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File: 170be5cb1dbc2d6⋯.png (1.05 MB, 767x2216, 767:2216, 170be5cb1dbc2d6a01438fd7b4….png)

00267e  No.12124319

Sweden sees rise in forced and child marriages


>Sweden has seen a sharp rise in reports of child and forced marriages, says the hotline established by the County Administrative Board.

>The hotline that seeks to help children and young people who are being forced into marriage received at least 130 phone calls in 2018, a massive increase compared to the 101 calls it received in the period 2014 up to and including 2017 collectively. As reported by newsweek.

<“It is extremely important that all parties involved, including schools, social services, prosecutors, police and courts know what to do and have the knowledge and procedures to handle this type of situation. In addition, they must cooperate and, above all, stop crimes before they happen,” says Negin Amirekthiar, an expert at the National Competence Team against Honor-Related Violence and Repression.

>Amirekthiar also stated that an increase in reports doesn´t have to mean that there are more victims than in previous years. People have become more aware of the issue.

>Despite the 101 reported cases between 2014 and 2018 in Sweden, where forced and child marriages are illegal, no more than six resulted in court convictions during the same period.

<“Sweden has been bad at providing people who come here with clear information about how our system works, about this society’s views on children’s rights, gender equality, family policies and parents’ and guardians’ responsibilities. While we insist that Sweden protect children’s rights and that we promote a child-centered approach to children’s welfare, we have allowed children of foreign backgrounds to live as married women with older men,” said Juno Blom, a member of the Liberal Party who is running for parliament in the general election that takes place tomorrow.

>A 2016 report from the Swedish Migration Agency found that 132 underaged asylum seekers – mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – reported that they were married when arriving in Sweden after August 1, 2015.

>The National Board of Health and Welfare removed a brochure titled “Information for Those Married to a Child” in March after it received criticism for not sending a clear message to those who were moving to the country.

<“There is no retroactivity in Swedish legislation, but our stance is that we should not recognize marriages where either of the parties is a child or was a child when he or she got married,” Minister for Children Lena Hallengren told the publication.

1847be  No.12124334

Bigotry on begalf of the old swedes. Who are they to make the laws?

869ee7  No.12124338

Weird. Why are all of these white Swedish people suddenly marrying kids?

b3ca58  No.12124354


White Swedes have converged towards turbo-trad and are now marrying children! It's disgusting right-wing bigotry. They must import more migrants to prevent these white racists from marrying children!

ffa94a  No.12124414


If sweden doesn't elect the AfS as ruling party, they are lost and can only be used as propaganda against cuckery.

1070cf  No.12124842


kys Nordic Resistance Movement is the only solution for Scandinavia

ed1998  No.12124848

File: 830f734dfcd3911⋯.jpg (26.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1448250710600.jpg)


If only we could have that here in America with virgin white women and men of ayran ethnicity.

d4f8c2  No.12124856

The whole concept of of "Child Marriage" is a perverse sort of an oxymoron.

It is as much bullshit as is "Gay Marriage"…

Either of these oddities fails to meet the classic term for a union of an adult man and woman, the ancient Roman Latin language term, "matrimony". As in "mater" – an affair of motherhood. Neither fags nor six year old children can become mothers.

The Semites - evidently all Semites - are by nature perverse it seems.


f9c36b  No.12124878

File: 902758993f51a24⋯.png (28.54 KB, 478x627, 478:627, 1500388557783.png)

Those crazy swedes eh? White people, amirite?

397cf2  No.12124901

1ef391  No.12124906

Child marriages are a good thing, unfortunately our cultures got cucked out of its tradition means.

8d9452  No.12124907


So the theme is Sweden today?

397cf2  No.12124910


^ Regards, arab/jew/negroid scum lying about Europe.

b4051a  No.12124913


Get into the bog

3008d1  No.12124917



I think we can both agree that anything would be better than the genocidal traitors currently ruling.

1ef391  No.12124924



Remind me again whos birthrates are dominating europe? the savages flooding in or the domesticated cuckolds waiting for jesus to save them?

