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File: 53908fc292e4ebb⋯.jpg (99.37 KB, 800x420, 40:21, nyp-nyc-schools.jpg)

2ad630  No.12119312

The anti-white hatred which underpins all modern liberal societies is emerging in its open form in New York City, where white children are now actively being denied access to public schools in favor of nonwhites, even though whites officially only make up 15 percent of the student population.

According to an article in the New York Post, titled “NYC schools to give priority to predominantly black and Hispanic kids,” by journalist Susan Edelman, a “diversity drive is spreading across the city as 78 schools in 14 of the city’s 32 community districts now boast plans that will give admission priority to predominantly black and Hispanic kids — and more schools will soon follow.”

The plan, the New York Post claims is the “biggest de-segregation

>ahh yes, de-segregation in NYC… like there are that many Whites there in the 1st place. de-segregation is code word for anti-White

movement in Big Apple schools since the late-1950s Civil Rights era”—but it is of course nothing of the sort.

The plan to “prioritize” nonwhites over whites in admission to public schools in NYC is blatant and open anti-white hatred and discrimination, designed to ethnically cleanse the last remaining whites out of the already majority nonwhite city.

FULL STORY: https://dailyarchives.org/index.php/news/1963-new-york-city-anti-white-hatred-frenzy-as-whites-denied-access-to-public-schools

2ad630  No.12119329

File: 4a2685108cd9164⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 613x559, 613:559, 4a2685108cd91644d8333318a8….jpg)

File: 54f7ed2dde049c9⋯.jpeg (206 KB, 974x928, 487:464, d6763fbb77001b6bbe1de6e22….jpeg)

File: 4a2685108cd9164⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 613x559, 613:559, 4a2685108cd91644d8333318a8….jpg)

File: 5d783e25053170c⋯.png (319.46 KB, 824x734, 412:367, 5d783e25053170ca434b7f8d62….png)

File: 0e4f642b6e453a8⋯.png (421.4 KB, 1436x878, 718:439, 0f0c98e0dc7a2d06301a8d34d2….png)

f9c696  No.12119351


>designed to ethnically cleanse the last remaining whites out of the already majority nonwhite city.

The only thing really doing that is the White race's inability or unwillingness to physically fight in real life, in real space, on real terms for physical, real territory. Not much else to talk about, really.

2ad630  No.12119359


you're right. we're in a period of White suicide, not genocide. Whites will wake up, there are still 800 million of us and we will not be replaced

fa263c  No.12119379


>Whites are to blame. It's suicide not genocide

>Ignore the fact that kikes are in positions of power everywhere enacting policies designed and calculated to cause what is by definition, genocide.

I don't generally accuse people of being literal kikes. But you make me very suspicious. Why would a White man be sliding such utter bullshit?

2ad630  No.12119384


ahhhh yes im a kike. you really cracked the case on that one

380142  No.12119398

This wont affect jews as they send their kids to private jew schools.

b49c75  No.12119407

What kind of non-jewish Whites still live in NYC in 2018 with children going to public schools? Why don't they get vouchers and put their kids in private schools, or better yet, leave the Big Bagel and go somewhere far less mongrelized and kiked?

f9c696  No.12119423


We've already been replaced in the US, so there won't be any waking up here. What you see with the Trump administration – the anguished screeching of ultrazionist lackeys lamenting that they aren't being given proper credit for their obsequious nigger loving and devotion to their own serfdom – is as good as it gets here.

f9c696  No.12119436

File: 42e8ecd9546a0f3⋯.png (97.98 KB, 500x559, 500:559, NowWeDontCare.png)


>pay twice – and a premium, to boot – for education, goyim

>just keep moving, goyim

2ad630  No.12119441


im in the northeast and I there are millions of White people out here. sorry brother, I have no interest in your blackpill

fbe4aa  No.12119480


NYC is a lost cause. Have you ever been there? The only white people you will see are the cops and tourists from other parts of america and europe.


Thats nice, sweetie.

8fe402  No.12119484

Funny how we see this story every couple of months on here. Are you new?

b49c75  No.12119506


>NYC is a lost cause.

Yep. Certain cities are beyond the point of redemption. Those would be those that are majority shitskin or those that are so thoroughly kiked that most "whites" in these cities are actually jews.

Cities that are lost include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Atlanta, Washington, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, and Memphis, and increasingly, if not already lost, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Nashville.

