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File: 1e1c5ce28829cb3⋯.jpg (3.96 KB, 202x152, 101:76, CanSpeak.jpg)

ff7e07  No.12120050


>No NAFTA without cultural exemption and a dispute settlement clause, Trudeau vows | CBC News

>Cultural exemption's sudden arrival as NAFTA obstacle leads to head scratching - CityNews Toronto

>Trudeau says no NAFTA without cultural exemption — is it really that important? - Global B.C.

A lot of articles and televised about this up north this week. I'm trying to understand what the impact of absence v presence would be. I think this might have something to do with Canada taxing the US-based Netflix so it can't compete with local stuff like Rogers? In which case I don't fully understand the concern since Netflix is moving towards extreme-leftist content rivaling Canada's.

I guess the concern would be is without tariffs on US content, it would be available at a lower price and more Canadians would watch them. I somewhat understand this: I don't want to pay for the top-tier cable packages (which are the ones with a lot of the more interesting American toons) and have in the past flipped around and resorted to watching the low-budget toons on Aboriginal Peoples Television network. I probably wouldn't have done that if caught up watching the American toons I would have preferred.

On the other hand, I've seen American TV shows like Arrow/Flash/Legends on basic channels like CTV/CBC so it's obviously getting here, whether or not we tariff the sale of that content. If even the free government-sponsored channels have American TV shows, isn't this basically just a cash grab? IE they want to keep charging high fees so that occasionally, our public channels might buy a Canadian show, but still the major channels will be mostly American programming?

If we wanted to be ridiculously nationalist about our TV then we could just ban non-Canadian shows on the government-funded channels. IE withdraw government programming if the channels ever show non-Canadian content. They don't do this though, because it would cause the format to fail. It would be non-competetive garbage and consumers would just ignore the free channels and pay for the non-free channels.

Due to that, is why I think they want these tarrifs, so that the non-free channels will be so expensive that they would not be affordable to Canadians. The only possible way American TV could be affordable by the masses in this system is via the free channels, and then American distributors must negotiate directly with the government-funded groups about what is ==acceptable== instead of negotiating directly with consumers.

This is MILK all over again. Taking choice away from the consumer. Artificially increasing prices for quality and putting that increase in the pocket of the government to help fund the welfare and social justice programs.

I mean hell, I actually like Wapos Bay and Guardians Evolution, but just because shows like this are so unpopular that they couldn't exist without government grants and overpricing the competition doesn't mean the shows MUST exist. There's got to be other more honest ways to encourage versatile content than unfair censorship and trade interference. Spreading awareness of these shows or the possibilities of these shows should be done on a voluntary basis, on the dollar of those who want to see it not the dollar of the nation.

f0223c  No.12120139

I thought Trump was just leaving without Canada after last weeks Friday deadline. Kek. Such a cuck.

e3ff31  No.12120169

>is concerned about increased Marxist/Maoist propaganda entering/reshaping Canadian culture

>"perhaps the lower cost of a behemoth like Debtflix will crowd out the local competition," anon says

>says, "It might result in censorship or sumfin", but never mind to push towards Socialist policies paid for by the few gainfully employed as the floodgates allow in lots and lots of NOT economically viable people, while global Communism helps itself to the Canadian treasury kitty and if you threaten the judoe-capitalist system which enforces the jew hands in Canadian pockets, you'll go to jail or be killed

Why do you own a TelAvivision, anon?

084aef  No.12120223

File: 9950965f440f415⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 466x720, 233:360, fucking lea-.jpg)


why are you watching so many cartoons on tv? is it illegal in canada to use the internet for what it was designed for; watching cartoons?

ff7e07  No.12120656


Trump has so far taken tough stances on NAFTA, but congress may not vote to accept a deal with Mexico without Canada included so it's not like he's ruled it out or anything, he just wants fair terms, like letting Idaho sells its milk. AFAIK he hasn't commented on this (((Culture))) Exemption.



It's already entered. It's already reshaped. As bad as Netflix is getting, the culture in Canada is possibly worse. It's so infected that the only fix is to tear it all down by allowing fair access to media from other nations (like Japan and US) to put it out of business and force Canada to make decent content that people actually want to see.

e3ff31, I do not pay for our TV service, I have always refused to. I just watch it because it is free. My mom pays for it.


Personal reasons:

>1 my desktop is in my bedroom on the 2nd floor, and it gets very hot there because I live with an old woman who never exercises so she has a low body temperature

>2 there is not space in my room for my dogs to lie down, they stay in the living room, so I feel compelled to come down and keep them company

>3 do not want my alpha lil bro to bully me for listening to waifus, which is obvious due to high-pitched Japanese voices, so I have to close my door, which prevents me from hearing when dogs bark to want to go out and pee on the grass

>4 any time I buy headphones my bro steals them

>5 ran out of external HD space so need to buy another, but new ones keep coming out and coming down in price so I'm putting it off untli I can get 10TB for 200 or something

>6 torrented anime will be there whenever I need it, PVRs are rented and have limited space so there is more of a compulsion to keep up with them, even though comparatively it is inferior garbage.

