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File: ab8f8d3457e3a89⋯.jpg (205.72 KB, 894x894, 1:1, amazing t d.jpg)

89832e  No.12117490

Posted this on 4chan and just had shills attacking me.

I want to know what you guys think, is there a way to get pornography banned in the US on a state, federal or town level?

This political issue could be a great asset to the movement. Feel free to drop redpills on porn, I would like to contact my local GOP office and make a presentation against pornography.

de0bca  No.12117495

You could always just move to one of the based countries that already ban porn, like the Middle East, China, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Vietnam , Cuba, or Burma.

89832e  No.12117497

File: 7ef5db2a9ca97e1⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1762x800, 881:400, Screenshot 2018-09-07 04.5….png)


The idea is to reduce jewish influence in the US.

Porn is just promoting racemixing, cucking, sissies and erectile dysfunction. It's bad for society and hurts the birth-rate of whites.

Running away from our problems will solve nothing, we NEED to cut off an arm of the jewish octopus.

5b859d  No.12117509

Ban the normalisation.

>"he he, it's 9 in the morning and we're going to discuss porn on our gossip show"

>"let's sell makeup with half naked women"

0ff6dc  No.12117517

>The idea is to reduce jewish influence in the US.

jews specialize in making degrading abusive porn

watch JAV and see real human sexuality in action

>american and europen porn makes me sick, the shit is unwatchable.

db822a  No.12117526


impossible to achieve, but if you have an idea how, we are here to listen

541018  No.12117532

Israel, the CIA the Bush family and Donald Trump's lawyer did 911

000000  No.12117534

This was already debated in the people vs. Larry Flint. It goes against freedom of speech.

8c0a4d  No.12117538


porn is not free speech.

c940f7  No.12117540


porn is free speech

c7262e  No.12117541


This would be the dumbest move ever made since prohibition. You'll never take porn away from human beings. Let it go, and direct your anger at the kikes corrupting it.

5b859d  No.12117544


I'm not for the banning of porn. I am against free speech tho.

d9cfa9  No.12117545

File: 02c4f9f787481f4⋯.png (443.32 KB, 667x406, 23:14, foreskin.png)



>porn is free speech

>porn is not free speech.

see: CP

8d66bb  No.12117548


>hiring a woman for the purpose of having sex with her is illegal

<hiring a woman for the purpose of having sex with her while recording is legal

000000  No.12117551


Yeah, well, this is a good point tho. I do not know if it could appeal to burgers. You know, no free speech leads to no guns and soviet union.

11b914  No.12117553


It is considered free speech, since it boils down to two consenting parties engaging in an act of love and expression.

However, like all things touched by Jews, it has become corrupted. It is no longer about love, but degeneracy.

5b859d  No.12117554


You type like a fag.

8d66bb  No.12117555

File: bea2ef2fd08592d⋯.jpg (111.87 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, ancient_pajeet_porn.jpg)


pretty much this. there has always been porn, but it's always been degenerate.

89832e  No.12117566

Ok anons, how about further regulating it to reduce the amount of sissies and cucks exposed to it? such as

>Requiring ID verification to prevent underage use

>Requiring Full name to ISP to view degeneracy

>Putting a disclaimer to the dangers of porn on the frontal lobe

dc6c76  No.12117567

Retarded American moralism strikes again lmao

5b859d  No.12117570


Or could just stop trying to bandaids on everything, burger spaz.

000000  No.12117573


8chan is banned in my country, english is not my first language, I am using the slowest orfox ever from a crappy chink phone and I bet you can only speak burger.

89832e  No.12117576


"Retarded American moralism" Do you mean reducing jewish influence on minors?

Fuck off, kike.

5b859d  No.12117582


Mmmh, okay, well, right, if it was up to me, you'd be banned from the world, for being a whinny little fag.

c7262e  No.12117584


Don't be discouraged, anon. It's not about how you type, it's about what you have to say.

000000  No.12117586

Any faggot arguing against banning or at least regulating availability of porn is clearly addicted to it.

5b859d  No.12117587


It's about both.

c8936c  No.12117588

File: bd62df944aeb84d⋯.jpg (529.07 KB, 878x599, 878:599, al-goldstein-jews-in-porno….jpg)


stay away from cuckchan there's something dodgy happening there right now the shills and mods are in league you can bet they're logging ips and passing them on.

But yes i agree with you anon porn is a jewish weapon used to destroy relationships and pervert your mind. It should be banned globally. They even admitted it and yet cucks still watch it.

4975d0  No.12117589


How do you regulate it without completely censoring and fucking up the internet?

8c0a4d  No.12117591

c8936c  No.12117592

File: 0c31f00db85ca23⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 297x216, 11:8, 1529846853077.jpg)


or a jew

c7262e  No.12117593


Don't be a dick and teach him how to be better. Also as long as you get the message, you shouldn't be offended anyway. It's just dumb to drive foreign contributors of the board on petty shit like this. Even more important…it's not entertaining for the rest of us.

000000  No.12117594


I don't really have an answer to that question. It's not an easy task, and I don't think it can be achieved via a technological solution. Rather, it would take a shift in moral consciousness in order to achieve it; i.e. make sure that porn and its users are effectively stigmatized.

89832e  No.12117595


T. Former porn addict here

I can say it's addictive, and having complete access to it at a minor is very destructive.

Average kid has a smartphone at like 10 or 11 years old now. Imagine half of them are just CURIOUS about it and check out pornhubs front page.

Addiction is a slippery slope, if you anons claim to care about whites, porn needs to be reguled in some way to at least create barriers to underage viewing.

>Must be 18 for ciggarettes, requires ID

>Must be 21 to purchase Alcohol requires ID

>Must show ID to see rated R move or buy rated M video game

Porn requires no identification and can be viewed by any minor, how is this OK?

c7262e  No.12117598


Everyone is logging your IP, anon.

dd4873  No.12117600


I'm a National Socialist and I think porn is degenerate. Your move, jew.

fb6b6b  No.12117603


Your point is so valid you need the government to do what you want by force.

If people where brought up correctly in a traditional home with good values and moral integirty porn wouldn't be much of an issue.

Stop trying to give the government more power and control.

8c0a4d  No.12117604

Porn is for cucks tbh….unable to control themselves. It is the lust that controls themselves. Then they will spout about "muh free speech" "porn is about love" and so on.


Meanwhile porn spoils minors, it destroys marriages, it lowers our birthrates, makes us degenerates, fuels hook up culture.

But well…it's comfortable to wank to porn so why not right

c8936c  No.12117607


VPN works here for some reason but not at cuckchan. I could never get VPN to work there. That should have set off some alarm bells really in the first place

bffe93  No.12117609


Porn is bad, but banning it doesn't work


Oh you mean those countries that consume it at a far higher rate than anywhere else?

You cannot ban the forbidden fruits. You can only try to shape society to teach the young better than that.

c7262e  No.12117610


A quick looksie at human history will tell you that no adult law ever prevented children from getting access to anything. We only make those laws to feel better about ourselves or deflect blame.

8d66bb  No.12117614


>Requiring ID verification to prevent underage use

<signing up for internet service already requires you giving them your name and social security number for a credit check

>Requiring Full name to ISP to view degeneracy

<see above

>Putting a disclaimer to the dangers of porn on the frontal lobe

this has promise. there should mandatory warning labels on porn websites just like they force on tobacco and alcohol products. it should also be known to the state of california to cause cancer.

dd4873  No.12117616


From a legal argument, banning porn brings up a lot of complications. The simplest solution is to not be multicultural, and be a homogeneous society. If there aren't foreigners pushing porn on your youth, then porn is far less of a problem. I suppose you could think of porn as a symptom, not a cause.

c7262e  No.12117618


That's because anons like me have shitposted so hard, that we exhausted each and every VPN out there. As for VPN's themselves…do not trust them in any way.

000000  No.12117620


Some things are destructive enough to warrant banning outright. Porn is one of those things. There is no universe in which having the equivalent of crack cocaine available to every citizen for free, on tap, is healthy or normal.

5b859d  No.12117623


*everyone claps*

c8936c  No.12117627

File: 19a1a115703aeaa⋯.jpg (65.55 KB, 640x502, 320:251, 29573097_10216028785581592….jpg)


anon has a point, when you ban something it becomes taboo and 'funny' to do it, it's why normies spread our memes.

we could instead just get rid of all jews then teach family values and morals to children from a young age. no jews = no porn being made or jew education.

89832e  No.12117628


Thanks anon, this is encouraging.

OP here, what would be the first step to making some progress in at least lobbying for a disclaimer on sites such as pornhub?

ID Verification is to prevent minors, kikes trying to allow ways to circumvent this could face fines.

This has potential, I live in a very red conservative state. we just need to make some case law to do this

541018  No.12117629


American national identity is 100% puritan facism, kind of like an ocerly zealous christian but more in a jews did 911 coverup way

c7262e  No.12117633

File: 1a06787cb1043a0⋯.jpg (12.17 KB, 300x233, 300:233, Ms. T.jpg)

bffe93  No.12117634


Killing the kike is much smarter. You will never eradicate porn, but you can make it less appealing and more niche so most people never bother with it.

89832e  No.12117642

Anyone have any infographs on the dangers on pornography? I'm planning on starting a grassroots campaign to get a disclaimer on porn websites stressing:

>Highly addictive

>Frontal lobe damage

>Increased chance of sexual dysfunction

>Potential to be subjugated to brainwash

There is legitimate brainwash on pornhub btw, this shit is fucked up goys.

8d66bb  No.12117651


>surely there's some studies the kikes have let through the (((academic journals))) that say something to this effect.

c7262e  No.12117653


You sound like a Jew lobbying for antisemitism.

89832e  No.12117656


I think the disclaimer is enough. It could create national attention of the dangers of pornography. It's a platform to attack the jew diagonally.


I mean, all jews aren't bad. I just want regulations on harmful things such as pornography. This fucking shit is barely regulated. A disclaimer is the least it could use… Stop being a kike and trying to discourage actual efforts to reduce the effects of degeneracy in America

acb17c  No.12117659


>mandatory warning labels

For what? There are no proven negative effects of pornography, and nothing worth putting up a fucking warning about. Only Christcuck conjecture.


>giving all your info to the kikes

455d61  No.12117660


i'm having a look now, i've seen an infographic somewhere about the effect porn has on your mind, it's similar to the way drugs work. trying to remember where i saw it, might have been on kikechan last year, searching images on duckduckgo now

455d61  No.12117664

File: 77021f319ed0b07⋯.jpg (65.24 KB, 840x960, 7:8, 38600403_141366860112193_6….jpg)


>all jews arent bad

>want everyone to give ids to jews

hold it right there shlomo

5cbd48  No.12117669

File: 947d729e6c6fd62⋯.jpg (81.73 KB, 700x393, 700:393, Chaika.jpg)


Wait when they find out this idea is so not popular, it will backfire into hate against nationalists even more. If you look around there are already retards who hate anime as well.


>wanting corporations to employ identification of everyone who watches porn

Literally what rich internet companies tried to do for years.

I am all for stopping sex trafficking which porn creates, but with porn ban on the internet you're going to have a bad time.

I'l just warn you once - there are many politically correct lamers in hacker community who would gladly remove 8chan from the face of the internet if you truly achieve something, just to preserve their right to masturbate.

If you're going to ban them, they are going to create few conditions you're not expecting:

1. Ban of swastika and all natsoc imagery, including arrest for possession/posting any, including pictures of hitler.

2. Equalization of nazis with pedos and implementation of same laws used for pedos to deal with nazis.

3. Ban of all websites having ANY endorsements of nationalism across all NATO countries

Which will result in massive world wide arrests and implementation of death penalties. Don't think you're in control. What you're planning for (((them))), (((they))) are planning for you. Today's Weimar can protect itself. And you know nothing about it.

c7262e  No.12117673


Again…you only do this for yourself. You don't give a shit about children. None of your proposals have any influences on children getting access to pornography.

6d4fe5  No.12117679


>if you make it illegal distribute videos of sex acts then it will lead directly to gas chambers for National Socialists

>be afraid goyim

>you can't stop the the jews

I'll just warn you once: You're going straight into a fucking gas chamber for real this time kike.

f50dd7  No.12117682


Idol worship is way worse than masturbation.

Hypocritical pharisee catholics of /christian/ have monopoly here.

89832e  No.12117684


There would be plenty of pork in any bill passed to regulate porn in anyway. I can agree any temporary win for the movement may end up hurting us long-term. Although I don't see how a mere disclaimer could be too bad.

Just drumming up ideas to better the country,,,,


The disclaimer isn't a bad idea.


240ca1  No.12117686

541018  No.12117688

jews did 911

c7262e  No.12117700


>The disclaimer isn't a bad idea.

It's a piece of paper in front of a bush fire. Worse than that…some political fuck nugget will use the implementation as an accomplishment to advance his career. Meanwhile some kid from Kentucky will get annoyed for half a nanosecond that he has to double click and ignore yet another window, before he can start the wanking.

541018  No.12117703

why did Donald Trump make the consious decision to hire a guy who covered up 911 to be his lawyer

89832e  No.12117705

File: bcba802db96bf4e⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1900x1250, 38:25, Screenshot 2018-09-07 07.1….png)


It's something, and it's a start. A disclaimer is the first step in reducing degeneracy and creating awareness.

Just because you're an autistic spazz who clicks through everything doesn't mean everyone else is.

Pic is WHO GUESSED IT, some jewish doctor claiming porn isn't addictive. Everyone listen to the smart jew goyim, he has nothing to benefit from you believing porn isn't bad for you

8b483b  No.12117714


Should it happen? Yes. Will it happen? No.

89832e  No.12117715

File: 8c32697572f3286⋯.png (310.15 KB, 1180x1158, 590:579, Screenshot 2018-09-07 07.2….png)


Kikes and shills see potential in this thread and are attempting to subvert it.

Anons steadfast, the disclaimer is the first step to fighting the porn jew. We don't need to outright bsn it, but at least give everyone curious enough to check it out readily-accessible information on the dangers of it.

ffb7bd  No.12117719


Good Luck, CA rewrote Sodomy Laws to allow Pron, and, CA voted against Pron using Condoms Law when Pron threatened to move to Las Vegas NV.

AVN; 9400 Penfield Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Chatsworth Court House; 9425 Penfield Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Street View that.

455d61  No.12117720


water is wet


kek. even jewpedia admits the jews created porn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Goldstein

as for information about what effect porn has on your brain there's plenty of books about it:


89832e  No.12117726

File: 7b636f291f9199c⋯.png (95.99 KB, 1976x358, 988:179, Screenshot 2018-09-07 07.2….png)


Thanks anon.

If israel can ban Nazi porn, why cant we ban interracial?

455d61  No.12117731

File: f84b7154011aa3e⋯.png (162.14 KB, 800x5265, 160:1053, download.png)

here's an infographic about how increased dopamine levels create your addiction to porn

89832e  No.12117736


Checked and saved. thanks anon!!

455d61  No.12117740

File: f2a33f8d383a386⋯.jpeg (99.5 KB, 500x786, 250:393, download (1).jpeg)

File: a74d021876294d2⋯.png (391.36 KB, 600x1552, 75:194, download (1).png)

File: 198268dcd8a57ca⋯.jpeg (44.46 KB, 641x375, 641:375, download (2).jpeg)

File: 1d705ce233a9880⋯.jpeg (46.42 KB, 300x432, 25:36, download (3).jpeg)

File: 8c47c7b5a961001⋯.jpeg (183.77 KB, 2382x1536, 397:256, download.jpeg)

c7262e  No.12117741


>porn isn't bad for you

Just read Sade's "120 Days of Sodom", which was (allegedly) written in 1785. Now compare the depravity from that time with the present and tell us why pornography is bad for us. Porn has always accompanied humans all through history and nothing will ever stop it. You crying for censorship on the other hand will only bring violence, like so many times in our history when we tried to take away stuff from each other.

All your future efforts will fail because you act out of selfishness. Your kind always has and always will be failing. Censorship is a tool of fascism and only promotes violence. Do us all a favor and stop trying to take stuff away.

If you really only have the well being of other humans in mind, then why don't you show and educate them on something that is more entertaining than pornography? That would be movement worth supporting…but instead you only take and never give.

455d61  No.12117744

File: f5a1402bdab2e21⋯.png (722.42 KB, 695x900, 139:180, 1512354782918.png)


>implying fascism is bad

c7262e  No.12117750

File: 945a9c605592792⋯.jpg (126.47 KB, 580x884, 145:221, SS Girls.jpg)


The correct term is Naziploitation.

c7262e  No.12117756


If you try to suppress the other site from speaking you'll get your ass kicked by history…no matter which site you're on.

89832e  No.12117762

File: e194d2e1296cf00⋯.png (566.05 KB, 1788x938, 894:469, Screenshot 2018-09-07 07.4….png)


Found the kike. Did you forget the whole idea of a disclaimer to educate the GOYIM?


35ee02  No.12117764

File: 1899dd5cfc93a31⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.1 KB, 800x538, 400:269, apns076sopl.jpg)


Japanese porn turns my wife and I on when we watch it together. Check out APNS-076 both my wife and I are now in our late 30's and a big fantasy of hers we've often discussed it her letting a group of uptight white anons from /pol/ gang bang her. The fantasy drives her crazy.

455d61  No.12117770

File: 0171ae83b7aef60⋯.jpg (8.92 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 40555397_10216859108088040….jpg)


literally gas yourself

89832e  No.12117771




5a3233  No.12117773


Don't be a cuck man.

cbb418  No.12117774

I amazed so many people as broken as the majority of you exist. In general there's nothing wrong with the majority of porn. Enjoy your circlejerk of idiocy, I'm out.

c7262e  No.12117776


Just read my other comments and come back with an argument, moron.

5a3233  No.12117778

File: a8ae6c501ac0d01⋯.png (23.96 KB, 201x201, 1:1, yesand2.png)


>Censorship is a tool of fascism and only promotes violence

Your point?…

c7262e  No.12117784


Always torrent jap porn, never support their disgusting censorship war on human culture. Also check out the Lesbian Beauty Salon series (PTS) for the best moans in porn.

5a3233  No.12117785


Good thing dead faggots don't speak then.

89832e  No.12117788

File: 65ae9f733618c97⋯.jpg (161.43 KB, 975x1300, 3:4, Paging Mr Shekelburg.jpg)


Mr. Shekelberg, nice strawman. I've learned not to argue with a jew, it's pointless.

Tell me this, how do you seemingly ignore the premise of a disclaimer on porn?

Can you not think of a good enough argument against that?

