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File: c0da6d4b5fb461c⋯.jpg (34.32 KB, 636x358, 318:179, deadparents.jpg)

70214d  No.12123391



Richard Sackler, a kike, ran the company Purdue Pharmaceuticals that his father Raymond founded. The Sacklers invented and pushed oxycontin for years and are directly responsible for opioid addiction among whites. This same parasite, predator, roach kike has now patented a drug to treat opioid addiction. All kikes must die. Not just deported to Israel. All kikes worldwide must be wiped out forever and ever. Not one kike can remain alive if whites are to survive on this planet.


>Richard Stephen Sackler (born March 1945) is an American billionaire businessman, and a former chairman and president of Purdue Pharma, a company founded by his late father Raymond Sackler and best known as the developer of Oxycontin.


>Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1920, Sackler was educated at Erasmus High School, and attended New York University where he received a bachelor's degree in 1938. Due to Jewish quotas imposed by the major U.S. medical schools during that era, he pursued medical education starting at Anderson College of Medicine in Glasgow, Scotland.

cc3bc0  No.12123498


I agree, kikes, and their pet niggers all require extermination. I no longer feel any sadness for the people who die of opioid addiction or overdose. ALL, not some, or most of these people are nigger tier subs that can't handle their obligations to be responsible with their bodies. Their deaths should not be mourned, or honored in any way.

70214d  No.12123509


This is dumb. The drugs are designed to addict by kikes like the Sacklers. You can easily go to a doctor after an accident or surgery with legitimate pain, and because kike pharma pushes painkillers so hard, the doc prescribes it. Then you are addicted and your life is destroyed, all so the kikes in pharma make more shekels. Getting whites hooked on opiods over many years was a very systematic, organized plot. Now they are playing the other side by selling anti-addiction pills. Kikes must be eliminated.

ed4466  No.12123569


This. The kikes better hope that my life doesn't go to complete shit, because if it does and I have absolutely nothing left to live for, I will take out as many of their children as possible at the nearest yeshiva school. I'm not fucking kidding.

5edd3d  No.12123592

Pharma kikes need consecutive life sentences for each patient they had od on their meds. They obviously know what they are doing when they prescribe someone opiod poison, its an endless cycle of addiction that ends up raising taxes for the norm.

cc3bc0  No.12123595


Dumb huh? Ok, when you've worked for decades to acquire the tools for your trade, only to have them stolen for a bottle of pills…

When you've been held at gunpoint by a nigger, not for your wallet, not for your car, not for anything other than a pill bottle sitting in the center console, that was just an antibiotic…

When you watch a beautiful young white woman turn into a walking fuck farm in just three short months, all because some nigger tricked her into taking some pills… then you can say this is dumb.

You apparently haven't lived much of a life yet, we all know how the process works. Maybe you should make a stand or have an actual opinion based on some relevant experience.

420db4  No.12123601

File: c7b6d8f299ad928⋯.png (127.16 KB, 244x233, 244:233, 22.whut.PNG)

420db4  No.12123602


>Richard Sackler

Lol, Dick Sack

06ee89  No.12123621

How do they even get this shit? I mean we regulate control of meds so monumentally there is just no way anyone could even sneak out one without it setting off federal red flags and draws them in within a day. So how the fuck are they able to get so many to the streets?

ed4466  No.12123623

The kikes probably laughed in uncontrollable glee while rubbing their hands so much that sparks starting flying. I hope they caught on fire and died.

5edd3d  No.12123628


People go doctor shopping

299a40  No.12123630


das it mane

ed4466  No.12123637


(((Corrupt))) doctors, my friend. I knew a kid that used to get pills from corrupt docs all the time, he was also on painkillers since he suffered from a major auto accident that he had on Interstate 80 (he later died of a heroin overdose). Control of meds is nearly non-existent. If only you knew how bad things really are.

420db4  No.12123640


Find doctor credentials online (they're very pompous and love to display their accolades)

Buy PVC printer

Open Photoshop

Crate ID with Dr Name on it and your picture

Use credentials and ID order drugs

*some stuff goes here*


ed4466  No.12123656

The kike (((Sackler))) family needs to be slowly and methodically tortured by having every single centimeter of their flesh slowly cut and peeled off. Then every single tooth extracted, then their bodies dumped in acid, all to be broadcast nationally live in ultra high definition 4k. And that's just for the living members, the desecration of the dead family members' bodies should undergo similar treatment.

