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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12118837






<Mod edit: The part about hitler chants is bullshit.

Post last edited at

73dd70  No.12118880

An hour late you meganigger.

9c0124  No.12118951

sieg heil mein komeraden. our time is near

e43077  No.12118972

Good luck, Germany.

cd4f87  No.12118992

Until I hear a united


I'm not getting my hopes up.

59b6c3  No.12119042

Any quality livestreams?

5f6ab2  No.12119049


These aren't the far right, they are just normies. Fed up normies. Believe it or not this is VERY VERY GOOD. Because we need the normies in order to squeeze in ideas to their brains like not being ruled by kike foreigners and DNA TESTING which should be 100% mandatory for anyone taking office. Foreigners SHOULD NOT RULE OVER OUR PEOPLE.

56061c  No.12119050


bump for Germany

44e29c  No.12119055

Lugenpresse giving NatSocs some good optics again by saying Alt-Light are 'neonnazis'?

84f722  No.12119077

File: ba3f8a41f05dab3⋯.jpeg (83.26 KB, 623x667, 623:667, 3BCE531F-0C1F-4D90-BDCD-5….jpeg)

7706b3  No.12119089


If they keep calling everyone who opposes their kids getting raped by niggers "Nazis", they'll soon be right

52c166  No.12119199

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4c0bb8  No.12119203

Now would be a good time to circulate the German audiobook of Mein Kampf.

721547  No.12119255


if only Hitler could have spoken for the audiobook

a22f12  No.12119281

Can an anon pinpoint the times when these things are said in the OP?

2a8bb8  No.12119348


It reminds me of that Goydan Peterstein video where he's begging blak lipstik and the other trannies to stop calling normies nazis because they would eventually invoke real nazis who were "waiting in the corner".

Tfw there's a little Hitler inside all of us just waiting to say hello.


>t. shitskin

8476b8  No.12119377


You can only suppress nature for so long until it rises up again

2a8bb8  No.12119381


Oh and btw, that crowd has a LOT of women in it which is an incredibly good sign.

2a8bb8  No.12119385


Checked for biology wins every time.

a07184  No.12119440



>That's not how it works. Take a test.

Genetic tests are honeypots, anons don't be so stupid to fall for this scam. First: you'll be profiled for white supremacist. Second: they will add some percentage of nigger to your score, just for the fun of breaking you.

18ddf7  No.12119444


That and the fact that they'll just hand your DNA to the FBI.

e3dba8  No.12119499


Until they start getting numbers in the hundreds of thousands or millions, I don’t see this “tearing apart” anything. That said, it’s a nice start

c2c5d2  No.12119533


To be more clear this is because you can inherit the non specific portions of a grandparents dna thus making you not related to their ethnicity.

c9a0bd  No.12119557

File: 6c6a7d711c64399⋯.mp4 (677.3 KB, 400x226, 200:113, We are the warriors.mp4)

6a413e  No.12119582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ce1bf0  No.12119618

File: 58b483dbc51a5a4⋯.jpg (21.29 KB, 800x450, 16:9, solidus.jpg)

The words nazi/racist/fascist have lost all meaning due to how it is used to yell down any and all dissenting opinions. Finally the people have had enough. Take back what is yours, Germany.

7171f4  No.12119668

File: 0e8342bf14d2b32⋯.jpg (169.91 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 0e8342bf14d2b32b005f188170….jpg)


f75f00  No.12119676



Prove it

3cf3ff  No.12119682


He identified him by tripped almost every flag possible for a jew poster.

91afda  No.12119691


I-I'm 1/4 mischling, c-can I take part in this?

3cf3ff  No.12119692


>him tripped

Himself & tripping.

sorry for typos.

Anyway what's next from him a post slandering Hitler/NSDAP or how great bomber Harris was?

c0c39d  No.12119720

File: 0f83d497ff4f4d9⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

OP, that's not even the best news. Yesterday, a new statistic was published which predicted the AfD to become the biggest party in 2021 (they're second biggest currently, behind the CDU but ahead of the SPD).

And today the AfD already became the biggest party in the former GDR, surpassing the CDU by 4%. Liberals and leftists are in complete shock. This is a game changer.

