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File: 566bc0a2433ad39⋯.jpg (193.82 KB, 1000x672, 125:84, 566bc0a2433ad39d96c784fcb5….jpg)

befd2d  No.12123414

Good morning anons. I hatched an idea.

Let me introduce sv3rige, a receding hair aficionado who believes in drinking animal blood and eating raw meat. Also thinks eating vegetables and garlic is toxic for your body. Absolute turbo-autist. Claims:


>Teh rich told me who is in charge and how veganism is about pop control.

>Now back to being a neet with no rich gf.

>talks about the elite #notalljews

>begs for donations.

Probably (((controlled))) or soon to be, because he seems like the kind of person to sell out. Comments section is more redpilled than him.

He does other things however, he pushes meat eating and has A LOT of interviews with ex-vegans.

As we know veganism is bad for your health and a total cult. All vegans are unhealthy, but juicers (eating nothing but fruit, preferably in juice form) are real life undead.

Go watch some of the interviews like:



The girl is pissed they genuinely fucked her life up.


1. To uncuck vegans, who have suffered long enough to be open to change.

2.Talk about this with anyone who will listen, how vegans are expolited by the elite. Show them confessions. This allows us to carpet bomb redpills on the masses, because it's not (((controversial))).

3. You can take ex-vegans and get them angry at the (((people))) who did this. Steady pills about (((the government, big pharma, billionaires, NGOs, rapefugees, Kallergi))) and Finally TGSNT.

I believe there isn't a group better suited to go 1488 than ex-vegans. Do not think this is futile like feminism, it's dogmatic but not part if (((school brainwashing)))). We can still act like normies and turn them!

Operation AVA is threefold and ongoing. Add it to your arsenal:

>Save the useful videos so they don't disappear

>show them to anyone willing to listen, joke about it to draw interest.

>someone will have a friend he needs help uncucking.


c16d13  No.12123510

File: 598bf0b86ca3f59⋯.jpg (213.42 KB, 640x852, 160:213, 6f03679ec97d0f799a5b0b6e33….jpg)


Why did you capitalize talmudic, (((anon)))?

Your post brings nothing of value and your baseless namecalling is a good indication this is a good idea.

c1505a  No.12123518

File: ddbea4ef4c27f4c⋯.jpeg (103.02 KB, 680x616, 85:77, BB7413A9-8522-43FF-A68A-1….jpeg)


>ripped vegan aryan

>is in fact fat, greasy, neet and complains that he can't stop eating candy because muh jews poisoned the food no one can fight the addiction

fuck off

487e0c  No.12123529


I do not associate with anyone even close to being a vegan.

this means that in order to participate in your operation, i would have to put myself in degenerate situations such as going to places like Austin or Boulder or some music festival.

is there a way for me to bring this fight to the internet?

c8ddc9  No.12123537

File: bbe585046ccaeb9⋯.jpg (171.12 KB, 700x473, 700:473, vegans.jpg)

Currently recovering from a year of veganism (sometimes raw veganism). Vegan propaganda is very elaborate, with all the (((science))) and shit, and can be quite convincing. Careful not to fall for it.

befd2d  No.12123580



You can always make concise mp4s. Dig on the origins of (((veganism))), create graphs, charts, wherever your strengths lie apply them here.


>show them to anyone willing to listen, joke about it to draw interest.

If you start mainstreaming the idea that veganism deteriorates your organs and is a scam pushed by elites trying to kill us, it will eventually reach vegans who are ready to quit.

0a79db  No.12123581


Veganism is an eating disorder. You may do it for moral reasons, but it's not healthy at all.

2a0477  No.12123582


Nice idea

>God gave humans animals to eat

>Humans ain't eating 'cuz respect n pewace n shit

but we should wait after the Swedish Elections. It's important.