06ee89  No.12123657


>If only you knew how bad things really are.

I grew up with it, definitely know what it can do to a family. I began noticing the would be popularity of norco when I was in college. Norco seems to be the heroine gateway.

f0f173  No.12123659


any anons got the dox?

70214d  No.12123668


Did you even read what I wrote, or just the first sentence?

70214d  No.12123678


I am only responding to your point re blaming the patients and explaining how the opioid cycle works. This has gone on for many years and was systematic and all kike pharma driven. Literally this one guy Sackler is hugely responsible

34d818  No.12123679

So when can we kill the Sacklers and all relatives and friends 3 degrees out?

9f3700  No.12123685

I took 9 years worth of percocets for muh itis and when they finally transplanted me they forced me off of everything cold. It was worse than the surgery. But I love pooping now. Too bad I’ll only live a few more years max.

cc3bc0  No.12123687


Then, my apologies.

2a30d4  No.12123689

Federales are strong in this thread 😂

9f3700  No.12123699


>killing a family

>killing an idea

All for symbolic actions that inspire an entire generation to make the world better, but you can pick only onein this case.

ee01b3  No.12123736



I'm going to point out that the drugies in rural America are almost exclusively the lowest 2% of the population who are also the only habitual democrat voters in most counties. These are essentially white niggres who vote for gibsmedats. The death of these people is generally a benefit to us, I'm sure somebody will bitch using a hypothetical exception to this rule but the reality on the ground is that most drugies were trash beforehand and would have always been trash.

a0d232  No.12123762


Read up on the Opium Wars - same problem, different era. The (((Sassoon))) family got China hooked on opium in the 1800s. The South American drug cartels are/were mostly run by Marrano Mestizo Jews - Medellin, Sinaloa etc

ed4466  No.12123774


These kikes won't stop. They truly need to be exterminated for the good of all of humanity.

44ae72  No.12123803

>jews sell drugs

>white people buy and become addicted

>it's all the jews fault

I have literally no remorse for junkies

aa10ae  No.12123812

Haha genocide is so epic.

bb5acc  No.12123842


Do you have no idea how pharma pill pushing works? They pay doctors to sling drugs. Any faggot like you can get hit in a car or have to have a bone spur removed or who the fuck knows what. You go to the doctor or hospital and they give you the pill that (((Richard Sackler's))) company pays them to promote.

Furthermore, you're completely ignoring the fucked-up kike company not only being directly responsible for the development and promotion of oxycontin, one of the most damaging, addictive drugs in existence, but also turning around and patenting a drug that is a DIRECT result of addiction to the highly addictive drug the very same kike company was promoting.

You sound like a filthy, nasty little kike yourself. All you kikes need to be wiped off the face of the earth forever. Fuck you

d864bb  No.12123851


I had to get a tooth pulled a while back in Michigan (U.S). The fucking dentist prescirbed me 40 percocet for the pain after. For a pulled tooth. I take solace in the fact that every other paitent there was a coon, but they probably just sell the shit anyway.

42d130  No.12123862

File: 16492b70b23da0e⋯.jpeg (45.2 KB, 612x1128, 51:94, JQ_Flowchart.jpeg)


>The South American drug cartels are/were mostly run by Marrano Mestizo Jews - Medellin, Sinaloa etc

No matter how long I'm here, the redpills just keep right on rolling, don't they? We're gradually developing a Grand Unified Theory of the Kikes. Already, it's allowing us to make valid predictions about nature, such as "/pol/ is always right."

d864bb  No.12123867

File: 4b0e540e9cfadfc⋯.png (189.01 KB, 537x1600, 537:1600, 0f32d4c73a615ceb30ebc3d299….png)


Opoid use in my county is bad that Trump actually mentioned us by name last year for it. Two old friends I fell out of touch with have died of heroin overdoses in the last two years, so I feel I'm somewhat of an expert at this point. "Norco" is just vicodin with a different name and added tylenol.

aa10ae  No.12123884


>unknowingly parodying your own ideology

d864bb  No.12123900



Fucking boomer tier logic. Ive watched great people fall into the abuse cycle seemingly at random. All it takes is one injury, one script for 30 Norco and you have a hooked kid and future dead white man. Fuck you both and your blatant disregard for causality. Do you think those "nigger tier" kids were just born inferior? No. This is the result of jew'd culture, where the most prelevantly pushed youth rage music is nigger rap and the most apparent form of escapism is video games and drug use. No sense of community or greater purpose. You actually fucking disgust me, your lack of empathy and understanding for fellow whites is EXACTLY the problem. I wish I could be in the same room as you both right now, cowardly race traitors, fucking pyschopaths.

