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File: 5c2b9d2a7016ace⋯.gif (8.59 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, EB92F591-8D6F-49D3-ACC8-76….gif)

0e0e8b  No.12120651

Anonfag works at Nordstrom’s Seattle. 9:30 this morning (as in store is fucking empty just after open to customers) I saw two women buy multiple bags of men’s Nike trainers. I’d say four full size Nordstrom bags of Nike boxes EACH.

On and off been at Nordstrom’s six years, all in men’s clothing / footwear - never seen anything like it.

I think there’s some fuckery afoot. (Pardon my hilarious pun).

903474  No.12120671

Check the price of the shoes online

Some folks hustle by buying shoes at a place like Ross and then posting to eBay. I don’t shop at Nordstrom so i don’t know what their markup is, but it seems reasonable

0e0e8b  No.12120695

sneakerfreaks, sure. But these women looked like smartly dressed office workers.

dcd817  No.12120697

Would a Jewish-owned apparel company experiencing a bout of terrible PR do something as sneaky as buy back their own inventory from retailers to keep them buying product, thus ensuring their stock price doesn't drop? Naw. They'd never do that. That would be dishonest.

bcaafd  No.12120740


Nordstrom charges a buttload for shit, but admittedly has sales sometimes.

84a032  No.12120810

File: 881bb88f7ed26fd⋯.png (1.31 MB, 700x1131, 700:1131, ClipboardImage.png)


Companies do this before a recall as well…

"…Johnson & Johnson Hired Fake Shoppers To Buy Up Bad Motrin, Avoid Public Recall…"

81d6a0  No.12120823

Probably scalpers expecting a short-term shortage in supply.

59e79f  No.12120853


People do this and resell them on ebay to retards who don't know any better or do not live near a place they can get them locally.

We see this every year with the next hot Christmas toy or when something like a hyped videogame console comes out. Retail is $199 but people online pay $1000 just to be the 1st to own one.

Sending humans out to every store to pay retail for their on product makes no sense and is very inefficient. They would also be spending markup to some store owner.

If they wanted to dump product they could have just made a few shell wholesellers who order 500,000 shoes. Then their cost would be zero and they could move them by the truckload at once. Would look just like a normal transaction to a distributor.

59e79f  No.12120863


Or buy them on stolen credit cards. Then sell them for cash at the local ghetto fleamarket.

3f5238  No.12120895


>Fake Shoppers

What else was your pic related hired for anon?

0b6fa0  No.12120921


Most likely just run of the mill card fraud. But could also be some (((social media))) users who plan to use them in a photo op to virtue signal then return them the next day. A counter to the faggots that burned their nikes.

Follow up with the store manager in a few weeks. A credit card chargeback is coming or just a normal return.

938d6c  No.12120938

I think the best thing anyone with Nike products could do is donate them to a place which will give them to poor people.

Burning them looks nice, sure, but you already own the fucking shoe so you're not actually depriving them of anything.

KEEP THE SHOES IN CIRCULATION. Increased supply of Nike footwear will drive down their value and decrease new sales.

If you donate them to homeless shelters or to places like Salvation Army then poor low-class people will be wearing them, and this could dissuade people wealthy enough to buy new ones from wanting to, because people will think they got them by robbing a homeless shelter.

a28970  No.12120941

this is why.


60515d  No.12120951


>Nike are nation traitors

>give'em to da homeless!

>get robbed by niggers for shoes

Try again.

c8a39c  No.12120956


This is funny because I saw something similar the day after Labor day up here in leafland.

A group of about three guys and a girl bought two shopping carts full of shoes, including putting some display models in weird transparent bags, they weren't shopping bags or garbage bags, but some thicker plastic material. Like what a mattress comes in. I don't know if they were all nike since I couln't see all of them, but the ones I saw were.

Very dark skinned people in the group as well, not blacks, but maybe dark skinned indians or arabs.

It stuck out to me because it was the day AFTER the labor day sale, which is insane that someone would wait a day to buy at a higher price.

59e79f  No.12120957

File: 7173144d37aced6⋯.png (275.29 KB, 607x594, 607:594, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 9….png)


> photo op to virtue signal


0e0e8b  No.12120966


Greeting fellow teen.

0e0e8b  No.12120972


Greetings fellow teen

a28970  No.12120975


Nike is doing this because they're fucking scared.

2aa1c1  No.12121020

File: 0fa966f7828c849⋯.png (23.56 KB, 106x122, 53:61, ClipboardImage.png)


This is the look of happiness and self-realization after being empowered by women's liberation from antiquated notions of dignity.

3f5238  No.12121128


at least buddy's got a job.

4ca531  No.12121165

Hey, in the future don't be so specific about your location at a specific time.

