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File: 74ab6c3de348e2f⋯.jpg (85.55 KB, 1157x694, 1157:694, faggots.jpg)

48d02c  No.12117207

Can we please troll these utter soyim degenerates?

>The creators of the cult-hit podcast Chapo Trap House deliver a manifesto for everyone who feels orphaned and alienatedpolitically, culturally, and economicallyby the bloodless Wall Street centrism of the Democrats and the lizard-brained atavism of the right: there is a better way, the Chapo Way.

These guys pride themselves on being the "dirtbag left" which means they call people retards and say crude jokes to appeal to their Fellow White People. They also have said many times that they do their show in the hopes that young men won't be drawn towards the alt-right.

Currently, they receive $100k a month from Patreon.

More quotes:

>In all other realities this show died after its second episode, but in our single world, Chapo has become an underground cult hit for up-all-night weirdos, MMA aficionados, Twitter fetishists, and most of all the irreverent left. It’s unlike any comedy or political podcast I’ve ever listened to, and I’ve heard ‘em all. To say Chapo is in “poor taste” is to mistake taste for clear-thinking. Chapo is not depraved — it sees clearly – it is not deliberately offensive, but unapologetically honest, which explains the exhilaration of listening to it. Our editor Shane Ryan turned me onto the podcast — this highly irreverent, profane show, which is so hilarious and delightfully vulgar I can barely stand it.

>It has been called the leftwing alternative to Breitbart – a subversive, humorous and politics-focused new media presence that has attracted a devoted following on both sides of the Atlantic.

>Chapo Trap House has mostly attracted followers of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, but recently it burst into the mainstream US media when a dispute erupted between the podcast’s provocative, hard-left commentators and the New Republic, a stately institution of polite neoliberalism.

>But there is more than weird Twitter shenanigans at work in CTH. The trio of hosts bring to the table a breadth of awareness about (seemingly) everything that’s been published in every media outlet for the past few decades, and a depth of knowledge on various, arcane subjects. Their capacity for recall and ability to uncover gems from America’s content landfills are uncanny and occasionally intimidating. Will joked about putting out a set of annotations with each show, but it would probably be a welcome addition, as I find myself retreating to Google to trace all the show’s allusions.

fd70d6  No.12117220

File: e5cada075516cbc⋯.png (305.99 KB, 855x643, 855:643, e5cada075516cbc6fc90da81b3….png)


>It has been called the leftwing alternative to Breitbart

lol gay

48d02c  No.12117276

File: c9d00327be4244a⋯.png (11.74 KB, 268x241, 268:241, Patreon.png)

Reminder, these guys are making 100k a month to make fun of you.

fd70d6  No.12117300

File: 2d4f0eb8608a57a⋯.jpg (134.73 KB, 500x450, 10:9, 1432965404422.jpg)


>23,000+ paypigs

I'm probably laughing harder than they are right now.

8e6e2e  No.12117307


Who makes more, Juden Peterstein or Soyim trap house?

c65ea3  No.12117313


I started listening to them a few months back and it's a new perspective but they are fucking funny.

e80e80  No.12117314

Doomed to fail because of the left's constant infighting and ideological purity tests that always come with rabid identity politics.

You can't steer the ship with rebranding toward reasonableness when dealing with batshit crazy commies/trannies/feminists.

Great way to alienate normal people and it makes your movement toxic waste during voting time.

Won't stop being that way until the rational move to ignore such lunatics is again the default.

8e6e2e  No.12117319


>a new perspective

Communism is a "new perspective"?

00a9aa  No.12117321

File: 20a295cdddb13e5⋯.png (149.21 KB, 350x342, 175:171, b94a6511a40036c3ad1564bb71….png)

File: 14bab5d2807c2fb⋯.png (39.46 KB, 556x628, 139:157, 54f8eb33f7a6d2f7651e8160d4….png)

>generic neoliberalism



6f459f  No.12117331


Sounds accurate. Both part of the kosher sandwich.

6f459f  No.12117343


>rabid identity politics.

Socialism is more popular than ever and on the rise. How does that make you feel?

