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File: b0eaf58af2502ab⋯.jpg (29.12 KB, 325x299, 25:23, untitled.jpg)

494ed2  No.12116566

MK-Ultra Assassin Thwarted

Who were they?

494ed2  No.12116585

File: 300e73ecb335066⋯.gif (3.45 MB, 320x232, 40:29, mkultra assassin.gif)

Can anyone tell me what he says here?

76015a  No.12116600


haha squirrelly little bitch has his 5 secs of fame that he otherwise would never have gotten without the god emperor in his life. hahaha what a loser

28c99f  No.12116622


>for the rich

And the poorest Americans are still richer than most of the world and usually want for nothing in comparison.

494ed2  No.12116663

File: 136bdadead0b2f4⋯.webm (3.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, SS1-1.webm)

File: eb56bd21bf5b9cd⋯.webm (3.31 MB, 640x360, 16:9, SS2-1.webm)

8d9ecc  No.12116703


Which event was this?

76c51e  No.12116706


That 3rd lady was nervous as fuck. She was constantly licking her lips and checking the ground around her. I want to know exactly what the fuck was going on.

8d9ecc  No.12116724

Typically the section directly behind the podium have some sort of "VIP" ticket/pass to the rally, and are seated by employees of either the Trump 2020 campaign, or the campaign of whoever he is hyping in the local race. Almost every one in the section will have some sort of family/friend connection to the campaign or the local GOP. Its astonishing that this punk ass got in that section, and is a major fuck up for the ladies that seat people in the section according to what looks best on camera. Yes, there are campaign employees whose sole job it is to arrange the stands/bleachers behind Trump in such a way as to look good for the party. There's a separate security entrance, ID's checked, everything. I'm wondering how this happened. Can anyone tell me which rally this is and when?

fdd200  No.12116725


>eeem excuse me MR. average white male? No smile no camera time sweetie!

8d9ecc  No.12116731


The people running that section are supposed to keep this very sort of stuff from happening. Good on them for fixing it, but that guy should have never been there in the first place.

2a7db5  No.12116736

Shariahblue hasbarafag shills, of course.

fdd200  No.12116738


BIllings montana today

Source: google trump speech

03a8a2  No.12116743

Q predicted this

eda128  No.12116748

I'm sure Endchan will call him a based hero.

f593ab  No.12116754


liberals were gonna yell and be asses … i mean do these people do anything more than just annoy.

Its on the muslims that have the courage to blow themselves up

494ed2  No.12116759

File: 3640916b55106a1⋯.webm (1.64 MB, 1054x500, 527:250, SS3-2.webm)

File: e474885ae66d32c⋯.webm (4.96 MB, 1054x500, 527:250, SS4-2.webm)

8d9ecc  No.12116764

Hahahaha I'm watching this bitch turn to the homely girl next to him and talking after every point Trump makes

fdd200  No.12116768


ok in that second one i can see why.

8d9ecc  No.12116772


Honestly I have to give this guy kudos for managing to go the 3+ hours of waiting around without revealing how much of a fag he is, that takes effort to half assedly make whatever point it is he's trying to make.

bfcb94  No.12116774


Rally in Montana

d08b1c  No.12116783


He looks and acts like a typical soy male, especially his effeminate facial expressions. He must be part of the drama club.

5eb345  No.12116785


"fucking racist"

5ec341  No.12116803


Definitely not that.


Definitely not that.

Say each of those phrases out loud. While doing so pay attention to your tongue. Now watch the gif, watch his tongue. Nothing similar.

8d9ecc  No.12116804


If this guy had balls, he would've caused some sort of scene. Instead, he stood there and snarkily quipped with the girl next to him who I think came with him.

Seriously, this kid had the perfect opportunity, put in hours of work to be in that exact spot, and monkeyed it up.

494ed2  No.12116807

File: 45fff085f92eac0⋯.jpg (163.06 KB, 1193x791, 1193:791, 7.jpg)


5ec341  No.12116825

What the fuck is this thread even referring to? None of the pictures, none of the videos are remotely related to the Secret Service or any type of attack on tPOTUS.

d08b1c  No.12116827


He could have reached out and flicked the President (Not His #Resist #Bluewave) of the United States or tackled him, punched him, spit on him… Any of that on live television. Instead he did what his kind does best, cucked and made goofy looks in a passive aggressive manner. I am sure he will have many limp wristed pats on the back from those that know him best. Be called a hero for the resistance by his female equality instructor. He did it. Will never have children or grandchildren to share this heroic story with, but maybe one day his wife's son will hear the tale.

cf762a  No.12116831


Reminder to all Q-LARPers that your god is a hoax and that this man is still walking free.

5ec341  No.12116836


>He could have reached out and flicked the President (Not His #Resist #Bluewave) of the United States or tackled him, punched him, spit on him…

How? He's no where near close enough to do any of that. Do you not understand depth?