Just looking out for you.

7f8b9e  No.12121182

Go work at Lady's Foot Locker. At least then you can ogle, or maybe even fondle women's bare feet and go home with some good jerk off material stored in your meat-based SSD. God forbid you have a pornhub moment and those two come back at closing time, eager to footjob you in exchange for a pair of cross trainers.

0e0e8b  No.12121201


Greetings fellow teen

963e77  No.12121213


Sex is for procreation.

27b5c5  No.12121214


everything you wrote is so gay. are you homosexual?

2aa1c1  No.12121224


who got the get?

61485f  No.12121229


Nordstrom is where you go to spend as much as you possibly can for a shirt you can get on the other side of the mall for far less.

06cb19  No.12121232

File: 987e1ee86d9b1a9⋯.jpeg (200.52 KB, 1536x797, 1536:797, image.jpeg)

File: e74fc5608af2b66⋯.jpeg (307.57 KB, 1536x1306, 768:653, image.jpeg)

File: 9596020ec710e56⋯.jpeg (252.14 KB, 1536x904, 192:113, image.jpeg)


>Sending humans out to every store to pay retail for their on product makes no sense and is very inefficient. They would also be spending markup to some store owner.

It's a tactic that has been used to fake product demand. The company Hampton Creek did this with their mayonnaise and scored larger retail accounts because of it…. essentially elevating the owners into millionaire status.

But you are right, it would be inefficient for a giant like Nike to do this. They would have to hire thousands of mystery shoppers.

3f5238  No.12121236


spotted the footlicking jew

59e79f  No.12121244


>They would have to hire thousands of mystery shoppers.

Yes. When there is no need since they have online stores. They could just order 500,000 shoes then (((forget))) to ship them.

2a2ff3  No.12121262

File: 6e6536929fe35a7⋯.jpg (202.31 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 6e6.jpg)


>virtue signaling with a multi-nation corporate, slave labor built commercial product

These people never disappoint in their obliviousness. At least they ensured a 5 year old chink sweat shop worker gets his penny for the day.

803bba  No.12121275


Literally every corporation does this. Cars, food, Hollywood, etc. Everything is run by jews, and jews are sneaking liars.

2d7804  No.12121634


That mayonnaise is actually pretty good, I don't blame them

093861  No.12121640


She's fit yet she looks like a worn out hag.

e74e10  No.12121663

What's with that file name? You sound foreign, nigger. Nobody here has interest in Kikee shoes.

faf5b6  No.12121689


Oh no our multi-millionaire NFLnigger raised by White people isn't paid to pay a game anymore! Gotta buy shit from the Jews who put his poor face on a giant NYC billboard now!

Never mind that sweatshops are pretty much counter to my ideals!

30b53f  No.12121738

I wouldn't put it past a company like that to buyback its' own product but they'd lose more money that way

0e0e8b  No.12121756

fc440e  No.12121763



nike shoes have been lame since like 1997.

New Balance is were its at.

ff316e  No.12121777




2f4df3  No.12121784


Were they chinks?


Life hack for tired whores #15: Windex rejuvenates a sagging vag/anus!

000000  No.12121799


But then they can report record sales to the lugenpresse, who will inform the goyim, who will buy Nike stock back after dumping it.

761690  No.12121832


It's a good idea but what exactly did nike do to piss us off?

435e32  No.12121890


She's probably a striper.

e2a92b  No.12122062

Too big to fail.

41ec7f  No.12122104


Yeah I thought the same thing, something was very off about this.

36cc78  No.12122146

6cf49c  No.12122173

File: 43b864109b8928f⋯.png (45.59 KB, 777x777, 1:1, 43b864109b8928ff2eb1d21561….png)

>>12121777 (check'd)

These trips seem to confirm. Exposure is imminent.

84a032  No.12122539

File: c7a3fe87eea6d66⋯.png (126.46 KB, 300x208, 75:52, ClipboardImage.png)



This Motrin pic is the only pic I could find on the J&J story, so i posted a more fun pic of a fake shopper instead, but here you go… lol

0e0e8b  No.12123013


Greetings fellow teen

0e0e8b  No.12123034


Nice digits

8d3a8c  No.12123203


>Sending people to every store makes no sense and is inefficien

Based off of what exactly? Your opinion?

ce54de  No.12123244


Someone who believes it is ass lickers all the way down.

1cd176  No.12123253


confirmed gaslighting psyop by nike: "you dont like our nigger goy? all the other goys are throwing down lots of shekels to buy this nigger endorsed shoe!"

"Colin Kaepernick Campaign Gives Nike a Big Sales Boost"


archive isnt working for me

1cd176  No.12123261




prophetic gets

0f258b  No.12123292


Also tax avoidance!!! Huge if true

18e8b5  No.12123301


>t. lives under rock

How are you doing fellow goyim?

