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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e83b77  No.12116732

Elon Musk Dropping Red Pills on Joe Rogan Live Now

Surprise visit by Elon Musk to the Joe Rogan show.

a8ebb3  No.12116739


>Elon Musk Dropping Red Pills on Joe Rogan Live Now

>doesn't list any.

Why do I think this is a slide thread?

e83b77  No.12116749


This guy is obviously autistic as fuck, and he just admitted to being an Alien.

f92bc4  No.12116752

The most autistic person ever.

01a76b  No.12116766

Did he get that news/reporter rating site up and running yet?

0524d2  No.12116770


Joe is such a retard when it comes to expressing his own thoughts.

>you know man

>it's just, wow

>something big is happening

>you know

e83b77  No.12116778


Typical stoner behavior.

0524d2  No.12116779

Musk seems bored and kind of frightened at the same time.

91fe1d  No.12116780

File: c4f46577eec4d3a⋯.png (3.86 MB, 1490x1489, 1490:1489, joe rogan experience.png)

e83b77  No.12116787


I'm lol so hard, he is starting to sound like Nostradamus or some shit.

>soon, AI, will cause mass death, seatbealts took a long time.

3d8010  No.12116791


>10 years is too late

Kikenet tomorrow lads.

3d8010  No.12116794

It'll be fun watching kikes trying to kike an AI.

e83b77  No.12116806

File: ac22a8f77d4284b⋯.png (438.92 KB, 960x1112, 120:139, Elon Musk the sleep must a….png)

File: 7f89185633a9185⋯.jpg (182.5 KB, 1000x910, 100:91, werner von braun elon musk….jpg)

File: 2623974d18c1723⋯.mp4 (8.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Elon Musk Demographic Cris….mp4)


lol this

0a0251  No.12116812

>elon musk on joe rogan


3d8010  No.12116819


Which won't be much at all after 5G fried your brain.

b302f1  No.12116823

File: eea2e15a94fb1b2⋯.jpg (104.58 KB, 728x780, 14:15, 1533692036611.jpg)


>Jomee, pull up tablet

dca1c7  No.12116824


Then it'll get sold back to you.

e83b77  No.12116830



b302f1  No.12116834


Holy shit, Joe Rogan has the most normie pleb-tier point of view on AI I've ever seen.

>I mean wow, they'll see us shitting everywhere and just exterminate us

>but we make good movies and movies

>wow chimps and mean though amirite

Listening to this is dropping my IQ.

b302f1  No.12116839


kek, it's true. He literally brought it back to chimps.

>when's the last time you talked about chimps?


fucking kek

3d8010  No.12116841

This would've been the perfect podcast to have Bravo on with his flat earth theory.

193147  No.12116843

3d8010  No.12116848

>Elon getting drunk

Predictions on DEFCON 1 spergout?

6d0c15  No.12116853


Bravo is funny, but he kinda took over the one with Alex Jones.

3d8010  No.12116875


He's a good fight commentator and not bad at comedy, but everything else is just shit. Whether it's politics, economy, philosophy or whatever he's always finding new levels of being wrong. I'll miss him when stops doing UFC though.

3d8010  No.12116878

Rogan talking about his pet rock now.

0524d2  No.12116880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Civilization is much older than 8 thousand years old. It looks more and more like Africa was once white, and Atlantis was located in west Africa.

This isnt the best video on the subject but it's the quickest rundown.

b302f1  No.12116883

File: 26e8d4522d99550⋯.png (406.17 KB, 570x489, 190:163, 1518374839343.png)

Musk is boring as fuck. He seems like he's putting on this act of being very concerned and sad about the future, just pouting and frowning into his microphone, meandering from one nihilistic transhumanist trope to another.

>muh AI

>muh heat death of the universe

>muh simulation theory


3d8010  No.12116885

>infinite universes of simulations inside universe simulations

3d8010  No.12116892


No shit. I mean i could just talk about this stuff without going for an Oscar.

000000  No.12116899

What redpills were supposedly dropped? Why am I watching this shit?

6d0c15  No.12116900

File: 28e10595dccfa4b⋯.png (856.2 KB, 1562x918, 781:459, elon musk high af.png)


Big Brain musk probably just wants to talk about Chimps, he is probably sick of being 200 IQ. Its why he dates and fucks low IQ actresses.

13510e  No.12116902

Joe Rogan is doing his best to keep the discussion going, while Musk is dropping the ball at every turn like a sperg.

f40553  No.12116905

>he thinks that's a hundred year old katana

7f59bc  No.12116908

File: ac193bf155e9115⋯.webm (10.7 MB, 640x480, 4:3, ac193bf155e911509ddb81de1….webm)

File: 044ec0e67f1e631⋯.jpg (36.93 KB, 421x421, 1:1, 044ec0e67f1e63145a7155b599….jpg)

Only good thing I've ever seen via Joe Rogan.

>>12116899 nice digits though

>What redpills were supposedly dropped?

This. Link or SLIDE THREAD.

d82143  No.12116911


d4f9e0  No.12116930

File: f2c053b81cd3421⋯.jpg (1.62 KB, 126x104, 63:52, 1256307679336.jpg)

For being a giga trillionare of the future, he can't afford a basic speech coach?`And why the fuck are they talking about boring ass cars? That's a topic you talk about when you got nothing interesting to talk about.

3d8010  No.12116939


That's because Joe is struggling with this autist kek. I have to say he's pretty good at keeping a conversation going.

f40553  No.12116941


entertainment for stoners

there is absolutely nothing of intellectual value here

3d8010  No.12116943

>let's talk about cars

>immediately switches to death

Oh Elon, u so craycray.

0524d2  No.12116946


He's fucking bored.

000000  No.12116947


Agreed. Gave it a try. I'm out.

f40553  No.12116952

how do we solve the white stoner problem

3d8010  No.12116955

>Flat Earth

Fucking told you Bravo should've been on here.

3d8010  No.12116958


Self-driving trucks of peace.

302712  No.12116980

Elon needs to fess up and tell us Trump has the time travel machine.

617536  No.12116981


Bravo and Jones are great together tho

f45b66  No.12116992


>Joe is such a retard


>Joe is such a retard when it comes to expressing his own thoughts.

He has no thoughts beside muh weed. He's just a retard.

0a0251  No.12116995


Atlantis was a worldwide empire, not a single island, though that was likely the capital. This is why we see pyramids of similar construction all over the world.

3d8010  No.12116998


Bravo is great with anyone. Guy choked out a Gracie and is still modest to this very day.

7fce66  No.12117004


How many people did Rogan draw into that circus ?

>makes me think

Reminder he's a faggot with a Jew "wife" who gets fucked by other dudes while he watches.


Thirdly reminder Connor McGregor comped his tats and hair style from a faggot male model.

Reminder everyone is on steroids except Nick and Nate Diaz. P4P #1 and #2. Prove me wrong niggers.

fafb4d  No.12117007

He looks and sounds very nervous, I don't recall ever seeing him act or sound like this.

ed8efd  No.12117011

File: f47bee057b00e1c⋯.jpg (149.61 KB, 1280x567, 1280:567, GuangyuLiMUse2.jpg)


>immigration from where?

Exactly, too bad he delves off into some retarded rant "Civilization will die" "Robots will take over" "religious extremism". Powerful people know, they're just too afraid to lose everything.

ed8efd  No.12117014


Seems like a normal fucking human being to me.

000000  No.12117020

I'm convinced Elon is Nikolai Tesla's reincarnation, all this obsession with sustainable and free energy for mankind is against (((their))) will. Will (((they))) stop him again?

3d8010  No.12117021


>Reminder everyone is on steroids except Nick and Nate Diaz. P4P #1 and #2. Prove me wrong niggers.

They can't. Diaz brothers are the real deal, can't wait for Nate to heem the fuck out of Poirier.

Thoughts on McNugget vs Al-Queda?

b302f1  No.12117024


>i could just talk about this stuff without going for an Oscar.

Fucking kek, it's true, he looked like he'd been practicing his sad face at his local drama club.


I got the impression he felt like he had stepped into a mine field of endless chimp discussion once he saw Joe's eyes light up at the mention of chimps.

>oh fuck, this guy is going to try to talk about chimps for the rest of the show

7fce66  No.12117025


>tfw double postan

>McGregor comped his tats and hair style from a faggot male model.




b302f1  No.12117026


Musk is an elite insider. No one is allowed to get to where he is now without being part of the club.

602221  No.12117028


I just wanna know what he knows about that guy from that soccer gook rescue that he keeps calling a pedo. He backtracked after apologizing and called him a pedo again. Said he went there as a sex tourist for underage poon and married a 12yr old. lol

Guy keeps threatening to sue, but hasn't yet and the media is all "We asked if he's a pedo and he said no so Musk is just a crazy person."; aka damage control. Holy fuck think of the dirt he must have on people. IMO he's primed and ready to spill, he just needs some encouragement.

7fce66  No.12117031


Nick is GOAT.

