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File: 54092fcf23fb357⋯.png (275.31 KB, 737x243, 737:243, architect.png)

4fcd96  No.12122656

A 2K words rant about jews, the matrix, our matrix, and how to influence it.

The problem is as follows

We know, at least to some extent, what is going on in the world our around us. Or put differently, we have,

or think we have, some insight into the forces behind what is happening in our society. Here the Red Pill analogy comes

into play. We might call ourselves red pilled, but the analogy with the movie goes wrong because lack a Trinity or Morpheus.

That is, we lack people that are truly outside the matrix, and even if we did, we have no means to verify their claims.

This might be point of the scene where Neo is able to use "super powers" outside of the Matrix to stop a group of sentinals.

This alludes to the theory where Morpheus and his people are agents of the Matrix as well, and the world outside the Matrix

isn't the real world. From the machines point of view it would make sense to virtualize or containerize their worlds just as

abstractions and virtualizations are used all throughout IT today.

(The movie eXistenZ plays with this concept, and iirc an earlier version of the matrix did as well)

4fcd96  No.12122665

In our world today we have obvious, to us atleast, agents as well. Alex Jones being an abvious one which does a great job of mixing up

truths with retardation and thus clouding everybodies vision. It provides a cardboard cutout idiot for one part of the population, the

entry to a maze for people that feel something is wrong, and again a cardboard cutout disinformation agent for an even smaller group so

they can see themselves as awake. While that last group is certainly less asleep than the first there is no telling how awake they are in an absolute sense.

Another issue at play is that each of these groups is progessively less able to communicate and understand each others viewpoint. It certainly

appears that public debate, and society overall has hardened. This is to the detriment of almost all of society, except for a few

that benefit from the strife or those whose power and control depends on not being noticed.

Note that we are also demuhanizing each other as well. We are seen as evil Nazis, we see others as npc's, people that deserve to

be in an oven, given a helicopter ride etc. The latest meme is the "no inner monologue" where some research is supposed to give

justification for killing 3/4th of the population when taken to it's logical conclusion. I wonder who would benefit from that.

4fcd96  No.12122668

File: 9a2c51d9f4743d6⋯.jpg (64.47 KB, 570x320, 57:32, architect.jpg)


Distractions exist on various levels. The current consumerist society provides ample at the bottom tier, from sportsball to netflix, and

the cancer that is social media and the youtube "recommended" and "trending" sections.

Different strokes for different folks, so a whole spectrum of choice is available with the current hipster and indie music taking

it so far it becomes a total farce. This provides the people not satisfied with basic consumerism an "alternative" "lifestyle"

The next level of distractions is provided for the people for which the above doesn't provide enough to occupy their minds and life.

This is where disinfo agents come into play, like the priviously mentioned Alex Jones, together with ancient aliens, the loominati etc.

Sandy hook, 9/11, Clinton bodycount, Jews, (don't go ">jews aren't real" yet, that would be missing the point), Charlottesville. People

like Sam Hyde, Carlin and Bill Hicks target this segment to some extent.

We can dig and zoom in on details all we want but in the end it doesn't matter whether it was a mk ultra, kekistani or cia driving that

car. The end result is the same, more polarization and distraction on several levels. With the distraction in our case debating if that

crashed chopper was a accident or a "coincidence" and making a bunch of Sam Hyde memes.

4fcd96  No.12122674

People still in the Matrix are our enemy,

or so you are told by Morpheus(god of dreams), who is first glance named ironically since he wakes people up. An early draft of

Matrix: Revolutions has Neo fighting between the piles of dead people he killed in trying to destroy the matrix, manifested as his former

office complex. He is rushed by thousands of Agent Smiths, which turn into normal people upon their death. The fight turns out to be

unwinnable and the office complex is being rebuilt. He abandons the fight, takes refuge in an old/derelict church and

contacts Morpheus. Morpheus is displeased with Neo's lack of resolve. Neo in turn figures out that destroying the Matrix will kill

people in it. (If we assume the world outside the matrix is real, and the machines can't into chroots, containers or Hypervisors).

The script ends with their conversation ending, and Neo leaving the phone on the floor of church and a "to be continued".

Just as with the original Matrix, this script provides ample parralells to the real world. I'd say Neo's fight is a good metaphore for

the numerous struggles throughout history where people tried to fight the matrix, mostly in the form of International finance, and

end up causing the deaths of lots of ordinary people in the process, without improving the situation significantly.