Mr. Shekelburg, are you still there?

c7262e  No.12117792




If you support censorship you'll always end up on the receiving end of the stick.

455d61  No.12117796

File: fc0a6f344a3ce08⋯.jpg (41.12 KB, 430x558, 215:279, 1512346951663.jpg)


why does the thought of the goyim no longer falling for your porn trap scare you so much shlomo?

5a3233  No.12117797

File: 304608500f71684⋯.webm (5.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dubs ritual.webm)




5a3233  No.12117800

c7262e  No.12117802


Never works out. You cannot suppress everyone for ever. And eradicating "wrong-think" only leads to mistrust in your own ranks until you start killing each other off.

d0d1b9  No.12117804


cuck has become over used don't you think.


sit there and play with your dick then, you will anyway


not my thing, lesbians are a turn off, bisexual girls, different story

c7d778  No.12117806


Pic? I ain't searching that sh*t


Dicking for the ethnostate? What kind of gassing is this?

ITT: Newfags with porn addiction and oldfags who can't /pdfs/

5a3233  No.12117808


Pretty much this.

c7262e  No.12117811


>Can you not think of a good enough argument against that?

Who benefits from big tech companies having monthly disclaimer for changes on license agreements? Answer…only the kikes abusing it to hide another scheme under the noses of their costumer. Same shit will happen to your porn disclaimer. Before you know it you double clicked away the right to your digital footprint and then wonder why amazon recommends fleshlights to you.

5a3233  No.12117812


>cuck has become over used don't you think.

If anything it's underused. Also that's pretty much cuckoldry in the strictest most traditional sense.

5a3233  No.12117816


Not "everyone" is a marxist.

> only leads to mistrust in your own ranks until you start killing each other off.

That's not necessarily bad, helps to keep your ranks pure.

455d61  No.12117817

File: c7bbb76cfcad383⋯.jpg (60.03 KB, 453x720, 151:240, 1512251752031.jpg)


checked! those dubs mein neger

654b0d  No.12117827

File: aa54bfae2d2e3ef⋯.jpeg (272.77 KB, 715x1000, 143:200, 25A38E44-D2D7-4BE1-837C-5….jpeg)

There is absolutely no benefit from watching porn. Beyond delivering instant gratification and giving unrealistic sexual expectations it devalues sex / promotes hyper sexuality, it promotes racemixing which you should all already know is bad and why by now.

People often times talk about what’s good / bad for their bodies and carefully select what goes into it in order to be healthy. Well, the brain is no different. We must all control what goes into our mind if we want it to be fit and healthy. I do not listen to rap music because I do not let niggers live in my brain. I do not watch porn because I do not let degenerate kike media live in my brain.

Put healthy things into your brain. Learn about personal finance. Learn how to be financially independent so you don’t have to live in jewish urban decay. Send your kids to private school or homeschool them so they are not influenced by jewish academia.

The war on kikes starts with the mind.

d0d1b9  No.12117828


depend which role you envision yourself being. if the reflection you see looking back at you when you look in a mirror is a weak pussy faggot then you might be a cuck. If your wife is a sub who does what the fuck you tell her to do, when you tell her to do it, and obeys orders well, including being a slut, that's not a cuck.

c7262e  No.12117834



Forget about political constellations for a moment. It's a rooted instinct of humanity to challenge censorship.

>helps to keep your ranks pure

And did that ever worked out for anyone in our history for the long run?

89832e  No.12117839


Tradeoff to the disclaimer, people watching porn already have an internet profile.

If your argument is having to consent to being part of a digital footprint…It's happeniing either way.

Disclaimer will do more harm than good, we just need good legislation.



cfa5ff  No.12117841

File: fb0cb3df977a4ce⋯.jpg (172.23 KB, 777x1000, 777:1000, 01c28a6eb65f682a4b6c71f4f6….jpg)

nu-/pol/ sure does agree with /leftypol/, feminists, and shitskins/mudslimes on a lot of issues.

541018  No.12117842

i'm a national socialist

which means I believe in a national identitfy

as long as it's exactly equal to 1930s nazi germany, to quote Alex "tranny porn video games make you a serial killer" Jones THAT'S AMERICANA

89832e  No.12117849


Elaborate unless your a vague shill. Who are you referring to my lad?

c7262e  No.12117853


It's not porn itself you should attack but the corruption of it by capitalism.

Porn is natural and certainly originated when some neanderthal first heard others having sex, while getting aroused by it. You can never stop this urge, since it's only natural to get excited by the act of creating life. That modern day porn only promotes pleasure won't negated humans instinct to associate it with reproduction.

b2ed14  No.12117858



It's not going to be banned until kikes lose government power. You can either co-opt it to start taking it over (Aryan nudes, etc), or you can just cry in the corner impotently like a huge loser about it–your choice.


Anything without normal amateurs in it is pretty much unwatchable to any sane person, yes.

58b329  No.12117863


agreed. many men would literally kill police officers, if they came to take their porn away.

f0d727  No.12117864

>talking about banning porn

>probably still watches it

The issue is not legislation, it's the fall of Christian ethics.

c7262e  No.12117874


Enforcing digital footprints will only make the counter movement more aggressive. Why? Because whenever humans start to censor content, they cannot stop censoring everything to shit. Which brings alternatives to the table, and soon everyone looking for non state approved porn will use illegitimate means to get it, which will establish a flourishing black market, which in the end will become the new norm.

Also no law ever kept children away from cigarettes. The only thing that works is making it less desirable for everyone. Problem with this…adults cannot comprehend that they have no idea what is desirable for a child. They only ever try to enforce their own viewpoint, which alienates the next generation…and which is also the reason why you will die alone in a retirement home.

3f6a9b  No.12117877

Banning porn, while a sensible and morally good idea, is something (in my opinion) impossible to apply in a country with access to the internet, printers, computers, smartphones. Anyone can and will break the law, since it will be very easy, and there isn't really a way to enforce the law (unless you're going to put a soldier monitoring everything everyone does at all times) and make sure no one does porn. It's like drugs, it only takes one country that has them legalized to be a critical hub for smuggling and illegal trade.

455d61  No.12117878

File: a8396f274326d3b⋯.jpg (48.34 KB, 552x657, 184:219, 37002057_1644667572326160_….jpg)

f2e758  No.12117881

File: 904ebae5d8b6698⋯.jpg (73.96 KB, 736x577, 736:577, 5c4db31a6384ed72a1f25e01d7….jpg)

File: 1d8bfbc2e50e764⋯.jpg (189.89 KB, 849x1087, 849:1087, aXm3773xjU.jpg)

File: ae136d911ab2e07⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 460x585, 92:117, 012c2eb932871c13fb2d0602d3….jpg)

Agreed, we should ban this filth.

3f6a9b  No.12117887


I know it isn't easy for you in particular to believe because you have porn as a part of your life, and you're trying to feel better by thinking that because you do something, everyone has to do it as well, I never watch it. Never. The only time I ever did was when I was 12-13 and I didn't like it. I can't stand watching other people do something I would rather do, what is this, cuckoldry training ? No wonder there are so many cucks, they are being programmed with porn everyday. Surely there has to be others who don't watch porn - at all. All it takes is not wanting to be a cuckold and go have sex if you want it instead of looking others have sex.

a5a77e  No.12117896


post more

53dc68  No.12117899


>I want to know what you guys think, is there a way to get pornography banned in the US on a state, federal or town level?

You can't. Simply the sight of my cock is considered pornography to some Puritans. I'm all for Protestantism, but Puritans can fuck right off. I believe whole heartedly that I should be able to walk around with my cock out in my own home with my windows open, and that you're a faggot if you see my cock and don't stop looking.

Also let me tell you a big secret about criminalization and black markets: if you made duct-tape illegal tomorrow I would be a fucking millionaire. Because I would corner the duct-tape black market.

000000  No.12117911


Then why not start with something that really fucking matters? Like the central banking system, or the privilege of kikes? Instead of porn which when compared next to these issues is minuscule.

466e14  No.12117914

File: 17b5fb9e47739a2⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 548x829, 548:829, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)



Read it. Jews lead the way for the normalization of pornography. Merchants of Sin is how they did it.

c729bb  No.12117927



Fucking boomer newfag just like the rest of this thread.

83a881  No.12117952

File: 0d0ff6287ed4148⋯.png (1.5 MB, 680x629, 40:37, gaben after he got your sh….png)

id like to see one of you skinny, limped dicked faggots tell anyone they cant look at porn.

6839a7  No.12117957

File: d626ebfe6d3b2cf⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 480x257, 480:257, galotkikebro.jpg)


Right, like how capitalism corrupted cocaine and abortion, am I right, fellow white man?

c729bb  No.12117962


Porn thing is not new. Of course they won't, its merely a bait. But its a big bait, when multiple extreme self-righteous moralfaggots participate in it and demand result and claim they can kill people.

In reality they are afraid to even get their real IP shown or identity, and will hide in their parents house when shit gets real.

057184  No.12117968


This is the route I would go. Killing the kikes seems most logical to me because they are the reason for our misery and genocide on earth. I can already see a day when they are cleanly exterminated off the Earth and I am telling you, it is like being transported to heaven. You don't know how bad things have gotten due to their influence in affairs until they are suddenly gone forever and the world is totally cleansed.

33dc80  No.12117969


Sure, ban prostitution and ban porn in a feminized feminist shithole. Surely nothing bad could come from this.

Do you even think before you hit submit?

057184  No.12117972


It is their way to normalize all degeneracy, not just porn.

c7262e  No.12117979


>research Leni Riefenstahl

e4fa29  No.12117982


Look at this anon.

>This is the route I would go.

>Killing the kikes

You killed nobody. You're either CIA or having an angst period that sometimes can't end if you're demoralized. In reality you will bend your asshole as soon as government agencies start visiting your house for saying such extremist shit. You can't do anything and killing anyone will only demonize you, your faction and your actions.

Those who kill by sword will be killed by sword, and those who throw into prison will be put into prison.

This rule still works.

c7262e  No.12117984



Who wanted to capitalize on drugs in the first place? Who abuses law enforcement to wage a war on drugs, while building a drug cartel for themselves?


Don't have a womb, don't have a saying in that. Ask a bitch…but ask yourself first who's benefiting from both abortions (oh look the pharma kikes again) and the anti-abortion movement (politicans sucking the dicks of capitalism).

04cc70  No.12117986

File: 3bffcbe593669dd⋯.jpeg (30.26 KB, 500x379, 500:379, 3bffcbe593669ddcedd4298c2….jpeg)


Banning never works. Even shunning does not. In most of the countries where it's banned people just learn to dig in deeper and find more perverted stuff.

What you have to do is give people, especially men, a reason to not do it. Give them hope that they can score a wife if they stop doing it, give them something to distract them from doing it, to think twice before wasting time and energy at doing it.

33dc80  No.12117988


>Those who kill by sword will be killed by sword

Nope. Look at poor Germany. Its enemies are very much comfortable after having it wrecked with violence, destruction, rape and murder.

Also: the longer you take to halt tyranny the more violence will be required to dethrone it. You're delusional if you think you're going to have some sort of peaceful 'velvet revolution'.

1777be  No.12117992

File: bdb42908fb64572⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 302x302, 1:1, at least im not a nigger.jpg)

Banning porn is a good thing. It will keep the trash in the gutter where it belongs. As with prohibition of drugs, I am under no delusion that somehow we can force people to not engage in such activity. The idea is to keep the trash where it belongs.

e4fa29  No.12117996


Nice comparison idiot. Corrupt government monitoring and profiting of illegal porn sales just like with drugs. Especially the jews.

f9e917  No.12117997


you dont jerk off because its normal do you?

1777be  No.12117998


> In most of the countries where it's banned people just learn to dig in deeper and find more perverted stuff.


Fuck off kike. Stop spreading lies and bullshit.

1777be  No.12118000


A corrupt government would not go after filth, by definition. Are you stupid? Or are you a kike?

e4fa29  No.12118004


You know nothing, you're NEET with no experience in ruling class. And you done no research either.

6fa01f  No.12118005

No matter your political views we dont need to force them down anyones throats. Create incentives against porn, dont outright ban it

d8dace  No.12118007


>corrupting it



It can't be corrupted, it is bad by definition. It is entirely harmful.

6839a7  No.12118008

File: 37c6ff60ef9a3a3⋯.jpg (43.9 KB, 500x477, 500:477, dumpsterfire.jpg)


>Don't have a womb, don't have a saying in that.

For fucks sake. You've already been identified, you stupid dickless cuck jew. You can go get in the oven now.

e4fa29  No.12118010

File: c2a8c8c60a389cd⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, flag.jpg)

Think about it for a second, in most islamic countries porn is banned, and yet entire population of mudslimes are rapists who can't stand looking at a woman without a trash bag on her.

Do you want to be like a muslim?

1777be  No.12118018


What don't I know? The ruling class has made drugs fashionable. If you put in non-corrupt people, then you can ban this filth and put it in the gutter, where it belongs.

But kikes is gonna kike. Go on and tell me again how people are going to do it anyway.

a5a77e  No.12118020


> give them something to distract them from doing it,

pretty much. i only fap when i have nothing better to do.

c7262e  No.12118022


It's also a natural instinct of human beings (read my post history). You cannot preach morals down onto something humans did since their inception. It's just a waste of time to do so. But what you can do is acting against the corruption of porn by attacking the source of it….Greed.


I can make fart noises with my foreskin…can you? Also don't drop kiddie insults if you don't have arguments coming with it.

1777be  No.12118024


>You cannot preach morals down onto something humans did since their inception

Which is exactly why these people need to be thrown in the gutter, not exalted as saviours by liberating us from our Victorian aged sensibilities.

c7262e  No.12118025



>Porn is being made and watched in the Middle East, and millions more are watching it around the planet.

>In fact, some of the world’s top porn consumers come out of the Middle East. >According to data released by Google, six of the top eight porn-searching countries are Muslim states.

>Pakistan tops the list at number one, followed by Egypt at number two, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Turkey come in at numbers four, five, seven and eight, respectively.

>Pakistan leads the way in porn searches for animals like pigs, donkeys, dogs, cats and snakes.

000000  No.12118028


That isn't porn though, you idiot nigger.

b9ae61  No.12118029

It's dealing with the symptom, not the root problem. Nearly 100% of porn produced in the west is produced by Jews. In Asia, it's all produced by organized crime.

ffb7bd  No.12118031

File: ea2619cb446542c⋯.png (74.45 KB, 594x580, 297:290, Capture.PNG)


>AVN; 9400 Penfield Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311


Chatsworth Court House; 9425 Penfield Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311


Only came to public attention when L.A. started writing tons of moving violation tickets to generate revenue and people were lined up along the sidewalk to pay and a News Crew filmed on location and people noticed that the Palm Trees did not cover up the sign across the street.

d8dace  No.12118037


>It's also a natural instinct of human beings

No, sex is a natural instinct of human beings you fucking retard.

>But what you can do is acting against the corruption of porn

There is no corruption. What is corrupted about it? It was made by jews, for the sole purpose of destroying whites. How do you "corrupt" that?

ec87cd  No.12118042


Also there's a paradox of porn where the demand is actually made by people with fetishism in their hands not involving being preached about it on the internet.

Whores will always be worse than any internet website. It first starts IRL.

c7262e  No.12118050


>sex is a natural instinct

No Procreation is the baseline instinct, which cannot exist without sex for pleasure, which cannot exist without generating pleasure in others watching it.

>There is no corruption.

Humans found pleasure in watching others having sex long before it was capitalized by greed. Nowadays it is heavily corrupted by political propaganda and marketing schemes.

a5a77e  No.12118051



"people" think "porn" means "nudity" instead of "prostitute"

97d953  No.12118054

Mass banning porn would be counterproductive and cause too many normies to throw shit fits. However, I think hardcore stuff should be banned off the internet and regulated back to adult video stores that once existed. Back before the internet, children and young adults 1st contact with porn was with some magazine or video stash from an older sibling or some such person. Most of the porn that was available then was normal run of the mill naked pictures and missionary type stuff. All these weird fetishes that pervade most porn sites were just not available for the most part.

The aim should be to control children's contact with it so that they are not clicking on bukkake links or extreme anal type stuff at random free sites that don't really verify age. If adults want to partake in that stuff, then the adult stores will be available once again. With all that being said, normal naked pictures should remain legal on the internet as long it is nothing hardcore.

9cb120  No.12118064

File: c235e49fab0ae97⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 7ef.jpg)

This thread only exists to make sure you will vote for Trump again when he will say he would vow to ban internet pornography for second time since first election.

Nothing will be actually done.

And even if it will, what do you think will happen to 8chan?

d8dace  No.12118079


You are corrupted, not porn. You can't differentiate between healthy and degenerate. People get pleasure from watching others have sex if they can not have it themselves, it is by definition a poor substitute for the real thing, and having access to that poor substitute at any time causes people to not bother seeking the real thing. It is a dysfunction, it is failing to reproduce. This is like pretending artificial sweeteners are good sources of calories because they trigger our sweet receptors.

c7262e  No.12118085




You're overlooking two natural human feats in your assumption…1) we're hunters and always look for more and 2) humanity is incapable of moderating themselves. Both together leads to the problem as to why it's so easy to corrupt us.

c7262e  No.12118091


>It is a dysfunction, it is failing to reproduce.

Basic evolutionary principle…you cannot have winners without losers. You have to accept that those you call degenerate are as much a part of the human life cycle as you are. We cannot exist without each other.

d8dace  No.12118101

File: 0a8eb502eba3eae⋯.jpg (635.74 KB, 804x1024, 201:256, 1432015103967-2.jpg)


>promoting degeneracy is good because we can't all be winners

02428b  No.12118105


I appreciate the effort, but it's probably going to amount to nothing. Where I live, the government started placing quite graphic images on cigarette packs quite recently (about a year ago). That didn't seem to drive people away from smoking whatsoever.

What I think needs to happen is children should be taught about the nature of pornography from an early age. Try to understand the psychology of a little child; he is incredibly curious and will most likely stumble upon pornography sooner or later not to have a wank, but just to take at it. The sad part is this is how the addiction starts for most of them, so if we can at least prevent this from happening, it will be a major step forward.

c7262e  No.12118117


Back to the start…why do you think that you can take the moral high-ground for a problem that exists since the beginning of time. And not only in humans btw. dogs and cats love to watch others having sex. The act of sex emits pheromones that attract others. Dude, you're standing in the corner arguing morals above science and common sense.

