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ce43d1  No.12119173

>can't poo in the loo

>but will do it in the poo


<In a groundbreaking victory for gay rights, India’s Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously struck down one of the world’s oldest bans on consensual gay sex, putting to rest a legal battle that stretched for years and burying one of the most glaring vestiges of India’s colonial past.

<After weeks of deliberation in the Supreme Court and decades of struggles by gay Indians, India’s chief justice, Dipak Misra, said that the colonial-era law known as Section 377 was “irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary.”

<We have to bid adieu to prejudices and empower all citizens,” he told a packed courtroom.

<The court said that gay people were now entitled to all constitutional protections under Indian law and that any discrimination based on sexuality would be illegal.

<All around this country, explosions of happiness erupted — and some of outrage, as well.

>colonial past

Anything that is not against the global enforced homosexuality or common sense is labeled as "colonial past". What are the odds of India becoming the world's top AIDS bucket aside from destroying the Indian ocean with shit?

fc9758  No.12119193

Poo on dick.

9e3fff  No.12119209



AIDS in the poo

d4442b  No.12119218

>Widespread AIDS in the country

And that's a good thing.

6e518b  No.12119222


Faggots ruin everything. India is already a horrendous place and now they'll have homosexuals pushing their psychosis on children and waving dildos in everyone's faces.

Indians will suffer as a result.

8cbf0d  No.12119244

File: ebc793e49a42ac9⋯.png (53.22 KB, 779x1024, 779:1024, fag_merchant_2.png)

I wonder who could be behind this faggotry?

141f67  No.12119246

File: 703f9bc0d9a33fe⋯.png (632.32 KB, 591x636, 197:212, 703f9bc0d9a33fe4877c3e030f….png)

>>12119222 (checked)

Don't they already have a huge influx of transvestites due to lack of women in their country? I think they were called hijras or something

6e518b  No.12119268


India is not a stable or natural country. It's a multicultural mess and the moment that the economy tanks, they will devolve into a blood bath. You have over 2 dozen different ethnic groups and several different religions. Throw Islam into the mix. And you have a sex imbalance too just to fuck things up even more. And a low energy Marxist rebellion (though it's actually an ethnic nationalist movement against the dominant ethnic groups masquerading as a Marxist movement because it gets them gibs from China)

The entire shitstain country is an irredeemable mess and when it collapses there WILL be fireworks.

Pakistan is going down too.

8df6da  No.12119272


>low energy Marxist rebellion (though it's actually an ethnic nationalist movement

dial it back. now begin again.

6e518b  No.12119276



f763f5  No.12119279


Hinduism never was a country so India is just bullshit for occidentalists, an illusion kept alive or else we would not understand it at all and would have little way to communicate with it through our modern institutions.

8df6da  No.12119286


Okay but what did you mean by "it's actually an ethnic nationalist moment"?

If I misunderstood you, I apologize in advance

8df6da  No.12119292


movement* my bad

93fed5  No.12119294

File: aafe1e1ddba8c4d⋯.jpg (128.2 KB, 868x960, 217:240, aaf.jpg)



Just imagine for a second. Entire streets reek of aids infected feces.

Aids in the ocean.

Aids in water supply.

Aids everywhere.

a8c80c  No.12119301


He's talking about any separatist movement using the rhetoric of welfarism and "anti-colonialism" as a front for what is really an ethnic issue. Just like how all the tribal armies in Apefrica claimed to be marxists despite having no interest in communism or economic theory in general. They just used it as a means to get military gibs from Russia. In this case a separatist group which would weaken India as a regional power would be in the interest of China. So they might adopt the appearance of socialist bullshit like "land reforms" in order to dispossess whatever other mudmen they want out of their province and bribe their co-ethnics to support them with money expropriated from other groups who they are exterminating. Basic shitskin stuff. Though the pajeets are more pudgy weaklings than retarded violent apes like the niggers so perhaps the model isn't perfectly predictive.