With that said, good night and watch as shills will likely try to discredit or spin what I just said.

b1e8d1  No.12119752


It's funny they use neo-nazi as a pejorative but it's the NatSoc's they really should be worried about. We're jewing the jew!

b1e8d1  No.12119756


oh and checked

a88645  No.12119764

File: 4b0345f1172b2bd⋯.jpeg (67.72 KB, 528x810, 88:135, 22FF7EA7-BCD7-4166-8709-0….jpeg)

ee2785  No.12119819

These protests are just huge honeypots for the (((traffic cameras))) to log every persons face, height, and walking gait into a digital fingerprint to use when the government does the 24 hour round up snatching the wrong thinkers off the streets.

ce1bf0  No.12119824

File: 0b0f06835accc20⋯.gif (653.11 KB, 240x240, 1:1, stomp.gif)


Bad goys bad goys

Whatcha gonna do

Whatcha gonna do when they curbstomp you

3cf3ff  No.12119832

File: 3534da5d6072f44⋯.jpg (29.39 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 61eJS6zQS7L._SX342_.jpg)


Pic related his family ethnically German but lived in the Ukraine they moved to Canada and then He moved to Germany and served in the Panzerwaffe.

52c166  No.12119839


TY anon, that jewtube embed is some shit.

fa370f  No.12119850


He's just here to tell you that all whites hate each other and you need to give up goy. Not worth your time anon, but hopefully others read your excellent recommendation.

3cf3ff  No.12119875


>Wrong. It spawned in Russia....

It spawned in the mind of the jews that lived in Europe. France, England,Belgium ,etc. had jews that pushed the same non-sense before it got a major foot hold in Germany or Russia. Blaming a piece of real estate instead of the foreign perpetrators is a jewish form of argument.


It's an excellent read.

b1e8d1  No.12119876


Hi Joan

3cf3ff  No.12119885

File: 79f666614551387⋯.jpg (25.01 KB, 200x279, 200:279, 200px-Charlemagne_Division….jpg)

File: ad51328f34f21b0⋯.jpg (58.09 KB, 348x500, 87:125, 51YcOikSO0L.jpg)

File: 0f7f05d7f5a2dde⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 220x356, 55:89, Bundesarchiv_Bild_101III-A….jpg)


French volunteers.

fa370f  No.12119891


>Blaming a piece of real estate instead of the foreign perpetrators is a jewish form of argument.

This, always. and of course the blatant

<its not about ethnicity, its about the nationality

<b-but those dirty white goys love shitskins more than their kin, beliebe me anon


good catch, didnt even notice.

3cf3ff  No.12119912

File: 3c6fbca4ea29875⋯.jpg (117.68 KB, 974x692, 487:346, scan0003_final.jpg)

File: e216333a9b9558c⋯.jpg (90.91 KB, 541x800, 541:800, scan0013_final.jpg)

Leutnant Wollenweber who was born in Washington and returned to Germany with his parents by the age of 16.

30efe7  No.12119972


Its confirmed AncestryDNA does that? Or just 23andMe?

The test I did was anonymous, I bought it with a gift card and didnt tell them my name. I just sent them my spit in a tube

My results say 3% Jew, <1% nigger, <1% chink, and 0% injun/spic

3cf3ff  No.12120039

File: ddf4f435015ef7d⋯.jpg (250.07 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Pittsburgh furfags.jpg)


>clear truth about jewry.

<misrepresent the statement to imply insult

<fake outrage

So is /leftypol/ down or something?

3cf3ff  No.12120078


>Because I also do not freak out when confronted with opposing views.

The only subhumans that freak out and have panic attacks when they find an opposing view point are sjw/anteeefah faggots.

9cbad1  No.12120080

If only most people in France were not such faggots, we would stand too, but if I start chanting "Macron get out, we are the people, Vercingetorix always with us" etc, people will just mock me and beat my ass, both niggers and whites…

18ddf7  No.12120105



Ya can't base your opinions of Germany only from interactions on social media.

