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File: 41aaeedac53f7fe⋯.jpg (88.46 KB, 650x708, 325:354, zpnOV39.jpg)

a9b42a  No.12122714

Unfortunately, this will give us the Baja. But at least that will pay for the wall. The Baja will be worth $trillions once the gringos bring water to it.

9e188c  No.12122725

File: 345101cfbb3b910⋯.jpg (112.68 KB, 650x408, 325:204, 3efb4d772e3002f644e12e0532….jpg)

Wouldn't it be even shorter if we moved the US border here

275bff  No.12122737

Uh, no. It's full of mexicans, I say we lengthen the border by kicking california out of the union.

55bc4f  No.12122788


>Troll thread

Lurk 2 years before posting, nigger.

069820  No.12122793


Then you would need a heavy coastguard presence to patrol the gulf. A thread died for this.

79293c  No.12122804

File: 25901b0e1139f74⋯.jpg (12.47 KB, 250x180, 25:18, Mexicunt.jpg)

You don't even need a wall. All you need is Mexican hunting permits. Illegal immigration is guaranteed to drop to nothing as soon as people realize it is really happening.

e1d7d3  No.12122826

>posts opinion on /pol/

>has no influence on anything

>attention seeking faggot

Fuck your shit slide thread. Livestream your suicide, insufferable goat fucking faggot. Sage for wasting my time.

136494  No.12122870

45afa6  No.12122910

Any available funds will go to building walls in the ME and to israels pockets.

cea7ee  No.12122995


907764  No.12123057


>there's a city in Guatemala called HUEHUEtenango


c81639  No.12123078

We didnt take mexico in the first was for the same reason we wont now. Its full of mexicans, most of you dont understand the diffrence between nationalism and patriotism empire and country. The hunk of the land doesnt matter the people do.

661154  No.12123106


what a miserable cunt you are.

You post the same tripe to every thread posted here.

Do yourself a favor and kill yourself since you are so miserable.

f66525  No.12123123


>Annexing part of a sovereign nation

You make it sound so easy …

5e008d  No.12123129


>for the same reason

No, we didn’t take it because the negotiator was a literal SJW and disobeyed the president and Congress, negotiating for a southern border 600 miles north of where Congress told him to draw it. No, I’m not fucking kidding. And stop pretending that we won’t be killing or expelling nonwhites in lands we conquer, dipshit. Holy fucking hell, you’re a coward.

167c15  No.12123135


> because the negotiator was a literal SJW and disobeyed the president and Congress, negotiating for a southern border 600 miles north of where Congress told


358175  No.12123143


That's dumb I'd rather my country be more powerful

ec6744  No.12123145


but do you have anything to back up this claim

167c15  No.12123154


Why didn't Polk redo it and kill that bastard? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

984026  No.12123159

File: 1ddfb88606fc86b⋯.png (731.59 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 2000px-Location_North_Amer….png)

This is what America SHOULD look like.

22e88d  No.12123200

File: 012b717d40b5f25⋯.jpg (37.66 KB, 585x501, 195:167, sherriff.jpg)


Why don't we just kill the Mexicans?

fa66ca  No.12123225


You don't want Mexicans and especially Cucknadians to have voting rights. That would be the worst thing that could happen to us. You'd need to forcibly remove Taco AND Cuckold, and most of the serious next level cuckolds shitting up Canada are in fact white men Amazingly enough.

907764  No.12123228


This is all rightful American clay, slay the mexicunt and cuban squatters on our new states… Jackson, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Jefferson, Kennedy and Ford island.

073f30  No.12123236


what's stopping you?

c34ac6  No.12123237


He's just larping to feel cool.

b2dd3d  No.12123248


the border is not the 'be all to end all'; it's just phase I. we're taking everything including Guatemala, pushing them in El Salvador and Honduras where they're forced to clean up their mess and built sustainable, functional societies or die on the vine.

>from the Jeffersonians in Northern Cal, to Nevada and Arizona, the push is slow but steady

907764  No.12123259


Eventually it'll extend to the southernmost tip of Argentina, finally spics can't complain that America will be an appropriate name for the country… however they'll all be dead so it doesn't matter.

957667  No.12123300


t. trotskyist kike subversives posing as neoimperialists

907764  No.12123324


>muh PR

Fuck off.

e5cebb  No.12123379

b6d697  No.12123394



What we NEED is o REMOVE THE BEANS from the land that is ALREADY part of the USA.

We (White America) are not even holding onto the land we ALREADY HAVE.


>>We will KILL ALL THE EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!

History suggests that you are 100% wrong.

>>There will be NO DEPORTATIONS!!!!!!

Then there will be White genocide.

