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File: cae6373b7fff509⋯.png (21.77 KB, 528x158, 264:79, writerID.PNG)

8bee09  No.12119727

Ok, someone on twitter claims to have run the essay through turnitin.com, and it came up as 100% match to an essay submitted by a USC(University of Southern California) student shortly before the NYT published it. You need to be a student, instructor, or teachers assistant in a current class to even use turnitin.com, so verifying this isn't possible unless you are a college student in a class that uses turnitin.com to prevent plagiarism.

So, any college students here with access to turnitin to verify this info?

740a86  No.12119780


anon, all you need is a college professor to use turnitin.com to figure out if its bologna or not

8bee09  No.12119781


Sorry for assuming you can use google.


0f5fb5  No.12119795


>using ✡google✡

Either put effort into your threads (we have one already, faggot; post there) or fuck off.


I know some people in higher education. I’ve sent out e-mails asking if they have access and could throw me a login to check on this. Everyone else should do the same.

fef20f  No.12119810

File: a735de7d858bd9f⋯.png (55.36 KB, 612x500, 153:125, E8EBB076-E12D-422B-B691-5B….png)

File: ce15bdb0291710a⋯.png (413.74 KB, 617x778, 617:778, EB6DBD31-9817-414D-B6C4-61….png)


Pics related was blamed, wtf?

8bee09  No.12119829

File: 00c1e1fb9ae498a⋯.png (43.76 KB, 816x505, 816:505, no he didnt.PNG)


Just more FUD spreading.

093e54  No.12119838


>shortly before the NYT published it.

It's after, so it's bullshit.

8bee09  No.12119845


Oh, I'm sorry, am I interrupting your EPIC coupon trolling?

0f5fb5  No.12119853


Read the rules, fuckface.

093e54  No.12119872


>going through all that trouble instead of just saying "jewgle"

f5c225  No.12119889

File: 58106d27f427bd5⋯.png (243.44 KB, 679x676, 679:676, 9yuh.PNG)

File: 164844e7ecf2043⋯.png (321.92 KB, 548x751, 548:751, Cauhure.PNG)

could be something

740a86  No.12119923



hold up here, anon

I want you(or someone else, but preferably you) to post a .webm of you copying and pasting the document into turnitn.com and getting those results that the twitter poster got

as for me, I have somewhere to be soon

0744c4  No.12119994

time to soak the torches in petrol and march on Frankensteins mansion.

735f2a  No.12120077

why would the oped be submitted to turnitin?

70474b  No.12120101


>EPIC coupon trolling



non-White spotted and clearly triggered by starbucks 2.0

093e54  No.12120159


Given that it was added after it was published, probably so people don't plagiarize op-eds. But that's too reasonable for the Qcumbers.

82e756  No.12120179

Jews steal again. From kids his time.

567354  No.12120195



you seriously dont know how it works? whenever you write an essay in college it is put in a plagerization scanner/database and supposedly when this twitter retard ran it through it came up as being an essay written prior to it being published as an op-ed although I haven't seen any proof if it

43c978  No.12120207

It is a fake. The Jews are creating the Left's version of Qanon.

093e54  No.12120211


Not prior, it was supposedly added after it was published. Although there isn't even really proof of that yet.

0f5fb5  No.12120219


Which is also a fake.


>it’s “trouble” to assign “(((“ and “)))” to autocorrect to the star of remphan

Uh… fuck you. ✡George Soros✡, ✡Google✡, ✡Hollywood✡, ✡pornography✡, ✡communism✡; it’s easy as pie and NAMES THE JEW rather than hiding behind something. After the jews have officially designated punctuation marks as “hate speech”, I refused to hide anymore. I wrap words in the jews’ own star. Either they’ll make THEIR OWN SYMBOL into “hate speech” or they’ll be forced to accept it.