I would implore anons and likeminded whites to take over an up-and-coming city as soon as possible that could act as a safe haven for whites, as described in this thread >>12071787 with some suggestions already being touted in there.

3554c1  No.12119544

File: 471a9e79380b69d⋯.png (85.13 KB, 250x250, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>keep running

>keep hidding

f9c696  No.12119563


>Cities that are lost include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Atlanta, Washington, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, and Memphis, and increasingly, if not already lost, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Nashville.

Translation: every single last significant population center across the whole of the country without exception.

b49c75  No.12119568


>just live in a city that has more jews than whites, goy


Pretty much, though I wonder if places like Des Moines could be taken over.

509d16  No.12119573

Kikes will always have an exception. Makes no difference though, jew york is a fuckin hell hole.

f9c696  No.12119579


>Pretty much, though I wonder if places like Des Moines could be taken over.


0c70ae  No.12119583


Lots of /pol/'s userbase is disgruntled Germans. So don't be surprised if you see their mindset in action.

1. Wish for a strong leader to follow.

2. Afraid of advancing alone.

3. Pride for their rensponsibility and work ethics.

4. Wary of using loud, violent tactics.

Nothing changed, when cuckservatives started larping nazis.

7a3060  No.12119585

oh no, not the new york public school system, whatever will children with reading averages above black adults do without being corrupted by a third world education?

135a2e  No.12119600


>telling the truth while pretending to be sarcastic

wew lad

fbe4aa  No.12119609


So, give up then?

96e4b8  No.12119614

File: 07653fde3b2ebc6⋯.png (336.44 KB, 398x513, 398:513, sdadasd.PNG)



your semantics don't work anymore

7f8341  No.12119620



7f8341  No.12119626

f9c696  No.12119627


If you're an American? Yes. You already made that choice decades ago.

fbe4aa  No.12119636



Thanks for your input.

>wtf i love white genocide now

f9c696  No.12119638


Des Moines could be flooded completely with a couple blocks' worth of niggers from Chicago in a single weekend.

f9c696  No.12119646


No one is being White genocided east of the Oder. It's a really localized problem to capitalist Allied nations.

b49c75  No.12119648


Then we go for something smaller and start making it an unwelcoming place for enemy soldiers.

7f8341  No.12119653




Nah, us Whites aren't going anywhere. Your all going to have to accept that and get used to it.

f9c696  No.12119658


>Nah, us Whites aren't going anywhere.

You don't need to go anywhere. The demographic cake is already baked.

fbe4aa  No.12119659


So, all of the white world execpt eastern europe should be abandoned?


Duginist, i presume?

7f8341  No.12119664


keep telling yourself that :)

f9c696  No.12119675


For whatever reason, plenty of White people stew in South Africa. So, by all means stick around if that's what you want.

fbe4aa  No.12119681


Oh, its you from the sperglin thread!

>just abandon territory goy

85bf3c  No.12119684

File: 46df3b535006dbe⋯.gif (355.23 KB, 540x543, 180:181, Masked_Madman.gif)


Why flee america right before the fun starts?

f626b4  No.12119686

File: 981b69873cb964f⋯.jpg (240.22 KB, 2021x1405, 2021:1405, too much for me.JPG)











>South Africa: Whites are 10%

<this is comparable

God you're a faggot.

f9c696  No.12119688


If you're not going to do that, you probably should have RADICALLY altered your behavior within the current society decades ago. I'm really not sure why this doesn't sink in.

f626b4  No.12119694


Checked for shut up nigger.

fbe4aa  No.12119697


I wasnt even alive back then, dude.

f9c696  No.12119698


When you start examining children demographics, it is very comparable. It only takes ~10 years to go from a toddler to a potential child soldier.

f626b4  No.12119705


No its not you nigger.

Its bad, but not what your nigger faggotry is implying.

fbe4aa  No.12119707


So, should western europe be abandoned as well? Their birthrates are very bad as well.

f9c696  No.12119709


That really isn't relevant to your current situation. It is what it is and no one who is benefiting from it is going to stop and ask you for your retroactive opinion.

f626b4  No.12119717

File: 39074339ac5cb93⋯.png (36.96 KB, 2087x727, 2087:727, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d032c6f5a55d0b⋯.png (165.37 KB, 1411x1311, 1411:1311, ClipboardImage.png)

fbe4aa  No.12119718


So what should we do, oh great sage?

