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File: fe8ce269fac4729⋯.png (1001.25 KB, 922x924, 461:462, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at ….png)

412a21  No.12115254

Kim Kardashian has successfully convinced Trump to pardon several felons. The meme magic has worked in our favor in the past. You know what to do next, boys.











c38548  No.12115288

File: 04fe97b972209fd⋯.jpg (42.67 KB, 680x645, 136:129, 04fe97b972209fd3836fb6144a….jpg)



if you're talking about ted kaczynski, he's not pardoning fucking ted kaczynski.

c38548  No.12115297


also, why would you want a terroristic murderer freed? I'm sympathetic to some of his anarcho-primitivist ideals, but his methods were rather out of line.

764ec6  No.12115300


Correct. Trump is a nigger loving zionist fronting as "anti establishment". He would never pardon a real revolutionary like Kaczynski.

412a21  No.12115306


And they said it was impossible for an orange fascist reality TV star to be president. And we fucking made it happen. Never say never.

412a21  No.12115321


So we can troll the libs

412a21  No.12115326


Oh yeah? You want to bet on it? Fucking do what I say and watch

764ec6  No.12115356

File: efbe8e981405fad⋯.jpg (110.27 KB, 911x977, 911:977, c4m3_buwqaaf3pm.jpg)


Yes, I would like to bet on it.

7e3881  No.12115371



We kinda have to try, anon

82983c  No.12115395

File: 10f2785e5bc35fd⋯.jpg (314.06 KB, 842x1298, 421:649, cia ted kaczynski.jpg)

File: 3403c25f38fc159⋯.jpg (96 KB, 601x597, 601:597, ted kaczynski urbanite.jpg)

File: 3997417379d82aa⋯.png (470.61 KB, 640x638, 320:319, ted kaczynski talks.png)

File: 3abec3f0b9be0c5⋯.jpg (41.78 KB, 413x519, 413:519, frog ted.jpg)

File: 99a3278024791a8⋯.png (134.3 KB, 1200x1650, 8:11, ted kaczynski leftists.png)


Here's a bump and some Ted content

412a21  No.12115430

File: 421dc483cf64e2c⋯.jpg (234.49 KB, 711x506, 711:506, epic.jpg)

"Never lose hope, be persistent and stubborn and never give up. There are many instances in history where apparent losers suddenly turn out to be winners unexpectedly, so you should never conclude all hope is lost."

82983c  No.12115453

File: b4047586a341ca5⋯.jpg (41.7 KB, 400x680, 10:17, this anguished man dressed….jpg)


>court reporter covering the Kaczynski case draws his picture in the style of Van Gogh

a86bc4  No.12115477


that's some AI filter for photoshop.

12c3c7  No.12115480


Ted had some good points, but in the end he's still just a filthy anti-technology envirocuck…

412a21  No.12115492

File: 6c9790e1dfa5f03⋯.png (25.06 KB, 438x239, 438:239, IMG_3469.PNG)


0e2ac0  No.12115505

He's 76. Let him go, but don't let him buy stamps.

82983c  No.12115508


>t. transhumanist death cultist

12c3c7  No.12115513


A deterministic photoshop filter with some stochastic variables thrown in to produce different results on each run.


>being this dumb>>12115477

12c3c7  No.12115522


so is the only realistic choice between ludditism and transhumanism?

a86bc4  No.12115534


>caring about some hipster faggot filter enough to call someone dumb for only vaguely knowing

there's nothing artificial about your low intelligence, niggerfaggot

>>12115522 (triple dubs checked)

>choice between ludditism and transhumanism

Luddites are misunderstood. Your colloquial usage implies they were technophobes, but they actually were not.

76c26a  No.12115542

File: 1e78e7bd6a8c77e⋯.jpeg (95.13 KB, 1095x300, 73:20, kaczynski8.jpeg)


Free Ted.

12c3c7  No.12115547


>>caring about some hipster faggot filter enough to call someone dumb for only vaguely knowing


>there's nothing artificial about your low intelligence, niggerfaggot

>le any time someone writes a program it's AI

12c3c7  No.12115556


So, uhm what's the current story on ted? is he in isolation in some federal penitentiary? Can he get any thoughts/ideas/memes out to the people or do they prevent anything like that? Does he have any groupies that give him sex on conjugal visits? Inquiring minds want to know.