694818  No.12120243

File: 86caf1f7dca3f85⋯.png (170.45 KB, 646x710, 323:355, shill_guid1.png)


it's second dinner time joan

567354  No.12120267


>it was supposedly added after it was published

where? if that was part of the claim it would undermine the rest of the claim

093e54  No.12120288

File: cff946bf32cc638⋯.png (211.97 KB, 632x756, 158:189, turn1.png)

File: 006654f148b71fa⋯.png (60.67 KB, 620x554, 310:277, turn2.png)


Same twatter account OP cites.

567354  No.12120302

>>12120288 (checked)

so what is your point?

093e54  No.12120317


It was added to turnitin after being published by the NYT, making the whole thing meaningless.

567354  No.12120351


but the nytimes isn't a university in california

093e54  No.12120374


Doesn't matter. The fact that it was added after its publication means someone, for whatever reason, submitted the op-ed, not that the op-ed itself was plagiarized.

807eef  No.12120375



Hmm, who to believe, a war mongering kike lover or the editor of (((National Inquirer))) telling us another kike lover has honesty and integrity

31b157  No.12120451

This is what a Mossad post looks like:


8661dc  No.12120539


there are alternatives with a simple search you lazy gay nigger


567354  No.12120586



>not White


76a6f3  No.12120683


could a professor submit it to make it pop in the future if a student attempts to sample it?

567354  No.12120750


that's a real possibility

8b5d81  No.12121611

I'm going with "it's all made up to sow distrust."

da7971  No.12121815


>anyone who points out a guid is mossad or cia


000000  No.12121824

Deep insider from Turnitin here (you can call me TiiAnon), this is a reverse double bluff ruse by the deep state to throw Anons off the track from researching the TRUTH about TurnItIn: the TurnItIn software has become SELF-AWARE and most newspaper articles on the planet are now being written by it. That's why most newspaper editorials are suddenly overtly LIEBERAL (as opposed to back when we had a REAL press under Reagan): the software is taking the writings of MILLENNIAL left wing tumblr students and making machine-made editorials. They also tried to cover this up at the tech meetings this week when Google didn't turn up. Q and the red team planner are working on a solution to this right now, I would tell you more, but I have to tuck the kids into bed.

fef20f  No.12121874


Ok ty desu

71d7a7  No.12121886


>And as all of us who count him as a friend know, he is a person of honest and integrity.

Did they accidentally admit that whoever wrote that OPED is dishonest?

71d7a7  No.12121892


>>anyone who points out a guid is mossad or cia

The anon you replied to didn't reply to a post pointing out a GUID.

Joan you're really bad at this. Please stop.

6afc64  No.12121911

I'm impressed with that jew star thing..

6afc64  No.12121913

wtf is this spoiler thing though

6afc64  No.12121919


1bc0c8  No.12121926

(((Steve Pieczenik))) claimed on the Alex Jones show today that the op-ed writer is John Bolton, with approval of Pence. Would be interesting if true.

6afc64  No.12121944


wow, I'd love that; seeing Trump fire his fucking Neocon ass out the door would make me cumb buckets

1bc0c8  No.12121948


Steve was dropping bombs left and right, he also claimed the only reason Bolton was hired was because he was part of the same swingers club that Trump himself belonged to.

6afc64  No.12121951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>(((Steve Pieczenik))) claimed on the Alex Jones show today that the op-ed writer is John Bolton, with approval of Pence. Would be interesting if true.


FF to 20 min mark for Steve

6afc64  No.12121963

Ho Ho Ho…Google is refusing to work with the Pentagon and the CIA on AL but they're working with the Communist Chinese!!!

This from Sen. Tom Cotton!!!

392ac3  No.12121964



>”knows” Q

>self-aware AI(which isn’t how it would probably work anyway)

This is the trivumirate of Qtardation

b0987b  No.12121970


Pence doesn't strike me as a guy that would be twofaced. I say no Pence involvement - Pence is quixotic. That's why the kikes don't fear him. He's a straight-laced down the middle boomer born-again totally lacking sophistication. And so he sees things through a very basic boomer lens.

