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File: b22ded3cbecf4c8⋯.jpg (358.5 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, bound girl.jpg)

87c450  No.12123895

Register every Jew in the USA, including fingerprints, detailed photographs and X-rays, multiple DNA samples, so that we can start putting some names on the many murdered children being found.

66139f  No.12123903


Any major action against the Diaspora must only come after Israel has been occupied by non-pozzed forces, otherwise Diaspora kikes will flee to Israel and then it's game over for the West.

774767  No.12123908


>if jews flee your country, you lose

fuck off

87c450  No.12123909


It isn't a move against Jews, per se.

It is a move to free them from suspicion in the event of a crime. With such a database, we could instantly put to rest any suspicions that may occur.

It's for their own good.

66139f  No.12123911


If you want to capture a house occupied by both your enemy and your comrades you would first seek to extract your allies before engaging the enemy. Jews want to extract their own people from the West before attacking. What is military science 101?

87c450  No.12123916


So are you suggesting that they should be extirpated worldwide and invited to only reside in Greater Israel, and their influence thus physically removed from all parts of life in the entire planet?

66139f  No.12123921


Jews are a homeless people. They're so mixed that they don't have a historic homeland, and when they do run a State they use it to attack everyone else. Israel should be de-armed, returned to Palestine, criminal/subversive kikes imprisoned, and normalfag Jews deported to the world's largest concentration camp … just as Hitler envisioned.

7b89a5  No.12123924


How is it game over if kikes flee your country, you retard?


Nah, just efficiently gas all of them.

0c5422  No.12123926


How the fuck does your "science" figure they'll survive any attack when they are all in one location for retaliation?

87c450  No.12123928

Would there be any greater joy ever heard in Israel than when the entire diaspora get to securely reside free from the goyim in their sacred homeland?

It would be the greatest day in their entire history!

7b89a5  No.12123933


Katharine Graham, Conrad Black. Eric Schmidt. Kenneth

Clarke. Timothy F. Geithner. Henry M, Paulson. Tom McKillop.

Marshall A. Cohen. Henry Kravis. Rozanne L. Ridgway, Carl Bildt,

Dianne Feinstein. George Soros. Melinda Gates. Craig Munie.

Frank J. McKenna. Frank H Pearl. Bertrand P. Collomb. Lynn For¬

ester de Rothschild. George J. Mitchell. Fouad Ajami. Richard

Perle. Joaquin Almunia. Nellje Kroes. Martin Feldsteln. Peter

Sutherland. Bill Kristol. Tom Daschle. David Rockefeller. Richard

C. Holbrooke. Vin Weber. Queen Beatrix I. James Wolfensohn.

John Deutch. Josef Achermann. Henry Kissinger. Roger C. Alt¬

man. William J McDonough. Hawrence H. Summers. Bill Clinton.

Jessica Tuchman Mathews. Henri de Castries. John C. White-

head. William Bundy. James Steinberg. Paul Wolfowitz, Thomas

E. Donilon. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. George Shultz. Timothy C.

Collins. Bill Richardson. Donald E, Graham. Klaus Kleinfeld.

Robert Zoellick. Harold Ford. Richard Haass. John Browne. Ben

Bernanke. James A. Johnson. Paul Allaire. Gianni Agelli. Steph¬

en Freidman. Barneet R. Rubin. William F. Buckley. Jean-Claude

Trichet. Vernonr Jordan. Marie-Joseacute Kravis. Peter Mandel-

son. David Gergen.

66139f  No.12123935





Jews use Israel as a base from which they subvert all other Nations. Those capable of attacking Israel at present are controlled by Israel - everyone from the U.S. to Russia to China. Any deportation plan at this stage would be carried out by Zionists themselves for the benefit of their agenda. This is why if we're to circumcise Israel's ability to subvert and attack it must begin with the People themselves, not the Governments.

0c5422  No.12123943


>look over here!

So, you don't have an answer for my question. Once all the rats are back in their pissraeli sewers, even if they manage to set off embassy nukes in every major country they built a nest, what stops everyone from destroying them completely once and for all?

66139f  No.12123947


>Israel controls all Governments capable of nuking the Jewish State

>The Jewish State will get nuked

pick only one.

87c450  No.12123957


Once they have been returned at long last to their blessed homeland, to which they are all, ultimately loyal, the Jews themselves can enjoy policing and veting anyone who gets to live there. I imagine high fees will be levied for certain of them, which will help build Jerusalem into the heaven on Earth that was always intended.

