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File: bc78e7c5f407bf8⋯.png (523.63 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, 7NpyR6W.png)

File: 0abdf5428a2336c⋯.png (69.88 KB, 1596x807, 532:269, JHXX5Ji.png)

File: 06e7fccc186a01b⋯.png (79.48 KB, 1605x957, 535:319, DX8ItRY.png)

File: f5e0c7d1450ac2a⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, qtards.jpg)

File: 5e660f97dbb396e⋯.jpg (116.67 KB, 760x507, 760:507, magakikes.jpg)

68e813  No.12117457


>If you’ve paid any attention to Q Anon, you’ve probably heard the claim that there’s currently an unprecedented number of sealed indictments (25,000? 40,000?? 60,000??? a million bazillion?!?!?) building up. just waiting for Trump to unleash The Storm. This obviously sounds ridiculous, but I’m not sure if anyone has actually sat down and debunked it yet — so that’s what I’m here to do!

>As it turns out, that’s not hard to do, because the Q crew has actually been keeping pretty good records, here’s an imgur album containing their instruction manual. [link below] As you can see, they are using the PACER (Public Access to Electronic Court Records) database, which is open to the public. PACER.gov lists individual sites for each district court; for each one, they’re running a search for reports associated with pending criminal cases filed in a given month, counting how many are associated with a sealed case (these cases are designated as “Sealed v. Sealed” instead of naming the plaintiff and defendant), and adding that number to the monthly count.

>So what’s the problem? First, those search results showing up on PACER aren’t just indictments, they’re court proceedings. That certainly includes indictments, but it also includes search warrants, records of petty offenses (like speeding tickets), wiretap and pen register applications, etc. For example, here’s the search page for criminal case reports from the Colorado district court [pic related 2] , where you can see that “case types” includes “petty offenses,” “search warrant,” and “wire tap.” (There are other options as well if you scroll — although I didn’t take a second screenshot — like “pen registers,” “magistrate judge,” and finally “criminal.”) In the Q crew's instructions for conducting these searches (linked above), they specifically mention leaving all default settings except for the date, which means their search results will include speeding tickets and search warrants and everything else.

>Second, the number 45,468 comes from adding up all the sealed court proceedings that are submitted every month. It doesn’t account for proceedings that have since been unsealed and/or carried out. In other words, that number is literally meaningless. It’s always going to get higher and higher, because they’re not keeping track of the number of court proceedings that are currently sealed, they’re just adding up the new proceedings that are filed every month. So how many are still sealed? Frankly, I have no idea, because I have zero desire to go through all 50+ district court websites (most states have more than one) and count them all up.

>However, I did use Colorado as a test case. According to their running list, a total of 1,087 sealed court proceedings have been filed in the Colorado district court between 10/30/17 and 7/31/18. I ran my own search for pending reports filed between 10/30/17 and today (8/7/18), limiting “case type” to “criminal” (to avoid getting results for search warrants and speeding tickets), filtered for cases flagged as “sealed,” and got… a grand total of 41 sealed criminal proceedings [pic related 3]. In other words, of the 1,087 “sealed indictments” they’re claiming have built up in Colorado, only 41 — or 3.8% — are actually criminal proceedings that are still sealed.



Album containing Qtard instruction manual so you can verify everything yourself:


15050e  No.12117463

i read your tldr post but i still don't understand what the fuck your trying to say.

b70024  No.12117499


He's trying to say that "Qanon" is full of shit.

654e46  No.12117505

alright, but why the fuck would a speeding ticket be sealed?

42a968  No.12117552

>Believers in the Q psyop are retarded.

Preach to the choir.

000000  No.12117559

Qcumbers are a national embarrassment.

000000  No.12117716


>invisible pink unicorn

How does one tell it's pink if it's invisible?

e3639c  No.12117928


You read the unicorn bible.

