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File: 36928b01aad37a4⋯.jpg (9.77 KB, 253x199, 253:199, images.jpg)

c90fc7  No.12119303

>Democrats urge Mattis to reject $450 million border wall project



>“It is utterly irresponsible and appalling that President Trump wants to take away funding for military readiness and infrastructure in order to spend it on his border wall,” Smith said in a statement. “We are trying to ensure that our men and women in uniform have the facilities and training they need to face serious dangers while defending our country. If Secretary Mattis follows through on this request, it would undermine those efforts.”

>The funding would be used to build a 31-mile section of wall along the Air Force’s Barry M. Goldwater range, which is near Yuma and abuts the U.S.-Mexico border.

>Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced in April that the agency was looking into ways the military could help complete Trump’s wall, which has been stymied by lack of funding from Capitol Hill.

>“We're going to have our wall, and we're going to get it very strongly. The military's going to be building some of it,” Trump said at the time.

bff377  No.12119322


Someone needs to tell that pilot he's doing it wrong

98f9a6  No.12119370


>t. Battlestation nigger, shilling the same lines a year later

>convienently ignores, "stymied by lack of funding from capital hill"

>pretending obama didn't define turning away spics at the border as deportations

The wall will be built much quicker after midterms faggot, but you already know that. or at leasy your handlers do

630526  No.12119392


>oy vey you said the same thing for a long time

>it can’t possibly still be true

>ignore all objective reality

Great argument, redditor.


Yes, I ignore things that aren’t relevant. There is no lack of funding. There are no legal hurdles. There is nothing stopping this from happening. Absolutely no law stands in its way. Absolutely no funding stands in its way. It isn’t happening because Trump doesn’t want it to happen. You are a civic nationalist redditor and a kike hero worshipper.



f59538  No.12119429

File: a62b3795673268c⋯.jpg (846 KB, 2262x1894, 1131:947, based T_D nigger.jpg)


>Remember that?

No I don't because it's the first time I read this information. Based FOX and based T_D never told me this. What the fuck. What's next? Are you going to tell me the holocaust didn't happen? That Jared Kushner isn't /ourguy/? Or perhaps that Nikki Haley is a zionist paki prostitute?

a30a0b  No.12119448


Your shill manual is about 15 months outdated, my fellow drumpf supporter who hates drumpf now.

The wall is currently under construction and mass deportations before the wall is complete would be illogical.

098c73  No.12119465


>to take away funding for military readiness and infrastructure in order to spend it on his border wall

>A wall isn't part of military infrastructure and readiness

f882d5  No.12119467

>Democrats complaining about taking money from the military

>Democrats complaining about spending money

lmao please. they're just pissed they're losing their slave labor

9e640d  No.12119473

File: 387081014b381f2⋯.webm (8.83 MB, 480x320, 3:2, solar zionism.webm)

File: ebd892f06f5dd66⋯.jpg (83.82 KB, 1280x521, 1280:521, 1386036553100.jpg)

>J-just because he's securing funding for a wall doesn't mean he's making a wall!

>He had the power to create a wall out of thin air from day one, there's no such thing as jewish obstruction!

Shills always make me chuckle to myself, I wonder when they'll try to start pushing us to kill federal judges this thread?

fd0d7c  No.12119477


>you're a shill because you said truth that hurts my feelings

Reported for reddit.

>the wall is being built

It's not; your own fellow shills admit that.

>oy vey you can't deport now

>because i have no idea how they got here

>and i think a wall is what matters

Reported for not lurking before posting. There are no deportations. We have 20 years before whites are outbred and YOU ARE SHILLING FOR NONWHITES TO REMAIN IN OUR COUNTRY. You are a traitor to the United States and do not belong on /pol/.

9e640d  No.12119482


Yeah, their arguments are disingenuous at their root. Constantly taking whatever side they feel like if they can convince you using that perspective, good example being every instance of them quoting the bible to get you to import shitskins.

fd0d7c  No.12119483


>oy vey there are laws i say so that makes it true

>oy vey no i can't list them but they exist because i say so

>trump can't do anything goyim it's not that he just doesn't want to do it

>ignore that courts have absolutely no power to stop him, no laws exist to stop him, and all the funding exists

>because it's everyone else's fault, not his


ca59f5  No.12119502


They're more pissed that someone is doing something, anything really, that they don't want them to. Hell, it's mostly cuckservative boomer faggots using spic labor anyway. Libs prefer pajeets and fat women.

ca59f5  No.12119522


And by boomers I mean actual boomers by the way not "someone older than me".

98f9a6  No.12119581



Kek it had to ip hop. Doesnt even try and type differently, watch (((him))) call me a redditor for calling it out.

98f9a6  No.12119591



sage for doublepost. The original article mentions the lack of funding and obstruction you dense nigger. What is this, baby's first pilpul?

5452ad  No.12119594


>t.battlestation nigger is mad

Go back to Joan faggot.

7cc589  No.12119897

>Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced in April that the agency was looking into ways the military could help complete Trump’s wall, which has been stymied by lack of funding from Capitol Hill

So the NSA went over Chuck Schumer's head/kipa? That's anit-semitic.

t. Dershowitz

8797af  No.12119899


I like that picture. Seems like an amusing, but somewhat pricey way of fucking with a lefty.

777760  No.12119919

>the left is pro-military now


8797af  No.12119947


They're pro-military, pro-war, pro-discrimination (against whites), pro-corporation, pro-destruction of environment, pro-impoverishment etc.

9e640d  No.12120005


It's going to be a wild ride watching their mental gymnastics continue even further off the deep end. I always think they've capped out but they always surprise me.

6c9804  No.12120052


>but after two years King Nigger has still deported more than Trump

That part isn't technically true. All catch and release were marked as deported, even though they were allowed to walk straight into the country.

6c9804  No.12120070


>>Democrats urge Mattis to reject $450 million border wall project

Ann Coulter brought this point up iirc. This will actually prove if Trump is full of shit or not because he has full power to direct military funding for any project that is deemed a threat to national security. Dems cant stop him either.

38f8f8  No.12120114


You reading this Trump? If some faggy leftist judge files an injunction to stop the military from building the wall



630526  No.12120274



Reported for supporting Trump. No one gives a fuck about your kike god.


Bump because you're not on reddit.

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