Once again, such blessedness. How could anyone honestly call themselves a Jew if he was not positively slavering to (not to be confused with "slaving") be part of such a wondrous concentration of God's Chosen People™

0c5422  No.12123962


If they are gone they won't be in control faggot. Keep trying, you fucks are burning.

87c450  No.12123965

Of course, all communications, of any sort, would be cut off from Israel so that they could not be poisoned by external influence of the Goyim Cattle, and thus pollute themselves.

What a dream! an entirely self-contained country basking in the bright rays of God's love and protection!

Of course, they would not be allowed to communicate in any way with the outside world, either, because why would we want our politicians influencing policy in Israel?

66139f  No.12123966

File: cd77f5710363a42⋯.jpg (70.19 KB, 1170x742, 585:371, brainlet 47.jpg)


You're counting on non-Jewish Zionist world leaders to save you from the Zionist menace they themselves helped create.

Seems legit.

0c5422  No.12123969


Hell, the rest of the world should chip in to help build a nice and tall fucking wall around the entire country. Furnaces need proper walls to concentrate the heat.

87c450  No.12123976


Yes, it wold be necessary to protect The Chosen™ from outside impurities. I'm thinking 100-foot-tall walls would be a 666th wonder of the world.

0c5422  No.12123977

File: 222e014449e7f44⋯.jpg (109.69 KB, 535x800, 107:160, How do they know.jpg)


Whereas you're counting on pilpul to save your matzo.

0c5422  No.12123979

File: 380bbe4f90e4177⋯.jpg (149.52 KB, 489x624, 163:208, Whip It Good.jpg)


666 feet high and 666 feet thick.

66139f  No.12123982


You can't just claim I'm using pilpul without showing exactly how my argument is pilpul. Otherwise it's you relying on tricks of rhetoric. Is it true non-Jewish Zionists control the international ZOG? Consider China. China is completely pozzed and yet Xi Jinping is not Jewish though he bows to Israel. If China deported all Jews to Israel, while Xi Jinping is himself a Zionist, then can't I safely assume deportations is a Zionist trick?

1bb9fb  No.12123983

File: b71ae2cf6a57dc9⋯.jpg (26.92 KB, 480x283, 480:283, pharisees.JPG)

fff861  No.12124014

basically a slide thread

e17c3d  No.12124036

File: f49ca1c443a8df9⋯.jpg (981.21 KB, 4984x3437, 712:491, Ukrainian patriots smash s….jpg)


That's stupid. We need to control our own societies before we are able to do anything outside of our nations.

That's just common sense.


That's all well and good, OP. But this action is simply not possible without having control over the governments HERE. All of these great ideas are simply thoughts in your head until we have seized control of the state.

87c450  No.12124039


Thanks shillbot.

Time for your new IP.

66139f  No.12124050


I haven't said we shouldn't control our own societies but that any major action directed against Jews specifically in our Nations will result in Aliyah.

87c450  No.12124065


If you actually read anything, it's about protecting Jews from Leo Frank lynchings by gathering the entire set of their biometric data so they can be instantly exonerated from any crime.

The ADL should be totally on board with this.

e17c3d  No.12124067


How exactly is China pozzed? China is by no means a utopia for the Chinese people, nor does the government of China seem very interested in bettering the lives of the Chinese race. However, China is by far less pozzed than the USA or Britain.

In 100 years, there is no doubt that the Chinese people will still be the dominant group in China.

But if current trends continue, Americans will be an absolute minority in their own country in less than 20 years and in less than 50, British people will follow them into minority status.

And after that, extinction.


>any major action directed against Jews specifically in our Nations will result in Aliyah.

Sounds good to me. Once we have control of our nations again, we can simply obliterate that shitstain from the face of the earth.

Or if we are feeling very, very vindictive, we can do to them exactly what they did to us and slowly exterminate them through forcing IsraHell to maintain open borders with Palestine and bomb them every time they fail to elect the "politically correct" Prime Minister. All the while we force them to sell all their media outlets in IsraHell to White nationalists and Palestinian nationalists.