07de2d  No.12118133

File: 82bbee5932a54f3⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 2135x3021, 2135:3021, sweetvac001.jpg)

>banning porn

Its time like this I'm glad none of you have any actual political power

d8dace  No.12118134


It doesn't exist since the beginning of time, it doesn't exist with dogs or cats. I explained this to you. You are corrupted. You believe that degeneracy is normal and desperately try to invent excuses to make it acceptable. It is not. Humans do not have pheromones or any organ to process them, we are not insects. The only times in human history where people have watched other people have sex is when a society was collapsing into degeneracy and ruin, like the Roman Empire and the current western world.

d8dace  No.12118135


Tiddies is not porn dumbass.

07de2d  No.12118137

File: 97358596357447c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.02 MB, 2114x3008, 1057:1504, sweetvac004.jpg)

File: 7c44de6f27f5d65⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.96 MB, 2114x3008, 1057:1504, sweetvac005.jpg)

File: fc48f82adf42533⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.4 MB, 2114x3008, 1057:1504, sweetvac006.jpg)

File: 8debb19cc0b81e3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.1 MB, 2114x3008, 1057:1504, sweetvac007.jpg)

1a4260  No.12118138


And i am glad i no longer support nazism for an awful censorship this shit brings. Makes me puke. That's like dealing with censorship in government of current EU but from different political spectrum. Same shit. I can't just become what i've been fighting against so far since gamergate.

d9cfa9  No.12118139

leftist and rightist liberals to me!



c7262e  No.12118140


>That didn't seem to drive people away from smoking whatsoever.

On the contrary. The combined effort of negative advertisement and forcing the prices to go through the roof have nearly destroyed the tobacco industry. Which as a side-effect (shamefully nobody ever brings up) led to a decrease in the numbers of children abused by cigarette burns. Hugh win. Problem I have with it…what drove the heads of government and capitalism to work together against big tobacco? We still don't have a real answer to that highly irregular (if not illegal) move.

>taught about the nature of pornography

Forget about that and tell him the truth about humanity instead. Tell him that the peace we're living under is based on how many nuclear weapons we point at each other. Tell him how greed corrupts everything, that all we build is based on lies and death, that we all just pretend to live a happy life. If you can make a child understand the dangers we breed them into, then he should be fine dealing with everything life throws at him.

07de2d  No.12118147


>On the contrary. The combined effort of negative advertisement and forcing the prices to go through the roof have nearly destroyed the tobacco industry

I'm assuming he's talking about Australia and if he is smoking is still alive and well everyone just buys tobacco online or chopchop from Asian gas stations under the counter instead of the actual taxed ciggs

3041eb  No.12118150

File: b69ab9edfd9757a⋯.jpg (278.9 KB, 1024x976, 64:61, 6334537905_1f29b03da0_b.jpg)

The only way to return America to what it once was is to gas all the jews, niggers, muds and spics. America needs FEMA Camps to accomplish this.

c7262e  No.12118158


You sound religious…doesn't your fable start with Adam and Eve going at it while the snake was watching? Also use common sense. You think the first human subjects would pass by another couple having sex without listening in? Where do you think those collapsing societies got the ideas for degeneracy? They collapsed because they cannot moderate the things the always did until it was too much. Which will happen again and again until we go for the root or until this planet is destroyed (which is more likely).

d63e9f  No.12118159


>Posted this on 4chan


07de2d  No.12118161

File: 28a11fa9683c419⋯.webm (5.34 MB, 512x282, 256:141, next.webm)


I know the 34378532 exudes totally killed this place

d8dace  No.12118173


>You sound religious

You sound like an idiot who can't make an argument.

>You think the first human subjects would pass by another couple having sex without listening in?

You think people just random fuck in public?

>Where do you think those collapsing societies got the ideas for degeneracy?

"If I can think of degeneracy then it should be freely available to engage in!"

>They collapsed because they cannot moderate the things the always did until it was too much

They collapsed because they engaged in it. And you are saying "lets do that again!" We are collapsing because of weak people like you. You do not learn from the past, you insist on repeating the same mistakes and saying "its ok this time because I'll only be a degenerate a 'moderate' amount!".

c7262e  No.12118184


Have you seen what happened in America and Europe? Smoking is ostracized by a huge part of the public, smoke bans everywhere, no more big tobacco marketing on every corner etc. Cigarettes got fucked in the ass real good. What you're seeing are only substitutes, which are a far cry from how big smokes were a decade ago. I would argue that cigarettes where even slightly ahead of alcohol in terms of marketing and revenue.

07de2d  No.12118200



>Smoking is ostracized by a huge part of the public, smoke bans everywhere, no more big tobacco marketing on every corner etc

Smoking is way more popular their than Australia. Hell Greece, Serbia, Russia, and Croatia have some of the highest per capita tobacco consumption rates on the entire planet

9353a6  No.12118207


What needs to happen is advocating to ban porn on charges of obscenity (you can also talk about muh women's rights for posterity), argue that filmed or photographed pornography isn't art,

only illustrated pornography, there is already a legal distinction made between child pornography and lolicon hentai etc.

Nearly all pornography that isn't illustrated completely fails the Miller test and thus can be classified as obscenity.

d9cfa9  No.12118212


Wrong target. Porn (addiction) is a symptom. Ban earning money through sex. Relatively relatable and cures the issue of jews altogether. Is there a pornstar union?

Also it's a societal and cultural issue. Liberally minded Americans will not submit to authoritative measures that try to enforce moral norms. Either revive morality or break their will. Banning is worthless if people still watch at the end of the day

e205c0  No.12118216


Right now, no. We still have the 1st Amendment which protects porn. But I am fairly certain the 1st Amendment will go the way of the Dodo in the future. Once that happens, porn and much more will likely be banned, not that banning something means that something goes away. Alcohol didn't suddenly vanish and people didn't stop drinking during Prohibition. And people won't stop consuming porn just because it's banned.

c7262e  No.12118222


>You think people just random fuck in public?

You do know that neanderthals didn't have much in terms of privacy, do you? When two in a group starts fucking the rest is listening. Shortly later the idea to combine that with masturbation came to existence and I'm pretty sure that a bunch of those who couldn't get late started to put their dicks into places they didn't belong and voila you just experienced the creation of degeneracy. And I even go so far as to blindly assume that back then there was also a little shithead like you who would point his finger and started accusing people of being improper.

>You do not learn from the past, you insist on repeating the same mistakes

No. I argue everyone to come to their senses and start attacking the roots of all the problems in honesty. You on the other hand act just like your forefathers did…complaining and censoring until the rest has had enough from you and the violence starts afresh.

9353a6  No.12118242


>Ban earning money through sex

how? prostitution is already banned


first amendment does not protect porn, take a flat screen tv to the sidewalk next to your local elementary school, then turn on "hot wet moms home alone" and see what happens


>but literal subhuman apemen did it so it's okay

c7262e  No.12118248


>the highest per capita tobacco consumption rates on the entire planet

Cigarettes or substitutes like hand rolled and vaping? I'm not a smoker myself but from the 90s backwards smoking was a lifestyle choice for everybody. It was everywhere, and it was promoted bigger than Disney cartoons. Today you can cross New York, California, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Rome etc. without seeing any cigarettes. Capitalism drove a knife into the back of big tobacco.

e205c0  No.12118250


I said the 1st Amendment protects porn, which it does as it falls under Freedom of Expression. I didn't say it protects public displays of obscenity. You cannot legally ban the production of porn and the consumption of it by adults in the privacy of their homes. If you think otherwise, I cannot help you.

c7262e  No.12118254


>charges of obscenity

You don't think wars around the globe or the hundreds of billions of animals we destroy on yearly basis have a higher place on the obscenity list? Priorities and all?

d8dace  No.12118265


>You do know that neanderthals didn't have much in terms of privacy, do you?

Yeah, with a population density less than 1% of 1% of 1% of ours, finding a private place must have been impossible.

>Shortly later the idea to combine that with masturbation came to existence

He says, based on nothing but his own jewish fantasies.

>No. I argue everyone to come to their senses and start attacking the roots of all the problems in honesty

No, you argue that the problems aren't really problems and we should just destroy ourselves "in moderation".

>You on the other hand act just like your forefathers did

Funny how that's the worst thing a kike can imagine.

d63e9f  No.12118269


Thanks for using the same (((argument))) that jews AND ONLY JEWS have used, despite it NOT being the case. How about you go back to, oh, any year before 1900 and show us where said protection exists, degenerate.

c7262e  No.12118274


>but literal subhuman apemen did it so it's okay

At one point you have to accept human nature and your own origins. Also why is it that so many humans in the present act like literal caveman over the most basic things? I mean how many conflicts did we start over "give me that or I hit you"? Humans always pretend to be complex and shit, but to the outside you're literally acting like dumb kids.

9353a6  No.12118296



Why are you doing so much damage control for porn in this thread, your first post was essentially

"haha don't try to ban porn goys even though it's a major source of income for kikes just try to kill them instead that will work, you won't be arrested for decades or anything haha". You're a bluepilled atheist who desperately wants to keep hold of his precious porn collection. This is the number one problem with atheists, no real sense of right and wrong."Just be an animal just kill each other just fuck and eat and die. You're just cattle goyim! This is all you deserve!"


If it really protects porn then why doesn't it protect CP? If I can say I want to kill (nonspecific) jews or niggers in public and not get arrested why can't I show off my nice collection of double anal penetration pictures? Porn isn't speech, only kikes will claim that it is. Why is it illegal for a huge portion of the population to produce or view this supposed "speech"?

c7262e  No.12118312


>finding a private place must have been impossible

Before we found individuality we lived in groups. And I also don't think that homo sapiens who smashed animals with stones and dragged their females into caves, gave much of a shit about privacy.

>He says, based on nothing but his own jewish fantasies.

Common sense and combining known history with facts from all over. If you have a better explanation than "you're wrong" then I gladly listen to it. Otherwise you can kiss my ass.

>problems aren't really problems

And yet you're promoting solutions that aren't solutions to problems that aren't problems. Kind of a bottleneck, don't you think?


It's like the eight time this thread I got called a kike (plus Antifa once)…have you read my post history? Do I have to up the ante on racism while arguing against porn censorship just to make you happy? Idiot.

d8dace  No.12118330


>Before we found individuality we lived in groups

So obviously we did everything in groups right?

>And I also don't think that homo sapiens who smashed animals with stones and dragged their females into caves, gave much of a shit about privacy.

You also are repeating jewish mythology like a kike.

>Common sense and combining known history with facts from all over.

Not common sense, jewish sense. You're just rephrasing what I said. You have no basis for your beliefs, it is just your jewish fantasies.

>And yet you're promoting solutions that aren't solutions to problems that aren't problems

It is a problem, that's the point you moron.

>have you read my post history?

Yes. Every single post you have made is difficult to read because your nose is in the way.

> Do I have to up the ante on racism while arguing against porn censorship just to make you happy?

No, acting more jewish while promoting the jewish destruction of my people will not make me happy Schlomo.

c7262e  No.12118349


>just try to kill them instead that will work

Don't twist my words. I say go against corruption. You can starve the kikes out with collectively attacking greed from a consumer perspective, from the religious angle and from the private citizen. But it has to be together. The only solution to all our problems is to put a roof over capitalism as to stop uncontrolled greed from spreading. But to archive this we have to collectively complain, preach, stand up for greed officially be acknowledged as a cancer/virus/whatever that is killing the human race. After that we can start wiping out the perpetrators from the top. And believe me THIS is the only solution mankind has to prevent our all downfall.

9f5509  No.12118350


>Posted this on 4chan and just had shills attacking me.

because it is a dog shit tier slide thread .

da86ad  No.12118357


porn is obscenity and therefore not free speech. Doesn't necessarily mean that it is banned or illegal, but that does mean it isn't protected from restriction.

a6cb1a  No.12118381

File: d17d3d101ec2654⋯.jpg (92.82 KB, 720x468, 20:13, what bootlicking gets you.jpg)


Authoritarian anything is the playground of socio/psychopaths and must be stopped.

The reason the world is shit is because of those types of people, (((they))) are just "lucky" to have a high incidence of those type of mental defects.

c7262e  No.12118382


>So obviously we did everything in groups right?

Living in groups meant living in less danger from the outside. Highly unlikely that some primate lovebirds knew the concept of discreetly hiding in the bushes. Don't you think that decency itself was something that we established long after the primal stages of cave fucking?

>It is a problem, that's the point you moron.

Look, you are not the first one going after porn or degeneracy in general, but historically it always failed, because you don't want (are incapable of) to look above at the causes. You also always ignore the after effects of what would happen if porn would be taken out Old Yeller style. Without porn people have to go after regular sex, which not everyone can archive, which leads to the same conflict of growing degeneracy yet again. So you kill them until your wife leaves you because of all the blood, which leaves you with masturbating, which ends with a bullet in your own head and the end of all humanity. Not really the future I want to support, anon. Sorry if that's sounds Jewish, but I don't like to genocide my own race very much.

9353a6  No.12118390


what do you mean by putting a roof over capitalism?

also you do realize that you can't win a war in one move right? Wars are a matter of attrition more than anything else, and the only way to win against an enemy far more powerful than you is to slowly chip them down to a more manageable size.

Banning porn solves many problems. Giant silicone penis propaganda gone, more beautiful women available to date/marry, billions of dollars gone from kike's pockets, a more healthy national morality. I don't see any real downsides.

c7262e  No.12118401


>porn is obscenity

Two humans procreating is the basic ingredient of nature. A third person watching it is only obscene in your way of thinking, since there is no victim and therefore no crime. Manufacturing that act (without the procreation) for everyone to see is still a no victim/no crime situation. Changing the act to promote an agenda that has nothing to do with the act or the pleasure of the watcher is where the crime starts…This is the point where you interject with your complains. But you have to respect that everything before it has a place in all of humanity. Porn is natural - corrupting it is the crime. Fight the crime, but don't try to destroy nature in the process.

000000  No.12118404

Banning porn is stupid. Stupid puritanical ideals. Stupid!

92b5e0  No.12118406


Porn is overrated. Erotic audio is superior.

000000  No.12118409

The puritans were a mistake.

d8dace  No.12118413


>if you want a government that works in the interests of the people that is the same as wanting a government that works against the people

Lolbergs get purged too faggot.


>Highly unlikely that some primate lovebirds knew the concept of discreetly hiding in the bushes

Again, your baseless jewish fantasies.

>Don't you think that decency itself was something that we established long after the primal stages of cave fucking?

Decency defined humanity.

>but historically it always failed

It succeeded so well in the 30s in Germany that the entire kike controlled world killed a hundred million people to stop it. Nice try though.

>Without porn people have to go after regular sex, which not everyone can archive

99% can achieve. The other 1% can be tossed in a bog where they belong. You are using degeneracy to justify degeneracy. "I can't get laid because of modern degeneracy, so we need more modern degeneracy to fix it!". Kill yourself you worthless kike.


>invading people's privacy is totally fine!

>there's no victim if I ignore the harm caused!

No, you're totally not a kike at all.

cbcb2d  No.12118423

File: 6967daf71ffe6be⋯.jpg (52.04 KB, 500x335, 100:67, Le Sommeil.jpg)

File: 668810add8f8765⋯.jpg (435.81 KB, 1400x2180, 70:109, The Fisherman and the Syre….jpg)

File: 18242078d258009⋯.jpg (3.78 MB, 4482x6557, 54:79, Apollo and Daphne.jpg)

File: 0bb25d9a3f4e1d0⋯.jpg (198.52 KB, 860x1000, 43:50, boreas and orietyia.jpg)

Porn only became a serious social problem with the invention of the camera, because the camera removed the artistic element from porn and instead replaced it with an exploitative element.

Before the camera, porn was artists drawing lewd paintings and carving racy statues. Making it didn't require exploiting real humans, and production was inherently limited due to the time and skill-intensive nature of the artistic process.

After the camera, any idiot could make porn by snapping a picture of real people, so porn quickly became a huge mass industry directly tied to abusive prostitution and human trafficking rings. Camera-based porn also has a direct economic interest in promoting as many young girls to be shameless sluts as possible, to keep the industry supplied with fresh human material for production.

a5a77e  No.12118427


so are public degenerates

000000  No.12118428


You ma'am are the degenerate mental midget. KYS in a bog.

c7262e  No.12118429


>Banning porn solves many problems

It doesn't stop porn addiction. It doesn't stop the natural act of pursuing/hunting for it. You only drive the cancer into other avenues and the addicts into crime.

>what do you mean by putting a roof over capitalism?

Exactly this. After getting a majority against greed itself it's the only logical step. Capitalism itself is here to stay like it or not. But it needs to be controlled from the top. Make it that a human being can only hold a sum of money that is based on the wealth level of the country he lives/works in. Which creates a plateau that the peasants can actually see and prevents the greed that destroys us all. Every penny that this individual (and his corporation) makes above that line goes directly into the wealth basket of the country. This will ensure that the greed filled bastard can still fulfill his need for more money, but it also ensures that he elevates the entire country with him. Which will create a natural balance.

da86ad  No.12118430


>Two humans procreating is the basic ingredient of nature.

So is taking a shit, keep that shit out of the public square.

919725  No.12118440


Fuck Christian ethics. If it was good enough for the Aryan, it would have stayed with us.

d63e9f  No.12118442


>jews exist

>therefore everything good about whites should be thrown out

Hi, paid shill. Kill yourself. You're done here.

000000  No.12118445


Only after the bible is banned for being harmful to human mental health and morality!

3b8bf3  No.12118453

Pornis used by the Jews as a weapon. A weapon to sicken the minds and bodies of men.

So yea, I would approve banning it, it is an evil Jewish industry.

You'd have to revert what has been at least two generations of sexual degeneracy conditioning and outright Wiemar levels of scandalism though.

>What about the ones who *want* their porn?

The goyim are sheep, they're just following the wrong shepards.

Many just don't know the facts that they would otherwise learn if they weren't lied to by the media and 'experts' who claim that excessive masturbation is healthy.

You'd have to both be strong against it and actually apprehend the big Jews in the porn industry and at the same time educate the public on what it really is.

It would have to come out public light and awareness, like every other weasling kike plot.

eeff2f  No.12118458

We can only ban porn once we've consolidated power. We can replace porn with sex bots who provide wholesome simulation of natural sex and intimacy. This fills the need and terminates the cancer which is the unwholesome simulation and vouyerism.

3b8bf3  No.12118460


Anon brings up a good point. Many men are *addicted* to it.

I wouldn't suggest something like celibacy camps or whatever but one of the reasons that many young men and teenagers find themselves addicted to pornography is that they have nothing much else to do to channel their sexual urges.