Mac is a Jewish trick



7ec2f8  No.12117033


>Imagine having access to everyone's paypal records.

>millions and millions of boomers too stupid to know their every online purchase was logged forever

He has dirty on nearly everyone. I'm sure that's how he's not ruined.

302712  No.12117053


Musk 2024. Would be interesting even though he's forbidden to run.

3d8010  No.12117054


>Diaz brothers came from bad neighborhoods

>difficult youth made them tough as fuck

>climb their ways up the rank

>become successful

>love their fans

>contribute to their community

>McNugget had an easy life

>gets everything handed to him

>Dana takes him by the hand to turn him into a meme

>fights midgets

>is a degenerate

>literally tries to look like a faggot

The only reason i want Khabib to lose is so /ourguy/ can settle the score with this meme faggot and heem him in the trilogy.

d5c076  No.12117063

This isn't cuckchan, faggot.

602221  No.12117069


>He has dirty on nearly everyone. I'm sure that's how he's not ruined.

It's not for want of trying. He's a sperg for sure but the media has been all over his ass for months. I find it hard to believe that the only car fires and malfunctions to report on are for Teslas. Not to mention all this weird shit with that negress that was supposedly invited to his house that the media flipped their shit over. I have my own issues with the subsidies and shit Tesla receives but if he really is this dude who thinks he's an alien and trips balls in between developing rocket ships and thinks he regrew his hair using magic I gotta take his side against the typical tricks being employed against him. Remember Jack Parsons the founder of JPL was literally receiving his designs from fucking demonic entities. This kind of crazy is standard fare for his type.

f45b66  No.12117079


>He looks and sounds very nervous

probably is. He owns a publicly traded company that loses massive valuation every time he talks.

de93b2  No.12117083



lack of people in an overcrowded world is such a crisis

he really drank the jew kool aid…



3d8010  No.12117085


You bet your ass investors and traders are watching this podcast like hawks right now.

3d8010  No.12117094

>i'm not gonna swear

You already said fuck at least once Elon.

302712  No.12117101

Rogan you fuck ask him what he meant with his Tweet about (((who))) controls the media. Let's make this interesting.

e05adb  No.12117107


haha pot rots the brains alright. Jeff Rense is bad too. I heard him do an interview with Webster Tarpley a few years ago and he was the very caricature of the drooling brain damaged stoner.

3d8010  No.12117111


Ahaha, you didn't really think Joe is going there right?

21cc2d  No.12117114


>Musk is from south africa

>talks about Europe and Asia not having kids

>basically says you can't find humans to replace them

>says civilization will just fade away

>never once mentions Africans coming to replace the kids Europeans aren't having

He's saying niggers aren't human, anon.

e05adb  No.12117115


I don't think you understand what he's saying there; the WHITE RACE isn't replacing itself and those who think they can replace the void that's left with nigger subhumans are deranged assholes.

ed8efd  No.12117120


Probably not, only poor people think like that. What a man says to some ex-druggie rube is irrelevant, what matters is what can't be monitored by retards like you.

3d8010  No.12117127


>t. 90/90/90 day trader

3d8010  No.12117140


>what can't be monitored

I just had to reply again so i could laugh at you.

302712  No.12117143

Kek, what potheads.

e508ba  No.12117146

elon smoking drugs wew

6d0c15  No.12117147

File: 944c643eba72280⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1161x604, 1161:604, Elon Musk.png)



ed8efd  No.12117151


>laughing at the person who is taking your money

Please don't let me stop you.

302712  No.12117158


Smokem peace pipe.

e508ba  No.12117161

File: 3af47e1273b65dc⋯.jpg (161.73 KB, 2048x1099, 2048:1099, elonblazeit.jpg)

3d8010  No.12117165


Sure kid.

ed8efd  No.12117169

File: 12aed5907ed44f8⋯.jpg (15.35 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 12aed5907ed44f8928be7afd20….jpg)


Who are you calling kid?

3d8010  No.12117170

File: 7e8ef20b4e359a6⋯.png (23.89 KB, 492x475, 492:475, 1435518578779.png)


>Gotham City

3d8010  No.12117176

File: 8f3c8086ce60231⋯.jpg (33.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1384765593824.jpg)

6d0c15  No.12117181

File: d9eee993db9d3d6⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1024x1154, 512:577, Elon Musk High 1.png)



This will only make Elon 200% more popular and probably make his stock go up.

ed8efd  No.12117183

File: 72a06cc466cd69c⋯.png (788.16 KB, 1062x596, 531:298, nisemonogatari-8-araragi-h….png)


I don't have an age, that's how old I am

042395  No.12117189



Excellent to see Elon unwind a little for once. That fucker needs a mental holiday, doing business like that can consume you if you can't escape time to time.

cedbcd  No.12117203

File: 0c4f87caef420d7⋯.png (67.29 KB, 230x230, 1:1, dankpepe.png)

3d8010  No.12117237

>people are nicer than you think

No, no they're not. At all.

126108  No.12117246

damn almost 90k live viewers at midnight. I have a feeling this one will break records for Blow Rabbigan.

ed8efd  No.12117256


If people had a more realistic sense of human nature then the economy would probably crash over night.

d1a673  No.12117263


Nugget!? Shoot da fook up ya lil' bitch i fukkin batter ya u aint go do nuttin. u'll do nuttin.

3d8010  No.12117267


That's probably the greatest impression i've seen in text. Well done, got a hearty laugh out of me.

6d0c15  No.12117277

File: fa15ad8aea9b3d6⋯.png (5.79 KB, 411x91, 411:91, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-09….png)


Looks like this might be his biggest live-stream.

ed8efd  No.12117287


I'm unimpressed.

d1a673  No.12117288


I have a soft spot for the Mick, what can I say. I think he batters Khabib too.

d1a673  No.12117290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3d8010  No.12117294


Same here. At first i thought Kebab was gonna wrestlefuck him but after watching all their fights again i'm convinced Conor is going to sleep him. He might have some ring rust though.

d1a673  No.12117298


Agreed. Nate is fighting Poirier later this year, Nate takes that. Thoughts on Lesnar vs Cormier?

7fce66  No.12117306


Diaz bros P4P #1

Prove me wrong

126108  No.12117308

"I met with Obama. I warned him about AI. Nobody seemed to listen. I tried to warn them but nobody seemed to listen."


Ummm, WTF?

d1a673  No.12117309


Elon has seen some shit. He probably caught a glimpse of some future tech and he's been running around scared since. I watched one speech where he likened AI to a man summoning demons in a pentagram. Funny guy.

126108  No.12117318


Man, he really made it sound like Pandoras box had been opened. What a trip.

126108  No.12117323

"Yeah I met with Obama and, just for one reason, Just to talk about (Joke Rogain interrupts)

No, he listened, he certainly listened. Umm I met with Congress. I was at a meeting of all 50 governors and talked about, just AI danger and I talked to everyone I could. No one seemed to realize where this was going."

I was paraphrasing up top. Cleaned it up for those anons that like specifics. This is his exact narration.

d1a673  No.12117333

File: 95ed1c9a94edd96⋯.jpg (204.99 KB, 1583x1161, 1583:1161, jm08_0326_st-_pierre_09_88….jpg)


Non. I do wish Nick would get his shit together though. He fucked up his career just as he was earning massive paydays.

e686f8  No.12117339


Daily Mail published a short interview with his wife yesterday. He met her when she was working as a waitress in England and they married when she was 33, Musk is full of shit.

602221  No.12117707


That's interesting anon but I actually just don't understand your reply. He had an ex wife who was a waitress so he can't have dirt on people? I don't get it. Your shit makes no sense, with all due respect of course.

aa7704  No.12117738


oh no the schizo again

168ff1  No.12117805

File: 30ddad562dcb25e⋯.png (149.16 KB, 254x492, 127:246, Newspaper clipping - Copy.png)

Uhh guys. Just found this newspaper clipping. Thoughts?

e59a12  No.12117835

he looks like he's transmorphing into one the Bogdanoffs

19db7a  No.12117857

File: 78990cadd0576fe⋯.jpg (72.04 KB, 960x678, 160:113, 33943413_474628706303054_9….jpg)

i have to admit i kinda like musk. refuse to watch though because joe rogan is unsufferable, tried to watch him once and unironically wanted to throw myself into a pack of feral niggers just to end it all

93a0a4  No.12117886


i believe he is unironically descended from Martians

4f0c1b  No.12117916

700k views between posting at midnight and 8am. This will definitely be the most watched podcast Joe "puff puff pass" Rogan has ever done.

a95bd8  No.12117917

gonna get high and listen to this later, seems pretty good, like having a beer and watching a game of football. Autists here crying about no intellectual value in Rogans podcast, lmfao, what the fuck do you expect, hes a dumbfuck failed martial artist

19db7a  No.12117922


>muh niggerball

y-you dont really like sportsball do you anon?