412a21  No.12115559

Stop fighting. Just do what I fucking say and sit back and watch it all come together. The world is literally in our hands. We have more power than we think.

412a21  No.12115563


He is in a penitentiary right now. Solitary confinement with one hour a day outside. He used to have groupies, but is not allowed conjugal visits. They would probably just send him lewds or something.

47e9be  No.12115625


Operation: Free a Criminal Jew.


03959d  No.12115629


Get bent, >(1)stein.

412a21  No.12115633


He is a polak. And an anti-communist.

82983c  No.12116361




Ted Kaczynski is a Polish Slav by blood, not Jewish. Many mistake Polish names for being Jewish because some kikes were forced to finally take surnames while living as parasites in Poland, so they used the tongue of their host culture.

040f5d  No.12116406


Reminder that trump pardons nigger rapists and drug dealers and let's whites who just defended themselves rot in jail.


>Crying over dead feds.


dd0839  No.12116584


>>actually believes the narrative that Kardashian convinced Trump to free some niggers

Its just part of creating the narrative and leading "conservative" minded people to take the Kardashian bullshit seriously. Kardashianism through a simple show has been remaking American culture for the jews, this is just another part of it.

412a21  No.12116643

Are any of you at least going to try? You all act like a bunch of whiny pussies talking about how it won't work or critiquing the unimportant details. Real men don't act like this.

412a21  No.12116687


I'm only using the internet to accelerate the process and meet the desired ends

a4b40b  No.12116709


Are you retarded or do you really think anyone with a POLISH surname is a jew by default ?

764ec6  No.12116727


It's subversion. Kikes gave up years ago trying to engender positive feelings about israel in the most hostile internet outposts and now focus exclusively on trying to associate people/ideas/concepts that are genuinely harmful to zionism with zionism.

8fd085  No.12116728

File: 9c89feaeef68f71⋯.png (692.06 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I've seen Markov chains be called AI. Heck, NZXT makes computer cases with "machine learning" for the fan controllers (the H500i for example)

76bbf7  No.12116737

File: 2ff90caf1eca24e⋯.jpeg (167.15 KB, 1746x799, 1746:799, 7F2A5671-52D7-4554-A016-9….jpeg)

File: aa569bd545a8b97⋯.jpeg (194.54 KB, 1733x783, 1733:783, FB2D7983-0DC3-40A0-B6FE-F….jpeg)

File: 70c9e280840309d⋯.jpeg (204.97 KB, 1729x776, 1729:776, 67DC2E90-FBF3-41AB-8865-E….jpeg)

File: a18b1c5ffa27ab2⋯.jpeg (265.16 KB, 1726x800, 863:400, 2BE3A05C-7D84-4151-ABD2-E….jpeg)

File: e373b04e95805cf⋯.jpeg (185.97 KB, 1770x817, 1770:817, 50B94C76-8FC7-440F-A32F-5….jpeg)


>pic 3

Get it together anon.

412a21  No.12116745


He is not a Jew you can easily look into his ancestry and background, his mother gave many interviews and lots of information before her death

76bbf7  No.12116746

File: da4106e22b54873⋯.jpeg (241.44 KB, 1756x773, 1756:773, 41284CC6-B1BE-4BD7-9D09-2….jpeg)

File: f6bdcddf19403b8⋯.jpeg (250.54 KB, 1726x790, 863:395, 31DD607E-7F9C-44F2-B7F7-6….jpeg)

Sage for double post.

412a21  No.12116753


Didn't double post shit

abb5a0  No.12116757

File: 29d4e8d75832b42⋯.jpg (96.68 KB, 553x330, 553:330, breivik nike smile.jpg)

File: 2d3d1265a6e9766⋯.jpeg (228.03 KB, 1387x506, 1387:506, ted quote5.jpeg)

File: 802789515791ec2⋯.jpeg (374.15 KB, 1552x580, 388:145, ted quote 4.jpeg)

File: 60aa111fe9344ce⋯.jpg (171.65 KB, 1218x403, 1218:403, ted quote3.jpg)

Ted pt 1/2

Breivik for lulz

abb5a0  No.12116773

File: f7abb13b878d249⋯.jpeg (72.45 KB, 819x250, 819:250, ted quote2.jpeg)

File: 753af8c272c9f6c⋯.jpg (280.13 KB, 1339x425, 1339:425, ted quote1.jpg)

