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File: 760e103f48d390c⋯.png (36.92 KB, 1560x331, 1560:331, InfoPost.PNG)

e49836  No.12120287

Anons the time has finally arrived. This is internet armageddon.

Within the next several weeks to couple of months, (((they))) will be proposing a bill to their paid off nigger faggot figureheads in the government to "regulate the internet."

Understand that this is MAJOR for the jew. The fact that he has lost dominance over the flow and distribution is threatening to his hegemony. They will stop at no length to gain that control back. I'm probably putting my life in danger by shedding light on this, but I, like many of you, don't give a shit anymore. I'm willing to die in this fight.

Right now you're seeing a lot of images appear with tags such as DLS-11198X-SH-ILLS223

These images are being placed to track the flow of information across the web, so that information can be packaged and shown to a regulatory agent in which the argument "Racism, Anti-Sematism and Russians are controlling the internetzzz. We need to regulate this. We need User ID's and Insurances against this (((misinformation))).

Juden wants his claws back where they've been for the last 2000+ years. We are at war!

This is another bailout scenario that will cost the people trillions. If this goes through, there will never be another Jewgle but Jewgle. There will never be another Kikebook but Kikebook. No Insta but Insta. No chance, no way, no how will you ever rise above waif/serf. Banking is the most regulated industry in the world. That means the minimum bar of entry is in the millions. Regulation = Money. If you don't have it, you don't play the game.

Below is a message we all need to send to our representatives. I know, trust me I know. I know what you want to say to me for proposing this, but I got nothing better. If you have a better idea, let's hear it! Please!

Dear (this is all you have to fill out),

I am writing you with a dire concern, please hear my words. It has been brought to the peoples attention that new regulations are being presented or in short time will be presented pertaining to internet access and control.

- On the issue of UID (User Identification) - UID access would be contained in a central hub accessible by ones ISP. The ISP would send a verification packet (signal) to the central hub for pass/fail recognition. Upon pass recognition the user would then have access to social networks. This is a clear violation of ones right to privacy especially pertaining to the 4th amendment whcih protects someone from unreasonable search and seizure. Having a persons daily habits and routine on file for a 3rd party to track someones every move, even digitally, grossly impedes upon their inalienable rights. Most people expect to be free to roam the world freely, with the internet now being an extension of the world. This is gross manipulation and severely intrusive upon that expectation. What happens when it's decided they are guilty of "wrongspeak" and their UID is suspended? This would be akin to imprisonment without trial. We, the people you are supposed to represent, will not stand for this. Your contributors need to back off this, they are getting too close for comfort and we've had it!

- On the potential issue of any insurance, excessive fees or otherwise associated with owning web space. This is nothing short of blatent racism! Right now, black minorities are earning an average of $35,412 dollars per year according to the US Census Bureau in 2015. A mere 69% of what white people earned. Increasing the barrier for entry to the internet, can only be explained as pay-for-play in a world where the black voice not only isn't represented enough, but already overrepresented by whites. Perhaps with a 30% increase in pay, the black American would realize the same freedom of voice as the white American? We Americans won't stand for that!

Finally, in Carpenter vs US the supreme court ruled that an agency would need a warrant to obtain location information. Any UID would be a clear violation of this ruling.

The internet is the last bastion of free enterprise. Giants like Facebook and Twitter need to be left to fall. They overinvested in failed business models and any sort of bailout of big tech companies will be robbery of the US citizen similar to what happened in 2008! I thought we got rid of the Bush dynasty?

Please, side with the people for once. Vote NO on internet regulation and User Identification.


Alright Anons! This is your duty. Stand up and do something about this. This is the big one that we've all been expecting. It's finally here.

List of contact information for congress: https://www.house.gov/representatives

Send those emails now! Spread this info.

e49836  No.12120344

File: b0f81abbe013c9f⋯.png (982.4 KB, 1014x569, 1014:569, AZrep.PNG)



770d53  No.12120349

File: 12dec3658307358⋯.png (41.45 KB, 736x652, 184:163, oregon.PNG)

File: 416284ac72e9e13⋯.png (184.89 KB, 741x638, 741:638, 9th.PNG)


Oregon judge dismisses piracy case, says IP address proves nothing


case appealed to the (((9th circuit))) and ruling affirmed


looks precedent is already being set and if this is even remotely legitimate, then the members of congress that are engaging in this are just having a big virtue signaling circle jerk. as usual, OP is a faggot. plus the GUID reference is more fear-mongering. I wonder how was behind (((OP's post)))?