3008d1  No.12124928

File: dfda37aaf1feb6a⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 474x396, 79:66, Jewish Pedophilia.jpg)

File: 411d143e0efbe5b⋯.jpg (35.39 KB, 599x284, 599:284, jewish-pedophilia 2.jpg)

File: da393c09cc5a0f0⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 482x346, 241:173, Jewish pedophilia 3.jpg)


>Promoting child rape.

Found the jew.

1ef391  No.12124934


i do not advocate sex with children you sicko, marriage simply imples they'll be ready to have a partner for procreation upon the moment they're ready to bare children.

eb5923  No.12124938




No we cannot. More ALT-KIKES and kike goldman sachs employees are not 'what is best for Sweden'.

ee77ea  No.12124945


Is it a surprise?

Swedish women, seeing their own men bend to their every word, expect a strong hand to guide them.

They would prefer mostly blonde and mostly blue eyed white swedish men to do this, but if they keep bending to the feminist's every whim, then women will gladly take the role of slave-cunt to this upside down world where woman rules the day.

ee77ea  No.12124948




>No we cannot. More ALT-KIKES and kike goldman sachs employees are not 'what is best for Sweden'.

>If its not literally hitler I would rather our people get genocided.

eb5923  No.12124954

File: 03bb3d543a7eddd⋯.jpg (111.14 KB, 1118x629, 1118:629, Tim Wise quote antiwhite r….jpg)


>>If its not literally hitler I would rather our people get genocided.

If it is not A EUROPEAN, then we will be genocided ANYWAY. Kikes do not have the interest of Europe or the European people at heart. How could you BE THIS STUPID?

3008d1  No.12124970


Children should not marry. They're not mature enough to understand the implications and responsibilities.


So do you believe that Social Democrats are better rulers for Sweden than AfS would be?

203b6f  No.12124984

Who gives a fuck? Fix your shit is stop bothering me with it. I won't care if they don't.

eb5923  No.12124994


I don't think any of the kike'd political parties are the future. I want EUROPEANS for EUROPEAN government.

3008d1  No.12125041


>I want EUROPEANS for EUROPEAN government.

So do I and everyone else here who is sincere about opposing White genocide.

But that wasn't my question.

"Europe for Europeans" is a political policy. Unfortunately, there is no political party called "Europe for Europeans Party"

My original statement that you disagreed with was "anything is better than the Social Democrats"

I maintain that anything is better than the current regime.

b58d18  No.12125050


>Children should not marry. They're not mature enough to understand the implications and responsibilities

Depends where the cutoff age of childhood is I suppose, 11/12 is appropriate for an early arranged marriage for a girl. Men shouldn't marry until they're ready to support the girl so fixing a late teens boy and early teens girl gives them enough time to adapt and start another generation when the girl turns 15/16.

eb5923  No.12125055


So willingly drinking kike poison because there only 1/5th or 1/2 of your glass of beer is poisoned? Brilliant. I would rather that the shitheads who are in power now stay in power because then our people would FORCIBLY REMOVE AND SLAUGHTER ALL KIKES seeing that their policy for our genocide continues. I DON'T WANT A FUCKING KIKE BANDAID WITH MORE FUCKING POISON IN IT!!!


I don't want them touching, around, ruling over or making DEGENERATE FUCKING KIKE LAWS AND DECISIONS FOR MY PEOPLE.


Maybe that will be clear enough for you?

3008d1  No.12125177


>11/12 is appropriate for an early arranged marriage for a girl

>Arranged marriages by parents.

Sounds awful. Imagine how much worse our society would be if our boomer parents could arrange our marriages too.

uck, gross.


Dude, calm down you neurotic sperg.

>I would rather that the shitheads who are in power now stay in power because then our people would FORCIBLY REMOVE AND SLAUGHTER ALL KIKES

Hmm. So how's that been working out? It appears that the Swedes are no closer to killing everyone in power today than they were 10 years ago. How long do Swedes need to be ruled and educated by anti-White leftist shitheads before they freak out and kill everyone?

eb5923  No.12125229


Won't happen. They will take the 'release value' of having more KIKE/GOLDMAN SACHS POS rule over them because they are good and peaceful (they are everything that the people who are murdering them are not). SO YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED…and no, I am not going to stop sperging out. This is not important to you fucking kikes, but I am fighting for the lives and well being of what I LOVE, there is nothing in the world worth 'SPERGING OUT' over more than that.

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