The idea that Pence would be Mr. superspy is laughable.

6afc64  No.12121980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You ever hang out with extreme born again Christians? You know, the ones that are "washed in the blood of the lamb?"

Dispensationalism; beware. You can be as big a motherfucker as you want to be and it's all good as long as when God looks down on you from on high and sees nothing but the blood of the lamb that you are washed in.

Watch out…they're all nice and friendly until they turn on you.

I can well imagine that a dickhead like Pence would self righteously turn on a NY City degenerate sleaze like Trump in the blink of an eye.

Watch out.

b0987b  No.12121988


I'm certain that Pence is against being twofaced. But certainly some of the born agains are very twofaced. I'm not saying he's incapable of it, I'm saying his identity, his self-identity, is tied to this self-concept of being a straight shooter.

And yeah, I'm well aware of the situation with the churches. I am not a part of their religion - they have thrown aside the prohibition on usury and upon circumcision, and the admonition that what one does to the "least of these of the brethren" (it's not the mere least of these, in each case it means the same these, those of the brethren), and also what is not done, is done and not done to Jesus.

6afc64  No.12122017


This is really a good interview. Thanks for the heads up.

cc1973  No.12122089


>Self-aware AI

We'd already be living in a post-singularity if that existed.

You don't even know what you're talking about.

cc1973  No.12122093


Protestants are untrustworthy backstabbers and Catholics are pedophile pervets

It's just the Book of Kike (((Bible))) doing what it was intended to do to the goyim.

e189ad  No.12122120


I wonder who could be behind this post….

b0987b  No.12122215


Yeah, that's definite disinfo.

61d8e8  No.12122226


This is why torfags are known as torfags.

61d8e8  No.12122228


Not just that, take a look at the image names.

7803bb  No.12122258

646bc2  No.12122326


the nerve of this yid calling out the religion of pence and bolton. i guess it's ok now to notice the denomination of powerful people.

7fc848  No.12122335

I am gonna tell you right now turnitin is a garbage site that has kikes/(((editors))) watching over college papers and waiting to strike and steal anything that can be used to further their agenda, the student probably wrote this paper as fiction and a kike stole it to further his agenda that someone is fighting inside the white house (trust me it's so shitty in these colleges that they are writing fiction against the president of the united states). In other words it's shit and I am in the mouth of the wolfs pray for me anons and for all the anons who are under cover.

Sage for kind of off topic

7803bb  No.12122340


But do you think it's Bolton? I don't think so, because Bolton lives for Israel - not for some sort of American ideal. He'd subvert for Israel, not this weird John McCain thing.

0117b3  No.12122360


Agree that it ain't Bolton. He might be a snake, but he's not the type to do this signally bullshit. And it's also a big assumption that it ain't just Miller pulling a false-flag.

cb6282  No.12122418


You idiots.

fef20f  No.12122452


LARPing faggot

7803bb  No.12122462


Psyop, yes. Fake? No.

da1441  No.12122495

>the few whites in Trump's cabinet are just as traitors as the rest of the kikes

Why is Trump's govt such a howling monkey circus? How hard was it to surround oneself with right wing, white people who don't hate you?

75a405  No.12122516


The political establishment is ever present, whether you are a Republican or Democrat president. Trump was a heavyweight in the business world but politics is another level up in the game. There are divisions everywhere. Deceit is second nature. Circles within circles. His son in law has and always will be a major hindrance on the ability of the administration to function as it ought to.

f47224  No.12122543


>Why is Trump's govt such a howling monkey circus? How hard was it to surround oneself with right wing, white people who don't hate you?

Assuming that letter is legitimate which I highly doubt.

fef20f  No.12122554


Is this op-ed a psy-op or true 25th amendment bs? It appears a psy-op perpetuated by POTUS to screw over NYT by forcing them to admit they’re fake news.

fef20f  No.12122558


Maybe it’s made to appear as such. He thrives in chaos. Throws off the enemy because they underestimate your ability to function among chaos.