This probably resembles some sort of addiction.

But anyway guys, this thread is about Canadian insistence on a cultural exemption clause to unfairly tax imports of foreign media to pay for gibs for psuedorefugees and fund stuff like 16 Hudson so children will see 2 dads and mixed race couples being happy. I don't care how cute Lili is, that's just degenerate.

084aef  No.12120901

File: eeed32c55d949d6⋯.jpg (101.82 KB, 960x810, 32:27, balls.jpg)

sounds like you got a bunch of excuses for degeneracy anon but im no one to judge. way we see it in burger land is pic related

ff7e07  No.12120931


To be fair, I'm watching Better Call Saul and Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix now because she's paying for that too. I keep insisting she shouldn't waste the money and we should just cancel the TV but she persists so I may as well use it.

Overheating is not an excuse, it's a valid reason. AC is never on enough in summer and heat is on too much in winter, my room is baking at 30 degrees, that's 86 Fahrenheit for you.

The only decent time is early Spring/ lateAutumn when nothing is on and I can open the windows at night, close them in day. All the heat in this house drifts up to my room so I can't use my comp. That's why I use her laptop to browse /pol/ instead.

Anyway, stop derailing the thread, this isn't about generic Trudeau bashing it's specifically about the issue of ==Cultural Exemption== in NAFTA talks

efa898  No.12120995

Can someone with the memetic skills please photoshop hockey helmets onto Canada's parliament people? I nice big full whatever we call that fucking room shot, with all of those spastic little retards wearing hockey helmets. Maybe shoop bigger helmets onto the towelhead members as well? I don't vote so I don't feel as bad about this but we're so fucking nigger-tier that we didn't even get a government. We got a special-needs daycare centre. Please make my meme come true.

084aef  No.12121027


>hockey helmets

then they would look badass

put some american football helmets on them if you're going for the retard look canabro

084aef  No.12121039

File: 18ba7d192a5298e⋯.png (95.26 KB, 310x163, 310:163, ClipboardImage.png)


forgot pic

efa898  No.12121066

I'm from the early 70's. The potato kids always went around with their hockey helmets on when they went out of the house. Maybe it's just a Canadian thing. Hockey helmets and the full-face wire grid, for their safety.

084aef  No.12121118


heh. interesting. i guess every country uses different helmets for its retards.

sage because im derailing the thread again

efa898  No.12121146

I just want my parliament full of tards pic.

and saged as well

247a10  No.12121175


I need a source for that leaf in the pic

084aef  No.12121240


I dont even know anon, i've had it in my image folder for years now always ready for any maple leaf related threads

154314  No.12121477


Yes, (((culture))) has gender quotas in leafland.

154314  No.12121480


>This is MILK all over again.

Milk is about the Montreal mob and Saputo. This is just kikes kiking.

154314  No.12121489


>congress may not vote to accept a deal with Mexico without Canada

Congress won't be voting on it until the new year, and if they vote it down, NAFTA dies anyway.

154314  No.12121499


>Anyway, stop derailing the thread, this isn't about generic Trudeau bashing

No, it's about (((you))) perpetuating the generic mom's basement stereotype, now that I look closer.

t. actual broadcasting veteran, hated MAPL and CANCON quotas in radio and doesn't watch the electric jew at all now

e01990  No.12122131

File: 3bfda85aac241c3⋯.jpg (73.93 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 3bfda85aac241c37a68a259e20….jpg)


>drumpf is the surpreme leader of America

>drumpf dictates everything that happens in America

824ab8  No.12122169

File: e41c665b7b340ef⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 480x360, 4:3, impala.jpg)

9626ec  No.12122201

I unfortunately live in in Canada and I don't know or care to know about Canada, did it ever have it's own national identity? When I think of a Canadian I think of beer, hockey chinks and poos, never had it's own national identity it's always been cuck paradise. How was Canada when it first gained independence? I can't imagine it was ever a good country, I'd argue it's one of the worst country to ever exist. I've never had such disdain for a country other than israel. I want to fucking nuke it.

e832f2  No.12122631


>Trump has so far taken tough stances on NAFTA, but congress may not vote to accept a deal with Mexico without Canada included so it's not like he's ruled it out or anything, he just wants fair terms, like letting Idaho sells its milk. AFAIK he hasn't commented on this (((Culture))) Exemption.