0c5422  No.12124073

File: 212464076aef306⋯.gif (4.32 MB, 250x250, 1:1, Jew Revealed.gif)


66139f  No.12124076

File: 921ba04c1928996⋯.jpg (214.01 KB, 1209x917, 1209:917, china pozzed.JPG)

0c5422  No.12124080

File: 769f93319cf1f77⋯.png (141.58 KB, 290x324, 145:162, Shiggurai.png)


>t. gidf

00c9ab  No.12124082


>otherwise Diaspora kikes will flee to Israel and then it's game over for the West.

How so? Even if they sent every nuke they had at us, they'd be able to cover MAYBE 30% of the continental U.S, whereas Israel could be glassed in its entirety by two or three of ours. IF they were to focus on strictly military and logistical targets as they should if they're using nukes, the impact to U.S. civilian population would be even more minimal and we'd get even more fucking mad.

They cannot fight the U.S. That is why they have been trying so goddamn hard to subvert it.

66139f  No.12124091


Non-Jewish Zionists head the Governments of the world's Nations. Mass deportation will require Government enforcement. Because these same Governments are controlled by Zionists you can safely assume deportations under their authority would work in favor of their Zionist agenda. Isn't this true?

>They cannot fight the U.S.

Do you really think Zionists controlling the U.S. will put up much of a fight when it's the themselves who conspire against the Republic?

e17c3d  No.12124092


Yeah? And America does that except 10 times more humiliating.

It's no surprise that China wants to deal with the (((center of the universe))) and treats them with respect.

0c5422  No.12124097

File: 233682d08352e13⋯.jpg (97.43 KB, 436x623, 436:623, ARAHU ROK BAR.jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.png (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.png)




66139f  No.12124101


>Yeah? And America does that except 10 times more humiliating.

The Governments of America, China, Russia, and the whole of Europe are under Israeli control. What do you think "ZOG" means? Because of this fact any action taken against the Diaspora by these Zionist Occupied Governments will only further their own Zionist agenda, including deportations.

9fbe44  No.12124104

File: 6141f8da51b5f5d⋯.jpg (15.86 KB, 250x240, 25:24, wha.jpg)


>not knowing that evacuating your own gives leeway to bring the rain with impunity.

e17c3d  No.12124114


>any action taken against the Diaspora by these Zionist Occupied Governments will only further their own Zionist agenda

You are talking gibberish. ZOG will take no such actions against the diaspora.

66139f  No.12124125

File: c29f86e34acd1e6⋯.jpg (197.59 KB, 1224x971, 1224:971, antisemitism redpill 5.jpg)

File: 72c686cb6a5195f⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 621x711, 69:79, antisemitism is a trick.jpg)

File: 97bb75bcff6362c⋯.jpg (74.22 KB, 890x753, 890:753, antisemitism america.JPG)


Action comes in many forms. At the moment ZOG is weaponizing anti-Semitism to push Jews into Israel.

e17c3d  No.12124142


Without jews in the USA, IsraHell dies. The Zionist state is unique among states in that it is a parasitical-nation. Without a constant flow of blood money from European slave-nations, IsraHell will perish.

And this requires jewish domination and control in all the host nations. Without jewish control, the blood sucking will end and the Zionist state will die.

66139f  No.12124146


>Without jews in the USA, IsraHell dies.

See: >>12124101

Non-Jewish Zionists are the ones in control of our Governments, not Jews.

1560f3  No.12124148


How exactly will that happen?

fbc278  No.12124157


>Jews use Israel as a base from which they subvert all other Nations.

I call it The Desert Lair

Imagine being so degenerate, the only way to feel safe is to hide in the desert behind a wall with armed guards patrolling day and night.

the state of israel

66139f  No.12124163


>I call it The Desert Lair

i like it

fbc278  No.12124164


>ZOG is weaponizing anti-Semitism to push Jews into Israel.

Well, they wouldn't want to be standing on the bow of the Liberty when the air raid starts.

62d5e3  No.12124165


it's already been predicted by the birth of the red heifer. what do you mean how? total global war, do you not understand the end of days, jeez

66139f  No.12124167


lel true

e17c3d  No.12124169

File: d6763fbb77001b6⋯.jpg (280.82 KB, 974x928, 487:464, (((Fellow White People))) ….jpg)

File: 4a2685108cd9164⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 613x559, 613:559, (((Fellow White People))).jpg)

File: 4c3b8b95a2dbf62⋯.png (271.71 KB, 604x921, 604:921, Abolish White race 2.png)

File: 7afc3fb758d864c⋯.jpg (42.16 KB, 464x508, 116:127, Abolish White race.jpg)


>Jews don't control the US.