4fcd96  No.12122675

So what are we to do?

Well for starters, we can't be as careless with life as our (anti) heroes of the matrix, nor do we have any super powers, or do we?

In that same early script, the agents have files on people which can reach beyond the matrix, without knowing much more. They recruit

one of them, a biker named Gregory Lowfield, by pretending superpowers are real, they are the good guys, and Neo and Morpheous are

terrorists. They make him watch the fight where Neo tries to demolish the office building, during which he caused the death of hundreds

of people. The agents and Neo end up at a sort of standstill, where while Neo can destroy the matrix, he doesn't want to cause all those

deaths. Neo leaves, at which point Gregory enters the fight. "I don't want to fight you, you're human" Neo says, but Gregory doesn't care.

So, is unironically aiming for a racewar the proper path? I highly doubt it. History is littered with what are esentially brother wars, profited

from by the few, but causing countless death and suffering in the process. The very fact that society is driven slowly towards it proves my point.

The conflict I think we are moving towards will only serve the purpose of it's architects, who don't even care which side will emerge victorious.

Hence why they always bet on both sides. Todays victors will just move on to the next round.

74464b  No.12122677


You forgot a Wachowsi trannies warning

4fcd96  No.12122684


I also forgot the part where Keavu Reeves kid is stillborn at 8 months and his wife dies in a car crash a few weeks later. All just after the matrix is released.

4fcd96  No.12122685

>Muh demoralization

On the contrary I would say. I am merely trying to look beyond the layer most of us are on. I was put on this train of thought because I

considered sending an email to a relative about an article I read on here yesterday. It was about how the (Jewish) manifacturur of oxycodone owns

a patent for getting people off of painkiller addiction. Typical tricks if I even saw them. Although quite well informed, he isn't too fond of

my anti semitic streaks. I would point a jew behaving like a jew, and he would counter with something like "X can do that as well" and you get

nowhere. Both parties are right though, but even if you get rid of all jews, you can still get jewed by a Skirelli or soulless chink.

If you prevent the behaviour, you have a more effective solution.

Knowing there is a trap is the first step in avoiding it.

Looking at the likes of Soros, Spectre and the Rothschilds, I get the feeling I am looking at cardboard cutout evil characters. The play a part

and serve a function, just as Alex Jones does, only this time we are the target. The behave like an evil cult straight from a movie, the name

Spectre is just the cherry on top. Same as with that Red Calf they are breeding in Israel. A, Who gives a shit, and B, is that going to convince

some normalfag of anything? Not that I want to say the are or aren't an evil cult. My point that it is irrelevant at this stage.

Most of the times on this board we are just running around in a maze, the same way brainlets are mislead by Alex Jones.

We are getting hung up on details that are irrelevant, and the info "we find" will hardly ever convince anyone and our right because they are

stuck a level or two down. And lots of things are difficult to prove in the first place.

4fcd96  No.12122688

Playing by their rules

This autistic focus on details (and jews) really gets in our way I think. If we do this we play by their rules. Talking about the big issues in generalized terms and pointing

bluepilled people towards areas where the fabric of the matrix is showing is more effective use of our time. And don't be black/white in your

approach. For example, if you show a female that feminism was pushed by a bunch of jews, it is unlikely to convince her of anything, at all.

It is however easy to explain how feminism and pushing woman to enter the job market cut salaries and ended the traditional single earner family.

Same with the current immigration into Europe. There was a video floating around here recently of yet another probably meme ngo. Now I doubt that

is going to convince any "refugees welcome person" they are being played by some evil cult bent on their distruction. Even if you point at a bunch of jews

doing it, they can point at whites doing it, or we/companies needing the labour. Especially this last point gets thrown around a lot,

and rightfully so, especially in case of Europe with their Guest Laborour history. Now if you start about Kalergi, you still miss my point.

Kalergi doesn't matter. What matters is that immigration serves to keep down wages, destroys social cohesion of communities, can act as a 5th

column etc. You can probably win over 80% of the population with these arguments without ever mentioning jews or rape statistics.

Especially muh "but we didn't want to do the work" gets shut down hard with the counter question, would you do that work for X-per hour. Where you

just keep increasing X as needed.


