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File: 0114688ca6b636e⋯.png (856.8 KB, 740x892, 185:223, 23tr-o34ioj03gfionhqwefio9….png)

ff4f63  No.12117134

Soy cucks finally crying about censorship

ff4f63  No.12117167

>DLC, d l c, DlC and any form of the word is currently banned alongside other words like ‘Jew’, ‘Nazi’ and other terms that can be used in an inflammatory and offensive way. Why it has been placed in the same category as these words is beyond my explanation – at least an explanation that makes sense from a gamers perspective.


3f2093  No.12117182


>censoring 'jew'

>censoring 'dlc'

DLC confirmed as being a jewish trick.

17c613  No.12117186

>giving your money to (((media)))

>not using torrents

Yo deserve this.

449f8c  No.12117190


shut up nigger

f37e6f  No.12117192

File: 77cd71d67313c4c⋯.jpg (32.63 KB, 720x708, 60:59, bbe9bad42b0d33d11470993bc2….jpg)


It's simple, complaining about shitty dlc is antisemitic.

This will definitely not backfire, EAs PR team is flawless.

449f8c  No.12117195


go back to reddit

ff4f63  No.12117206

File: d2b8a32105b7ffe⋯.jpg (246.04 KB, 894x529, 894:529, british army.jpg)

File: 67773b3a60c4218⋯.png (915.34 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, british army 2.png)


You don't want to buy our historically accurate game, goy?

d1251d  No.12117218


4246a3  No.12117230


Ubisoft started the ruining of vidya. Now if only we could lure a good jew to shoot up their HQ similar to how the last one lit up the most niggiest game tournament ever.

17c613  No.12117232

For the last time, stop giving them money, dont pay a single shekel for games, problem solved.

4907ab  No.12117234


That one got memoryholed real fucking quick after people pointed out that he was a jew, didn't it?

1a19e7  No.12117238


it's even better when you can play as a strong independent nigger jew fighting for nazi germany.

ff4f63  No.12117247


No need. All you have to do is adopt codewords to replace words like nigger and faggot. Like how anons were calling niggers "googles" for a while. This will force them to expand their word filters to block out everyday common words causing a lot of problems among normalfags playing their games. Every time they censor a new word move onto another one, but always make sure to use a common word. What they're doing can be easily turned against them.

3b2a2a  No.12117250


Goddamn I hate this current year cuckery, that stupid expression of unearned stoicism they have isn't by mistake.

20387a  No.12117260

Who the fuck is going to buy BF5? Its 100% sjw aids and even they wont buy it cause shooter.

>the kike will lose shekels though so a win i guess there?

863a4f  No.12117273


>Ubisoft started the ruining of vidya.

For your generation maybe, but the historical starting point was always Nintendo.

ff4f63  No.12117281

File: b22d03c7ff8de23⋯.jpg (85.15 KB, 1316x676, 329:169, auto trigger discipline.jpg)



3f2093  No.12117286

File: 4df04717fb00933⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 1130x678, 5:3, 1517910028944.jpg)



>t. EA public relations

aaee86  No.12117327


>alongside other words like ‘Jew’

equally offensive.

8b0dd7  No.12117335


This. GooberGate got me reading through old Nintendo Power issues because "surely things couldn't have been this bad back in the day, right?" Wrong. Things were always this bad.

b714bc  No.12117348


3 Niggers and a chink woman are now "Soldiers" from the late 1930s to mid 1940s? In European nations? Are they out of their fucking minds?

b714bc  No.12117350


Holy shit, just noticed the trigger, please tell me that is a shop, and why is the color of the stock lack as default instead of brown?

9e7ed9  No.12117366

>censored "DLC"

They can call it "merchant packs"

Gaming market need to crash hard. Stop giving them money. Torrent games you want play

b19b32  No.12117400


>air is free

>evolve bigger nose

t. Schlomo

42ac75  No.12117426


We're in 2018 laddie.

000000  No.12117440

>censoring 'dlc'

scrub censor and scrub

i like to (((rub)))

09c662  No.12117507


>equally offensive

i agree. every time i hear "jew" i'm disgusted and nauseated. terribly offensive indeed

47e963  No.12117512


>Zoom in on ops pic in disbelief

There is a fucking female german solider as part of yet another piece of cover art. If they ever try to say they're not shoving women down people's throats they are flat our lying.