1ed8da  No.12116838


Depending on the context he could be saying "for the rich." There's literally nothing else he could be saying, anyway

d08b1c  No.12116852


He could have stepped forward once or twice and done any of those before anyone could have stopped him. He isn't a mile back and I don't see a plexiglass box around Trump. It was doable.

8d9ecc  No.12116856


There's actually a huge amount of distance between where he is and where Trump is, he couldn't have physically done anything. There's about twenty feet between the very front guard rail of that section and the beginning of Trump's podium, with the burlier SS guys in that no man's land that, in my experience, look well built for grappling.

Still though, this guy put in many hours of waiting though shitty music, overqueued bathrooms, standing around, sitting around when he finally got to the VIP section… he probably fully intended on making a point or a demonstration of some sort but instead him and his friends just choked.

This whole thing is cringe.

494ed2  No.12116858

File: e84072dc678d155⋯.webm (2.65 MB, 844x500, 211:125, SS5-2.webm)

8d9ecc  No.12116865


Holy shit, this looks like a moment of realization for those two, they look at each other like, "woah"

fdd200  No.12116867


The SS averts major catastrophes routinely and the public at large is none the wiser. This guy had a death note in his back pocket he was just waiting to write Trumps name on.

5ec341  No.12116870

File: 4bec4bdb13fd092⋯.png (4.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1.png)

File: 16c099be6291e72⋯.png (4.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2.png)


>he could have stepped forward

How retarded are you?

Honestly. He's in the 3rd row, so he has vertical distance to deal with and he's many, many feet behind Trump. He steps forward and suddenly 20' becomes 18' and he has to deal with the people in the row in front of him he just shoved.

This is the weirdest fucking D&C thread I have ever encountered.

8d9ecc  No.12116888


I'm not sure what this thread is dividing or conquering here, but that guy is pretty bad at depth perception.

I was under the impression that we're just shitting on some kid in a crowd, right? If there's something about this thread that tripped your shillometer I'm all ears.

5ec341  No.12116903


>I'm not sure what this thread is dividing or conquering here…

That's what has me so weirded out.

>but that guy is pretty bad at depth perception.

That isn't simply depth perception bad. There are so many levels of retarded after missing depth that this OP astonishes me. Which is why I'm also not sure it's D&C but what makes me think it is; is the NPC research that just was posted on /pol/ and some group ALA Shareblue or CTR or w/e are now shitting up /pol/ to be all "see they're retarded NPCs!".

I'm not exaggerating. I'm awestruck at how retarded the posters in this thread are to not see any of that. And I'm using "retarded" extremely ironically here as there is no word to describe the lack of intelligence necessary for this OP and most of the subsequent posts.

494ed2  No.12116909

File: 03c94292e0d1cbe⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 600x323, 600:323, SS6-2.webm)

8d9ecc  No.12116913


Honestly you're the one who sounds retarded, or at least on the autism spectrum. There's literally nothing going on in this thread other than shitting on some liberal kid behind Trump at a rally. Op calling that kid an Mk-Ultra assassin was obvious hyperbole and now you're here being paranoid and shit. Whatever dude

ee6f23  No.12116918

File: 6f429d8ae054c04⋯.webm (8.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, remove reds.webm)

494ed2  No.12116920

File: 65cb3c7ec26fcb6⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1414x1206, 707:603, girl.png)

girl found

8d9ecc  No.12116923


I lol'd heartily

1fce9c  No.12116928


>"The American Legion organized Boys State in 1935 to counter the fascist inspired Young Pioneer Camps"

8d9ecc  No.12116931


Imagine the lulz if we could get the deets on all three of these kids… Imagine going to a Trump rally to protest in the most visible section, choking, getting removed by some republican qt's, and still getting doxxed and flamed for it.

059c7b  No.12116933

File: 284aeb6d2460433⋯.gif (381.05 KB, 500x190, 50:19, 1365294095119.gif)

is this what [TRIGGERS INTERNALLY] looks like?

quick question. what are the chances that his (and his friends) identity will be discovered soon?

and what are the chances that he works at starbucks?

494ed2  No.12116937


>Boys State

It's a tranny?

e9932a  No.12116940


THOT protection team.

494ed2  No.12116944

File: 16cde6ec1e1c5cf⋯.png (598.88 KB, 591x641, 591:641, commie twitter.png)

Commies taking credit.



8d9ecc  No.12116953


Considering someone ITT already has at least some deets on a summercamp that two of them attended, I'd say it's a nonzero chance.


Hahahahaha DSA taking credit for some of the cringiest shit I've ever seen. Seriously, how quickly the skinny one folded, how red in the face the other two were for the rest of the time until they got asked to leave by some Trumpthots… I can't contain this amount of cringe.