False. EVERY single major US media corporation in the US is run by jews. They set the policy and control elections.

Also, China doesn't send 5 billion dollars to Israel every fucking year. So if support for kikes is a barometer of degeneracy, China is among the least pozzed countries on earth.


Reread my post.

Jews are parasites.

Israel is a parasitical nation.

Without blood in the form of US taxes and military support, Israel collapses to the Arab states around it.

Why the fucking hell does anyone want kikes in their countries? They promote death and decay at every opportunity. They use their control over the media institutions and education system to brainwash entire generations of people to loath their own people.

66139f  No.12124178


Non-Jewish Zionists control the Governments on behalf of Israel. Jews control the media and education.

>Also, China doesn't send 5 billion dollars to Israel every fucking year.

How is the relevant? China is ZOG as much as USA.

e17c3d  No.12124188


>Jews control the media and education.

The media is the government.

They set the policies and control who gets elected.

>How is the relevant?

Pay attention to how this conversation began.

176557  No.12124200

File: 683120047dfdebc⋯.jpg (176.41 KB, 1024x741, 1024:741, CtS0NYiWcAAf0kK.jpg)

How would a giant sweep be effective? Rife for system-gaming, silly gentiles.

a48478  No.12124211


Attacking what? What the fuck are they going to attack is with? How will they have any power without us? We're the only reason they have a functioning economy in Israel. We're the only reason they have a military. We're the only reason they have a recognized border. What are they going to do, nuke the whole world? Then what? They'll die with everyone else. There's no future for them in the middle east, nd due to their diversity agenda, there's no future for them in our countries. The kikes have backed themselves into a corner. It's a catch 22. They have no good options. They don't even have a population largely capable of defending itself from a real attack. They have a population of well-fed, fat, comfortable, suburban trash living on the backs of white people. The rural population here in the US alone has the manpower and experience in combat, or with firearms in civilian life, to exterminate them off the face of this planet. If they ever attacked us, they'd be done for. The only thing they could do us use nukes, but they'd have to use so many it would destabilize the global ecosystem and they'd kill themselves.

5a81d2  No.12124215


Daily reminder that when jews say "fellow kikes come back to motherland israel" it's a LARP. Jews know that they NEED to be spread out in the whole world to be as subversive as possible. All of them going to the same country would be the biggest mistake for them. They only want goyim to believe their goal is going back to israel, all of them together. As long as kikes are in white male's country they are able to do damage. If they regroup in israel it's as simple as glassing them to get rid of them.

679cdc  No.12124216


It would be true if the Zionist agents were selected for competence, but the reality is that most are selected for how easily their handlers can collect blackmail material on them. If it looks like they haven't thought things through properly, it's most likely because they haven't.

a48478  No.12124220


These pictures show the foundation for all jewish success–ancestral whoredom that left them looking enough like us to blend in, while actively working from within to steal from and hurt us. If they were a few shades browner, these monkeys would be living in huts in the middle of nowhere.

66139f  No.12124229


GOVERNMENTS are run by NON-JEWISH Zionists. The media is owned by JEWS. In the end Israel controls both the Governments and the media. You can say

>Jews control media because Government controls media and Israel controls Government

but you're trying to discount the role non-Jewish Zionists play in all of this.


Why do you think the Zionists controlling our Government will try to prevent Israel from attacking?


Israel is a theological concept, not a bordered State. You're missing the bigger picture.

075d35  No.12124241


Definitely not a kike-free first post. The diaspora needs to be attacked BEFORE pissrael. If there are a bunch of kikes fleeing to isreal then it solidifies that they are criminal and fleeing to their stronghold, which could be justification for glassing. If you attack isreal first you will supercharge the diaspora

66139f  No.12124249


If we attack the diaspora won't they just flee into Israel? Who will glass Israel when the Nations capable are controlled by non-Jewish Zionists?

e17c3d  No.12124252



Though I'd wager that there is something genetic to jewish parasitism.

The gypsies also look like us. Yet they do not get to steal land from Palestinians and get 5 billion dollars a year from the USA alone. Gypsies don't get to murder Palestinian children in their mother's arms and buldoze entire refugee camps and then the media covers it up. Gypsies don't get trillion dollar propaganda campaigns designed to guilt lemmings into handing other money. Gypsies don't have laws in place to imprison those who question research into the number of Gypsies allegedly killed in the Holocaust.