3f0f2c  No.12120358

File: 2b28f92bf917b83⋯.png (731.68 KB, 600x809, 600:809, 2b28f92bf917b834884658e7e1….png)


>it's your duty, durrrr

nice slide thread OP, now fuck off

8c7336  No.12120361

what group of people are currently putting together the plan? Republicans? Democrats? Interest groups? Give us some concrete evidence.

be0d8c  No.12120373


other sources or references?

9d90c4  No.12120388

File: ce80e95329814a6⋯.jpg (4.07 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg)


>This is another bailout scenario that will cost the people trillions.

I'm confused why it would cost trillions though?

0deefc  No.12120397


>GUID reference


There are far better ways to link humans to digits.

Look on the back of your driver's license, it has a 2D barcode with all relevant information.

cc3d2c  No.12120400


51962a  No.12120407


Yeah, if they ban censorship they will just ban anonymity. Then individuals become subject to terrorism for expressing their views. People can still be anonymous here though, but you won't be able to tweet without your real name and risking IRL consequences.

b4affa  No.12120414

File: 2086e6cc1ccc3ba⋯.jpg (51.2 KB, 475x385, 95:77, 1471272308239.jpg)


Regarding your letter:

>paragraph 1: "violation of 4th amendment"

They can circumvent this by (((privatizing))) the "Hub". Also, 4th amendment rights don't apply to ISP, Social media companies, or any other NON-GOV'T entity. Censorship on private platforms is not protected by the 4th amendment currently.

So, it's not an argument as they will find legal ways around it. Also, the racism argument is easily undone and just lunacy.

Your letter sounds like controlled-opposition, doomed to fail from the start.

fe7fa2  No.12120416


If they take the net we take the power grid.

ef12fa  No.12120419

The more rational option is to simply ditch the internet and turn into a man.

8cd28a  No.12120423

This is what a CIA post looks like:


ef12fa  No.12120424


It’s a trap!

Goons gas the trap!

51962a  No.12120429


Could being forced to subject yourself to danger in order to speak be used to sue the forum for banning anonymity? We'll see how this plays out.

9d90c4  No.12120430

File: e84abcea809c7ca⋯.png (508.02 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>ditch the internet

d57e97  No.12120437


I'm safe. I always use incognito mode.

8cd28a  No.12120441

sadly, There is nO way aRound that.

3f0f2c  No.12120447


actually, they usually have anime. nice try though. you would know that if you had been here long enough

fe7fa2  No.12120454


If we make it general knowledge on how to bring down power grid (it's trivial) and disseminate a common trigger (any general loss of internet access or privacy etc) then we basically have a deadman switch they can't stop without disabling 1A or 2A

9d90c4  No.12120468


Anon why would you need an ID when you already have an IP they can trace you with?

You need to buy those shitty goverment identity card readers in order to log in when they already have all your data at the service provider?

You can still use proxies

Not even China is going that far.


Good thinking boomers and their internet knowledge

fe7fa2  No.12120480

Good thread but "anons it's go time" does not and will never mean "time to write a letter." Don't blue balls us like that.

a008b7  No.12120483

Q predicted this.

3f0f2c  No.12120488


actually, they usually have anime in them but you would know this if you had been here long enough

b2e25f  No.12120506

Sending emails just tells them where to send the niggers.

Just pray Kim launches the nukes soon.

e49836  No.12120580


The accumulated wealth that will be stolen from we the people over the next X amount of years by not being able to get into any internet business without deep pockets.

be0d8c  No.12120583



you mean the 12 gauge vs the transformer switch?

e49836  No.12120587



70e402  No.12120620


This is one of the few fuses that will set off the powderkeg. Only weeks, maybe even just days, after the grid goes down, niggers will tear down the cities. Those of us out in the sticks will weather this just fine. Having the niggers nigging and the infighting in the cities essentially creates another front for the kikes to deal with, and with their media machine dead in the water, they can't spin it the way they want. In the midst of the confusion, actual progress can be made, if you catch my drift. In the wake of these events, this becomes a warlord scenario. There will be a small "uprising" of well-equipped guys, likely (ex)military, who will do things the old fashioned way. There will be many groups of such men scattered around the whole country. Whether or not these guys act for the greater good is largely irrelevant, as it will only add more chaos to the kikes' plate. You can bet your bottom dollar that, should such a series of events occur, China and Russia will be sticking their dicks in the Balkanized States of America's business.

