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File: 2076ad82a60de47⋯.jpg (26.79 KB, 617x277, 617:277, uncircumcised-circumcised-….jpg)

935c72  No.12122019

i really dont know why you guys dont go harder after this. the jews are notorious for being non-religious and secular but at the same time making fun of other religions. "why are you christian? draw mohammed! buddhism is for hippies." etc, etc, etc. But they retain their weird sand-dune semetic tribe bullshit and close ethnic ties. let's go after their most obvious and weird desert cult bullshit, circumcision. it's the easiest, most overt and scientifically and especially psychologically fucked. ive studied politics for a long time. if i had to attack the jews, this would be the best, covert and somewhat true way.

e703db  No.12122032

>I dont know why you dont go harder on entry-level JQ discussion

0a3d7f  No.12122034


>i really don’t know why you guys dont go harder after this.

Because you need to lurk the fuck more.

2191ec  No.12122051

File: ae3fc5ebaf454f7⋯.png (26.41 KB, 251x354, 251:354, antisage.png)


I agree.

791a6c  No.12122073

File: d74009f88f2a177⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 504.02 KB, 1920x1766, 960:883, 0b03bbc5f528ae1dffa08fd4e9….jpg)

File: 9a1e6b1ef57cd0b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 449.59 KB, 798x816, 133:136, 9a1e6b1ef57cd0b258e54207ad….png)

File: 7d3110383721ff5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 571.01 KB, 836x983, 836:983, 43a6125564ffb99a0b66be7756….png)

File: 218adc409cfaae1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.6 KB, 720x507, 240:169, 218adc409cfaae18c2a77e7667….jpg)

File: 60170a15a79c532⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 452.54 KB, 660x581, 660:581, 60170a15a79c532d357dca7e95….png)

This is a big one to me, and I'm consistently disappointed by people's "meh" attitude towards it. Basically none of the ecelebs (apart from Stefan) have a strong anti-genital mutilation stance; most defend their mutilated cocks. It's a personal vanity issue. Nobody with a rekt dick wants to admit some evil, traumatizing shit happened to them. They want it to be normal.

836e9a  No.12122082

>save kikes from being mutilated

Hahahaha haha, no.

791a6c  No.12122090

File: 5aef426c0b9a4e3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 740.03 KB, 1185x1325, 237:265, 5aef426c0b9a4e3c95bdc762e8….png)

File: a85be27f5170635⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 75.92 KB, 1872x740, 468:185, 6e1f8e82c24b248fb9dc2650cf….png)

File: d8f1e457b795094⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.13 KB, 653x1024, 653:1024, 19d6c91bf6403b16f9ce337032….jpg)

File: 06a44bd61ac8825⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.86 KB, 641x707, 641:707, 35e4f8b698f95dbc31924608a6….png)

File: 7b43b0b0726bb30⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 967.48 KB, 1048x1570, 524:785, 389fa33e3ac1c331c6d2ff5e53….jpg)

791a6c  No.12122092

File: 10e07a954785fb6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.62 KB, 960x724, 240:181, ef2cfc6e432e1400243f7f4728….jpg)

File: fab5e0a6bf83cae⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 2872x2168, 359:271, fab5e0a6bf83cae12dda7556ec….png)

File: a3492545f0580ec⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.49 KB, 900x1098, 50:61, genital mutilation double ….jpg)

File: a79dc4f455f54f7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.02 KB, 720x693, 80:77, genital mutilation relevan….jpg)

File: 0883f61a9026e83⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.38 KB, 720x720, 1:1, male genital mutilation.jpg)

6f93d8  No.12122094


Mine was exceptionally well done by any standard, but I'm still furious every day about being mutilated as an infant because of kikes.

791a6c  No.12122096

File: 526a50aafa281d8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.41 KB, 570x800, 57:80, 526a50aafa281d800f6930e4aa….jpg)

File: 02aa7a2905e0bc8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 36.12 KB, 370x1031, 370:1031, 5667fd75488c33358bd7084bf5….png)

File: 53808b6935dfda2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 480.02 KB, 1763x2966, 1763:2966, 53808b6935dfda2cc900c1a238….jpg)

File: fd58f92c97d4930⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 111.81 KB, 498x720, 83:120, c65720721b6f24fd8ecd29fe62….png)

File: ef1e330e77c3e4a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.84 KB, 750x601, 750:601, ef1e330e77c3e4aa4f415b9a99….jpg)

7eb86f  No.12122108


I've been restoring for a bit less than a month, went from CI2 to almost CI3. Just that small amount alone and sex with the wife is so much better. This is a really good idea because once people even try to restore and attain any sense of "recovery" they will truley know what they lost. That alone should piss you off, just don't be an idiot and blame your parents for taking falsified medical studies as accurate. On another level it works because it isn't tainted with the "Nazi" jew-jew people usually shy away from, and also carries with it a sense if empathy for those who have had the procedure. It's babies first redpill, but it's a far easier barrier to entry than anything else that has been tried.

e703db  No.12122110


more about saving American white babies from being circumsized.

How fucking stupid are you?

791a6c  No.12122121


>my nose was exceptionally well broken by any standard

>my hand was exceptionally well degloved by any standard

>my head was exceptionally well scalped by any standard

>my eyelid was exceptionally well removed by any standard

This is how ridiculous that sentence sounds to me. At least you're still pissed.


Good for you.

836e9a  No.12122123



>"are you German"

The Jew cries out in sexual frustration as he stabs you.


No, your parents are nigger.

Stop bumping this kike pity party.

791a6c  No.12122127

File: 5b1f80afd0c82c2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, this guy is a jew.jpg)

7eb86f  No.12122129


How is it a kike party? Just because a kike researched it and did a presentation on it? If his research or the information on /pol/ wasn't sound then I might agree with you, but there is no harm in bringing this to light. Name one bad thing that would come out of it? Pro fucking tip, you can't.

836e9a  No.12122132

Nigger ideal in this thread.


Call it karmic justice, mutt.

836e9a  No.12122133


I have no idea what you are on about. Intact peeps don't dwell on muty problems.

3ec081  No.12122142


>ban circumcision

>suddenly Goldman Sachs goes bankrupt

>Bilderberg Group disbanded

>currency moves away from fiat

>Israel wiped off the face of the map

>Hitler becomes a savior in the eyes of the public

>4th Reich formed

935c72  No.12122144


thats not the avenue to go for. the avenue to push is the psychological damage this does. kike ritual knows this and encourages this, to create despotic little villains. trauma you feel is actually projected onto you and thats the way you feel about the world. so if a soldier sees people dying, he will assume responsibility and his soul will be in question, unless he believe his cause is 100% just. same with bad trips on drugs, if you're unprepared psychologically and in a bad environment, you will have deep scars.

935c72  No.12122148


unfortunately women don't care about your pleasure. the liberals want to destroy the male, but they have a very big "shelter" culture that promotes no pain. they believe in bread and circuses and nothing more. freedom, sexual liberation of genders, women, etc. we need to mask this as a traumatizing event for the child, which it is and get jews within their own tribe to question it. it will disseminate seeds which will grow deeply which can be used for further divisions. we need to divide the jews, the orthodox from the secular first. then press further.

2efb60  No.12122150

Banning circumcision should be a core policy for any serious Nationalist/National Socialist party.

791a6c  No.12122153



How 'bout we all stop calling it that. It's mutilation.

eb5b11  No.12122154


That's what the ADL wants the public to believe.

935c72  No.12122155

if you guys were smart you'd push that all men are evil because they are circumcised. just say, all men prototypes of aggression and hatred towards women stems from this psychological trauma indured from circumcision. then you unite the right by saying what a barbaric practice it is in the old testament and that jesus wasn't circumcised (lie). then you push to the middle ground, hey circumcision is bad for a whole plethora of chances of where and how it can fuck up. and big companies make a big profit out of it. hit all three and get the left, right and middle to unite and the jew will shake and splinter along this divide.

836e9a  No.12122158


>implying this isn't just a reflection of kikes natural gynocentrism

>Jews can be reasoned with

t. half dick kike

935c72  No.12122159


this is bad. it's mislabeling the issue. you can call it what you want but for the sake of conformity, please call it what it is, circumcision. it's given that title to make it sound less threatening. we're not trying to make mutilation sound any less worse than it is. it's terrible. but we're trying to take that soft word of circumcision and make it sound much, much, much worse akin to mutilation. then and only then the public can cry out in fury.

2efb60  No.12122160


Yes, it certainly is. Genital mutilation has no place in the West.

7eb86f  No.12122165


Division amongst Jews is a good thing, however I think something bigger is needed.


Something like this.

Although, whatever it is it would need to start small. Maybe free flyers at planned Parenthood about the dangers of circumcision. Flyers at churches about how it is an affront to Christians.

935c72  No.12122168


give me an argument, nice strawman faggot

moving on. the only weakness is if this picks up steam, kike doctors will come out of the woodwork. the best point is to subtly point out all these doctors are in fact, jewish. then find goyim doctors that argue against it and cause further divisiveness amongst the medical community to spotlight the jews. if we push this long, hard and right, we can get the jews to capitulate on this one, shift the cultural narrative and for the first time in their thousands old narrative of sand-nigger tier doon cune monkey kabalatic satanic books a real crack in the glass.

935c72  No.12122170


>>Division amongst Jews is a good thing, however I think something bigger is needed.

Start small. Go big. That's how all the right things start. what you want to go straight to blood libel and Palestinian genocide? no, strike in the corners.

you got it though with the flyers. start small. very small.

791a6c  No.12122171



Fuck off, kike. Not even reading the rest of your horseshit.

935c72  No.12122174


t. moron that doesn't understand politics and wants to march on washington with le windmills of friendship

grow up faggot and move out of your moms basement. real politics is subtle, far more clever for your too dumb mind

836e9a  No.12122176


I know it's hard for you to gain the proper perspective, but not everything revolves around your mutilated penis. Move on with your life. ;)

860405  No.12122179

File: bd4966d26f50de9⋯.jpg (4.11 KB, 225x225, 1:1, b8.jpg)


>typing like a self-righteous reddit faggot while simultaneously sperging about muh optics AND reddit spacing

No further explanation needed.