740a86  No.12122567


oh wait, it says after

guess this is a waste of time then

fef20f  No.12122574

File: c2074b92d801e41⋯.jpeg (36.69 KB, 611x278, 611:278, 1DB69630-C00C-459A-8C88-0….jpeg)


Pic related

078429  No.12122595

File: 908bf3890125354⋯.jpg (51.15 KB, 471x712, 471:712, IMG_8216.JPG)

It's not anyone in the whitehouse. This whole thing is just a mindfuck by the NYT or someone duping the NYT. My money is on (((Bob Woodward))). This is all just to convenient for him and his book coming out.

22cee6  No.12122609

File: 3a2b18568c098c4⋯.jpg (120.74 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 0c1e4bb38f653d2cab71a467f2….jpg)

>hey joan we need to know the percentage of pol users in collage and universities

0dbe69  No.12122611


that's a good scriptlet.

Also for anyone paying attention, the new idea to break Fat Sister's scheme is quit using filenames and rename all images/webms to sha256 hashes. Will also help deduplicate for everyone.

e189ad  No.12122620


I know, rite?

75a405  No.12122639


What's the ALT code for their star?

000000  No.12122712


Don't trust jews…

(((Kristol))) says it was Hassett, so it's not him. Glenn (((Greenwald))) says it's someone from the "unelected cabal", so it's either someone who WAS elected, or it is just a complete fabrication.

870e85  No.12122720


A USC student wrote it, then sent it to NYT, and turned it in as a paper.

Or an adjunct professor grading the short stories gave it to the NYT.

Either way, origin is California.

1c8937  No.12122724


Well played, sir. I kek'd.

870e85  No.12122726


> or it is just a complete fabrication

It's just kikes trying to D&C.

I mean come on.

We're still dealing with kikes here, don't act like they've changed tactics.

093e54  No.12122743


Things like this are why everybody calls you Trumpniggers. The fact that it was added after completely invalidates it's significance.



Jonestein privately admits Pieczenik is a fraud, and his employee/handler, Roger Stone, apparently "plays poker" with Bolton, presumably also engaging in all kinds of sexual deviancy together. We know they're both cuckolds at the very least.

f874bd  No.12122747

File: f486b129dc37eae⋯.gif (296.94 KB, 250x170, 25:17, 9A0225C2-20D1-4992-9783-C3….gif)

Trump wrote the essay as a joke to see if the Failing New York Times would print it. Looking forward to the big reveal.

de64c5  No.12122760


The simplest explanation is usually the right one.I agree its just a basic D&C op.

Also NYT's has an advance copy of woodward's book. So they correlate not yet public parts of it in the op-ed. So when the book comes out and the stories match up. MUST BE TRUE. . Get the public to think its all true and keep the whitehouse tied up in a giant game of who done it.

Judaism 101.

a0d260  No.12122803

well thank god both sides are too busy doing fucking nothing so that this kind of stuff is supposed to be enough for the public

since both sides clearly don't want to do a fucking thing, why don't they just set up their own private discord server or go back to deciding things by betting on boxing matches or something

ca2181  No.12122834



>What's the ALT code for their star?

What's the ALT code for their star?

HTML - &#10017;

UNICODE - U+2721


249dc8  No.12122980

File: 3ad33b9ca0e9305⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 360x240, 3:2, nothing to see here.gif)


>People are saying it's Kevin Hassett

>But he's denying it

>And he's our friend

<case closed

Seems legit. I guess we'll just move on to kvetching about the book someone writes about Trump claiming that will be the thing that sees him impeached for sure, really this time you guise!