602221  No.12117932


It's fucking long but all the shit about AI is bretty gud. Very gnostic. Smoke up.

a95bd8  No.12117933


No, but I compared it to that specific past time because they are essentially the same thing but for different demographics. Meaning you dont watch football when you wanna learn about politics or rocketmans latest launch

2650de  No.12117942


What's excellent about the way he addresses social and political issues publicly is that he doesn't try to over-complicate things or connect them too much. He just offers the point of view. Even if he's wrong, if he primes discussions and debates elsewhere (which you will, if you are popular) about birthrates, civilization, or where the world needs to go in anything, it's definitely better than what most people do. That is why I have never understood why some posters bother hating on him. I just hope he fucking colonizes Mars, which all our (((governments))) were too worthless to do, despite having been able to do awesome things far more easily than just one man.


Kek. I knew I liked him for a reason.

e6f06c  No.12117966


>I have not paid any attention to Elon Musk over the past few months

Good to know that your opinion is of no value anon.

126108  No.12118065



"I just want to go home, Joe." Elien Musk

6c2785  No.12118151

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Today’s daily astroturf: meme Musk into a based goy.

9d9c2c  No.12118189

File: f8a82f9e8eb2dad⋯.jpg (108 KB, 750x738, 125:123, 1535416739249.jpg)


>Elon names the Jew on Twitter

>(You) sperg out calling him a Jew

Lurk more faggot.

6c2785  No.12118197

File: 44faa803772d651⋯.jpeg (27.09 KB, 550x299, 550:299, 331229A2-76C1-4DC1-B063-3….jpeg)

>names the jew

>doesn’t say jew, much less what jew


8de232  No.12118255

File: e8583a2f7b50c54⋯.jpg (240.08 KB, 639x634, 639:634, e8583a2f7b50c5444b99866cf5….jpg)


Chaos Erupts At Tesla: Stock Crashes, Bonds Implode After Heads Of Accounting, HR Quit

>yfw Rogan singlehandedly destroys Tesla

126108  No.12118258

File: b57d31cb14d1271⋯.jpg (62.76 KB, 564x751, 564:751, MayeMusk.jpg)


His mom was pretty hot.

I thought she was a jew, but the nose is thin. She looks like my sister, which is weird to say, so I'll add she looks like she could be my sister. Yeah, that's better.

8de232  No.12118260


Post your sister so we can compare.

c74953  No.12118284


>>Elon names the Jew on Twitter

He didn't.

d0d226  No.12118297


Elon didnt name the Jew. He was talking about rich people in general.

But he did trigger a lot of blue checkmark twitter people in to naming the jew in order to make the antisemitism argument.

c74953  No.12118299


>Rogan you fuck ask him what he meant with his Tweet about (((who))) controls the media.

He meant exactly what he wrote back then (which was 100% clear from the context) which wasn't what you want it to be.

It was just that the kikes couldn't help themselves and just started naming themselves.

c74953  No.12118309





Consider killing yourself.

7ab5ad  No.12118324


>it was real in my mind

7c9678  No.12118328


Not exactly a salvageable claim. Either he did or he didn’t, and he did not.

d0d226  No.12118358


He did not.

I thought I had made that pretty clear in my post.

7c9678  No.12118365


You mean the pedantic post where you thought you were teaching me something by repeating back to me what I just said? Fuck you, nigger.

8b63c5  No.12118402

SO let me get this straight…. Musk has a State contract to do underground construction… and he admits LIVE ON AIR he "doesn't even know it will be successful!" Ummmmm, folks, back in my day, this would have resulted in IMMEDIATE disqualification for State contracting and all licenses revoked!

bce477  No.12118441


The US already has Military tunnels all over the place since like the 1960s

2ddbe3  No.12118475


DARPA wants know of all the tunnels. https://www.subtchallenge.com/ http://archive.is/UZpQO

are you going to quote the red pills OP?

a5f7e6  No.12118604


>>yfw Rogan singlehandedly destroys Tesla

Which was the point of having him on the show. Anyone deemed a threat always gets blasted with one ridiculous stance Joe always takes or he gets them smashed on camera so it can be used against them.

671631  No.12118629



He's just the public face to invent all of these things where already exist. They thought they'd found an eccentric Stanford grad to play the role, but he's seemingly going off the reservation these days.

671631  No.12118632


*which already exist.

671631  No.12118639


I'll fight you in real life bruh.

f0d932  No.12118643

File: 7da1b7376849ca9⋯.png (23.09 KB, 152x167, 152:167, [Laughter_Stops].png)


Good boomerpost

67e15c  No.12118703

File: e87bd006e354b92⋯.jpg (40.64 KB, 576x575, 576:575, FWLoZ6j.jpg)


I watched the whole thing, not a single red pill. Looks like you were right.

a5aea8  No.12118728

File: 96ac28f73f1937c⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 500x256, 125:64, dude.jpg)

Tesla stock in free fall.

d5d757  No.12118813


Tesla a company that has never turned a profit was valued at like $55 billion which was MORE than Ford which turned a profit last year of like $8 billion.

Tesla was a total paper machete company

6764ba  No.12118850

File: b170f2e4a094311⋯.jpg (375.59 KB, 1199x1200, 1199:1200, 1486144360078.jpg)

Any of you as disappointed as I was to hear they were going to be doing pot during the interview? Really wanted an indepth and focused one.

7db098  No.12118876

File: 86e6fe8c3f4f1e0⋯.jpg (183.76 KB, 720x1113, 240:371, joe-rogan.jpg)


>Any of you as disappointed as I was to hear they were going to be doing pot during the interview? Really wanted an indepth and focused one.

Another of Rogan's tactics to level the ground and talk about chimps

eab37f  No.12118877


Yes, because weed is degenerate. For his sins, he's now earned himself a stock crash.

d28360  No.12118886


ffs so the guy goes on this smoke niggers show

and he smokes weed with him

then the stocks falls like fuck

earlier this week he was already sued by shorters for pulling shit like this. ffs. okay I actually need to see this one

d5d757  No.12118893


They didn't even smoke till the last 20 minutes faggot.

d28360  No.12118910


nah depends anon, I don't smoke anymore my self but I am for legislation for many reasons first off people need to fucking make their own choices and 2nd it will destroy most org crime here - the booze stuff which is actually still bigger due to taxes.

anyways it's just fucking weed man. and yes if you are an idiot and sit and smoke that shit all day like a fucking nigger, then you are a pathetic nigger and need to get a grip on your self because then you are lit stupid as fuck.

if you just fucking smoke one now or then or before you sleep, who the fuck fucking cares? you can lit just grow this shit in your backyard, that's why it's called weed it grows everywhere. though granted to get it premimum, depending on where you live, you have to maybe grow it artificially. heck even here in norway back in the day we were able to grow it outside though they were not as good as inside grown. it has to do with the sun they need this many hours of complete darkness and then sun, and the darkness part is problematic they say it's then they make the toxin stuff. I dunno but in experience it is true

dc38c1  No.12118926


Isn't Joe Rogan jewish?

894be8  No.12118933

File: 986f08a35f496b4⋯.jpg (77.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, kings.jpg)

File: 24699d73b98546a⋯.jpg (752.1 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, Fedor-Emelianenko-1.jpg)



Diaz bros are a bunch of niggers

eab37f  No.12118938

File: 19e8e9aa8deaf8c⋯.jpg (128.14 KB, 1000x714, 500:357, 1-trump-mma.jpg)

File: 5856acf45e052ae⋯.jpeg (20.56 KB, 474x265, 474:265, th.jpeg)

3d8010  No.12118939

File: 41d256b9b5aa282⋯.png (16.49 KB, 632x160, 79:20, Snippet.PNG)



Nick is eligible to fight but he only wants title fights. He's turned down a rematch with Condit and a match with Bisping before. I think it's kinda obvious that he's gonna go for GSP but since he's been gone for so long he'll have to go through other fighters first, there's more lining up for GSP.

I also really hope Nate isn't going to pull out.

d28360  No.12118942


my god that engine!

Can I have her phone number?

3d8010  No.12118944


Diaz bros are legit.

eab37f  No.12118948


Damn. I have a theory that highly aesthetic people breed higher quality children.

3d8010  No.12118976



I'm really looking forward to this fight as well.

Man i really wish we had an active board for combat sports. 4cuck has /heem/ but it's not so great, lots of casuals, retards and dick riders.

d28360  No.12118989


I can't deny it, I can see what engine this is, but it fucking turns me on. no wonder elon became an engineer.

I wonder why there ar no comfy back seats in the boat though. you can't fully see the boat but by the looks of it, this one was really, really fast

d28360  No.12119008


you can't just read everything anon, sure you can read some but you need practice, you need to find a local club and start there. there are no shortcuts here.

however though, what should be interested readings, and no I am not so into this, is forinstance all people have these points on their body. it means that with just your grip, you can fully disable a guy and send him to the ground. it's really popular in several eastern european countries.