53070d  No.12117547

e1df04  No.12117617

It's funny how not even normalfags buy those kinds of games, I mean Mass effect andromeda and Battlefront 2 flopped. And the pre orders for Battlefield bagina don't show anything really positive.

ea9a92  No.12117649


Isn't "Jew" just a name for their nationality? It would be like banning the word "American" or "Christian".

Fucking lol the kikes banned their own word for themselves because it became a slur.

010c1a  No.12117661



>don't FORCE ME to behave as SOMEONE DIFFERENT


e1df04  No.12117662

Don't give him (you)s

17c613  No.12117709


>Minorities know this and buy:

"Minority" here, we buy hardware, not software, you are like those american leftists that believes they know everything minorities want because they are PC. BTW, you have a lot of "minorities", minorities with money and minorities without money, from the ones with money you have a little minority that buy games, "shitskins" with money that buy games buy ps4 and football games, for some weird reason they believe that pc is for lifeless virgins and xbox is mostly ignored and called "inferior", i am talking about spics obviously, asian money is enough to said what americans can play and what not.

17c613  No.12117712


Video games are media too.

c90b42  No.12117722

File: e7788215c7de0f5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 304.98 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 160818150433.jpg)

Am I the only one here who liked Hardline the most?

I guess not cos I saw one of you faggots ruining my game with bots the other week

2bb15f  No.12117724


Non-gamer here. What do DLC and hitreg mean and how does banning them further their agenda?

c90b42  No.12117725



000000  No.12117735

Should this not motivate /pol/ to create a new acronym? Let's see how many these (((DLCs))) can censor.

832303  No.12117757

>supporting the video jew

>not waiting X amount of years to emulate it on your new fully decked put and modded super pc

I dont get the logic of gamers, I still enjoy shit like bubble bobble

515cea  No.12117763



Downloadable Content, normally has the form of paid "extra" content but often it means the whole (read: actual) ending of the game, depending on how kiked the dev/publisher is.


Hit registration, IIRC this means that there aren't actual bullets flying out the rifle, no matter the animation, but that instead the damage from a gun is teleported to wherever the barrel is pointing at that moment. Not sure on that one.

>how does this further kike agenda

It doesn't. Kikes are being retarded and doubling down for the 6.000.000th time in a row after too many goys caught on to their vidya scamming.

The might soon start banning the word lootbox or pre-orders.

Vidya gaems are fucking shit now because of the fucking kikes.

44fef9  No.12117915


>playing video games

97245a  No.12118081


Dee El See

38069a  No.12118088


found the spic

ce164d  No.12118109


>merchant packs

hooooolly fuck this

ddb076  No.12118121


>transsexual elliot rodger is an European Sniper?


f37e6f  No.12118122


"hitreg" would come up when someone is complaining that their hits aren't registering, due to lag or bad netcode or whatever.

8b2211  No.12118127


This looks like something incredibly fun to fuck with. You guys wager we could whip up a controversy over this? Anything to hurt SJWs.

aa4660  No.12118195


perfect timer for that old googles and skypes thing

f17429  No.12118196


>Why it has been placed in the same category as these words

Because DLC is just as bad as Jews.

f17429  No.12118237


/v/irgin here.


DownLoadble Content. It's kinda like small expansions with more crap for you to play with, but EA is infamous for cutting parts of the base game and selling it further down the line.

Base game can cost 60$, they'll charge you 5$ for each piece of DLC (10$ for the bigger slices) and if you dare buy anything, you'll end up shelling 150$ for a single game. It's THAT scummy.


A bit more complicated than other anons put it. Hitreg = hit registration. When you shoot a gun in a multiplayer game, you send information to the game server telling it "I shot a gun from this position and in that direction".

The server then has to calculate the bullet trajectory and register a hit on an enemy or a miss.

A long time, YOU hosted the server at home and your shitty computer would shit the bed every now and then, crash/fuck up and not register hits correctly.

Game companies responded by providing gamers with dedicated servers they put up for the games, completely for free*.

*They reserve the right to take the servers down anytime making the game unplayable, forcing you to buy the new one with servers that just opened.