8a95a1  No.12120106

File: 58e0888b4d2be99⋯.jpg (160.72 KB, 543x452, 543:452, same tired jew shit.jpg)


It spawned from fucking Jews you disingenuous kike.

9cbad1  No.12120117

>>walking around witha placard “I hate nigger” in the ghetto

As if they could read… They would probably think that what's written is the name of a soccer team and chear up !

36f1b2  No.12120126


>it's not the jews

>it's not the jews

>it's not the jews

>it's not the jews

You know who's fault it is, right? america

c0724b  No.12120127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a9daec  No.12120194


Timestamp for the bit about Hitler always being with us? I wanna hear that

28ee1f  No.12120221


The children of evangelicals are far less enthusiastic about serving Israel. Even that teat's going to run dry before long.

533bb6  No.12120231


New protest in Chemnitz? Can anyone provide details on this because I search the web for "New Chemnitz protest" and nothing came up.

Whats the size of it this time? Have we started the fire anons? Is this powderkeg about to blow apart the jewish globalists stranglehold of Germany?

a9daec  No.12120252


So has no one heard what OP claimed? I'm 16 minutes into the video and I haven't heard anything about Hitler yet

ce0599  No.12120258


>can i get gased?


301658  No.12120296


Closest I heard was a few people yelling out "Lugenpresse" but even that didn't catch on.

I didn't watch the entire thing though. Maybe someone can provide a time stamp for reference.

137991  No.12120325

So what has the old bat’s reaction been to all this?

53b150  No.12120362

Mod reminder: Off topic posts will be deleted. This is not the place to argue about americans, it is a thread to discuss the happenings in Germany.

5506ee  No.12120366


Also in that video note the white women love being touchy with a white man, while in Germany you'd be called a sexual predator and the cops would be called on you. They don't accept masculinity from white men in Germany, it's "toxic." In Germany only brown people are allowed to be masculine.

a9daec  No.12120368

File: 921da1ba87a1654⋯.jpg (18.58 KB, 219x265, 219:265, 1401985007392.jpg)


Yeah I just watched the whole video and didn't hear any mention of Hitler. Granted, I don't speak German, but I was listening for either "Adolf" or "Hitler" and heard neither.

And in case anyone doesn't know, this >>12119557 is from a previous protest in the same city. So to be fair people from there have chanted about and clapped for Hitler recently, but that doesn't justify OP putting false information as clickbait or some shit.


Overall it's good Germans are standing up for themselves but don't embellish with chants about Hitler when there are none

035566  No.12120411


Thanks, I was just about to ask for a timestamp on the "Hitler always with us" chant. That would have been too great.

t. a German

6671ef  No.12120432

Why are they flying Weimar flags?

455f08  No.12120876

File: 3707305971a683e⋯.mp4 (9.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hitler Never Despair (1) (….mp4)

File: abc07298778f807⋯.mp4 (3 MB, 394x288, 197:144, 74ab68bc2f800a14a5d4d13b5f….mp4)

Remember not to let the Kikes D&C. This is causing them to panic, and they're turning D/C up to 11 cause it's their last desperate hope at this point. Stand with your brothers and sisters while we collectively shove them into the ovens. Don't let petty bullshit turn us against each other. It's time to stand together and bring the fury of the entirety of Western Civilization down upon them. Never forget what we fight for.

28ee1f  No.12120944

File: ca44f7dd1a3dbdf⋯.webm (9.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Amadeus Liszt - Win the R….webm)

000000  No.12121002

There were Hitler chants in the other earlier livestream as well in the last protest maybe the RT one, something like they are Hitler's hooligans or something IIRC.


The German government doesn't let us fly the NSDAP flag cause it is banned so people generally use earlier German flags as proxy for it.

bde9eb  No.12121048


The irony of that gif is that if spike lee tried to make that movie today he would get called a nazi just for that scene

The state of the left

477afe  No.12121136


Dont save this image. It has that fucking tracking GUID from the fat bitch thread.

a9daec  No.12121157




477afe  No.12121158


Youre a fear mongering retard.

>"hurrrrr don't do anything go- I mean guys. Big brother will get you, just roll over and die.

Double post of anger and a polite sage

18ddf7  No.12121256

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Hail our People.