>inb4 the white race is doomed, kill yourselves to spare yourself the suffering.

b49c75  No.12119731


Why are Injuns declining so much?

f9c696  No.12119735


I don't know how to get through to you. It is what it is. The people who inhabit these countries now are what they are. You kill them, like tomorrow, or next month, or next year. Fine. Or you don't and you exist under them. Or you don't and you just leave. I mean, this is not complicated. The numbers are the numbers.

Either stop having a system that prioritizes constant growth, constant consumer demand, requires ever exploding real estate values, or enjoy your brown tide. It's not complicated. None of this is happening anywhere but the small subset of American-aligned capitalist Western nations. It's not even working in the Warsaw Pact countries that flipped to NATO – in fact, most of them are keeping one foot out the door just in case they need to bail.

f626b4  No.12119742

File: 3923615ae5afe25⋯.png (359.39 KB, 1410x960, 47:32, ClipboardImage.png)


Shut up you lying nigger faggot.


Because they're a dead people.

fbe4aa  No.12119743


And go where exactly?

Eastern europe will not want millions of germanic white americans in their countries.

56a636  No.12119749


Whites are the ones who became weak and let kikes have power, whites are the ones who have this blind altruism, the kikes are at fault but weak willed whites are equally shitty.

f9c696  No.12119754


That's your problem, isn't it?

fbe4aa  No.12119755


Also, do you not know how massive the united states is? It realistically can be balkanized into multiple states.

f626b4  No.12119759


>Blames your own goy!


f9c696  No.12119760


Then hurry up already.

fbe4aa  No.12119761


>no solutions

Wow, sure showed me!

fbe4aa  No.12119768


Obviously you arent american, so why do you care?

f626b4  No.12119771


Stop arguing with the liar.

He already showed his colors by trying to compare South Africa and the US and then doubling down on it before being BTFO completely.

f626b4  No.12119774


He claims to be


f9c696  No.12119777


I can't make a decision for you. There aren't a ton of options, so if you can't whittle down that short list I don't know what to do for you.


>Obviously you arent american

I am an American.

56a636  No.12119786


Dude i literally just said the kikes are at fault, like half of all whites are going to die when the race war happens because they are weak willed traitors. The jews are behind it all but the white race needs a purge of weak willed lemmings once its all settled. Like the other guy said, we're letting this shit happen and no one wants to do anything about it.

fbe4aa  No.12119787


No, i'm being realistic.

What place will take in white americans that wont eventually be affected by the troubles in america?

f626b4  No.12119793


>Dude i literally just said the kikes are at fault, like half of all whites are going to die when the race war happens

Yeah yeah Ive heard your kvetchy shittier narrative before. Blow it out your ass and go back to Atomwaffe.

fbe4aa  No.12119796


Because eastern europe (esp poland) is slated to be the next israel.

fbe4aa  No.12119800


I get it now. Youre TRS.

f9c696  No.12119801


And why would they take in White Americans, who created this situation at worst or allowed it to fester to the point of criticality at best? Do you just exist in some fairy tale world where actions don't have consequences?

fbe4aa  No.12119806


>you have options

>you dont have options

Pick one.

f626b4  No.12119808



And why are you still arguing with the lying shill?

f626b4  No.12119814


Shut up you lying nigger.

fbe4aa  No.12119822


>why are you arguing

Im bored


Atomwaffen has been irrelivent for a long time. Only trs treats them as a boogeyman.

62281b  No.12119826

No worries, this is a thinly vieled Dylan Roof factory waiting to happen. The white kids are going to be so redpilled by the time they enter highschool because of this.

f9c696  No.12119835


You can fight, you can submit, or you can leave. Those are your options. The demographic cake is baked, though, and can only be altered with violence on a scale never seen before in all of recorded history. If your destinations upon choosing to leave are limited by your well-earned track record or absence of wealth because you are denied resources in a total jew-mud country you passively allowed to happen, is it really anyone else's fault?

f626b4  No.12119836



Still stupid.


Yeah, that doesn't change that theirs is the "HURR HALF OF WHITES EILL DIE WITH THE RACE WAR DURRRRR!" is their narrative.

f626b4  No.12119842


>The demographic cake is baked, though


>The demographic cake is baked, though


>The demographic cake is baked, though

Stop lying, nigger.

f9c696  No.12119847


51% White is an awful, unimaginable mess. And you're patting yourself on the back about it.

fbe4aa  No.12119849



Thats nice,sweetie.