152163  No.12123600


What's the point? Strict Veganism is still a very fringe subculture. Almost nobody tries it longer than a few months before at least adding back in some eggs. Avoiding eating vegetables is equally retarded as avoiding meat. Many vegans have good intentions and can potentially be recruits against (((big Ag))). Factory farming is destructive on many levels, but the answer is to replace it with intensive rotational grazing, which mimics natural herds and fertilizes soil very efficiently while restoring grassland ecosystems and reversing desertification. I do not care if some whites prefer to eat little to no meat, but at least eat some goddamn eggs. It's Nature's hormone building blocks and the highest quality protein possible.

befd2d  No.12123632


I agree with you on everything else.

>the point?

Vegans are a fringe but also natural hippies who avoid a lot of pozz.

You can't redpill normies even when they can swallow dead-ends like Alex Jonestein. There's no immediate danger.

On the other hand exvegans are people who have had their health fucked with — they hear it from their doctors. Watch some of those videos. It's easy to gaslight and steer them. Bonus points for recruiting from a radical counter-culture.

bd2f6f  No.12123653

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


OP is not even an initiate.

b3c0ad  No.12123745

>Kike mods delete my picture

Trying to hide the muscular 1488 vegans from the kosher meatcucks, huh?

b3221e  No.12124266




I'm gonna start eating organs of healthy animals and there is nothing you can do to stop me cuck

cb0849  No.12124295


Hi Joan

4366b4  No.12124355

sv3rige is a sun gazing flat earther

b7c270  No.12124668


Reminder that veganism is a jewish trick and that you're a spindly, malnourished pile of braindead shit.

c057e6  No.12124678

File: 5d88c9433618314⋯.jpg (74 KB, 349x331, 349:331, (((aaronsimmons))).jpg)


>Real men don't eat meat

>Real men juice it up

8e48d2  No.12124685

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Promoting with a picture of a vegetarian man himself

This is the most blatantly stupid shit I've ever read. This first thing you shouldn't intervene in is the people trying to fight the foodkike. I don't care how toxic leftist vegan culture is, because its not the measure of truth YOU FUCKING MORON.

As far as I've known cancer and mindless protein/soy eating is highly connected.

Even though proteins are a good source of energy, it uses up your enzymes like a motherfucker and not where it should be used if your immune system goes haywire on you. Insulin acts as an IGF, meaning it determines the growth factor of your cells. A champion amount of sugar does that, but protein does that the strongest. AKA you eat sugar and meat your lifespan goes shorter. Keeping a low IGF is proven to elongate lifespan. I hate to break to you but cancer cells vanish without treatment if you understand that its literally caused by gluttony. How ironical.

Eat meat and sugary shit with moderation. The most important thing is stay away from all the sugar-filled sodas and sugary chocolates. If you must eat chocolate eat pure.

If you ask me, you dont have to eat protein to have a quality life and diet. Protein is the worst meme that wont disappear because of the muscle-brain assholes who swear on their cancer powder but not their change in lifestyle and cutting down on eating all the other toxic shit.

Remember: The lifestyle you chose determines your way of your death.

363028  No.12125087

File: 4f32fc187b2fb4f⋯.png (137.05 KB, 474x354, 79:59, ClipboardImage.png)


But, what if you are on a plant-based diet for health reasons?

bd2f6f  No.12125276

File: 68194c5f6235e5f⋯.jpg (42.42 KB, 528x403, 528:403, Mike-Cernovich-picture-chi….jpg)


Yep interesting that 'soyboy' thernotits had to go on testosterone to get into shape, while extolling the virtues of the paleo diet.

