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File: 8f4d2321691506d⋯.png (15.72 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, f62478402ba0146.png)

4a4164  No.12124299

9/11, Red heffer, the Force getting stabbed, USA subverted beyond repair, nationalism slowly taking shape in Europe, literally no good safe country to live, and it is still the yt mans fault. My gut feeling is that we are mid-game, shifting into end game.

Every problem we face as humanity (white people) is artificial and imposed. 9/11 was the real turning point, the entrance of mid-game. It was used to further destabilize islam thus causing the problems of terrorism and the muslim invasion. All White countries are dealing with the same thing: rampant immigration and anti-white propaganda. The reverse is being sold to the invaders – "go take back what the colonizers stole from you." If you are White, we have been surrounded and MKUltra-ed into agreeing to give our homeland away. From lefty reds, to roastie sluts ruining bloodlines, every White country is being overwhelmed politically, financially, and demographically so that when shit does hit, there will be NO ONE internationally able, or willing to help.

There are two themes that will show further escalation: 1) Large scale warfare – not sure how this will pop off but there are only a few countries still standing that were on the Bush Hit List, Syria, Iran and NK. The other side of this coin could be major Islamic movement against Pissrael, whereas the United States of Pissrael will become a meat shield (once again). Aside from this dynamic, multiple civil/border wars going concurrently – Brazil/Venezuela, USA/Mexico, various ME countries, etc. 2) Now this is the sinister part – a very slow long burn of every countries economy (well, except Israel and necessary slave states). The United States will continue to get worse, the demographics game will not be stopped, as per Europe. More brown countries will be toppled in order to push further migration and white genocide. Gun grabbing, internet censorship, increased homeland security, etc. To (((them))) America and Europe must be reduced to 3rd world nations, even if it takes 100 more years (which it wont). The (((Jews/"Elites"))) are clearly winning, and they have been playing this game for hundreds of years, this is where the goyim fall short: Jews DO HAVE a culture, whereas Whites have lost theirs. Whats another 100 years to the Jews? They are simply going to starve everyone to death.

The worst has yet to come. In a sense I feel relief that something may finally come to a head, but at the same time, I am being boiled alive, al la Pepe.

Now, I'm just a brain in a jar with some wires connected to the Internet, but this is still a LARP. This is not meant to be a blog post, so fuck me ahead of time.

3165cb  No.12124455

All good information and good analysis. I must also add that efforts to implement (((communism))) have never stopped. They have become even stronger and more aggressive but concealed. The first step for kikes to successfully implement communism is destroying the white male, because it is the only real resistance and threat against it.

151379  No.12124464



f6c2ed  No.12124524

While reading this, my thought was "Would chinks actually let the West fall?" It's advantageous to strike when your opponent is sure of himself, and I'm certain judes are causing as much trouble east as they do west. If it were "endgame" like you imply here

>every White country is being overwhelmed politically, financially, and demographically so that when shit does hit, there will be NO ONE internationally able, or willing to help.

So this is where the thought comes from, are the jews not hated throughout the world or is it just "us" (white nations)?

6db3db  No.12124760

File: f155b9557e5b9e4⋯.gif (2.04 MB, 206x223, 206:223, 1528508242340.gif)


My question to you, all others that think like you, and to myself. What are we still doing sitting on our asses doing posts on some shitty website?

If we're in the minority of those who can understand this seemingly inevitable cultural, political, and socio-economic convergence to disaster then there's no time to waste. We need to subvert the subverters, not wait for the problem to solve itself.

2fee1b  No.12124781

File: 7c9ee45c44a26af⋯.pdf (1.6 MB, Wolves-in-Sheeps_Clothing.pdf)

File: ebd48fec5dd9fbd⋯.png (331.96 KB, 2000x2704, 125:169, fabian society coat of arm….png)


bump…I was reading about the Fabian society today. Every war we have ever fought we were betrayed from the inside because we didn't have standards and allowed the communist jews to come right into our most secret military operations as sayanim. As jewish infiltrators and sayanim they took the secrets of every military endeavor and fed it back to our enemies/their allies on the other side. Because we refused to have STANDARDS and refused to verify the identity and were OPENLY trusting of jews and subhumans they have actually won every war against us for the last 2,000 years. I am going to speculate that the last person to stand against kike international banking was Nero. And he was pulled down and murdered by the Flavians (who were in favor of the kike international bankers). So the communist Fabian society is actually behind much of the modern push for the jew world order and depopulation programs including the ones to genocide Europeans. Just a little FYI for you all.