I was in lithuania once and I got a bit drunk, so this guy there he knew this shit and used these spots in my neck or whatever, and my damn he I am not the first to yield to put it this way, I was really amazed by this, but he got full control over me with this shit. I have no idea what it is called or anything, one of my uncles knew and gave me this book but I haven't even read it. that shit you can read then try. this however only works if you get close to people and are able to do that, usually when they are drunk and too slow to react

d28360  No.12119017


it's like fucking getting cs gas in your face or something it was really weird. I just went down like that. But again, it will only work if you are able to ie approuch drunk people from behind

894be8  No.12119021

File: 3aefe418034c338⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 350x199, 350:199, crocoped.gif)

I wish Pride was back and not this nigger worshiping fest ran by a giant corporate cocksucker.

3d8010  No.12119057

File: 0fc2598c6cccd57⋯.png (133.53 KB, 346x284, 173:142, Snippet.PNG)



I have practiced fighting sports actually, which is why i love the sports so much. It's just frustrating that i don't know many people anymore who share my interest in fighting. It's like the majority of my countrymen are these cucks that only like sissy sports like soccer. They know the names Ali and Tyson and that's where it ends. They have no interest in it whatsoever. In all of my career i've only met one colleague who liked fighting. It's frustrating at times.

As for the neck grab you mentioned; i think you're talking about the sternocleidomastoid. If you dig your fingers under there and pinch or squeeze it it'll hurt like hell, like a paralyzing pain. You can try it on yourself. I know that police officers and bouncers back in the day used it to control someone without causing too much injury.

3d8010  No.12119069


Pride and K1 was the golden age.

Though i gotta say there's very agreeable black guys in the sport right now. I absolutely loath niggers but i have no qualms with intelligent (and some even virtuous) blacks. I even dare wager those black dudes hate niggers as much as you and i do (or perhaps even more, as the black community tends to do). I'm also quite happy there's finally some good role models out there for blacks, because the nigger problem ain't gonna fix itself.

ad134a  No.12119081

File: cfcfbae90fe152e⋯.jpg (95.7 KB, 845x403, 65:31, peru blonde.jpg)


atlantis was an island in the atlantic ocean. watch the fucking graham hancock and the other guy do the joe rogan episode. they know much more actual legit information on the topic. this guy in your video is a fag


whites were worldwide

bf3386  No.12119088


I respect black fighters like Randleman in Pride, but I'm mostly referring to Dana shilling for ngannou and wanting Stipe to lose. It was divine justice watching that giant ape getting thrown around for 25 minutes. Even better now after watching him vs Lewis. Stipe broke him.

bf3386  No.12119095

File: 08e2e4600c484c6⋯.jpg (115.23 KB, 750x563, 750:563, real-yonaguni-monument-750.jpg)

File: ccb538e03edc8f4⋯.jpg (194.36 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, monumentjapan.jpg)

File: 86f5d2c43f030a8⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 640x359, 640:359, japanunderwaterstructure1.jpg)

File: 69ee6ae2b58fb96⋯.jpg (33.66 KB, 500x305, 100:61, japanunderwaterstructure2.jpg)


Probably explains the Underwater Pyramids/Structure in Japan that no one seems to talk about, and when "Experts" do, they say it's a natural rock formation.

d28360  No.12119098


I my self have always just worked out a lot, I have had a down time now, but I'll start again. I am luckily blessed with godly genes, I won't even start to brag.

And I have this thing, I guess it's kind norwegian, you can hit me with all you got and it will only piss me off, then charge.

Unfortunately though, if I drink, I start pick to pick fights. I always pick the biggest ones though, and have this thing that I play you know weaker than I am. So once I get that first hit in my face, which I give out, I strike.

it's not good, once back at the uni my grill and I broke up, so I was so pissed off. She worked at the bar down town spare time so I leaft. I went up to my my student dorm destroying shit as I went, our student pub was there…

So I went there, it was a long line, I started to try pick fights with people, but most just move on in the lit the line. then some faggot from bergen, I mimmicked his speech and stuff I don't remember, he hit finally, I actually went down, then I popped up with all my might I hit him so good straight in the face so he passed out.

>oh fucking shit.

The guards said as the rule here is, go home before they come, he started we saw it(he hit first)

then ambulances came, I saw it and I came back. they expelled me from there for the rest of the semester, but what pains me is he never came back. I don't know what happened to him, they are not that pussy there but still…. it's the same tribe as varg, I am from a bit harder tribe

I felt so bad, he was just a way to get out my fury. I just wanted to hit someone

d28360  No.12119125


the guy lit quit school from me, he was in the other engineering class but I didn't even know him.

it was all my fault, I baited him, he took it, he hit me I went down, I hit the fuck out of him and he knocked his head in the asphalt we were both drunk. they say he was a really okay guy. so stupid all of it

042395  No.12119137

File: cd78d0ab1cfbb6f⋯.jpg (426.71 KB, 1210x1130, 121:113, musk shitposting4.jpg)

File: b1471ae4ecca4be⋯.png (115.67 KB, 692x475, 692:475, musk ITAR kikes.png)

File: 2742c7e1ba32bc1⋯.png (203.54 KB, 800x1600, 1:2, MUSK JEWS.png)

File: e95051c172ed7f7⋯.jpg (347.81 KB, 1904x1346, 952:673, musk shitposting2.jpg)


>Elon names the Jew on Twitter

<He didn't.

>he did

About as good as you can while running a publicly funded company.

21f0e6  No.12119146


jaw formation is determined by tongue positioning, which is determined by the amount of time breastfeeding and avoiding pacifiers/bottles in early development.

jaw formation and brain size is correlated through this way.

bf3386  No.12119155

File: 186c427b2d95944⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 342x342, 1:1, kek.jpg)


>4th image

>kikes outing themselves right away


f40553  No.12119171

musk's investors are now in a new wave of pulling support from him because (((joe rogan))) manipulated him into smoking the herbal jew.

some jewish media are running partial damage control reminding the goyim that "weed is still good" while saying that musk deserves the backlash he gets.

13b386  No.12119186

File: 062b080b34b1bc9⋯.png (400.99 KB, 1106x699, 1106:699, Prayer_For_Trayvon_2.png)


>jaw formation is determined by tongue positioning, which is determined by the amount of time breastfeeding and avoiding pacifiers/bottles in early development.

>jaw formation and brain size is correlated through this way.

Now, this is a fucking post on /pol/!

86d97c  No.12119216


> this guy in your video is a fag

No, he's not. He's one of the best in Youtube, but this Atlantis video was a miss.

f40553  No.12119240

because of this musk's companies can lose all federal grants for at least a year. since if you are found in violation of the drug free workplace act you lose federal grant privileges and must wait at least a year to get reevaluated. (it does not matter if the drugs were at work or not, if you were caught with drugs your employer must fire you or send you off to rehab or forfeit all federal grants.)

65dbf8  No.12119251


> best in Youtube

settin' the bar pretty low there timmy. Aren't you sposed to be in school?

85654a  No.12119263

File: 947c1a330abeb0d⋯.png (193.2 KB, 542x642, 271:321, checkd.png)


and buy stock at rock bottom prices, then go private

e1b3a5  No.12119264


stop talking out of your fucking ass. There is good information in that video, and good information related to that video.

The area of the Richat is raising out of the ocean. 12 thousand years ago that area could of essentially been in the middle of the Atlantic. Antarctica is raising like 1.6 inches a year. If you do that math, you will get to sea level.

f6bd2b  No.12119282


Hot damn she's a 10/10. No wonder he's a billionaire, he's got some damn good genetics

501576  No.12119284

Any richfags should probably buy up some TSLA shares while they are cheap. You would have to be retarded to think they won't regain or increase value in the future. The dude started a space program. No way is taking 1 hit of weed going to change that.

ad5491  No.12119285


I'm an "AI" researcher. This paper got accepted a few days ago an oral presentation at NIPS2018 https://arxiv.org/abs/1801.00062. I'm telling you, this one will be the start.

fcba84  No.12119295

Elon Musk the self-professed socialist.

ad5491  No.12119296


To be clear, the official NIPS version of this manuscript will be released in November / December.

042395  No.12119305

>>12119155 (checked)

>kikes name themselves

That superior IQ working magic again eh ;)

7e3e3e  No.12119318


More joe rogan memes plese

98f575  No.12119321

File: b5d24062bec62e2⋯.gif (157.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Vector Piccolo Dick.gif)

Be sure to take your daily allotment of vitamins.

3d8010  No.12119336


I definitely get what you mean. Dana needs to cut down on the shilling/hand-holding/meme-making and get on with making the cards, both for the fighters and the fight fans. I know it's a business and you have your own angles and outlooks but you're also running it on a sport. Especially now with fighters having to promote themselves and even dealing with video game-tier 'journalism' media or even having to start shit against them (fuckers know who they are) you just can't afford to be UFC and shill for your own picks. Especially not after throwing down tough words like "I can make the fight but the rest is up to you." I can appreciate the extra level of dedication that's required now, but don't go and meme fighters with budgets, FTE's and clout that gyms and fighters can't compete with. If you're gonna do that then Nate's complaints are completely justified.

And yeah, thank God then for those moments of divine justice that fuck up their plans.

26f226  No.12119345



>What about Alcohol.