>You should leave

>theres nowhere for you to run, white american scum


fbe4aa  No.12119855


No ebin mutt memes this time?

f626b4  No.12119858


I'm laughing at your lying you nigger.


<No its not, heres the data showing as much.

>Let me just move there goal posts…

You're a lying nigger, you nigger liar.

0b509e  No.12119869

As if kikes wouldn’t throw a few of their own imto the fire to appease the goyim.

f9c696  No.12119880


Well, all of the Allied capitalist countries [Britain, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand] are all in the same boat as the US. You could go to one of them, four of them speak English and ostensibly have a different composition of mud people that you may find preferable. The primary European targets of allied occupation, Germany and Italy, also suffer from the same problems and they may not be so interested in having you around since you're [or your government, whom you serve as a proxy willingly or not] responsible for their situation.

Everyone else – ex-Yugoslavia, Warsaw Pact countries, ex-USSR – probably doesn't want your latent negrophilliac capitalist sentiment to seep in unless you've got the money to paper over it. You probably don't have the language skills to make it there, anyway, or a check on your ego to encourage you to acquire those language skills.

So then fight or stay if you don't want to leave.

fbe4aa  No.12119887


>longwinded rant that could just be summed up with a mutt meme

>fight or stay then

Thanks for your permission, dad.

3c59c1  No.12119892


>I am an American

obviously they mean U.S. citizen

just because mexico is part of north america does not mean you are 'American'

f9c696  No.12119895


>Thanks for your permission, dad.

You're the one who keeps asking over and over what you ought to do.

f9c696  No.12119904


I am an American citizen. I am not mexican or non-White.

fbe4aa  No.12119909


Well, maybe if you had done that 15 posts ago, I wouldnt have had to ask over and over.

75b142  No.12119910


Anyone who relates simple facts is a lying nigger.

Anyone who doesn't sieg heil to the loser 24-7 is a kike shill.

Anyone who doesn't "muh 96.8%" white should gas themselves.

f9c696  No.12119916


You did get the same answer 15 posts ago. Filtered.

fbe4aa  No.12119918


Jews aren't White.

75b142  No.12119920



Le 56% 'murisharts aren't white.

7f8341  No.12119924


>became weak and LET kikes have power

we welcomed them into our communities with open arms out of pity, that is not sign of weakness-that is charity. what did kikes do with that? the same thing they have always done, stab the people in the back that were EMPOWERING (you might want to look that up) them. Being deceitful and untrustworthy is not a sign of strength, it is a sign of weakness. That is nigger tier and is nothing to be proud of.

fbe4aa  No.12119927


>i made the shill this upset

Feels breddy gud

7f8341  No.12119936

its so great to see that this post triggered all the child molesting kikes that visit this site. dont worry kikes, there will always be more kosher salt here at (((jims))) buttfuck homo shack

f9c696  No.12119939


It's the old scorpion and frog story. If you're dumb enough to take pity on kikes and give them power, you're going to reap what you sow. It's not like the record was spotless, even before the Russian Revolution.

fbe4aa  No.12119948



So, you sitting next to your little buddy f9c696?


Yeah, they seem upset.

7f8341  No.12119951


negative. the frog was told the truth. previous generations were not. the internet will change that, you'll see

75b142  No.12119958

File: e9868c6ac508886⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 673x789, 673:789, 1514760967362.jpg)


Here you are!

<typical 'murican

56a636  No.12119959


>we welcomed them into our communities with open arms out of pity, that is not sign of weakness-that is charity

This altruism is the weakness i'm talking about, kikes let the refugees in but the naive and altruistic whites allowed them to stay. There are plenty of whites who are in denial of this fact. I'm not saying the kikes aren't to blame.

I'm not saying the kikes aren't to blame.

I'm not saying the kikes aren't to blame.

There i said it three times so maybe you'll finally understand it. But weak cuck whites helped out.

7f8341  No.12119963


again, people were not told the truth, they were lied to. had they known the truth, it have never had happened. don't worry, we will reverse it and (((your children))) will pay the price

fbe4aa  No.12119967

75b142  No.12119974


Got your l'il buddy right here,cuckfag.

56a636  No.12119975


Yet to this day people even in the US where were almost majority nonwhite are still in denial about it, we have our issues too lad.

fbe4aa  No.12119981


Why so serious?