38a9ee  No.12117946

Q faggotry : a group of boomers who don't even understand what the fuck is going on and what Q is about, get together and talk about it because it sounds like the pilot of some cool TV show and make them think they are part of the action while they're effectively as useful as dogshit. It needs to end now with gas.

35076b  No.12117959


I said this a while ago. Only a small percentage of these are indictments.

2251da  No.12117983


10 questions that science still can't answer

7743ee  No.12117987


Almost everything related to Q is not readable. Everyone involved with Q don't speak english, they speak Qnglish. Some kind of language you can hardly understand when you read text at places like >>>/qresearch/. Its like american boomer has its own kind of english.

ac67cc  No.12117991


Tell us something we don't know, motherfucker

000000  No.12118009


That sounded very familiar.

Do you know who else wrote something similar to debunk the indictments?



6557de  No.12118014

It's coded you morons. Also victims are coming forward… We are not alone. The victims have the power and we are using it… R

8085a6  No.12118033


it's not American boomer, it's how someone writes something using words and "predictions" so vague they have no meaning and can be associated with virtually anything in a person already primed to do so.

you may have heard of it. it's called astrology.

8085a6  No.12118039


it's the same reason someone can see a white power symbol being flashed by someone resting their fingers on their arm. or Jesus in a graham cracker. keep staring at the sun and that'll start talking to people again, too, maybe get the Catholics involved like at Fatima again.

this thing is a religion that we're up against. average tax-paying boat-owners who've just wrapped up a summer listening to the best of the 00s on the back-in-the-day-buffet throwback radio station and tunin' into "muh football" are getting closer to the day they realize it's not their country any longer. they're surrounded by religious fanatics who want to kill them.

80d834  No.12118047

Only shareblue, JIDF, Joan, other leftist faggots use insults that are non-race and non-sexuality specific. In other words, if you call someone "boomer", you're probably a nigger-loving kike faggot. See the difference? The left is terrified of offending some cock sucking oven leftovers, where as we revel in it. Shills detected, and your opinions have been discarded.

9a1fb3  No.12118057

File: 501952a83fb78a1⋯.jpg (106.13 KB, 640x553, 640:553, nigsomeelse.jpg)

WTF is a "MAGA Kike" and why are you posting Q bullshit here you autistic nigger? Is this just some low-grade shareblue shilling trying to associate not being a flaming faggot communinst berniebro fuckstick with Q?

ffedee  No.12118063


I just noticed that they have a German thread. Peinlich.


kill yourself nigger

8085a6  No.12118076


keep flashing those "secret" signs like a gangbanger moron

ffedee  No.12118082


It's just German. Peinlich = embarrassing

71ca47  No.12118113


He should say it in another way because lying about how PACER works won't keep people fooled for long.

Whoever wrote this article is relying on the reader not having access to the PAID (article lists as public) side of PACER and not knowing how to use the system.

I'm find with information of any kind, but not disinformation. This is low level bullshit.

53ab4e  No.12118215


Microchip recruited his friends to smash the Q LARP.


The only thing that is unclear is your counterargument.

I want to see this slap fight go ballistic. Give it your best.

0e04d3  No.12118228

File: d98a362901131e3⋯.mp4 (699.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, John Kasich says McCain pu….mp4)

71ca47  No.12118239


I don't argue with jewish serfs. Your own people don't respect you, why should I?

Have a good day.

53ab4e  No.12118273


You're really invested in this Q thing, but has Q done anything but rake in millions for some ecelebs?

c36d7a  No.12118280



>not "Qiddish" or "HeQrew"

Missed opportunity

99b6f0  No.12118286


>Q-LARPer is ban evading because everyone sees through his shit



>only [specifically selected propaganda group] does [thing that i don't like], therefore [you are bad and i am right because you hurt my feelings]

Go back to reddit, Q-ueer.


>I'm find with information of any kind, but not disinformation.

Said the literal Q-LARPer.

c36d7a  No.12118291


Spotted the boomer.