3c8173  No.12117346

File: 4c390ec31fb7c86⋯.mp4 (123.83 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Based Pacman.mp4)


even better when you remember they're socialist larpers.


>Doomed to fail because of the left's constant infighting and ideological purity tests that always come with rabid identity politics.

From what I've seen of the community surrounding CTH (aka the subreddit) this is pretty much the case. The edgier leftists getting torn apart by everyone else and any real use of slurs descending into queers writing walls of text grandstanding over how using "retard" and "faggot" is totally not cool man.


The type of shit CTH is pushing is just another vector the left is trying to use to appear edgy and contrarian while being anything but.

dd1837  No.12117347

File: 905e48463e0caf4⋯.png (201.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 905e48463e0caf42edc3cf3d1b….png)


>these guys are making 100k a month to make fun of you.


I've never listened to it but I can bet anything it's making fun of basic-bitch magatards and their leftist equivalents aka not exactly your average anon. Furthermore who cares that a million cucks crowdfunded their own "satire" or w/e this show is.

f78228  No.12117354

They have a fucking book out now. If you want to see who their fans are, hop on Jack's gay box and search. It's all fucking retarded tree huggers living off their parents and jews. Human trash anyone on /pol would bulldoze into a mass grave. If anyone is looking to do something with their life/have cancer, shoot them during their podcast.

6f459f  No.12117359


>talentless hacks

If you could go back in time and kill the commies who lost to Hitler, would you bother?

f5589b  No.12117372

File: 11f0e5a031820b3⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, kys.jpg)


>alt right


Is this one of those threads where the subject is the OP and we get an article to laugh at? Or is /pol/ autkike now?

243ede  No.12117384


Lefties prove on a daily basis that they're nothing more than a mindless herd striving to be used by someone or something.

060213  No.12117388

The funniest thing about Chapo Crap House is that after you remove the gazillion layers of "irony" and the FYAD/LF goon snark, you end up with a vision that is essentially the fucking Venus Project.

Thats's what this faggotry about Gay Luxury Space Communism the DSA leftoids love to sperg amounts to: Dude, robutts r going to do all the work lmao.

It's less substance than your average tankie puts out.

fe901f  No.12117390

Fuck no who cares, we have better stuff to do. They and their fans will all be dead in a few years of either suicide, botched tranny surgeries, or drug overdose.

And inserting comments about people being faggots and talking about sucking dicks and having sex with little boys doesn't make something funny. That's not to say crude things can't be used in comedy, but that alone isn't any substance.

243ede  No.12117391


>identity politics

Identity isn't politics, it's nature. "Identity" only became politics when white people began to rediscover their identity and abandon fear of the weaponized term "racist," which was created with the explicit purpose of undermining group cohesion and influencing blind individuality. If someone in a position of influence is saying identity politics, then they're either a fool, or they're doing so with intent to keep white people specifically individualized, because individualized we have no power.

31dbd1  No.12117433

File: 7460aa4b2ffbd9c⋯.png (637.75 KB, 629x636, 629:636, ClipboardImage.png)

Cum Town is better.

f5589b  No.12117446

File: 67926ae49fa13f2⋯.jpg (20.33 KB, 511x341, 511:341, 67926ae49fa13f21541d018f41….jpg)


It is, and it's still shit

6f459f  No.12117476


Fuck off back to your ironybros forum.

31dbd1  No.12117487


And you go back to the 504um civnat fag.

6f459f  No.12117491


Ah, faggy drama. Thanks for the confirmation. Added to the filter.

31dbd1  No.12117492

File: fc5ed9b05e02efc⋯.png (282.48 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 8c6b76c6b5117c1cb167774073….png)


Called it.

b30b76  No.12117953



And these 100k are just from Patreon. They probably get (((state funding))) for being a very good anti bad goy controlled opposition.

53a3bc  No.12117977

They look like they trolled themselves.

Absolute soyboys.

71d627  No.12118035


I've never seen so much soy in one picture before.

575e78  No.12118446


Why would you listen to Jews copying The Daily Shoah when you could just listen to Kike Enoch?

4e47ca  No.12118455

Jesus fucking Christ even South Park is funnier.