Hail our beautiful culture.

Hail our majestic heritage.

This is our land. This is our birthright. We will send anyone who wants to take this away from us straight to Hell.

311a97  No.12121285


Why people of Germany always born to the place of eternal trouble of worldwide politics. Why.

52547d  No.12121587


*A wave of a warm fuzzy feeling*

I am so happy to see this! Our time is now. Sieg Heil!

af5a9d  No.12121631


Banks?, synagogues?, universities?

33d3bf  No.12121655



If the left can't meme, having them create actual Nazi should be the one and only meme they make

2a8bb8  No.12121767

>>12121655 (checked)

Your dubs say that it is so!

49cf06  No.12121971

File: deed302ab4e3506⋯.jpg (9.43 MB, 4685x4961, 4685:4961, basic.jpg)

Made some OC in the celebration of Germans finally waking up a bit, good luck Germany!

3de58b  No.12121981


>We shouldn't D&C

>Posts pro Stalin video with Jewish slogan

e8692f  No.12122084



>Misinterprets meaning of final line.

Lmao, retard.

cc81da  No.12122088

File: ce8a4db5fbf7002⋯.jpg (18.45 KB, 377x351, 29:27, 00ab5e1675baa70ac29fda355d….jpg)

e8692f  No.12122102


Okay, on the off chance that you really are just retarded:

Stalin bit is to highlight the terrible things that happened as a result of the Allied powers siding with Communists instead of Nazis.

Ending is to say that it doesn't matter if you're on the side of truth if you lose.

You need to work on your critical thinking. Seriously, your post is moronic and you need to sit and think about how retarded your conclusion is.

a8a93c  No.12122106


Eh, I did it anyway. They didn't add any percentage of any shitskin or kike to my results, but it was Ancestry. Can't vouch for 23andMe.

670336  No.12122175


Ein volk

Ein reich

Ein fuhrer.

42684f  No.12122178

File: 2ef83b94d2405c4⋯.gif (51.57 KB, 300x367, 300:367, 2ef83b94d2405c4a8b3ff966ae….gif)


And we should encourage it!… because


This! Eventually it will become normalized in the normie who is constantly called "a nazi!" and then he will not hesitate to seek out information… which inevitably leads to the redpill.

721547  No.12122187


>when the government does the 24 hour round up snatching the wrong thinkers off the streets.


they dont have the means

and then what? put them all in concentration camps and gas them?

sounds like a jewish fantasy kid

721547  No.12122191


> people will just mock me and beat my ass

dude u can buy guns in france legally

quit being a fag

74e323  No.12122192


Joan Image , you won't fool us, go to 4cuck for that

e1834d  No.12122235

File: 6d41d8df49bff9f⋯.jpg (176.67 KB, 723x956, 723:956, 6d41d8df49bff9f7451b726642….jpg)


dont mind me just trying to praise kek here

51c55c  No.12122312

File: 5804e480f0450a1⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1280x1009, 1280:1009, einvolkeinreich.png)

614447  No.12122337


Maybe it would be possible to use existing voice samples of his to create an artificial hitler voice which you could have read Mein Kampf. Kind of like a Vocaloid.

cf8cfb  No.12122341


Being in the actual center of the world, that is why. Look into history. Whatever form of government the krauts had and have, it is the dominant form of government in the world. Muttmerica has been a "republic" for centuries, but only after the ww2 blunder did most of the world become "democratic".

cf8cfb  No.12122346

File: 5cd611cc9dd5fb6⋯.png (602.84 KB, 720x679, 720:679, Hitler Senpai.png)


>Kind of like a Vocaloid


901a1a  No.12122438



i DARE you

a88b51  No.12122694


Read comrade Stallman on the topic


23d0dd  No.12122739

Most of those protesters are cuck boomers. https://twitter.com/OnlineMagazin/status/1038388663447691269

721547  No.12122781



the demo button is fun to play with

2a8bb8  No.12122824


The cuck boomers are at home planning ways to spend their children's inheritance and choosing which nigger filled aged home they will die in.

f7b568  No.12122871



Sweet dubs. This has been stance since GG. We will do our part and the rabid leftists will do their's: successfully meme only one meme, a new and final reich.

d64802  No.12123080

Either a permanent collapse of Europa, jews win.