274861  No.12118307

File: 771aece62df2ed3⋯.png (469.34 KB, 971x1297, 971:1297, ClipboardImage.png)


So a larp proves a different larp to be a larp?

Got it.

This 'proof' seems shady af.

c36d7a  No.12118329

File: 90d7b3e9f257b10⋯.jpg (204.77 KB, 1347x766, 1347:766, 36cc23b8f876b47e81ddf0cbc9….jpg)


The first one is the default search page, to show the options.

>For example, here’s the search page for criminal case reports from the Colorado district court, where you can see that “case types” includes “petty offenses,” “search warrant,” and “wire tap.” (There are other options as well if you scroll — although I didn’t take a second screenshot — like “pen registers,” “magistrate judge,” and finally “criminal.”) In the Q crew's instructions for conducting these searches (linked above), they specifically mention leaving all default settings except for the date, which means their search results will include speeding tickets and search warrants and everything else.

The text on plebbit links to the top images on imgur.

c36d7a  No.12118341


>top images


e14eab  No.12118587


I don't think you know the meaning of that word.

27d9fa  No.12118968


He said the Qanon bs did a web search like a fucked up Global Warming alarmists.


checked by KEK

c36d7a  No.12119006

File: f0973cb78a495e5⋯.mp4 (15.33 MB, 718x436, 359:218, SGT Report - Q LARP Nazi W….mp4)


>quoting a member of the Nazi Order while defending the Q LARP


99b6f0  No.12119009


Bump and reported for paid jewish shill.

7d0b8e  No.12120018

File: 364d771946a2a1f⋯.jpeg (125.16 KB, 474x413, 474:413, NiceJobGoldStar.jpeg)

b91aa2  No.12120038


>leddit debunks it

well lads its proven fact

791e8b  No.12120164

You guys know who REALLY wants to destroy our countries with multiculturalism and flood it with niggers? the nazis

25fe7c  No.12120431

File: 1eb96d99af52be6⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 661x614, 661:614, the double jew.jpg)

He's still useful to find out what the chosen want you to think. Like CNN and RT.

e5bba8  No.12120495

File: c8e921cea4ad2e2⋯.png (576.47 KB, 570x251, 570:251, Q Anon seattle plane hijac….png)

he's creepiest prediction was SkyKing

521251  No.12120504

>In other words, of the 1,087 “sealed indictments” they’re claiming have built up in Colorado, only 41 — or 3.8% — are actually criminal proceedings that are still sealed.

Denver =/= Colorado

Look, Q is bullshit, but the interest in sealed indictments started LONG before Q showed up and in fact, it was digging thread done here (and probably cuckchan too.)

So anyways, cool story bro.

e5bba8  No.12120524

File: 419619695ca861b⋯.jpg (83.12 KB, 665x590, 133:118, Q anon jews awakening.jpg)

1d2610  No.12120526


Wasn't Q exposed as an alt-right shitposter from gab?

021c32  No.12120553


You filtered search warrants out of your results. Run it again with search warrants.

I don't know what the procedure is for sealing these things, like if all search warrants are automatically sealed until they're executed, or if they become unsealed upon execution, but you'd think that if these warrants were a part of this big covert investigation, they'd remain sealed until charges are filed. If these were just routine warrants, then you'd expect to not see very many of them still sealed. Thus, if you still see a lot of sealed warrants that doesn't really undermine the theory.

Also, the fact that they're "warrants" and not "indictments" doesn't tend to disprove that there's a massive criminal investigation – you have to get warrants to present evidence to the grand jury to be able to get an indictment.

99b6f0  No.12120568


Fact of the matter is that none of them involve jews, shabbos goyim, nonwhites, or other traitors and Q-LARP is a proven hoax.