Oh jew!

791a6c  No.12122180


>mutilation isn't mutilation, it's "circumcision"

Uphold your jewish language somewhere else. Nobody here is gonna fall for it. Also, learn to use shift, you retard. Are you a teenage girl jew?

7eb86f  No.12122186


He's right, the flyers are a good place to start. If anyone here doesn't remember the general population is really fucking stupid, they will need to be bottle-fed the conversion of the word circumcision to mutilation. Flyers could have the word circumcision in the title, and then subtle lines about mutilation synthesizing the words into one.

791a6c  No.12122199


I didn't read his post after the point that he insisted mutilation isn't mutilation, but rather "circumcision". I'm not against tact, but I'm wholly against not calling things what they are. That's what liars do because they're lying. So, no, I don't agree at all. Speak the truth.

473421  No.12122349

It's very simple:

Do you support the sexual torture and sexual mutilation of babies, yes or no? Simple question, yes or no? If you're in favor of circumcision then you support the sexual mutilation and sexual torture of babies. You're no better than a pedophile, and worse than some pedophiles.

18b54a  No.12122371

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Didn't Iceland try it but basically all the "faith leaders" across Europe denounced such an action because it'd be hurting "religious freedoms" in "Western Countries"? Also then Iceland got its first permanent Rabbi. Its an issue the jews won't give ground on but Whites certainly will with any push back.

fe50a4  No.12122392

File: 4a93685c826666f⋯.png (548.58 KB, 999x666, 3:2, 4a93685c826666fedb650cd247….png)


473421  No.12122394


Iceland has no brothers. None of these other countries have any real right wing. There may be like what? .01% in some European countries? So curse Europe, and curse Iceland (commonly considered part of Europe).

Curse South Africa too. They are cucks, so let them pay the cuck's price.

Curse Australia likewise.

8b46cf  No.12122400


iceland banned it right?

I don't know what happened in denmark but it was up for talk there too. if they both banned it, it will be illegal here too, as it should. mutilating a baby for religious reasons is insane and should be punished for so

8b46cf  No.12122402


>Iceland has no brothers.

what is norway?

what is the faroe islands?

we're lit the same people, go kys

473421  No.12122406


But you don't get it. Even the most right-wing elements of those countries don't consider themselves out brothers. I'm saying they wouldn't lend a hand, that's what I'm saying.

And such? Curse them.

And those that are not as I describe? Then they are truly brothers, but I must inform you sadly that there exist no such creatures.

Men of worth are rare.

And all are American, though there may be a few Japanese or German, but Germany itself, indeed Japan, are to be cursed, for they are anti-white.

a4c0f5  No.12122407

This is a good front to attack, where we'll get the support of tons of normies and even leftards, too.

a281b2  No.12122415


Jew circumcise themselves and their slaves.

Aka, meme wise, circumcised people are the slaves of the jews.

Aka, if we stop this shit, it will have the memetic effect of the white race breaking the shackles the jew put on us.

8b46cf  No.12122416



you got the anglosphere, this is the norsesphere. it used to include the orkneys(orkeyjar) and shetland(hjaltland) too, they spoke a language there called norn kinda like on the faroes, but it is long gone now. still many there identify as such


>I'm saying they wouldn't lend a hand, that's what I'm saying.

sadly our rulers are traitors and outright cunts, it's very dissapointing. I know exactly what you are talking about. during the crash of 08 they could with ease bailed you out, but you are not a nigger so they didn't, people hérna were furious over this

8b46cf  No.12122421

File: 5082223fa7b6795⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1674x3136, 837:1568, norn.jpeg)



Favor i ir i chimrie,

Helleur ir i nam thite,

gilla cosdum thite cumma,

veya thine mota vara gort

o yurn sinna gort i chimrie,

ga vus da on da dalight brow vora

Firgive vus sinna vora

sin vee Firgive sindara mutha vus,

lyv vus ye i tumtation,

min delivera vus fro olt ilt.



65a532  No.12122427

File: 7c386d3a1d86b00⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1320x1064, 165:133, OY.png)


Ironic, coming from the mouth of the shekel sucker himself.

6f93d8  No.12122428


Burn in hell kike, it's fucking MUTILATION.











I, like so many others was mutilated at birth so some fat kike jewess could have exotic facials. I can't even begin to fathom a torture and suffering appropriate for you yids…

9a0348  No.12122430


you are proud to have your dick cut off "better than others" ? your mother is a whore and a coalburner for forcing you to have your dick cut off. you should kill them at least

6f93d8  No.12122463


You have the context wrong, it's irredeemable no matter how subjectively well it went.

8b46cf  No.12122464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


never forget!

81ddf4  No.12122556

What the fuck do they do with all the foreskin afterwards? Fucming ass backwards fuckery shenanigans. Fucking niggers.

8b46cf  No.12122559


they probably make expensive dresses out of it, you know jews it's always about the money

2191ec  No.12122563


my mind is fucking blown.

1b8a72  No.12122570



they make skincare creams for women

791a6c  No.12122581

File: 55d9574de7c9498⋯.jpg (200.25 KB, 685x754, 685:754, Oprah foreskin cream.jpg)


>if people want to mutilate boys, let them.

Kill yourself.



5753c1  No.12122621

Circumcision, or rather male genital mutilation, should be banned, but you don't need to point out it is jewish. Just that it is a

retarded relic, comparable to other penis mutilating practices by other cultures, and should be banned. Just like female genital mutilation

is banned in numerous countries.

Sell it as a general ban on all genital mutilation done on children <18 as such a descicion can't be made by the parents for the child. Considering the impart on sexual health.


>It's their boys

Yeah, lets just ignore the 10's of millions mutilated white dicks in the USA.

You are either a butt(dick)hurt reddit spacing jew or just really dumb. The amount of flack Iceland took shows they care about it deeply. But the great thing is that you don't even have to mention jews at all in your argumentation.

deaf14  No.12122628

I had to tell the literal kike doctor and his kike nurses several times not to circumcise my son. They kept sending someone else to ask me. At first I was annoyed, then I started taking pleasure in telling them NO when I figured out they were all jews.

2efb60  No.12122632


That's what you have to watch out for. They'll use every trick in the book, even so far as to wait till you're absent and pressure the mother.

2191ec  No.12122641

File: 0dd717ee129dca6⋯.jpg (44.17 KB, 505x677, 505:677, christ.jpg)





you niggers really do glow in the fucking dark. cia/jidf is going to have to try much harder than that. the day of the rope is almost here.

1 Thessalonians 2:14-15

For you, brothers, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus that are in Judea. For you suffered the same things from your own countrymen as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out, and displease God and oppose all mankind

01fb7b  No.12122657

File: cc1bea1f19a97d9⋯.png (2.94 MB, 3000x5000, 3:5, circumcision.png)

Any lawfags in here know how we could apply the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause and the 1996 FGM act, 18 U.S. Code § 116, in court?

70d788  No.12122667


>i really dont know why you guys dont go harder after this.


>Because you need to lurk the fuck more.

/thread tbh. This is the one thing that we push for the hardest. The problem is that it doesn't come up very often in normal conversations.

ff5c6a  No.12122695


Fuck this niggers

d8ae03  No.12122764


The biggest barrier that i commonly encounter is that large numbers of slave-goy have become judaizers identifying with their mutilation. Pamphlets and flyer strategies have been employed for decades with little effect, because the strategy is based on logic and reason, whereas the choice to mutilate your son comes from a gut-level horror at the thought that you have been harmed down there, a thought usually suppressed by cutting your own son.

We need an approach that delivers a gut-blow to cutter parents. I propose educating the xhildren directly under the eyes of their parents during sports games in public parks. The parents are forced to seeth as little Jonny in left field learns that he has lost a third of his penis.

We should aim for pre-pubescent boys, as they do not yet identify with their sexuality and by extension phalluses. Ive tried making threads on this, but mods keep nuking them.

d8ae03  No.12122784

File: 783f8cc39731077⋯.jpg (3.51 MB, 4160x2080, 2:1, 20180814_194721.jpg)


Signs can be ordered from Bloodstained Men, or you can make your own. Aim for simple language. Instead of words like circumcision and mutilation, we need to talk about cutting parts off of babies' penises, something to break the spell of medicalized propriety.

ff5c6a  No.12122795


penis chop-chop, sliced dick, cock fillet.

8b46cf  No.12122805


I thought they used semen for that

regardless, this is an evil business, which should be outlawed everywhere. there is lit no excuse for mutilating a baby for some kind of fucked up religious belief.

ffs we used to throw unwanted babies on spears here so they would go to valhalla, but that was made illegal by harald the first in the fucking 800ds, yet here we are with sick people mutilating baby benises

d8ae03  No.12122833


Yes! These are good, I'll be putting them into a monologue in the next week or so. My local rec league's baseball season is about to start.

8b46cf  No.12122843

File: 12b86e9693ff6cd⋯.jpg (12.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


8b46cf  No.12122845

File: df4971be8b09c34⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 3300x2550, 22:17, Ike-Broflovski-01.jpg)

that happened to me once too when I was a kid, there was a portal in my closet which monsters came out from, then they would go under my bed

d8ae03  No.12122846



Are these what new chatbots look like? Interdasting.

1bd893  No.12122847


What's ironic is that Stefan had a Jewish mother himself, but possibly that drove him to his view on circumcision (he's not Bobby Fischer tier, but Stefan's okay in my book at the moment).

8b46cf  No.12122849


no… it doesn't quite work like that, I am analyzing this my self

8b46cf  No.12122850


my god, this is exactly what a chinese bot would say

d8ae03  No.12122876


A couple interviews back, David Duke finished his interview with (((JF))) with a thorough assault on cutting baby penis. (((Peinovich))) has said some pretty woke stuff about the metaphysics of it, saying that Jews seem to almost gain spiritual power from the metaphorical mountain of foreskin that gets removed.