59e79f  No.12123326


>Based off of what exactly? Your opinion?

Based off simple logic.

>I can hire 1000 niggers and hope they keep hush about it.


>I can click Add to Cart, Quantity 1000.

We have the internet now. There is no need waste time and pay added markup with brick and mortar.

912acb  No.12123352

File: fe80b656f18a796⋯.jpg (3.42 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, Nike.jpg)

This is Nike. Those shoes are cultural appropriation and the logo is a hate symbol.

fb155c  No.12123486


Scientology is notorious for doing the same shit as well. They'd get their books on the bestseller list by buying hundreds at a time from bookstores, then sending them back to the same stores to be bought again. Oftentimes they'd even forget to remove the price stickers as well.


> Sheldon McArthur, former manager of B. Dalton Booksellers on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, said, "Whenever the sales seem to slacken and a (Hubbard) book goes off the bestsellers list, give it a week and we'll get these people coming in buying 50 to 100 to 200 copies at a crack–cash only."

> He said that while he was working at the B. Dalton in Hollywood, some books shipped by Hubbard's publishing house arrived with B. Dalton price stickers already on them. He said this indicated to him that the books had been purchased at one of the chain's outlets, then returned to the publishing house and shipped out for resale before anyone thought to remove the stickers.

>"We would order more books and . . . they'd come back with our sticker as if they were bought by the publisher," Hamel said.

9f12ae  No.12123490


>Or buy them on stolen credit cards. Then sell them for cash at the local ghetto fleamarket.

Most likely explanation.

9f12ae  No.12123494


Brilliant marketing move, Nike kikes.

d1a4b1  No.12123495

Naggers skip town and never return. They also plant evidence.

9f12ae  No.12123501


Tor Books does this as well.

5ed2a1  No.12123502

Makes sense. ICP said in a song "We used to buy our own records in all the stores so they would think it was a hot seller in all the malls"

Looks like Nike is taking that "fake it till you make it" approach.

Store manager thinks Nikes are flying off da shelves! Oy vey, it's a trick!

e10b9b  No.12123504


Back when I was 19 and capable and eager to shoot my load 10 times a day I'd hit that slut hard.

e10b9b  No.12123515


CBOT should issue an OTC derivative based on the odds of both her holes having been stretched to the max, diametrically and longtitudinally by a big black coon.

1cd176  No.12123517


except digital money leaves a paper trail and with in store cash purchases the company retains plausible deniability

c456fc  No.12123579


I helped remodel the Celine shops there, Anon. Never seen so much expensive shit in my life.

271e1f  No.12123658


If we start saying Nike Heil we lose none of the meaning and we destroy their brand overnight.

59e79f  No.12123759


>except digital money leaves a paper trail and with in store cash purchases the company retains plausible deniability

Hiring 1000 niggers doesn't leave a trail?

You going to hand them CASH and hope they don't just skip out? Or are you going to come up with 1000 credit cards? No trail there?

Can you trust 1000 people to keep a secret?

1000 people with smartphones and addictions to social media upboats?

It would be infinitely safer to just to set up a shell company that acts as a distributor that places a large order. Nike isn't some little upstart. They have a massive distribution chain and adding in one would be nothing.

cda4de  No.12123768

File: adf575aadd04bb1⋯.jpg (129.99 KB, 474x684, 79:114, th (1).jpg)

Nike's thought process.

Racism = bad

Slavery = Good

It's like they have retards on their marketing team.

c119c0  No.12123858

asians do this, get off plane, buy brand name shit, get on plane, sell in asia

d05260  No.12123878


>the holocaust happened

Get out of here with that shit.

ef1b7f  No.12123886


Looks like someone forgot their happy pills.

fb155c  No.12123894


Or they just ship it there. That's why luxury/exotic car dealers can kick you out if they think you're an exporter.

1cd176  No.12124419


niggers aren't corporate employees cmon now & read the op

c92dbb  No.12124894


NAH… The idea is to punish NIKE, Moishe.

Nice try. but we anons don't want any glowing 'human interest' stories in the local press and 'feel good' videos on local TV of smiling homeless men saying how much they are enjoying their wonderful Nikes.

Just don't buy Nike products ever again. Not now, not at Christmas, not next year - never again Nike.. Full stop.

912acb  No.12125040


Nike Heil! not bad

5b073d  No.12125057

kike buying kike shoes


912acb  No.12125111

File: f1d94191a99142d⋯.jpg (37.36 KB, 368x464, 23:29, nike_crowning_ares.jpg)


Absolutely and should a normalfag bring up the topic expatiate freely about the merits of the classical pantheon.