021c32  No.12120660


I'm not talking about this "Q" business (haven't looked into it) – I'm just talking about public government records. You have to admit this is an unprecedented number of sealed criminal proceedings (regardless of whether they're at the investigation or charging stage of the process). There was a Federal Judicial Center study in 2009 and the total for the entire country was only 1,077.





511618  No.12120773


Basically Reddit is saying that Q is wrong, and OP thinks this is somehow bad for Q's credibility.

48776b  No.12120857

File: b506ffd836360cd⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1577x6725, 1577:6725, 18726489123564.png)


It's funny because a Rothchild wrote an article saying the exact same thing not a month ago. But archive has it saved 4 months ago.

This reddit post plagiarizes this article almost verbatim.




Nah. That retards whole premise was that IDs followed you from thread to thread.

tbh, watching anonamoose, Alex Johns lemmings and the like try to slay a LARP has been one of the most underrated events of this year.

da43c0  No.12120865


Q predicted this.

b42e04  No.12120877


(((Your))) (((FALLACY))) is: (((Appeal to Ridicule)))

b42e04  No.12120881


If you support Q, you'll get deplatformed keek. But Q is totes fake, trust the anti-plan, fellow bug men!

47acc7  No.12120882

If you don't realize that qanon is a deep state ploy at this point… you're part of the problem.

da43c0  No.12120889


Q predicted you would say this.

b42e04  No.12120890

File: 0ae29eb8a40228b⋯.png (71.35 KB, 875x133, 125:19, ClipboardImage.png)

If you don't know why this is a tragedy you're one of the bug people.

2edf9c  No.12120905


Q = Microchip

Q is fake and gay.

Those continuing on with anything Q has ever said are literally delusional seeing what they want to see in Stockholm syndrome fashion. Wont admit they fell for a troll that go out of hand and taken over by other groups because doing so would shatter their entire existence.

48776b  No.12120910


Q =/= Microchip.

His whole premise rested on IDs following you across threads. That dude is a retard.

b42e04  No.12120918

Q has a bunch of shills who shill against him. It's pretty interesting.

Maybe those shills are just the 75 IQ bug people that believe in the gospel of the popular press and their television programs.

48776b  No.12120928

File: ebd97bd1ded306f⋯.jpg (85.43 KB, 767x611, 59:47, 1536260451886.jpg)



Found it. This is how stupid you look when you're fighting a LARP.


c36d7a  No.12120930


If you look at the early Q posts, they were clearly by someone different than the current LARPer. I also remember seeing something (can't remember what) suggesting the original Q was a newfag, which might lend credence to it being Microchip.

48776b  No.12120934


It's not fucking Microchip. The idiot blatantly puts his stupidity on display here. >>12120928

8247b9  No.12120936

File: c2011642656a160⋯.png (98.19 KB, 768x380, 192:95, Qregimechange.png)

Let's give this thread the dirt nap it deserves.

89a648  No.12120937


I don't bother trying to interpret Q. It all reads like the Delphic oracle. But golly do people get way to fucking angry about Q. Really damn angry. That ain't normal.

Like, there are people who believe that they can talk to angels and shit. But nobody gets angry about that.

The anger at Q is more significant than Q.

89a648  No.12120942


> get censored, can't even post anti-kike videos … anywhere

> can't even have anti-kike video GAMES

< censorship is good

Are you even real? How can you be real? how much stupid is that?

48776b  No.12120945

File: 64ab5927d1b3fa0⋯.png (559.82 KB, 1025x1065, 205:213, 12425257687.PNG)

File: 33da1369fb1c774⋯.png (31.74 KB, 510x791, 510:791, Iran is totally not Contro….png)

File: 9e5a68fd4f2f2ca⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 8726451827.jpg)

c36d7a  No.12120949


You missed the part of my post where I said some of the early Q LARP pots were from a stupid newfag. Not that the current Q (Pamphlet Anon) is much smarter.


It's because there aren't people here talking about how they talk to angels, or trying to mix taking to angels with real redpills.

c36d7a  No.12120952


Oh, you're a jewish Qcumber. Disregard my posts, and report to the nearest oven.