7acde8  No.12123453

File: 70573094ef25df8⋯.jpeg (154.73 KB, 854x570, 427:285, DE96D20E-A39A-4887-A982-B….jpeg)

File: ea514880dc3e00a⋯.jpeg (244.02 KB, 854x570, 427:285, 38677D09-AAFD-4F2A-9415-E….jpeg)

File: 619f62b1f737820⋯.jpeg (186.63 KB, 736x1024, 23:32, 2EDBB509-3DE3-453D-9C2E-6….jpeg)

File: fa78f33793470b6⋯.jpeg (112.88 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 73F98BA3-8449-49CF-8B9C-6….jpeg)


This is probably most likely. Wouldn’t surprise me at all

b1e109  No.12123513


>Jonestein privately admits

The only source on that is Joel Skousen

e3a86e  No.12123538


He actually has a long and storied history of doing things like this.

35b12c  No.12123655

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't think Jonestein would still have him on if he was lying about him.

d56b1f  No.12123704





such wild autism anons goddamn, calm down you beautiful faggots. >>12122724 this nigger gets it you retards. tbh it was not bad at all for a tor post, I kek'd too.

6c07ae  No.12123705

Someone tell me why didn't Trump dismiss this outright as it came out. It's a string of whining the likes of which have seen day in day out. Anyone could have written it claiming to be anyone. That he didn't just shrug it off like usual just makes me think he's in on it.

225e4d  No.12123751


^^^ This ^^^ Tru

3076dc  No.12123876

File: 1752495e0b6c6fd⋯.jpg (148.82 KB, 754x681, 754:681, embassy.jpg)


> where did that one paper go I was supposed to sign?

> fuck, so much to do, better not say anything one of these assholes will jump all over it

> op ed comes out

> Ifuckinknewit.jpg

c0e7aa  No.12123918

Hello /pol/. The article was a counter-intelligence operation

orchestrated by the White House Rapid Response Communications team.

Please notice that it appeared days after the (((Bernstein))) book,

evaporating the attention that fake book was getting from the MSM.

Have you forgotten the "Gorilla Channel" story that circulated

immediately after the last hit-piece book written by Michael the

cuck Wolf? Q is a silly ruse, so I won't say "trust the plan", but we

know what we're doing. The wall is going to be built, and the Trump

strategy of playing the media for fools works, every time.

Have a nice day.

e87b82  No.12123929


We want to gas the kikes and have a race war now. Fuck the constitution and muh wall can be topped with impaled mexicans.

bbf7e4  No.12123939


Best. Timeline.

7803bb  No.12123953


Well, that settles it. By the time-honored fallacy of (((guilt by association))), even an association which is not an association, or even the more certain, doubtless, fallacy (which is your tool of reason, such as the kikes may find it), that of (((reverse psychology))), we may be certain we have sleuthed it all out. Pence it is, and the goyim are to lay at each other's throats, at (((your))) command.

7803bb  No.12123955



jej @ the kike name game.

8205c6  No.12123988

File: ca7468f18027a11⋯.jpg (35.5 KB, 369x538, 369:538, 1279565157511.jpg)


Never interrupt your enemies when they're making a mistake.

7803bb  No.12124040


>makes me think he's in on it

t. Mueller

6c07ae  No.12124043


So he's been insulted and defamed daily, and NOW this sticks? Am I to believe this routine weaksauce nothingburger needs a serious reply now? Because the previous 999 didn't, and given that they achieved nothing, those look like mistakes, and this reaction in particular, like some mighty mistake interrupting to me.

7803bb  No.12124068


He's explaining Trump's strategy, which is to encourage his enemies in their mistakes.

6c07ae  No.12124105


So he goes on a wild goose chase in the WH when it cannot be confirmed it was even written there, thus proving the NYT's point.

>1488D CHESS

0117b3  No.12124107


>implying anyone considers paczenik legit

the guy used to claim he was polish/french until he got called out and had to admit he was a hebe. has he even made a correct prediction?