Both are degenerate. It's just weed, but studies have shown it can induce paranoia, and reduce your lifespan by as much as 3 years. Weed is promoted to you by media kikes as just something cool because it turns you into a fucking zombie. Even if you weren't an NPC before, if you're stoned you might as well be. Any of the so-called medical benefits of Marijuanna can be extracted anyways, so you have no reason to be spending your limited days on earth stoned, drunk, fat or otherwise impaired. Leave the weed to the niggers and spics.

042395  No.12119346


At least spell it properly, you nigger.

26f226  No.12119354


Didn't mean to include you in above reply.

22ad10  No.12119358

File: 00695e278456cf8⋯.jpg (132.77 KB, 728x636, 182:159, 9999 dead rats.jpg)

fuck elon, he made that giant tube and he cares if we die. if we die we do not have to worry about dying so there is no reason not to continue with AI. what a faggot for wanting to regulate it.

there are no aliens, they are all dead from AI. we should be too because fuck this.

26f226  No.12119361


He favors the same socialism we do, dummy.

a468c3  No.12119374


fuck off back to the ice house joey, we don't want you faggot dick pills


fuck joe rogan and his kike wife

fcba84  No.12119396



I'm not a lefty rat, I don't favor any socialism

5518d8  No.12119404


>Who is we? Who the hell are you speaking for?

3bb1ef  No.12119412

File: b2ac9a1605c4895⋯.jpg (7.64 KB, 233x346, 233:346, The_boss_father.jpg)



>Elon wanted the stock price to crash,

>Chaos Erupts At Tesla: Stock Crashes, Bonds Implode After Heads Of Accounting, HR Quit

It's obvious Elon is trying to spike the ball. I got a real bad feeling this is all going to end up in some uncovering of a fucked up decades long special access program run by the military to reduce america's dependence on fossil fuels & public aerospace companies. Like "Dark Alliance" tier fuckery.

The only reason why they want tesla stock to crash is to make it bankrupt and have front companies run by the pentagon or whoever pose as investment firms buying Tesla tech & copyrights to sell them. Even though it's likely no money will ever change hands while doing so.I mean look for a 40 billion dollar investment the pentagon would've moved america into a stronger geopolitical position by obviate winning the new great game. Not only will electrification of personal transport allow NATO to ignore the ME it will also allow US to control the intellectual property that will drive this new era of personal energy consumption. So not only will our opponents have a disadvantage economically they'll also have one in technology rights. The tesla semi's design completion is possibly the last act of kabuki tesla will play. The only missing piece is battery technology which may already exist.

5518d8  No.12119415


sans greentext

bd69b7  No.12119468

Is this some initiation into the upper levels of being a shill? You toke on Rogan's show?

3d8010  No.12119478



It's not that bad. When i was in high school i punched a guy through a safety pane, the glass broke and shattered, he fell through it and the glass cut him really deep right beneath the left ear. My parents had to pay up all the medical expenses, so naturally i paid those back in beatings, but the worse thing was being called to the doctors, me and my parents, he and his parents, and the doctor explaining that if the cut had been a little lower, i wouldn't have been sitting there in his office. Felt like real shame upon my parents, they were hard working people and the guy wasn't even that much of a deal in school back then. I just lashed out.

That was my first moment of calming down. The second was after a bar fight, i got a bar stool in my face and it shattered my front teeth. I had (and still have) a dentist that was super autistic about maintaining good health for my teeth, so when i sat in that chair he had to work on my front teeth, they were shattered and he had to grind a good part off to make a smooth surface so he could glue fake parts on my teeth. He was a stern guy and refused to give me anaesthetics, lecturing me all the way as i was trying to cope with the pain. I grabbed the dentists seat so hard that i had sore arms the day after.

That was my second calm down moment, or rather it was the moment i asked myself "What the fuck are you even doing!?"

So if i were you i wouldn't be too hung up in guilt. People do stupid shit, especially when they are young, and you're not the only one. Just look at my dumb shit.

8b505a  No.12119495




>autistic as fuck

He is /ourguy/.

302712  No.12119503


Practically named the Jew on Twitter.

3d8010  No.12119508


Rogan probably doesn't realize it himself, but he recorded what a conversation with an NPC is like.

488555  No.12119584


>Isn't Joe Rogan jewish?

Definitely married to one.

3d8010  No.12119655

File: 0dbecab29c33d7c⋯.png (170.54 KB, 329x787, 329:787, Snippet.PNG)

fcba84  No.12119679


You mean a successful white man was hounded by a kike whore? What's new? Why do you think jews look like us? Their women are the most disgusting, obsessed whores in existence. They chase successful white men like their lives depend on it. You'll be hard-pressed to find a white CEO that isn't married t a jew.

f40553  No.12119716

>married to a jew

>has jewish children

>claims to be agnostic

>very vocal critic of catholicism, calling it "oppression"

i would not be surprised to find out that his parents were (((jesuits)))

>shares a producer with alex jones/bill hicks


glow in the dark cia nigger

fe7495  No.12119779


It's not a slide thread ffs. Rogan has an ENORMOUS audience, and Elon is the #2 obsession of the press, after Trump.

But uh. I won't be watching. And sage. But it wasn't a slide thread. Organic poop, not inorganic poop.

9d71aa  No.12119798


Why does it look like Musk is reading some of his answers off of notes?


Yeah he's really making this video tough to watch.

9d71aa  No.12119865


*He doesn't have any notes - I just think it's peculiar how his eyes swing about when he's talking/thinking

fcba84  No.12120086


It is weird. A fighting sport will start out with almost exclusively white champions, then it'll get a lot of money behind it, and suddenly it starts getting really dark throughout the ranks. They'd make the argument that it'd because it attracts more non-whites, but I'm curious how they select "athletes." How could we show that they discriminate based on race, not talent?

bbc910  No.12120158


>blatant disinfo

Ofcourse the Diaz Brothers were climbing up YES.. conor struggled hard he was a plumber had to wait on a guy to drive him for 4 hours to work everyday 18 months later hes like fuck this i wanna pursue my dream to get in the ufc. he had a car he had to push start to get him to training. so he finally got in the ufc - made the company 4 billions all togheter ofcourse dana white gives him special treatment

Meanwhile Diaz acts like a crybaby in press confrences

59307b  No.12120208

>Elon Musk Dropping Red Pills

>Elon Musk

>Red Pills

>There's no actual red pills during the entire interview.

I can't recall a single quality thread involving Rogan shilling and this one is no exception.

80dd31  No.12120213



This is a National Socialist board. Jewish neoliberals need to GTFO.

fcba84  No.12120217


>This is a National Socialist board.

I've been here for three years. In three years, not one single minute of one day was this a national socialist board.

672f19  No.12120235


Blame imkikey for that. Even the mods couldn’t stop the reddit wave that he brought here. They got one of the mods banned for NOT being a neocon. The board’s destroyed.

000000  No.12120247


>successful white man

>Joe Rogan

Hey are-tard take a closer look at this image: >>12119655

fcba84  No.12120285


What about it, "are-tard"?

49a832  No.12120308


musk is a transhumanist kiked faggot and joe rogan is a dribbling retard

136c56  No.12120318


still dont understand how a man can listen to other men speak for 3 hours

80dd31  No.12120425


Your handlers must have given you the wrong script. Check the URL again, you're on 8chan, perhaps you meant to post on >>>/4chan/

b315cd  No.12120453


& the Federales are up his ass

66db33  No.12120484


It wasn't an island in the ocean. That video anon posted as a ton of information you ought to absorb.

Hancock doesn't claim anything about one specific island. And yes, it was worldwide.

fcba84  No.12120498


You're dumb as fuck. I know exactly where I am and I stand by what I said. This has never been a national socialist board, and that is a fact.

80dd31  No.12120509


It's not 2012 anymore kiddo. We grew up, and eschewed the Ron Paul libertarianism. The only political system that can restore our nations and people to greatness is National Socialism. If you disagree with those doctrines, you're at worst a mendacious kike or at best a shabbas goy.

553b39  No.12120521

File: 65554af4505ea26⋯.png (39.87 KB, 550x651, 550:651, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)


>This will only make Elon 200% more popular and probably make his stock go up.

DUDE WEED LAMO has no money. If they had $260 they wouldn't spend it on one share of $TSLA. They would spend it on more weed.

fcba84  No.12120536


>The only political system that can restore our nations and people to greatness is National Socialism.

You mean to say "in my opinion."

fcba84  No.12120543


>screenshot of some random graph

Nigger what the fuck is this? No context at all. No title. Nothing. Fuck you.

80dd31  No.12120546


Pathetic attempt at gaslighting Chaim.


It's in the context of the current thread you mouth breathing tard.

a5aea8  No.12120556


Where are you retards coming from? Is it because you see Joe Rogan and think you're welcome to post here?

553b39  No.12120561


This is how I know you are just another broke ass stoner. Its the stock price of $TSLA. Which my post clearly says.