07a8b1  No.12118480


not your personal army, faggot

addaa7  No.12118484


They're probably more like TRS than Kikebart. In a way, I honestly respect them more than TRS, given that they appear to actually believe what they say. I doubt we'll see their hosts doxed, and it revealed that they're all secretly heterosexual gentiles.

d872a0  No.12118495


So, they want Wall-E irl?



>tfw you never got sucked into controlled oppo

Feels good.

e19bc2  No.12118506


Literally only knew about it through TDS… When anons used to talk about it a lot several months back

Fucking TDS….

Chapo is even more irrelevant and even the Alt Right make them look like the lonely soyboys that they are.

Irrelevant, only worth laughing at and forgetting about.

06defc  No.12118541

File: fe0ab993cdd2179⋯.jpg (96.82 KB, 908x440, 227:110, DeRPNdQVMAAdET4.jpg large.jpg)

File: 2193f4a18734571⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 678x652, 339:326, DmAz_KPXoAAIJ86.jpg)

867dc1  No.12118556


>those soy-male faces

>the sheer level of faggotry in those quotes

jej, if only the cucks and traitors would just die quietly in a corner already and spare us from the endless stream of cringeworthy trash.

f94d2b  No.12118610

File: 9d3c03c873a52bc⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1366x1536, 683:768, Ultra_depression.png)


>Implying we don't blame (((capitalists))) and (((rich people)))

193063  No.12118612


>leftists chaps who fuck traps in a house

31dbd1  No.12118619

File: 07d2e3d8fd227f1⋯.jpg (6.97 KB, 260x194, 130:97, relaxedhank.jpg)


That boy aint right.

193063  No.12118623


>goon snark

An apt and tight description.

4775f8  No.12118711

my guess is that they are getting "donations" from leftist orgs. patreon is a great way to make it seem like average folks are funding your stuff when in reality it's all still establishment money coming in

43a8e9  No.12118732

> Chapo Trap House

Strange, they don't look like mexican ladyboys.

06defc  No.12118772


People who ironically watch podcasts have gotta be the saddest motherfuckers on this planet.

867dc1  No.12118778


>People who ironically watch podcasts have gotta be the saddest motherfuckers on this planet.

>People who watch podcasts are the saddest motherfuckers on this planet.


19c255  No.12118809

File: 2ad4ce7f152e7d3⋯.gif (966.99 KB, 245x180, 49:36, startrek giggle.gif)


>we're going to be star trek post-scarcity in a generation!

>why try?


I hope they realize, that's the result if the bourgeois win the class war. Suicidal depressed soygoyim have already culled themselves from the gene pool, only ivory hunters want them now.


If you've been keeping up their internal emails, they're fucking pissed that political incorrectness is more trendy than being professionally oppressed.

d872a0  No.12118822


Got any juicy email screenshots?

5c4ae7  No.12118852


Humor always works in delivering your message. Which is why they do everything to deplatform funny outlets like Daily Shoah and Daily Stormer while promoting late night talkshows and podcasts like Chapo Trap House.


It's popular because it's presented as a simple solution to our issues, but it's not going to work with non-whites, open borders, left-leaning corps, rampant sodomy, and a low trust society. T

That's besides the point though. If you guys can't be altruistic under a free market with tax breaks, then you won't be altruistic when you hold power in government.

That's a fact. Nothing preventing left-leaning corps like Google and Amazon from donating and sheltering homeless people right now. Instead, they do the exact opposite. They invest millions into symbolic virtue signalling like refusing to sell "hate speech books", criticizing right-wing ecelebs, donating to wealthy podcasts/media/products, or censoring racist websites, but decline to give their employees a living wage, buy houses for homeless people, or host a food drive. Additionally they also fire and dox their political opposition, essentially making them poor and powerless.

When you consider every action that leftists have done, they have no interest in assisting the poor or reforming our broken system. They're only interested in gaining power to selectively enforce rules that benefit them and hinder their enemies. The right is guilty of this, but they're very transparent about it. The left lies.

