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6fc28c  No.12121826

Indiana University at Bloomington responded Tuesday to an anti-Semitic comment about Jewish students "taking over" the campus.

The comment was posted by an anonymous user on Greekrank, a website where students can review and comment on sororities and fraternities at different universities.

“OMG so first of all I don't want to sound racist or anything.. but like wtf why are there so many jews here at IU now wat happened?” the post (reproduced here unedited) read. “where being takin over by a bunch of hairy stink rude obnoxious jews … the girls acts so damn exclusive and if ur not jewish u can't hang out with them or even talk to them.. they give us looks like were below them and not worthy of talking too…this must end or this school is gonna go to ****!”


d2718a  No.12121833


Yeah, and? That’s what happens when you let jews control every single educational institution in your entire civilization.

28c98a  No.12121854



But it wasn't us who did it. The Boomers did it. Well, and many before that. The South lost, and with the loss of the South came circumcision for all. Thanks baby dick cutter Abraham Lincoln!

dcf6a1  No.12121855

holy moly

is this it?

are the normals waking up?

000000  No.12121862

The opening sentence of the alleged anti-jew post sounds like the caricature of what the jew and leftists think their enemies all talk like, e.g. "omg", "I'm not a racist, but …", misspelling words, etc. In a few months time we will find out this was another post made by a handrubbing overdodger that needs to be fucking slaughtered.

28c98a  No.12121876


Maybe… YOU do. What a shame.

28c98a  No.12121879


Checked. And nope. Boomers won't wake up until Fox News is brought down by the SJW.

28c98a  No.12121882


< oh good, the kikes of the North engaged in a white genocide


592012  No.12121884


This. On the next episode of "Things that Never Happened" How can anyone with low english skills be perceptive enough to deduce that someone was looking down on them? And in the most cliche manner too, "looks like were below them", I can see this being spun into "far right" issues, someone will say the female negro who wrote this post was tricked into believing conspiracy theories, then theyll bring to light really damning shit but itll be blown off as discredited because itll be linked to "racism" and "anti-semetism". Colleges are a joke and why anyone would take the people there seriously is ridiculous, just because you can afford to attend doesnt mean youve achieved this new rank in the echelon that makes you worthy of an ear let alone two.

21c97b  No.12121983

File: c2e8c6b2c4e5e4a⋯.png (151.93 KB, 1283x775, 1283:775, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit fuck that other shit, but Drudge actually brought my attention to something of interest.

28c98a  No.12121991


Meh. He rolls out the red heifer crap every few years. Check the archive.

96d9b2  No.12121996


> Jews cheat God and genetically modify heifer to signal the apocalypse, rake in tons of cash with kosher preserved meals

88d8c6  No.12121997


>calls the north jews

>when the south had an actual Jew in its government

Or was Judah P. Benjamin northern propaganda?

d2718a  No.12121999


Reported for zero effort spam. Nothing you said is accurate.

d2718a  No.12122000


You do. Kill yourself, yid.

28c98a  No.12122009

This is what a CIA post looks like. They use bots to get trips too, how lulz. They think people actually believe in them, that's how dumb those CIA nigger bug people are:


28c98a  No.12122014

What's very interesting is the CIA nigger bug people continue their civil war propaganda. You may not be informed, but now you are: that Abraham Lincoln did not in fact live, though several actors (CIA agenda workers, before the name CIA was adopted) did play the role of Lincoln.

2b08ce  No.12122128


There is a difference.

There are the end times, which won't come and there are the end times FOR THE JEWS which will come in the next decades. Actually serious, no Nostradamus shit, Seer van Rensburg instead.

2b08ce  No.12122130


While I agree with your last part of your post, those are actually Iphone/Ipad filenames retard, and any software which changes the ip for apple software will have the old school image filename

d8364a  No.12122166


Nigger, I'm on my ipad right now. There is no such thing.

What you're thinking of is from in the early iphone days where pictures had to be converted when being sent to non-apple devices. That's a thing of the past with modern MMS and smartphones. It also still doesn't explain why the image is as such here.