3:10:50, it's the 2nd superchat

Hey Elliott (youtube liftbro) came out STRONG against it recently. When Styxx did his most recent video on the American muslims performing female circumcision (always refer to it as this, to trigger your opposition), he spent half the video denouncing cutting parts off of baby penises. Finally, Patrick Little is against it, but he doesn't seem to understand the power of demagoguing on this issue, so he hasn't incorporated it into his public appearances much.

There's been more comments, but no one has really gone through and put them all together. I generally try to keep track of them though. Gregory Malchuk is pretty good about going to these e-celebs and trying to get them to speak out against this publicly. Lt Corbis would be a goldmine, as we'd reach hundreds of thousands of teen boys. These boys could later form a fighting/protesting force against the mutilation. They would also be in a good position to prepare legal cases for when they turn 18.

If anyone here is under 18 or knows an underage person angry about circumcision, reach out to ARCLaw (Attorneys for the Rights of the Child) to see if you have a case.

Ideally, we eventually get class action lawsuits against hospitals and insurers and use the proceeds to fund TISSUE REGENERATION, but that's a long-term goal. We have to win the culture war first by breaking the taboo against talking about this in public.

ff5c6a  No.12122936


newfags forgot how to talk properly… another eternal september

3a04cf  No.12122963


>kike - circumcision - good

>muzzie - genital mutilation - bad

it's only 'genital mutilation' when it's done to a muzzie vagina

e2b0fd  No.12122996


a little skin doesnt fix the actual nerves that got cut off

3a04cf  No.12123186


the male brain never fully matures because cells vital to male brain maturation are missing. The practice is delayed in Judaism until after the boy has matured, then it is removed: bar mitzvah

so many wonder what happened to cause White men to become pussies compared to what they're known for historically, and circumcision/newborn male genital mutilation plays a huge role

it is also historically the sign/mark of a slave; like the eunuch

935c72  No.12123218


I am not circumcised.


>>Are you a teenage girl jew?

That doesn't even make sense.


He gets it.


No you're just retarded.


Division. Call it circumcision but describe it as mutilation. You don't understand.


This entire post is made up or wrong.

ff5c6a  No.12123238


> Reddit spacing

Unfuck yourself before going all out about banning mutilation

3a04cf  No.12123258


>This entire post is made up or wrong

What a well thought-out … nay, a cogent response, anon. Such attention to detail on your part will totally convince all of the other anons that you're, and my post was wrong. And the great news, is that you don't sound like a fucking jew, at all.

d8ae03  No.12123263


>The practice is delayed in Judaism until after the boy has matured, then it is removed: bar mitzvah

No, it's removed on the 8th day after birth, because the female blood of childbirth is considered to be contaminating the boy for the first 7 days of life. On the 8th day, the boy is cut, and the male blood, embodying the generative force, purifies the boy and brings him into the tribe.

Source: first 30 pages of Leonard Glick's "Marked in Your Flesh" (a book on the Jewish significance of cutting baby penis. Read at your own peril; it's quite a black pill)

>so many wonder what happened to cause White men to become pussies compared to what they're known for historically, and circumcision/newborn male genital mutilation plays a huge role

I agree that it's a form of spiritual castration. Glick confirms.

In the Torah, in one story, a tribe of Israelites tricks another tribe by agreeing to give up one of their daughters *if and only if* the other tribe circumcises all the men. On the 3rd day after the group circumcision, while the freshly circumcised tribe nursed their wounds, the first tribe mentioned ran through the village, killing all the men and taking the women as slaves.


The idea that circumcision is mutilation is too jarring to insinuate into the mind of a reader, imho, or at least too jarring to significantly move the needle on this issue. I propose an emotional gut-punch: directly educate the children.

If you have the stones, go to sports events and drop off and pickup at elementary schools, and talk about this issue for ~5 minutes. If you're worried about being doxxed, go to the young adult section of your local library and drop cards about circumcision into books marketed at boys. Here are the cards I use for that.


8b46cf  No.12123341


I am from the nordic restance something.

hitler and stuff, come see us

>never heard they mention göbbels

we're natsoc, come fight us, vote I mean

ffs this is the most tragic election shit ever. SAD NMR. SAD

ff5c6a  No.12123427


NRM were fags in disc0rd and they got pwned twice, once by UnicornRiot and the other is in August (DB is in an .onion site)

1dd10b  No.12123603

>anti-circumcision thread

>gets autosaged

But "someone said something slightly negative about jews at a college let's comment on this unarchived news article because nu/pol/ is nothing but a comments section now" is ok, right?

935c72  No.12123643


exactly. we have lots of jewish filth to wipe off this board.

2daa5f  No.12123665



d8ae03  No.12123714


Not him, sorry. IDK if he lurks on these boards. I have a friend who's trying to get in contact with him, but personally I find him too cringey to get through. If you can get through the cringe though, I think some of his research was probably pretty good.

d8ae03  No.12123717


I made 2 threads on circumcision in the last day talking about how to effectively protest (see my posts above, talking about parent-child education), and they both got nuked within 4 hours. How can you tell if a thread is being auto-saged? I think mods are against us on this topic, but I'd love to have a method of firm confirmation.

d8ae03  No.12123729


Based on mod behavior, I think this thread is going to disappear soon. If anyone is interested in an effective protest strategy, join me on leddit. I've tried making threads here, but clearly the mods won't allow us to meaningfully impact the real world, at least on this issue.


935c72  No.12123738



mods are absolute kikes always. they'll never let anything have any real impact. i'll join you on reddit brother

8b46cf  No.12123788

I didn't even still remember my astterix and obelix stuff, then I realized that was actually france and I got really sad

473421  No.12123945


>i'll join you on reddit brother


Everyone who knows is fully aware of how completely spied, pozzed, ban-happy reddit is.


935c72  No.12124003


not as fucking half retarded as some of the fucking apes i have to deal with here. on a specific topic that's vaguely outside PC lines, it's okay. anything like the holocaust is fake (which it is) is not welcome there. maybe if a fuckign Neanderthal like yourself wouldn't find the need to object everything out of spite, we could actually make some progress here

d8ae03  No.12124046


In reddit.com/r/mensrights, there is some discussion of CUTTING BABY PENIS allowed. If you want your foreskin back (which will require social pressure on the government to fund tissue regen), go to my thread, comment, upboat, etc. Without participation in radical action on this issue, you and I will die without ever having enjoyed an entire penis. I don't want that; do you?

473421  No.12124072


>some discussion

Trust me on this. Reddit is a rotting vine.

473421  No.12124077


Oh no, Reddit is very bad. This is less bad, but very bad. But reddit is worse. Look, you do know they're going to positively massacre men's spaces on Reddit, this year, right? Now that the big dogs, fb, etc. have done so, they'll do it without much anyone noticing…

d8ae03  No.12124113


Then let's push this RIGHT NOW, while we have access to a platform with 187k subs. are you stupid or jewish? a radical protest strategy requires angry young men of arms-bearing age to know what the strategy is and how they can get involved. MensRights subreddit = disaffected college students. Strike now, BEFORE it gets gutted.

473421  No.12124138


Wait hol up. I SUPPORT trolling reddit keek. It's just never going to be our home.

d8ae03  No.12124160


Ah, my mistake, i misunderstood. then i agree with you 100%. can I get an upboat to try to push the normie leddit'ers to be our cannon fodder in the fight against the kike?

567073  No.12125526

fact: circumcision is a leading cause of erectile disorders later in life.

fact: ED leads to use of Viagra.

fact: lots of Viagra use by rich old people has led to it being included in their taxpayer-funded healthcare.

fact: feminist hambeasts have been complaining about having to pay for old peoples' boner pills.

therefore: if feminists ever realize that circumcision eventually leads to them having to pay for boner pills, they'll be complaining about it, and will eventually be duped into fighting this fight while we sit back

c7d02e  No.12125631


Women in general like the power of making a decision about a boy's genitalia, as a consequence free (for them at least) fuck you to men.

0053aa  No.12125915


I don't know the situation with the mods, but if the thread ops are as low quality as this one it doesn't suprise me. Lots of threads are anchored or locked simply because they have little effort put into them. A general circumcision activism thread might have more success, but this one seems to be doing fine. It can also attract lots of D&C shills using Christianity as a fracture point.

Fun fact, the Catholic Church ruling is very much against circumcision, as they are against mutilation of body parts and any religious mutilation.

It also says in the Bible that circumcision is no longer a covenant, and has no religious significance. So use those facts to redpills the religious that they are committing a grave sin by mutilating their child.

Men's Rights groups and ironically Christian groups should be our greatest weapons.

791a6c  No.12126042


>What's ironic is that Stefan had a Jewish mother himself,

I don't believe that. I've heard the supposed incriminating evidence, and it doesn't conclude a jewish mother. He says his mother was "born into a pretty jewish clan" during a talk where he's trying to signal against Hitler's Germany. I did hear something about people getting his mother and stepmother confused, though, and that his stepmother was jewish.

I like Stefan for certain things, and not for others, same as any other person. His relationship advice is excellent, and he's been decent enough to side with nationalists, and whites rather than staying retardedly purist ancap, like Larken Rose and (((others))).


Elliot was one of my first mentors on fitness, good to hear he's against mutilating babies. Not surprised, he's pretty holistic.

845f4b  No.12126278


>oy vey dont unmask our crypto-kike! he's a goy just like you!

Stefanovitch Molybergstein is a


d2f18f  No.12126354


77e394  No.12126391


Doesnt matter. The point is that if any Catholics question anti circumcision, you simply point out that they are committing a grave sin on par with cutting any other part of a man's body off.

You don't have to believe the Vatican is good to use their rules.

61e82b  No.12126858


Most mothers were told to circumscribe "because of hygiene issues".

61e82b  No.12126866


Looks like someone is jelly their dick was cut and is trying to equivocate. How about your eye lids, your finger nails, ear lobes? Cut those off, too, yes? Fucking amateur.