Gypsies don't get to bully other nations into making BILLIONS of dollars in reparations every year. Gypsies don't get to run the Russian mafia and then imprison everyone who points it out.


Since you just keep repeating yourself without adding any new information, I want to dial back the conversation.

You appeared earlier to imply that we shouldn't be kicking the jews out of our homes until we had ground troops in the disgusting Zionist state. Do you stand by that or did you mean something else?

a48478  No.12124255


>Why do you think the Zionists controlling our Government will try to prevent Israel from attacking?

Why do you think if we were attacked at home a government that doesn't protect us would have any power? Our military and civilian population would immediately reclaim the government.

4738b7  No.12124257


Are you looking for code such as a .bat file or like a hard copy book?

66139f  No.12124262

File: 10fc4095ed3e5df⋯.png (1.23 MB, 800x1137, 800:1137, jews us military.png)


Until both Israel is de-armed and Zionists world leaders dethroned, we should not attack Diaspora.


pic related.

e17c3d  No.12124270


It's impossible to disarm IsraHell without kicking these blood sucking vampires out from our homes.

Israel is shitstain of a country. Without Western support, Iran could finish it off.

1c34a6  No.12124272

File: d91b4db1da109e1⋯.png (226.9 KB, 738x673, 738:673, badge2.png)

Just build or obtain a database of al their names and addresses. Insure it's DL'd by millions. Insure the kikenvermin knows we will set upon them when the kikery has reached critical mass and our hatred bursts forth. The very existence if this database will drive many to flee.

381c19  No.12124277

What happened to no dual-citizenship?

a48478  No.12124280


>pic related.

If he doesn't defend us he'll be shot in the head by someone under his command.

66139f  No.12124281

File: 8bd56dca5ebb05e⋯.jpg (93.95 KB, 683x784, 683:784, Israel is powerful.JPG)


>It's impossible to disarm IsraHell without kicking these blood sucking vampires out from our homes.

Not true. The People have the power to kick them out of Government, prevent the Diaspora from Aliyah, and finally de-fang the Jewish State.

>Iran could finish it off.

You underestimate Israel's capability. Pic related.

66139f  No.12124282


You think he's defending us now?

381c19  No.12124287



a48478  No.12124289


Are we being invaded or bombed by a foreign country with him refusing to do his job? Stop shifting goalposts, nigger.

15af73  No.12124290


Go away.

66139f  No.12124293


>Are we being invaded

Do you or do not agree Israel has already taken control of America?

6d6c19  No.12124301


>the opinions of random people

>a good estimate of how powerful a country is

Power rankings should be made based on facts not polls

66139f  No.12124304


>Israel has a modern military, excessive funding, modern weaponry, a modern air and naval force, an unknown number of nukes, biological, and chemical weapons….

>PLUS Israel controls all Nations except three

Do you think Iran, Syria, and NoKo can defeat the International ZOG?

679cdc  No.12124310


>Without Western support, Iran could finish it off.

>Without Western support

66139f  No.12124318


What about Russian support? Chinese support?Egyptian, Saudi, and every other Nation protecting Israel?

e17c3d  No.12124323


>A survey ranks Israel as 8th most powerful country

How the fuck does that mean anything?

>The People have the power to kick them out of Government

That's great. Lets do that.

>prevent the Diaspora from Aliyah

>Keep the jews here

Why the fuck do you want to keep the kikes here?

>de-fang the Jewish State.

Stop funcing Israel.

>You underestimate Israel's capability

Do you think that that Zionist shitstain is capable of defeating America or any White nation on its own? Surely you're not that retarded.

06b686  No.12124327


Software viruses in their military equipment is a wonderful thing.

66139f  No.12124330


>Lets do that


>Why the fuck do you want to keep the kikes here?

Two things must happen before Jews can be concentrated in a single area:

All major Nations must be freed from Zionist occupation, and Israel must be de-armed.

>Do you think that that Zionist shitstain is capable of defeating America or any White nation on its own?

Hasn't Israel already conquered all but three Nations?


This. It's entirely reasonable to think we can defeat Israel but not unless we first abolish the ZOG, otherwise who will write and execute the viruses?