It's not a matter of giving them plenty of trivial video games or whatever, if we lived in the sort of society that would actually consider that men at that age have a need to be active and productive then this problem would have solved itself.

eeff2f  No.12118462


I'm right on this and everyone can fuck off. Fill the need. Kill the cancer. Regulated Sex bots are the way.

7219b0  No.12118463


>Running away from our problems

<Banning porn

What is self control? Lol. How ridiculous.

3b8bf3  No.12118467


>Regulated Sex Bots

But who will make the Sex Bots?

Who will do the jobs that whitey is too lazy to do?

We need more migrants to build sex bots with HIV in them to spread the love and also rape bots for women painted black because they need to get used to it.

c7262e  No.12118468


>Decency defined humanity

Because all the blood that came with our advancements had so much class…

>30s in Germany

And where is this paradise now? Oh yeah, it failed.

>99% can achieve

Bullshit. A race has only one winner. We created our way of living based on going for the best, which comes with a highly unbalanced structure of fairness. Even all the "all so holy" religions have a social structure that is balanced around a few feeding of the many.

>invading people's privacy is totally fine!

How is the manufactured porn couple in danger of invaded privacy? You always argue over morals, but those morals were created to combat indecency. Look at what we teach our children…you teach a girl the morals of closing her legs before standing up. So the indecency of being offended by spread legs came first.

7219b0  No.12118471


t. someone with no self control.

Why so emotional?

eeff2f  No.12118473


>Who will make them

Love samurai practicing the high art of erotic Bushido naturally.

1549fd  No.12118476


>A third person watching it is only obscene in your way of thinking, since there is no victim and therefore no crime.

>no victim

No victim of porn? You are either absolutely fucking retarded or you're a kike shill.

>Porn is natural - corrupting it is the crime. Fight the crime, but don't try to destroy nature in the process.

Porn is not natural, you plebian. It is the product of kikes. Nothing they do is in harmony with nature.

7219b0  No.12118479


Porn is a product of innate desires; it's the physical manifest of fantasy. If it were not natural, there would be no demand or reason for it to exist.

Do you think?

eeff2f  No.12118483


Attacking porn is the best way to make every lurking goon and soygoy out themselves. These faggots have no self awareness outside of what produces cummies. They're non life.

c7262e  No.12118487


>Making it didn't require exploiting real humans

Research modelling. Ever heard of a muse?


>So is taking a shit

Oh that's a good one to poke at your hypocrisy. Human feces itself and the act of defecating were always attacked by the likes of you as indecent and morally wrong. Because of that we all take a dump in private. BUT not much is more natural than taking a shit. Everyone does it. And this time you can't throw Jewish history at me for pointing out that shit came before morals.

eeff2f  No.12118489


Not every fantasy should be meticulously reinacted and broadcast to the rest of humanity. That's cancer pure and simple, one cell living for itself and splooging it's poison onto the rest of the body. Keep your nonsense contained or we put you in the ground. Erotic fanatasy can be fulfilled in less harmful ways such as animation or sex bots. Involving the exploitation of human lives is wrong.

3b8bf3  No.12118491

And that is why continuing to shame, ridicule and berate these people along with other such deviants like Furfags and fetish people is a good way to go about it at the current time.

Remind them that what they do has no balance in nature, it is simply and honestly unnatural and sick.

eeff2f  No.12118492


Hahaha the Kike actually defends shit. I thought it was a meme but it's real. They are obsessed with scatt! Hahahahaha

7219b0  No.12118496


You're conflating arguments. I'm simply saying that porn is an extension of what is already there; it doesn't matter if it's LARP or "animation," they both convey the same ideas.

If porn didn't exist, people would simply fantasize. And by fantasizing about these things, they are able to subject others to it in a less controlled fashion–right under your nose.

Put yourself in the ground. You'd be doing yourself a favor.

ae0317  No.12118499

File: ead227ef3de6c70⋯.jpeg (147.76 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, supreme court.jpeg)

Supreme Court said porn is sacred and holy. The only hope for a civilized America again is losing a war to China.

d8dace  No.12118502


>Because all the blood that came with our advancements had so much class

Blood and decency are not mutually exclusive.

>And where is this paradise now? Oh yeah, it failed.

"If kikes successfully destroy something, then that thing is wrong". How can you say something like that and still try to pretend not to be a kike?

>A race has only one winner

Ah, I forgot only one person in history has ever had sex.

>How is the manufactured porn couple in danger of invaded privacy?

This is getting pathetic.

>A is good

<no it isn't

>but B is good

<no it isn't

>How does that prove A isn't good

Ignoring the rebuttals and swapping back and forth between your two scenarios is not productive.


>shit fetish nonsense

The natural disgust of shit is universal to all humans. Only niggers and half breeds like kikes and dravidians lack the basic self-protective instinct to avoid shit.

c7262e  No.12118504


>That's cancer pure and simple

But just like cancer we are not in control. You forget that our all destination is death.

eeff2f  No.12118513


>By not permitting industrial scale exploitation and broadcast of the most perverse fantasies you encourage actual enacting of fantasies in private.

This is painfully retarded and you're a kike. No one is saying bad thing won't happen. We are just saying they'll be limited or at the very least not be done on industrial scale. Plus we can direct that impulse into less harmful outlets like animation or bots. Equating off bad behavior with industrial scale propoganda is absurd on it's face.

eeff2f  No.12118518


Wrong. And defeatist. Attacking porn really brings out the nihilist death cultists.

c7262e  No.12118522


>No victim of porn?

Two having sex, one watching. That's porn…where is the victim? There is none. You have to add to it to make it a crime worth pursuing. But the principle of pornography is a victimless necessity that drives sticks up certain peoples asses.

7219b0  No.12118530


Again; you're conflating arguments… and calling others retarded in the same breath. Everyone that disagrees with you is a kike, right? Ban porn and see what happens, I'd even encourage you to do so.

You'll agitate the issue. Think I'm wrong? Do it.

eeff2f  No.12118543


The victim is the exploitable actors engaged in unnatural unloving sex. The victim is the watcher attuning himself to cuckoldry and unnatural unloving sex. The victim is society filled with people carrying out impulsive replications of unnatrual unloving sex. You're a child. Morality extends far beyond atomic isolated actions. Everything is interconnected. Modern dating wasteland of slags and fuckboys is directly connected to porn pumped into their heads from before puberty onward. Many saw unnatural sex before they had a natural erection. Think about that. It's absolutely cancer.

eeff2f  No.12118545


Even the most casual observer can see you're a disengenous kike. Filtered.

7219b0  No.12118547


Victory tastes sweet.

861aaa  No.12118548


''>Aryan nudes"

How about no. Leave the porn to nogs

c7262e  No.12118564


>then that thing is wrong

It is just not right to pursue something that will always fail again until you start going against the problems at the top. You run in circles spreading suffering around.

>Ah, I forgot only one person in history has ever had sex.

Come on basic math here, just apply it to the majority and you get an estimate.

>basic self-protective instinct to avoid shit

But you don't. You just sit their as pathetically as everyone else in your closed bathroom and push feces out of your body. Humans do not have class while taking a shit. The only explanation that an entire race is hiding it's nature is shame. And you'll keep lying about it until the end of time. Why do you think small children like to play with shit? Have you never seen a baby smile while he pisses in his daddy's face?

eeff2f  No.12118578


The reason it's hidden is for sanitary reasons you imbecile. Anyone who thinks shit should be public business is deranged and probably Jewish. Keep using your scarf obsession as an argument . It goes nowhere and destroys your argument. Shit is private for sanitation . Sex is private for mental sanitation. If you have no understanding of sanitation then just go eat shit and die.

c7262e  No.12118588


Everything you describe is based on a long series of corrupting events that made porn what it is today. But that doesn't mean that porn itself is wrong. You cannot go against porn itself.

eeff2f  No.12118589


I hope the lurkers see this kike porn shill trying to defend it by saying kids pissing on daddy is natural and wholesome. This is literally how sick they are. Yes kids make sanitary errors innocently. That has absolutely nothing to do with what should be done by adults. Fuck, we can't gas these human rats fast enough.

91faa2  No.12118592


Totally agree. But the ban must include simulated sex scenes in mainstream media and artsy circles. Think how a #metoo bully made the excuse of the bandaid getting loose to accuse James Franco of abuse. Banning these forms of media will help make the world safer for men.

eeff2f  No.12118594


I'm promoting wholesome animated porn and sex bots so I'm not against the underlying impulse. I'm just for directing it in sanitary fashion, like engineering plumbing.

09771d  No.12118595

File: dc8212f7e48e3b9⋯.jpg (67.09 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 1512066102543.jpg)


Anymore info on this?

d8dace  No.12118598


>It is just not right to pursue something that will always fail again

It didn't fail. And you said it was wrong, not that it was right but would fail. Stop kiking.

>Come on basic math here

Basic math says there's billions of dicks and billions of pussies and you somehow think this means most people can't have sex. You are a worthless sack of shit, that's why you can't have sex. We don't need to allow jews to corrupt humans simply because you are worthless.

>But you don't.

But we do.

>You just sit their as pathetically as everyone else in your closed bathroom and push feces out of your body.

Into water which we flush away. You are proving my point you fucking idiot.

>Why do you think small children like to play with shit?

They don't, you're confusing kikes with people again.

>Have you never seen a baby smile while he pisses in his daddy's face?

Not only can you not differentiate between piss and shit, but you can't grasp that a baby isn't pissing in anything, he's simply pissing? Holy fuck kikes are dumb.

c7262e  No.12118601


Yet nature somehow survived for million of years with shitting in the woods. Hell it even thrived to the point were it created humans, while still shitting in the woods.

7219b0  No.12118603


>animated porn

>sex bots


What is wholesome about needing to construct an automaton to satisfy your sexual urges?

Why are you encouraging third party cuckoldry?

89832e  No.12118609

File: c285e9ded33f63b⋯.jpg (78.51 KB, 471x471, 1:1, Hollywood.jpg)

Porn needs disclaimers.


Fuck you CIANIGGERS who continue to shills even against the most valid ideas such as a simple disclaimer required on pornography sites before.

The dangers of pornography need to be taught in school.

There is literal brainwash on pornhub.

We need to fight small incremental fights before we can take on the larger ones. The porn industry is a 22 BILLION dollar industry, it's worth trying to fight the jew.

BESIDES think of this, if the media and jews decide to fight against this, anyone against this degeneracy will be pushed further to the right.



eeff2f  No.12118611

You can't possibly be this stupid. Go live in India street shitter. Have fun dying of dyptheria.

91faa2  No.12118613


No way to relieve their urges? And they don’t know how to masturbate?

Everyone masturbates.

So we don’t need porn. We can just jerk off to get off. It’s healthy and always consensual.

f8e02c  No.12118615


>banning porn

>not teaching men the superior ways of 2D

eeff2f  No.12118622

Every pornographer deserves the rope.

7219b0  No.12118628

c60aaa  No.12118636

File: 024251d264406cf⋯.png (147.3 KB, 1186x676, 593:338, CloseEyes.png)


>All these pathetic morons who think that porn is a big problem

The very existance of this thread is embarrassing, not to mention the hysterical replies. Nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you watch that filth. Just look away you damn retards.

c7262e  No.12118640


>Yes kids make sanitary errors innocently.

No, they do it naturally until you tell them it's wrong. Now travel back to the first human baby pissing on daddy's face in all it's glory, then imagine the dads reaction of not liking it very much and him learning about preventing it in the future. And so began the endless circle of humans preventing each other from doing stuff based on how they feel about it.

7219b0  No.12118644


This. lmao

923209  No.12118645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I never understood the appeal of porn, anyways. Watching other people have sex is basically equivalent to getting cuckolded, right? Never watched porn once in my life.

Sexy MMD videos are far superior, literally.

923209  No.12118651


Why not satisfy your urges by joining your local Fascist Paramilitary group?

7219b0  No.12118652


You're embarrassing.

e704aa  No.12118658

File: 5a8a933a314181a⋯.jpeg (56.99 KB, 775x675, 31:27, k.jpeg)

Are you guys familiar about Miller Test about obscene materials?

The Miller test was developed in the 1973 case Miller v. California. It has three parts:

>1. Whether "the average person, applying contemporary community standards", would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest,

>2. Whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct or excretory functions specifically defined by applicable state law,

>3. Whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

>The work is considered obscene only if ALL THREE conditions are satisfied.

A hentai video game with a deep story or a long romantic doujin can actually attain literal and artistic values just like them 50 shades of grey books.

A random sex video cannot because it has no story or artistic value.

And keep in mind that's only for murrica.

c7262e  No.12118664


You don't have to do any of this if you go against the corruption on top. If anything you just generated another market to be exploited by even more viscous degeneracy. You'll also hurt humanity itself be creating addicts to non human sex, while alienating real humans.

eeff2f  No.12118679


>Not liking pee is only an arbitrary emotion and not based in biological instinct or survival

You're a Jew or a goon. No human thinks this way.


>What's the problem goy? Just don't eat the poison.

How about we don't throw poison everywhere coated in sugar you rat

7219b0  No.12118683


The difference is this:

porn exists to satisfy the urges of people who aren't having sex.

Your hentai video game is meant to satisfy the urges of people who are otherwise socially inept and cannot receive a woman's attention, much less romance.

It's like watching porn for the plot. XD lemon stealing whores! Perhaps you prefer these subtleties and nuances, but keep your animu shit out.

eeff2f  No.12118691


We are gassing Jews and pornographers. We don't have to limit ourselves. Humans will be given healthier outlets for their sex urges such as currated anime or sex bots programmed to be wholesome lovers. This will be done after we kill the kikes though for tactical reasons.

e941ea  No.12118699


>We don't have to limit ourselves.

You are already limited enough, won't be able to kill anybody before you go to jail, faggot.

7219b0  No.12118700


>sex bots

<wholesome lovers

Gas yourself. Also, I'm still waiting for an answer:


923209  No.12118708

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



And you're a slave to the Jews.

Also a faggot with pleb-tier taste.

04cc70  No.12118715


Porn is banned in Egypt. Take a walk there to see what is going on:


7219b0  No.12118721



<sits around watching attached garbage

Well that was easy.

c7262e  No.12118723


>It didn't fail.

It did. Just look were you are today and what you try to accomplish.

>billions of dicks and billions of pussies

We have enough food for everyone, yet starving is somehow still a thing. Human life isn't fair, anon. You have to change the status quo to move forward, not making old mistakes again.

>Into water which we flush away.

What is India? What is digging holes and burying it? What does modern day sanitation has to do with yourself feeling ashamed to be seen shitting?

>They don't

They do. Ask some mothers how many times they have to take shit out of their kids hands.

>he's simply pissing

Explain the smiling? It means he likes the relieve.

91603b  No.12118731

File: ec09bb5c1f9f7b3⋯.png (903.41 KB, 1005x713, 1005:713, FMA.png)

Should i ask you a question, what escapism is worse, believing political ideas here will ever become real or masturbating to porn? Because this whole DOTR or "gassing" thing is just as real to happen as a plot of an anime.

0c79e7  No.12118733


eat shit like the faggot you are

eeff2f  No.12118738


>Boohoo zog will protect me


000000  No.12118744

This is what I don't like about Republicans—whenever they get in power they try to ban porn. Here you go son…jack off to Bible study.

c7262e  No.12118751


>a simple disclaimer

That is just another scheme to give kikes and politicians a way to hide their crimes. Those disclaimer are only there to cover your ass on legal grounds. Nobody reads them. Nobody will stop using porn because of them. There are already enough disclaimer and warnings all over the web, without changing anything other than pissing people off and driving them to sites without the hassle (even if it's illegal).

c60aaa  No.12118755


You're the rat who likes to eat poison and it's not even coated in sugar. When you willfully eat poison, whether it is coated in sugar or not you deserve to die.

eeff2f  No.12118756

Take note how scat worshipping Jews, nihilists, defeatists, and general low agency much dicks sperg out when you attack porn. Porn is a psychological weapon intentionally leveled at us. We must end it. If only to trigger these slimes. Holy fuck look at em squirm.


>You'll never do anything goy

Says the increasingly nervous man with a long nose for the umpeenth time.

c7262e  No.12118766


I didn't expect to find this opinion here. Being against porn but supporting masturbation…strange. Anyway, you forget that masturbation needs stimuli, which will end up with porn one way or another.

923209  No.12118770

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Phoneposter typos

Back to Reddit, fag. You're not even worthy to lick these girls' sexy stilettos.

eeff2f  No.12118773


Admits to not being from here

7219b0  No.12118774


>Porn is a psychological weapon intentionally leveled at us

I don't know what degree of idiocy and projection this is, but it's certainly on a whole new level.

Yeah, LE JEWS XD totally made you watch porn. lmfao

c7262e  No.12118784

File: 94899323ee6ff61⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 526x500, 263:250, lol.jpg)


Now you did it. I screengrab the whole thread and make a meme out of it. Since the beginning of this thread I've been called Kike, Antifa, CIAnigger and now Fascist Paramilitary. I only need Hitler and my deck is complete.

7219b0  No.12118786


You have brain damage. I feel sorry for even telling you that, as it's akin to verbally abusing a retard.

bf420f  No.12118795



>loss of working memory

>loss of impulse control

>gradually more extreme fetishes

>social anxiety

>adrenal tolerance

>immune modulation

Yeah, no ill effects from porn. Keep watching it.

d8dace  No.12118801


>it is totally fine for us to destroy your race because we don't have a gun to your head!11


>We have enough food for everyone, yet starving is somehow still a thing

I don't care about niggers.

>It did.

We already went through this Schlomo. "If I killed someone then that means they were wrong" is not an actual argument.

>What is India?

What is you ignoring what I said?

>They do. Ask some mothers how many times they have to take shit out of their kids hands.

I just asked my wife, mother, both grandmothers, mother-in-law and sister. The grand total was zero times. Just because you kikes do something, doesn't mean humans do it too.

>Explain the smiling? It means he likes the relieve.

That's what I told you worthless retard. He would have the same look no matter where that piss ended up. This contradicts your point, it doesn't support it.

c7262e  No.12118802


>is meant to satisfy the urges of people who are otherwise socially inept

You forget adapting societies. Some regular family father spends his afternoon toilet time jerking it to hentai. How does he fit into your narrative (and all the millions of other fetish hoppers)?

96bfc1  No.12118804


Do it faggot. History of /pol/'s own desire for censorship needs to be remembered. Especially in a thread started with words "Posted this on 4chan".