9f3700  No.12123904

No one’s pushing pills in my state since the outbreak of the media event known as the opioid crisis. They’re actually extremely stingy, especially where prescribing more is appropriate.

25cf35  No.12123934


Just goes to show you that one way or another the (((elites))) will push their toxic shit on you. Kind of reminiscent of the 80's crack wave geared against blacks on the west coast.

25cf35  No.12123974


I'm surprised your article doesn't talk about the "Florida pill mills" that were being run by "quack doctors," where people would show up with unprovable symptoms (back pain, etc.) only to be given a giant bottle of oxycontin. It's not like there weren't people overdosing on these pills either, is what pisses me off. It was swept under the rug until it absolutely had to be dealt with.

The original pill only needed to be crushed to beat the time release mechanism, meaning people just crushed them and snorted them to get high. When Purdue finally took note (far too late, I might add), they switched to a type of gel that couldn't be smashed the same way. By this point in time you already had a bunch of white kids on the look out for opiates, meaning that they were willing to ride out the stiffer market prices for opiate prescription drugs, or they were willing to just pay for heroin off the street.

34d818  No.12123980


It's the least effective form of eugenics but it's still eugenics. Ideally these people would be guided and cultivated to reach their fullest potential and the best of their genes passed on. As it is, at least they don't propogate their squalor ever. Jews must die.

612af7  No.12123992

File: 827205c57ae09c0⋯.jpeg (27.89 KB, 252x291, 84:97, 704C40D5-4030-4949-9EF0-4….jpeg)

>Jews sell opioids to white goyim telling them that they will help them

>goyim get addicted due to not knowing how bad the opioids are

>”it’s the goyim’s fault!”

70214d  No.12123994


Oh, hey faggot. see the actual fucking facts linked in OP. Yes, kikes are very literally responsible for most human misery. You name an issue, I will give you the irrefutable kike evidence. Literally, kikes are factually, literally responsible for oxycontin, which has devastated whites because kike pharma pushes it on doctors and doctors push it on their patients. This targets unsuspecting patients who come in because of accidents and surgeries. It is kike driven start to finish, just like niggers all over TV convincing us to love niggers, or spics coming across the border as an invasion force for population replacement. Kikes control academia, media, and massive kike donors pay literal dual-Israeli citizen politician kikes in congress to keep kike policies in place. It is impossible to list out every single nasty deed kikes have perpetrated to destroy America, and any kike-enabler/apologist like you MUST be lined up against the wall if whites are to survive as a people.

In short, FUCK YOU

70214d  No.12124000


Yes. there are kikes and kike enablers in this very thread making that classic manupulative jew argument.

06ee89  No.12124002


>"Norco" is just vicodin with a different name and added tylenol.

Yeah exactly, vicodin, heroine gateway in my eyes.

70214d  No.12124004


Checked. This.

728cdd  No.12124012

>>12123900 (checked)

And great post. So sick of seeing these sort of individualist cancer posts sprung from our hyper jew capitalist society. These people are the cancer that is the problem, we will never solve anything with them around. They turn their backs on our people for any reason, then claim it's 'eugenics' or they're 'nigger tier'. They're the same ones supporting cops shooting whites because they didn't lick a ZOGbots boots properly.

70214d  No.12124019


No problem, man. Easy to get pissed off online.

ee01b3  No.12124075


> Fucking boomer tier logic.

Boomers tend to be social signalling faggots who say "isn't that a shame" when anything bad happens to anybody even if it is 100% their fault. I mean just last week how many of our fucking parents were defending John McCain as somebody told them he burned down a aircraft carrier?

>Do you think those "nigger tier" kids were just born inferior?

Well yeah actually, I've always been so cruel, intelligent, and heartless that I never suffered personal hardship even when times were hard because I didn't give a shit. I was prescribed pain medication when I was a child and broke my back in a fall, I didn't take it. Stoic indifference to pain and contempt for weakness is the hallmark of a man in the culture I was raised in. And I agree with that value.