It MAY be possible to rekindle the spirit of Nationalism (not CivNat faggotry) in the hearts of White America and go about ending all immigration and deporting all non-Whites, but I EXTREMELY doubt that any significant number of White Americans will ever support any form of overt genocide. Even in the case of economic collapse and racial warfare, I suspect that Whites would seek a "tolerant" solution to "restore peace" as soon as possible. This will be disastrous in the long run, obviously. That said, reestablishing White Nationalist rule will likely not occur through voting alone even in the best possible scenarios. The point is that a LOT more Whites would support "deport them all" than would ever support killings. So it seems to me.



Again, White America is losing control of the lands we ALREADY HAVE.

THAT is what needs to be fixed. The way to fix it is to deport all the non-Whites and kikes of all races. Also remove the traitors who have been COMPLICIT in the ongoing genocide of White America.

Build the wall and dump the beans south of the border. Clear the squatters from Liberia and escort the basketball Americans to "New Wakanda." Send all the pure blooded non Whites to their ethnic homelands. Put all the "homeless mixlings" into the now almost-empty Southern California and give them the choice to surrogate and raise White children or remain childless (or leave the country if they want). The feather Indians have their reservations. Lands outside the CONUSA and Alaska are special cases given their natives, history, etc. They should perhaps be reclassified as protectorates or something.

Most would leave voluntarily if the gibs were shut off and a substantial deportation bounty was offered.

Again, so it seems to me.


If America had acquired the northern half of Mexico back then they would not have "killed or expelled" the Mexicans.


What is "your country?"

Unless you are a billionaire, a member of an "elite family," or a kike, it's not the current USA regime.


Jackson: yes

Eisenhower: no (does "death camps killing 2 million Germans in West Germany post WW2" ring any bells?)

Roosevelt: yes if Teddy, hell no if shabbos to the max franklin.

Jefferson: yes

Kennedy: yes if JFK, no if any other Kennedy

Ford island: yes if Henry Ford, no if President Ford

a9b42a  No.12123493


Much of the area opposite the Baja is inhabited desert. Patrol the Gulf of Cali with gunboats and have some checkpoints on the peninsula to catch an illegals heading north.The Rio Grande is a bigger problem because it's not much of a barrier.

In any event, I would first invade Mexico (again), exterminate the gangs and install a puppet gov't.

a747a8  No.12123527



This is why NAFTA is dead. Don't need a treaty when you just annex.

815722  No.12123836

Can you imagine how quickly the US could gentrify that shithole

167c15  No.12123853

File: 90d34f2ebb0768e⋯.jpg (192.64 KB, 1300x950, 26:19, 38987500-deep-sea-fishing-….jpg)

If I was trump I would basically put in the motions to Annex Cuba.

I would work with the locals to rebuild Cuba & turn it into the Vegas of the Caribbean. Locals from the gulf of Mexico states would benefit because tourist could go gamble a little bit, their wife's & daughters could hit the beach, Husband & sons could go fishing. There are also attractions such as NASA rocket launches, Disney land,ect.

Vegas is such a dump of it's climate. I would also work so that Locals who catch a nice trophy fish could process the meat,and take it home with them on dry ice.

a9b42a  No.12123881


Way too long. Cut straight across the isthmus at its narrowest point. Then deport all the more troublesome mestizos across it to C America. My Baja plan may be just a first step, depending on how it goes.

167c15  No.12123885


Why not just annex that border section with troops?

b6d697  No.12123967



Never. They never could.


Shitholes are shitholes because of SHITHOLERS. Shitholers are shitholers because of GENETICS.


All that gentrification actually means in practice is "force out the low IQ retard masses of browns and blacks and replace them with higher quality tenants." Of course, this simply forces the violent idiot hordes into someone else's backyard. Thus the cycle continues and the kikes make money both ways.

The only form of "gentrification" that is worthwhile is forcing the non-Whites out of White homelands and back to their own sovereign foreign countries. Then seal the border with lethal force and ban all immigration.




(and no, most spics are not White. A SMALL minority are. Very small)

3bcacb  No.12123973

File: 37d56fd7880c690⋯.jpg (125.49 KB, 750x841, 750:841, 1517435195958.jpg)



Fresh tampon?

Some folks NEED to smoke weed.

2c2916  No.12123978


fuck off cia shill

3bcacb  No.12123981


All you need are a few high-profile prosecutions of the worst employers/ landlords/ etc.

Illegal immigrants disappear over night.

2907a5  No.12124001

Mexico should be completely incinerated and sterilized fifty feet below the surface of the earth and the ground should lay fallow for 100 years.

b6d697  No.12124011


To be clear, I am not saying that every non-White person is a shitholer. Some non-Whites are quality people, and some non-White groups are impressive.

However, non-Whites should not be in White countries regardless of their quality. They should be in their own countries with their own people.