Educate yourself: https://8ch.net/pol/res/12116016.html

3a8485  No.12122197


Expect more of these 'incidents' to occur (as in be manufactured/falsified). Few would bother to investigate whether or not this was actually posted and if so, whether it has been edited by the press or reproduced in its entirety. This particular comment reeks of Jew because:

- The grammar and spelling appears to be deliberately poor

- This is common tactic in attempting to highlight the (((uneducated white racist)))

- Omits the sheer ugliness of the Jewess and actually states their own opinion of superiority

- Tries to tick too many Hollywood-style 'bad guy' boxes at once; including the predictable angry white male response to being rejected

d8364a  No.12122229


This, again, always look at hews like the vile scum they are. The few times I've been around groups of random jews, they scramble away from me like roaches.

5a8382  No.12122311

Bloomington is poz central for Indiana. I hate going there. It's full of nothing but chinks, gooks, niggers, faggots, and commies (and apparently jews). It was one of the only 3 counties in the state to vote hillary iirc

4d5eca  No.12122353


>OMG so first of all I don't want to sound racist or anything..


ee18ad  No.12122359

No one knew universities were so complicated…

7b22c6  No.12122382

truth hurts

ban and jail this poster

7b22c6  No.12122386

File: 32e38376a2a8dfa⋯.jpg (207.7 KB, 1488x1932, 124:161, hittler approves.jpg)

7b22c6  No.12122389

jews are just like niggers turned inside out

6fc28c  No.12122704


That file name is what happens when you post from an iPad.

fbadb1  No.12123351


>he uses /pol/ from an ipad

what a madlad

09d7e9  No.12123507


basically yeah, outside of bloomington, there's no real "diversity" in indiana… besides some random nigger neighborhoods and mexican ghettos, it's a bunch of small towns and corn

ed6b6c  No.12123528


the linguistics of the post sounds like a sheboon wrote it.

because of the "i dont want to sound racist" comment i doubt its a nigger but it is non white

im thinking spic

1e77ed  No.12123547

File: 015beece1b32d7f⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 489x640, 489:640, 5cb8322edf0491cce3f3dcf490….jpg)




My money is on "whatcha doin" with deliberate misspellings to conceal identity.

08f444  No.12123586

File: f603eb887d298ba⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 459x287, 459:287, Heil.jpg)

College has fallen so far. Is this a nigger complaining?

f93a56  No.12123588

>news article comment thread

>no archive

>OP image deleted

1e77ed  No.12123612


Dubs deserve an explanation. Mods today have been deleting images with a certain type of filename that's generated by ipads and iphones and which supposedly is traceable back to the device; search "joan" in the catalog.

38c145  No.12123648

If only you knew how bad things really are

948861  No.12123688


this is a post from some dumb broad in an exclusive club at a large State college. I'm pretty sure the WASP elite have been woke to the JQ from the beginning, and still pretty much are. its the Average Joe that has succumbed to holocaustianity and needs to become jewwise.

i hope you're right, tho


shit. probably this, tho. i forgot neurotic kikes have been "abusing" themselves on campus for decades in order to get victim points

5ddd31  No.12123715

Why does /pol/ DMCA takedown shit? It's a political board, it's nearly immune to DMCA due to parody/political discussion being protected from DMCA takedown

1e77ed  No.12123723

File: c64c43af60e8fbe⋯.jpg (156.16 KB, 799x517, 17:11, 4a8fd360f6ab10b1172b6d728d….jpg)


delete this

948861  No.12123844


>He rolls out the red heifer crap every few years

this. i first heard the red heifer thing on WND in like '98

d8364a  No.12123942

File: f241b3207d0da89⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 638x475, 638:475, 7c32cb7945f7fa90e6474e360b….jpg)


pic related

Posted from my iPad

Get rekt fat sister.

9b45d3  No.12124025

000000  No.12124397

>jews are tribal parasitic insectoid hiveminds

Wow, we don't even need a book of Revelation for this revelation.