>No sense of community or greater purpose

Making a lot of assumptions here, I help people in the town and the area quite a bit. But I only help those who I feel are deserving of existence in the first place. Discrimination is the basis of civilization. The wonderful thing about localized charity is that everybody knows you and if you are a piece of shit you are left to die but if you are valued you are given a second chance. Unlike a distant bureaucratic system a completely localized social support network is highly discriminatory. I am utterly lacking in empathy but that is a common trait among the people I'm derived from, I'm not even being an edgy shit here I really think that empathy doesn't matter.

Let us look at this in a wider context than merely the drug problem. Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey, GSS, and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.

You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white conservative birthrates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals and only 7% will be black.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.


It goes beyond mere social incentives, the spics and niggers and libtard whites and mudslimes and kikes all don't breed when they have gibs. The bread and circuses are poisoned and only those who refuse to partake survive in the modern world. In the natural environment those who sought pleasure survived because natural selection had made it pleasurable to engage in adaptive behavior such as breeding and the harsh nature of pre-industrial environments meant that go get pleasure elsewhere one had to achieve material wealth. Now pleasure has been cheapened to such an extent that any scum sucker can get his fill. They have their Electric Jew, they have their vidya, their drugs, their consequence free sex, their food provided by welfare, ect. They don't need to engage in adaptive behavior anymore to get what they want and we shouldn't try to save them from themselves.

Only those who shun happiness and hedonism are surviving. Only the heartless and cruel are enduring and if it wasn't for the millions of mudmen they have foisted upon us via immigration the country would be leaning so far right that you wouldn't believe it. If we every break the chain, if we ever gain power and get let loose upon the kikes and mudmen they will be praying that they were facing the "Nazis" instead of us. Because unlike the real the Prussian germans who stayed in the old world we don't have empathy and are not civilized. We are the children of cavalier killers and canton mercenaries, if we get the chance we ill murder half of the world and we will do it in a very expedient manner. https://pastebin.com/TGzmYw7E Only as they are wiped out will they realize that the greatest monster isn't their fanciful Nazi who tortures for their own amusement but a machine that slaughters men for the right to glut itself on the blood of children and feels nothing while doing it. They can understand sadism but they cannot understand utter heartlessness and cold unwavering hatred, and the most primal fear is the fear of the unknowable. I want to teach them that fear.

d864bb  No.12124081


Sorry for any confusion, I was agreeing with you but clarifying.


This is why I still post here. I know that through the sea of shills and kikes that there white men like me trying desperately to pull together some semblence of belonging and community. I am a direct result of successful /pol/ posts armed at redpilling whites. My entire life is dedicated to the 14 words, so when I see some faggot brush off the genocide of people I knew personally as "eugenics" it boils my blood. In high school I was a skinny jean wearing, pot smoking cuck, now I'm 210 pounds of fit white fury, saving money for the birth of my first child from my submissive, traditional wife whose hymen I personally broke.


The point of my blog post is that, I will concede that there are irredeemable whites yes. But to callously throw that label around is irresponsible, reprehensible, lazy and borderline traitorous. I came from a broken home and got off to a horrible, degenerate start. But here I am now, fighting on all platforms including physical to build or race up. My friends could have been saved, and I will live my entire life with that weight on my back, using that reminder every time I see a teenage white girl with a nose ring and short hair. They can be saved, but ==WE HAVE TO BE THE ONES WHO DO IT==

07574e  No.12124088


>ill only do something if it gets really bad

the fact that the next generation of whites that are soon to become adults is going to have a much worse time than our parents had by any metric, should be enough

728cdd  No.12124109


That's great anon, you definitely deserve happiness and I salute you for your contributions to our race. I have a long way to go myself, not going to get into it but I didn't exactly have a good upbringing and life so far. I want to get to the point where I can help my people in need. It's in the tenets of national socialism. For us to be successful we have to realize not all of us are blessed and had the same opportunities and there are many paths we must take.

70214d  No.12124154


Underrated point re historic analysis. Kikes repeating the same tactics to destroy entire populations

d864bb  No.12124166

File: c2296182697f7c3⋯.jpg (140 KB, 640x840, 16:21, c2296182697f7c371957549e2a….jpg)


Clearly you and I are allies, and your post is eloquent and I appreciate it. However, I am a prime example of what should have been considered a lost cause turning himself around. I can understand and appreciate your sentiment of seperating the wheat from the chaff, but we are living in a system designed for us to fail. There are going to be preventable casualties that would have been made valuble assets towards our cause, and you and I can prevent them. In a personal example, my friend was 6'4 and built much thicker than I am. When we would spar in his backyard he would make me see stars, and my jaw is made of bricks. If you knew him when I knew him you would have seen his potential in a heartbeat, he was kind, loyal, savage and brutal. If you knew him just before he OD'd you would have written him off. But I saw what he was before, and what he could have been.