Or a return to our warlike dominance, jews lose.

Which one do you think the soft handed men of the cities would prefer?

49cf06  No.12123151


Dominated, soft cucks of cities prefer the status quo in cities, where they do not need to have any will or self determination

04b109  No.12123162

File: 6a063e993b9cfc2⋯.jpg (12.3 KB, 533x49, 533:49, Capture.JPG)


since when does youtube do shit like this?

bc2bbe  No.12123170


About a year ago. Notice they don’t say the same for PBS or the BBC.

0d9c3a  No.12123180


Any German anon for full translation ?

18c549  No.12123183

File: da031d2e5743c53⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 1867x1050, 1867:1050, da031d2e5743c53c5820c2a313….jpg)


The time is now.

0d9c3a  No.12123187


It looks like the same kind of "purge" French Nationalists experienced under the banner of "Front National" in France. They're kicking out the radicals out and shaping a based nigger-nationalism…

0d9c3a  No.12123197

File: b776f436982c012⋯.webm (4.66 MB, 640x360, 16:9, based_(((german))).webm)

473f20  No.12123216


>Either a permanent collapse of Europa, jews win.

>Or a return to our warlike dominance, jews lose.

A collapse would have the opposite effect and would make it impossible to contain all break away groups the way they do now. Comfort is what kills people will to fight back. Rising from those ashes would result in the warlike dominance whites seek.

c73364  No.12123239


I don't get the context.

792400  No.12123242


Reich 2 electric boogaloo.

cf8cfb  No.12123254


Cuck boomer booted out some one saying a German city belongs to the Germans.

dcfe9a  No.12123268


wouldn't it be Reich 4?

c73364  No.12123274


Hold on a second. The guy that GOT KICKED OUT was the one saying "German city for Germans"?

0d9c3a  No.12123277

cf8cfb  No.12123283


What do you think? This is very common. Now, the booted manlet could very well have been a state agent though, because saying Ausländer raus is actually worse than just chanting Hitler, disregarding even legal consequences. Because the dead dude was a Cuban living in Germany.

00aae4  No.12123383


I only fully realized how bad things were when I watched Jared Taylor after hearing him called a 'neo-nazi' or something similar. Every somewhat mainstream interview he does they do everything they can to shit on him, but he absolutely does nothing wrong in the slightest. He's not even willing to name the Jew. Meanwhile he has a coherent, entirely fact based narrative. Only advocates for things like freedom of association and not destroying our nation and identity by retarded mass immigration of the third world.

One interview in particular, halfway through this literally Israel-based like said Taylor should be censorsed. When asked why, because it was out of fucking nowhere, he said 'oh you know that's just my opinion.' Taylor pressed him for a minute, hey can you tell me what I'm saying that should have me censorsed? 'Oh it's just my opinion.'

My blood boiled out of my skin. If dialogue will not work, I will put them to the sword. I swear by my life.

1ab702  No.12123401


I heard it clearly?

c8ade0  No.12124610

File: 4863e79a4aec140⋯.mp4 (7.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (71).mp4)

File: 0975236212dbc80⋯.jpeg (30.48 KB, 680x383, 680:383, efd90019c470d0fa8ea4-kope….jpeg)

File: 52e005f11c35fc1⋯.jpg (39.15 KB, 320x313, 320:313, 190onfire.jpg)

File: 0013e0101a281a7⋯.png (363.92 KB, 640x380, 32:19, eu-traitors-400.png)

944746  No.12127749


Any Germanons reporting from the ground?

ee8166  No.12127755


Based and redpilled.

9cb58a  No.12127782


No but there's currenty another demonstratioon with 1500 people going on in Köthen (population ~26000) right now. A guy was partying with friends on his yard when he heard loud angry voices from a nearby playground. He went out to check it and there were two Afghan rapefugees and a woman arguing about who impregnated her. He tried to calm them down and they attacked him. He died of cardiac arrest according to a bliztfast autopsy. Leftist journaloids whose Twitter profiles say they live in Berlin are gloating over the fact that his brother was an alleged Neonazi and how he didn't die from direct violence but cardiac arrest. Others are calling the town Klöthen (balls) and saying only dumb Nazis live there. And Antifa from far and wide are holding up banners with slogans like "against normalcy" and "against a healthy nation".