Frankly I don't think anybody needs to pretend to have an economic ideology anymore to garner support they can just make direct overtures to China.

9e3fff  No.12119304


>Aids in the ocean.

>Aids in water supply.

>Aids everywhere

As someone who works in medicine. Aids being safe to be around with is fucking bullshit. I suspect aids will start spread in Indian water soon.

8df6da  No.12119308


India needs a legitimate nationalist movement.

6e518b  No.12119315


They're like the Basque. They claim to like Marxism but no one really gives a shit. The entire movement is composed of three ethnic groups who hate the government because they're discriminated against (they want to secede).

They only parrot marxist or rather maoist talking points because if they don't, they get no money from China.

Actually, China no longer even does anything for them anymore so far as I hear.

Essentially, it's like how random African tribes would say "Oh yes, we communist nao! Gimme gimme so we can kill dah capitalist tribes" so that the USSR would hand them weapons and they could kill their tribal enemies.

8df6da  No.12119320



Thank you for the information.

6e518b  No.12119340


Well put anon.

Old habits die hard.

a8c80c  No.12119371


Why? I mean sure if it fucks with them and the Chinks gain nothing from it sure. But isn't the ultimate plan of hypothetical revitalized European and American empires Colonialism II Electric Boogaloo this Time We are Gonna Kill Everybody? I mean the ultimate plan is to starve billions of shitskins to death and then go in and slaughter the remainder. Africa could be a nice place and was for many whites in the 19th century, we just need to kill all the muds.

c01fb7  No.12119380

This is undoubtedly the direct result of Justin Trudeau's visit.

8df6da  No.12119387


I don't really agree on that and /pol/ isn't based on one single opinion.

ce44f3  No.12119403

Super Power by 2020

93fed5  No.12119410


Aids spreading in indian waters means aids spreading towards pakistan and china in water supply as well, closely living countries.

c01fb7  No.12119487


After WWII you could walk from the Mediterranean wearing a backpack with a gun to S. Africa and be completely safe from criminal niggers. It was that lawful.>>12119403

The OP is partly correct but basically wrong.

You don't understand what India's government and ruling elite is doing.

India is not a normal country but then no country is as we have been taught in school.

Countries are not run for the masses they're run for the elite cadres.

About 30 years ago or more India's elite sat down and seriously asked themselves what kind of country they were going to be.

Would they be a country of 1billion or so losers barely getting by stuck in the ancient world or would they be a country of 110 million well educated well fed people living in modernity with a space program and computer industry with vast squalid masses of starving beggars swarming around them abandoned by the government to their wretched fate?

They chose the latter.

This can be very disturbing to the western mind but it seems to work; their space program is pretty good, works well and their elite is doing just fine.

Now what to do with those masses of losers?

Let them fuck each other up the ass I suppose. Seems to be what they want eh?

e0c247  No.12119494

literal fudgepackers.

1dbd4a  No.12121293


This is a good thing. Because they are a democracy they are able to advance. Homophobia lasting that long was due to Indians being used to a very patriarchial culture, where men lead and women silently follow:


Now hopefully they can focus on getting their rape problem under control as Indian immigrants have brought those problems to North America:



See it all the time…Indian men always getting too close to women, rubbing up against them on crowded buses.

At work, they cannot keep their hands off of the women…saw it all the time at Metrolinx I&IT (Indian & Islamic Technology).

cda854  No.12121313


But it just sounds like plan A and B leads to the same outcomes for the starving masses? What's the difference.

bd63b0  No.12121339

Those shitskins will make MEGA SUPER AIDS.

4faed7  No.12121371

>I can't shit in the street, there's a dick up my ass

1fec99  No.12121398

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


What might you mean by that?