1db7bd  No.12119997

File: 8fba2f102d1f457⋯.png (478.61 KB, 696x564, 58:47, kikegotraped.png)

File: 948f160b36ca983⋯.jpg (31.53 KB, 343x202, 343:202, 12.5%.jpg)

File: f35b3721a97f2e0⋯.jpg (151.65 KB, 707x487, 707:487, fdrgdsfgdfx.jpg)

File: a615efa3f00be9e⋯.png (237.77 KB, 701x737, 701:737, haha.PNG)

File: 95ff3acd1e5c320⋯.png (643.66 KB, 669x683, 669:683, sahfgashdgfhasgdf.PNG)


fbe4aa  No.12120013


I keep getting cloudflare errors,too. Think theyre ddosing the site?

f7bc5f  No.12120034

This is where Trump grew up. Trump and his friends did this to New York. It's just business.

878ded  No.12120062


There are about 180 million White Americans (not spics, not arabs, not kikes, not mulattos, not mestizos, actual genetically European Whites).

Those 180 million Whites represent the largest White population group in the world. We are also the only large White group that is reproducing above replacement rate.

There are more White Americans now than ever before.

Is America in trouble? Yes. Is America invaded? Yes. Are things getting worse? Yes.

But White America is not a dying people. We are still reproducing above replacement. We simply need to deport the invaders and kikes and send the nogs to Africa.

Indeed, even if the USA split in half into White and non-White America both halves would be over 13 times the size of modern Germany.

The percentages are less important that the population NUMBER and the BIRTH RATE.

Things are bad, but FAR from hopeless.

Of course, blackpill shills know that……..


The ongoing genocide of White people is being pushed everywhere. That needs to change. Running will accomplish nothing.

Again, 180 million Whites.


Even saying it lots of times won't make it true.


So, literally every single White country, then?

Since they ALL had (and have) kikes in them. They ALL had (and have) powerful jewish oligarchs and banks.

Including prewar Germany, since rebelling against the jewish banks and capitalists was a huge part of the party platform of German National Socialism.


The thing about White altruism is that it is a CORE part of what makes White people great.

The PROBLEM is not the altruism itself, it is that it MUST be directed towards the betterment of one's OWN PEOPLE. That is one of the key fracture points exploited by kikes (and extended later via propaganda pushing onto shitholers and other foreigners).

Volkism and separation into White-only homelands is the solution.

75b142  No.12120097


Those tears are THE most dee- lish.

fbe4aa  No.12120104


Yes, jew tears are delicious.

75b142  No.12120132


180 of 320 is 56.25%


33a774  No.12120145

File: f275c97f8eec2c2⋯.jpg (146.7 KB, 500x780, 25:39, its delish.jpg)


if you liked that, you'll love this fresh OC

75b142  No.12120157


That was fast,you absolute autist.


424456  No.12120192

File: 96d709ec20b0812⋯.jpg (157.86 KB, 741x649, 741:649, 1532909036265.jpg)

File: d3ee2ecac53cf11⋯.jpg (162.16 KB, 620x1429, 620:1429, WeWhites43wu.jpg)

File: 3292af71a6526bd⋯.jpg (78.19 KB, 703x703, 1:1, Hinojosa43wupo.jpg)



>when Blacks, Hispanics, non-Whites are greater than 90%, (((a law))) will be passed that says Whites are still the power majority, even though the "Whites" in power are jewish, like at CNN which niggers and jewniggers alike seem to conveniently ignore

424456  No.12120226

File: 57542ad983ec244⋯.jpg (20.32 KB, 456x456, 1:1, hg1524016887691.jpg)

File: ddcb8552cb22d72⋯.jpg (80.89 KB, 650x650, 1:1, My Nutz.jpg)

it does warm the heart to know that the few cents extra I pay in Kosher taxes goes to help a fine … nay, a divine clergyman of jewish cloth attend education without being burdened by employment. And I know that my Almonds were slaughtered humanely and blessed by a Holy man.