Its within Trumps power to break the NAFTA deal (by giving 60-90 days notice which has already happened) and sign a bilateral with mexico. What he really wants is for canada to bend on anything then he proclaim its the greatest deal on the planet.

e832f2  No.12122636


>When I think of a Canadian I think of

Canada in a nutshell: Hockey, Beer, Maple Syrup, Constant English/French arguments, all out cucking for the queen.

233b7e  No.12122864

File: 0a9613210305f3f⋯.png (284.6 KB, 1861x1081, 1861:1081, 1500334831660.png)


>The exemption applies to publishing, broadcast and media industries, prohibiting them from being bought by American companies.

>“Americans are prohibited from buying Canadian newspapers and magazines, radio stations, and television stations. Canadians can buy all of those in the United States.”

>And among U.S. demands for a renewed NAFTA was more access to the Canadian telecom market.

>“Who is controlling the broadcasters? They are all owned by the telecoms. So, this is really protection in the Canadian economy — not really about culture — but more about protection of the telecom and communication industry,”

3178b6  No.12122890


whyat's the deal here? jews already have a stranglehold on broadcasting tv and radio anyway.

cd7d2d  No.12122892

How about you stop watching television entirely, you cuck? Or are you too busy to get to the synagogue, and Talmudvision is the next best thing?

8b8bf6  No.12122932


I'd grant an exemption for that export.


>Better Call Saul

And anons wonder why they are depressed.


Yeah, really, holding out to help (((california))), I'm not real on board with that. Or the (((bankers))). Don't really give a shit either. I think trump is just holding out on those as bargaining chips. He will make them back down on milk and lumber, but will cave on TV/news/banking. I mean seriously, these fucking "too big to fail" banks will just get bigger and we will end up bailing out canada too. Fuck that.

00dfb3  No.12122966


Which nation did you mean Anon?

Are you first nations? Sioux nation?

Canada is a country that has many nations within it, as well as a hell of a lot of racemixing.

f2055b  No.12123416



f2055b  No.12123425

File: 85f74fc1338274b⋯.jpg (48.01 KB, 589x338, 589:338, dude weed.JPG)

a958c2  No.12123520

File: 4416a350684e4e8⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 1024x572, 256:143, 4416a350684e4e81f3fca9e57b….jpg)


> top-tier cable packages (which are the ones with a lot of the more interesting American toons)

Why would you want to watch western cartoons, anon?

a958c2  No.12123534

File: 18eaa4825afce5a⋯.jpg (9.49 KB, 183x275, 183:275, tron guy.jpg)


>hockey helmets make you look badass

8909fb  No.12123552



These are bretty accurate. as a burger, trailer park boys is the most valuable canadian export to me.



i stand corrected.

293038  No.12123556

>Canadians have no culture and we need to import as much cheap foreign labor as possible and you should all be ok with it don't mind my corporate sponsors who made me do it we are so diverse and tolerant and culturally rich

>We need to preserve Canadian culture


1df1bf  No.12123562


Considering that China is now offering the Belt and Road initiative to my country this is obviously a signal by Trudeau that he's accepted it. Fucking god damned ants, taken over New Zealand and Australia and we're next. I wonde rhow many of you fucks realize the reason the US can't pull out of the middle east is because of China.

556e5e  No.12123591

File: ecd304cf67742f4⋯.jpg (336.04 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, WhiteOut.jpg)

We already told you no NAFTA.

81b646  No.12123606


>US can't pull out of the middle east is because of China.

No its because the kikes need an army and their faggot population would get their shit pushed in without the goy patrol.

d82800  No.12123617


this will be one of those people without an inner voice because I can count at least 3 or 4 incidences when it should have been suggesting a rethink was necessary. these nutters must do this to themselves because they lack an inner circus to keep them amused.

0ba448  No.12124201

File: 5110cb8346fe853⋯.jpg (90.95 KB, 688x456, 86:57, whatcha doing there.jpg)


>it's the chinese, not the jews

Okay there, Rabbi.

ff7e07  No.12125133


No, if I was living in the basement it wouldn't be a fucking problem. Basements stay cool. Heat rises. Being on the 2nd floor is the problem.


Milk is why we lost Maxim Bernier and only have (((Andrew Scheer))) to oppose Trudeau. Either way we lose.


> How was Canada when it first gained independence?

Shows how little you know about us. Our national identity is basically that we are perceived as "nicer" and "more polite" than Americans. Basically our national ID is being cuck cowards. We are not actually independent. Queen is on our money and military must swear to serve her.


I wonder if Trump will fire back by banning Canadians from owning American companies. That would be hilarious. It's a silly restriction because all that happens is all these other nations become dual citizens. The only nations it actually keeps out are Japan (doesn't allow dual citizenship) and America (taxes foreign earnings)


Listen faggot the only Jewish stuff I watched was Dot. and she's only half-Jewish and there haven't been new episodes in months.