61e82b  No.12126871

Has anyone mentioned the fact that cutting off foreskin leaves your dick numb-like? The head is very sensitive but when you cut off the foreskin all those years of no protection leaves your dick desensitized.

1b8a72  No.12126900


(((gee, clipping nails once a week and sometimes scooping out gunk after kitchen-related work sure is inconvenient, I should cut my finger tips clean off)))


Fun fact, muslims used to neuter boyslaves as harem guards to literally remove their sex drive.

Jews preferred mutilating their slaves so they don't have joy from sex, but still have strength to fight.


You could try, but you forgot who owns american courts.

5fb0e1  No.12127609


fun rage educing fact: the least sensitive part of a natural penis is still more sensitive than the most sensitive part of a circumcised penis.

ca94d8  No.12129625

File: 98726aa1f52ea10⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 645x756, 215:252, 1536522197103.jpg)

The Messiah told them they don't need to be circumsized and the Israelites followed. Why do the (((Pharizees))) are keep practising it after almost 2000 years? What do they gain from it? Or … from the foreskin?

962d9b  No.12129713


I remember when I first found out about this trauma based mind control kike ritual.

1b8a72  No.12129764




1b59aa  No.12155708


While your reasons are wrong, your actions are right and you have my support.

I do think you should do it to save the kids rather than harm the kikes though.

1b59aa  No.12155714


>we need to mask this as a traumatizing event for the child

Yes because chopping off some of the most sensitive parts off the body of a 5 day old baby is not traumatizing at all.

1b59aa  No.12155716


>>lets lie

How about NO?

dbe8b3  No.12155806


They don't accept that Messiah they are instead waiting for Satan to help them out.

877e28  No.12155959

Women in the US are so marinated in the Feminist ideology, they cannot wrap their minds around waiting to allow the boy to become a man, before deciding to get snipped by his own choice.

-Never in a million years will women make the connection that the male brain can only fully develop when he is uncut

-But, they will find an effeminate boy that is a quasi-fag that wants to turn his peen into a dysfunctional vagina as "normal"

67cb10  No.12155999


His mother literally isn't Jewish, nor his stepmother, nor anybody in his family. He was just trying to counter signal Hitler and just straight up lied. Anne Coulter did the same kinda thing. Back in the Bush years she claimed to have a Muslim boyfriend to counter claims of Islamophobia, despite the fact that she didn't. She just straight up lied. These people didn't anticipate that white nationalism was the future and made up dumb lies about themselves when they were still in 'democrats are the real racists' mode.

3b2817  No.12156019

Yea but the thing is that it's statistically proven that 132% of all women prefer circumsized cock, that the thought of having to put their mouth around a smelly, shmegma filled slug cock turns them desert dry. Obviously it's cultural at this point, because western women are so used to seeing circumsized cock that a regular wiener makes them projectile vomit, but regardless of the reasons why, it's still the outcome. This also leads to the other statistical fact that 187% of uncircumsized men have pent up aggression towards the practice because whenever a lady sees their ween they get grossed out and insult it.

a75904  No.12156098

I don't mind it tbh. if the procedure is safe, i'll prob get my sons done. the ancient egyptians also used to do it, so i don't know about this volcano demon bs

380e9a  No.12156105

File: cca8141e1195433⋯.jpg (193.83 KB, 600x800, 3:4, naom_IS_usa.jpg)


79fb7e  No.12156114


Yes, female genital mutulation is banned, but boys not. Something is going wrong.

The doctor said, I would need a circumcison, when I was a kid. Because my foreskin would be too tight somewhere. But my mother stepped in and said, that it also can be done later, when it acctually is a problem. It never became a problem and I actually think that my foreskin is completely normal

845f4b  No.12156147



some litteral JIDF in here

just can't help posting when it's about cock mutilation

67cb10  No.12156188


If Stefan Molyneux was a crypto-Jew he wouldn't publicly claim to be Jewish. Is your theory that he suddenly forgot that he was supposed to be hiding it?

9b1684  No.12156709

File: bf3c4c8af11a364⋯.png (394.11 KB, 944x1418, 472:709, ytf65d46f7gbn.png)

File: 8e713e2f75fe509⋯.png (73.68 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 8e713e2f75fe5090fe04089832….png)

661c1e  No.12156723


So fucking obvious at this point.

2438ef  No.12156742



and Kosher food

get that shit banhammered too. Use animal cruelty as an excuse

normally cows are hit in the head, swift and painles, but the Kosher sacrifice involves hanging them and bleeding them dry, wich is long and painfull

this may not seem much but these small things are the methods by wich kikes keep their familly together, besides, making Kosher food may be a ways for them to know wich food ain't poisoned, if Kosher food is gone they'll have to eat the smae poison as the goyim

lastly, all jews are psychos and part of the reason for that is because they suffer a very strong phisical and mental trauma at a very young age, nuke circumsition and in just one generation we may start seing kikes with something similar to a concience

6fd41e  No.12156762


Make Juda rituals illegal and chip away at their culture. If they protest, it makes them look like animal abusers, child abusers, etc.

DOTR is a childish fantasy. We win this war one small victory at a time.

2438ef  No.12156764





you kikes have always been masters of hyperbole… well, on second though, the word "mastery" would imply that your ilk actually gets away in deceibing people when you use it, and that's clearly not the case here

beside smell is a matter of personal hygiene something that's probably scarce in the desert

c62f21  No.12156772


Hello jew

54bf10  No.12156778


>exceptionally well done

Same here.

>I'm still furious every day about being mutilated as an infant because of kikes

Same here!

I can't stand how this shit gets brushed aside just because its a social norm.

9b1684  No.12156790


On the one hand I don't like poking fun at guys because what happened was out of their control. On the other, there really is this meh attitude about the whole thing that pisses me off. How hard is it for men to grow a pair and say, this was wrong, I won't let it happen to my kid.

6fd41e  No.12156801


Once you are not happy about being mutilated, it opens up a huge emotional can of worms that is not fun to deal with.

I envy the guys who don't care.

1b59aa  No.12159052


Women are trash.

What they prefer is irrelevant.

58d4ac  No.12159086

File: 2a37de31c9e5805⋯.jpg (88.05 KB, 640x628, 160:157, 45645.jpg)


>female circumcision

0a9ff7  No.12159450

Remember always jews are a matralinial society. Cucking their men is instrumental.

958f7a  No.12159529

>again using kike terminology

call it infant mutilation, you will never make way using their terminology

791a6c  No.12159558


Stefan didn't even lie, though, is my point. That statement people here like to use against him in no way concludes his mother being jewish. If she's jewish, or he wanted people to think she's jewish why wouldn't he just say "She's jewish"? Instead he said "born into a pretty jewish clan", because, as you say, he was counter signalling. Trying to get that victim-cred to help legitimize his ancap stance against authoritarian structures (the most infamous of which, thanks to the kikes, is NatSoc Germany). Stefan mostly talks to normies, and so him presenting his position as the opposite of "Nazism" (evil in their eyes) is great for converting people.

I'm sure he really believes NatSoc is evil himself, and he'll probably never wake up to the fact that his (((college))) education is not a reliable source for historical context, but I've seen nothing where he says he's jewish..

791a6c  No.12159581

File: e79f7805b1f538c⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 400x276, 100:69, mgm.jpg)

I just had an idea. Somebody want to create a meme? Put a mutilated cock in the MGM (Male Genital Mutilation) logo.

72f2aa  No.12162551

You can't ban circumcision entirely sometimes it really is medically needed. It should be banned for non medical reasons on minors and lies of STD protection shouldn't count.

c328f5  No.12162710


There is a case to be made for not shitting on the guys who had it done without any kind of notice or control in their hands. If you were a newborn, then yeah, there's no way you could've prevented it, and your parents had their mind jewed probably, so I don't even know if you could blame them.

Better to then accept it, and use it as conviction to both stop the practice and never have it done to your children.

Like the warrior who must face the potential horrors(and glories) of combat to secure life for his family, loved ones, friends, and people, so too you must deal with the transgressions against you, especially those out of your control, and use them constructively to make sure it does not befall the people you struggle for.

i.e. "Let war come in my time and not my children's so that I might face it instead of they" etc. There's truly nothing else that can be done that will result in anything but spiral, denial, and self-destruction, and no one worth the air they breathe will hold such things against you. Only men who use that suffering to kvetch and as a crutch for failure should be ridiculed.

575169  No.12162763

Circumcision (without medical reason) should absolutely be banned but precisely because it would affect kikes and mudshits they'd have no qualms about forming a broad front against such an idea. It won't happen democratically, that's for sure.

1b8a72  No.12162815


>(without medical reason)

There is literally none.

Phimosis can be alleviated with exercise, even in extreme cases you don't need to remove entirety of foreskin, only some of it.


(((around a smelly, shmegma filled slug cock turns them desert dry.)))

There's this thing, that women find really hot, and if you do it, it exponentially increases your chances of getting laid, it's called, basic hygiene, you should try it someday, provided you're not some backwards sandtribal

791a6c  No.12162823


>people took this post seriously

Good job.

d48c04  No.12162875


That train left for Yrop

d48c04  No.12162887


So hyperbolic it could persuade.

661c1e  No.12162889

Daily reminder nearly all packaged food is certified "kosher" and gives a tax to jews whom use that money to further their goals of our annihilation.

Remember to cook your own food from scratch. Lest you pay the pesky jew its shekels.

9d13a2  No.12162907

File: e29d79706415079⋯.jpg (62.99 KB, 400x366, 200:183, ow_the_edge.jpg)


>buy a packaged ham and cheese sandwich


Is there a Republican board on 8chan? I don't think I belong here with all the tinfoil hat Nazis.

661c1e  No.12162936

File: 2572ee09a40eeb5⋯.jpg (30.8 KB, 400x381, 400:381, 317234.jpg)

ce4e6e  No.12163020


Could you express that in words please?

72f2aa  No.12164647


But that is not always possible for every case. Also what if a person gets skin cancer there or a severe burn due to a bizarre accident.

fcd14a  No.12165112


Kikes attacking this post.