8791c9  No.12118862

They're trying to invoke the old Something Awful goon culture before it became 4chan, basically. It reminds me very much of early George W. Bush era internet comedy. Where they make fun of cuckservatives because "they're worse" and softly prefer Democrats because of this… however it all seems so dated like they're pretending the whole last 10 years of internet born political activism never happened because guys like that would've migrated to at very least civic nationalism. Ironically enough when SA was struggling for relevance, a mindset of ultra-SJW (with strict mod control) was adopted to "counter the chan culture", it got to the point that saying "tits or gtfo" would get you banned for misogyny (on a forum you need to pay $10 to even join)… SA collapsed and some remnants fleed to reddit.

f117d4  No.12118908



>no one will know we're trying to advertise our shitshow

19c255  No.12118920


They pretend the last ten years of their lives never happened.

It's funny watching goon snark become irrelevant, it really didn't age well.

6c1d4f  No.12118954


Cumtown is wayyyy better. Except for the bug.

Chapo Trap House is 2018 NPR+Rick & Morty

….only fan I know is an old college buddy. 2nd generation tech family in Silicon Valley. Has a Physics Degree. Works for 1 of big 3 tech companies. Atheist. Nihilist.

Admitted he probably would work someday for defense manufacturers. If he didn't make the bombs, somebody would.

Girlfriend was a sociology major and president of Feminist club @ California UC. SJW to the max. Works in San Francisco to Soros project resettling Refugees.

5d873f  No.12118982


Three Jews rehashing CIA-created new left ideology from the 1960s. Funded by their fellow rich new york jews.

42964b  No.12118994

File: a91b6cb9a5c42b7⋯.jpg (36.09 KB, 500x336, 125:84, DVChVtdXcAEyNp5.jpg large.jpg)

File: 2db0fac5beda029⋯.jpg (128.29 KB, 1026x768, 171:128, DQuAPBhUMAA1hbS.jpg)

"Chapo is a mix of absurdist comedy" literally nothing they say is controversial and their same egalitarian ideology is propagated by billion dollar corporations and the largest publisher in the US published their book.

Only infantile fantasies and temptation can drive their ignorant desire for some socialist utopia paid for by whites, Jews and Asians for the benefit of Africans and Hispanics only.

5d873f  No.12119027


One of these jews said his parents are "working class architects," to show you how out of touch they are with real humans.

4e47ca  No.12119040

File: 43219e2d587d72a⋯.png (102.19 KB, 259x194, 259:194, ClipboardImage.png)


>Where they make fun of cuckservatives because "they're worse" and softly prefer Democrats because of this

5d873f  No.12119051


South Park is the opposite. They prefer libertarian-cuckservatives over democrats

8d99c6  No.12119145


Meh in earlier seasons they show that soft support for Democrats, remember the episode with Hillary and a nuke in her pussy… she was treated with complete respect, at least politically. Not to mention the people that didn't want their nation infiltrated by the brown hoard were all "rednecks" that they said they'd "take their jerbs".

4e47ca  No.12119154


Then explain this - South Park made fun of Hillary for ONE episode (The Snuke) and then later on, only snippets of episodes. Meanwhile they spent 2 (or three I can't remember) FULL seasons making fun of Trump. I'm not saying they should be politically biased but if you're going to mainly focus on the shenanigans on a town, make it apolitical.

Who am I kidding, that would ruin the show.

4e47ca  No.12119163


> she was treated with complete respect, at least politically

Not really.

3de698  No.12119164


Sad to hear that Something Awful collapsed pre-SJW culture.



Considering that Bush's war on Iraq is what kicked off the economic downturn and the collective clusterfuck in the middle east we see today, Republicans were the target for mockery then.

Now, they're being made fun of for being RINOs.

4e47ca  No.12119196


Yeah but it still doens't make South Park innocent for Seasons 19 and 20, which is way after the Iraq war.

5d873f  No.12119645


>Meanwhile they spent 2 (or three I can't remember) FULL seasons making fun of Trump.

Because libertarians and cuckservatives hate Trump.

726cc0  No.12120064




You mean listen to? Are you guys retarded?

1a9005  No.12120485

This picture is so white, i'm sure these soyin never saw a street rat in their lives.