000000  No.12124787

Fuck the SS coming straight from the Wilhelmstrasse.

2fee1b  No.12124800

File: cb58be3ccc61603⋯.jpg (366.46 KB, 900x600, 3:2, am_magnetism_photogravure_….jpg)


I do think we need to understand the enemy in order to fight them. If we don't even know their names, we are fighting blindfolded with a faceless, nameless spectre. I am not waiting because I am a coward, I am trying to gather the information on WHO TO STRIKE and where they are weak.

aca1f1  No.12124808


>So this is where the thought comes from, are the jews not hated throughout the world or is it just "us" (white nations)?

Probably the world. But this is a rhetorical question.

fa674c  No.12124840


The Fabians still exist. Russell Brand is the modern incarnation/media pied piper

He was dating the editor of the Fabian Society's magazine.

fa674c  No.12124861


This might upset you, and I'm just asking you to consider this as a possibility

What if Communism/Socialism wasn't started by Jews?

What if It was actually started by modern (past 300 years) Catholic conceptions of "Social Justice" and the structure of the church which demands all priest's and nun's to how poverty and donate all possession to the church.

That's right, the Catholics came up with "Communism". Popes issued tons of statements talking about 3rd world countries and economic and social "injustice"….basically capitalism caused the successful to become wealthy

Catholics Also came up with the Big Bang and Global Warming.

Alright now…I'm not saying all Catholics, but at least look into the Jesuits

They started as a military wing of Catholics to subvert the attempts of the Protestant Reformers (who were also masons…secret societies have been fighting for years)

8ea778  No.12124871

File: aa6db1c9bb29489⋯.jpg (132.01 KB, 711x1024, 711:1024, raise the roof.jpg)


>subvert the subverters

what do you think we've been doing here?

tbh it's time for us all to go Dylan Roof

0b6489  No.12124936

>>12124299 (checked)

While your part one is fairly accurate, part two completely misses the mark. Part two is total world domination by attrition of the populace. No large scale warfare is needed.

What you are missing completely involves the Fine-structure constant. You need to understand the in order to achieve, on the Kardashev scale a type I civilization the planet must be united, and ruled, but let's do away with the term ruled, it must be dominated by a single structure. Call it what you will but what it is at it's heart is going to be is a transformation from the Information age the the Messianic Age.

The Zionists intend to rule the planet. Our opinions and our lives do not matter in this, nor do the future of anyones children, no one matters, what matters is the goal. This is why AI and robotics are being developed, everything that is happening is happening for very specific reasons.




I have been suspecting this, actually dreading this reality, however with news out of Israel it has become crystal clear, it has been announced the Red Heifier has been born. Judaism, Christianity, Islam are all going to be perverted towards false this reality, and a world wide consortium around the ideals of taking the entire planet to a type I civilization, minus the people who don't want to go there, is already in the works, has been for a very long time now.

5723c2  No.12124993

We're not going to crash and burn the world. That's done. We're going to correct it.

6d167d  No.12125110

File: ea08d617eef2d54⋯.jpg (73.07 KB, 559x664, 559:664, ninja invasion.jpg)

>9/11 was the real turning point, the entrance of mid-game

Turning point for support of Israeli wars, not for White countries.

The west still has no response to suicide attacks or cultural extremism.

9/11 just proved how vulnerable all of Western society is.

c59067  No.12125118


Chinks are a lot less capable than their propaganda implies, they're the same jewish pawn as all other muds races.

7dcc4d  No.12125120


the USA has been bombing civilians in the middle east for years now kek

241113  No.12125131








6d167d  No.12125145

File: 3a682ba4e480f9d⋯.jpg (49.13 KB, 800x800, 1:1, eugenics is a helluva expe….jpg)


Anything short of genocide of middle eastern people (unlikely to ever be adopted) will fail to stop suicide attacks. Any bombings can potentially incite more suicide bombers. The USA can't use it's own military to babysit the ME indefinitely. Their "allies" in the region turn on them all the time. There is no politically correct solution.

Western countries don't have the appetite for violence.

f76d49  No.12125151

File: 21bc7d1efb9d9e0⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 348x236, 87:59, technically_correct.jpg)



Every muslim is a soldier for allah willing to die for islam, or an cowardly apostate worthy of painful death. Bombing muslims is therefore the best way to be supportive of cultural diversity.