Same as how the libtards eventually figure out that getting stepped on by a boot is shit, no matter if it is the boot of a government or a

frankenstein's monster boot made up of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Black Rock. Yes I know that happens to be a largely jewish boot but that is

not the point. It is left as an exercise to the reader to create a non-jewish one.

5b49d6  No.12122699

Gaslighting and consensus cracking. You get a gold star for effort.

4fcd96  No.12122701

>But anon, don't you want to get rid of the jews.

Well, I think I figured out why hitler was displeased with the Kristallnacht events (assuming Irving is correct). He knew it wouldn't help his

cause in the end and would only provide his opponents with a bigger stick. Sure, we could try to genocide all jews and shitskins but I doubt

we would get far. And to be honest it doesn't sound like that attractive of a proposition anyways. War is hell after all, and a giant waste of

resources and human life. And even if we were to create something nice, I think you would need to have Russia+USA+Europe aligned to prevent your

sandcastle getting drowned in a sea of shit.

Some examples of effective communication

While standing outside AIPAC asking if we can expect a false flag this year is provide some lulz, he didn't get much votes with it, and I think he only reached the choir.

What we should strive for however, is keeping dual citizens and from office, as well as preventing groups of any kind from exerting too much

influece over our media and institutions. Be they foreign nationals, Religous, or "old boys" university clubs. All of these are harmfull,

and every normalfag will agree with this.

So by taking steps to counter "jewish" behaviour, we prevent jews from jewish us, and prevent cryptos/chinks, w/e from filling the vacuum. And

the beautifull part is this. In our current clown world media landscape, you only have to pick the meme enemy of the day. Just substitute

Russian for Jewish and you find yourself arguing against American/Russion Dual citizenship members of congress. Generalize to Dual Citizens in

general and you are done.

The same goes for Russian or Chinese/Muslim/Mormon control of our media.

Circumcision, or rather male genital mutilation, should be banned, but you don't need to point out it is jewish. Just that it is a

retarded relic, comparable to other penis mutilating practices by other cultures, and should be bannen. Just like female genital mutilation

is banned in numerous countries.

Then, when sanity has returned to our lands we should be able to take further steps towards our goals of creating a society people want to

make babies in, and that doesn't get itself into a death struggle every half century.

f9cf67  No.12122703


He's right though.

Conflict among the lower classes is not what we should aim for, that is what the Rothschilds et. al aim for. We need to unify as much as we can and strike at the puppet masters. Perhaps a racewar will occur in the power vacuum that follows, perhaps once the mind control box is off people come to their senses.

Either way, right wingers clashing with antifa on the streets of Berkeley is merely fap material for our real enemies.

4fcd96  No.12122710


I am proposing a different approach to the jewish problems. An approach which allows you to communicate your ideas more freely. I think we are still playing by their rules by naming the jew. If we hijack a meme du jour like muh Russians to plead for checks against dual citizens in office, or even just to make people aware of it, you are using their strength against them.

Another example is using fear of Russian hacking to push for paper ballots.

e88d97  No.12122711

So, with all of our different racial and political factions, what's do we do to focus the masses on the TRUE ENEMY? If we can all stop warring with each other long enough to collectively point the finger at one target, we might be able to win this thing.

8aaa9e  No.12122715

File: b09df697526d166⋯.jpg (230.93 KB, 800x947, 800:947, jesus-christ-pics-2204.jpg)

>So what are we to do?

Accept Jesus as your lord and savior.

74464b  No.12122716

f9cf67  No.12122719


Jesus was just one among many men who have achieved enlightenment.

Christianity is loaded with false teachings now.

"If you believe in me for my works, works such as these and even greater than these will you do."

f9cf67  No.12122727


There are so many different constructive routes. Start small. Convince people to start spending their time more constructively rather than watching TV is alone a massive start. It weakens the most powerful mind control tool they have and starts to make people stronger and more capable as they spend their time gaining skills.

74464b  No.12122728


Well we have some good ideas like >>12122710 with our "Four Ds of strategy"…

BUT it is things like >>12122711 that shows the flaw in the system. Ethnonationalists are inherently isolationalists, or worse, invasionists. The only way to win is to access which tribes are controlled by the jew, and which are willing to make the first move against the jew.

ccf982  No.12122730


He is the only way to salvation.

5b49d6  No.12122733


>right wingers clashing with antifa on the streets of Berkeley

You're thinking on a much smaller scale if you think that's what things will look like.