596110  No.12120246

File: 34103a8ae04adce⋯.jpg (952.68 KB, 750x1061, 750:1061, Attack On Culture.jpg)

File: 4f636759e52261e⋯.png (366.63 KB, 1074x812, 537:406, Fuck Off The Nips Are Full.png)


Even more Kikery

33a774  No.12120277

File: 43ba85906ac0f8b⋯.png (125.43 KB, 662x1027, 662:1027, 43ba85906ac0f8b32f6c7449e0….png)

File: d8e1b920f32b1cf⋯.png (372.01 KB, 883x884, 883:884, d8e1b920f32b1cf721996845e9….png)

File: 4de2eafb6e6dc53⋯.png (873.08 KB, 775x502, 775:502, 4de2eafb6e6dc539deb08dd25d….png)

f7bc5f  No.12120283


It's not just immigration. The Federal Reserve will keep giving money to banks that give money to corporations that hire monkeys on welfare. White people could of course go on welfare and live happily pumping out a dozen future democrats. But this comes with the caveat of being forced to live with 70- IQ niggers, which is a death sentence. Trump's wall will stop the human traffickers, drug dealers, terrorists and gangs but it won't stop the demographic change caused by Amazon, Walmart, McDonald's, etc.

d61407  No.12120292


>people with 100% european ancestry aren't white 'cause 4chan meme

Oh man, you've got a really high IQ!

e4a0f9  No.12120372


What wall? Trump never built a wall. Are you okay, anon?

d61407  No.12120609


The wall has already begun construction.

e4a0f9  No.12120618


What was it? Is is it the 30 mile long extension of a pre-existing fence? Is that the wall?

878ded  No.12120625


>>180 out of 320 is 56.25%

Point being what, exactly?

From my earlier post: "The percentages are less important than the population NUMBER and the BIRTH RATE."

There are more White Americans alive today than EVER BEFORE. We just need to, as a group, get our heads out of the sand and retake our homeland and our future.


The Whites having most of the White children are "conservatives" and political tendencies are heavily inheritable.

Whites need to come together as Nationalists and heavily change our circumstances. I never said to "do nothing." What I said was "Things are bad, but far from hopeless."

d61407  No.12120635


The old wall is being buffered while new wall is being built.

d61407  No.12120641


>The Whites having most of the White children are "conservatives" and political tendencies are heavily inheritable.

Why do you think they're inundating child with open far-left sentiment throughout a child's entire schooling experience these days? They're not having children, but they're taking them. Parents need to start taking a more active approach to their kid's education.

7931d7  No.12120669


Most whites are cucks.

54d7be  No.12120696


The American Dream

In 1939, New York's Madison Square Garden was host to an enormous—and spectacular—gathering of 22,000 loyal American patriots who wanted an answer to the Marxist plague that was destroying their culture and their great American civilization. At the time of this recording New York City was over 90% European, today it is a degenerate multicultural crime-infested slum.


c6dd11  No.12120720

File: 920b3dd219a59b2⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 800x450, 16:9, f57f3174697f7ebd5d186b8464….jpg)

This just goes to show as soon as whites are out numbered we will get the South Africa treatment aka genocided. Normies need to wake the fuck up before it gets even worse.

57a54f  No.12120766




>Dude i literally just said the kikes are at fault, like half of all whites are going to die when the race war happens because they are weak willed traitors.

who the fuck do you think is going to be protecting the whites who are lost, weak-willed or heedlessly busy living life…whites who are awake and ready for some wholesale slaughter. Look to WW2, not the reasons, but the reaction of white men of all ages who could not wait to go to war. They didn't know of the perfidy of their politicians, they just knew they were needed in battle and they joined up willingly.

Many joined up just for the adventure, that fact alone should give the verminous jew sleepless nights.

I hope when our women learn of the pedo jews they demand men take revenge on the jews responsible. I'm seeing mention of a schism between two jewish factions…if the call goes out for action I won't care which faction a kike belongs to so you fuckers better hope Trump has a plan to save your seditious arses.

1b67da  No.12120896


Who on the face of this planet would even consider procreating with this….thing?

fa263c  No.12120904


You can blame Whites if you want. But anyone attempting to slide the idea that we should abandon the White Genocide meme is very suspicious.

Suicide is voluntary. Genocide can and must be resisted.

000000  No.12120926

Please please let them fuck up (((Samantha Bee)))'s kids. This will be the great shoah we are hoping for.

ca80bf  No.12120953


>Parents need to start taking a more active approach to their kid's education.

This. Homeschool your children.

87aec1  No.12120974


I had two young white Green Peacers come to my door begging for Green Piss money. A girl and a boy. I gave them the news about the extinction of the white race being pushed by the Bolsheviks (no I didn't say "jew"). The girl muttered something to the boy in a low voice, I think that I was a racist. The boy got nasty and I told them to leave. He left my property shouting abuse at me.