5efced  No.12127819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Live aus Köthen

9cb58a  No.12127825

>20.05 Uhr: Es gibt am Rande des Trauermarsches mehrere Reden - und "Widerstand, Widerstand"-Rufe. Ein Mann wütet gegen Politiker. "Ein Rassenkrieg gegen das deutsche Volk" sei im Gange. Es gebe nur noch 300 bis 400 Millionen weiße Menschen unter den acht Milliarden Bewohnern der Erde. Es werden Drohungen auch gegen Köthens Oberbürgermeister ausgesprochen.

8.05pm: There are several speeches at the sideline of the funeral march and shouts of "Resistance, Resistance" can be heard. One man rages against politicians. "A race war against the German people" is going on. There are only 300 to 400 million white people among the eight billion people on earth. Threats against the mayor of Köthen are said.

source: https://www.mz-web.de/koethen/-liveticker-nach-toedlichem-streit-in-koethen–blumen-werden-am-tatort-niedergelegt-31239632

fyi: the socdem mayor of this rather poor town splurged a shitton of money on a refugee shelter to be built by a parasitic refugee helper company from Berlin some years ago. The shelter was never built however. They still put a bunch of niggers from the African bush and goat fuckers from the Afghan highlands into neatly renovated apartments. Several rape attempts have been made in the past few years according to Einzelfallkarte,

aec97c  No.12127830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This might be it, to be honest.

This is not just an other guy killed by a refugee, his death was also immediately declared to be unrelated to getting assaulted by two Afghans, and the perpetrators will most likely walk free.

If I didn't know any better I'd say they are deliberately trying to piss people off.

9cb58a  No.12127839

Oh and I forgot: one of the Afghans was meant to be deported for violent crime but wasn't because of still ongoing court process. That's why they call my once great homeland "Absurdistan" nowadays.

78da12  No.12128028


This is what needs to happen to every nigger.

18ddf7  No.12128041


>Another German dies trying to reason with these invaders.

Germans need to start forming gangs and begin reasoning with these freaks through metal pipes and knives.

a9daec  No.12128058


Well then fucking post up a timestamp?

d77087  No.12129479

Germans chanting "National Socialism now!"


cf8cfb  No.12129812


Holy fuck…

Imagine muttmericans doing something like this! NOPE!

a9daec  No.12129838

File: 2eba646a356ddb0⋯.jpg (12.5 KB, 205x300, 41:60, hitler phone.jpg)


Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Hitler is calling!


d77087  No.12129840


Yeah I guess over here in Germany we are in desperate need of some fashy e-celeb podcasters, I mean this is literally a SHOAH for the normies!

cf8cfb  No.12129870




0445de  No.12135229

File: 9cc561f598369fb⋯.jpg (141.19 KB, 1132x782, 566:391, 1-a-enemy.jpg)

File: 7de8271ac58e125⋯.png (188.32 KB, 1542x867, 514:289, 7de8271ac58e1251b498aa7ba6….png)

6e9f3e  No.12135294

File: 5fc684a37559541⋯.jpg (59.03 KB, 721x633, 721:633, slowly radicalize.jpg)


78da12  No.12135318



That's an actual habbening

501402  No.12135522


>If the left can't meme

what is boomer wojack

78da12  No.12135890


You Germans don't even know who Ben Shapiro or Laura Loomer are. You will never be true alt-right like (((based Amis)))

0ec346  No.12136176


Can someone translate?

721547  No.12136908


i wish some kikes would do it

it's illegal as fuck

the kikes banned all nazism in germany, so how can they run the opposition now?

they'll have to rub their hands really hard now to come up with something

31308a  No.12136950


>Yesterday, a new statistic was published which predicted the AfD to become the biggest party in 2021

That's only for Eastern Germany.