Problem: maintaining good servers with lots of people accessing them is fucking hard. Millions of people sending information from their computers to your service? It's pratically a DDoS attack!

So you got two routes here: improve your infrastructure so you can support the large ammounts of data…

Or the EA way: pressure Dev's to fuck up when developing netcode so the game drops information left and right or the server simply discards information to avoid processing as much. That and shitty hardware.

If you ever try playing one of these games, see your character sticking a machine gun up some Hadji ass and watching him walkay even after you empty the fun on him, that's bad hitreg. Either your client decided not to send the information to the server, or the server dropped that information.

It's actually a lot more complicated than this, I'm giving the "non-gamer" version so you can understand. Stop by /v/ if you'd want to learn about hitreg in depth.

tl,dr: EA sells a product that is getting worse over the years (more DLC kikery, worse hitreg every year), people start to complain about it in-game, EA censures them because they're dumb kikes and keep forgetting the Streisand

effect all the time.

b0d345  No.12118261


>this is what it takes to get manchildren to care about censorship

this is what brave new world looks like T B H.

4ba92e  No.12118327


Kind of like the word nigger, which just means black.

Is someone on the inside trying to weaponize gamers to fight against censorship? Or is that too tinfoily?

8b2211  No.12118337


>game about shooting people

>game about WWII

>can't say Nazi

The absolute state of SJWs.

5cf310  No.12118345

File: 576dec0fa1764dc⋯.jpg (86.95 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, soyboy.jpg)

>Playing the video Jew in current year

4ba92e  No.12118346


Looks like they'll have to say National Socialist.

33ac18  No.12118395


It makes it difficult to suspend disbelief when reality is so brazenly flaunted.

08bc1c  No.12118403


Yeah, they didn't even try the old



3e29d2  No.12118416

File: 7f3f08d5ddfd679⋯.gif (292.05 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1501064185194.gif)



Don't mind me just checking these nice digits.

1da7ab  No.12118477


This, I fell for the Sega Jew with Total War Warhammer and ended up spending nearly 200$ for the game.

To imagine how scummy this is, the five factions in the first game, as well as 3 'DLC' factions that are first-game-exclusive, are unplayable in the second game if you didn't buy the first. They aren't even throwaway factions, as they include all three human factions (Empire, Brettonia, Norsca), dwarves, wood elves, orcs, and vampires. You literally can't play as anything but a literal rat jew, elf, or lizardman in the technically superior second game without dropping over 80$ on the first.

911737  No.12118599


I've always wondered why they all make that soy face. Is it something genetic?

9684c4  No.12118600


THIS x1000. It's so simple. "muh vidya" no life fags turning over mummys shekels to these jews to pay for their own race-mixing brainwashing is the problem!

911737  No.12118653

File: eec360e12e22c1e⋯.jpg (387.02 KB, 1020x2161, 1020:2161, Snippet.jpg)

Check it out laddies.

08bc1c  No.12118654


Downloadable Cohen

911737  No.12118659



Both are strong contenders.

afacc6  No.12118674


lol what the fuck

ab8f59  No.12118675


as bad as I thought it was I didn't think the cancer would be that bad please anon tell that is not real

911737  No.12118680

File: 895afc045069152⋯.jpg (386.48 KB, 1018x2160, 509:1080, Snippet.jpg)


Came back for more didn't ya?

ab8f59  No.12118705

911737  No.12118706

File: 600b215bbc9f0f7⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1165x897, 1165:897, Snippet.PNG)

Also i've read all the articles concerning the EA stock plunge and it seems the journo's are at it again. All of them mention the disastrous pre-order sales and all of them ascribe it to the launch window (having to compete will Call of Duty). Which is fucking retarded because the pre-orders opened up for sale LONG before Cowadooty.

So once again, video game 'journalism' is completely leaving out the controversy surrounding SJW shit and gamer push back. I wonder if it's about time to start mailing shareholders and investors. I highly doubt these guys even know what's going on.

afacc6  No.12118709


No fucking way

911737  No.12118713



08bc1c  No.12118714



I think I have aids AND cancer now.

911737  No.12118717


I expected this to happen, why did i do it anyway?

911737  No.12118720




Notice how they've censored both Whiteman and White man (without and with space).