I guess my point is, I hope you at least keep an open mind. Not everyone who presents as a lost cause is truely lost. As a positive example, my wife was raised with a nigger, black supramacist step dad. She had a nose ring when I met her. She believed "white people dont cook with spices" and that "blacks wuz kangs n shiet". Unironically. Not even two months of dick and stoic discipline and she is now obsessed with concept of breeding as many quality white children as possible over the next ten years (she is 20, I'm 25). She also cant stand niggers.

I truly look forward to bathing in blood with you brother, and I'm happier for having knowing you exsist. Just please, try to empathize with your volk read: the white race

Main takeaway for anyone else, /pol/ works. It saved two white people and has resulted in the conception of a third.

61e5f4  No.12124171


>I no longer feel any sadness for the people who die of opioid addiction or overdose

Get fucked, you low IQ nigger. These people go to the doctor because they're in pain, and the doctor abuses his power to bring in more money by over-prescribing these drugs to these ignorant people that don't know the consequences, and they get addicted by someone else's hand. This is an actual case where real victimhood is involved. These people aren't to blame for their addictions. You can't expect everyone to know the consequences of taking these drugs, especially before it even became an issue in anyone's mind and happened entirely under the rug.

420db4  No.12124183


You're getting better at his Joan but you'll never be one of us.


Checked and be careful around here. People are not always what they appear to be.

70214d  No.12124207


Checked. All of this is good to hear.

d864bb  No.12124210


Are you, or is anyone else here familiar with a non-kiked platform for email? I would very much like to stay in contact with you anon.

9fd031  No.12124212


Bullshit, I expect everyone to understand the consequences of taking these drugs and how to defend themselves against jewnigger influence. Anything else is just lame nigger rationale. I'm going to protect my fellow white through education and holding them to a higher standard.

61e5f4  No.12124228


>if you're not formerly educated in medicine you're a nigger

Filtered. Fuck off with your D&C you dumb ape.

d864bb  No.12124232


You expect the non-initiated to be able to resist jewnigger influence? When they have been raised from day one under said influence? With social policing in the form of communist indoctrination school and ALL social media platforms to magically become natsoc and racially aware? Without people like you and I actively guiding them?

Anon step back and think about what you are saying. The demoralization campaign has been going since before some of our parents were born. How on earth are people going to wake up without our help?

ae335e  No.12124240


>go around the world killing non-whites

I don't think that's necessary when you can threaten non-whites to deport via exterminations. Then secure your lands with tight borders.

4c1fe5  No.12124243


gj dude

d864bb  No.12124245

File: f99b1a1874c2aa8⋯.png (360.61 KB, 1363x523, 1363:523, b7773fb80a1c91d870eca23aa1….png)


Sage double post, but anon I don't know if you should be so quick to filter and insult. Nobody changes their mind by being insulted unless its in a social shaming situation. You can socially shame an anon, you need to rationally appeal to them. I undetstand your knee-jerk reaction, a big part of image board culture is that we are the opposite of a hugbox, but rather a hurtbox. But we wont get anywhere blindly filtering amd calling each other niggers. Thats what the yids want.

612af7  No.12124253


That’s a bit ridiculous. A huge amount of the whites who become addicted to Opiods become addicted in the first place because they are told that such Opiods will heal them. They trust what their doctor says and take the Opiods, believing that they will be healed and not knowing how incredibly addictive Opiods are.

420db4  No.12124271


I have to think these are shills pushing D&C

jews have nothing but hate in their hearts so they don't know how to speak with anything but hateful words.

Most humans are uncomfortable living with that much hate and anger so we don't have the capacity of understanding their perspective.

Then there's a few of us that were conditioned to protect our brothers/sisters. The SRA victims who grew up to be absolutely terrifying to the jew. The only time they will ever know happiness is the DOTR.