000000  No.12125287

<first thread being called an operation

fuck off

9258e2  No.12125319


From what I've seen, all vegan propaganda and reasoning relies on a fear of sickness, and most commonly cancer. They basically just inundate you with talk of scary diseases and then conclude with "veganism is the way!" It's so fucking dumb. If meat causes cancer, then cancer would have been substantially more common when our diets relied heavily on meat, eggs, milk, fish etc. for survival in the more northern areas of Europe. Like all these faggot lefty-led movements, they never blame the real culprits for the increase in bad things. It's as if every lefty-led movement is directly geared toward protecting a corporate bottom line. Instead of going after the way they treat foods, grow foods etc., and forcing them to abide by a higher, healthier standard, they redirect the entire argument to some dumb shit like "meat is bad!" It's the same with environmentalism. We could make things here, but instead they want to increase regulations that "force" companies to offshore labor to third world countries where the labor is cheaper, and where there are no environmental regulations, so the exact same work created exponentially more pollution. Every time I hear some rat lefty mention environmental regulations that's my go-to line. Christ, they even do it with shit like childbirth. "There's too many people on this planet, I don't want to bring anymore into this world." Meanwhile there's only too many because of the black and brown third world. I told this to a dumb bitch and she didn't even have a comeback.

9258e2  No.12125332


>muscular 1488 vegans

Funny thing about muscular vegans is, they all got big on animal products, then made a shift in eating habits. Nearly all of them go back to eating animal products because after a few months they feel like shit.

433124  No.12126674

Sv3rige is a real character. Sometimes his logic is so hilarious even he laughs at it ("heheh"), but I agree with him on a lot as well. The dude lives in his own world, and preaches for people to listen to themselves. I consider him an ally for that.

Also, I've been eating a fuckton more red meat, and far fewer veggies the past few months, and I have seen the truth: the food pyramid is as wrong as it could possibly be. Stan Efferding is another good source for diet advice. He trains the strongest men on the planet, and he insists you could eat only beef and not just survive, but thrive.

1604f2  No.12126990


>uncuck vegans

have you watched a john sakars vid? good luck lol

e936c9  No.12128973


He makes excellent points about veganism, and then goes full retard with flat earth theory, eating raw meat/drinking blood, not drinking water etc. He is also defending the Jews.

He's quite a character though, I enjoy watching his videos, but they are certainly not something which I would support publicly. Maybe someone from /pol/ can get in contact with him and teach him the truth.

433124  No.12132139


>He is also defending the Jews.

Didn't he say something like "It's not only jews"? He's also mentioned not being able to speak freely on some issues. In any case he's just another guy. Take what you like from him. Leave the rest.

17acf6  No.12132176


>garlic toxic to your body

it is literally one of the greatest things to eat raw - and I'm not just talking about the taste. You niggers ought to be brushing your teeth in garlic. It's just that great.

Never trust a turbo-meater nor a militant vegan. One can't really function without either, if one wants their bodies in balance..unless one wants to do the whole supplement thing.

28e7e5  No.12134136


Funny thing, you assume I haven't been vegan for 5 years.

Also, even more funny, I've gotten bigger and more muscular after the shift.

Also it cured my ulcerative colitis, so go fuck yourself kike.

I'm 100% jew-killing muscle and your are 56% full of shit. Bet you're fat and don't throatfuck jewesses either

28e7e5  No.12134142

I even posted a picture of my body and the nigger mods deleted it.

So don't blame me for your ignorance of stronk vegans, not like you could search it up yourself and find out that the previous winner of strongest man in the world is vegan

Suck my hungaryan shlong shlomo

433124  No.12136861


>don't throatfuck jewesses either

Reported for promoting racemixing with the enemy.


>previous winner of strongest man in the world is vegan

You lying kike. None of those guys are vegans. In fact the guy training the last two winners, and structuring their diets has claimed to vastly up their red meat intake.

8d144e  No.12136872

Eating nothing but meat is even dumber than being vegan.

5ba6e4  No.12137186

wew. saw this guy before. I can sense his degenerate vibe. but ye smart ones know that have to listen to yer body only. THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL CURE. shills shilling universal cures are same as the disgusting yahwist spammers trying to take your self from yourself and replace it with a dead technique.


6fd541  No.12137281


hahahahahaha you're still fucking retarded

b3c0ad  No.12141228



Bet you can't elaborate on that, jew boy.

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