5d3bc9  No.12118722


>tfw bought a nintendo shitch and then all the soyboy memes came rolling in

I just wanted to play the new Zelda, and thought bringing said game to hotels or airplanes would be fun. It is but holy fuck the shame is real, what an effective smear campaign.

911737  No.12118726


Still though, a real journalist would've made mention of gamers pushing back against SJW shit forced in their game and the company attacking and insulting its own customers, even telling them not to buy the game.

9684c4  No.12118729


>"merchant packs"

YES THIS! Make them ban loads of common words (merchant), every jewish common name (moshe), keep pushing until they either give up on censorship, or make themselves look like the cartoon bad guy nazis that jews love to portray in movies.

911737  No.12118736


Toying around with SJWs like this is more fun than playing their 'game'.

2c1e66  No.12118757


>National Soycialist

>The soyim know!

>The wej and the reggin

7b4914  No.12118764



2c1e66  No.12118767



Fear grimace used to be called cocksucker's cramp.

a5073e  No.12118878


If you want downloadable content

You have to pay the dues.

911737  No.12118889


>you have to borrow interest bearing credits first before you can buy Downloadable Cohens

e54979  No.12118898


ABC News did before his identity was actually known, they reported shooter unknown but gleefully added he was a white male.

e54979  No.12118907


Have not all the Battfield's since 3 also launched alongside a Call of Duty?

c23816  No.12118914


I guess they do have a point, the DLC is jewishness, while the Expansion Pack is truly Aryan.

a5073e  No.12118932


Your home may be at risk if you fail to adopt the required cryptocuntsy for DLCohen

911737  No.12118959


Correct. You could literally fetch the release dates for said games and look it up on historical stock charts to see that these 'journo's' are talking shit.


>DLCohen cryptoshekels must be bought with real currencies but are not reedemable against real currencies

67cf00  No.12119054


You're right. This shows the absolute ridiculousness of censoring speech in an online game under the justification of ending "toxicity".

Let me give my own personal example, I had been playing rainbow six for roughly the past year.

>inb4 jewbisoft

>inb4 vidya is for losers

Before they began their crackdown on "toxicity", chat was pretty much full of shit talking and blaming others, but the trolling and anger was mostly limited to this area of the game. You'd get the occasional team kill or vote kick, but overall it was a playable game. People ran their mouths and vented their rage in the chat, but matches were within a reasonable state of playability.

Once the toxic crackdown began, the trolling and chat moved from the chat box into the voice chat, and players started abusing the vote kick and started team killing more.

After the auto ban bot was implemented, people were using all manner of words to evade the bot and people were basically gaming the system to be as disruptive as possible without being banned.

My personal experience in solo que casual (I only rank que with friends) was that it became a cluster fuck in every aspect. Vote kicks, screaming over voice, team kills, suiciding near dok so she could get their phone, etc etc.

The game became unplayable and I just uninstalled.

There's something about being able to call someone a dumb fuck, or a nigger, or a faggot, or to call some chick a cunt that seems to keep the retards in line. When you prevent them from being able to vent out their retardation in chat, they find other ways to fuck with people and their actions become more direct and aggressive.

It was really weird to see the game reduced to a shit pile in just a few months. To see the collective player base just destroy the playability of the game once they could say "nigger".

For me, it's not a big loss. I don't want to play video games that cater to the snowflakes anyway, but rainbow six was a decent game imo, nothing groundbreaking, but reasonably fun and worth spending a few hours a week in casual just playing and wasting time.

I do experience schadenfreude when I see the snowflakes crying about how bad the game has got though. That is the world they asked for imo.

fc74c1  No.12119090

File: 7368553f90156dd⋯.png (755.12 KB, 460x1124, 115:281, socialmedia.png)


To me it seems like they're trying to convey an "oh my god" sort of excitement to try and fit in by going along with whatever's big at the time or showing that they're a fun and exciting person, but their eyes always give away that it's just a contrived facade.

11232e  No.12119180

File: aed8696f9e5a4ff⋯.jpg (3.24 MB, 3415x3046, 3415:3046, MAX SOY.jpg)



Its the current year's version of duck face. Though the reason soyboys catch alot of flak is how they tend to be white knights and enable plenty of SJW horseshit.