Pinochet, helicopters, Argentine death squads acting silently in the dead of night. Can't come soon enough.

ca80bf  No.12120983



Commies get free helicopter rides. Commie kikes get thrown out of helicopters head first into the wood chipper.

a4ef72  No.12121078

NYC has fallen already. Let this be an example of what not to do for the other states/districts.

ca80bf  No.12121115



The fuck is this shit?

75b142  No.12121216


Gooks& breed gooks are NOT a dead people.

They will be 85% of the world population in no time.

b3ad20  No.12121234


being this bad at math

6f2651  No.12121248


The future is chinese. This just accelerates that. Take the best and brightest, and put them in gen ed studies. What could go wrong

38c463  No.12121253

File: f5e0c7d1450ac2a⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, Q_031.jpg)

File: 3063c7c88585e20⋯.jpg (100.98 KB, 674x1200, 337:600, Q_016.jpg)

File: cb0fd1e06d90efd⋯.jpg (883.66 KB, 3456x3365, 3456:3365, Q_002.jpg)

File: 02990378ef244f0⋯.jpg (789.34 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Q_052.jpg)


The fun is never going to start. Whites are too busy "Trusting the (((Plan)))".

3f8d68  No.12121277


>let’s give up a single inch of our clay

You’re not an American. You’re a Jew.

541fcd  No.12121286


>implying kikes go to school with mongrels

>implying they don't go to the many isolated kike schools throughout the city

They're just chasing out what's left of the whites me

541fcd  No.12121288


fucking check'd and fucking aye

a4ef72  No.12121292





3574ab  No.12121302

never interrup your enemy when they are doing something stupid

Spics are like Chinck when it comes to racism

they don't give a fuck about what (((others))) think of them when they voice their scorn for niggers, and they don't back away from fights either

they moove in large pacs just like dindus so gangup hit&run tactics dindus often use is useles against Spics who often use similar tactics

there's gonna be blood on both sides and no white kids in the middle

dare i say, merican dindus are more cibilized (or at least more pacified) than spics, sure they're violent and dumb like all of their kind, but they've been living in a prosperous white civilization for generations while spics often come from Cartel ran hellholes or commie dictatorships, in other words, spics are allready warmed up for a fight

the only other demographic that may stand up to them is mudslimes and it'll be funny if the mud demographic overlaps with the dindu demographic cos since most Spics are hardcore dindu hating catholics you can bet your ass that JewYork schools are gonna be one hell of a party to watch

38c463  No.12121316


You really do your argument a disservice by constantly injecting pejoratives.

6f2651  No.12121325


>I wonder if places like Des Moines could be taken over.

It's easier than you think, anon

3574ab  No.12121346

File: 301df7c4607ec7e⋯.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 1:1, no fun allowed.png)


>hurrdurr your use of ofensive language is detrimental to your argument

where do you think your posting faggot

this is /pol/ we don't give a fuck about whatever kind of nuspeak your ilk is used to in reddit

or would you rather i use double redditor like Ikikey pretended?

gas ourself faggot

2c3232  No.12121392


>Mexican bitch who took office

She won a primary, not an office, and she is a (((puppet))). This place is for real men who have no masters, kike.

87aec1  No.12121641

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You ever watch Paul Morressey's Mixed Blood?

It's one of the greatest American movies ever made. If you haven't seen it you must see it.

Paul was Andy Warhol's filmaker #1 at The Factory. He's a fucking genius. I strongly recommend all his movies.

87aec1  No.12121654

File: 7edd34f7f68cfa0⋯.jpg (120.22 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, o.jpg)

File: c62753194da1775⋯.jpg (552.98 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Pierpont-Morgans-Library-b….jpg)

File: f97623b92c41241⋯.jpg (118.62 KB, 930x434, 15:7, oak-room-plaza-hotel-new-y….jpg)


You have to visit Noo Yawk. I'm dying to see it.

There's the JP Morgan Library (one of the greatest galleries of late medieval and Burgundian early renaissance art in the world) and I really want to watch a concert at the beautiful Allen Room.

I only wish I could go to the Oak Room for dinner but alas it's closed..

87aec1  No.12121674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

87aec1  No.12121690

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

87aec1  No.12121720

Glawogger's view of New York is right down in the gutter though…nasty claustrophobic shit.


I have to post it this way so I can get the specific time cut in the movie.