We each have our purpose, but not a single one of us should demean our brothers and sisters, even when they're wrong. We have enough outside forces working on that. As a community, we need to strive to be better in all walks of life.

d864bb  No.12124312


I hear you brother, and I understand where you are coming from. The amount of d&c on /pol/ is palpable and I also have a healthy distrust in anyone who can so quickly dismiss the plight of others. But I think a certain amount of temperance should be applied, as many people here are more reactionary than others. They may have a kneejerk reaction to a certain topic that, if they applied a little more thought to, they might actually hold a different opinion on. I just think we should afford them the oppurtunity to apply more logic to their stance before we write them off.

c1c772  No.12124315

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



So you are just a fool (at least being one now) who selfishly responds according to your own experience, failing to look at the bigger picture.

72c335  No.12124402


You're my kind of anon. Remember you get bonus points for killing a cop, stealing their service weapon, and then killing the yiddies with that service 9

299a40  No.12124560


>White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use

If being a Republican actually meant anything there would already be a wall

70214d  No.12124580

Funny how any real topic like this that names specific kike names immediately attracts shills saying things to sow distrust, divide and conquer, and things designed to get /pol/ put on a watch list.

It's almost like the (((establishment))) feels threatened by public exposure of specific kike names and evidence of massive crimes against whites they've committed.

d864bb  No.12124622


Could be (((coincidence))) but there's currently some cuck spamming slide threads left and right. Check the catalog and report. I don't understand why people even respond, let alone without saging.

9281f6  No.12124626


Let me get this straight. White girlfriends father left her…black stepdad comes in and provides a stable father figure.

And now you got her calling the 1 positive dude in her life who stuck around…a nigger

There's a difference between black people and niggers. Nigger are Niggers

Her stepdad may be misguided, but I think it's a human tendency to identify your lineage as "Kangz" we all want to be great/identify with greatness.

ed4466  No.12124656


Found the kike.

d864bb  No.12124670


You fucking retard he made her life hell and treated her like shit. Shamed her for being white constantly. Dont equate her mother being a coal burning whore with anything positive. I am still, a year and a half later undoing the damage done to her self image and self worth. Theres a reason she went from zero to 14/88 in a 2 months and it wasnt the powet of my 8 inch white cock.

This is a kike or a shill or a kike skill.

70214d  No.12124675


Don't respond to it. This is the absolute state of /pol/ with the landwhale and her kike/shitskin propaganda team effectively running it. Mods, of course, are AWOL.

d864bb  No.12124690


Youre right my guy, the presumptuous nigger apologist managed to bait me. Looks like a vol did clean those slide threads so I have some faith in at least one of our mods. As for the landwhale I'm still not convinced that isnt a paranoia phy-op, but it absolutely best to err on the side of caution in anycase.

ed4466  No.12124702


Absolutely this!


>It's my job to figure out what a physician's price is. For some it's dinner at the finest restaurants, for others it's enough convincing data to let them prescribe confidently and for others it's my attention and friendship…but at the most basic level, everything is for sale and everything is an exchange.

>—Shahram Ahari

4c939d  No.12124734


spotted the nigger

8d8f4d  No.12124902

>kikes responsible for drug addicts everywhere

Am I supposed to be shocked?

8a2fab  No.12124920

File: cbf5b8cff07d8cf⋯.jpg (46.78 KB, 635x849, 635:849, JewFlowchart.JPG)

420db4  No.12124963

File: 857e9f8c57c21f8⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1400x705, 280:141, McCompound.png)

File: ca1756f9a31a041⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1400x722, 700:361, McCompound2.png)

File: cf13b5d99c89c1a⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1400x717, 1400:717, McCompound3.png)

File: e2c6467247f12ec⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1269x811, 1269:811, the_big_picture.png)

File: 54a3deaa3c0db74⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1159x637, 1159:637, Traffic_busses.png)


McCain operated the Southern Corridor into the US. human trafficking, drugs, guns. McCain was the man!

39b04f  No.12124969

Additionally, the policies that are used to determine when drugs are issued to patients were seemingly changed with the intent to facilitate easier access to pain killers. Patient pain was elevated to the "vital sign" category, which is a set of metrics used to determine treatment and meds. Vital sign x is at y level = z drug, roughly stated, and is part of the whole standardized treatment and liability set of procedures licensed medical personnel follow. Since there's no objective way to measure pain, like with heart rate or blood pressure for example, patients are asked to provide a number between 1 and 10, and this can be used in the decision to prescribe pain meds. Concurrently, there is no standardized procedure or legal obligation to inform patients of the addictive nature of the drugs prescribed, and it only takes about 2 days to become addicted to opiods. It's easy to see how people become addicted, and can subsequently abuse the prescription procedure.