Tl;Dr: when men stop acting like men.

67cf00  No.12119192

File: f29cc5ec615b59b⋯.gif (3.03 MB, 500x368, 125:92, fear_grimace.gif)


It's either a submission thing, as the fear grimace theory suggests, or it's because they're feminized and see women doing this kind of thing in pictures and follow their lead, assuming it makes them more attractive.

Theorized thought process goes:

>these girls make big smiles and funny faces when posing so because "they're just like men" and I find them attractive, if I imitate their behavior they'll find me attractive.

226102  No.12119540


Maybe its just that men is this digital age have so little interpersonal experience they don't even know how to smile.

911737  No.12119592

File: e20902ae4d0e77a⋯.gif (927.29 KB, 250x230, 25:23, 1414170841554.gif)


>that pic

This just made me sick to my stomach.


That theorized though process is fucked up, do you mean to say that they follow the lead of women who try to be men?

>that gif

My fucking sides.

a6b96d  No.12119613





This is like with Jones & PJW who were always crying for all the anti-kike people to be banned. Then THEY were the ones banned.


But yes, censorship is so fucking great. Tell me about how awesome it is, and about how it totally won't bite you in the ass eventually.

911737  No.12119622


Even so it still doesn't make any sense to me. If you wanted to share with others how excited you are over thing X then just record yourself being super excited. I really don't get the open mouth shit, Anon here >>12119180 touched on something, comparing it to duck face, but still why the hell that open soy mouth? Is it what women do nowadays? Did duck face get replaced with soy face?

911737  No.12119631


I don't know, to me that just seems like laughing at the guy in front of you getting fucked knowing you are next in line. Not comforting at all.

d342e6  No.12119639


Wew I remember how much the shills freaked out about saying google and skype.

b54d25  No.12119901


Why the fuck do they have an AK?

b54d25  No.12119949


>equal and opposite reactions

Great post, anon.

5e3c2b  No.12119983


Yeah, this thread is about video game companies censoring criticism of their games, not anything political. Still tangentially related to /pol/ I suppose because they do also censor /pol/, but it should be in /v/.

6fa879  No.12119995


there's already a code word used in place of nigger, and media uses it quite a bit urban youth

46bff9  No.12120012


While I feel your pain anon, you have to realize that this is a good thing. Part of why vidya declined so hard was because it became "mainstream" and was no longer a niche pursuit enjoyed by a hard core of dedicated few. The moment thots started to post themselves nude wearing "gamer" attire or seductively biting controllers was the breaking point. Ever since then, we've needed to bring back bullying, both to keep the soycucks and fake gamer thots in line, and to purge the vidya of any mainstream allure or connection. Leveraging social stigma to ostracize the offenders is one of the best ways to get them to fuck off back to whatever hole they crawled from.

Yes, it means we suffer for our vidya, but the suffering builds us into stronger men.

1bf56e  No.12120024


>oy vey politics isn’t politics

Fuck off.

44816b  No.12120068


>because I'm not averse to censorship when its reasonable

>but we have to combat censorship

hahaha the cognitive dissonance being displayed by this guy is fucking priceless. what a beta boy

f7157a  No.12120266

File: 3a31c47ef3c8709⋯.png (79.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 4dd95d3dcdeecfbef10ac870c8….png)


>Why the fuck do they have an AK?

It's an STG 44 you nogunz faggot

8adef9  No.12120465




To be fair, Switch is the only system Battlefield isn't on. Nintendo's systems have always scared the jews running EA and Ubisoft.

And Nintendo consoles are the least popular with normalfags.  Bullying nerds who just want to play Mario and Japanese games won't help reduce the vidya impact on society at all. Nintendo has by far been the least pro-SJW of the big three for several years now

c66a8b  No.12120496





Hilarity incoming. Gas the DLC. Platform wars now.

8d0c75  No.12120527

File: 165ba82b739f4bb⋯.jpg (14.17 KB, 249x260, 249:260, repulsive.JPG)

Look if you want to get rid of the jewdya, download SNES, NES, DOS etc games in packs (via torrenting obviously), emulate them and the next thing you know, you got over a 1000 games to play. Bonus is that they take less space on your hard drive than GTA V.

sage because this thread goes to /v/

>inb4 but politics is everything!