7dcc4d  No.12125155


>leddit spacing



I agree with this anon

d4f45b  No.12125156


Hi, civic nationalist. Go away if you can't understand what we're discussing. Also, reported for claiming that muslim civilians exist.

ee4446  No.12125172


I for my part, because I'm not one of you and I want to see the chaos and insanity escalate to a point where normalfags cannot deny it any more. I want to see the mental breakdowns they go through. It'll be hilarious. I mean okay, we might all die, but that's not guaranteed, and even if so, it'll still be worth it. Just as a little appetizer, just watch what happened to Jonestein. Soon, there will be an army of conspiracy nuts who can't turn to the water filter merchant to gatekeep them any more, so they'll either lose their shit completely and utterly and run amok, or do something else enjoyable. There are only wins on that front.

201c37  No.12125180

File: b534639b7cc614d⋯.png (415.31 KB, 1197x1360, 1197:1360, brazil history.png)

File: 3437d278361d12c⋯.png (381.7 KB, 680x748, 10:11, moonandearth.png)

The conflict in Brazil seems manufactured.


Not saying that the collapse of communism in Venezuela isn't natural that is what communism does, but it wasn't the normal jews and elites steal everything slowly type of collapse.

2fee1b  No.12125193

File: ecd81f8126f6013⋯.jpg (242.32 KB, 1024x676, 256:169, masonic temple washington.jpg)

File: ba5855b6ef664a1⋯.jpg (21.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, pope with satanic wand.jpg)

File: 8da5c2176c5f812⋯.jpeg (85.55 KB, 720x523, 720:523, lol.jpeg)


I guess it depends on which Protestant reformers you are speaking of…Calvin was a kike.

Also, see pict. Are you going to try and tell me that Masons are not also kikes? Because, IDK about you but I can 'read' the temple in WDC like I was looking through a child's picture book. Most of your people here on /pol/ will not understand that is the Golden Altar…but I know the difference and I am NOT AMUSED by fuckery. Manufacturing ORME out of El Isha? Who would be a willing participant in that? Who would give a fuck that they 'want to live forever'? No one in their right mind would support that these Criminal Mafia continuance or god forbid 'live forever'.

BTW 'catholics' are kikes to me as well…their 'Mithraic' cult only fools retards. See the small hat? I know what that disgusting homo/pedo filth wants and I hate them for the things they have done on this planet. I would rather the entire planet DIE than that they 'get what they want'. That is how much I hate them and hate what they have done here. NONE OF IT WAS NECESSARY…which only makes what they have done here MORE CRIMINAL and MORE DEVIANT.

f9ce60  No.12125208


>I would rather the entire planet DIE than that they 'get what they want'

The death of the entire planet IS what (((They))) want.

2fee1b  No.12125218


If you don't understand what I am saying 'butt out', the comment doesn't concern you.

6d167d  No.12125249


>not understanding the purpose of a line break or multiple paragraphs

after jews and arabs, we'll come for room temperate iq fags like yourself

4a4164  No.12125264


My friend, I am trying to do my best to earn enough to make a change for myself, and then others. I live in commiefornia and you are squeezed tight into stasis. But we all have options, right?


Yeah, if you have one chance to LARP, it must be for the high score.


Yes, individual efforts are next.


Yeah, I'm bored of being boiled alive. Lets see something fun.

4a4164  No.12125280


This is good info, I'll read into your notations here. More or less, what I meant, is that they have time to play the rest of us, wherever it leads, yes, 2000 slaves each and all that. We are building our own cages here.

ff0b6e  No.12125298


No it isn't.

This is what the Conspiracy theorist get wrong. Is there any evidence for global genocide. Through the fog of nearly 8 Billion people I cannot see that….

What (((They))) want is assured damnation and slavery. They want you born with no hope of freedom, not even the ability to think the thought.

Why would they want to mass exterminate their cattle?

Death is preferable to the Global Plantation run by the Jew.

ff0b6e  No.12125304


High Score is local synagogue of satan and only the one serving the most affluent memers of the Tribe. ANFO

f6c2ed  No.12125305


>Is there any evidence for global genocide.

No, but plenty for white genocide. Isnt it a Coudenhove-Kelargi plan?

2fee1b  No.12125307


The realization that this is the last card that we have to play is hard on people. It was hard on me to understand, but I can't justify them continuing with their plan for HUMANITY either (and by HUMANITY I mean Europeans, everyone knows that the other races are completely worthless).