7219b0  No.12118806


Are these effects that you've personally experienced? They aren't externally consistent.

eeff2f  No.12118808



Admits to not being from here. Clearly doesn't understand fascist paramilitary group is not an insult here. Defends porn. Itsallsotiresome.jpg

7219b0  No.12118812


Implying I have a narrative. Sounds like some dweeb with a dried up wife to me. What were you expecting?

96bfc1  No.12118815


Neither OP is from here.

c7262e  No.12118818


But with that you not only fight the kikes, their attack dogs and their drones…you would also have to go against the millions of porn addicts you created that are coming at you at full rage. At which point would you consider your plan as futile?

bf420f  No.12118819


https://www yourbrainonporn com/

eeff2f  No.12118823


Another clearly not from with jimmies rustled over porn ban. That's right shitheads. We are going to win and when we do we will take away your cummies. If you resist you go the front lines in Africa.

7219b0  No.12118825


Why deflect instead of simply answering the question? Your study does not reflect the individual or the outliers.

eeff2f  No.12118826


Healthy outlets plus gradual reconditioning with worst serial offenders executed as an example.

192ff3  No.12118828


>is there a way to get porn banned in the US

Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988)

Amend the Constitution. That's the only way.

c7262e  No.12118829

File: b629b8654f7e47e⋯.jpg (43.18 KB, 852x480, 71:40, Tetsuo.jpg)


>is just as real to happen as a plot of an anime

Keep mocking, but I spend five minutes every morning on perfecting my Tetsuo transformation. Any day now…just you wait.

7219b0  No.12118830


<"We are going to win"

What have you won, the right to sit in your house and masturbate to 3D hentai? Lmao stop.

96bfc1  No.12118841

File: 57a49f94bd0357c⋯.mp4 (13.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, dtp.mp4)

This thread is not a coincidence. If you look at history of Trump's presidental campaign or just remember it well, Trump initially pledged to ban pornography.

c7262e  No.12118849


How so? Cause I was here when you wouldn't even set a foot inside, because of all the naked little girls.

eeff2f  No.12118854


>A few million porn addicts

First of all we are going to have to kill millions of commies so this doesn't phase any one of us

Secondly you find no greater collection of porn watchers than in the military but they'd, to a man, rally behind a strong leader who banned porn I'd they believed it would make them stronger. We will subsitute healthy alternatives combined with public messaging about moral mental and physical benefits. We will offer an increasingly natural pallete of approved porn until phasing it out for sex bots. This combined with incentivizing monogamy will dramatically reduce need for porn escapiam until it is seen as a barbarism on the level of street shitting.

c60aaa  No.12118858

File: 3cb8e00b574249a⋯.png (101.39 KB, 519x174, 173:58, 1534864729184.png)


I don't know which primitive race you belong to, but my people don't consider porn a threat.

c7262e  No.12118860


>I don't care about niggers.

Demanding morals, lacking empathy. What a salesman you are.

eeff2f  No.12118863


Niggera are like dogs but not loyal. Empathy is largely wasted on them.

7219b0  No.12118871


>Empathy is only meant for creatures that are entirely reliant on me and loyal to the point of self-destruction

Who is the real nigger? You don't know what empathy is.

7219b0  No.12118872


>appeal to authority

Hi son. It's me, Dad.

c7262e  No.12118875


>What were you expecting?

For you to accept that irregular stuff happens all the time everywhere. You can't control urges of others without instigating more violence and directing your own downfall in the process.

c7262e  No.12118881


While you fight the kikes and their armies? What a busy man you are. Totally gonna work.

7219b0  No.12118882


You have me confused with someone else, as our arguments are one and the same. Go read my posts.

17a6b9  No.12118883

Banning porn would be ineffective and counterproductive, which is why it's the only solution most anti-porn folks talk about (sometimes a limited/partial ban, but always making some material illegal). The correct solution, which they will never propose because they're controlled opposition, is to end copyright protection of porn, making it impossible to make money on it. This avoids 1A issues and backlash from addicts, while hitting the kikes who run the porn industry where it hurts.

c7262e  No.12118890

7219b0  No.12118894


I agree with you; this is the correct solution.

eeff2f  No.12118901


Clever opening tactic. I doubt anyone would advise porn ban as an early opening move. It's more of a medium term goal once homeland is secured and kike threat ended.

c7262e  No.12118902


I'm 63 comments in while shitposting on /n/…give me a break.

d8dace  No.12118913


>not futilely trying to change the innate behavior of animals is lacking empathy

You kikes are terrible at this.

c7262e  No.12118918

File: 833bd5a1c02e00b⋯.png (248.32 KB, 1130x2641, 1130:2641, Why the copyright lobby lo….png)


>to end copyright protection of porn

Now we're talking, bitches…explain to me why the copyright lobby actively utilizes child pornography as a censorship weapon to further corrupt the copyright laws? Doesn't fit into you view now, does it?

7219b0  No.12118924



<trying to change

You contradict yourself. Trying to change something is different than trying to FORCE change. Remember that.

65d2c3  No.12118935


>selling heroin to children is free speech

it should be illegal to profit off of pornographic material

e30f20  No.12118936

File: 068b103299f423f⋯.png (198.45 KB, 520x546, 20:21, 068.png)

You honestly have a better chance making the holocaust real than purging porn from society. Even if its banned and unnormalized its going to always find a way as long as there's horny young men/women.

c7262e  No.12118937


Lacking empathy for animals is one thing, but doing this for nigger means making all of them your enemy…can you really afford that? You cannot wage your war against kikes without stopping making everyone your enemy, especially when those other groups have kikes as enemies as well.

c7262e  No.12118945


>it should be illegal to profit off of pornographic material

That sounds good in theory, but cannot be controlled efficiently.

7219b0  No.12118947


Fighting sex trafficking sounds good in theory but cannot be controlled efficiently.

Does that mean we shouldn't?

7219b0  No.12118952


If I belonged to the government, someone as stupid as you wouldn't be free to come here. lmao

65d2c3  No.12118957


trying to completely purge it from society is dumb, but making it illegal to profit off of is very simple and will take care of the bulk of the problems and shift the balance significantly. after all, even if it was successfully purged you would still have people fantasizing and drawing pictures themselves


it can be controlled efficiently enough. porn is a billion dollar industry. there is massive financial incentive to create porn. dont forget that jews love money

7219b0  No.12118962



Delete post again?

923209  No.12118970


I'd rather stand with Iran any day than with the ZOG Great Satan.

They were even illegally invaded by the (((Allies))) in WWII, and they're one of the last nations in existence without a (((Central bank))).

Iran is supposed to be the leader of the "Axis of Evil."

They also just so happen to be the #1 Enemy of the (((Greatest Ally))).

What a Cohen-cidence!

eeff2f  No.12118974



Making it illegal to profit from porn is genius and easily sellable to masses and even pornfags. It would solve 90% of the problem. Future Fuhrer remember this for your platform.

25ade0  No.12118975


I don't think an outright ban will be necessary at that point. If you reduce the porn issue from hostile foreigners making HD interracial gangbang videos to amateur artists drawing lewd comics and individuals posting sex tapes, I think the social problems start becoming a lot less severe, and it's not as much of a priority for the state anymore.

7219b0  No.12118979


>make it illegal to profit from porn

<it's genius and easily sellable

I've found the real kike.

7219b0  No.12118985

19c670  No.12118988


No, sir, you misunderstand.

I am LITERALLY saying that if anyone has a lot of pent-up rage and sexual frustration, then THEY should join their local paramilitary (or gym/dojo, or men's club, etc.) rather than waste their precious life force on something as worthless and degrading (and Jewed!) as porn.

But, feel free to amuse yourself.

d0f7cf  No.12119000


AGREE 100%. People saying "just don't look at it" are either kikes or wallowing addicts (victims, frankly). They are pushing porn on kids through Hollywood and the kike-infested "educational" system. I don't know how a ban would work but at the very least it should be illegal to sell it. Prostitution is illegal… but not if you film it?

d8dace  No.12119002


No I don't, you're a fucking moron. You can't turn niggers into people. Trying is futile.


Again, it isn't lacking empathy you fucking kike. Insisting on trying to make dogs fly is not empathy, it is mental illness.

>but doing this for nigger means making all of them your enemy

You're not even pretending any more Schlomo.

c7262e  No.12119004


Cannot be controlled until we've regulate greed itself first. Otherwise it will always continue.


Not if you do it wrong. Banning prostitution doesn't work. Allowing prostitution on the other hand works against sex trafficking as seen in many places around Europe.

19c670  No.12119005


How do you regulate Military-grade weapons? Fully Auto Firearms? Illegal Drugs? CP?

The same way you'd do this.

It's a stupid question.

The threat is stronger than the execution.

You might as well make Meth legal, it literally does far less combined harm than porn does.

c7262e  No.12119012


>easily sellable

What a poor choice of words for your argument…

7219b0  No.12119013


>"Not if you do it wrong,"

That's not what the question was addressing. It was a question of try or not; do or don't. I agree that it must be done correctly, but don't deflect.

c7262e  No.12119020


>But, feel free to amuse yourself

Thanks, man. I'm getting tired. Still waiting to be called Hitler, tho. Maybe if I sneak in some Horst Wessel lyrics in my answer…oh shit did I type that out? Fuck!

c7262e  No.12119026


>Illegal Drugs? CP?

I literally only have to go into the next club to score some coke and am about two mouse clicks away from CP. How is this called regulation?

eaada2  No.12119034

It merely has to be the will of the people rising up against the filth and dealing with it.

Filth is not freedom of speech.

You aren't allowed to leave loaded guns laying around in schools.

But, porn cannot be locked up, so the cure is easy, just find the way to make it illegal, possibly by having a constitutional convention and altering the First Amendment to exclude degeneracy, depravity, and promotion of lifestyles or activities that promote or broadcast it.

If the law does not protect people from subversive filth, then you find a way to do it by CHANGING the law.

You know, like (((they))) are trying to do with everything they do, and have just flat-out ignore the constitution to form the Federal Reserve?

When enough people are awake to it and oppose it, we will find a way to get rid of it and the people who are purveyors of it.

c7262e  No.12119036


>but don't deflect

I wasn't. Just tired. Still holding onto my argument, tho…banning porn is not the answer to stop degenerate pornography. It's not even a step into the right direction. It's a waste of time and could help more people if you step above it to the real target.

c7262e  No.12119046


>You know, like (((they))) are trying to do with everything they do

And they are pure evil for doing it. So find the righteous way to stop them. Go against greed.

51b743  No.12119047

You could ban porn as easily as you could ban any "degenerate" art like certain genres of music. Art (yeah, yeah, porn's not real art, I get it) is as old as time. If Grug could make a flute out of bone 10000 years ago you bet your ass he could paint a pair of titties on a cave wall and jerk off to it.

0cd170  No.12119048

Gone 7 days without nutting, lads. How am I going to keep it up?

a13af9  No.12119053


Will power and not being controlled by impulses.

8ba69f  No.12119056

File: 5a6cf741d98fea9⋯.jpg (32.08 KB, 376x376, 1:1, 1536328519458.jpg)

Just a reminder

Ser ut som nordfront feila helt her, dem har en litt usikker nerd(ikke fucking gass han), som diskuterer med ei kjerring, arg… han klarer bare ikke si det her

det er ei skole 68 lærer, de snakker om raser.. alt han trenger si er

>Vi hater ikke andre raser

>Vi vill bevare alle raser

>Vi vil bare ikke at de skal blandes og dermed alle dø ut

>Fjellreven har seg med fjellreven, rødreven med rødreven

>Husmusa med musmusa

blander du dem sammen så dør dem ut

det er denne diskusjonen


om du er her så ikke for å disse, men det her klarer du bedre, øv litt, det her var ikke bra, du kan så mye mer

ugh kunne ikke linke pga noen andre har posta så her, høre på det her, det oversatt men den er bra


587e58  No.12119058


>is there a way to get pornography banned in the US on a state, federal or town level?

No. That is not possible

0cd170  No.12119062


I just hope I have the will power in me. It's tempting somedays. Then I remember the redpills that made me start this in the first place.

Anyone got redpills and jpg's that will help deter anons? I could use some right about now

8ba69f  No.12119064


lolollol wrong thread sorry

still the point is valid, it was meant for the swedes

ad52d6  No.12119065


Porn addicte here, I have no willpower whatsoever! I can't help but fap to trap dindu and kebab porn and am a complete weak, soyboy faggot IRL because of it! Democrats are the real fascists!


More proof you iporn is like another holocaust types are mentally ill lolcows.


"Look at this Hollywood pic! I'm one of you!"


a13af9  No.12119085


Just remember that's how the jew wants you to be: controlled by your impulses without much will.

0cd170  No.12119092


Maybe Meditation might help me. It's proven to develop your frontal lobe and strengthen your will.

1a6ae0  No.12119106


The time is not right for a direct crack down on porn quite yet. The masses need to be woken up to how Jews are behind the porn industry and are using it for social engineering to emasculate men and promote sexual and societal dysfunction/confusion. When the anger and disgust rises for what the kikes are doing with porn, there will be enough momentum to do something of lasting consequence. So for now keep redpilling the masses on anything JQ.


Natural does not equal good, honorable, or beneficial. Whites at their best aspire to be god-like superhumans who use their will and intellect to create things that will last for millennia and inspire many future generations to aspire to greatness. Pursuing cheap meaningless sexual thrills is a primitive behavior. Whites who can't aspire to something more need to be removed the gene pool.


Visualize filthy porn kikes laughing and jacking off into potted plants to the idea of you jacking off to their porn whores. Remember they hate you and want you docile and that's why they are making endless porn freely available. Its not hard to resist consuming something when you realize it was made intentionally to destroy you. It became very easy to give it up for good once I realized this.

923209  No.12119123


You mean, two mouse clicks from spending the rest of your days getting anally raped in prison.

You could probably get away with shoplifting, too; doesn't mean it's legal.

NewsFlash: most recent people keep the law; they don't break it.

5a3233  No.12119129


Pornography is not natural either. As a matter of fact it was pretty fringe even in times were the technical means were advanced enough to make it.

c7262e  No.12119138


>most recent people keep the law; they don't break it.

What is capitalism? What are the Jews? What the fuck are we talking about here? The laws are only there to protect criminals from being exposed. Everything is corrupted, Everyone is skidding the grey area between legal and illegal. Newsflash: you're already imprisoned.

0cd170  No.12119141


Everywhere you turn there's sexually suggestive stuff. Internet, TV, ads, women's clothes… they dress like sluts now. Even if I stay away from porn it's still hard (pun not intended) not to waste my sexual body fluids.

4110a0  No.12119144


you're definitely promoting cuckoldry

4110a0  No.12119149


>wahhhh, muuhhhh porrrrrnnnnn

a13af9  No.12119151


Yep, it does. Meetings with Remarkable Men is a good book for this.

c7262e  No.12119153


Now you are mistaking porn and talking about porn…everyone masturbates, everyone needs stimuli to do so, porn is a natural outcome of this.

923209  No.12119159

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>30 posts from this ID

I'm literally posting this from the Graduate School where I work, retard. The only mentally challenged one here is you, who is defending the sexual Jew and criticising superior alternatives.>>12118786

587e58  No.12119160



I mean yeah sure, but back in the past, brothels were quite common.

282de8  No.12119165


>banning porn

you might as well start a fist fight with the full pantheon of lovecraftian gods, you may stand a chance to win that

porn is a massive jueguernaught to take on

>kikes will bank roll the best legal defence money can buy

>normies are adicted to it and will side with leftards using fedora arguments to acuse us of censorship loving christian fundamentalism

>all the roasties and degenerates in porn will immediatelly start kvtching about muh free expresions and sheit

>femtards will do everything in their power to derrail any attack on the porn industry and try to target animu instead

lust is by far the most powerfull of all sins

it's literally the means by wich kikes control the goverment, by baiting them with lust, providing them with kids to rape if they behave and blackmailing them with videos of their dirty deeds if they step out of line

you can fight greed, wrath, sloth, glutony, envy, pride but not lust

lust is literally the final boss

c7262e  No.12119168


Have you visited Europe lately? They have entire red light districts. They even have little cubicles if you want to fuck a hooker on your bicycle.

0cd170  No.12119170


I guess it's going to be a vital role if I and other anons are ever going to de-sexualise our brains. I might as well because I read it has a slew of benefits along with it.

ad52d6  No.12119176


"This is your cause, Pol!"

"Porn is like so bad, man! It turn people away from Jes… is owned by kikes!"

"You disagree with me? Porn addict! Kike! Fed!"

No. Fuck off.


"Porn emasculates men"

More retardation.

"It is what makes people disfunctional!"

The entire mainstream medias, culture and entertainement already works toward that end.

"Kikes promotes porn to make Whites retarded!"

Pretty sure non-Whites would be worst affected, then, especially kikes and dindus. Once again, your taking points are all retarded. Your anti-pr0n crusade is a cuckservative, Q-worthy cause. >>/Reddit/

f59840  No.12119177


Becuase something is difficult, does that mean we should not try?

In order to accomplish anything, we need to rid ourselves of the defeatist mentality.

You are mentally castrating yourself by believing nothing is accomplishable because the opposition has a hook news and deep pockets.

We can win, or at least create awareness for now. Doing nothing is what (((THEY))) want.

ad52d6  No.12119182


We got better things to do than care for your conservative bullshit, simple as that.

c7262e  No.12119184


>lust is by far the most powerful of all sins

No, it's greed. That's what they use to control power. If you fall for greed then lust is always just a payment away from you. It's greed that drives humans into committing atrocities onto each other without a second glance. Selfish fucking greed.

f59840  No.12119190


What do you have better to do? Are you here to shitpost? Are you a paid shill?

What purpose do you have here, just banter?

Speak for yourself, there are plenty of anons who wish to create change and challenge the jewish status quo.

74c274  No.12119191

File: 3a50d6f81366577⋯.jpg (201.97 KB, 450x481, 450:481, 4594072136_057acbee67_o.jpg)





is MMD worth learning? (vs other stuff like SFM)

587e58  No.12119195


Unfortunately I have not. I want to though and I'm sad to hear of the decay.

How do you fuck a hooker on a bicycle?

c7262e  No.12119197


>de-sexualise our brains

That's were you're wrong. You still need sex to thrive. It's wasting it on continues lust that makes you weak. Moderation is key…moderation is also the one human feat we all fail at constantly.

000000  No.12119201


I think one could start a movement at a uni.

One should stay clean of the rightwing stuff though, to get at least some students support.