You're suggesting the same optics trash and civnat cucking as the rest.


>focus the masses

You don't. You distribute propaganda to grow support, then you ignite the powderkeg and seize control in the ensuing chaos.

8aaa9e  No.12122749


>Christianity is loaded with false teachings now.

Even the word "Christianity" is.

e88d97  No.12122758



This one is HUGE. I'm far right, but I've noticed that even those on the left are starting to name the jew and see the same enemies, after watching Jimmy Dore and others. (I'm not /leftypol/) Television is their main weapon and TV is currently at war with the internet.

I think a "Pull The Plug" campaign to get people to stop watching television and move to the internet could be successful on all sides, regardless of race, religion, or political stance. The delivery for each demographic could be tailored slightly different, but all with the same endgame of getting society to stop watching television. This would be a crushing blow to the establishment, but still far from winning the war.

f9cf67  No.12122765


Keep masturbating to your fantasy of RWDS while your enemies use that rage to their own ends.

No amount of killing brown people in the streets is going to penetrate an elite bunker, of which they have many.

e88d97  No.12122766

File: 13519c225540316⋯.jpg (544 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 77015281651e2df827054129fd….jpg)


There was a campaign for this in the past, so many memes and resources are still available to revive it.

f9cf67  No.12122770

File: a8c8b505233ee09⋯.jpg (70.67 KB, 372x480, 31:40, WithThisTv.jpg)

74464b  No.12122772


But the problem is that brown people are like nuclear waste, no matter what, it has to go, even if there is no bogymen using them.

f9cf67  No.12122777


Yes, but spending your resources fighting them while those at the top can import them to your borders faster than you can kill them is a futile effort and only serves to entertain your real enemies.

4fcd96  No.12122779


This argument is self referential in a nice way, in that it shows the only benefit of diversity, which is to divide us for the benefit of the people in charge.



No, Preferebly I wan't my to live together with my own people in my country. I can accept small migrations between like-countries, like most of north-western Europe. But large scale movement of say, French people to some part of Denmark should not be allowed.


I suggest that if we don't reeeee about Kalergi and Jewish NGO's all the time we get our points accross in a better way. And still progress towards our goal.

>Immigration kill social cohesion

>Immigrants do poor in our societies

>Multi culturalism doesn't work in practice

>It is used to force wages down

>Brain drain (jej, not really) from Africa

>We can't solve all the worlds problems (gumball argument)

>It's only used to divide us

Really basic things that most people can accept. Especially with some simple thought experiments.

>ignite the powderkeg and seize control in the ensuing chaos

Crisis tend to be hard to predict the outcome of. Personally, I don't feel much for rebuilding half of Europe again because some golem thinks it needs to save the world.

607134  No.12122782


they make all this shit too obvious. PewdieBergMason makes this random video about the Matrix, then Joe Rogan, and here's your thread of 8chan.

There's your "lolbers" D&C to boot, but it's mostly just to fuck with people heads while to some degree, something may be happening.

I swear these shills are pure evil.

74464b  No.12122789


Wasted trips, that just means we need to do it at the same time, you cannot ignore White Genocide. And THIS is coming from an Asian.

4fcd96  No.12122799

>>12122710 (You)

>This argument is self referential…

Whoops, meant to reply to >>12122711


Yes, and almost everybody can see that for themselves. Just ask them why the don't want to live in "shitty part of town" where rent is so much lower ;) You both know what's up.

We are still selling the truth here, we just need to package it in a better way I think.

e88d97  No.12122800

File: 02da244f7f2d356⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 227x255, 227:255, 02da244f7f2d356a888bf47b6a….jpg)


>do it at the same time

Because fighting a war on 2 fronts is always a good idea.

We can all agree that the ship is sinking. We need to plug the hole and stop the leak first. Then we can deal with the water that got in. Besides, why wouldn't we want to use blacks to fight the jews?

f9cf67  No.12122807


>Besides, why wouldn't we want to use blacks to fight the jews?

Shouldn't be too hard tbh. We have plenty of rappers who get shut down after making a rap song about Jews.

f9cf67  No.12122813


Once whites have taken control of society it shouldn't be too hard to reign in without firing a bullet.

Niggers basically kill themselves with fast food/drugs/guns anyhow, we just need to subtly help nature take its course.