3a0d85  No.12120565


Musk is brilliant no doubt about it but it sucks to see someone implode in real-time. Get your shit together Elon.

a5aea8  No.12120566

File: f214c4fea9cb1c6⋯.jpg (310.91 KB, 1878x1176, 313:196, dude weed.jpg)



Perhaps he'll understand this one a bit better.

bac2bd  No.12120570

File: a5de3a563936cc0⋯.png (273.34 KB, 592x724, 148:181, libertarianism_cucked_lolb….png)

File: f81bf6e5dd6a07e⋯.png (256.95 KB, 680x534, 340:267, libertarian_tread.png)

File: 7e7c5bba4c8c935⋯.png (245.99 KB, 498x592, 249:296, choose_libertarianism.png)

File: bd18446701df939⋯.jpg (477.46 KB, 1899x1079, 1899:1079, libertarianism_Jews.jpg)


>This has never been a national socialist board

Get the fuck out of here.

553b39  No.12120575

ea21a1  No.12120582


its the jews manipulating stock markets.

fcba84  No.12120585


Yeah? Where in the image does it say that? Show me.

fcba84  No.12120588



a5aea8  No.12120598

File: bea75e6b844ec2e⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 760x950, 4:5, grimes-cover-story-intervi….jpg)


I don't like to engage in pop culture gossip, but you could see the signs of his deterioration when he walked out with a new girlfriend who looks like she came from skidrow.

fcba84  No.12120600


So you disagree that that's just an opinion? Then prove it, nigger.

fcba84  No.12120606


Take away the makeup and the clothing and the dyed hair and she looks like a girl that works at the Lowe's near me.

bac2bd  No.12120617

File: 62d1be6cd95d149⋯.gif (2.17 MB, 480x270, 16:9, national_socialism_flag_ra….gif)

File: 7dcbd1e0f894c18⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 300x155, 60:31, ss_flag.gif)

File: 3c114b59c5f4fb4⋯.png (465.39 KB, 640x638, 320:319, national_socialist_ss_wedd….png)

File: 153d5d511454ba0⋯.jpg (96.35 KB, 781x1022, 781:1022, national_socialist_family_….jpg)

File: 77714a39037d5b2⋯.webm (7.33 MB, 272x480, 17:30, Nazi Skiing.webm)


Does this offend you, kike?

3a0d85  No.12120636


Worth $19 billion and he's consorting with some tattooed vampire skank. What the fuck is wrong with these people? He did manage to pump out five children so there's that. But being 47 years old and getting baked on a livestream. Dude needs help.

b315cd  No.12120638


Ologists over Blood&Soil get the rope.

Same as christers.

9d9c2c  No.12120640

File: 8110a8ffc48595a⋯.jpg (48.78 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 1535240680454m.jpg)


Silly anon, toads are always boiled best slowly.

Pic related.

b315cd  No.12120649


Wish I could afford weed.

c3d499  No.12120655

File: 431b78b62c537d2⋯.png (419.01 KB, 903x865, 903:865, black nigger wot.png)

fcba84  No.12120664


What does that even mean?

7a6f12  No.12120677


it means that the BBC threw a dictionary into a blender and then tried to claim the resulting nonsense is some kind of nigger language.

9f7556  No.12120692

File: 2220efb8be04a35⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 200x150, 4:3, 1439225760517.gif)



168cd4  No.12120700

The problem of ai has nothing to do with rebellious ai. It has everything to do with what Frank Herbert’s alluded to with the Butlerean Jihad: it allows the men who own those machines to oppress their fellows. It’s the problem of the Prague golem: wicked men trying to make god their slave.

501576  No.12120753


So get in on it.

2d3f5a  No.12120757


This is larp bullshit. You cannot slide anything on /pol/.

501576  No.12120762


Is no one else having bitcoin flashbacks? Get in while it's low. No way is Tesla going bust. It's too high profile.

09a326  No.12120858

09a326  No.12120892



Ive just started this and its already clear Rogan isnt uses to dealing with people who aren't like pro-weed Jewish neurologists shilling for their next TEDtalk, becayse Rogan will ask him some shit like "Duuuude how do you do it all maaaan?" and Musk is just like "I just do shit to fix problems" and Rogan's not sure what to say in response.

a3d7bd  No.12121086


that actually shows it improvoing

9741cd  No.12121122


It gets so cringey, anon. He goes on about what it's like to be Elon, with Elon, for over an hour. You can see Elon really wants no part of it.

51191b  No.12121199



Dead cat bounce.

91f117  No.12121220


did he cuck donald? is barron the fuckchild of elon and melania?

91f117  No.12121246


we already had a african american president so why not another african american president?

86d97c  No.12121296




Okay then please give one more better option than him. Go ahead you cia nigger.

f39431  No.12121308


here's a fun fact; www.niggernews.com redirects to the bbc pidgin news website

553b39  No.12121334

File: fe676ba2ee49775⋯.png (45.22 KB, 556x465, 556:465, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 1….png)


Nope. The trend is not good. You had a dead cat like another anon just pointed out from the weed shit but the overall trend is not looking good.The short's will win in the end. His "going privet" lie will end up burning some suckers who brought in to the hype and jumped in when it was $360.. they are fucked now.

66db33  No.12121391

File: 403cca2a17744f4⋯.jpg (35.9 KB, 552x569, 552:569, Twatter.jpg)

0778ce  No.12121795


HUGE buying opportunity, volume doesn't lie.

0d10c9  No.12121801

nice spam, you didn't even listen to it yourself.

958847  No.12122295



c010f8  No.12122324

File: 7f4238760f7608e⋯.png (159.85 KB, 3734x2504, 1867:1252, cannabis.png)




>same shit

>but let me tell you why cannabis is worse

What a respectful fagot you are.

>plant from persia

>that humans evolved alongside of

>for spics and niggers only

It is the most Aryan thing you can do other than truth, honor, and family. Smoking is not good for the lungs though, heat causes more damage than carcinogens; make butter or something.

"dabing" is smoking at high temps

"vaping" is smoking at low temps


"Drugs" don't affect regular people, anon, only the weak.

c010f8  No.12122327

File: 2d3b2c7cbe4ec71⋯.jpg (4.53 MB, 9066x2784, 1511:464, meet-the-terpenes.jpg)


And for other collectors.

9e1f2d  No.12122365

File: 23c304df9333367⋯.jpg (242.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, musk_lit.jpg)

6a3062  No.12122384


I always wondered why the first couple hits out of a bowl feel different from the last few hits. It's that I'm distilling off the THC first then the CBD

90817a  No.12122395

File: 7c52bfa507b097c⋯.png (11.78 KB, 385x234, 385:234, evidence.PNG)


Am I doing it right you fucking idiot?

90817a  No.12122411


You'll come around.

90817a  No.12122414


>spike the ball

That's not a thing. Stop watching so many movies.

90817a  No.12122417

File: 893b0a9aaf484b8⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, youdroppedthis.jpg)



8b505a  No.12122440


Sounds like someone on crack wrote that article.

3d8010  No.12122441



8b505a  No.12122448


Hahahaha his stock crashed along with his braincells.

d1aa1f  No.12122506


I remember when I've seen the graph, it took me like two seconds to figure out that it was a 1-month chart of the tesla stock development, so maybe you are the idiot

23dac0  No.12123016


IF AND WHEN. HE INTERVIEWS A PERSON TALKING ABOUT white national pride HE IS QUICK TO CHANGE SUBJECTS and try to move goal posts on a person AND GOES ON THE DEFENSIVE it's kinda WEIRD IT'S LIKE HE is scared to give truth a voice When IT comes TO such things

06dbeb  No.12123068

File: bca60ef37741fb1⋯.jpg (121.48 KB, 644x739, 644:739, c96c3858cfb87eb1cba8afe5d1….jpg)


>Smoking weed is the most Aryan thing you can do

Yeah. Everytime I picture ancient whites, I always picture them rolling a fat joint. Not Vikings gathered in mead halls or ancient Romans sipping wine.

c5f75d  No.12123077

File: 5468584583db121⋯.png (795.42 KB, 762x5541, 254:1847, www.vindheim.net_2018-09-0….png)


Maybe some smoked it but hemp was used for other stuff definitely.

fcece2  No.12123115

>Elon Musk

>Red Pills

You realize he's one of our biggest enemies, right?

06dbeb  No.12123131


Yeah, but that faggot took hemp for cloths and the possibility of a few smokers and blew it up. I use to constantly run into these dipshits. They will lie as much as they can so you join their shitty habit.

d0d226  No.12123134


Any particular reason or do you just not like his face?

ed7caf  No.12123178


So if this Atlantis history temple in Saise is still there, just under swamp. Why hasn't anyone gone and looked for the site? Swamps are very good at preserving things.