87aec1  No.12121734

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you closely watch the entertainment calendars you could catch Deborah Harry at the Carlyle Hotel Cafe…

000000  No.12121836


>massive ongoing indoctrination over decades via the media, education system, hollywood, etc. bolstered by legal, political, and financial support and threats is "weak willed"

If a significant number of morons here read more books on strategy we wouldn't be in this predicament.

6d5607  No.12121842


This anon is right


This (((anon))) is a kike shill

4ea2c5  No.12121883


Hopefully, this will lead to a generation of angry, disillusioned white men who will purge the shitskinned filth.

40ad93  No.12151955

I'm just here to say that God sucks balls and that this is the last generation of slaves you will ever get.

Now now take a DEEP breath, i'm sure it's not that hard for you kikes anyway…

P.S women are trash much fun to come your way

de140c  No.12151978


the absolute state of legit boomers… just wew

1e5f90  No.12152046


>he thinks the jews are bound by goyim laws

Idiots like you are what's holding us back, your brain is physically incapable of realizing fully the nature of the enemy. You will always complain about the intolerant left and jewish hypocrisy, without ever understand completely that THERE IS NO MISTAKES, this is all wanted and planned.

e4773c  No.12152591


Holy fucking shit kekekek.

6becd9  No.12159225


566eac  No.12159233


>he thinks the jews are bound by goyim laws

…when was that stated? or implied? calm down sperg

e6ff72  No.12159544

f474d1  No.12159579


Absolutely correct. All lands should go back to their native inhabitants.

/pol/ can't admit that the conquest of the Americas and genocide of the natives was a ZOG operation from the get go.

ff52c1  No.12159636


Former nyer here. There are actually a lot of right wing people in new york. It makes no fucking sense. And, further, there are plenty of plebs who are starting to lean right. But, the ones who are already right wing but for some reason stay in new york are something else. If you talk to them all they do is complain about how insane the taxes and general cost of living is and how that high cost of living no longer buys you a comfortable living long island in the 90's was cash and it all started falling to shit as soon as 9/11 happened. While everyone was busy crying about it section ape housing started popping up everywhere They correctly recognize that it is no longer worth it, and has become detrimental, to stay there. They correctly identify the reasons for this. And yet they stay.

"I cant leave, I've lived here all my life this is all I know" or "everyone I know is here so I can't leave" or some other cucked to shit excuse. Blows my mind. Fucking what is considered cheap rent in ny is fucking twice what I pay for my house on a decent sized tract of land in the south. And yet, when these dumbasses see what I was able to get for myself by leaving ny they just say "wow this is awesome I wish I could leave ny but I just couldnt" mindblowing.

ff52c1  No.12159639


moral relativism is a zog operation from the get go. What is good for me is not going to always be good for you. What is good for you is not always going to be good for me. Therefor, if you are not with me and I am not also with you then you can go fuck yourself because Im gonna get mine.

b86e0e  No.12159667

File: 1ca3d45859abe0f⋯.webm (4.07 MB, 198x160, 99:80, Boredom == Orwellian Nigh….webm)


They love their prison too much. The concept of living anywhere featuring even moderate levels of freedom is so foreign to them that they'd rather continue to be the institutionalized prisoner who relies on their walls to keep everything else out.

Yes, they're reliant on their walls. Let that sink in for a minute.

2a51c0  No.12159672

File: e08050bfa0f2fc6⋯.jpg (4.52 MB, 4226x2798, 2113:1399, Southwest_corner_of_Centra….jpg)


>NYC has problems

>Maybe try Sweden or South Africa instead

Somebody has to stay and fight, Anon. Can't keep running forever.

2a51c0  No.12159678


Typical blackpill hollywood bullshit argument.

<I saw "Shawshank" wow!

b86e0e  No.12159680


Did you even watch the webm I attached?

2a51c0  No.12159686


My Dinner with Andre, interesting movie.

b86e0e  No.12159696


And that's why you're a faggot.

94389b  No.12159711


Nice digits

2a51c0  No.12159720

File: 3810d8486036266⋯.png (26.7 KB, 385x286, 35:26, jidf itt.png)


You should be getting ready for Yom Kippur, Ari. Not going to be sealed in the book of life this year.

23ef3e  No.12159724


It sounds like private schools are rayciss and need banned then.

23ef3e  No.12159727


>violating Frith

It's like this nigger isn't even NatSoc as fuck.

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