06b686  No.12124343


>not unless we first abolish the ZOG, otherwise who will write and execute the viruses?

You seem to think coding viruses is somehow gatekeepered by government. No.

66139f  No.12124344

File: eacbc7fd449ffa9⋯.jpg (142.45 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, jews control america.jpg)

File: a3ef9538aa421c7⋯.png (280.84 KB, 870x644, 435:322, bolshevism 2.PNG)


>If we were directly ruled by a Bolshevik-style government

Neither NatSoc as it presently exists nor Nazbol/Bolshevism will solve our problems. Current NatSoc is insufficient because we face problems Hitler did not, chiefly the State of Israel and the stranglehold it has over all States, whereas Hitler faced a ZOG comprised chiefly of just America and Europe. Nazbol/Bolshveism is insufficient because it's Judaism. A new socio-political system and new symbols will lead the way to victory.

66139f  No.12124347


Sure, but who can code and execute such things? Anonymossad?

1fcd26  No.12124353

ITT anons organize a pro-Jew spoofing organization to "help with Jewish organization" by "finding our chromosomal people" with DNA kits that are GPS tracked

Do it before the Jews do.

06b686  No.12124369


Guys capable of coding and running viruses are far and wide.

a48478  No.12124378


Are you the dumb-fuck kike that purposefully boastfully talks about how jews are such an unstoppable dominant force, while trying to word in in a way so as to appear that you're against it, while in reality you're just trying to embed in people's minds tat jews are superior to sooth your own frail ego? Kikes are literal niggers with white enough skin to benefit from out success while they attack us from behind.

66139f  No.12124381


that's true…

87c450  No.12124382



No, no no, you have it wrong!

The ADL banded together to protect an innocent Jew from goyish persecution, and this database would take it absolutely to the top level.

Never again would any Jew hang for crimes done by the schwartzes!

Free the Jews! DNA/fingerprint/footprint/retina scan/3D x-rays NOW!

e17c3d  No.12124384


That's idiotic. By definition, once jewish influence over White nations is removed, we are free from ZOG.

>Hasn't Israel already conquered all but three Nations?

Not by force of arms.

66139f  No.12124389


>once jewish influence over White nations is removed

This is required at the Government level. How do you think we can achieve that? By deporting Jews? What about the non-Jewish Zionists still controlling our Governments?

862cf9  No.12124412


Hitler envisioned his country free from the influence of Jews. He wanted them out of his country not to have to manage a camp full of them for the rest of his life. Nor did he want to leave future Germans with that burden.

He worked with them and other countries to find places where they could emmigrate. But as we all know, working with Jews is like trying to deal with a defiant, spoiled, hatefilled child. And immigrating was a difficult process at that time. I know the US drastically cut back on immigration due to an immigration reform.

IIRC many other countries were very apprehensive about accepting immigrants during that time due to WW1.

Hitler didn't want them in camps he wanted them out of his country and he wanted his country to be free from the influence of the international Jewish clique.

66139f  No.12124428


Your post is untrue. Hitler wanted Jews living under an SS police state. They were not to be allowed a military much less nukes and bioweapons. The plan for Jews living in a massive concentration camp controlled by Germany was not one of Hitler's mistakes. You really think Hitler would deport Jew to an Israel with a booming economy and modern military?

87c450  No.12124431


Did you know that the fact that there are almost no photos or records of Jews being in the camps in large numbers is PROOF that it happened!

To reinforce this, it's a capital offense to question such unassailable truth!

a48478  No.12124432


At this point it's the slow game, in my opinion. The government is so throughly compromised, but it's mostly due to social subversion, not money. Money and blackmail buys the politician, but social conditioning makes us accept them. With each generation that acceptance gets smaller and smaller. Why do you think they brought shit-skins in? They saw the writing on the wall decades ago. Problem is, shit-skins are supporting even less that we are. Shit-skins only support their own ethnic/racial groups. The slow game has been in effect for two generations now, and we're almost to the point where their influence socially is too weak to maintain their influence politically.

66139f  No.12124441


>At this point it's the slow game, in my opinion.

i respect but disagree. As the Enemy accelerates European Genocide, anon wants us to slow down in response. We should be moving quicker than the Enemy to produce and spread truthful propaganda. Our only way out of this mess is everyone waking up at the same time.

862cf9  No.12124772


Israel didn't exist at the time.

>Hitler envisioned his country free from the influence of Jews.