06b085  No.12166588


I'll translate: "I can't believe he understands he doesn't belong here and is still here. I wish he would kill himself and stream it".

0732d4  No.12168539


>It's very simple:

this is a true story

c83d8d  No.12168552


Kill yourself kike

f8bb6e  No.12168567

Circumcision is not something you’re particularly aware of if you are circumcised. You’ll know, but won’t be constantly reminded of it. It’s not similar to cutting off babies’ hands.

06b085  No.12170358


>It’s not similar to cutting off babies’ hands.

You heard him, guys. Genital mutilation is not hand-amputation, therefore it's ok.

Drop dead

321335  No.12170618


Blame Boomer mothers.

05be70  No.12170633

File: 9f05cf71fe9f9db⋯.png (115.39 KB, 402x775, 402:775, yudkowskycircumcision.png)

317135  No.12170721


Just like to add that if you come across any Christian people that are pro circumcision, remind them that it literally says in the Bible that men should not be circumcised. In fact they are committing a terrible sin because they are mutilating a child for no medical reason.

> “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision: but faith that worketh by charity” (Gal. 5:6). And: “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature” (Gal. 6:15). Lastly: “Is any man called in uncircumcision? let him not be circumcised. Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing: but the observance of the commandments of God” (I Cor. 7:18-19).

Really surprised the search results are actually anti circumcision on jewgle for now.


dc53ed  No.12182536

One of the few actually fucking important threads on this entire shit board and it's slid this far down with claims of "hurr who cares".

000000  No.12182562

The title does something to my brain.

Because obviously circumcision hurts more than the banning of it.

98bec5  No.12184324


Bump for confirmed shilling.

ccdee4  No.12185776

File: 7bc325d81e6ad9e⋯.png (254.93 KB, 600x595, 120:119, 7bc325d81e6ad9edce88436bd2….png)

File: 31b5f774fe96633⋯.gif (225.18 KB, 1000x2450, 20:49, 31b5f774fe966338f5b6476553….gif)

File: 62930b0e91687a5⋯.gif (88.08 KB, 600x1752, 25:73, 62930b0e91687a56118a93e09d….gif)

File: fe849a3fa7f3ad5⋯.png (677.35 KB, 692x904, 173:226, fe849a3fa7f3ad57da71756569….png)


ccdee4  No.12185777

File: 389fa33e3ac1c33⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1048x1570, 524:785, 389fa33e3ac1c331c6d2ff5e53….jpg)

File: 5667fd75488c333⋯.png (44.73 KB, 370x1031, 370:1031, 5667fd75488c33358bd7084bf5….png)

File: 9238a8bdb794d24⋯.jpg (236.39 KB, 691x893, 691:893, 9238a8bdb794d245e66c965123….jpg)

File: 2400d050a1ae4e7⋯.png (696.79 KB, 1008x1580, 252:395, problems began.png)

c779a8  No.12185792

Enjoy your smelly smegma, monkey-dicks.

d7d75f  No.12185813


This zeitgeist is ripe for this. The mens rights movement will eat it up. The universalists can't possible fight it effectively given their own meme of sacredness of body and choice. Kikes are defenseless against this angle of attack. It will force them to reveal themselves as barbaric hypocrits. Don't bring up jews. Let them bring up the religious freedom angle while you hammer them with athiest and humanist talking points.

d7d75f  No.12185886

File: 14185a272b38b6e⋯.jpg (14.92 KB, 320x371, 320:371, pepe_unamused.jpg)


I miss the days when the shills were good

fd4e5f  No.12186088

Openly gay thread on nu/pol/ that is not bumplocked or deleted?

Why am I not surprised.

000000  No.12186089


Good angle. The Bureau notes this for future operational value.

4dfc0c  No.12186525

honestly most Jews aren't religious anymore and don't care about keeping any covenants, they just do some vain traditions and call it a day

maybe 40% of Jews maximum would even care at all

71c68b  No.12214047

5fb0e1  No.12214096

you faggots bitch about circumcision, yet you don't even bother to do anything about it.

You should be posting Foregen.org in the fucking OP. what a faggot OP. Show everyone you know the movie American Circumcision, it just released

499008  No.12243067

File: f714e507ba31d3d⋯.jpg (27.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, uuuu.jpg)



This is easily solved with IRL baneposting.

Whenever they bring it up, just tell them it would be very painful.

16db33  No.12243187


Every moral argument starts from the following statement:

>We all agree that baby torture is wrong.

However, if this was codified in law, no jew could live in your country and you would be labeled antisemite.

Jews are divine punishment for going against all morality.

16db33  No.12243243


This is about baby torture and a method to get kikes out of the civilized world.

91e2f3  No.12243264


Classic kike projection. It's funny how they can't help but kvetch at the slightest mention of genital mutilation.

16db33  No.12243322


Consider that this is their first trauma into the world, and it happened before they can remember. All their victimhood narratives are actually referring to circumcision; the ancient harm done to them by others.

Too bad the others happen to be Rabbis and not 'goyim'! In fact, even their 'goyim are cattle!' bullshit is projection. They themselves mark each other as cattle. Instead of ear marking, they go for genital marking.

a90a9f  No.12243373

File: bc51562ec7728c3⋯.gif (915.48 KB, 500x281, 500:281, f626d68ef1e9f327cc00d55cc5….gif)


Anti-mutilation is this board's best hope of political action. There are even Jews against this.


a90a9f  No.12243376

File: 417dd18713450ef⋯.jpeg (154.92 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 88c0e9778566bb7f3da34e9d8….jpeg)


Circumcision was an Egyptian way to mark slaves. Jews internalised this, and justified it as worship of their god. They never escaped Egypt. Mentally.

16db33  No.12243377


Yeah, and I like to think that if jews grow up without this horrible trauma and the rituals associated with it, they'll grow relatively healthy. They'll still have their genetic diseases, but they'll at least have sanity and hopefully a moral guideline.

16db33  No.12243381

File: c72f52123cd689e⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 333x358, 333:358, 88659d7ee178795dd12696e87d….gif)



5d061e  No.12243420

The amount of derailing bots and jidf kikery in this thread is insane. Absolutely on to something, it is clear they do not want organized action to end this practice but for what reason? I presume it’s because they use these foreskins along with infant blood to purify themselves of hereditary diseases. Aka literal vampires with their own blood combatting them.

16db33  No.12243477


> it is clear they do not want organized action to end this practice but for what reason?

It requires literal baby torture to even have jews on this planet. Kikes are seething about this shame.

318a4d  No.12243492


But jews were never slaves in egypt

935c72  No.12243513

File: 7e395c608de721f⋯.jpg (662.65 KB, 992x1061, 992:1061, 81c1b234b0bf5a4ba0db4f8b06….jpg)

OP here

I codified my words in the wrong intent. Some of you retards are arguing about my reddit spacing (bad habit of mine) while others argue that circumcision is called mutilation. It's not. Use the term circumcision. Furthermore, a huge amount of bot posts and JIDF showed up. So, we're onto to something. Glad to see the thread is still here.

This is the easiest front to hit the jews on

It needs to be driven the sheer torture inflicted on boys to get the moderates and slightly left-leaning to our side. Then it needs to be proven that circumcision has no benefit to get the right. Lastly, we will face real opposition from the far-left that literally hate all men and want to hurt them. The only way to expose them is to frame circumcision how it is, inhumane and dangerous. Then use the double standard of female circumcision and how it's not practiced in the west. Another striking point is to separate orthodox jews from secular ones for calling out their crazy kike bullshit.

This is the point of the thread, to separate orthodox from secular jews

There are many fault lines in Judaism. There are poor jews. there are jews who hate other jews. there are jews who are black. there are jews, who aren't on the conspiracy, at least 60%. there are dumb jews. We seriously need to start creating fault lines and exposing them. These retards have been flat-out ruling with two fists for over sixty years. How in the fuck have they not split up and fractured amongst themselves and fought for the scraps. We need to encourage the fracture and circumcision is the first and most prominent and easiest point ot drive home.

935c72  No.12243527

File: f02dbd4fda984e1⋯.jpg (345.47 KB, 2400x1200, 2:1, earth-lights-world-41949.jpg)


i'll add. to solidify white concepts of who is white and who is not i'll post a thread later of what countries are white and what are not. and what countries we'll accept, secularized, as 2nd or 3rd class citizens. we need to unify whites. but you guys are missing a key concept, to divide your enemy.

i know what some of you pompous internet warriors are thinking. if we use jew tactics, we're no better than the jew or jews ourselves. WRONG. moron. the divide and conquer strategy goes far back as rome under caesar and was part and parcel of the roman empire. The jews merely copied this effective tactic. You can just stay on the defensive and expect to win. You have to go on the offensive. By insulting their strange, taboo and mystical desert traditions, it'll permanently hurt them. This is what we need to win.

If for every step we unify while they dissolve, we will win. Even without a civil conflict which some of your are so eager for. There has not once, not in mosley's time or dr. pierce a division against the Jews. Not even Hitler did it. Yes, they were white warriors far above you or I and they did their best and we owe to them. But they were merely defensive warriors. You guys need to sow the seeds of the doubt. You have the chaotic ability and concentration of media potential to hit these kikes hard. Never in 2000 years of Kike Filth have they had dissent on a large enough scale to break them. Banning circumcision might be the tip of the iceberg if we play our cards right.

935c72  No.12243530

File: d75f67723959f49⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 43082509_10213379584269017….jpg)


The jews move like lemmings, they'll turn on a dime and gladly go off the cliff for the pack. If we can get Jews to start calling out circumcision, we've won. If we can get them to stop using it on their own kids, however small the percentage, we've won. We are far more organized and yet fluid at the same time, then they are. They meet in synagogues and email and call each other. We speak to each anonymously, directly. Never in any other Empire, Republic or time of history did we have the medium we do today, the internet. And the chans are the direct descendant of free-speech and Imperial Japan and by law, Nazi Germany. Therefore, you have to provide enough evidence, testimony, facts, evidence, emotional tugging and swarm of knowledge to get Jews to question their own ways. That is the point I'm trying to make. Trying to just ban circumcision while Jews go on secretly continuing the practice will not change things.