282de8  No.12119211


the dubs are with you my friend

i don't say "don't try to fight" i say fight the weaker enemy first, sure we hurt the beast a little with the rampat kike pedophilia in jewlywood but at our current level we are still to weak to have any hope of fighting against porn


greed is the second most powerfull imo

even the most hardcore leftard would be disgusted by the selfish greed of the elites when exposed to it

it is true that greed may hold a little bit more power than lust, but it also has more weakneses, lust is fucking strong, but i don't see many weakneses to attack

587e58  No.12119212


There are plenty of right wingers at universities. You just need to look because of the repression of their ideas by the establishment.

c7262e  No.12119215

File: 4eee3dc43961eed⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 608x338, 304:169, Hah Rennrad Style.jpg)


>How do you fuck a hooker on a bicycle?

Nah, it's more about the ability to drive your bike into a hookup cubicle for a little fun time. But you can bet your ass that somebody will connect the dots and and finds a position on a bicycle.

30ccbc  No.12119225

File: 08e0f4d49b406e1⋯.jpg (138.02 KB, 800x804, 200:201, 1536000986509.jpg)


> good can only come through my philosemitic pet cult

Kill yourself. Europeans had perfectly fine religions before Christianity.


Actual degenerate here: I don't watch porn either, outside of hand-drawn art that is. I admit I'm a raging degenerate and yet they could ban all these websites and literally nothing would change for me.




> I can' t believe you're proposing this

> Yeah, there's no way you don't watch porn like I do

> There's no point in thinking about it. *yawn* makes me sleepy, it's just a trump campaign marketing ploy stop talking about it

You guys are retards and cucks and since you already are cucks, you should make life easier for people on both sides and kill yourselves. The kikes want it, I want it, win win for everyone.


Still not exploitative porn. You can ban porn and still keep that.


> stop talking about banning porn

> just go to church and continue consuming porn that'll solve it eventually

Either pathetic christcuck (in this case literally because he watches other people fuck) or disingenuous kike detected



These guys get it

And jesus christ this e7262e fag really is a kike.

> you can't ban porn that's preposterous

> look here a book written by a self-admitted abnormal degenerate, that's proof that everyone in past human history was just as degenerate as the average porn addict

> stop attacking porn or cocaine or abortion, capitalism is the true problem all of that shit would be good if capitalism didn't corrupt it

> My distorted view is facts, you are all just uneducated

> all these anons calling me a kike again and again has in no way to do with what I post or how I act, it proves I'm definitely not a kike

> subscribes to foucaultian understanding of 'racism'

> our society is so degenerate that real sex is hard to get, so we need to solve this with more degeneracy and more porn

> banning (porn) the thing you're addicted to doesn't solve your addiction to it → nobody can ever quit their addiction to anything keep buying my cigs and opium and keep watching my porn goyim

> even old religions were based on giving away free shit just take my word for it

> literally argues that porn itself is not corrupting but that capitalism corrupted it

> go against the problems at the top….let's conveniently not mention the kikes here guys, I meant capitalism of course, not the kikes, please don't hurt the kikes

> (78)

> Made 5-6 new posts in the time of me scrolling down and reading thread

I mean you couldn't be more obvious.

eeff2f  No.12119226


Shills so transparent in this thread. Just soulless golems whose highest God is their dick.

c7262e  No.12119229


>but i don't see many weaknesses to attack

If you defeat greed, which you claim is easier anyway, then lust stops being a problem altogether as well. You can't overindulge to lust if greed stops over delivering it. Balance restored and all that.

c7262e  No.12119238


Dude, they already make fun of you for not getting late and now you want to promote the banning of porn? How spectacular you think this will fail?

51b743  No.12119248


College age (and high school age and even middle school age, but who's counting) kids are fucking like rabbits and getting drunk. A group of white dudes who want to ban porn would be the lamest kids on the block, would make the anime club members look like social butterflies

c7262e  No.12119254


>Either pathetic christcuck (in this case literally because he watches other people fuck) or disingenuous kike detected

None, just trying to convince OP how much of a faggot his followers are (for 80 posts and counting)

>literally nothing would change for me

Did you know that when they threw Sade into prison for degeneracy, they also took his pencil away so he wouldn't write anymore? Antis are that degenerate.

0cd170  No.12119257

File: 4dca7a72e81b31c⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1402x682, 701:341, 1525624206308.png)


Well my aim is to desexualise my mind. Obviously when I need to get it up I can just think about sexual stuff about the woman that needs a screwing and it will work. I only want to nut for baby making only. I came across ideas that support chastity in body and mind, so I want to do it. I seek to transcend my dick and become great.

The only problem is, if I ever do somehow manage to get a woman, I don't think she'd stay with me unless I fuck her every god damn day. I know it won't ever happen though so I might as well become a wizard for real

ad52d6  No.12119259


Nah, I simply tire of seeing murican conservative causes passed off as National-Socialism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pornography:_Men_Possessing_Women Well, not just conservatism.

Blaming pr0n for the state of normies? -D Anyone who believe that doesn't get the bigger picture. Why western society is as nefarious as it is.

What to do? Smash the mainstream narrative to make the fire rise. Especially the lie of equality.

To start with, if anti-pr0n activists were right about it being addictive for example, dindu crime would drop to zero because all the dindus would be too busy watching it.


"Look @ this pic! I'm one of you, Pol!"

Just make a /ConservatismInc/ board.

4d8eb2  No.12119260

File: 905bf99f700052e⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 2064x5808, 43:121, Israeli Porn Industry 'Boo….jpg)


Yep, it must be banned.


>why dont you fo someolace else

Why dont I toss you in a pitfire?

Also, you missed one



Israel Blocks Porn

>Legislators have approved a bill that would block all porn in Israel unless people ask to view it.

>The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation unanimously approved the bill, which forces internet companies in the country censor adult websites by default. Backers of the new legislation claim that it is a way of stopping young people getting online.

>Under the terms of the bill, anyone wanting to access pornography online would have to tell their internet service provider, either by writing to them, ringing them or getting in touch their website.

>The approval of the bill means that it now moves to the legislator, the Knesset, for approval and passage into law.

>At the moment, Israeli law forces internet service providers to build in content-blocking systems that can recognise certain problem websites and stop people visiting them. But those are turned off by default and users can ask to have them switched on – and legislators worry that not enough parents know that they exist.

>The new law would turn the filters on by default, and make anyone who wanted to get around them opt out rather than opt in.

>As well as worries about cenorship, campaigners have voiced concern that the block would pick up other websites, like those about breast cancer. And they have also pointed out that forcing people to get in touch with companies to ask for access to pornography should be seen a violation of their right to privacy.

>Backers of the bill said that the system would still allow people to see all the information that they wanted to but would keep children safe at the same time.

>Legislators behind the bill pointed to the example of places like Britain, which has already implemented a ban on some pornographic websites.

4d8eb2  No.12119267


>dirty mudfolk have always been dirty perverted mudfolk

<therefore so were you


e83a36  No.12119269

I tried to play Impossible Creatures but it says "the render is not valid, update your diretex" or something. How do I fix it? I found nothing onnline.

>inb4 not our trouble

Yes it is, you recommended it along with a few other games.

8ba69f  No.12119271


Also pornograhpy was actually completely illegal here untill a few years ago. it's leagal here now but the only place you find it is on the internet. They used to have this swedish channel called tv1000 that sent porno in the night, then they sladded everything so you only heared the noices.

however. as the world has turned, I am really pissed off at the progress party for making this legal. it's not that they ever policed the internet, but we need to get back to raising wholesome children and all porno should be banned and all such sites be blocked on the national firewall

ad52d6  No.12119278


You should just pay a prostitute for some poon, just sayin.

e83a36  No.12119280

Talk about it, how goes the plan of moving the redpill from jewtube to porn sites?

51b743  No.12119289


>The only problem is, if I ever do somehow manage to get a woman, I don't think she'd stay with me unless I fuck her every god damn day.

Sex with a real human being isn't bad for you, and if it's your wife it's not promiscuous. Orgasming every so often, like maybe once a month, week, or even every three days, is better for your health than leaving your parts unused.

4d8eb2  No.12119291

File: 07c5c0fb456eefc⋯.jpg (309.85 KB, 1356x1257, 452:419, ethnic food.JPG)

File: c302dbe96483939⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1996x3388, 499:847, ethnic food 2.jpg)

File: 2f6f86d4463946c⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 1992x6904, 249:863, ethnic food 3.jpg)

File: bd0b356c9e2d3c9⋯.jpg (3.41 MB, 1976x10272, 247:1284, Porn Jews and Black(mail)e….jpg)


>posting porn

>defending porn

>"you can't win without allying with niggers!"

>80 posts

Oh look whose still here…


Porn is still illegal in the US, its just the laws aren't enforced.


Because Jewish money.

000000  No.12119298


yes I met some, its likely I will join their frat. However by student support I meant a little more then 100 people.



Well I am not a bodybuilder but compared to other students I am quite fit and not ugly either. In fact I had to push off 2 far beyond avarage girls, which I considered to be sluts that seriously picked me. (the one picked others aswell but the other was very selective)

If I could get the face of the movement made of good looking girls and guys promoting a less sexualized society. Well I can see it working…

But obviously I will have to deal with all the christcucks.

c7262e  No.12119299


> you can't ban porn that's preposterous

Would never work

> look here a book written by a self-admitted abnormal degenerate, that's proof that everyone in past human history was just as degenerate as the average porn addict

Was and still is the high point of human degeneracy.

> stop attacking porn or cocaine or abortion, capitalism is the true problem all of that shit would be good if capitalism didn't corrupt it

Fighting against drugs led us to the legalization of more drugs, the whole pharma cartel pushing drugs and didn't stop regular drug trafficking in any way.

> our society is so degenerate that real sex is hard to get, so we need to solve this with more degeneracy and more porn

I never advocated more. I said Stop the kikes at top and porn regulates itself.

> nobody can ever quit their addiction to anything

You want to ban porn in one swift move, which would generate a majority of raging addicts as your opposition. Pretty stupid move to make when you're already at war with the kikes, wouldn't you say?

> literally argues that porn itself is not corrupting but that capitalism corrupted it

Porn corrupts you as much as sugar…is sugar addiction in any way unnatural?

>let's conveniently not mention the kikes here

Do I have to write kike in every post? Don't you think /pol/ knows what the fuck I'm talking about.


11180a  No.12119302


Technically and legally you're hiring the woman to make a film in which you just 'happen' to be having sex with her

0cd170  No.12119314



Nah it's about not nutting for atleast 10-12 years. This is what I'm trying to do. Not getting laid and not cutting it down. If I only reduce the mount of times I jack off it aint worth shite. I already fap about once every 2-5 days anyway.

2c590f  No.12119317


Reminder that being natsoc is also illegal.

e83a36  No.12119323


<flash news: our mods are kikes! Also, water is wet. More at eleven.

4d8eb2  No.12119331


>Would never work

Yes it will.

>Fighting against drugs led us to the legalization of more drugs,

No it didn't.

>the whole pharma cartel pushing drugs

No it didn't.

>and didn't stop regular drug trafficking in any way.

1 yes it did, 2 its not even properly enforced because our own shafow-state government is seeking to profit off the Black Market instead of destroying it.

>I said Stop the kikes at top and porn regulates itself.

Stop the kikes at the top and porn disappears for the most part man. And if you made it illegal to distribute and produce, boom, its done.

>You want to ban porn in one swift move, which would generate a majority of raging addicts as your opposition

Good. I'm not afraid of that opposition.

>Pretty stupid move to make when you're already at war with the kikes, wouldn't you say?

Not nearly as stupid as believing you can ally with niggers or be rid of Jews and keep porn.

>Porn corrupts you as much as sugar


>is sugar addiction in any way unnatural?

Yes, explicitly, as processed sugar doesn't exist in nature.

>Don't you think /pol/ knows what the fuck I'm talking about.

No, i think you're just a porn addict, possibly a jewish pornographer, shilling for your addiction/industry.

4d8eb2  No.12119335


Who do you think this 80+ post pro-porn poster is?

Reminder: This board is run off money generated by porn, and the ones running the site don't want to see their industry dry up.


No its not.

Unless you live in the EJew.

4d8eb2  No.12119338


Anti-Porn Thread


> Neural Correlates of Sexual Cue Reactivity in Individuals with and without Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

> http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0102419

> Brain Structure and Functional Connectivity Associated With Pornography Consumption

> http://archpsyc.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1874574

> Brown University: Pornography

> http://brown.edu/Student_Services/Health_Services/Health_Education/sexual_health/sexuality/pornography.php

> The Social Costs of Pornography

> http://www.internetsafety101.org/upload/file/Social%20Costs%20of%20Pornography%20Report.pdf

> The Effects of Pornography on Individuals,Marriage, Family and Community

> http://www.scribd.com/doc/23930556/The-Effects-of-Pornography-on-Individuals-Marriage-Family-and-Community

> Porn, Novelty and the Coolidge Effect

> http://yourbrainonporn.com/porn-novelty-and-the-coolidge-effect

> Porn Stars without Make-up: Death of the Illusion

> http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/33-startling-photos-of-pornstars-with-and-without-their-make#.dsYORdANA

> Physiological and Psychologica Effects of Modern Day Pornography

> http://yourbrainonporn.com/physiological-and-psychological-effects-modern-day-pornography-2013

> Philip Zimbardo TED Talk: The Demise of Guys

> http://www.ted.com/talks/zimchallenge

> Gary Wilson: The Great Porn Experiment

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTD_itXrR6E

> Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvyejdlmKpE&feature=youtu.be

> Viewers of Pornography Have a Smaller Reward System

> https://www.mpib-berlin.mpg.de/en/media/2014/06/viewers-of-pornography-have-a-smaller-reward-system

4d8eb2  No.12119341


> Adult Film Performers Transmission and STI Prevelace

> http://www.aidshealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Adult-film-poster-STD-Prevention-2014.pdf

> The Documented Effects of Pornography

> http://forerunner.com/forerunner/X0388_Effects_of_Pornograp.html

> Fight the New Drug: Porn Harms in Three Ways

> http://fightthenewdrug.org/get-the-facts/

> Harm of Pornography

> http://www.internetsafety101.org/harmsofpornography.htm

> 9 Things You Should Know About Pornography and The Brain

> http://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/9-things-you-should-know-about-pornography-and-the-brain


> Nathan Abrams on Jews in the Porn Industry

> http://www.jewishquarterly.org/issuearchive/articled325.html?articleid=38

> The Jewish Masters of Porn

> http://jewishfaces.com/porn.html

> Pornography, sex slaves, prostitution… Why are these businesses dominated by Jews?

> http://hugequestions.com/Eric/TFC/the_pornography_business.html

> Jewish Porn Star James Deen–“The Jews know we’re better than everyone else. That’s all that matters. It’s true. We’re the Chosen People. It’s a fact.”

> https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/the-jewish-porn-star-next-door/

> Interracial Porn Isn't Profitable

> http://www.tradyouth.org/2015/02/interracial-porn-isnt-profitable/

>Jewish Professor of American History at Aberdeen University in UK, Prof. Nathan Abrams. He boasts that Jews were the driving force of the modern pornographic industry and that their motivation is in part to destroy Gentile morals.

> http://davidduke.com/jewish-professor-boasts-of-jewish-pornography-used-as-a-weapon-against-gentiles/

1a6ae0  No.12119342


Use Ad block, don't aimlessly browse the web, don't watch the electric Jew. Learn to be comfortable with being horny. Pause and take a few slow deep breaths. There's nothing wrong with feeling horny, its just a surge in dopamine which can be utilized for doing something constructive and creative. Immediately jerking yourself off just because you see something sexy is chimp tier.

Make goals and to-do lists weekly and redirect yourself towards them whenever you're about to aimlessly waste time, which would include wanking any more than once per week, preferably even less frequent and without porn of course. Committing to zero fapping and indulging in sexual pleasure only through sex with a committed girlfriend or wife is a legit Aryan path, but at least restricting it to less than once per week is the minimum for conserving sexual energy for having a high motivation personality. It depends what you want out of life. Choose your adventure, just don't choose to be a porn addict fapoholic who can't think of anything more rewarding to do when bored or lonely.

4d8eb2  No.12119349

File: 4c77c323ceedf99⋯.png (333.2 KB, 500x1250, 2:5, Jews - Porn Networks.png)

File: fdb913f99677999⋯.jpg (261.31 KB, 910x1375, 182:275, Jews - Porn David Marmorst….JPG)

File: 7129fda3f208d1c⋯.jpg (342.6 KB, 1103x1325, 1103:1325, Jews - Porn, Smut Peddlers.JPG)

File: d35b1746546c2a6⋯.jpg (368.07 KB, 1102x1361, 1102:1361, Jews - Porn, Nice Boys and….JPG)

9353a6  No.12119350


I'm so glad codemonkey commandeered the board

4d8eb2  No.12119353


Did he?


d74f52  No.12119357


Read Libido Dominandi

4d8eb2  No.12119378


>“Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but, what is worse, as many masters as he has vices.” – St. Augustine,City of God

>Writing at the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire, St. Augustine both revolutionized and brought to a close antiquity’s idea of freedom. A man was not a slave by nature or by law, as Aristotle claimed. His freedom was a function of his moral state. A man had as many masters as he had vices. This insight would provide the basis for the most sophisticated form of social control known to man.

>Fourteen hundred years later, a decadent French aristocrat turned that tradition on its head when he wrote that “the freest of people are they who are most friendly to murder.” Like St. Augustine, the Marquis de Sade would agree that freedom was a function of morals. Unlike St. Augustine, Sade proposed a revolution in sexual morals to accompany the political revolution then taking place in France. Libido Dominandi – the term is taken from Book I of Augustine’s City of God – is the definitive history of that sexual revolution, from 1773 to the present.

>Unlike the standard version of the sexual revolution, Libido Dominandi shows how sexual liberation was from its inception a form of control. Those who wished to liberate man from the moral order needed to impose social controls as soon as they succeeded because liberated libido led inevitably to anarchy. Aldous Huxley wrote in his preface to the 1946 edition of Brave New World that “as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.” This book is about the converse of that statement. It explains how the rhetoric of sexual freedom was used to engineer a system of covert political and social control. Over the course of the two-hundred-year span covered by this book, the development of echnologies of communication, reproduction, and psychic control – including psychotherapy, behaviorism, advertising, sensitivity training, pornography, and plain old blackmail – allowed the Enlightenment and its heirs to turn Augustine’s insight on its head and create masters out of men’s vices. Libido Dominandi is the story of how that happened.

Any mention of the Jew?

582fbe  No.12119399


>Posted this on 4chan

Gas yourself OP.