6b4750  No.12124997

The filthy jews flooded Appalachia with it and started stealing land and natural resources. No jew or other non-whites should be allowed to live in any white nation.

ed4466  No.12125004

>>12124088 (checked and heil'd)

Yes, I see your point, but it would be no good to check out early as a corpse just simply because I'm angry right now. Best thing that can be done is to keep together and take care of family and loved ones.


Sweet. I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

ed4466  No.12125011


West Virginia especially has been hit hard.

70214d  No.12125019


Would be interesting to know who exactly was behind those changes.

5e47ed  No.12125025


Top kike tier post. I can't tell if you're a boomer with everything handed to you or an edgy millennial with everything handed to you.

98b383  No.12125262

Daily reminder the Judes are doing to Whites what they did to Chinks


70214d  No.12128057


5eebe8  No.12129681


Stay away from this shit, anons. I've known a number of white "friends" who've let opiates ruin their lives. Of course, I've cut them out of my life for good. These kikes need to be gassed for real this time.

70214d  No.12129914


But wait, even if you get addicted, there's great news for addicts, because the kike Sackler family who invented and pushed opioids are now offering addiction drugs to help addicts withdraw from those same opioids. Guess kikes profit again!

9340a0  No.12129949


>Now they are playing the other side by selling anti-addiction pills.

Which are (you guessed it) addictive.

a85db4  No.12130009

File: de5b308f14f9d90⋯.png (936 B, 21x32, 21:32, BLOX001.png)

File: ebd2d51041da683⋯.png (176.87 KB, 426x568, 3:4, BeThere.png)





Thread here, of happenenings:





a85db4  No.12130049


* you your

70214d  No.12130367


Kek. No doubt they enjoy a nice Feinstein-style cackle and hand rub as they review prescribing numbers and revenue

70214d  No.12130388


This. /pol/ is a board of peace. We do not support any type of violence for any reason in any shape or form. It's odd how this thread, which names specific kikes responsible for extremely specific, evil deeds, draws out the weirdo shills promoting violence.

95b9cb  No.12130495


>There's a difference between black people and niggers

Hey anon, how's your first day on /pol/ going?

ae335e  No.12130503


Technically that anon was right (although he got the rest of it wrong). Black people are the "smart" ones while niggers are 99% of the negro population.

ae335e  No.12130508


checked with good ol' fashioned sarcasm

db3e98  No.12130595

so when are kikes gonna start dropping dead in our countries?

you guys bitch a lot but nothing ever happens

we have tim wise's address, why isn't he dead yet?

yes Im alphabet

4793b9  No.12130627

File: 70fa84b42e64dcc⋯.jpg (27.34 KB, 294x282, 49:47, 6187c85ee9e05c4d3a947efed5….jpg)


A lot of these people were just normal bluepilled whites. They didn't know about the JQ and everything we know here. They just worked at some factory, or welded pipe. Some hard honest job, broke an arm, fucked up a back, got in an accident… doesn't matter. They go to the doctor like normal people would do and they get treatment. Doctor prescribes Oxy to them with a note saying "take two a day or three if needed" or some shit. They trust the doctor so they do this. However, they don't understand how their bodies work with addiction or their family history of addiction. They get a few weeks off work but it still hurts. Doctor gave them 50 pills plus three refills free. So they go to work to live and take pills to keep working. It works for a time then the pills run out and the pain continues because they now have a reliance.

These people were not weak, they were just intentionally made ignorant. They were victims of a billion dollar conspiracy to kill them. You can't expect a fucking normie to suspect an attack like this. It's why this has been so deadly. I had a minor surgery to remove my appendix. It didn't hurt too bad and I knew I wasn't going to take painkillers. Doctors wouldn't let me leave the hospital without getting a prescription. The prescription was seriously like 50 pills in a bottle plus two refills. That is 150 pills for something that was only supposed to be 1-2 weeks of pain. Max I could take was three pills a day so 14x3 is 42 pills. I had 108 (((extra))) pills.

There are literally thousands of normies out there that would just take three pills a day regardless of if they even need them because the doctor told them to. They trust the doctor. This is how the Jews got to these people. Abusing the trust whites have in the systems they built.