748572  No.12137004


Wew, bretty good I'd rate it 88/14

>White, Social and National

Everybody in the comments is acting surprised that the group of people that has to carry most of the burden of their failed multi cultural project vocalizes their displeasure.

c51439  No.12137048



It sounds like they say "wie are der nazbol!" kek

f5ad01  No.12139990

File: 26a424a67af80d5⋯.webm (626.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nationalsocialismnownowno….webm)

6b94f1  No.12140118



3a67a0  No.12140646

File: 9964eff87019ae1⋯.mp4 (9.57 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 9nov.mp4)

Not sure if anyone has posted this.

11fb21  No.12140680

File: 585e439aa2d98ef⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1240x1748, 310:437, 82bf2239dd170c8a4e861237e9….png)


US revolutionary war was started by a minority of Americans. Caesar taking over Rome was done by a minority of Romans. Hitler's Beerhall Revolts were a minority of Germans. The fire rises.

11fb21  No.12140905


>Richard Stallman

>Lists Kikebart as a "right-wing extremist" website

>Advocates not having children because of overpopulation. Is totally fine if non-whites do it though.

>Says children are a burden preventing people from living freely (degenerate lifestyles inhibited)

>Stallman was born March 16, 1953,in New York City, to a family of Jewish heritage

Ancestry.com is certainly Jewish psyops but I'm not trusting this fucking guy.

813367  No.12142224

There will be a lot of Sandniggers, Kikes & dead government shills lying in the streets in the next year or so, got to be ready for their Holocaust.

c0724b  No.12142272

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8b3482  No.12142286


Wow, that was high energy. Thank you for posting.

dec435  No.12142300


Two of those were backed by Jews though.

cb229f  No.12142422


Boomjack started on /biz/ to make fun of 30-somethings investing in crypto. It was tongue in cheek because the creator was 33 and did it to laugh at himself and other older posters that don't understand that the kids already see them as old. I don't see how that's a leftist meme.

343de8  No.12142434


That gave me fucking goosebumps. The fourth Reich is upon us.

487a37  No.12142438



0c7cb1  No.12142464

File: 0a0cff70ac6d74f⋯.webm (299.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Happeningu.webm)

5e7d8c  No.12142537

File: 3364b348600184d⋯.png (656.7 KB, 974x1128, 487:564, longlive.png)

Just make sure you guys understand that this time we're NOT holding back.

051299  No.12142542


America is still going through the "vengeance of God" phase. You don't get to worship jews and not attract things worse than plague.

051299  No.12142554


So how many kikes will die to shock? They're schizophrenic nutcases already - imagine meeting the "devil" they've been painting on the wall all these years.

f9ee3c  No.12142567

000000  No.12142627


>These protests are just huge honeypots for the (((traffic cameras))) to log every persons face, height, and walking gait into a digital fingerprint to use when the government does the 24 hour round up snatching the wrong thinkers off the streets.

Cover your face.

5e7d8c  No.12142633


I don't think they thought their cunning plan through, they could've all just went to Israel. Hell, they could've probably just kept using their influence to extract trillions of dollars of foreign aid. They could've slowly taken over the whole middle east, we don't really care… sure I support Assad for what he's doing against jewish world control… but do I really give two shits about Syria? I wouldn't wouldn't piss on them to put out a fire. And they would've lived pretty damn well, just because a parasite that only drains a little blood is like a mosquito… only a nuisance.

However, they're trying to wipe us out. We are literally fighting for our survival. It is going to be a fucking bloodbath, we're going to have severe PTSD, oh well. The jew (and their pawns) is a malignant tumor, either we remove it, or die trying.

5559da  No.12142643



holy fucking shit. has he returned?

5e7d8c  No.12142644


Don't be such a quivering pussy, you know we're going to have to stick our necks out right? That means you need to get out there and risk going to jail or getting killed. That's the nature of war.

d5645f  No.12142865

I hope you guys are becoming intimate with G36s and AK-74M (filtering in through Russia) because those will be the weapons that you'll see in the German theatre of the uprising.

b1833f  No.12142871

File: 008da92d41e6e05⋯.jpg (62.48 KB, 1500x514, 750:257, chad's rifle.jpg)


if only it were pic related's instead

3de58b  No.12142876


He never left.