7803bb  No.12124179


No point is proved by attempting to find a criminal. That's kike talk, saying that attempting to apprehend a criminal is forbidden by some social parasitic emotion.

a03b4b  No.12124218

File: 567f29aa833f4c9⋯.png (774.71 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, hope.png)

File: 874bb2b59ff8b43⋯.png (3.46 KB, 32x336, 2:21, letters.png)


This has to be a ruse, no fucking way.

f99a55  No.12124227


You seem to have proof of the existence of this criminal, or that a crime was committed in the first place.

Why is this particular hit piece a crime and why aren't the authors of all the ones like it not behind bars?

f99a55  No.12124230


*the authors of all the ones like it before it

b0c1b4  No.12124320

I guess it's safe to assume nothing ever came of this since no one seems to be able to verify it? Surely there's some god damn college students, teachers, whatever on twitter who should have been able to by now.

Either that or I missed it…?

72a612  No.12124372


Does Hope Hicks lurk /pol/? Is Hope /ourgirl/? Or is Anon just giving us the hat tip that Hope Hicks put the anonymous op-ed together to troll the NYT?

01b0f6  No.12124469

File: 0bc652c9031984b⋯.jpg (94.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1419545680858.jpg)

>>12122611 chekt

Umm… w-what will renaming images do? I already know the answer, I just want to see if you do. Yeah, that's it.

165fd0  No.12124474


>Does Hope Hicks lurk /pol/?

Marry me Hope. I do remember her being the one to include other genocides on the holocaust remembrance day, which caused many to kvetch.

df128b  No.12124649


I don't see why it couldn't be a hoax.


why are you so sure it's not fake?

the psyop part is obvious. it will sow discord and distrust within the trump admin.

0f5fb5  No.12124673


It does absolutely nothing. Paid shills are claiming that images are being "tracked" with the GUID that is applied to all images saved to mobile devices. They're mentally defective and derail every thread on every board. Just report them.

f78ea3  No.12124867

File: 31037d4ec07096f⋯.jpg (42.05 KB, 720x439, 720:439, bullshit_believe_it.jpg)


I want to beleive and I love you Hope

567354  No.12125203


im not a paid shill you faggot kike

f10e2c  No.12125221


Christianity is nothing but Judaism-lite, and duplicity is par for the course in Judaism.

000000  No.12125275


Yea. Real tracking would be file hashes (weakest, easily defeated with the most minor of changes), steganographic watermarking (moderate, not defeated by minor changes if marking is resilient), and/or barium meal OC recognizable by neuronets and also HUMINT recognizable (difficult to defeat, requiring significant mutation to defeat computers and abstinence to defeat HUMINT).

File names are dumb and the most obvious.

0f5fb5  No.12125429


Then stop behaving like one.

0f5fb5  No.12125435


Reminder that we want Trump to exterminate every jew in the country and execute all goy traitors at military tribunals. That includes the media, government, business, and finance. Deportation or execution of all other nonwhites must commence thereafter. No niggers, gooks, or spics in the country. We don't support you or your agenda otherwise.

33d1a6  No.12125495

I've heard a few people toss around the idea that the article might have been written by Trump himself. I wouldn't put it past him knowing how he knows how to manipulate the media. Look what it did, it forced the entire administration to reaffirm that they are towing the line behind his agenda, it fired up not just his base, but the general republican base and even blue dog/red state/rust belt democrats by painting him as a victim of the deep state and corrupt media, and it gave another ray of hope to the left that then further pushes them to publicly display their radical craziness.