/v/ is already politicized so what's the point?

7eb0fe  No.12120644


BAD COMPANY 3 WILL NEVER HAPPEN •properly• 😢 FUCK DICE AND EA the jews did this

b54d25  No.12120661


Airgun faggot actually. They're a much better survival weapon.

f7157a  No.12120703

File: adad4212c7dc09a⋯.jpg (110.85 KB, 628x418, 314:209, 1460333078583.jpg)


>Not making your own black powder from your pee and using it in your own blunderbuss

4da454  No.12120722


Imagine having this much down syndrome.

c66a8b  No.12120730


Checked. I recommend making clones. Then bring in your own story. Clones are awesome. Long live the clones!!!

dacdea  No.12120735


EA doesn't hire enough niggers. Demand they hire more, so they finally fucking die.

c66a8b  No.12120749


Then it would be cool if someone hacked their servers and proved they weren't paying the niggers as much as real engineers.

b54d25  No.12120769

File: 7b4698ae461e6d9⋯.jpg (33.84 KB, 1200x692, 300:173, 1200px-Girandoni_Air_Rifle.jpg)


Even your burger Lewis & Clark expedition had a better solution than niggerpowder.

0dfcec  No.12120770

File: 762eb3de28045d0⋯.png (179.69 KB, 847x744, 847:744, 1529507712123.png)

>mfw reading this thread after a comfy x400 ticket match in BF4

It's become such a fucking shitshow. Anybody who didn't jump ship after WE WUZ INFANTERIE deserve every iota of this.

c66a8b  No.12120795


< dissing black powder

keek nogunz

43cf58  No.12120811

>you can say DLC but only if you say FREE DLC

what the hell are these kikes doing

b54d25  No.12120813


I've fired a 1825 H&H .50BPE over under once owned by a Maharaja. Great gun, fun, decent kick but wholly unnecessary when a .308 or .458 air gun will drop a bison or grizzly.

Hence why I mentioned the Girandoni.

ea9a92  No.12120907


Actually no they're not, a silicone band stores energy just as efficiently and is a far simpler device than a fucking pressure vessel with valves and shit…. Most airguns are around 16J on average, slingshots of the same price level are about 14J. Inb4 theoretical max or the fucking texan. A 1 inch lead ball fired out of a tapered 120m/s slingshot is also possible, but not practical.

7443ba  No.12120915

manchildren playing videogames in their 30s…

f9fa2e  No.12120943


Yep. vidya is trash.

089897  No.12121276


>torrenting multiplayer only games

d3cbd8  No.12121301


The russian armies have always included mongols and asiatics

2b5d3e  No.12121307

File: a8f612dc580cee7⋯.jpg (87.53 KB, 900x648, 25:18, glare that makes you commi….jpg)

>banning DLC

What the hell are you supposed to call it?

Are they happier with people calling them micro-transactions?

2b5d3e  No.12121310


fuck you nigger

Dragon Quest XI is worth it

f87beb  No.12121319



What gave it away?

f87beb  No.12121337


>Jones & PJW who were always crying for all the anti-kike people to be banned.

Really? I heard of them censoring their own shit for their jew masters but didn't know they went as far as asking for jew cover elsewhere.

4866c7  No.12121342


>Ubisoft started the ruining of vidya

Look at this newfag and laugh. You want a real player in that? Check EA for the modern form of vidya ruining. Been fucking things over since the 90s with their ability to get jew funding.

3ebbfb  No.12122666


Man fuck that game. Play ArmA 3. the game is /k/ as fuck and most of the people are /pol/ too.

We shit talk jews every time I'm on.

7388f4  No.12122672

I should have posted the webm in this bread

white man banned in chat

See >>12122660

cfb5d4  No.12122913

>because I'm not averse to censorship when it's reasonable


1306ec  No.12122991


Guess how I can tell you are a city fag?

Air rifle….. Wait till it gets sub zero. The cold does fun stuff to seals and metal. If I need to drop a Grizzly I'll be bet on my mix of 00buck and slugs.

Air rifle….. Go outside faggot.

000000  No.12123015



Easiest to pirate content from but I'm a 30yr old boomer who just plays Mario Golf

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