The Jews have survived persecutions and even have had to convert faiths only to go back again. They are not in question of being able to survive persecutions or even a "holocaust." They will outlive us at this rate. We have to divide them and I think the perfect fault line is circumcision. If we can get them to better their own children at the cost of their weird semetic traditions, we've won. Then what else could we hit? Mention the rabbis that have given their children herpres. Start with the mouth sucking. Then move on to the practice. If you're smart, you'll use the Jewish Empire to strike at itself and tear itself down. Then we can move in, as a tightly formed phalanx and gas them all.

e591a5  No.12243532


It was real in my mind, the original version.

38ccf4  No.12243535

File: e0a9daf75a34d7d⋯.png (29.2 KB, 309x207, 103:69, 1.PNG)

File: d121b7509cfaf7c⋯.png (437.48 KB, 642x501, 214:167, Skin Head.PNG)

318a4d  No.12243613


It's funny because they ruled the southern kingdom for a time and were chased out for being open and unashamed worshippers of Set

0a2d17  No.12243845

File: 780ad33654bd195⋯.jpg (68.84 KB, 500x669, 500:669, INFANT IMPRINTING.jpg)

File: 18c2071283ddcb0⋯.jpg (41.46 KB, 480x480, 1:1, DoHRbmtUUAAbcxI.jpg)

File: 31c5dba56d51d40⋯.jpg (46.35 KB, 430x440, 43:44, Dl2nf4rVsAE86Au.jpg large.jpg)

File: dd621b6aaca45a2⋯.jpg (420.2 KB, 616x624, 77:78, circumcision-trauma-brain-….jpg)

File: bf61a3ea92d1ed3⋯.jpg (94.66 KB, 900x577, 900:577, circumcision-boys-and-girl….jpg)

Circumcision is trauma-based mind control and cult brainwashing. It causes learning, emotional, sensorimotor and behavioral problems. Judaism is an ethnic supremacy cult. Much of their power comes from child-abuse practices which break the minds of children to make them obedient slaves/servants of their cult (conscripted from birth)

96606e  No.12244594

>The great thing about having a containment board where free-speech is not only allowed; it's encouraged. Those that see us as "The Deplorables©®™" want free-speech only for themselves.

>The bad news is that all of the really good ideas that apply to everyone are here in a vacuum; never to see the light of the day. The women who will go on to actually want childbirth, to have children/grand-children/progeny and the satisfaction of being a 'Mom', will never hear the pleas of boys that will never mature into men because a key component with the necessary cells to mature the male brain. Never mind being "marked" as a slave/chattel/cattle by those at the capstone of the human pyramid

96606e  No.12244606


>"…is not only allowed; it's encouraged

…is the opportunity to vent at a time when logic&reason take a back seat to 'feelz'

>…a key component with the necessary cells to mature the male brain

…is missing from the equation

40c98b  No.12244676

Bless this thread. Have a bump. Ban this barbaric practice traumatizing new born babies. If you do want to get them cut, let the child reach adulthood and give them a choice.

96606e  No.12244701


I Love You, anon!


8702ed  No.12251413

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I have the interview whole collected in total of 40 mins. Take note the collected video was shoa'd after it was shared in the Eric Clopper threads. I'll upload it after this post, hoping the kike mods don't ban this thread before I have the chance.

It fucks the brain to be more influenced by the reptilian brain, which is governed by the fight-or-flight responses which revolves around sex, status and fearful survival. This brain fuckery is achieved by the trauma which causes rewiring of pathways in the brain to prioritize these reactive hormones over others, causing a permanent hormonal imbalance and comparable neuorsis in behavior.

This is similar reasoning to the satanic child abuse that begins before birth (Jay Parker discusses how they would electrocute pregnant Satanic mothers with car-batteries) and becomes a brainwashed slave until they make them another member and have them continue the cycle on the ponzi scheme of trauma induced mind control. The circumcision is just one ritual we get, whereas they get them constantly and frequently.

8702ed  No.12251417

File: 9d2a73f9ab359f5⋯.png (622.06 KB, 1111x2728, 101:248, circumscion personal accou….png)

File: c1cc1d4364ad862⋯.jpg (155.87 KB, 1031x1200, 1031:1200, circumscion after pics.jpg)

File: 381eb1976649b59⋯.png (43.65 KB, 1086x268, 543:134, Circumscion bares the goyi….png)

File: d36d28d7e0e5257⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Functions of Foreskin.png)

8a3e7c  No.12251422

File: f44bead5264914c⋯.jpg (190.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1415254707175.jpg)

>Tfw your parents let the jews get you

8702ed  No.12251436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Therapy uncovers circumcision trauma.

8702ed  No.12251464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the full video.

Save it while you can because it didn't last longer than a few months last time.

f52786  No.12251476


As someone who's not from 'Murica, the "lube = masturbation" connection has always sounded weird to me.

3165ac  No.12251483


Man that second picture really rustles the jimmies (no pun intended). How these stupid women can think this is a good thing with all the evidence out there disproving it is disgusting. At this point you're unworthy of even being a mother if you're willing to do such a barbaric practice on your offspring.

f52786  No.12251494

File: 33c63436d282d0a⋯.png (273.5 KB, 755x458, 755:458, higurashi.png)


>I will not tell you that ripping the foreskin from your glans is like ripping your fingernails from your nailbeds, but worse.

845c00  No.12251500

Three of my friends were circumcised as babies. When I explained to them the negative effects, they started going nuts. I told them about the Danish study about the correlation of circumcised babies and autism. It’s amazing how people vehemently defend forcefully mutilating penises of baby boys

3e7cdf  No.12251509

mostly it's women I see defending circumcision of males.

b45e77  No.12251820


Women, jews and muslims.

Penis envy and coping with a trauma and subsequent guilt.

dff087  No.12251909

I'm thinking that reverse psychology could work best with this. Instead of protesting Jews, we should create a movement which supports Jews SO MUCH that we force normies to become aware of their behaviors.

For example: come to the defense of Rabbis who have severed baby penises or given them herpes via mezitzah b'peh. Claim they are being persecuted and call this antisemetic religious discrimination. Make people disgusted at you for defending them.

Also, promote 'kosher circumcision' where circumcision should only be performed by Jews, because otherwise it is 'cultural appropriation'. Or else promote paying Jews a 'culture tax' for every circumcision done to children.

Then, make it mandatory to offer all new parents a mezizah bpeh circumcision and rebrand it as "organic circumcision" or "natural circumcision" or "traditional circumcision", etc. Some flashy newage name. The amount of babies who get herpes will be worth it in the longrun.

dff087  No.12251918


>gee, clipping nails once a week and sometimes scooping out gunk after kitchen-related work sure is inconvenient, I should cut my finger tips clean off

My lips keep my teeth trapped in a dark moist environment, I bet that's why bacteria grow there. I think if I didn't have iips I wouldn't get so many cavities. It would also make brushing my teeth easier because I wouldn't have to move my lips aside to brush. I also would never accidentally bite my lips or get chapped lips, and herpes could not infect my lips.

3378c6  No.12251924


>For example: come to the defense of Rabbis who have severed baby penises or given them herpes via mezitzah b'peh. Claim they are being persecuted and call this antisemetic religious discrimination.

The best way to combat circumcision just like the Jews is to be painfully open and honest about it. It has absolutely no medical benefits, and it's only purpose is for religious reasons. We should be saying "Yes, it has no medical benefits, but is a cornerstone of the Jewish experience. No, they don't need a good reason to force others to do it, and anyone opposed is and anti-Semite."

9fe962  No.12251959


In my opinion, there is a psychological benefit that it corrupts the male mind and increases psychopathy. This allows their men to operate more socially autonomously in host nations. I think this is the biggest reason they defend it.

9b1684  No.12254160

File: e8640a0cc1b1d8b⋯.jpg (48.6 KB, 900x280, 45:14, mohel.jpg)


No, the Jewish doctors serving the upper class in Victorian Britain (and the Boston Brahmins and others in the Anglosphere at the time) pushed it. British Israelism was also popular at this time, and Jews were riding high in Britain, enjoying their privilege in an era of maximum philosemitism. At schools like Eton, all it took was a glance in the locker room to establish who was Jew and who was gentile, which didn't bode well for the crypto types. The Rothschilds, most notably, and others like the Sassoons, tried to downplay their jewishness in the public eye. The irony is that their own holy book described the purpose of the rite as a means to separate Israel from the nations, so the idea of trying to blend in by pushing the practice on the gentiles borders on sacrilege.

But personally, I don't think those doctors, Jew or goy, thought that deeply about it. More than likely, they reacted to their own circumcisions much the same as modern Americans do—to reject the practice as abhorrent would be to weaken ones positive body image, so they must double down and affirm it as good, healthy, clean and so on. Psychologically, I think the staunch approval and promotion of circumcision is a form of denial of what the subconscious believes was a type of castration. Freud thought the practice started as an imitation of castration, and while psychoanalysis is a load of baloney I think he was on to something. Historically, Jewish circumcision seems to have replaced the mindblowingly repugnant rite of sacrifice of the firstborn son that was common in the Levant three thousand years ago.

As for propaganda, here's what I'd do: I'd buy out full page advertisements in parenting magazines and billboards in city centers. I got this idea from the pic attached. They would show a cute infant boy smiling on the side and the text would say "He's your baby boy. Make him remember it with a circumcision." and name the nearest major hospital to provoke a public response from them. Add a slogan at the bottom, something like "cleaner, better, manlier." The point is to be so audacious as to raise eyebrows. Another could say something as simple as "Circumcision: Marked in the Flesh." There's plenty of good variations on this theme, but the main idea is to present tongue in cheek promotions for circumcision that are so obviously absurd that they make people stop and think about it. Another idea I had for when eventually legislation is introduced (prob. at the state level) regarding genital integrity, some variation of: "Don't let the government take away your parental right to consent to your son's circumcision." The idea of parental consent for a child's circumcision is ridiculous on the face, and yet it is ubiquitous. We should focus on exposing and attacking the logical frailties more than anything else right now. A few signs at a protest is cheaper, but less effective.

