristic software's been learning from experience for over a hundred years. Machines master chess, cars learn to drive themselves, statistical programs face problems and design the experiments to solve them and you think that the only path to learning leads through sentience? You're Stone-age nomads, eking out some marginal existence on the veldt—denying even the possibility of agriculture, because hunting and gathering was good enough for your parents.

Do you want to know what consciousness is for? Do you want to know the only real purpose it serves? Training wheels. You can't see both aspects of the Necker Cube at once, so it lets you focus on one and dismiss the other. That's a pretty half-assed way to parse reality. You're always better off looking at more than one side of anything. Go on, try. Defocus. It's the next logical step.

Oh, but you can't. There's something in the way.

And it's fighting back.

da8ba9  No.12123243


>you don't consciously control every muscle in your body

>therefore you don't own nuffin'

Well no shit, most of the basic instincts are on autopilot so we can focus on things that actually matter.

Someone get this hothead outta here.

92fb16  No.12123256

File: 70d730495aeb8f6⋯.jpg (69.55 KB, 567x555, 189:185, butt.jpg)


An "inner voice" is NOT something you hear. It's like a memory of someone speaking, like remembering what it would sound like if someone said what you are thinking about, you don't actually hear anything.


da8ba9  No.12123294


>oy vey abandon your principals and behave like an animal!

5281a2  No.12123297

Not a revelation to me. Most people seem very animalistic and soulless and can't think for themselves.

000000  No.12123302


You can't handle the truth loser? You're a NPC

000000  No.12123303


>t. slave

da8ba9  No.12123309

File: 33511602a5a0fa5⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 256x197, 256:197, hand rubbing.jpg)

000000  No.12123318


Blame your failures on others, BRAVO

000000  No.12123320


reported for being a virgin

da8ba9  No.12123327


Failing to be a degenerate? Having values?

da8ba9  No.12123328


You mean defending him self?

000000  No.12123330


Yes. You're a loser. KYS

da8ba9  No.12123334

File: 0f918ea65837057⋯.jpg (51.87 KB, 1024x639, 1024:639, 0f918ea65837057dbef0376a2f….jpg)


I think you're projecting; you devote your time to shilling.

76ddaa  No.12123335


Underrated post.


What is meme magic?

22a073  No.12123339


Let me guess, you spent the summer reading sci fi epics and you feel like a braniac now? Your little speech was yawn tier even if it is insightful as to the limits of human consciousness and futurist viewpoints on AI and our evolution.

015aff  No.12123342


>But it's not in charge

>You're not in charge

Then neither are you and neither are your words.

If what you say it's truth then you didn't speak because you decided to.

Therefore, your words have no meanings, they are like the barking of a dog to something it doesn't recognize.

Your own truth invalidates you, the very movement of your index finger that taps at the keyboard is either truth that free will exists or that you are full of shit.

Take your pick, drone that you are.

000000  No.12123347

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You will never be in this situation, with those girls as attractive as those ones admiring you. Your dreams are merely dreams, not premonitions. Hard work will never change things. Your genetics and therefore phenotype have been determined and everything has taken shape.

And this video isn't unique. There are THOUSANDS of these situations every single day, with girls that are even more attractive. You will never live the "Instagram filtered sunny paradise with 8+/10 women lifestyle" EVER.

945b78  No.12123354

the iliad and the bicameral mind…the people dont recognize inner voice/conscious as themselves but as the voice of god

da8ba9  No.12123356

File: b66ed6c4360607b⋯.png (275.51 KB, 568x436, 142:109, buzzfeed.png)


>hes projecting again

Pathetic. A hedonist shill spending his time trying to convince anons he doesn't own nuffin' instead of engaging in hedonism.

You don't believe your own lies.

7f235f  No.12123364


christ, I want the girls, but not the booze and the parties.

92fb16  No.12123397


I'd say that's a bit biased. When I'm on the bus I usually completely switch off and wait for me to notice that I'm near my destination by some recognition of a street or destination callout, or even the amount of time passed.

Thinking makes things seem longer, this is why kids experience time so "slowly", they are always thinking about something which is new to them.

By switching off, almost like wake-sleeping it's easier to wait for something long and boring, like a bus ride.

7f235f  No.12123399


sounds faglike tho

c922b6  No.12123403

File: 96e1c105e73da3d⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 256x256, 1:1, 96e1c105e73da3d976d2daf841….gif)

Do deaf people have an Inner voice? smh

da8ba9  No.12123407


They probably visualize hand signs, its their language.

7f235f  No.12123415


not if its faggotree

would rather laugh around a frog god instaed fam

797f18  No.12123422


been there, done it, faggot. being surrounded by thousands of whore NPCs is worth nothing compared to having one sentient woman who loves you

797f18  No.12123426


>Submit to Lord Lucifer. It's that simple.

oh it's one of these luciferian jewlets

>hehe just become degenerate goy

you people are as soulless as the NPCs

7f235f  No.12123432


whats with the submissions you always demand. Why not instead try to make a deal of sorts?

797f18  No.12123451


happened three times already but my psychopathy ruined it

c3ac00  No.12123452



deaf people are worse than niggers, they're the fucking worst. All the intelligence of a nigger with ten times the entitlement and half of the ability to communicate. And then they get fucking indignant if you don't understand their grunting, moaning, and gesticulating

7f235f  No.12123454


I dont know man, nothing with souls or whatever. It just seem very insensible, your business strategy to demand submission or souls, there are many more bartering chips on the table! From both sides!