1a9005  No.12120516


Are we on 2013 were racial blindcolor and cispriviledge is a issues again?

baafed  No.12120551


>100k / mo patreon neet bucks

jim makes more than this in one superchat session and wastes it on camel cigs and paint thinner lmao

8bc504  No.12120552


Nah. Unimportant. They're just ZOG interns LARPing as TRSodomites.

Best approach is to ignore.

1a9005  No.12120569


The term "Racism" came to break down the individualism, not the reverse.

cc9ac4  No.12120577


So? Why should I care about what these Marxist loons have to say about anything? I couldn't care less about the disapproval. They're wrong. They don't have a clue. Everyone involved in this, from the viewers to the soy characters, are pathetic, desu. If these people don't dislike me, I'd be concerned.

cc9ac4  No.12120601

>They also have said many times that they do their show in the hopes that young men won't be drawn towards the alt-right.

Why would any young white man be drawn to an ideology that blames them for all the evils in the world, wants to demographically displace and eradicate them and wants them to work and support the Marxist state until they drop dead? There has never been a political movement as hostile to white men as the Communism these pathetic fools promote.

1a9005  No.12120628


They are all fucking white males.

cc9ac4  No.12120633

>taking the internet by storm

>so popular

Uh huh. They're not on itunes top 100 podcast list for the US.


86ed6f  No.12121326

File: be768665771c64a⋯.png (632.44 KB, 1000x724, 250:181, image.png)


Imaging being so feminized and afraid to rock the ideological post-modern boat that you settle for a radical alternative ideology that just happens to be within you comfort zone.

It must be nice to have all of the smug feelings of being edgy without any of the social risks of actually having to be edgy. Don't they notice that corporations and politicians agree with them?

c117a3  No.12121888

Literally who?

eed5bc  No.12122433


Man, I hope someone writes a book about SomethingAwful some day. I haven't logged on to my account in years, and I can only imagine it's filled with the same weird mix of super-sincere pre-redditors and pre-Twitter ironyshit.

7e3ed6  No.12123466

File: 36ce313fa7a9ff6⋯.png (16.72 KB, 241x230, 241:230, 1410293035763.png)


>So, they want Wall-E irl?

Pretty much.

It's difficult to describe what a fucking joke DSA-style socialism actually is. At least the tankies and AnComs can play with the stuffed corpses of Marx, Lenin, Bakunin and Kropotkin.


Honestly, nothing fucked leftism on the net worse than the goons escaping their contaiment facility (tho I', sure Lowtax was sick of getting Secret Service visits) and infecting everything with doughy trustfunders, trannies on NEETbux and aggrieved minorities while practising their irony-laden struggle sessions everywhere they went.

165419  No.12123508


>Doomed to fail because of the left's constant infighting and ideological purity tests that always come with rabid identity politics

i've never heard it, but by the looks of it, it'll be labelled an "alt-right neo-nazi" podcast in another year or two

sage bc ecelebs

fd70d6  No.12123644

File: 86696b420826b52⋯.png (475.32 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 86696b420826b526521d8c5332….png)


>Alot of the things the alt-right are mad about are rightful things to be mad about


That boy has about 6 months left tops before he goes full internet nazi. I've seen this slow release redpill in action too many times before.

000000  No.12125525


Cum Town is a limited hangout for all the old school libs who got sick of woke politics and DSA/Chapo-tier circles, and long for the pre-2010, old school hipster days when you could poke fun at anything earnest, laugh at the world and generally just be complete degenerates, indulging in all your vices and taking nothing in life seriously.

Mullen is more or less redpilled, and would be /ourguy/ if not for his kike handler co-host and bug extraordinaire, (((Adam Friedland))). Some of you may recall in one of the first episodes they mention the podcast getting funding from somewhere. It was either from Adam's parents or some other kike(s) that Adam knows. Now the show is pulling in north of 37k/month from Patreon, so I doubt he will ever pull a Hyde because he has too much to lose.

I still enjoy the show, of course, and Nick for all his faults (for one thing, he's a manlet), is still a high-tier autist and probably some sort of comedic genius. He would be on our side were it not for his degenerate upbringing and jewish social environment.

Forget Chapo, someone should send him that Unz holohoax article.

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