After the initial throes of this scenario, the whole mess becomes a giant war of attrition. The goal here is to keep the power grid suppressed by any means necessary. Ideally it will be left largely intact except for key points, that, once the struggle is over, can be rebuilt in a new infrastructure. The (((enemy))) in this situation's primary goal will be to re-establish their false dominance and if that fails, spiteful slaughter. It's imperative that Manhattan is occupied by the "good guys" in this scenario, as it is pretty much the world nexus of trade. This can be done by pinning down the bridges, shutting down airports, and going full Black Bart on any incoming ships. The Dark Knight Rises really was a blueprint for this.

d31c18  No.12120622

The intertubes are already dead. Who cares if they "regulate" it? Regulate the shit out of it, or don't…fuck if I care. It's nothing but shills and bot farms now anyway.

a0404f  No.12120631

File: 86a5496b54f4ad3⋯.png (336.67 KB, 808x606, 4:3, pol sieg heil animu.png)


>nice slide thread OP, now fuck off


>actually, they usually have anime. nice try though. you would know that if you had been here long enough

now this is JIDF posting

2ef588  No.12120634



e49836  No.12120645

File: 3091f6337a649f4⋯.png (108.98 KB, 884x342, 442:171, JewMonopolyInformation.PNG)



You will lose every benefit of the internet. Including if you ever wanted to start an internet business. Everything.

It's total control.

b4affa  No.12120653

File: 90cb606a5a717b2⋯.jpg (30.75 KB, 395x290, 79:58, Jew-shut it down c.jpg)


As a Jew would, hide in the shadows from logical discourse.

p.s. Masters in U.S. Law here.

70e402  No.12120663


We don't capitalize "jew" here.

We don't even call them "jew" here, we call them kikes.

b4affa  No.12120676


The correct terminology is "kikel", or 'circle' - in Yiddish.

Controlled-opposition thread.

70e402  No.12120680


The correct terminology is you're a filthy hook-nosed kike.

e49836  No.12120751


I feel like they've recruited a new class or something. These new shills aren't anything like the old ones. Maybe a new director of shilling at JIDF?

d31c18  No.12120815


Having maintained an "internet business" I can tell you that the crumbs are all but gone. I had a very profitable niche business, and I sold it. Why? Because I was offered more money than it was worth, or I could make over the course of many years. Why did they do that? Because control is more important to them than money.

e49836  No.12120851


>control is more important to them than money.


Everyone here is going to regret not making every effort possible to stop this. We can't give another inch.

b448dc  No.12120933

>hashed filenames are bots and CIA

kill yourself windows using computer illiterate ignorant

b448dc  No.12120940

also fuck off with this larp thread

>muh call of duty its time fellow magapedes!!!!

d31c18  No.12120958


But the war is already lost. You are just trying to hold onto hope, or something like it.

d58b0a  No.12120991

File: dca663e96d0db78⋯.png (89.1 KB, 1015x576, 1015:576, internet_anonymity2.png)

File: 51b9b2837ab70ee⋯.png (183.14 KB, 994x635, 994:635, internet_anonymity.png)


Electric lines are both extremely vulnerable and impossible to protect.


Several obscure sources talking about it recently:

> https://www.italiaoggi.it/news/an-internet-identity-should-be-mandatory-2291204

> http://archive.is/BA4lH

> https://thecandor.wordpress.com/2018/09/05/is-the-right-to-anonymity-and-privacy-on-the-internet-good/

> http://archive.is/AfGgE

Here they call it the internet of identities. This reeks of jewishery.

> https://www.csoonline.com/article/3235335/security/the-internet-of-identities-is-coming-and-will-bring-massive-iam-changes.html

> http://archive.is/qevyB

304b0d  No.12121007


I will bite the jew neck when my arms and legs are laying next to my head.


14 years have passed since the day when - back then - we entered as a small and unknown movement For the first time in this hall.

Before the public, and therefore before our people.

I know that back then many assessed the futility of this movement.

According to the measure of its former size and the measure of the size of the tasks that were given, not a chance of success was awarded, even in thought.

They all did not recognize one thing.

That such a movement, of course, needs time and must have time.

That the new state doesn't come down from the clouds.

But that it must grow out of the people themselves.

Because if I want to get loyalty and faith and confidence and fanatism and dedication…

Then I have to go where these virtues might still to be found.

And they can be found in the people themselves, in the broad masses of this people. Our people.