No, I'm pretty much a mutt of various English/Scottish/Irish or whatever the fuck. I don't know my dad's side because he didn't consent to reproduce. My mom's side is basically 50% welfare trash 50% government service trash who has minimal knowledge of family history or traditional aside from the occasional "hey I found this picture of the uncle of that aunt whose baking I really liked"


I settle for inferior forms of entertainment when driven down by heat exhaustion. But autumn has come… there are cool breezes… and if I can drop some body fat, a hot room will become more tolerable and I can get back to my roots.

b115d3  No.12125689


it's simply protectionism under a different name, like when the EU wants to subsidize their farmers they invent wild claims about GMOs or swine flu or such drivel. and, keep in mind, this is probably primarily motivated to protect Canadian State television. add to that the fact that advertising has moved away from commercials toward "product placement" (of, generally, American-based consumer goods) in the actual programs themselves, and you get a pretty full picture of why the Canadians want to do this.

also, Trudeau is pwnd so he has to come up with some demand that he thinks Trump might concede in order to save face

48d769  No.12126444


>people without an inner voice

It's not their fault, but being a frequent commenter on different websites, I find myself frequently coming across these people who just lack all semblance of rational thought, and I hate them so fucking much. I really do. Again, it's not their fault they're stupid, but I can't fucking stand them and I think they should be genocided. They're always so fucking confident while being wrong. It's infuriating.

4a3789  No.12126460


>it's not their fault they're stupid

But it is.

Most of the time the people you describe have a self defeating mentality.

They aren't more educated because they believed that it's too complicated, I can't do this, instead of putting any effort in understanding the problems that come to them, they just want the quick way out.

248226  No.12128231


>this isn't about generic Trudeau bashing

sorry can't resist this one



> Justin Trudeau said that the world is moving towards more diversity, and said “It’s a form of entropy.”

Fucked up his own talking point. Even the normies have gotta be getting tired of this ass clown

58d25a  No.12151830


>Shows how little you know about us. Our national identity is basically that we are perceived as "nicer" and "more polite" than Americans. Basically our national ID is being cuck cowards.

No, that is what the jews replaced our identity with when they erased our culture and history in the 60s. We had a real identity, and a real flag. Both were removed at the same time to make us "a post-national state".

a1cac7  No.12151964

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Politeness isn't necessarily bad. It can be "gentlemanly" and refined, which just means you say please as your rack your shotgun. The problem has been that Canada has been drowned in waves of immigration and not allowed to develop naturally. Only in pockets too desolate and middle of nowhere for shitskins to immigrate to do you see the remnants of Canadian culture. Primarily the Maritime, but also in isolated rural communities in Eastern BC and Alberta. The "Newfies" (from Newfoundland and Labrador) are the source of the stereotypical Canadian accent, and they're the only folks that are still unapologetically racist and have a dislike of people "from away." And wouldn't you know it, the newfie fishing villages look like a white paradise.

>T. Fuckin' leaf trapped in the anthill of Hongcouver

a1cac7  No.12151982

File: 0aa8113dd532a6d⋯.jpg (292.06 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, 28523490115_f93a759e6b_b.jpg)

File: 03688d1799ad66f⋯.jpg (154.73 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, language-of-newfoundland-1.jpg)

File: 0595134242117d9⋯.jpg (216.02 KB, 1000x593, 1000:593, StJohnsiStock.jpg)

File: 88cd6062d92215f⋯.png (515.94 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 223657_ee766258f663d719785….png)


Pics related.

>tfw unfortunate to be born as a leaf, but not fortunate enough to be a poor but happy newfie fisher boy.

58d25a  No.12163034


I didn't say politeness was bad. I said the fake image of Canadians as just being polite Americans is a fake identity used to erase Canadians. You should learn how to read.

Also, newfies are not the source of the "stereotypical Canadian accent" at all, Minnesota is. Newfies don't sound anything like the "Canadian" accent. They are also not poor, and not racist. They are cucked to all hell because they don't have any shitskins so they believe the media telling them that everyone is the same. You can't truly hate niggers until you've had to live near them.

ff7e07  No.12178481


> the fake image of Canadians as just being polite Americans is a fake identity used to erase Canadians

Albeit a fake image which many Canadians propogate, to appear non-threatening.

ce5ce4  No.12213918

File: 4c920727043141e⋯.jpg (102.19 KB, 900x509, 900:509, three faggots.JPG)

Apparently Castreau took time off of sucking Elton John's dick to have a trade agreement.


>Canada and the United States on Saturday narrowed their differences in last-ditch talks to save NAFTA but there is no guarantee an agreement will be forged, two Ottawa sources said, a notion echoed by a top adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump.

8c0882  No.12214023




This politeness discussion is fascinating, interesting and novel, but what do you think of Canada's protecting its own media industries from the USA hollywood competitors?

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