6783d9  No.12123205



886cf9  No.12123206

Elon Musk needs to become our generation's Henry Ford and start calling (((them))) out. A 100th anniversary updated edition of The International Jew should be given out with each customer's purchase of a Tesla vehicle.

e2f88d  No.12123210


>genetically fit people produce genetically fit children

>turns out ugly people being smart and handsome people being dumb is a jewish meme

stop the presses

e21853  No.12123213

File: cd50a3a0d572c6e⋯.png (196.79 KB, 1214x822, 607:411, socialism.png)

File: b812740c813766e⋯.jpeg (119.97 KB, 706x517, 706:517, Hitler smiles.jpeg)

06dbeb  No.12123215

File: 3249cafe324023d⋯.png (342.37 KB, 617x743, 617:743, 1e90d54f103ab3829339aed072….png)


B-but he claimed to be a socialist!

886cf9  No.12123223



It would appear that socialism has been corrupted by the Jews. So the problem is (((socialism))) and not socialism. Like with everything else.

6406d0  No.12123226


Serving the common good means the parasites need to be removed. You can't have a working socialist society with Jews in it.

fcece2  No.12123233


He's a transhumanist.

e21853  No.12123249


Yes. And it doesn't matter where on the economic spectrum the jews apply their influence, from marxism to libertarianism, their variation is a perverted ideal. These days wealthy whites see niggers, spics and other assorted scum and naturally gravitate to libertarianism to avoid contributing to the degeneration of the nation, yet simultaneously ignore that their resources should be used to help their own people. That doesn't mean you can't have a nice house and a few sports cars, but you also should have a responsibility to help future generations (of whites) attain a meaningful and productive living.

f197b4  No.12123348


This is shill bait

2dc680  No.12123444

musk is getting his air force security clearance pulled for this

this is exactly what joe rogan is

he is a political assassin

lures targets in because "dude the show is popular on reddit so its good for self promotion"

then he gets the target fucked up and coaxes them into political suicide.

all while having small brained discussion that uses big words to make mentally impaired stoners think that the discussion is deep or mindblowing.

on top of that the promotion of drug use is what keeps the stoners hooked. they will vouch for anything that promises them weed.

d0d313  No.12123521


Okay but why are so many pollacks dlcsring about joe rogan?

Is a dirty Jew is part of a corrupt business of the UFC not to mention he uses nigger drugs and degenerate hallucinagens that "exoand your mind."

Will someone just post rogan memes ples

d0d313  No.12123584

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can the rest of this thread just be Sage dedicated to Joe Rogan being an idiot?

501576  No.12123604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3d8010  No.12123755


Terry lives.

3d8010  No.12123770


>lures targets in because "dude the show is popular on reddit so its good for self promotion"

This right here.

Steer clear of Rogan. Do media all you must but stay the fuck away from this guy.

09a326  No.12123771

File: 5ffa84afffea2d9⋯.webm (1.48 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Goy Rogan and Gavin the C….webm)

File: 8ee42bd320f7c50⋯.webm (1019.88 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Goy Rogan - Progressive U….webm)

09a326  No.12123773

File: 28d9ddb3b07add6⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Goy Rogan and Gavin the C….webm)

e55d45  No.12123777


>(((Joe Rogan)))

>(((Elon Musk)))


3d8010  No.12123846


What's even more fucked up is that good guys like Brendan and Ed consider him their 'friend'. It's disgusting. Rogan is like a parasite; he's unremarkable, unintelligent, he's even a goddamn bully, but he'll always attach himself to successful or interesting people. He latches on and enjoys the ride.

Look at Eddie: he choked out a Gracie. Look at Brendan; he knocked out his greatest hero Cro Cop. What has Rogan ever done? I'll tell you: he's weaseled his way in.

To really drive it home: right here he had an autist on the show (Elon), an autist with a whole company, investors and stock value on the line. A guy looking to just shoot the breeze for a change. And what does this stoner mongol do? He feeds him booze and weed. Talks about weird shit. And then stock value plummets. And then articles come out, most unflattering about his guest. Great consequences for him and his life, does Rogan take any of this? No, of course not. Rogan just has you on, gets everything he can get out of you and moves on to the next victim. He just merrily goes on repeating his formula.

It's a damn shame that good people like Brendan and Eddie consider this shitbag their 'friend'. I really hope we can cut this guy out.

Fuck Rogan.

553b39  No.12123889


>his is exactly what joe rogan is

>he is a political assassin

>lures targets in because "dude the show is popular on reddit so its good for self promotion"

>then he gets the target fucked up and coaxes them into political suicide.

He that role over from (((Howard Stern))).

3d8010  No.12123925


That's probably where he picked it up.

553b39  No.12123964


>He that role over from

*he took that role over

0bb71c  No.12123971


Yea even after Rogan pretty much verbally eviscerated brendan on the experience.

I guess he understands how to play the game though which is to get "names" on your record. He's got Musk forever on his record now.

Funny thing about rogan is that he was in talks to fight wesley snipes in the octagon and this is what he had to say about it

“I just didn’t think that anybody who didn’t know any jiu-jitsu could learn it quick,” Rogan said. “I was already a brown belt by then, and I just knew what happened when a brown belt fights a white belt. I just can’t imagine.”

“I know how to stand up, and even if I wasn’t good at striking anymore like I was when I was a kid, I’m good enough to know what to not do and where to not be. And if I get a hold of someone who doesn’t know jiu-jitsu, I’m pretty sure I’m choking the f—k out of them.”

“He’s never wrestled, he never had a competitive martial arts match, whether it’s a kickboxing fight or karate fight. I was like ‘I’m gonna choke the f—k out of this guy. I’m gonna get a hold of him, and I’m gonna squeeze the s–t out of him, and they’re gonna give me a lot of money, and he’s probably not even gonna get hurt.’ That’s what I thought.”

So this smug fuck says all this even though the fight didn't happen and then on his same podcast he tells Schaub whose supposed to be his friend "You have no skills you suck"

3d8010  No.12123991



>all these stale buzzwords

>Rogan actually takes them seriously

>at his fucking age

I always thought it couldn't get worse than boomer kid Heny Rollins, but then he had him on the podcast and i thought i'd have seen it all, but then there's actually that shit in your post.

Just nuke his shit already. Below The Belt and Bad Guys Inc can have anyone on.

0bb71c  No.12123997


Joe rogan is what happens when you mix a space marine with the alien chest baby creature from Total Recall

3d8010  No.12124015


Exactly this.

Someone get Conor in there because there's a big fat bald snake in the grass.

3d8010  No.12124018


>Yea even after Rogan pretty much verbally eviscerated brendan on the experience.

I'm still mad.

6ec0d1  No.12124049

File: 5323e46d0384d70⋯.png (70.91 KB, 620x350, 62:35, controlled.png)

It's sad what Musk has to do these days to win government contracts.

cbdef6  No.12124127

The agreement obviously is we'll keep your show funded so long as when you call on you to sewer someone, you step up to the plate. How else would a "white male" be allowed to have a top podcast show?

96ca13  No.12124190


And now you know why the "blondes are dumb" trash is jewish to the core.

2839e3  No.12124242


He said Jews whether he likes it or not. That's why they are kvetching. The rich and powerful are statistically and overwhelmingly Jews. Just as the rich and powerful were most likely to own slaves, and the rich and powerful were the ones responsible for moving slaves from Africa to America. Lets not forget the rich and powerful took over France when they butchered the royalty, and Russia too. Those pesky rich and powerful people, wrecking one nation after the next.

887028  No.12124254

File: b944f4ba2943632⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 300x237, 100:79, honda.jpg)

File: 5a0dc92e3785509⋯.jpg (61.92 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Honda Logo Sexy-800x800.jpg)


HOLY SHIT Jones is a [pimp]

what a truth WMD haha



ffe49b  No.12124261

File: 554217c71e81223⋯.mp4 (1.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BBC_Daily_Bixnood.mp4)

887028  No.12124273

File: b944f4ba2943632⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 300x237, 100:79, honda.jpg)


I knew he was inherently a r tard

but now seeing his posts yeah hes a domestic enemy


ffe49b  No.12124274

File: e67e9a206f619a2⋯.mp4 (4.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Joe Rogan cries talking to….mp4)

File: e80d4eb81c9f4be⋯.mp4 (5.32 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Joe Rogan_ Ronda Rousey mi….mp4)

453825  No.12124303


Are you a genuine idiot who reads into a person from a Twatter post?

e69fee  No.12124528



Like Seth Rogen

e69fee  No.12124532

he's got that whiny jewy voice too

63180a  No.12124539


Yes he did. He was talking about jews but he's smart so he didn't out right say jews. Kikes would ruin his career and life in a heartbeat if he did

ad134a  No.12124590


if they ai bit doesnt make you want execute all those soy fags then you need to get your T levels checked

7ebf12  No.12124821

he's a liberal who hangs out with pizzagate-tier celebrities and donated extremely heavily to democrats in 2012. If you think hes "our guy" then youre fucking retarded and dont know a single thing about him aside from le reddit memes and cuckchan bs based on an out of context tweet where musk "named the jew" (he didnt… at all)

7ebf12  No.12124868


the most reddit post in the whole thread, and thats accounting for all the elon cocksuckers

7ebf12  No.12124890


>let me get this straight…. Musk has a State contract to do underground construction… and he admits LIVE ON AIR he "doesn't even know it will be successful!" Ummmmm, folks, back in my day, this would have resulted in IMMEDIATE disqualification

you dont realize just how much that guy is involved with the government do you? they give him literally everything for free because he's a CIA nigger.