5fb0e1  No.12254219


A good thing to promote would be the American Circumcision movie and then show men Foregen to give them hope.

the hope is too important to forget

352d57  No.12267167

Bump. Let's not give JIDF an easy time browsing the catalog.

c1d838  No.12267366


> Flyers at planned parenthood

This is a great idea, and we can disguise it with some clever branding/infographics.

People already freak out about Female Genital Mutilation, so sneaking in Male Genital Mutilation info into the same pamphlets could work well.

For example, the title could say "Did you know x Million children are affected by genital mutilation every year?"

And then have a pie chart breakdown with female and male genital mutilation, with summary statistics and reasons why this is bad below.

I'm not could with ps but if someone has the time to compile this it could go a long way, both online and irl

b1b002  No.12267372


This is a good idea, people have been conditioned to turn their brain off as soon as they hear something "anti-semetic", but if they take up a cause that only Jews would be opposed to they will have no choice but to confront their conditioning.

c1d838  No.12267386


The library thing is a great idea, I think the cards could use a little updating/flashy graphics to better reach the target audience.

8707ba  No.12267614

>wife pregnant with our first child

>its a boy

>due any day

>the past two months have been nothing but her and my family berating me about why I'm dumb for not wanting to circumcise my boy





I'm getting really fucking pissed off at them. The fuck kind of mentality is "the baby doesn't know what pain is yet"??? I don't even know what to say to them, but I'm sticking to my guns and will not circumcise my child.

The best was when I blasted my mom about female circumcision and she asked what it was, so I explained to her what it is and how its referred to as "female genital mutilation," and then asked her why male circumcision isn't referred to as "male genital mutilation" and why is it pushed on everyone.

She didn't have an answer.

Other than that I've just been arguing how it isn't necessary, and how its the most sensitive part of the penis, and how humanity has lived for hundreds of thousands of years with foreskin and never had problems, it's perfectly healthy and natural, yet they still make fun of me.

Really pissing me off, but the thing that bothered me most was the comment about not knowing what pain is. Fuckin' hell, I love my mom, but I couldn't believe she said that.

b6e136  No.12267675

End circumcision and go after the corc supporters.

If you can be executed in this world for stealing or rape, then circ supporers should be publicly stoned

b1b002  No.12267802


Just as many circumcised men justify their dicks by regurgitating the lies they were told to avoid feeling self-conscious, so too does your mother feel the need to justify her actions to you to avoid feeling ashamed for what she has done. If she's as strong as you eventually she'll come to terms with it.

c1d838  No.12268471


> babies get herpes from infected rabbis sucking an open would

i never knew about this, absolutely sickening

c5f536  No.12268541

But some kikes themselves are starting to refuse to circumcise. http://www.beyondthebris.com/

707983  No.12268547


this is good. i like this idea

567073  No.12268633

it's funny how trying to ban male circumcision somehow makes you "anti-Semetic" or "islamophobic" but feminists got the African practice of female circumcision banned without being called "racists" or "white supremacists"

ba263e  No.12268786

>Uncircumcised men get addicted to sex and bix nood for the rest of their lives

>Circumcised men are always unsatisfied, nothing is enough

The predominate bonus here is in childhood, where sex is usually discovered at a much older age. Circumcision doesn't prevent masturbation but rather encourages it, a method of selection leading further to weak minded little faggots beating their dicks until they want to pretend like they're a little girl never having babies.

Uncircumcised men are most relatable to the average man in a third world country, happy with just food. No incentive to thrive.

In both cases, but more necessary for social success in circumcised men, it is possible to think above our most basic necessities, and this is the only manner in which a man can become more then just his reproductive capacity.

To conclude, circumcision is an excellent method of breeding out distasteful social traits, predominately in regards to a man's ability to control himself and shape his own mental landscape, a mark of higher cognitive function. Chronic masturbators do not have children. Fuckboys cannot sustain a family, perpetuating the female mindset of needing a leader, seeking a man more in control. Healthy families produce sons who don't question authority. Healthy families produce excellent soldiers. You do the math.

01fb7b  No.12268854

File: dc2a1e3c13657fe⋯.webm (680.33 KB, 960x720, 4:3, bad bait.webm)


there was an attempt.

97d7d0  No.12269337

Bump. This thread should be stickied.

97d7d0  No.12269339


Kikes were crazy enough to start a war against the Greeks because they saw beauty as a virtue, this can lead to a civil war.

362dff  No.12269509


I'm counting on you to not cave in under any circumstances

e00736  No.12269571

That the "hygiene" argument still exists in America is astonishing. Surely the average American man is aware that, regardless of foreskin possession, daily cleaning of the genitals is necessary?

e00736  No.12269575


The argument is simple. Give me one god damn good reason that isn't based on caveman hygiene advice to actually do it. It's not a case of finding reasons not to do it, mutilation of infants should not be a default fucking position in any civilised country.

Assure your retarded family and girlfriend that you will be instructing your boy on how to apply soap and water to his penis. You know, like the rest of the civilised world does.

114bd2  No.12289110

Here’s an article about John Money and David Reimer. This is the guy who first proposed the idea that gender identity is independent of biological sex. He took advantage of a boy who had a botched circ to test his insane gender theories.


797dd2  No.12289247

File: 47f99a2771baa20⋯.gif (487.32 KB, 167x250, 167:250, 47f99a2771baa20555c4eadd16….gif)


>daily cleaning of the genitals is necessary?

Fucking sissy. Bet you're using commercial shampoos, too, and shower daily in your frotty white shower shoes. A bit of two-week smegma hasn't hurt anybody yet.

d29294  No.12290733

File: 52e192419cd4513⋯.jpg (126.09 KB, 640x469, 640:469, 1408325483215.jpg)

I had a notion recently:

How much could a family expect to win in a wrongful circumcision lawsuit? And from what I understand, in many hospitals across the US, circumcision is such a rote part of the childbirth procedure that there must be innumerable cases every year of infant boys being circumcised without their parents' express, affirmative consent - dozens, maybe hundreds a year, all flying under the radar.

My notion was: set up a legal defense fund representing wrongful circumcision torts and advocating for increasing rewards. You might get fresh lawsuits going just by appealing to people's greed moreso than their sense of justice - start a trend of families getting mad payouts for something they wouldn't have normally sued for. Air commercials for it. All with the end-goal of putting pressure on hospitals and pediatricians, forcing them to walk on eggshells around the question, "Are you positive you want your son circumcised?" Maybe even get them to the point that they start handing out pamphlets beforehand presenting a more clear picture of the procedure.

Granted, I don't know how realistic any of this would be.

40a166  No.12290887


>daily cleaning of the genitals is necessary?

It's really not. Especially if you don't masturbate or have sex, and don't piss without pulling back your foreskin, your dick will stay plenty clean.


That's incredibly infuriating just to have relayed to me. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be for you. Those are brainwashed people. Even your own wife is berating you for not wanting to mutilate her unborn baby? I hope you showed her some content from this thread. I know I'd have a hard time loving someone who wanted to brand my son with the mark of the jew. Hope everything turns out ok.

f286a4  No.12292207


"unfortunately women don't care about your pleasure. the liberals want to destroy the male, but they have a very big "shelter" culture that promotes no pain. they believe in bread and circuses and nothing more. freedom, sexual liberation of genders, women, etc. we need to mask this as a traumatizing event for the child, which it is and get jews within their own tribe to question it. it will disseminate seeds which will grow deeply which can be used for further divisions. we need to divide the jews, the orthodox from the secular first. then press further."

On the face of it this sounds like *absolutely* what we should be doing… However, I don't know that this would work at all, other than with the supposedly "secular" kikes. Also, large populations are much more susceptible to the external sowing of division, yet smaller populations are much more solidified and hard to divide at all, let alone conquer. White populations have the numbers to allow for massive internal divisions within race, nation, religion, etc. Kikes are bonded together in small numbers, bound to fight the world, the external. They are much less easily split open and manipulated to fight their own.

40a166  No.12292241


>They are much less easily split open and manipulated to fight their own.

Their own also believe a lot of the lies, like the Holocaust, so their armor is extra thick.

6d3668  No.12292539


Your parents wouldn't admit they commited some mistakes in your upgringing.

Keep that in mind, people in general are too "proud" of themselves and think they can do no good, even when they are wrong.

Do not let the newborn be mutilated no matter what, defend it with your life if necessary.

But try to not waste energy in explaining, just point it is "your point of view that it is unnecessary" with proper arguments if they ask.

Nobody will ask too much as "everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should be respected for that" (npc mentality)

5e8bc5  No.12292563


I'm doing my part, my son was just born 3 days ago, we did not mutilate him. In fact, he was born naturally so I enjoyed catching him as he was born.

7a879e  No.12292646

File: 207ada828ac66ac⋯.png (324.53 KB, 623x414, 623:414, Peak Performance.png)


Good fucking shit anon!!! Your son will thank you for keeping him intact as God intended him to be.

5e8bc5  No.12292752


My wife and I couldn't imagine doing it, it's just horrible. I'm a real softy when it comes to my children. The nurse pricking my kids feet for blood work was enough for me. I started sweating and clenched a fist when this student nurse pricked my daughter and made her scream, I almost knocked her out!

ddac1d  No.12292885


Dude, for your parents to admit to this, especially your mother, would be to admit that they molested you. Their subconscious will put up massive resistance to this. Just forgive them for they do not know what they do, then stop talking about it.

dcbf7e  No.12292907







posting from hospital, so different ID, but I am anon from >>12267614 and i can safely report that he was not mutilated. i put up a fight for most of the pregnancy against it, and when the doctor asked if we're circumcising my wife said, "no" and then looked over at me and smiled.

all is well. the kid quite literally has huge balls. he's already shit all over them.