92cadf  No.12116957

File: 29dbc61b951a931⋯.jpg (88.43 KB, 960x872, 120:109, Kosher Punisher.jpg)

I just got here, can anyone please give a run down of what this is all about?

All I've seen so far are vids of a kid making faces every time Trump says something which kinda reminded of those fags in HS that thought rolling their eyes at a teacher when he wasn't looking made them hardcore rebels or some shit.

c7d5e9  No.12116959

Trump got mad someone else managed to plant a paid audience member in his crowd full of audience members that were paid to be there for him. Usually there's about 8 varieties of turdskin right behind Trump to show how much "BASED" shitskins love him

8d9ecc  No.12116969


Some supposedly DSA kids waited hours and hours to awkwardly stand within the camera shot of Trump for a rally and quip to each other and make faces when Trump says his usual stuff.


Have yet to hear about anyone ever being paid to attend a rally that has thousands of people not getting into for lack of capacity. Your a faggot.

92cadf  No.12116975

File: 24af0e62618fcc3⋯.png (496.06 KB, 596x600, 149:150, average communist.png)


That's it?


>his crowd full of audience members that were paid to be there for him.


8d9ecc  No.12116978


Yes thats it.

These goobers had the holy grail of opportunities to protest and countersignal Trump in a way that would've made headlines and shit, and instead pissed it all away by choking and awkwardly leaving when asked to by staffers.

dc25d7  No.12116983


Was Trump watching it on a monitor? He paused and gave some side-eye like he knew what was going on.

8d9ecc  No.12116990


Hahahahaha, no

e9932a  No.12116993


Any idea who they actually are? I found it odd that the guy didn't even protest being asked to move, which makes me wonder if she was part of the Secret Service?

>Hi there, I'm Agent X and we're going to put a bullet in your brain unless you kindly exit the stage.

8d9ecc  No.12116996


Nah he's probably just a huge little bitch

de0d74  No.12117000

File: fce22d28609823d⋯.mp4 (589.2 KB, 640x360, 16:9, fce22d28609823d01e82e8077a….mp4)

File: f008ce268417a4a⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 345x420, 23:28, 1437316564083.jpg)


>These goobers had the holy grail of opportunities to protest and countersignal Trump in a way that would've made headlines and shit, and instead pissed it all away by choking and awkwardly leaving when asked to by staffers.

It's pretty magical.

>Freeze up like the gutless faggots you are and don't do anything

>Get doxed and tormented by the internet anyway

e9932a  No.12117006


Silly kid should go back to hosting D&D parties and playing magic the gathering.

8d9ecc  No.12117008


I sincerely hope that's what ends up happening, the guy who got the fb pics of two of them at the montana boys state hasn't replied and this thread is anchored so idk

95c248  No.12117022


>This is the weirdest fucking D&C thread I have ever encountered.

this retarded fucking meme. D&CD&CD&CD&CD&CD&CD&CD&CD&CD&CD&C. everything I don't like is "muh D&C". if I were BO here, I would fucking ban anybody that says "D&C" on sight

95c248  No.12117037

File: f091701474c2af0⋯.png (287.6 KB, 465x448, 465:448, f091701474c2af016b1eb1ee3a….png)

>everything I don't like is D&Ckikeshillshariablueschlomochaimwhowillneverbewhite

a57890  No.12117049

File: 32f840abca50a14⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 500x213, 500:213, 19286389513869219.gif)


>that shit eating grin from the boomer at the end

630472  No.12117059


Buy american products?

95c248  No.12117068


definitely not. Looks like "for the rich" to me

ee6f23  No.12117082



It's "for the rich". Trump was talking about tax cuts. It common reddit debate tactics to say that the tax cuts only helped the rich which is retarded. I'm not poor but I'm most certainly not rich and I saved over 3k last year.

000000  No.12117105


You're a retard. First anon had it, he clearly says "for the rich."

9a9d38  No.12117108


>This is the weirdest fucking D&C thread I have ever encountered.

Congrats this is the first time you've read an organic thread made by human beings and not created by some template. There is no DNC here simply because this is the kind of things people naturally point out, both of those two were being cunts and were removed.

ee6f23  No.12117122

And mods anchored the thread cause retards reported other retards over an argument.

Great job retards.

cf762a  No.12117130


Cry more, yid.

c7d5e9  No.12117136


It's a shitty useless thread that shouldn't have even been made. It's some worthless soyim mocking a worthless yid puppet "president", who fucking cares.

a9ffed  No.12117162

The main soyboy is Tyler Linfesty from Billings, MT.

8ba01a  No.12117241


orange tips.

hes gonna shoot at us with airsoft bb's


you could see the soy dripping off his every facial expression.

023847  No.12120611

File: 05530363ed4ec5d⋯.jpg (13.19 KB, 229x220, 229:220, pepeflag.jpg)

does anyone know who the girl is wiping snots all over the flag? she looks like she may be on the spectrum.

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