89a648  No.12120954


No, I mean angry. You don't explain the anger. I understand disagreement. Or even annoyance.

But you don't offer an explanation for the anger.

Tell me about yourself. Does promotion of Q make you angry? Angry at what? Q? The people posting it?

48776b  No.12120982

File: 6da16b565603869⋯.jpg (84.92 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 12986480123745.jpg)


>it was a stupid newfag

>but actually it's Pamplet Anon literally who

>but there is credence it's Microchips.

See, this is why I fucking hate the Qlarp. And it's not because of Q or his retarded ass following. No, because they don't come here spazzing out over their cryptic shitposting. It's you cringey fucking niggers coming to /pol/, literally from reddit, declaring that this time you killed the LARP for real. And you didn't. The 'proof' you set forward is hardly even fucking legible or credible as the LARP itself. And it's every fucking month with you retards. It's pathetic. You are literally fighting a fucking LARP.


Nah son. I just know controlled opposition to sustain western influence is the middle east when I see it. Also, death to Iran.

8247b9  No.12120989


>No, because they don't come here spazzing out over their cryptic shitposting.

They come here all the time. Every single day. Almost every single thread. An unlisted containment board had to be made for them and a constant threat of banning laid down and they still try to push their narratives and themes here – they're just careful not to drop Q by name.

48776b  No.12120999

File: 8ea8e9461cb0e5f⋯.png (350.52 KB, 613x650, 613:650, 172653796134.PNG)


Yea, well that what happens when you pick a fight with an imaginary enemy, you see it everywhere.

b57d5a  No.12121259


Do these retards not know an ID changes with every thread?

021c32  No.12121270


There's usually about 1,000 per year. There's been over 40,000 or whatever the number is. It's highly unusual.

b57d5a  No.12121303

File: 074a7a874f048aa⋯.jpg (667.26 KB, 1656x2500, 414:625, 07c2c98255cf1dbc72d8245148….jpg)


>fighting a LARP

>all for a LARP

really get's the ol' almonds activated

c36d7a  No.12121315

File: ea649c5979a2b5d⋯.png (943.79 KB, 1203x681, 401:227, Q nigger - trusting the pl….png)


If you were serious about stopping these kikes, retarded disinformation would make you angry too. You're clearly just a hobbyist.

Do you really not see the issue with a LARP telling everybody they've already won, and just to blindly "trust the plan" and all their problems will be solved?




83a250  No.12121318


check'd & true

a37397  No.12121333


Oh hey look. It's Bob Kennedy. He didn't actually nosedive into the fucking ocean.

a37397  No.12121343


>rake in millions for some ecelebs?

How is it doing that though? It's either real or just a crushing false hope/distraction. I can't see how it's a money making scam.

a37397  No.12121349


They're gonna nab Killary on unpaid parking tickets.

Trust the plan goy.

8247b9  No.12121351


The premise of the OP is that it isn't unusual. Did you have any idea whatsoever what the usual or unusual number of sealed legal proceedings were before some qfag told you?

c36d7a  No.12121355

File: 227ae6fbd0fd81f⋯.png (40.67 KB, 665x589, 35:31, patiotard LARPbox.png)

File: 89190aaded245c4⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1142x716, 571:358, sather patreon.png)

48776b  No.12121360


Wow, some eceleb has a patreon. Great fucking proof you got there pal. Stop bumping this shit.


c36d7a  No.12121362


Do you think ecelebs just do it out of the kindness of their hearts? They're all in it for the shekels.