5e8bc5  No.12292997


Good for you anon, glad to hear it. The grandparents in our situation didn't know our sons sex, but they didn't ask if we'd circumcise if we had a son. The doctors at the hospital didn't ask us either (were from BC, Canada). We also don't put up with anything from the grandparents and have no issues standing our ground on any topic when it comes to our children. They know my wife will stay at home and home school, and at least my parents are cool with the idea. I said to them that public school barely worked for me and my wife, why should it for our kids?

dd6aea  No.12293029

I was circumcised. My nine month old son was not.

I know to just leave the foreskin alone while it's still fused. But don't know what to do or tell him later in life. Any useful advice?

40a166  No.12293050


Good man. Congratulations.


>(((public school)))

What a nightmare. Terrible idea. Humans have strayed so far from nature they actually think handing your kids off to be taught by emotionally unstable strangers, and socialized with other clueless kids of only their own age group is normal. It's insanity. Good on you for returning to nature's way.


When he's older (soon as he can understand communicate it to him) he needs to start trying to pull the skin back over the glans. If he's not nutrient deficient his skin should have no issue stretching. Get him that precious titty milk, and then fresh red meat.

000000  No.12294437

Agree, but for different reasons, mainly its screwed up. If someone cut offa kids dick and drank the blood, you'd think it would be some weird vore/pedophilia thing and be illegal, but nope, its 'religious' so its all cool. Scientology figured out how to best exploit 'religion', just call scamming people for money your religious belief. (Also assuming your christian from post wording, dont you realise that its just jew religion with more contradictory bullshit added on top. I think most christards still want circumcision, cause their god screwed up making dicks and wants us all to fix it manually rather than using god magic to fix the dicks automagically).

000000  No.12294453


Or make cutting children's body parts off for medically unnecessary reasons illegal, like it is in every case other than circumcision.

fb3325  No.12324828

circumcision is bad

f64bfb  No.12324847


>Fuck yourself for thinking i'm Traumatized for it. DownsyndromeChan

Clearly, you're a very stable and even tempered man. No doubt because you got the jewcock you always wanted.

b2372a  No.12324853


Are you sure they didn't end up circumcising your skull too, somewhere during the operation?

084606  No.12331201


You'll see a lot better without those silly eyelids blocking your vision all the time.

You'll be able to breathe better without those silly lips on your mouth getting in the way.

You'll fit better in your shoes if you cut off those pesky toes, and it's such a pain to clean between them.

While you're at it, make sure you have everything removed that might cause you trouble later. Your appendix, gallbladder, spleen, tonsils... You don't need that extra crap weighing you down!

Oh, and did you know that a man can be perfectly fine and fertile with just one testicle? Instantly halve your chances of ever getting testicular cancer by cutting one out! Just flip a coin for left or right; it doesn't matter which. Plus according to some women, the uniball look is more attractive.

87e4d6  No.12331214


>circumcision isn't traumatic

Give kike babies to pedophiles. Two rats with the same stone.

1992e1  No.12331298


I sincerely hope that mutilated cock of yours is the first part of you that dies; but seeing as it has little sensation compared to one non mutilated, you probably will not notice.

26df16  No.12347733



dick rate cancer slower for foreskin cut

b4ca6a  No.12364685

==Can someone please respond?== Is anyone else's dick half over circumcised to the point where you can't even feel anything on one side? The fucking quack over did mine and I'm just now realizing it 20 years later. I'm so fucking pissed I got marked and my dumbass parents (both of who are doctors) didn't stop to think that cutting my dick off was a bad idea

000000  No.12364963

Imagine if mutilated adult children could sue their doctors and parents for lifetime psychological alimony, with no statute of limitations, even attaching to their social security checks? Imagine if this applied to alcoholic, druggie, verbally abusive, negligent, and/or spanking parents see ACE questionaire? Even against schools who by inaction permit bullying or [worse] mobbing? If it could cost abusers real Dollars for psychologically destroying children, maybe it could come to an end? At the very least abusers would be poorer and the abused would be income-supplemented in the face of their lost earnings potential from the PTSD/autism caused by abuse.

[C]PTSD merges over half the DSM into one workable model, and is the result most often of adverse childhood experiences. Love and victory build the [wo]man, adversity breaks him!

d45850  No.12365001


WHEW your parents are both doctors and STILL didn't get it? The Saturnian blood sacrifice runs deep in the goy psyche since the Cabal victory in WW2.

d45850  No.12365006


Yes. I think society and it's relationship with CHILDREN MUST CHANGE. Why for instance does a woman have the right to alimony, while a child doesn't? The woman had the right of choosing, the child did not. Basically I think the legal bonds of Parent-Child should be far stronger than Husband-Wife or any similar consensual relationship. BEING A CHILD IS NOT CONSENSUAL.

f0ba38  No.12365733

Don't despair cutfags, there is something that can be done about the circumcision. I know, because I've done something about it.

I've been restoring for about a month, and there's already a noticeable increase in sensation. It's actually really unnerving when I rub it against my clothes, because I've never known what's it's like to be so sensitive. I wonder how I went through my entire life without noticing how my dick rubs my clothes constantly.

In addition, I've been rubbing DMSO+iodine on my penile scars to break up scar tissue and increase circulation. Now since the scars are breaking away, I get weird tingling sensations that I've never felt before on my frenulum. There's also a pink ridge visible on my inner foreskin remaint. Spontaneous erections happen now, whereas they never did before.

More good news - while corpuscles seem to almost never regenerate, Merkel cells appear to regenerate in the epidermis. It appears that some fine touch sensation can be recovered/increased in the skin. The right chemical environment must be provided for this to happen.

df9399  No.12365795

Cutfags like it to be cut, because they're the same type that thinks drip-drying their dick at the urinal actually works and are chronically unhygienic as a result.

e685c9  No.12365808

This is a good point. Why is there a big uproar when it comes to female genitail mutalation but when it comes down to a male having it done that nobody seems to give a fuck

f0ba38  No.12365889


>2nd pic

It makes me really furious when some assholes rub it in how I've been mutilated. I didn't fucking want this to happen to me. I wasn't even given a goddamn choice.

How fucking low do you have to be to make fun of a man who's been sexually amputated?

000000  No.12366356


Primacy of the feminine imperative.

If you saw a boy/man crying nearby, would you come to his rescue or think him a wuss?

If you saw a girl/woman crying nearby, would you come to her rescue or think her a wuss?

Most of society and likely yourself answers boy/man -> wuss, girl/woman -> rescue. This, among other reasons, is why men formed fraternal societies in the past.

50600e  No.12366818

File: a34a222140ce1df⋯.png (46.83 KB, 947x881, 947:881, OG Circumcision.png)

File: 407d86784570f99⋯.jpg (58.59 KB, 813x228, 271:76, Wikinormia Circumcision.jpg)

File: e6263801af64b94⋯.jpg (66.97 KB, 555x268, 555:268, Wikinormia History of male….JPG)

File: 6c22c6c6d7ce538⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 794x218, 397:109, Wikinormia History of male….JPG)

3418e8  No.12400788


Since you dont own a foreskin you obviously dont know that it is simple to clean your dick, just pull the foreskin back! It is trivially easy! With no foreskin the skin on your dick head thickens and it becomes less sensitive, you also lose a large amount of sensitivity in your dick since the foreskin has a lot of nerve endings. You see, when a normal penis is erect the foreskin is inverted and forms the outward facing skin just below the head, Without a foreskin that part of your dick is just as sensitive as the base of the shaft, that is not very much. In short, circumcised guys are loosers. Its like cutting the skin off your fingers.

000000  No.12410224

Why circumcision? Lack of water in desert prevents the 10-second-per-day cleaning necessary, leading to buildup of dick cheese and infection. Thus circumcision = obsolete tradition from the primeval desert continued through a desert religion.

Possible counterpoint: was the middle east indeed a desert when circumcision developed?

942218  No.12431094

File: 4800cd8dc2c9653⋯.png (222.67 KB, 1105x1661, 1105:1661, Circumcision - Denmark ASD….png)


I'm natural and I do care because no one talks about it and the rest of the world stays ignorant just like foreskin selling kikes want.

Once I found out that it causes brain damage if done to an infant only hours old then I got pissed off and became vocal. Funny enough the research that proved the damage isn't being published, isn't that special.

942218  No.12431108

File: 76e76929c750094⋯.png (42.73 KB, 487x118, 487:118, Icelandic Human Rights.png)


sadly not yet, the government decided to postpone the vote to ban infant genital mutilation because the tranny that organized the conference about the ban invited enough kikes to speak in opposition, but only two people were there to support it, one of which couldn't speak for shit.

Every government has been ZOG'ed

942218  No.12431209

File: 1ad31e2b5a3bfd4⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 400x276, 100:69, Stop MGM.jpg)


how about this?

d92f0d  No.12431278

No baby that’s not a kike needs to be circumcised why do they still do this? It seems so violating. They’ll even try to speak for us and say women don’t like uncircumcised penises and that’s a lie.

942218  No.12431292


>why do they still do this?

It's trauma based mind control

If performed on an infant the mutilation causes brain damage, stunts testosterone production for life and the victim is an anxious person that will seek to be in a group for protection:

>Male Genital Mutilation is Trauma Based Mind Control [45m]


330b93  No.12431303


jesus christ thats one mangled didck

what psycopath hates babydick that much to do this?

that penis looks like the flayed man

942218  No.12431320

File: 5985a519f346a76⋯.png (550.71 KB, 823x551, 823:551, Circumfetish.png)

File: f8f9d485429f760⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 500x429, 500:429, Circumcision - pain for li….jpg)


doctor with a circumfetish get off on doing this to babies, they're sabbatean-frankist crypto jews who enjoy destroying the lives of people before they get the chance to suck a tit.

The second img attached is the source of that mutilated dick, the person who took it wants us to show everyone what kind of damage is causes

8ec0ce  No.12431356


what are you a pornstar? i haven't given this amount of thought to my dick in my whole life.

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