<You're post is untrue.

>Hitler wanted Jews living under an SS police state.

Why would he want that? What did the Jews do to warrant such a thing? Could it be he had to that in order to manage an unruly destructive race; The propogaters of an evil force that destroyed his country and his people.

Could it be Jews are to blame and at fault for their own destruction?

ceb709  No.12124813


You and I both know that we would discover that they were doing almost all the crime in the USA.

a1f864  No.12124844


Fingerprints are pointless. China is doing facial recognition, sesame social credit program that restricts your access to basic services (trains, social programs, etc). RFID chips will be implanted in everyone instead of relying on cellphones for the social credit and tracking.

d691d4  No.12124857


This ID is a shill. Just a heads-up.

e90d96  No.12124904


>Your post is untrue. Hitler wanted Jews living under an SS police state.

What garbage, I know you're a moron but this has to be said: the jews were being ousted away of Germany and Europe, not to be anywhere on the soil.

cb2f57  No.12124976

Where could a theoretical list like this be hosted or archived without fear of removal and with the ability for anons to edit it?

e17c3d  No.12125003


> What about the non-Jewish Zionists still controlling our Governments?

Traitors can go with them if they like. Or they can be tried and executed publically.

ceb709  No.12125007


OMG commie faggot kikes as head of the CDC and in charge of nukes? When are we going to start the extermination that is long overdue in our house?

ceb709  No.12125018

File: 3205677309be7e7⋯.jpg (75.12 KB, 920x611, 920:611, haiti illegal immigrants n….jpg)



7087fe  No.12125352


No, they are not pointless.

Every single measurable data point is needed to protect the innocent Sons of Leo Frank from another lynching.

The ONLY way to ensure their safety is to register them all, every last one of them. Also, photos must be updated, in person, once a month.

66139f  No.12125367


Hitler wouldnt put Jews in a wealthy and militarized Israel. It's that simple.

7087fe  No.12125368

And, of course, they cannot be involved in any way, in any of the following industries, so they will not be falsely accused of tampering with our minds, money, politics, or anything else:





any media of any sort, including printed pages. Handwritten notes will be permitted, but not photocopies of them.

To further eliminate the suspicions leveled by Nazis against innocent Jews, Hebrew language will also be restricted to only being spoken in synagogues, and in the presence of government-sponsored interpreters, with all conversations or statements recorded on video, with all biometric data of the speakers and listeners.

Never again!

Never forget!

7087fe  No.12125381

Further, any vaccines they have advocated giving to everyone else, every one of them must receive the same vaccines, but ten times the dose, for additional safety, and it must be administered once per year to every Jewish person, for their protection against the filthy goyim diseases.

Their water must be monitored, and have 100 times the additives put in it, including fluorine, that they have mandated in the goyim water.

We can't have them losing teeth over insufficient fluoride.

7087fe  No.12125398

As you can see, it would be hypocritical for us to hog all these measures to ourselves, as we have for decades.

No, it is time for the sevenfold return on all they have lost. Water additives, Aspartame, Ritalin, Oxycontin, vaccines, biometric ID's, the list goes on and on.

They need our protection from the evil Nazis trying to harm them by keeping them from drinking the rich cream of the benefits of science we have so far almost exclusively enjoyed.

87c450  No.12129799

Holy shit I thought I found a picture for a thread on human trafficking, and here we have an entire system of PREVENTION.

What other means are to be put in place?

Registration of Muslims and everything else that is "Semitic?"

bc74ee  No.12130176


Who gives a shit you dumb faggot?

Watch kai murros, and if we get america to open up they will surely lose.

bc74ee  No.12130180


>Hitler wouldnt put Jews in a wealthy and militarized Israel. It's that simple.

That's true… But hitler isn't here right now…

Everyday I wished he had won that war.

601bac  No.12130187


> gas all of them

Cost too much.

Bullets are 30 cents each.

I'll empty my own bank accounts to support it.

601bac  No.12130501


You and I both know 1/4 of the kikes wouldn't make it for the fingerprints or DNA, they'd just magically become 'white'.

852576  No.12130597

File: edb6ef6348878be⋯.jpg (64.27 KB, 500x596, 125:149, hamster and arab born in s….jpg)


Too bad for them that's impossible.

9df0ef  No.12130631


Nothing wrong with using a chick for sex and then dumping her afterwards.

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