>Israel & Bollywood!

d7f82d  No.12121409

File: 222f68be8c34b4c⋯.jpg (468.31 KB, 1080x1656, 15:23, india goat rape.jpg)

This is good because diseases will flourish even more now

a0ca85  No.12121451

File: d0b31bcc5456b34⋯.jpg (200.18 KB, 1500x1006, 750:503, trudeau india.jpg)

File: 9d45c3654f601fc⋯.jpg (63.92 KB, 895x583, 895:583, what will the taxpayer thi….JPG)

Wait, what?

155a7e  No.12121472


>colonial past

>kill all white people


mmm that mustachioed man is kind of seductive..

e09fa6  No.12121494


a7574b  No.12121510

File: 978c92a0305953a⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2261x1380, 2261:1380, Uttar Pradesh.jpg)


>>ritually kills and miscegenates its light skinned populace

<<everything is fucked up

Pajeet can kill the Aryan to wear his skin and eyeballs but that won't make him White.

e6ab16  No.12121533


Aw man. Poor goat.

e6ab16  No.12121536

27f655  No.12121544


a1d89a  No.12121573

probably a psyop

4c583a  No.12121982


Yeah, it would be a really cruel way to go out, getting gangbanged for an hour

9e3fff  No.12122007


>Aids spreading in indian waters means aids spreading towards pakistan and china in water supply as well, closely living countries.

That would biblical tier plague that puts Ebola to shame.

ce43d1  No.12122022

File: 3ab12ba7f0cca56⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 283x198, 283:198, 1280233980609.gif)



Holy shit, that's worrying. What if AIDS or some disease related to faggot sex in India evolved and it's main trait is spreading through water?

0803f8  No.12122118


So much for India becoming a superpower.

Poo in the loos on suicide watch.

0d4e68  No.12122151


They meant world pooper power

0803f8  No.12122172

File: a53a552ad03baa7⋯.jpg (59.83 KB, 500x333, 500:333, nigelknowsyoureafaggot.jpg)


>World leaders in feces exports.

61e653  No.12122214

What the Media fails to publicize is that this lack of ban will literally result in a surge of HIV. India has a bizarre history of transgendered God figures throughout their history. To the point where those who undergo a rudimentary sex change (rudimentary in that they literally remove the penis and testes leaving a whole in which to urinate and fornicate.) are seen as holy beings who not only bless newborns and their Mothers but support themselves through public offerings and prostitution. Now that the stigma is removed, it's really only a matter of time for latent homosexuals to cave. Superpower indeed.

61e653  No.12122239


Interesting. Source?

26a51c  No.12122250

This is actually an AMAZING thing! Right now there are far too many of these people that are cluttering up the streets. If they want to be gay let them. This will reduce their numbers. India is full of thieves.

849747  No.12122268


Dont forget the nukes.


Mein sides.


This shit will make ebola and aids a joke.

c01fb7  No.12122271

File: d2ebb3984fd4f80⋯.jpg (451.15 KB, 1568x1120, 7:5, capitol-complex-le-corbusi….jpg)


The difference is that 110 million create a modern country. A smelly nasty country that's rather cruel but still modern.

Chandigarh, India's capital designed by the French creepo Le Corbusier epitomises this new vision for India.

945072  No.12122273


c01fb7  No.12122284

India needs more aghoris….a lot more aghoris. I want to see vast armies of them in their hundreds of thousands, feasting on corpses floating down the Ganges, covered in flies and maggots, smoking opium and fucking each other up the ass as they assume the most strenuous yoga postures.

9e3fff  No.12122589


This like the third dancing Indian getting hit by a truck gif

a8c80c  No.12122786


Admittedly those 110 million are still 90 mean IQ shitskins, but better than 82 for the general population eh?

7a40ee  No.12122801

File: 94e1d83a954b619⋯.png (153.5 KB, 496x508, 124:127, pajeet.png)

sorry i was late guys. what did i miss?

7a40ee  No.12122817

take it easy on the return key. this isn't reddit and people will actually read your entire post if you don't purposely make it unreadable

7a40ee  No.12122830

>that roof

I'm guessing it never rains or snows at the capitol?