884990  No.12122815


>So what are we to do?

stop bumping personal blogs like this and put your thoughts in a questions that dont deserve their own thread

800a65  No.12122832

File: 0500aa48b5a1db8⋯.jpg (251.29 KB, 1000x1874, 500:937, 0500aa48b5a1db83c5fe1e7f77….jpg)



>opining on whites

>saying you can't use other races

You, my friend, just reserved yourself a spot in the gas chamber.

5b49d6  No.12122837


>why wouldn't we want to use blacks to fight the jews?

Because they are incompetent monkeys. They are the cannon fodder and will be used as such to occupy the bulk of the military. The military will be the ones fighting multiple fronts.

4fcd96  No.12122853


I read this screencap recently about which is about the Matrix Trillogy being about Jewish control and Neo being Jesus etc. I decided to read the script to check, and decided to read the early scipt for Reloaded as well, which was quite interesting. Then I woke early this morning and decided to write my thoughts down.

The screencap is dated 8/19/18 btw, so it has likely served as inspiration for pdp and Joe Rogan.

Especially given the Reloaded script, you could argue that Neo=Hitler and Morpheous represents idealism and National Socialism.

I also have an uneasy feeling about what is happening in this world and in our countries and know that there are parties that have profited immensly from the past number of wars.

I call them lolbergs because their ideology is based on the works of a bunch Jews who can't into cooperation and community. Besides that I am not looking forward towards a world with a few megacorps running everything.

Also I hope you understand that writing a 2k words rant has to be the most retarded way to d&c right.

e88d97  No.12122872


I've already started using them on social media. LARPing as a DemSoc during the Democrat primaries. I'm using the racial division and anti-white hatred to remove kikes from power. Anytime there's a person of color, "VOTE OUT THE WHITES! They got us in this mess." This forces our (((fellow white people))) to pull their jew card, which they hate doing. If kikes lose control of the DNC to a million brown socialists, then so be it. At least it'll kike free. The only option remaining would be for the media and kikes to flee to the right, which will buy us more time. We have to remove them from power.

Some DemSoc told me "I know what you're up to. Look at the bigger picture. Zionists control the corporate military industrial complex. All the Zionists have to go." He was right. They're all gears in the ZOG machine and these socialists understand it to an extent.

5b49d6  No.12122909


You're still trying to operate within the system. Instead, break that fucker. It's a lot more fragile than you think.

0a67fe  No.12122973



if youre not a nip gtfo

8aaa9e  No.12123002


The thread is anchored lad.

4fcd96  No.12123119


You are aware it's the "two party jew party" system right, and the republicans are not friends. Well, atleast not when the surround themselves with jews.



That's a shame, I wonder why though.

The idea of fighting the jew by not mentioning the jew seems like an approach that could work.

In the end it is just basic "shape your message to fit your audience" though.

10cee4  No.12123293


I guess kikefy is polvol5 now

397582  No.12123919


800f89  No.12125511

File: 395330598f38f74⋯.png (105.97 KB, 853x1432, 853:1432, 21 Questions.png)

If you don't get over your one drop philosophy that was too racist for Hitler and use the allies you can get to stop these parasites who are destroying western civilization and endangering the world via their proxy wars for profit, then you will be fighting a war on two fronts with a potential ally (particularly due to Libya) and not allowing for a return of two parent households to improve the epigenetic situation.

b107f1  No.12134248

>each of these groups is progessively less able to communicate and understand each others viewpoint.

Language game incommensurability. Wittgenstein discussed this in On Certainty. The way our of the paradox is social construction via triangulation between all contextx of available, relevant evidence whether it is freely available or we have to manufacture it ourselves. It takes a real dullard to continue pounding his chest that Hitler was a god among men and we all need to resurrect his archetype because some books said.

b107f1  No.12134259


The attitude of platitude is the result of left-right differensames ideology.

ceb58e  No.12142313

>Alex Jones being an abvious one which does a great job of mixing up truths with retardation and thus clouding everybodies vision. It provides a cardboard cutout idiot for one part of the population, the entry to a maze for people that feel something is wrong, and again a cardboard cutout disinformation agent for an even smaller group so they can see themselves as awake.

Alex Jones might have been that for a while, but at a point he got too big so they had to shut it down, since even though not naming the jew he was a hinderance to their narratives (their memetic way of shaping reality through lies)

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