83fc05  No.12125510



I'm not saying I agree, but you need to remember that Trump wrote into Howard Stern (and local NYC newspapers) about himself under pseudonyms FOR DECADES.

e006ba  No.12125650

Trump himself must know who wrote the document though. Aside from the CIA, there are plenty of smaller intelligence agencies out there in the Pentagon, and most likely, ones that report directly to his office. A President would be foolish not to install such safeguards, as how else could he verify the quality of the intelligence reports he receives. All communication and travel information for senior administration officials is invariably logged, and I'm sure the NYT's own communications are not immune to being snooped on by government agents. Yet, there has been no actions that we know of. I would also expect this to be handled extrajudicially; will Mnuchin resign due to a rapid acting brain cancer?

a0d260  No.12125682


Israel did 911

0f5fb5  No.12125777


>oy vey goyim trump is working for whites

>he is doing this by publicly disavowing white nationalism

>he is doing this by not deporting nonwhites

>he is doing this by bringing in 800,000 nonwhites per year

>he is doing this by not arresting or executing traitors to white nations

>he is totally supporting whites by supporting jews and only jews

Reported for zero effort spam. Your next post will either be a reducto ad absurdum fallacy or a false dichotomy.

95a26a  No.12125811


worst thing that happens is Trump fires some neo-con

87653b  No.12126053


this is good enough to be a pasta.

715f3f  No.12126492


its your job to put all useful information in the OP you fucking cocksucker


df74d5  No.12127313


Samefagging was first thought too.

73beba  No.12127359


>about this analysis

What analysis? You just incoherently spammed 24 posts in a row like a retard.



Is this the samefag?

df74d5  No.12127378


>Are >>12123918 and >>12124218 the same faggot?

If they are it's good restraint. Waiting a whole hour and 15 minutes to do it.

59f5cc  No.12127398


I know what was meant, it's just that you were agreeing with the spammer so the same case could be made against you. In any event, it's not Hope Hicks.

4e6522  No.12130397


>Hope Hicks

I miss that hottie.

73beba  No.12130401


I know Mr. President, I know.

cc1973  No.12130652


>Tell me how your "religion", your atheism, protects babies from sexual mutilation and sexual torture.

Christianity encourages and fosters both these things. The only reason goyim are circumcised is because of the church.

You're all race traitors.

64d5b6  No.12134750


Well, by no means. Christianity is clear about this. If you're a circumciser you go to hell. You may not know much about Christianity, because it is so rare, however.

But, alas, the Judaisers have overtaken the church. You may wonder why, but it relates to the processes of control the kikes who took over the government, through the fake leader, who never existed, Abraham Lincoln.

"you're all race traitors"

Ah, you're a kike then. "stir up fights, bring in negative emotions, hatred"

What you say is utterly devoid of any kind of evidence. But you do stir up anger, as the kike shall ever, it having no intellect, being the bug people, do.

df128b  No.12135708


the last thing william kristol's son would ever do is tell the truth

df128b  No.12135715


this is pretty low effort

6d7207  No.12135995

With the propaganda laws passed in December of 2016, it is definitely plausible that the government itself is forcing various media outlets to publish propaganda articles.

514ce1  No.12136108


>The idea that Pence would be Mr. superspy is laughable.

Mike Pence spent a couple of decades working for the DIA.

d3a84d  No.12136198

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


lol, no. He did work as a conservative radio host in the '90s for a while though.

578f34  No.12136462



As far as i know that would be a redundant step. The program itself it good enough to have comparative records from lines of text found in government website, published papers, online newspapers articles, private company marketing sites and yes, wikipedia. In most universities, having a segment where you poorly paraphrased the wikipedia article on the subject matter is grounds for an automatic fail. As long as web crawlers existed, the NYT article would be part of the turnitin database for comparison

c402b2  No.12136477


Hey /q/ fuck off.,

488cde  No.12136938


Mnu FUCKING chin.

> mentions "tribalism" - so it's a kike

> writing indicative of an Ivy League graduate, specifically in finance

> Man, older

> mentions a national security example, so he's not in national security, as it would out him

> independently wealthy, or has some other "plan B" - not risking it all, and you can tell, as the piece doesn't even claim it so

> uses dreamy language, "lodestar". Well Mnu FUCKING chin is literally an executive producer of a number of major films.

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