4793b9  No.12130644

File: 47c00df6ff2f8a4⋯.gif (531.93 KB, 500x278, 250:139, 606afbef1589f33712e257131d….gif)


I think it would be better to inflict pain on them, then get them hooked on their own opiods to end the pain so they die slowly. Probably the most painful thing you could do to them would be to cause their drug addiction to empty their bank accounts so they have to work as Wal-Mart greeters or something.

4793b9  No.12130666


I'm sure some anon here can find the story for me, but you should read about what the Jews did to Russian peasants. Peasants grew the ingredients needed to make beer. The jews brewed the beer then sold it at a loss so the dumb peasants would buy nothing but beer. Eventually they became broke alcoholics but it is okay, Shlomo had a solution. He would give them beer on credit and charge them interest. Pretty soon, the peasants had to work the fields solely to pay off the Jewish brewmasters and the Russian nobles weren't getting any food for the armies, rations, or storage. What did the Czar's agents do? They didn't blame the dumb wigger peasants. They saw because they were dumb wiggers they were being exploited by a few Jews so they stopped the Jews.

But go ahead… blame the "white trash" and the "wiggers." Do what the Jews want you to do like a good little goyim.

70214d  No.12130715


Not sarcastic. /pol/ does not promote, encourage, or condone violence, period.

70214d  No.12130723


This is it in a nutshell.

70214d  No.12130727


Satanic trips for a post describing how Satan has operated through history. The kikes never stop their unbelievable evil unless a society stops them.

4793b9  No.12130778


I'm pissed, I can't find the story I am referencing. It was posted here before. Around the 1700s to early 1800s is when it occurred. It was part of a larger topic of Catholic Poland vs Orthodox Russia and how Poland sheltered Jews to subvert Russia with the Vatican's blessing because they wanted to make Russia Catholic. The Czar sent a pretty famous agent to solve the problem and take a census. The census showed the poorest serfdoms and correlated it with Jewish brewmasters. Most were along the border with Poland. The agent was famous enough he had a wikipedia page and other documentation on him. Wish I didn't lose all of it.

152d7a  No.12130790


While /pol/ does not condone violence, if an anon decided of his own free will to do said actions, it would still be a net gain, yes?

532b96  No.12130805


this is fine as long as we keep marijuana out of pharmacies right goys…I mean guys?

70214d  No.12130817


/pol/ does not encourage or condone violence for any reason, and there is no other statement to be made on that issue. Full stop.

2e4427  No.12131323


> Black people are the "smart" ones while niggers are 99% of the negro population.

They are still niggers.

44fa91  No.12131664

File: e91b64901edda2b⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1530057699408.jpg)

44fa91  No.12131674


They knew exactly what they were getting into. I did a big boy pain killer once and only once and I will probably never do one again.

9b32d6  No.12131764


You can't patent an herb.

Tabernathe Eboga>>>ibogaine hydrochloride

One heroic dose and if you survive, it just works. It really does.

cebb10  No.12131767


they're all niggers, and they all need to go back to africa in the very same vessels their people created. all on their own.

69c966  No.12131780


>Don't read warning labels or follow prescription instructions

>Start chasing the buzz from pills instead of treating pain

>Start stealing from friends and family to get money for more pills


The kike making these pills should burn but junkies and their enablers are the niggers of whites. They all deserve the rope. Now if you get mangled in a car wreck you get ibuprofen and a fuck you thanks to all these faggot junkies with 0 accountability and the pity parties people give them.

70214d  No.12133085


You seem like a real piece of shit who is also too inexperienced to have any idea how docs and medicine actually work, or your limited little experience makes you ignorant, because you assume everything works just the way you might have experienced. Put your head under an 18-wheeler immediately.

cd9b5e  No.12135173

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I agree to a point. But I see the situation as being like link-related. Sometimes you just keep doing the shit forever and become a phase4 test subject, long term. This is what oligarchs want more than anything: good niggercattle. And no one notices or cares because you're alive, and really no different from anyone else except you picked a different poison than television/internet/education/shopping/body modification/toxoplasmosis/sex. You're not a beautiful tragedy, so you have no moral force. But that reinforces the idea that systemic issues and corruption are of some import alongside personal responsibility.

8b871c  No.12135213


It's just a coincidence that now certain minerals are being mined extensively in that area for certain computer chip companies. It's almost all automated at this point and it one of the only places on earth such pure materials can be found.

552bb4  No.12136748


did they dead? sauce?

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