2fee1b  No.12125323

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Honestly it would be worse than death. Think of the cruelty they display towards animals with their factory farming. They have been so incredibly horrible to us throughout history that literally the death of the planet would be preferable to them sealing their plans for HUMANITY. See video if you want a tiny tiny tiny taste of the things that they would do to us if we comply and this has nothing to do with their child torture or weird sadistic rapes of our children for sport. I am telling everyone on this thread that they have pulled the wool over your eyes and that you have NO IDEA how bad the world will become if they succeed in their plans. Their cruelty is without measure, especially when it comes to our people.

e7440b  No.12125330


Seriously nigger control your fucking spacebar you jew fuck

Triple nigger kike

e7440b  No.12125333


Control your spacebar you new nigger or just fuck back off o wherever you wandered in from

2fee1b  No.12125340


I am starting to think that the spacebar problem is yours.

6cef61  No.12125346

I don’t care what happens. Burn it all down. If you don’t win it’s because you’re weak.

885f6f  No.12125366

File: b2f308fd0804fa9⋯.png (107.41 KB, 678x603, 226:201, Picture 8.png)

Astrology anon here. Hang on a few years, things will be changing radically around 2024. pic related 1/2.

885f6f  No.12125369

File: 78e9f1985b1da53⋯.png (86.24 KB, 683x451, 683:451, Picture 9.png)


e7440b  No.12125370


Nope. It's your liberal fucking use of it that bothers everyone

000000  No.12125379

>Jews DO HAVE a culture

They literally don't. Everything they have is stolen from their religion (Other Middle Eastern and Egyptian deities, codes, and stories), to their food hummus (Arabs) and bagels (Polish), to the very land they call a homeland (Canaan). They have nothing and that's why they're so angry at gentiles.

2fee1b  No.12125386


But you are the only one who is mentioning it. Have you considered therapy? Spacebar therapy? How about you focus on what I am saying instead of being OCD about what I am doing; two spaces between each english sentence is proper grammar. Are they still teaching grammar anymore?

2fee1b  No.12125391


We will have been genocided if we wait that long.

575ad2  No.12125520

File: 5de904ac43544d1⋯.webm (2.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, me after the shtf.webm)


I don't think the kikes want real war and civil unrest, slow genocide is working good for them so far so why change it? We need to knock a few of the cogs in their machines loose if we want to rid ourselves of them.

I'm personally looking at the 2020 election cycle. It's make or break time then. The way I see it, if the U.S. breaks out into civil war 2 the rest of the world will follow suit in descending into violence. And with violence comes the chance we all need. In my opinion if Trump is who we hope he is, this will be the time for him to begin busting out the big guns. Wars don't start cold turkey, you need foreplay before you go full on. At first I thought midterms would be the time, but then I realized the election is way better. Months of non-stop political coverage in an even more heated environment then 2016 will add even more powder to the already overflowing barrel. Complaints of voter fraud being flung around like mud and with the parties able to actually sue each other now things will hopefully get very messy & violent. This is personally why I don't care a great deal when Trump cucks out. I think what a lot of people forget is that his job isn't to repair this rotting house, he can't repair this house, but to raze it. You don't try planting a garden among a field of weeds. And you could never make a sizable dent ripping them out by hand, so you must burn it all.

War is bad for kikes, it gives people a chance to fight back against them fully unbound by society. We need war. This may be wishful thinking but it's my hope.

e61418  No.12125607




In his Mishneh Torah, Maimonides describes the Messianic Era:

"And at that time there will be no hunger or war, no jealousy or rivalry. For the good will be plentiful, and all delicacies available as dust.

The entire occupation of the world will be only to know God… the people Israel will be of great wisdom; they will perceive the esoteric truths and comprehend their Creator's wisdom as is the capacity of man. As it is written (Isaiah 11:9): "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea."

According to the Talmud, the Midrash, and the ancient Kabbalistic work, the Zohar, the Messiah must arrive before the year 6000 from the time of creation. In Orthodox Jewish belief, the Hebrew calendar dates to the time of creation, making this correspond to the year 2240 on the Gregorian calendar.

0e8c18  No.12125711

File: 6b36304c878043d⋯.png (349.39 KB, 420x388, 105:97, His Only Son Chosen.png)


Their time of creation is a bit off.