7f235f  No.12123483


I am an absurdist, an atheists supreme tee em since I was like 13. Do you really think I would bend my knee to any god, or demon? I mean its one thing to take the lore about how to be good and do the opposite? But you guys are like small fry. You think you are opposing somekind of authority…but you have no idea what it is like to oppose ALL authority. Also non authority. That is why I think you are faglike.

Just like fucking…you have these things, we want some of these things, we have some of our things as well. Why not barter then instead of dealing with all of this larping.

0f326d  No.12123519


Required reading. Thanks Anon.

92fb16  No.12123522

File: a7de2cec278f82c⋯.png (16.01 KB, 550x404, 275:202, dib.png)

7f235f  No.12123524


You do realize that rebellion to authority does not care for your thing and just randomly defaults to whatever authority is present at the moment? That means you!

You are compelling us to this crap and its just more delicious to resist than to do whatever is you want us to do. Your methods kinda work in an opposite direction to the outcome, here.

Srsly, stop larping.

8fb61a  No.12123573

>sample of 30


That sample size is pathetic, and they’re all students. So no the study didn’t find that “most” people don’t have an inner voice because 30 students probably isn’t even .5% of that school. That aside how the fuck does anyone have a conversation or write something without “speaking” it out in their mind? Are they implying most people don’t even think before/while they talk or write? I mean I realize the vast majority of people are stupid but I have a hard time believing that they just blurt our the first thing that comes to mind.


This, I’d rather talk to myself in my head than 99% of the people of the people I meet.

ae6f5b  No.12123578


There is a right way and wrong way to meditate. The one people typically default to is to actively try to ignore the thoughts when they come. You feel happy afterwards, but dumb and forgetful. You really do become a cow, zen texts warn about this.

The way you're supposed to do it is be hyper aware of the thoughts… to see them better. You have to watch yourself. People immediately dont understand this/dont like it because the kind of people who typically try meditation are weak and in pain to be begin with. These are libs who dont want to practice a skill, they just want instant gratification.

Do the actual research/reading/finding someone legit to teach you and you'll find yourself becoming MORE aware of that inner dialogue in real life. At least that's how it seemed to work for me.

I was logging up to 40 minutes a day back then though, and then reading a lot of classical literature as well so it could also have been the reading that helped.

fe5c0c  No.12123642


>all meditation is zen meditation

Look up transcendental and rages. Zen is only for curing asspies and spergs.

ae6f5b  No.12123724


I will, thanks.

ae6f5b  No.12123749

File: a6700396f7f7b6a⋯.jpg (202.87 KB, 635x800, 127:160, Homer_British_Museum.jpg)

What are the physical signs I can look for to know whether someone has an internal dialogue or not?

I'd want to know this so I can socialize with that type of person, but more importantly so I can find a woman to propagate white babies who are more capable of this.

7f235f  No.12123763


its probably just IQ, like it is with nearly everything else.

fe5c0c  No.12123783

File: 69abf4ea4623f8d⋯.jpg (398.4 KB, 1778x858, 889:429, s(quat) rune.jpg)

File: cf94bfa21cd76cf⋯.gif (68.92 KB, 137x137, 1:1, gif-wheel137.gif)


If you want a runic mantra, I could level you up. Also try out contemplative prayer and visualization techniques.


You'll notice it in their eyes and how they talk, people with small lexicons that hate books are often NPCs. k.

84cf70  No.12123820

File: 7db019d8489920d⋯.jpg (69.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7db019d8489920d5b565396af0….jpg)


>You'll notice it in their eyes and how they talk

It's unsettling looking into the dead eyes of NPCs. I wish there were more with that glint in the eyes signifying a soul.

aa4987  No.12123826


There are plenty who "love" "books"

000000  No.12123830


92fb16  No.12123837


I remember reading a greentext of some /x/ fag who took lsd, and people had this glow in their eyes, but others just had nothing, darkened, black, empty eyes. I don't advocate lsd abuse, and the effects it can have are many. but it seems like that guy accidentally discovered the "they live" glasses in his trip.

92fb16  No.12123840



actually curious thing I looked it up just now, in the film the glasses are called "hoffman lenses". the inventor of lsd was alfred hoffman. damn.

4cd766  No.12123875


>▶Study finds most people don't have an "inner voice"

Yeah, most rootless, judaized burgers maybe. Probably a result from being away from mother Europe this long. Dead inside.

8bf486  No.12123938

File: 64d6e17f9595a0d⋯.jpg (111.33 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, rambo-1200-1200-675-675-cr….jpg)


>live for nothing

>die for something

I'll take my chances with trying to fix the world. For everyone.

0f0130  No.12123940


>Eventually genetic engineering will eclipse all of your concerns over phenotype aesthetic.

No genetic ingeneering will make you white, fucking neanderthal hybrid muslim semite.

>Your wife will have social media. I don't think I need to go into any more detail on this.

One detail is, Shlomo is fucking yours right now, Mohammad.

>There will be hiccups, like terrorism and mass shootings for instance


>enjoy the decline

Enjoy fucking your goat.