48776b  No.12121365


Ecelebs are renown fucking shekel sluts. You've proven nothing but people on the internet can make money off of anything.

c36d7a  No.12121382

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nigger, the Q LARP is clearly about making shekels, as well as advancing the jewish narrative. The guy who runs the Paytriotard LARPbox has accidentally revealed himself to be Q multiples times. He presumably picked it up when Microchip abandoned the LARP.

b1671b  No.12121386

File: 971d4ef5d2133c1⋯.png (376.04 KB, 414x540, 23:30, Qaid.png)


Would you like another cup of Q-aid, anon? You seem a bit on edge.

db5d4e  No.12121399

OP is correct. The count of "sealed indictments" is just the document count.

Also, a lot of the cases relate to medicare/managed care fraud. Other stuff includes gangs. The "storm" aka waiting on something to happen aka popcorn fantasy is just that–a fantasy. That way, Americans see horrific, deep corruption and do nothing. The idea is to placate the public until Trump is gone, then crush anybody who supported Trump.

48776b  No.12121401

File: dce49a2941ffb9b⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1360x1231, 1360:1231, 234512367575.PNG)


Nigger, are you promoting your own channel?

26cc7c  No.12121403

>& MAGA kikes

Why does Trump piss you off so much? Who else should I vote for?

c36d7a  No.12121410

File: 79a7b6d7e9420a7⋯.jpg (276.01 KB, 916x480, 229:120, (((Q))).jpg)


>t-that's your jewtube channel!

Nope. Now can you try to explain that clip away if he isn't the current LARPer?

c36d7a  No.12121418

File: 462fc29e5d656dc⋯.png (165.43 KB, 850x1500, 17:30, 1534094288894.png)

File: a9467d2279af878⋯.gif (247 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1528748040532.gif)



And while you're explaining things, would you mind debunking OP?

0d9d38  No.12121420

File: 4a6e60c2bf51a14⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 230x172, 115:86, 1374945508408.gif)



>spergy reddit fags are angry that people like this silly Q shit

>literally make a whole community based around the notion of bitterly pissing and moaning about Qtards

>all they can literally prove is that the number of sealed indictments is lower than advertised

>not actually 0, just fewer than they hyperbolically cited it as being

>there's still tons of sealed indictments

>but some of the listings are for other stuff and may not count

>that's it

Get your shit together, reddit. This is like that time you retarded cunts thought you could impeach Trump over that "covfefe" thing which you tried to force as a meme for months.

26cc7c  No.12121424


Now they're trying to meme that all Trump supporters are Reddit.

>don't vote, goyim

doesn't work and people arent falling for it.

0d9d38  No.12121434


The whole thing is a fucking mess. Sometimes I wonder if these paid shills ever realize that they're are tripping over each other trying to run these triple reverse psychology demoralization wannabe psyops.

b440b7  No.12121439


To be fair, Q is pretty useful. Cuckservatives and boomers would have never rose up and done anything at all. Ever. They are already the most docile and placated people in the country. Without Q, many anons would have simply taken the blackpill and abandoned politics all together.

LARP or not, he has called out Freemasonry, Israel, and Mossad, and has greatly increased public awareness of the pedophilia and Luciferian sacrifices our elites engage in.

48776b  No.12121441

File: df89a34c1b178de⋯.png (322.27 KB, 1299x1598, 1299:1598, 13465367177341.png)

File: ba9d2e6ab6c69dc⋯.png (190.14 KB, 1278x1268, 639:634, 15327153715847.png)

File: 5e4ba4e10d32845⋯.png (211.05 KB, 1255x1702, 1255:1702, 18276418794.png)


Again, here is the fucking problem. I don't know what the video is trying to prove. What the fuck does a bike rack have to do with anything and how does that expose or confirm anything? Who the fuck is pamplet anon? Don't answer that cause I don't give a shit.

You act like anons here have been fighting this fucking LARP as long as you have which is clearly not the fucking case because this board does not give a fuck about a god damn LARP nor would it waste it's time trying to fight one. I mean look at this shit. Who has the time and energy to fight a LARP like this?