Sage for double post

a9b42a  No.12124022


Our failure take back Cuba (yes, we own it) is one of the great mysteries of geopolitics. We could do it in a couple of days. Instead, we fight decades-long pointless wars for Israel on the other side of the globe. My prediction: the Chinese will try to get ahold of Cuba to trade for Taiwan. Or they might turn it into an offshore medical clinic/resort and make $trillions.

a9b42a  No.12124122

File: 0f38fe809236b2d⋯.gif (5.67 KB, 600x360, 5:3, ojYpZk0.gif)

BTW, since we're annexing things (Baja, Caribbean, Canada), we should get a new flag. Here's one I designed which is suitable for any number of states. Proportion is 3:5, the standard used by flag manufactures. The base of the red triangle is three units, stripe is at a 36 degree angle paralleling the star and evoking the letter "A". The points of the maxed-out star represent Canada, the NE, NW, SE and SW. I would call this new country New America.

93a376  No.12124155


It's the namesake of the country, all those Central American countries were once whole. It's like if New York state ceded from the U.S.

f4c735  No.12124158


Whatever, but I'm not sure if your plan is global conquest or just reclaiming original land.

c82369  No.12124236

File: 4fd8ed931c99a5e⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 896x921, 896:921, 9.jpg)


>offshore aqueduct

>supplying 170 million in the baja desert

They never learnt their lesson, this why we need to put a border wall over California

3d2c21  No.12124246


At this point that'd be ideal. Temporary, of course. It would immediately benefit the country in so many ways. It would drastically shift the demographics immediately back in favor of whites. There's some 28 million non-whites in Cali, probably another 15 million illegals, and it's the established home base of subversion in many aspects of society and government. It's minority white, and as such they can enter anything in the social or political realm through it with support from the non-white population.

1d04d8  No.12124655


wasn't that hillary's plan?

5e008d  No.12124661



lol, the spic is scared

>not sure if

Three guesses.

5e008d  No.12124662




f4c735  No.12124679


I just don't get the view of /pol/ as global outreach when white countries should be secured for white people should be the goal.

9c72d1  No.12124698


>Annexing Juarez, the most shithole shitty in Messihole

No thanks

8a3964  No.12124946

File: 9412e36081e6c2e⋯.jpg (106.37 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 60072176.jpg)


General Winifred Scott was bribed by merchants from New York to annex all of Mexico. Scott made clear that he did not approve of this, as it would naturalise millions of beaners, which he did not want mixing with and taking a part in the course of the country's future. So he rejected the bribe—which would be worth millions in today's dollars. and reestablished the border at the Rio Grande, where it was before the fuckers started the war by trying to reclaim Texas.

There is a reason why they don't teach the Mexican-American War in schools.

b09e94  No.12124967

File: 490b628a7707b34⋯.png (75.49 KB, 376x199, 376:199, Fence.png)


You need to go deeper.

At https://cis.org/North/How-About-Wall-Mexico-We-Pay guy pointed out there is an abandoned railroad along this line so it would be incredibly easy to build a wall there. He was proposing that U.S. help fund Mexico building a wall there to keep out non-Mexican illegals.

While that WOULD be good for the US (non-Mexicans are the hardest to deport) the ideal would be if we got Mexican to build a wall along this line (yes, even help them pay for it) and then conquer the top half and drive them south.

5664d1  No.12125923


why not just say fuck it and use go to Panama. there's already a big, heavily watch canal right there bordered by huge cliffs and whatnot

of course, the further South you go, the more beaners you have to exterminate, which i imagine could get mighty expensive

80237f  No.12125984


>You don't want Mexicans and especially Cucknadians

that's why you deport and if they don't want to leave they can choose to be gassed instead.

fdf4ae  No.12126086


yeah, but we'd have all that shithole.

85c23b  No.12129898

File: 945956add216dc8⋯.jpg (27.97 KB, 620x350, 62:35, crimeariver.jpg)

c42708  No.12131258

File: 4d6e7f88e232f94⋯.png (4.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4d6e7f88e232f941623cd084a3….png)


That's my larpy ethnostate dream.

> Conquer mexico under the guise of wiping out the cartels

> oh no, the beaners at home are rioting

> martial law in the southwest

> concentration cam- errr penal colonies for beaners

> ivade down to panama under the guise of guerillas crossing borders ala afghanistan/pakistan and vietnam/laos-cambodia

> exterminate the beaners

> lebensraum for the troops

> constuction/rebuilding corps that provides jobs and infrastructure building for incoming colonizers

> sell land for super cheap for colonizing white families

> new border wall is only where panama connects to South America

> regain control of the canal and the one the chinese are building

> Quality of life for white Americans skyrockets

> Canadians look on enviously, illegal canucks starts to become a problem

> Canada just collapses under it's own socialist weight/USA orchestrated quiet conquering

> roll in to liberate and get greeted by parades like Hitler and the war of the flowers

> Quebecers get told to learn english in 5 years or move to france

> eskimo niggers get quietly shoahed

> go down in history as the greatest ruler to date

> retire as you set the stage for the next era to conquer the world and then the stars

ae1deb  No.12131911


Kevlar piping

I had stumbled upon this plan years ago.

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