30ea7d  No.12122854

Poo in the loo has morphed into loose poo

fa4447  No.12122857


I'm cool with this. They have way too many people in India.

a73021  No.12122858


How long can HIV survive in fecal matter?

a73021  No.12122863


Sauce and context?

a73021  No.12122865


By beings smelling like feces nevertheless.

c095c2  No.12122868

File: 28dab1f3617aa64⋯.png (154.85 KB, 1759x1016, 1759:1016, journal.pone.0009311.g001.png)


there are gays everywhere in the world legal or not this ruling


Already happened years ago,alot of the subtype C hiv infection in brazil can be traced back to british travellers to brazil who travelled to india and east africa.


000000  No.12122869

What people do with their own lives is none of your business.

What is wrong with you?

a73021  No.12122875


For which nation?

a73021  No.12122878


>everyday we have to be reminded that tor isn't banned

000000  No.12122880


A hospital porter with an opinion!

000000  No.12122881


Do you really agree with government legislating behavior in the private sphere? Telling you what you can or can't do with your life? That's the kind of society you want to live in?

452915  No.12122901

File: 77126dddeff1f02⋯.jpg (65.41 KB, 500x339, 500:339, 01.jpg)

File: aa94e6291daec8e⋯.jpg (119.02 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 04.jpg)

File: 6ddaf86afde4a2c⋯.png (142.5 KB, 773x469, 773:469, 03.png)

File: b7f370fdb229b07⋯.jpg (20.66 KB, 790x411, 790:411, 02.jpg)



c095c2  No.12122906

File: 5e87f420fb780f3⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 300x168, 25:14, dowload.jpg)

File: 92cad7a8fb4adb6⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 310x162, 155:81, ownload.jpg)


I would recommend studying HIV subtype studies on the internet and infact infection studies in general. It lets you understand the nature of degeneracy.

if you wanted to catch HIV you generally have to have sex with at least 50 men on average who were positive in order to catch the disease.

Brits are literally going to africa and catching enough AIDS to affect HIV patterns in India,Kenya and Brazil.

Think of the airmiles, the unused condoms and the international aid to those newly infected with HIV from gay brits back from bumfun in recife or mombassa. Think about the AIDS campaigns mainly aimed at gay men in the 80s, notice how the graph mentions a spike in 1992 of new AIDS cases from travelling around without using a condom.

its not every gay which is like this but a big slice unfortunately that will not use condoms or will demand to use PReP for free on the NHS.

c095c2  No.12122921

File: 5b8f39e5a8545cc⋯.jpg (148.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (7).jpg)

File: afb0783da26212e⋯.jpg (10.27 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (15).jpg)

File: f558bf535e5ff56⋯.jpeg (325.39 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 763-london-pride-29-jun13….jpeg)


i lost a few t cells just looking at the pictures

cf2d86  No.12122941


Yes, kill them all and the entire planet could be an absolute paradise for our people. Can you imagine what turning off the poo in the loo effect would do to the natural beauty and life of that region and of Africa. Street shitters, subhumans and faggots all need purging. A world without parasites should be the ultimate goal in every Europeans mind.

cf2d86  No.12122962


That is the modern vision? It is fucking filthy and that green pool is disgusting. It looks like a steampunk shithole. There is shit falling off the building on the left and a satellite dish just plunked on the building as well as random air conditioning units hanging off it like lice. There is nothing worth redeeming in that photo or as far as I can tell, in that nation.

The modern india is a travesty of disgustingness just like its half nigger butt fucking people.

cf2d86  No.12122968


Who knew that the camera would be a successful lure for faggots in order to slay them.

cf2d86  No.12122985


He is that angry faggot who wants to genocide 50% of Europe by murdering its women and instate FAGTOPIA on Earth. Just looking at his leftyPOLE faggot comments you can tell which one he is.