0cd170  No.12119402

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good post. Thank you anon. Instead of the electronic jew I could read books more. I could lift weights and go for a run to take my mind off of fapping. Also I got to leaen to mediate and build it up to an hour a day at least. Still, I can't NOT keep coming back to /pol/ for now… And tbh it's actually more trusty news source kek

> just don't choose to be a porn addict fapoholic

10-12 year no cum is my aim. The thought of continueing to fap or even nutting makes me feel miserable, I know it's not my path.

d74f52  No.12119405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Loads of them. The author has written a lot about the jews. He also did Goy Guide To World History


2c590f  No.12119411

File: 15a53972a2494a9⋯.jpg (22.95 KB, 450x300, 3:2, thinking.jpg)


> HD interracial gangbang videos to amateur artists drawing lewd comics and individuals posting sex tapes

Wait a minute. There are thousands if not millions of amateur porn camwhores around the globe.

Try taking away their money.

They will screech worse than a rich porn film maker who could invest in a different business.

9353a6  No.12119416

File: 8ff7062b5426003⋯.swf (789.48 KB, libido dominandi.swf)


here's an epub for libido dominandi

4d8eb2  No.12119417


Very interesting.

Will read.

c7262e  No.12119421


Dude, your just insecure. Stick to masturbating every couple of days, stay clear of social media and chans and try to go to a local sport club like Badminton. Just enjoy the playing while meeting girls left and right.

4d8eb2  No.12119427


Good. Its time to start telling women no again, before the entire society implodes.

Have some pasta.

Allow me to clarify a bit, because I used to be a serious fucking degenerate and so I know a bit about this topic.

There are three main types of porn sites: aggregators, pay sites, and cam sites.

Aggregators gather up free videos, but if you look at them, what they actually are in most cases are: old videos in full, small segments of new videos (which you either have to pay to get ahold of in full, or dig around on shifty websites that dump malware), amatuer shit uploaded by degenerates who've joined the aggregator's "community".

Their advertisers are likewise in three categories: clickbait dogshit that leads to more malware sites, or that lead to pay sites, or that lead to cam sites. Basically, the pornographers use these to lure you in - hey, free porn! - and for many, they can't resist the urge to click on the click-bait link (usually it has the most-degenerate or 'enticing' bit from a given scene in one of their videos, or some camwhore doing really degenerate shit, or just some nonsense like "Hey make your dick grow bigger!").

In short, aggregators are nothing but bait… Sort of. They're also basically pseudo-pimps via proxy, but I'll come back to that in a moment…

4d8eb2  No.12119430


Then you've got the pay sites. These are where most of the money is made, and yes, while its insane to think that people pay for this shit (especially if, like myself, you learned how to avoid the malware on the malware sites so you don't HAVE to pay in order to see whatever you want), they do - most 'normies' don't realize you can get basically anything for free online so long as you're clever and know how to use the sites/avoid their malware, so they will be inclined to pay for access to a site that most channers would only need to even know about in order to effectively search for the video in question. As such, pay sites end up making a lot of money, and they tie into the aggregator bait, in that they post snippets of their videos on there (to entice) and/or post ads for their site on there, usually, as aforementioned, utilizing the most extreme/'enticing' part from a given scene or video as the ad, basically a gif on repeat (ie: the ad for BLACKED or the like will be a close-up of big black cocks slamming into white cunts, interspersed with images of beautiful girls rolling their eyes in pleasure or other such shit).

In any case, these sites DO make a lot of money, because A) normies are stupid, B) normies have no self control, and C) normies are the most likely to have disposable income AND have that income set up so they can quickly employ it online.

They also trick gullible normies, by having their adverts/sites imply that "Its just $1 a month!" or "Get a free 1 month trial!" or the like… What those normies don't see, generally, is that small print, which is that if you don't explicitly cancel your subscription - something that often requires more than just clicking around on a site, you'll actually have to call a telephone number and speak with a real person about why you need/want to cancel your subscription to BlackCumOnWhiteFaces.com or what have you - and alotta normies just wont do that. They'll just leave the subscription going, and accept the access to free porn coupled with a minor cost instead of the embarrassment and time wasted trying to cut ties to the pornographers.

5a3233  No.12119433


>Nah it's about not nutting for atleast 10-12 years

Targeting for the High Arcana I see…

4d8eb2  No.12119434


And then there's the cam sites. Cam sites are, effectively, digital pimps - they create a platform for young women (and sometimes not so young women…) to basically whore themselves out to a captive and anonymous audience, in exchange for shekels. They give the girls all sorts of options, namely, the option to have a 'free' chat session wherein they tease doing lots of degenerate shit, but require you to go into a private chat session for them to actually DO the especially perverted shit, which requires payment. They get some of those shekels, but the site takes a cut from every girl - effectively, the site is their pimp, and the pimp must always get paid, or the bitches get slapped (cut off access to their platform, and thus, revenue).

These are the worst - and probably most lucrative - sites the pornogrpahers employ, because they basically convince young women to whore themselves out to strangers, many - arguably most - of whom are disgusting faggots in third world countries that're willing to toss $5-10 USD to see some pretty young college slut in Kentucky shove a dildo up their ass and then taste it on cam… Of course, they also record a lot of these 'private shows', and guess where they end up? A banana sticker to you if you guessed 'the aggregator sites' - which then use these private videos to lure people, especially young women, into their "communities"… And why do I use the quotes? Because their communities are basically just porno-whore prep platforms - you start out doing it for free, because you see others doing it (mostly recorded whores reposted as for-free-sluts) and because it makes you feel sexy that others want you… And, once you're doing it for free, how far of a leap is to think "Instead of going to work at Bob Evan's tomorrow, I could just stay home and stick things in my asshole for Saudis and Chinese businessmen and make more money than I can working that shitty 9-5…". And just like that, lil Suzy the Slut has gone from being a degenerate hoser who got wet from posting her lewds on Pornhub, to Susan the Whore on MyCamLord.com or some shit, raking in shekels by the handful for sticking stuff up her pooper.

Point being: These three types of sites are all interlaced, and they've got it set up so they're generating a constant stream of new content, and new content providers, all beamed into the home of the dim-witted normies, most of whom are simply too lazy and too stupid to avoid paying for the pornography they want to see.

d74f52  No.12119438


Anyone on /pol/ should do so.

9353a6  No.12119439


it's archived as 7z by the way

832b43  No.12119443


>I can't control myself so I need the government to do it for me

Here's your solution

           ___  ∥
       /    `ヽ∥
      ,:'      、ゑ
     ,'    ;  i  八、
     |,! 、 ,! |  ,' ,〃ヽ!;、
      |!| l川 l リへ'==二二ト、
     リ川 !| i′  ゙、    ', ',
     lルl ||,レ′   ヽ   ,ノ ,〉
       |川'、  ,,.,.r'"    ,,ン゙
        `T"  ! ,/ '.ノ,/|
         /   ,!´ !゙ヾ{ |
          /   ,'   i ゙ ! ,l゙
      ,r‐'ヽ-、!   ',  l|
      {    `ヽ   !  「゙フ
      ,>┬―/   ;  i,`{
     / /リ川'        ', ゙、
    / ,/            ゙、 ゙、
   ノ  /           ', `、
   \_/   ;          ゙、ヽ、
    l__   !        ___〕 ,、l
       ̄`‐┬―r┬‐r'´ `'‐'′
           |  .! |  |
           |  | .|  |
          | j |  !

2c590f  No.12119447


I guess the worst point i learned from that is that i am getting hard reading this. :^)

4d8eb2  No.12119449


>the government doesn't exist to govern over the people

<including the low IQ plebs

Save the rope, you're next.

4d8eb2  No.12119454


>getting chubbed reading such

You're either vastly over sexed or sufficiently disciplined such that even the minimally lascivious text on offer can arouse you.

0cd170  No.12119455


Mystical wizardly\sage powers, not an orgasm

e83a36  No.12119488


>having low IQ plebs (even as slaves)

There's the first problem.

afdafc  No.12119513

File: 4647682bab11cf1⋯.mp4 (7.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ben Shapiro - Should The ….mp4)

Ben Shapiro on porn.

744d4f  No.12119519


Porn is degenerate whether it’s free or not. So not sure how (((capitalism))) is part of your equation.

It’s used to lure dumb desperate women allures by some glam lifestyle which they’re fixated on due to the 24/7 media bombardment of it.

Women sign up thinking it’s modeling and next thing you know they’re getting gangbanged by niggers.

If you defend this you’re a kike shill.

74c274  No.12119527

File: f2f088b4a334fed⋯.jpg (81.1 KB, 520x371, 520:371, 13857413_f520.jpg)

File: d766dfcea708056⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 274x350, 137:175, 4547758.gif)

File: 46e7d6602671141⋯.jpg (57.33 KB, 1015x477, 1015:477, 5_102.jpg)

File: 4be770d5ee5bdfc⋯.jpg (95.13 KB, 563x598, 563:598, 1438586967634.jpg)


i'm all for getting rid of live action jew porn and replacing it with 2D and CG. but odds are the feminist in the governments would fight to get it overturned citing some sex-workers rights shit. or if the fake right cuckservatives get any say the will always side against 2D on principle. another issue with getting rid of 3D porn is the possible creation of a black market, that would kill what little regulation the porn industry has. so std rates would go up and we would also get a slew of 15 year olds with fake IDs staring in porn. its not an easy thing to kill (but it could be done)

c7262e  No.12119529


>Yes it will.

History of mankind against porn says otherwise.

>No it didn't.

Explain legalized marijuana and mushrooms. Same shit outcome than the prohibition. FBI failing on all fronts.

>pharma cartel pushing drugs

Kikes own pharma, Kikes control what doctors can describe, Kikes gauge the prices, Kikes cut the medicine, Kikes threaten the competition out of business….sounds like a drug racket to me.

>didn't stop regular drug trafficking in any way.

Explain why I can buy coke in any middle sized club all over the country? No shortages for druggies on this planet.

>And if you made it illegal to distribute and produce, boom, its done.

No, that's another beginning of a black market, of violent opposition, of kike corrupting the process, of establishing a new industry, of corrupting laws to make it legal…back to where we started. Once again history told us a lesson and you didn't listen to it.

>Good. I'm not afraid of that opposition.

Yet you also have to face the Kikes, their armies, the lefty normies, and every race on earth since you seem to love making enemies so much. Do I have to be the one calling that a stupid outlook?

>Not nearly as stupid as believing you can ally with niggers or be rid of Jews and keep porn.

Never did I say allying with niggers. But making them extra enemies helps nobody, doesn't it? Also regulating greed stops the kike, makes the black man docile and keeps porn on a level that offends nobody (except you of course)

>Yes, explicitly, as processed sugar doesn't exist in nature.

Processing is just another corruption based on more revenue. Regular sugar is still highly addictive and damaging, tho.

>No, i think you're just a porn addict, possibly a jewish pornographer, shilling for your addiction/industry.

Right, wrong, wrong. I'm against censorship and I will fight it whenever I see fit. This fight is also pretty entertaining since my enemies are always so incredible narrow minded.

afdafc  No.12119534

File: a7f36c4140836a3⋯.mp4 (14.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jordan Peterson- The Effec….mp4)

Everyone loves here some Jordan Peterson.

c7262e  No.12119539


>Its time to start telling women no again, before the entire society implodes.

Amen to that.

74c274  No.12119547

File: cdc3dc6dd4d2317⋯.jpg (68.72 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1392226924501.jpg)


>Everyone loves here some Jordan Peterson.

>loves here

f133ed  No.12119551


> is there a way to get pornography banned

Banning isn't going to do shit. We need to make it so porn production and consumption is about as attractive ass huffing paint or sitting on a cactus.

Another option is going full cんム刀oレogリ and making it impossible for porn distribution sites to turn a profit, break even or attract investors. More extreme is making it impossible for them to maintain uptime or annoying their employees, but the minute anyfag starts harassing employees (((they)) will get enough victimization to start getting the government protection on the smut sites.

c7262e  No.12119564


You describe modern pornography corrupted by Jews for capitalistic revenue..on which you're totally right. But porn itself and humanity longing for it is based on natural urges, which are not unhealthy or wrong. Take modern porn out and humans will still look for porn and create more porn while doing so.

afdafc  No.12119570

File: db5ab45bd138df6⋯.mp4 (8.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback.mp4)

Video of indians reacting to porn ban (in india porn is banned, yeah).

c7262e  No.12119574


>replacing it with 2D and CG

Nah Nah Nah…the loonies here want to take porn…all porn. Choose your side or face the consequences.

c7262e  No.12119587


>making it impossible for porn distribution sites to turn a profit

Use your energy to go against greed and porn will regulate itself into irrelevant proportions. Porn is just one of countless industries that were corrupted to work against humanity by abusing greed.

72f033  No.12119588

no papa

74c274  No.12119603

File: 59e945d099e2cd5⋯.jpg (163.38 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, no fun for a nun.jpg)


so, either place a death penalty on porn producers. or tax porn production so heavily its impossible to make any profit. (how would that deter degens that make it for free?)


>the loonies here want to take porn…all porn.

/pol/ is not a monolith, the only thing we all agree on, is that the jews need to be stopped. and even if we had to kill 2D to get rid of 3DPD shit, it would be a small price to pay in the long run.

bfe64c  No.12119608


Yes it’s possible to ban porn despite all the kikes and porn watching degenerates saying it isn’t. What makes porn so dangerous is how easily accessible it is, all you have to do is make it a chore to find porn and the majority of people lose the incentive to watch it. This whole “black market” argument is bullshit, if kikes can make shit virtually un findable to the average person then you can too. Yeah sure I can but cocaine on the internet but how much hoops do I have to go through just to get some on the black market without feds breathing down my back? These degenerates are projecting their filth onto everyone saying that everyone needs porn in their life and will do anything to get it. Just because you make crack illegal doesn’t mean everyone wants it now does it? The only reason why drugs like weed flourish in the black market is because it’s super easy to get to the point where a high schooler can start a business. Now compare the difficulty of buying weed to pure cocaine or ecstasy. The second you make it harder to obtain something you’re market shrinks no matter what.

c7262e  No.12119633


>it would be a small price to pay in the long run.

How can you be against the Jews but cannot see how censorship never works? Censorship is what exposes their lies, so why would you make the very same stupid mistake?

74c274  No.12119650

File: 7f166b56268f7a4⋯.jpg (102.79 KB, 620x647, 620:647, 40k.jpg)


the only reason drugs are accessible at all is because the government won't let us kill the producers and dealers. since law makers and law enforcement are corrupted. that would have to fixed first.

582fbe  No.12119662


Except banning porn is a really unnecessary causality.

Its not gonna suddenly make the average loser get elevate himself, and there will always be whores.


>virtual things are easy to obscure because its easy to make physical things difficult to obtain

07de2d  No.12119674


Exactly, moralfags unironically believe the slippery slope fallacy

bfe64c  No.12119690


No virtual things are hard to obtain to. I don’t have any music subscriptions and sometimes I can’t stream certain albums or songs. Even if I look on the internet I can’t find it without doing some extra work. I eventually just give up on finding the album altogether. Why do you think so many people watch anime? Because there are tons of free streaming sites on the internet. Imagine if you were forced to pay to watch and could only do it through one streaming service? Many people would just become uninterested all together.

8ba69f  No.12119701


no that is legal, quisling neverjust got any votes. it's perfectly legal though, just people just wont subscribe to it here.

For the most part we're comfy with saying shitskins get deported, all mayor parties agree withthis. so it's not revolutionary or anything.

still though, I believe it whenI see it. pls come sheep niggers, I try to learn your language

c7262e  No.12119706


>The second you make it harder to obtain something you’re market shrinks no matter what.

And you also million-fold the criminal energy with it. Just compare the crimes committed by Al Capone with what the Mexican drug cartels are doing now. Now ask yourself how many people died during Capones reign and how many people died during the FBI's war on drugs. Where are the positives? Our prisons are full with dealer, smuggler and addicts. Cannabis and Mushrooms are on there way to become fully legalized after destroying so many lives. Furthermore the pharma industry became a fully fledged drug cartel that controls the entire health industry, that creates addicts and that has the highest death toll attributed to itself. All their greed schemes are legally secured behind corrupted laws and the FBI doesn't even look into them. And then we have the regular underage teenager who can buy cocaine at his favorite nightclub…what a splendid job the FBI did here. I would give them a trophy but they're busy trading drugs for weapons in the middle east.

bfe64c  No.12119708


Also you completely ignored the fact that even in physical terms, the harder to obtain things still are less popular

8ba69f  No.12119712


I don't understand, myheart just says I have to go to thorshavn

maybe to fence whales. did you know that whales steal our fish?

07de2d  No.12119725


>virtual things are hard to obtain

>sometimes I can’t stream certain albums or songs


There's your problem

bfe64c  No.12119726


I understand that we have to attack the people on top as well. My point being that if something isn’t at your fingertips in this day and age people are too lazy to pursue it.

74c274  No.12119737

File: c61564af2612dcc⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 1024x722, 512:361, technician_in_hazmat_suit_….jpg)

File: 5f316eb06fbde1a⋯.jpg (84.93 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 512x512bb.jpg)


destroying porn is not censorship, just like destroying feminism is not censorship (would you defened the works of Andrea Dworkin or the SCUM Manifesto?) its all part of the Jewish mind virus. the same is true for all communist works, they should have been purge from the earth. its "sanitation" not censorship.

a64307  No.12119738


>See look goy only shit hole countries have extreme rules just move to them instead of making your country implement those rules non-autisticly

582fbe  No.12119748


Your fucking retarded if you think banning porn will make it more difficult to find than to actually deal with a woman.

a07097  No.12119758



> gets banned from Twitter

> gets banned from FB

> gets banned from Instagram

< guys, if we could be in charge of the world, what would U ban?

c7262e  No.12119762



8ba69f  No.12119763

File: a7ce9930067a945⋯.jpg (78.61 KB, 630x447, 210:149, 45439.jpg)

du ser det her…. bildet sier alt

74c274  No.12119778

File: 072f22655680347⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 326x455, 326:455, b5dede39f1aa54b1d149658cd2….jpg)


>Our prisons are full with dealer, smuggler and addicts

execute them all, problem solved. its hard to market things to the dead.

74c274  No.12119791


>what would U ban?

everything made by jews

47147c  No.12119797


>Mgtow type response

I’m not surprised you Reddit types are defending porn.

f133ed  No.12119802

File: f0f4c7bbb47d356⋯.webm (628.95 KB, 632x718, 316:359, 1500333824360.webm)


>thread on containing porn harmful effects

<degenrates to bullshit about the war on drugs

47147c  No.12119805


Also the majority of today’s addictions especially porn starts at a very young age. I doubt porn will have anywhere near the same effect that it does today if it’s too hard for kids to access.