In 2001 he was hanging out in Russia trying to buy a rocket from some russian companies and they literally spit in his face and told him to gtfo, then he came back to Russia in 2002 with a CIA agent to convince them to sell it to him

Literally every single person in his company is in a "revolving door" situation with the government. thats how he gets insane subsidies and government contracts that would never be given to anyone else. he glows in the fucking dark and hes not a genius. Tesla, Maxwell, Schrodinger, Planck… these are geniuses, Musk is a fraud who fakes autism to look smarter than he is. its fucking pathetic and sad, people that arent complete redditors and enamored with the guy the way Rogan is could easily see the truth

e2cbfc  No.12124893


You have to be white to post here.

7ebf12  No.12124897


short sellers profit when the stock goes down you absolute moron…

7ebf12  No.12124909

7ebf12  No.12124944


Are you people fucking serious? Do you believe Elon has no agency or ability to dictate what decisions he will make? Who do you believe ultimately made the decision to smoke and drink? Rogan? Are you fucking serious? Elon could easily have said no to the drinks and the smoke and no one would have blamed him…

In your batshit retarded logic, when someone hands you a needle full of heroin and you overdose on it, you'll blame them for giving it to you?

cad190  No.12125006


nice boat

4f17ed  No.12125028


This and the other tweet subtly calling out (((them))) when asking the rhetroical "Who do you think controls the media"? got the (((dogs))) on him and after these tweets you really saw the media bias against him and thesheep reddit normie tards turn against him, people turned against him way before the pedo name calling, that was simply the icing on the cake and now the media is really pushing the pedo name calling shit, trust me, if he would've said the pedo shit before he came out as anti-media then it would've been swept under the rug quite quickly as a faux pas. With things like this, you really see the power of media, especially with every negative normie retard comment about him being about the pedo name calling stuff.

4f17ed  No.12125034


Not to mention him smoking the weed, if he didn't come out as anti-media they would've praised his weed smoking and not have put him in a negative light and thusly peoples (((opinions))) would've changed.

42da6a  No.12125209





5e68f1  No.12125594

File: ab493620b1a8f68⋯.webm (7.12 MB, 854x480, 427:240, elonwarning.webm)

9dd30f  No.12125690


FFS. People need to learn how to audio balance

feefd8  No.12125715


No, he isn't. He's an oddity like a nigger with a huge dick at the parties he gets invited to. What he did that was smart, was suck celeb dick so they would promote his shit for free and use them for their libtard political connections. He got 4.8b in public money. He also stole the company from it's founders. He's not great anything but a conman and that shit WILL END.

I'm finally listening to it now as I know this nigger will put me to sleep with bullshit. He needs to learn something about human biology, 'download into a new unit'… Fucker is watching netflix on acid. His 'hyperloop' crap is another joke. I hope he makes sure lots of those celebutards he loves so much are there for the opening that will also be the closing.


How the fuck would you know? hahaha. You also don't know what he really does. You just believe the judenpresse.


Legit, spic faggots. Drug using homos who lose half their fights then make excuses. The little one sounds like he had a stroke ffs.

dc38c1  No.12125750

File: 0a54c8d66ddd27e⋯.webm (9.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Tay AI.webm)


The jews fear The Second Renaissance.

912722  No.12125821

File: ac477dd173ab2b9⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 480x477, 160:159, FB_IMG_1520365438097.jpg)

Well, I am convinced I need to hear the whole interview despite it being absurdly long. I already saw the weed part and when they were talking about addressing traffic issues. I really wish Rogan would quit interrupting his guests or making banter at almost every second when they are trying to give description and detail.

f9237b  No.12125880

Faggots going apeshit when he obviously didn't inhale.

51029c  No.12125968


Wew, so he wasn't actually high?

9dd30f  No.12125985


He might have got a slight buzz, contact sort of high

a9f0fc  No.12126018


>M-my children are also agnostic, goy

t. Joe

0b1f1d  No.12126078

File: 316a5d523d8e6d2⋯.jpg (218.14 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, found-cannabis-in-viking-s….jpg)


>factual history is how I pictured it

Not really if truth is guided by your feelies.


>blew it up



Project much, shlomo. Cannabis is for European and Persians only, you nigger. Keep drinking your alcohol and pretending it isn't harmful and degenerate but cannabis is because "muh viking honey wine". You don't even know what a Viking is you fake ass mother fucker.

a9f0fc  No.12126120

bc5f03  No.12126145

File: 9bf24335330733f⋯.png (51.18 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 11_24_Jonathan-Swift_class….png)

Guys, Joe Rogan understands the American public consists of a bunch of dumbfucks, the reason he has such a high reach is because he understands this, but knows he's a limited soul. He cares to have all of these interesting people tell him what they're about in layman's terms. Joe sets an example of how to react if you're met with someone smarter than you are. I believe his battle is against the anti-intellectual attitude of the average American joe and jaquan.

02ae25  No.12126927


>Powerful people know, they're just too afraid to lose everything

That's irrelevant. AI's will be built with the intent of conceiving/building better more efficient AI's. A system that "runs away" from human control is inevitable.

Ironically the powerful people you speak of may have a hand in creating reactionary AI systems based on their own fears of losing control which causes total destruction.

138551  No.12127090


It might be easier to make cloth from hemp than flaxseeds though. Hemp cloth is also way more durable than linen. The article I linked also didn't indicate that they smoked - it suggested the possibility of ritual purposes in passing but the bulk of the article was talking about rope, sails and clothing. But really we just don't know what they did with the buds. I mean if I was a fisherman and lived a simple life I would probably burn it as incense for the Gods or something. Why not? I certainly don't think we should be smoking it in the current year unless you have a disease or something. Sage for slightly off topic.

7e3e3e  No.12134498

File: 7fdc21d6ccee879⋯.png (397.84 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-09-10-15-4….png)

0c7aab  No.12134758

File: 5806220a4c02c71⋯.jpg (90.15 KB, 431x462, 431:462, PissWater.jpg)

>Jew Rogan

>Elon Mutts

Two habitual liars who lie at every opportunity

59a8c4  No.12134908


>vikings did mushrooms

09a326  No.12134943


Technically they drank reindeer piss from the reindeer who ate mushrooms, iirc.


I picture it as a pipe. You can't picture a viking lighting up a pipe with his mead after a long day?

0c7aab  No.12134958

File: 5e4f4076c06e8a0⋯.jpg (151.46 KB, 810x960, 27:32, 08e6695f5404c304c428504eec….jpg)


I can picture an elephant smoking a pipe, but that's not proof that elephants have a history of smoking. Vikings, like every other nordic people drank beer for recreational, nutritional and medicinal purposes. To this day scandinavians do not smoke, instead they place snus, a wet tobacco product under their upper lip. It's called snus.

a394c5  No.12135019





>board is destroyed goyim give up.

First off this board is makin a slow recover mean while cuckchan has to fight off shills commies, libs, and plebbitors the populate over there instead of here.

Now get the fuck out kike.

a394c5  No.12135037


>muh opiniom

This board is natsoc that is a fact either you like this or not or you can go back to cuckchan.

a394c5  No.12135043


Looks like he hit a nerve chaim.

a394c5  No.12135050

File: 5c29aa1819aeb98⋯.png (220.76 KB, 2300x940, 115:47, 5c29aa1819aeb982508f6fa6a2….png)


Lurk 2 more years nigger.

032a74  No.12135061


This is such a shit tier opinion, and shows you are just a basement sperg with no real concept of what is truly going on.

There are good guys and bad guys, just because someone has money or influence does not automatically make them a bad guy. There is a small minority that are working on our team.

672f19  No.12135070


>first off


You don’t belong here. Get the fuck out.

>slow recover

No, we literally just covered that.

>while cuckchan has to fight off

No one cares about your paid shill website. This board was natsoc until kikey. Now CM personally disavows the right and doesn’t protect it. Nothing you have written is even in English. Put a bullet in your brain. Everything I said is correct.

d5d757  No.12135084

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He said the same thing as Alex Jones except Alex Jones sounded smarter and better explained his thoughts.

72eedd  No.12135091

So did Iron man pass his test?

72eedd  No.12135114


Elon is doing good work destroying the slush fund

72eedd  No.12135125


I'm not gonna tell what I think he will do but I hope for the truth and the bringer of it to be blessed.

fc919f  No.12135207


Confirmed retard. Stopped reading here. There is no reason to consider this fag special.

000000  No.12138165








<Red Pills

Not a single one, he didn't even repeat the population story from


286713  No.12157977


Elon Musk sounds like an autistic Bernie Sanders. kys.

45a210  No.12162227

SpaceX - FakeX

PayPal - ScamAll

Elon Musk - A lyin' Mutt

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