8df6da  No.12123050


Yeah so you insisted that women should use those artifical wombs and that women should be in a higher population than men.

cf2d86  No.12123074


Found you again. How is FAGTOPIA going? Looks like you have takers in India…here's a thought, why don't you fuck off to India (something more your caliber) and join the shitfest with your poo worshipping friends.

Filtered ;)

8df6da  No.12123086


I'm not even MGTOW but I'm asking why you want men gone

000000  No.12123093


Not agreeing with criminalizing private behavior is not the same as agreeing with everything else members of a sizeable segment of a population choose to do. What kind of slopping thinking is this?

205667  No.12123095


Whether HIV is in fecal matter depends on whether there is any blood in it, no?

205667  No.12123122

How much disease must be all over every surface in India at this point? You have men and women shitting everywhere, and fags fucking each other up the ass spreading hiv and weakening immune systems, plus spreading all kinds of other STIs. Shit itself is full of e-coli, hepatitis, parasites/worms, and all kinds of other stuff that is already very bad in a place with terrible drinking water and bad sanitation. Telling men they should feel free to stick their dicks in each other's assholes is basically asking for a massive disease epidemic. Not even necessarily entirely due to HIV, but you could also have shit like cholera and worms. Just completely fucked up. What a dump.

cf2d86  No.12123132


You have me thinking about the 'fecal plume' that comes out of the toilet with every modern toilet flush. This is further spread through the entire bathroom by air hand dryers. It is almost like they are desperately trying to make sure that the entire populace gets AIDS via lack of sanitary precautions. (I was doing research on the 'fecal plumes' for the MERS/shitskin/airline infection thread since an unknown disease is coming out of this years Hajj at Mecca)…50 partners or 50 flushes of a modern fecal plume toilet. BRILLIANT…what a way to depopulate the Earth.

61d4a9  No.12123148



205667  No.12123158


Save the earth by using electrically powered hand dryers instead of paper towels! That's not even a true statement anyway, and yes, lol how it ultimately spreads even HIV, potentially, but certainly various bacteria. LOL. Kike-run civilization needs a nuclear reset

4d792d  No.12123182

File: 2470d2344257e52⋯.jpg (129.03 KB, 640x533, 640:533, harmless spiky sea turtle ….jpg)


Good, I approve of gay rights in non-white countries because of all the AIDS they'll get.

f40261  No.12123199


Lol How the fuck can they pin this on colonialism.

4d792d  No.12123290


Anyone who has sex with a non-white deserves AIDS

fea50a  No.12123295


That’s not what was said, you fucking retard. You realize these diseases can spread in other ways, right? And that they don’t always fucking PRESENT until it’s too late? Never mind the medical costs IN OUR COUNTRIES of dealing with them.

177e0d  No.12123448


>no tcells or incels

>you will have sex with either sex

>sincerely, the SJW mafia

b8fd4c  No.12123568

i bet the chinese did this. they didn't want to be outbred by 2050.

4d792d  No.12123661


Diseases mainly affect cityfags who take antibiotics like candy and have wild negro orgies. Ebola will be a natural purge of the undesirable elements of society. Anyone who lives in a city is a homosexual by association

6a2497  No.12124123


Yes. Kill everyone who does it privately too. :)

8e8ac2  No.12124156

File: 5ff81a2f0406e89⋯.jpg (315.33 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Indian_pepes.jpg)

>Indian rivers are now a hot spot for catching AIDS & HIV.

top kek

Be careful around anyone who travels to India.

f17de3  No.12124275

The idea of faggots having sex was already pretty bad, but the thought of faggots in India having sex is absolutely disgusting. Poop all over their dicks, and probably doing the usual ultra-depraved shit faggots do and going ass-to-mouth, so poop in the mouth too.

f17de3  No.12124278


Jesus fucking christ. We need to exterminate the global population and make a a global European race. There's no justification anymore for anyone else living. How the fuck are other races so fucking disgusting and stupid? It blows my god damn mind.

d2d917  No.12124291


White empathy and evolution in action. We took pity on them and helped them stay alive doing all the wrong things thus they evolved slowly over each generation to be more pathetic instead of improving. Or just outright going extinct. We're too damn nice for our own good, or earth's for that matter considering we've enabled so many horrible things on it.