62f5bd  No.12142881

File: dfa83e340ad9d08⋯.jpg (22.13 KB, 360x270, 4:3, absolutely happening.jpg)




000000  No.12143803


>Cover your face.

Skimming through the video in the OP I did not see anyone with their face covered.

Why is that?

ae2e43  No.12143817


Please let it be real this time. Old Reich outdated.


bc4d38  No.12143840

File: dd8858c7949a57d⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 994x1400, 71:100, 69997960_p0.jpg)


Don't worry lads, I'm sure there will be quite a lot of deserters who can teach you the ropes on German small arms.

Hell, I can teach you how to be a Leopard 2 gunner or loader in like half an hour, and all it would take to steal one is a bolt-cutter and a crowbar.

cc8415  No.12143849



>>This will be the final one. With the advent of the internet, Pandora's Box has been irrevocably opened. The crimes of the kikes are plain as day, codified for eternity, knowledge of which is widespread and spreading further each day. The last war will be the most ruthless and the victor will be the most thorough and the most violent.

>>PROTIP: Germanics are a very warlike group unlike kikes who weasel their way around by pulling up false laws as obstacles.


>>Because the (((law))) is the weapon of the enemy and they don't give a fuck anymore. There are thousands of them now, they present a corporeal and very real threat. Any act against these yelling guys will be an act of war. The kikes tread carefully, not daring to physically attack first, lest they lose their false moral superiority.

cc8415  No.12143857


>inexplicable greentexting

Honestly at a loss over this one.

ae2e43  No.12143877


I dream about owning an FG42. The Wehrmacht had the coolest gear.

bc4d38  No.12143887


Only fitting the Fallschirmjäger got the coolest of the coolest.

000000  No.12143941

The jews are living on borrowed time, I suppose that is why they wish to hurry up the end times.

ae2e43  No.12144037


finally have a good reason to wear my flecktarn. I'm not just Wehraboo /k/!

d62545  No.12144651

File: 44db4025be88b0f⋯.jpg (109.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [MMM] JoJo's Bizarre Adven….jpg)




2a8bb8  No.12145010


Oh no! Gee I wonder what will happen when thousands of rebellious NatSocs get thrown into prison together?

Gee, I really hope they don't start taking over prisons from the muslims by assassinations and then take back the streets from ethnic gangs in a brutal, bloody and swift operation.

That would be horrendous.

9dd693  No.12145445


That's how I felt when Joe Sixpack people at work started talking openly about deporting niggers/spics/subhumans back to Africa, and when I explained jews, they started talking about gassing the jews with no further prompting. But wait, there's more!

The owner of the place is a stingy jew who cusses out his own managers in front of other employees, and refuses to pay enough to even get the minimal number of people in the door to run the place. There be fireworks a-brewing.

1f2cc4  No.12145477

File: b8fc39370a9d87d⋯.jpg (294.8 KB, 3182x5000, 1591:2500, 1312058188802.jpg)

Just how bad is it with migration when even der normie is waking up in Germany?

0445de  No.12145490


Caesar was backed by jews?

745761  No.12145554

Memes aside, how hard is it really for a White American to emigrate to Germany?

7d2d5a  No.12176315


jared taylor is a anglo-zionist faglord wtf are you on about


>"weisse minderheiten"

>bunch of zionist "jews-are-white-too" blog sites listed at the end

>fucking dropped

e1fad5  No.12176836


need the poo meme of friendship with third reich ended, now 4th reich is my best friend

f15aa0  No.12176848



>Just how bad is it with migration when even der normie is waking up in Germany?

Just how bad is it in your nation to not do the same?

Why isn't the world rising in collective support?

Is Germany really one of the worst? Or secretly one of the best places on earth, and always has been?

Spoiler, it's the latter.

5eff75  No.12176860

Sieg heil. Germans are always redpilled, I always know.

000000  No.12213067

Funny how "IT'S HAPPENING" turned out to be another nothing burger.

Where is my race war?

0445de  No.12213112


This is just a step.

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