Therefore we want in this hour to yell out again our old battle cry.

Our National Socialist Party.

Our German People!

And our German Fatherland!


Hail victory!

Don't ever believe in any foreign help!

Never believe in help coming from anywhere outside our own nation, our own people!

Within ourselves lies the future of the German Nation.

I finished off the Jew and his puppet as a lonely, unknown man.

Who gathered but a handful of people about him, with only my belief and my ability to translate.

Throughout 15 years I finished them off!

Today, Germany is the greatest world power!

Today they admit it would have been possible to arrive at an understanding.

But they did not!

They wanted war!

This was precisely what my domestic opponents used to tell me.

I held my hand out in friendship to them!

But they refused it!

And they also cried, "NO, No reconcilliation, No understanding! Only war!"

Well they got their war!

It is not for ideas that we live!

Not for theories!

Not for outlandish debauchery!


We live and fight for the German People!

For the preservation of its existence!

I said, "German people, give us four years and I swear to you, as true as I have accepted this office, so shall I leave it then!

For I have not taken it for gain or for wages, but for your sake alone!"

At the beginning of the eighth year of the National Socialist revolution our hearts turn to our German People and its future.

We want to serve this future!

We want to fight for it!

If necessary, fall for it!

We will never capitulate!

40cc71  No.12121014

03f1fe  No.12121018


Sage and report for screencapping a (you) post.

304b0d  No.12121029


suck my fat fucking Aryan cock you dirty wanna-be hebe!

03f1fe  No.12121035


Reported for autistic reddit spam. No one cares about your poetry. You're a pussy and you will never fight back, as proven by the last century of human history.

a8568b  No.12121052


nice, Gosar is a good guy. jelly that he is your rep

304b0d  No.12121097


>You're a pussy and you will never fight back

That intel bank isn't working, huh? Good.

Filtered you fucking soft pharisee

535dd9  No.12121100

File: 4b758e53cfaee0d⋯.jpg (71.74 KB, 640x482, 320:241, 1535838646649.jpg)


>we need this new tracking technology and legislation because in today's environment IP addresses simply aren't enough

2429a4  No.12121186





65d503  No.12121267

>send letters to the government so they know you're a bad goy

304b0d  No.12121283

File: 7b8806636afe65c⋯.jpg (109.02 KB, 1600x1556, 400:389, shamebacknew.jpg)


>send letters to the government so they know you're a bad goy

<keep hiding because they hate it when we sit alone in our rooms and do absolutely nothing

Anon, what's it going to take?

3ff35e  No.12121289


So tl;dr I guess it's time to reconvene on the deep web.

000000  No.12121291

OP is a faggot who has posted no evidence at all. Fuck off shill. Sage because you should never have been born.


000000  No.12121300

>Right now you're seeing a lot of images appear with tags such as DLS-11198X-SH-ILLS223




Nice troll OP. Still a faggot tho.

304b0d  No.12121314

Look at the amount of shilling I'm drawing in.

Don't sit back and do nothing, Anons. Don't give them another fucking inch of what they want! You preach about being NatSoc and fighting for the Race but you can't even take a stand now when it actually matters?

It's fucking embarrassing.

6a9dac  No.12121324


I feel like this is going to simply dox everyone that connects and this may be a good thing, with the right tools and experience

d18c76  No.12121336

>>I'm probably putting my life in danger by shedding light on this

Yeah, because one of us might kill you for being such a faggot.

5c076b  No.12121338


>The Federalist USB Sticks

>The Federalst DVDs

Fuck you jew, we will samizdat you.

5c076b  No.12121344


So buy a half-dozen burner phones and grandfather a few accounts now while you can?

There will always be ways around this.

d31c18  No.12121345


>Don't give them another fucking inch

This is why we lost. The fight is always about halting an action. Stopping something. That's fine, but not when it's the only fight you've got. Say you prevent them gaining another inch, then what? You think they stop? No. They will continue, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, until they get that inch. Either you put them in the ground, or you shut your mouth. Got it?

304b0d  No.12121352


>There will always be ways around this.

There is no "THIS" yet.

We can't just keep giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving… FUCK@! Wht the mother fuck is wrong with you guys?

FUck off you fucking pathetic pieces of shit!@ If I have to fight the fucking jew alone, I swear on Christ I will fight with everything i fucking have! Get fucked if you just want to lay down. Go fuck the grave of yoru ancestors to you fucking plebes! I'm sure they will love your pathetic apathy!