8df6da  No.12124351



If anything, I'd feel bad for indians who have the brain capacity to even surf this website. I mean can you imagine being the outlier of a race that fucking condemns sanitation? Sanitation of ALL things?

94fbc5  No.12124375

File: 3a0a1a4f2499e75⋯.jpg (52.63 KB, 655x499, 655:499, y2qwg.jpg)

Oh, that's good, that's very good. It is a well known fact that homosexuality and whole lgbt movement is a psyop aiming at demoralizing society and lowering fertility rates… and you know what? If 3rd world subhumans from India will somehow lower their TOO high birth rates it actually helps us. Anything that harms other races than our in almost all cases benefits us.

b1bef8  No.12124442


Trips of truth, but at least this means the shitskins will die off en mass within the generation.

b9cd21  No.12124453


You forgot while most of the country the lingua franca is standard Hindu and English. but not in The Dravidian (southern India) part, they don't speak English nor standard Hindu but Tamil as the lingua franca ( half the Dravidian population speak it.). The Dravidian population want to succeed from India to create they're own Dravida Nadu country

fc5cfd  No.12124454

File: 1b659e555e5b8a9⋯.jpg (67.98 KB, 500x687, 500:687, nordicaliens.jpg)


The world probably isn't for europeans. Europeans need to go into space.

fc5cfd  No.12124460

File: 84fc9645e1ce2ab⋯.jpg (120.65 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, sikh.jpg)


Imagine being a poo who is pissed off about the sanitation already and now you have to deal with massive homos now shitting everywhere and spreading diseases.

cf2d86  No.12124470


Here is some advice. Never ever ever look up the words 'shit cock' on a search engine without 'safe search' on. You will never ever be able to look at a faggot again without the deepest feeling of loathing you can imagine. The fact that they would associate THAT with sex…IDK…I thought it was going to be a small schmear or something that I could make my point about homosexuality being unsafe in terms of it being unhealthy for my homosexuality damages male bodies OP. NO. Scatological play is a sexual fetish among them. It is like their own shit is a smorgasbord of gastronomic and tactile pleasure.

1b6b5c  No.12124473


What a kohencidence since the jews have set their eyes on asia for the past few years. their new home.

22a94c  No.12124478

Really disturbing development.

8df6da  No.12124482


I think you're referring to LTTE in Sri Lanka.

afc07e  No.12124490


>We're too damn nice for our own good,

Our biggest mistake is having a soul.

7db9ea  No.12124493

File: e38d310bcd1623d⋯.jpeg (61.95 KB, 475x538, 475:538, B5132160-0E64-4C78-ADBD-3….jpeg)


>that pic related


7db9ea  No.12124499


First they need to learn how to shit in the fucking toilets

b9cd21  No.12124502


No https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dravida_Munnetra_Kazhagam

8df6da  No.12124531


I see. Thanks.

61d4a9  No.12124612


>Aids spreading in indian waters means aids spreading towards pakistan and china in water supply as well,

thats not how gravity and rivers work 

78f12a  No.12125061

File: 48c9a0bd022713e⋯.png (188.05 KB, 572x670, 286:335, The thugs of old india.png)

File: da9445982699f53⋯.png (222.42 KB, 580x679, 580:679, The thugs of old india2.png)

File: 89c6df4e55ac426⋯.png (209.86 KB, 499x622, 499:622, The thugs of old india3.png)

File: 56ac55d978a2e42⋯.png (212.41 KB, 503x622, 503:622, The thugs of old india4.png)

File: bab584199ba66c4⋯.png (114.2 KB, 573x659, 573:659, The thugs of old india5.png)


>Sauce and context?