File: 4fc38ad0eb327a6⋯.png (805.95 KB, 577x834, 577:834, f62e6d17ac8ae89d38c34ae089….png)

File: 9665c41bc8a772f⋯.png (326.71 KB, 1200x1620, 20:27, 5b26232cdbdcd.png)

Last image is a passage by Ted about lefties

629363  No.12116777

Donald Trump is a slave of jews, as demonstrated by his moves towards israel, and anti white male positions. Naturally he loves the kikes' golems, all the shitskins spics poo-in-loos and gook piss-skins that is. So, for a kardashian blow job it's natural he throws the niggers a bone or two. Donald Trump did not do a single action that directly benefits white males, ever. And it's not going to change.

412a21  No.12116782


That smile of his in the flyer makes me feel so warm no homo

412a21  No.12116790


Drumpf is half retarded but also a money hungry fat fuck, if we assert some argument that Ted being released could generate a lot of profit and attention in some way then he just might actually do it. We also just tell him he's a "nice guy" and he'll probably try and take him out for golf

7a04e8  No.12116793

Which white men did trump aprdon?

412a21  No.12116800


Lewis Libby, Kristian Saucier, and Joe Arpaio

8fd085  No.12116817


>That smile of his

He has a soul inside. When a kike smiles you feel the opposite.

86edfb  No.12116849

File: 56ac2bb10ca6c07⋯.jpeg (217.47 KB, 640x453, 640:453, JustDoIt.jpeg)

abb5a0  No.12116873

File: 701f93bff42125b⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, df ted unabomber.jpg)

7616cd  No.12116896

He's alive? Shit. As great as it would be to have him freed there is no way this rotten system would allow it.

7a04e8  No.12116925


libby is a jew, dude.so thats 2 jews, libby and rubashkin, 2 whites arpaio and saucier and how many blacks?

7616cd  No.12116929



Oh, so you're either a fake national socialist or you don't belong here. Either way you need to get


412a21  No.12116999

File: 9217dc34fe783f2⋯.png (69.62 KB, 1160x266, 580:133, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)

Found this on twitter. Also, Chris Cuomo on live TV just told a former Trump advisor "you're doing some Ted Kaczynski letter analysis." THE MEME MAGIC IS WARMING UP Y'ALL

412a21  No.12117003

File: 315d665c26daefd⋯.png (197.49 KB, 1254x724, 627:362, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)

7cf59d  No.12117099




i thought ted was dead?

48a701  No.12117411


OP is a faggot, didn't post his manifesto. *props to ted, he didnt have to bribe the kike media to get his manifesto posted*


4a6c78  No.12117414


>anti-technology envirocuck…

Can't tell if stupid and shill, or just stupid.

He was firmly in favor or technology for enlightened people. 90% of the people in America, let alone the world, are not capable of responsibly participating in a high tech society.

I tend to agree.

9e3d9d  No.12117435



don't go anywhere near these files with those filenames. the whale joan is waiting.

4dcdf1  No.12118790


Revolt against the modern world!

779421  No.12121332


I thought I posted twice in a row but someone else slipped in.



Those are default phonefag names retard. The Joan datamining thing is to sew paranoia and distrust amongst anons. A non retard would just change the file names and scrub the exif data before reposting.

31f043  No.12121380

Thought he died.

412a21  No.12123376


No he is alive and well.

379140  No.12123585

>hey guys let's try to get Trump to pardon a domestic terrorist with retarded ideals

The absolute STATE of this board.

ce5495  No.12123816


>domestic terrorist

Translated from statist to American - patriot

>retarded ideals

Translated from statist to American - belief in liberty

e8b428  No.12123984


He was but we jumped timelines. Ted is the new Mandela. This timeline is going to be awesome.

604be1  No.12124064


name one US president that wasnt…..

3b2238  No.12124119


get cancer you retarded faggot, the system is the enemy. read ted, read siege. read anything that's going to snap you out of your damn insane mindset that blumpf and the system are worth preserving

000000  No.12124136

>When you realize Ted and Terrence Mckenna favor each other

000000  No.12124189


>The Kaczynski Effect

Good band name tbh

412a21  No.12124424


This is the best plan ever I don't know what the fuck you talking about nigga

412a21  No.12124440

Have any of you actually done anything to get this plan moving?

dbdb47  No.12124443



I wish

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