480efe  No.12124687

Major redpill for the yoof here: it goes beyond your little campus issue. Imagine an entire massive, powerful country you inhabit where your politicians are literal citizens of a foreign, jew state and have authority to send you to die for that jew state, and where jews do thinks like massively donate to both parties to control politics, and where private, jew-run banks run the money-printing system and control the government that spends the money they profit from printing and lending. Can you even imagine what that would be like? What type of long-term consequences would there be for that country?

3346c6  No.12125691


quit it with the smiley-tier paranoid rantings. and since you don't even know what that means, you should probably >>>/cuckchan/

25d96e  No.12125799


they intentionally breed for the heifer. how are "God's Chosen" the ones who always try to cheat and trick Him?

948861  No.12125902

>>12125799 (checked)

>how are "God's Chosen" the ones who always try to cheat and trick Him?

have you ever read the Old Testament? like, become a non-christcuck, then don't go to religious services for some years, then go back and actually read the Old Testament. its literally the story of "god's chosen" kiking at every opportunity possible. Lot bargains with YHWH in an attempt to save Sodom and Gemmorah. Jacob, the main patriarch of the hebrews, steals the birthright from Esau. Laban kikes Jacob into marrying his ugly daughter, Leah, forcing him to do like 7 MORE years of servitude in order to marry Rachel, who is the original intended bride. Then, Jacob kikes Laban out of a bunch of his sheep in order to get him back for being an uber-jew. Then, Jacob makes a treaty with the King of Shechem to intermarry – but only if the men of Shechem were circumcised. He then breaks the treaty while all the men were laid up with sore dicks and his tribe murders the whole city. And, contrary to what /christian/ wants to believe, all the jewy stuff about loaning money, only make slaves of other peoples – all of what /pol/ refers to as Talmudry – its all in the fucking Old Testament.

Any objective reader of the Old Testament realizes quite quickly that the lesson the writers were trying to teach is to kike, kike early and kike hard – and never stop kiking. There is nothing of "christian morals" in the Old Testament – nothing. Those are children's stories invented by Priests and foisted upon the european population in an attempt to retcon the Old Testament into compatibility with the teachings of the Church of Rome – teachings that made unthinking, passive cattle out of the formerly proud warriors that populated the European continent. nothing could be farther from the truth

c5d231  No.12126238


every post to this anon is a CIA post. terry died and was reincarnated in this guy

d7a49d  No.12126393


Just like in Codreanu's time in university. Anyone who's read his book knows what I'm talking about. Kikes would take over universities and treat all of the non-Jews like shit.

bb2e6c  No.12129766


>if ur not jewish u can't hang out with them or even talk to them

>wanting to associate with kikes

>oh no i cant be friends with a snake

i wake up every day and am thankful that i'm not a dirty filthy conniving fucking grotesque kike.

4006ed  No.12138121

File: 0adc792bf9bc1fc⋯.jpg (74.21 KB, 638x676, 319:338, 1533518339863.jpg)

Hail Hoosier brother

c791c3  No.12138241


>every single mobile device uses those filenames.

Whelp, my relatively new ipod and android tablet doesn't do that. Proofs to the contrary?

2a1692  No.12138274

File: 9777bc2649f87dd⋯.jpg (113.15 KB, 570x387, 190:129, o-SWASTIKA-570.jpg)

(((they))) can never, ever, draw them right

8146e9  No.12138470


this issue is not exclusive to universities anon…

5d9235  No.12138538


>Any objective reader of the Old Testament realizes quite quickly that the lesson the writers were trying to teach is to kike, kike early and kike hard – and never stop kiking. There is nothing of "christian morals" in the Old Testament – nothing.

Really? Only a jew would get that lesson. Any sane person would get the lesson: "he who tries to fuck over God gets fucked over harder, and forever". The Old Testament is how we know the jews really are God's Chosen people… chosen out of all other peoples to be permanently denied salvation for all of their sins throughout history. Chosen to burn in Hell without any chance of forgiveness, mercy, or redemption.

Leave it to a jew to pretend the Old Testament is anything but a warning to everyone to NOT be a fucking jew.

5d9235  No.12138546


>Except that’s a hoax

Hi fat sister!

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