5a3233  No.12119816



Do you have the full comic?

a5a77e  No.12119828

File: f5ca98e44f15b75⋯.jpg (200.35 KB, 567x800, 567:800, C92夏コミ新刊サンプル 64371592_p1.jpg)


>no fun for a nun

>you'll never have some fun with a nun

c7262e  No.12119831


Wrong. Whatever we create has a reason to exist. If you use censorship to oppress it will create social unrest, mistrust and can make a martyr out of it. Wrong opinions are there to teach us about what's right and you loose any credibility of being righteous if you not allow your opposition to challenge you. Deeper than this…nature itself is balanced around opposites, so oppressing them only forces nature to violently regenerate the balance. Like Orwell said "If censorship wins, we lost freedom forever"

74c274  No.12119833

the average Normie would not give a fuck if porn was baned/outlawed. and the ones did flip out would adjust (in time)


porn for some is a lot like drugs, i'm sure we have some fappers around here that believe porn addition is a big thing.

c7262e  No.12119852


Still have to overcome the kikes first, since the prison system is a privatized enslavement scheme.

582fbe  No.12119861


You do realize the context i was implying right?

Fucking a random whore tends to be a lot effort than finding shit on the internet, banned or not.

74c274  No.12119862


>Whatever we create has a reason to exist.

"we" did not create (((porn))), learn your history (and not from Jewish source).

47147c  No.12119866


Americans take free speech to such a Puritan level that they are literally willing to defend the shit that decays their society al for “equality”. NSDAP made it very clear what books and art they were burning and why. People had 0 objections to it when given clarity on the censorship.

4cce52  No.12119870


>Posted this on 4chan and just had shills attacking me.

Thats because porn is one of the primary weapons of the kikes.

yes, we need to get porn banned, no the kikes will not allow it.

the only way we can successfully ban porn is to put pornographer heads on spikes

47147c  No.12119874


Ah sorry. Not necessarily though. In japan it’s super easy to buy out a whore and people do it more than watching hentai.

c7262e  No.12119881


Well I started at nine to some soft porn after I illegally stayed up late to watch Hellraiser on tv. And that was way before the internet was a thing, so I can't even imagine how fast the addiction would kick in nowadays. Also desensitizing to porn and violent content took me like a decade of unfiltered early internet and many more VHS tapes before that, while today a kid is just a click away from some gore board with everything together at once.

47147c  No.12119894


Yeah kids back then actually had to work to find a simple magazine. Also the pressure of getting caught out a lot of kids off or they didn’t do it as much. Today a simple clear history will cover your tracks.

4cce52  No.12119900

File: 710839f9f4615fd⋯.png (545.97 KB, 589x632, 589:632, ClipboardImage.png)


>What is self control? Lol. How ridiculous.


>More proof you iporn is like another holocaust types are mentally ill lolcows.


>Porn addicte here, I have no willpower whatsoever! I can't help but fap to trap dindu and kebab porn and am a complete weak, soyboy faggot IRL because of it! Democrats are the real fascists!


>You could always just move to one of the based countries that already ban porn, like the Middle East, China, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Vietnam , Cuba, or Burma.


>porn is free speech


>This would be the dumbest move ever made since prohibition. You'll never take porn away from human beings.


>Retarded American moralism strikes again lmao

the kike fears the pornography ban

582fbe  No.12119908


>In japan it’s super easy to buy out a whore and people do it more than watching hentai.


And you better not be speaking literally here and excluding porn books/normal porn in those stats(if they even exist).

f59840  No.12119913

Anons, this is the revolution.

Does anyone think the rise in porn throughout the internet and media may be contributing to the rise in xanax use?

Weak wristed beta males addicted to porn are are suffering from social anxiety at historic levels.

We have enough fodder and casualties to create a movement, just look at Nofap on (((reddit))) for example.

c7262e  No.12119922


>"we" did not create (((porn)))

Humans created sexual stimuli since the beginning of time. Jews corrupted it to generate revenue.


>NSDAP made it very clear

And they failed. No thanks to censorship, but nevertheless no point for successful censorship either.

f59840  No.12119933

Let's take a second to brainstorm here. With not masturbating and abstaining from sex I have plenty of sexual energy to devote to the movement.

There's a reason the kids struggling on nofap at reddit call it having "Superpowers"

What's the first step to making something happen here? Collecting signatures? Calling our local politicians? Making anti-porn T-shirts?

Let me know, people here are willing to make a difference.

c7262e  No.12119965


>the rise in xanax use

FBI's war on drugs, led to the modern pharma cartel, led to kikes corrupting it together with entertainment and marketing, led to parents hooking there children on Xanax thanks to depression fear propaganda by you know who, and fast forward we today face a massive collection of drugs tailored to fake symptoms pushed onto us by fake media, peddled to our doorsteps…all that for the small price of eternal damnation and being a slave to everything around you.

47147c  No.12119970


>and they failed

Not really. Anyone who wasn’t a Jew wasn’t begging for the degenerate art not to be burned. Just like this thread and you. The only people giving a shit is degenerates like you.

>porn has existed forever

No nudity was a sign of art and beauty. Back then people went to brothels to get off. Porn is a 20th century invention.

f59840  No.12119982

Anons, very good news. I will keep his identity a secret but, I have a lawyer willing to help us. I can't give much more details but, we have a case.


7818b4  No.12119993

File: ac77197019f0cec⋯.jpg (29.35 KB, 474x395, 6:5, Nothing_has_changed.jpg)


>This would be the dumbest move ever made since prohibition. You'll never take porn away from human beings. Let it go, and direct your anger at the kikes corrupting it.

Pretty much this, humans have wanted sex so badly they've made physical representations of it since humans began. To ban porn outright is to ban humanity itself.

f59840  No.12119998


We're not banning porn. Tax it and create a mandatory waiver on it.

c7262e  No.12120011


>20th century invention.

Sade wrote his "epic" in 1785 and that was on the heights of an already very depraved time frame. Pornography includes any form of artificial sexual stimuli and goes back to the beginning of humanity and someone getting sexually aroused by seeing or hearing a sexual act.

c7262e  No.12120019


Jesus Christ read the thread title before posting in here. Fucking newfags.

8ed490  No.12120020

Humans were not meant to fondle themselves to other men partaking in sex. To do so would be as to wasting one's seed and thus compromising their survival. Think. If you found a couple having sex in the wild, this is a time of weakness to strike the man and steal the fertile woman.

There is no such thing as "non-degenerate porn". I would not want those who hold such a belief to be a part of my survival.

8ed490  No.12120028

Humans were not meant to fondle themselves to other men partaking in sex. To do so would be as to wasting one's seed and thus compromising their survival. Think. If you found a couple having sex in the wild, this is a time of weakness to strike the man and steal the fertile woman.

"Non-degenerate porn" does not exist.

5a3233  No.12120030



f59840  No.12120033


Fuck off kike, I read the comments.

OP clearly wants to tax the porn industry and create a mandatory disclaimer before entering a pornographic site displaying the negative impacts on porn.

You've been shilling for a while now, isn't your shift almost over?

5a3233  No.12120037


>There is no such thing as "non-degenerate porn".

Even if true I think vanilla hentai comes pretty close.

47147c  No.12120046


The book was about going to orgies and degenerate parties. Stop spreading misinformation

6b0533  No.12120053

>being from cuckchan


c7262e  No.12120057


>Humans were not meant to fondle themselves to other men partaking in sex.

This is like taking the moral high ground while pretending to be a god himself…Dude, what gave you the impression that this statement has any truth to it? How can any human being know about what it meant to be human?

47147c  No.12120071


Search up prostitution in Japan on YouTube. They constantly say that it’s something even normal people would go and do like it’s an everyday activity. The people who tend to jerk off to porn in Japan are ultra NEETs. They won’t even leave to pay sex with a woman.

8ed490  No.12120089


Fascism gave truth to it, degenerate. Not just "anything goes" under my ideal government. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

You will be on the other end of a bayonet. This is much kinder than your sad series of masturbatory mini-deaths. When do you develop mental illness, masturbatory degenerate?

47147c  No.12120090


No it isn’t. It’s peak unrealistic body types. Stop trying to justify your degenerate lifestyle.

c7262e  No.12120111


>OP clearly wants to tax the porn industry

Read the OP you illiterate moron. It's about BANNING. The taxing shit came way later after I already blew those clowns into pieces.

>isn't your shift almost over?

Yep right here with this 100th comments, but I will be back to fight idiotic porn censors and anti pedo conspiracy nutjobs whenever they try to pollute /pol/ without bringing a new argument.


It also was (and still is) sexual stimuli to masturbate to. Which is in fact called pornography.


Fascism gave truth to it.

And it failed spectacularly. And yet here you are still trying to make an enemy out of everyone, while having the majority of this planet already against you. Concentrate on the one true enemy, stop making the same mistakes again, don't get fooled by all the fake propaganda, and stop going against basic human nature. You just run in circles while going nowhere and still looking like a fool. Stop it and use common sense before you act.


dfc25f  No.12120112

File: 77dc591bc35a3ea⋯.jpg (359.49 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 77dc591bc35a3ea15c41a8f180….jpg)


>Posted this on 4chan and just had shills attacking me.

Should tell you a lot about this OP. There's a difference between Porn: "BLACKED 27 FOOT BLACK DONGER BLACK IMPREGNATES TINY BLONDE STEP SISTER" and "l-lewd content".

Blanket banning porn opens the door to powerhungry cunts to decide what that difference is, and then decide that "we as a society" need to live like sexless puritans. Goebbels wrote about people like that, people who had supremely enjoyed the sins of the Weimar Republic, things like child prostitution and crossdressers, then joining the NSDAP and declaring themselves the ultimate authority and campaigning in the name of the party against innocent things like swimsuits and light erotica, because the party had taken a harder stance on actual degeneracies like pornography and brothels. It was their era's version of "Think of the Children!"

So where do YOU draw the line? Shall we go ahead and ban video games, literature, and movies because they aren't part of the ketogenic lifestyle? Repression of natural desires isn't the solution to degeneracy, its one of its leading causes. If you want to encourage whites to reproduce with other whites, show women footage of beautiful white children playing, and show men statistics about mulatto children's health problems and lowered intelligence. If you just want to start the cycle over again, ban porn. Watch it become a taboo, watch people secretly accept it into their lives, watch them campaign to unban it, and then bam, you're here again, 20 years older, having accomplished nothing.

17a6b9  No.12120115


Ending copyright for porn actually wouldn't stop camwhores, which is admittedly a flaw in the idea. Their business model doesn't rely on copyright.

582fbe  No.12120131


>esestimates place the amount of men who use prostitution in japan around 50%

Something tells me that its a bit under the porn rate.

>The people who tend to jerk off to porn in Japan are ultra NEETs.

You do realize using a whore every-so often doesn't mean that they don't use any porn right?


>muh unrealistic bodies

47147c  No.12120141


Not if you’re engaging in a sexual act with other people. Still technically an orgy degenerate

9ae5fa  No.12120161

File: e8a1e600d17b7b8⋯.jpg (561.17 KB, 1762x800, 881:400, Jewed 2 the Max.jpg)

47147c  No.12120167


Oh so you don’t have an argument huh degenerate? Just trying to defend your shitty lifestyle?


It’s not under the porn rate. People who go to these are of all age ranges. People who jerks it to hentai are probably only in their 20s-30s

>not frequent

Videos specifically say they go there for the sole purpose of sexual release. Why would they go there if they simply beat it at home?

>muh body types

So you don’t have an argument. It’s pretty obvious that unrealistic body expectations given in hentai have a huge effect on sexuality.

47147c  No.12120187

The U.S. is the worldwide King of Porn.

60% of all porn pages are hosted in the U.S.

26% are hosted in the Netherlands

7% are hosted in the UK

1% are hosted by Germany

In addition, California is the engine of the U.S. Porn industry, churning out 66% of all porn made in the U.S.

IBT Times UK, “World Porn League; UK Sits Not So Proudly in Third Place,” August 13, 2013

This proves that if you derail the kikes you derail porn. This also ends the myth that porn is a worldwide phenomenon

582fbe  No.12120218


>It’s not under the porn rate

You do realize neither of us can take a high-ground on this right?

You can't prove anything and nor can I.

>Why would they go there if they simply beat it at home?

Because that requires moving and also uses your money.

>It’s pretty obvious that unrealistic body expectations given in hentai have a huge effect on sexuality

Uh huh, proofs then.

Also you could push this logic on lots of other forms of fiction as well.

Its not the bodies expectations that cause shit like herbivorous men;

its the personalities.

582fbe  No.12120229


That last bit got fucked a bit, it was suppose to be;

Its not just the bodies expectations that cause shit like herbivorous men;

its also the personalities.

47147c  No.12120240


So you don’t have an argument and are just trying to justify your degeneracy got it.


Really? You don’t believe hentai portrays sex and bodies in a completey fantasy sense? Jesus you truly are corrupted by porn.

582fbe  No.12120265


So you don’t have any proofs and are just trying to justify your bullshit got it.

>You don’t believe hentai portrays sex and bodies in a completey fantasy sense?

Yes i get that its fantasy, but how is that proof that it corrupts sexuality?

310018  No.12120270

Common Filth would have a field day with this thread.

47147c  No.12120273


Your argument ended once you failed to understand the difference between how sex is portrayed in hentai versus real life porn. Your pozzed Kike get lost.

a5a77e  No.12120282


> unrealistic bodies

not a problem if you know what real humans look like.

47147c  No.12120286


This isn’t Reddit

582fbe  No.12120289


So you don’t have any proofs and are just trying to justify your bullshit got it.

9ae5fa  No.12120511

File: 34127dc17e9046e⋯.jpg (424.43 KB, 1488x570, 248:95, Chad Gym2.jpg)

0d9e72  No.12120534

>Posted this on 4chan and just had shills attacking me.

The fact that this thread even still got hundreds of replies after this first line was uttered speaks volumes.

efe43f  No.12121331

Ohh, OP posted on 4chan then came here… TURN THE FUCK AROUND AND NEVER COMEBACK, FAGGOT.

9a5a09  No.12122219


Nip lustful thoughts in the bud. I've failed time and time again because I thought PMO was the problem- but it's the symptom. The cause of degeneracy is having a head full of sexual thoughts and fantasies, and feeding them all day. Then eventually, be it after days or weeks, you relapse because you're in a hypersexualised state of mind again, which is exactly what you're trying to avoid. Sure, porn caused the hypersexualisation in the first place, but you have to understand now you're infected, the cause of your masturbation urges is in your mind.


>Learn to be comfortable with being horny.

NO. This is exactly how to fail. You think you can just whip yourself into never masturbating, but think horny thoughts all day? You have to learn to 'cool down'. Shake your head, tell your mind 'no mind, that's not the way', and actively think of something constructive, interesting or just distracting.


You need to learn to recognise when you're going down the lusty/fantasy path, dismiss those thoughts and wave at them as they pass by. Obviously once you've recovered it's OK to be horny sometimes, but whilst you're recovering your mind is going to be like a raving beast throwing all sorts of smut into your inner eye, because that's what you've probably been training it to do for most of your life. You have to actively cool off. Choose a lust-free path. Since I've figured this out, combined with this >>12119106 , it's been really easy to control myself, because I never let my thoughts get out of control in the first place.

9a5a09  No.12122223

>illegitimate children are a good thing

Stop spreading lies. Also this meme is retarded because it subverts virginity as something to be ashamed of. Normie-tier trash.

9a5a09  No.12122225

fd3942  No.12122874

fd3942  No.12122883


Whenever there is a vice it hurts idiots the most. The stats on race/IQ lead one to believe that whites are getting the best of it.

fd3942  No.12122897


There's an idea: Start demanding better porn, art, movies, and other entertainment. The consumer is in charge because they can always choose not to consume. If porn could make you gay or want to fuck niggers I would be gay and want to fuck niggers by now. Just because every damn movie seems to push the kike agenda, doesn't mean I buy it. Anonymous water cooler conversation cures it.

When you see an apparent fake consensus where everyone seems to agree and people are afraid to speak up ( because they are afraid of group reprisal ) then that can gaslight you, but as long as there's a place where you can realize the Emporer has no clothes, the degeneracy is just amusing.

000000  No.12123097


what are you talking about? I have contact with real life humans.

b9444b  No.12123190


Then why is masturbation and finding sex partners such a hurdle to you?

f0d727  No.12123207


>Christian ethics fall

>fornication skyrockets

>homosexuality skyrockets

>white fertility drops like a rock

>progressivism takes over the culture, accelerating all of the above

A white man cannot ignore such correlations. Get out nigger.

c36d4b  No.12123245

Porn is already illegal. All we need is leaders with the guts to enforce existing laws.

20c5b8  No.12123931

>I want to know what you guys think, is there a way to get pornography banned in the US on a state, federal or town level?

How to make it happen on the town level:

1: Pass & enforce whatever illiberal laws possible - enforce them thoroughly.

2: Liberals leave/hide.

3: The rest pass whatever laws they want now.

State level:

1: Destroy all state-level welfare.

2: Proles leave, they don't hide because they're not looking to be left alone.

3: State becomes an economic superpower and wants to keep it that way.

National level:

1: Take back your sovereignty.

2: Pass the law.

c6d68f  No.12126323

Porn is heavily ingrained in society, how do you de-pornify a nation? Society has degenerated in under a century, would it even be possible to reverse it?

000000  No.12126898




are you a fucking faggot?

All I say is that porn sexualizes society which is degeneracy because it shifts the focus of progress to pleasure.

a6cb1a  No.12131411

File: 3103186c53afd8f⋯.gif (904.07 KB, 150x150, 1:1, stop posting.gif)


>Implying (((omnipotent moral busybodies))) are good.

>Implying the socio/psychopaths won't get in on that shit and turn it against the people.

>Forgetting the (((moral busybodies))) at jewgle, faceburg, and twatter that don't like "right wing" views.

At least I can have rest once in a while from and justification for killing robber barons, you won't have either.

Then says in response to another anon

<invading people's privacy is totally fine!

<No, you're totally not a kike at all.

How do you think you're gonna enforce your "moral" crusade you fucking dipshit?

c826e8  No.12144270

File: 55d0bbafb9b0217⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 876x493, 876:493, .jpg)


The only path is through the FCC


cb97cd  No.12154219

Shocked this thread wasn't archived.


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