22ec62  No.12125121


Just got a couple of puts placed on nike

Gonna make me some money off this dumb nigger company

1cd176  No.12125128



88c06a  No.12125152


Just do fake buyer shell companies with mark to market profits. Just do Enron

47a91f  No.12127524

File: 055e78d03be2a8e⋯.jpg (96.24 KB, 886x862, 443:431, 76e20d3d77c413f93aaca1b81f….jpg)


I wish it did… Everyday

96b358  No.12128834


Should we make a petition to the Greek Ministry of Culture about it?

1b2f92  No.12129797


this has to be the most cringy photo i've seen all day. why the fuck is that thing in the middle standing like that with its feet? I can't wait until they pay their toll.

000000  No.12135100


>o-oy vey the goyim know!

hahahaha you fuckin' shills

d67e1b  No.12135363


reselling probably. Asians will even run businesses where they buy things for retail in America and sell them in China for a premium. "Stadium goods" is one such company.

Otherwise, it is likely the are buying discounted items and selling them online.

d67e1b  No.12135373


could be gypsy gangs committing credit card fraud.

16273b  No.12135518


Obviously a viral marketing attempt. Look at how it's staged. Who is taking the picture? Fake as fuck.

000000  No.12136102


This. Isn't it weird that they're progressing with the program as if people don't understand what's going on? Tipped their fedoras a little harder than necessary.

c92dbb  No.12136653

File: b303a6a395bd316⋯.jpg (701.38 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Aztec-sacrifice-01.jpg)


–even if it means sacrificing hearts to the Aztec Sun God==

f9333d  No.12136672


id checked

It's such a normie message. "believe". Wait, what the hell? Prove it first, stupid ass nigger!

26412f  No.12136683



It may not have its' feet for much longer when it gets that scootypuff ^___~

f1dce6  No.12136871


>Would a Jewish-owned apparel company experiencing a bout of terrible PR do something as sneaky as buy back their own inventory from retailers to keep them buying product, thus ensuring their stock price doesn't drop

Why not? I spent a life working in the music / major label record industry. Was common practice that if there was a record coming out that was sure to be a fail for a known artist, the label would send people to buy the records just to have high sales for the first couple of weeks in the trade papers. Also would overship orders to the record stores because Billboard didn't always track actual sales but rather how many units were shipped or moved.

Labels were known to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own product back just so the name artist wouldn't look like a flop their first week.

And no industry has more jews than the music industry. Except maybe for porn.

f1dce6  No.12136885

File: b624b2f4722c2d1⋯.png (303.79 KB, 472x470, 236:235, OffByOne.png)


still true what you said

d8d938  No.12136939


If they where asians it was credit card fraud for sure.

They send them on shopping sprees with stolen cards.

1cd176  No.12140217


000000  No.12140390

>Nike makes huge mistake

>instantly several news sources spin damage control, citing some non-existent number of increased online sales as proof that Nike didn't screw up, because the shareholders are going to be made as it drops in price

>still dropping in value

Investor confidence is against them now, the lying didn't help either. Are kike media tricks starting to fail even on normalfags? Intel's little Jewish stunt against AMD earlier this year failed in the same manner too.

0e0e8b  No.12145057


Greetings fellow teen…

0e0e8b  No.12145064


Greetings fellow meme lord teen…

fd5c52  No.12145066

This is like a known sanctuary city chastising you about having standards.

174fb6  No.12145144

Nike be good

Nike be anything a woman’s not

Nike take my life, along with yours

Nike is her name, remember it

Nike take my life along with yours

0e0e8b  No.12150644


…high much?

b71976  No.12150993

File: a3b6724fbf7f238⋯.png (232.52 KB, 620x632, 155:158, freenike.png)

And so it begins

b71976  No.12151024


>>Marketing firm buys a shit ton of nike products

>>Firm then gives away the stock of products

>>free products encourage sales to individual as well as others (the 3rd part of the form asks for social media info)

>>influx of social media users showing off nike products and their support of the brand

d0d576  No.12151060


Fill out the form, get the clothes, burn them and make a video right after explaining that you had to make a fake social media post to get the free shit because Nike is desperate to save their image

a27079  No.12151476



This. Especially for someone like me who is fucking allergic to everything.

79d5ff  No.12151490

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

865ce5  No.12151531

File: cd058c274204aed⋯.jpg (562.73 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1503868257269.jpg)


i work right next to your location. ready to go sip the fermented jew in cap hill?

4b05f8  No.12151714


>what is sarcasm?

ee102a  No.12151733


You'd likely catch something

0e1182  No.12151750


Link to site?

b71976  No.12152355



6cf32f  No.12157870



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