Its from the Thuggee (pronounced TUGG-ee) murder cult that is the pajeet equivalent of kikes, with the exception that all the Thuggee were executed by the British and their descendants were carefully hunted down, sterilized and kept celibate, and employed in the carpet making industry so that nobody could ever claim to be the descendant of a Thug.

Pics related,

cf2d86  No.12125100


Except the British DID NOT root out the Thuggee who were already occupying their nation. They are blind to the kikes "sense of security that necessitates the exercise of great cunning and deceit when murdering your prey."


>"In other words, game for our hunting is defended from all points save those of flattery and cunning."

So the Thuggee Criminal Mafia Death Cult continues right in the halls of power of European nations…genociding us and flooding our nations with murdering filth and there is no one to defend us or SEE THE CUNNING FLATTERY by which the communist kikes play out a genocide of our people.

2ac521  No.12125457

File: 502784e71324408⋯.jpeg (428.09 KB, 640x972, 160:243, 8E8F6419-44C7-4B8F-8D55-3….jpeg)


>fecal plume

That’s the name of my finishing move.


So ‘shitter shattered’ is going to have three meaning last in India. When Muslims are your cultural superior it’s time to reconsider suicide.

cf2d86  No.12125488


>That’s the name of my finishing move.

TMI Keep it to yourself, anon. ;)

41da47  No.12125528


i mean, homosexuality in india is actually pretty brave, imagine throwing a dick into the shit ridden ass of another faggot indian. that takes balls

edd83f  No.12125579

File: fed613b405469ad⋯.png (564.81 KB, 600x610, 60:61, 6a2.png)


>white male

>carrying black pride sign

>with negresses

What clown world are we living in?

3a7026  No.12137733



9e3fff  No.12137747


>How long can HIV survive in fecal matter?

Long enough for fags to eat

9e3fff  No.12137754


>i bet the chinese did this. they didn't want to be outbred by 2050

It too late. Chinese are now worried that one child policy created a generation of cink fags

7d54b8  No.12137846


Vietnam did the same thing. A racial/ethnic movement bound together by communism, which they then pretty much discarded after they won.

47fa98  No.12163937


lmao 90% of marriages are within one's castes. Meaning Pajeets have retained their ancestral bloodlines for thousands of years. Compared that to Aryan LARPers who have destroyed their bloodlines.

Fuck you guys didn't even know about Aryas before learning Sanskrit, let alone the fathers you were born to.

812e37  No.12164078


Global culling along lactose intolerance lines would be great

000000  No.12164111


>maintains caste system

<only after completely destroying the north/south divide

>preserves genetic line

<only after its been diluted to hell and back

6e518b  No.12164246


I wish.

Not likely though.


India is a friggen mess. We could spend hours just listing the many reasons why India is an artificial state destined for collapse. Everyone looks at Yugoslavia shaking their heads and lamenting "Oh, it was destined to fail!"

But India is Yugoslavia a hundred times worse with nuclear bombs and a population soon to be larger than China!

Anyone like blood letting? Because mark my words, India will make the Middle East look downright civil.

367aa0  No.12167054


It worked with wolves so we thought it would also work with fellow hominids that were somewhat capable of reason btw it kinda worked before Schlomo started aggressively scapegoating us over his own crimes, ever heard of a "Housenigger"?

f33ebf  No.12167058

Why is this garbage taking up a thread?

367aa0  No.12167064


>Why is this garbage taking up a seventh of the world population?


348c06  No.12167101


thanks mum.


'corn on the cob' takes on a whole new meaning, and you ain't going to want to slather one in butter ever again.

194b4d  No.12167210

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

77625d  No.12167221


I dunno, the whole country is already covered in festering shit and disease to the point where using stinkbombs for riot control doesn't work. A faggot's asshole might actually be marginally cleaner than their everyday streets, since any unshat shit hasn't had time to rot in the open yet.

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