5c076b  No.12121361


It's that fat CFR bitch who had her asshole doxed and her soyim.

5c076b  No.12121363


Q was never mentioned once, kike. A little too quick on the trigger?

5c076b  No.12121367


>What are you Marty, chicken?

Hello FBI.

0d7e13  No.12121374

All that it would take to push this legislation through is a mass-casuality false flag where a terrorist collects the materials necessary on the dark web.

d486b9  No.12121377


If they take away internet 1A then we take down the power grid. That simple. Let it be known.

304b0d  No.12121406

File: 7f6e9d7bce55ace⋯.jpeg (1.75 MB, 2384x2378, 1192:1189, Jew_never_forget.jpeg)


It's coming and it's at most a few months away.

30dbb1  No.12121413


Man what kind of soulless piece of garbage does one have to be to think something like this?

304b0d  No.12121422

File: 3b9700855f7e442⋯.png (43.91 KB, 855x291, 285:97, JewPremonition.PNG)


Anon, to the jew, the race war has not only started, it's well underway. we have over 200 Israeli citizens holding high office in the US RIGHT NOW. They are flooding Catholic/Christian countries with shitskins RIGHT NOW! This is real and I can't get anyone to wake the fuck up. Everyone talks about being awake, but nobody here is actually seeing how fucking serious this is. Its fucking real!

304b0d  No.12121425


***Correction / 1913 not 1973

c73c17  No.12121442

File: 944d34ee38249b0⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 944d34ee38249b06461cef056b….jpg)


>Don't sit back and do nothing, Anons

How do you know that we aren't doing anything if we're anonymous?

9927c3  No.12121450


I bet you don't use a phone and write physical letters with a quill and inkwell, right? You ride a horse because real men don't drive cars? Nothing is more tryhard than someone on the internet declaring himself a Real Man.

304b0d  No.12121452


Because I've reached out on numerous occasions on here and not a single person has stepped forward. I am not afraid of the pasty fat jew. We're ass deep in a fucking war and everyone is hiding behind their computers like it's not happening hoping someone else will take care of their problem. The jew is everyone's problem and will not quit.

Now either add something of benefit or you can fuck off with the rest of them.

e68d56  No.12121454


To be fair to christians they would willingly flood their own countries with shitskins provided they profess the religion.


Shit dude, how many white christian woman missionaries go to africa to get raped and come back with mulattos in them?

304b0d  No.12121467


> how many white christian woman missionaries go to africa to get raped and come back with mulattos in them?

I'm afraid I can't name one.

Women have no business leading. They're shit at it and it goes way back to the beginning with Lillith. The retarded kiketress couldn't even take a dick so she had had to go full butch lesbian mode and take control of Adams bitch ass who had cucked to Eve.

Women are shit leaders. Christians need to know the truth about their religion. Michael is our representative, not Lillith.

c73c17  No.12121534

File: c0f5148b3703a57⋯.jpg (30.12 KB, 265x324, 265:324, 1437532938019.jpg)


>Because I've reached out on numerous occasions

Nigger, nobody is doing a /pol/ meetup. Have you learned nothing from /k/ and their brownies?

>Let's deanonymize and assemble to a central location IRL

That's not how this place works. That was never how this place was going to work. If you want to start a militia or something like that, you had better take the resources you should have been learning all along here and go start one.

729907  No.12121646

File: 53db53c25056885⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1598x803, 1598:803, CivWar.png)







Nothing gets my dick hard like viable tactics.

70e402  No.12121666


I like you.

d486b9  No.12121706

File: ed78d1135d40be1⋯.png (395.6 KB, 500x480, 25:24, pepe_inferno.png)


You're okay too Satan…. sometimes

729907  No.12121743


I like those trips.

35669f  No.12122379

35669f  No.12122383

Oh, and naturally, another thread gets (((anchored))).

8b2cfb  No.12122593

File: fead348d66d13d6⋯.gif (640.64 KB, 480x50, 48:5, RedWave.gif)


8b2cfb  No.12122599

File: 188d4eff0059010⋯.gif (4.67 MB, 462x307, 462:307, RedTsunamiBeatsBlueWave.gif)


(Click to animate)

8b2cfb  No.12122601

File: 8959894faaad193⋯.gif (4.86 MB, 213x268, 213:268, RedWave002.gif)


70e402  No.12125086

Bumping for great justice.

4f35cb  No.12130121

Why is this thread bumlocked?

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