What is there to fucking debunk? You have retards going on about newfags, pamplets and microchips like it makes any fucking sense at all. If I recall correctly, weren't you fucking retards going on about ar-15.com being Q some months ago? I thought you idiots had killed the LARP then, what happened? I guess not. This LARP is just presumably so many different people that it's like a fucking hydra and when you expose one component of it, three more LARPers take its place.

Fuck off and kill yourselves, god damn.

48776b  No.12121464

Bout fucking time mods you fucking queers.

c36d7a  No.12121469


Pretending you think it's a LARP doesn't make it any less obvious that you're a Qcumber. Especially since you're the only kike who tries to push the "war with Iran is actually bad for the jews" narrative in every Qike thread.

>You act like anons here have been fighting this fucking LARP as long as you have

Within a day or so of the original posts on cuckchan there were threads made about it here, where it was called out instantly. That's how I originally found out about it.

>What is there to fucking debunk?

The refutation of the sealed indictments claim.

48776b  No.12121474


Cry harder faggot. I pray Trump has the balls to wipe every 80IQ inbred arab off the face of the fucking earth. Death to Iran nigger.

26cc7c  No.12121485

Trump will win with or without /pol/ backing him up.

He won because he piggybacked on a long growing wave of white working class anger and those people still support him.

/pol/ didn't really have much to do with it, but it's funny to see shareblue here. Guess it's full spectrum dominance to these losers.

0bfa4f  No.12121514

File: b32ee4d79f02123⋯.jpg (97.13 KB, 564x565, 564:565, 1533018171304.jpg)

The Plebbits don't even question that stuff. If anyone is led by the nose, it's the "don't ask questions cuz the government would't lie to us" plebbitors pretending to not be queue-tards pretending to not be plebbitors. Not that there is anything wrong with denial; amirite tho? …or is that wrongtho?

aa6f57  No.12121516


Oh ye of little faith.

aa6f57  No.12121517


They are the bug people, but the m-od-0-s here are ridiculously stupid as well.

021c32  No.12121600


The usual number is about 1,000, and I didn't hear that number from some qfag; I heard it from the Federal Judicial Center.

What do you think the usual number is? Do you know?

53ab4e  No.12121604

Who do you think "These people are stupid." is refering to?

021c32  No.12121609


>document count

What's that supposed to mean?

Whatever sealed documents you're counting there's an unprecedented number of them

53ab4e  No.12121715



I don't argue with NPCs. Just wait for the next MicroDrop. This is going to be a weeks long thing as he destroys the grifters.

021c32  No.12121790


you're a faggot

64e2a7  No.12122236


While that may be, I don't understand the anger at Q. I get that people might be mildly annoyed. But angry? I don't get that.

I get being angry at the kikes. This is a hatred right, to cherish, for these are the ones who tortured babies sexually, and they called it (((circumcision))), and they practiced it at a monstrous level, and they have done so many indescribably horrible things, vile, terrible.

I have a suspicion, and I should like to find if it is accurate. Tell me, anon, what your truest love is. Not your various ones, not the one you have to fucking say if you'll get tattled on to your wife or girlfriend. I mean in truth. What's your greatest love?

b49bc7  No.12122393

Another (((anchored))) thread.

f2ce14  No.12122403


Yes, the m– — o0 – - ds have been shittier and shittier. btw, check out this video. From a prohibited - (((censored))) thread:


c36d7a  No.12122835


>they have done so many indescribably horrible things, vile, terrible.

And the Q LARP protects them, and spreads lies to advance their narrative.

f2ce14  No.12123681


>Q LARP protects them

Madness. Q is a minor figure of history.

2df94a  No.12132923

Lol u dope it's still 50 thousand sealed documents. Indictments, court proceedings etc…. average a year is a 1000. This year is 50 thousand. Stop shi11lin. Q is real.

2df94a  No.12132930


Q is real you POS.

2df94a  No.12132933

Q predicted no names death but it's none of my business

dc0a45  No.12147171

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