5d6963  No.12125815


What is this from

sage for off topic

55b93b  No.12126432

File: a033d7ca5b22ff6⋯.png (134.31 KB, 2143x2677, 2143:2677, ww2_dude_deepfry.png)


Perhaps the formation of a "White Nationalist Alliance" would be the first step towards making a true boots on the ground force. The nationalist groups all seem to have some form of isolation to them, aka Skins vs Identify Europa, etc. So, the real solution is to nullify the infighting and agree that the nationalist all need to solidify around a few "talking points" that they can all agree with, and to let their desire for preservation overrule their desire for X that group Y doesn't agree with. A unified resistance front. From that, coordination, on all fronts, and in all endeavors and then, attacking in mass, when and if needed. Imagine all of the nationalist groups working together to destroy a Sharia Only Zone in the UK. Working brother with brother to destroy a whole Sharia City, burning it to the ground, with no survivors. Don't think for a second that the Mudshits wouldn't do this to you. In fact, it's how they established a Sharia Zone to start with. They start off as a political force. What they can accomplish via politics, they enforce with a blood soaked blade, from a fresh beheading.

d8b79f  No.12126459

File: 8f3f1fc11dcdda5⋯.mp4 (11.81 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Moon_Man_-_RWDS.mp4)

8995c5  No.12126474

File: c41b1bc71afc463⋯.jpeg (32.82 KB, 320x283, 320:283, FA4DCFC7-3F2C-491C-9DA0-1….jpeg)


Checked dubs. 04/20/2024 will be a Saturday.

0deef0  No.12126888


>what if it was catholics instead of jews

There's a difference?

7dcc4d  No.12126891

File: 30068fca001ddc1⋯.jpg (55.05 KB, 975x568, 975:568, cd98fue8e99e.jpg)

>>12126888 (checked)


0aa2c9  No.12126949


control your t key nigger or fuck off back o wherever you came from

ed05b9  No.12127031


Hasn't the catholic church been subverted by various masonic orders ( such as Jesuits which were themselves subverted) and other groups during the last 3-4 centuries.

199600  No.12127055


But do a better job of it than him. He was a man that understood the problem, should have accomplished something, and instead killed a single digit number of ancient niggers that weren't really doing anything nor were they anybody important. Pick your targets. You only get one shot so make it a good one. There are no goo jews.

aca1f1  No.12127224


That's what I was thinking. Why did he not shoot niggers who are in drugs/in ghettos?

61bfa5  No.12127637

OP. Cheer up. At least you aren't a boomer who had to see the long fall into oblivion. There's a special sort of calm which you can enjoy being a lord over the precipice. A viscount of the fall. A hero of the resurgence. Imagine growing old and dying now. We at least can smell hope in the winds of war.

61bfa5  No.12127647

File: 3be82127fbbadac⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 970x604, 485:302, Population_of_German_terri….JPG)

Also pic related. We have more Aryans alive today than ever before, even though we ignore this fact.

54a07c  No.12128806


This. If they get their way we will be calling todays clownworld the "good times".

fe8985  No.12130904

File: dfb6c708534e7be⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 605x734, 605:734, executions-americanus.jpg)



You're not wrong but on the other hand Emanuel AME was a notably politically active church with a history of civil rights activism.

The senior pastor was State Senator Clementa Pinckney.

From Wikipedia:

>On the night of June 17, 2015, Pinckney was killed in the Charleston church shooting. He spent the earlier part of that day campaigning with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Charleston. That evening, he led a Bible study and prayer session at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where he was senior pastor. The shooter, Dylann Roof, specifically asked for Pinckney and later opened fire on the congregation, killing Pinckney and eight others.

aca1f1  No.12130927


I'd still stand by the idea that killing "christian" niggers is an idiotic idea. Why not kill niggers that are VISIBLY niggers.

ca5bba  No.12133624


>Crashing the world

how? why? when?

b08767  No.12133794


never, we are taking back what is ours

f9686a  No.12133852


Thats the problem, jews changed history so much that we believe that all systems came from them in the last 400 years and thats a lie, Incas already developed it, Platoo wrote books about that and christian communities worked with that, communism is just christianity without God in theory, in reality is just a system to destroy christianity and push a central power stronger than any other system ever with a shabbos goy as the face and them in the new aristocrazy, of course it wasnt started by jews, they just changed a few things and claimed that they created everything, like democrazy or human rights.

000000  No.12133869

Focus on results.

Remember that you are the people. You are the nation.

Remember what is good and right, and remember that to eat, you must kill. Life is chaos, but also order.

Can you comprehend what war truly is?

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