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File: 9153a8553da7e50⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 660x371, 660:371, NAaccused.jpg)

d051cd  No.12124328

Persecution of National Action continues

ZOGhub 2 Jewnited states is ZOGhub 1 continue with their insanely dystopian, 1984-style persecution of nationalists.



Their technique appears to be to retroactively harass the fuck out of nationalists and put them through legal-battle hell.

Obviously the group are being used as an "example" and to dissuade nationalists from protesting White genocide and funneling people into the kosher (((nationalism))) of groups like Tommy Robinsteins EDL and Generation Identity.

Friendly reminder:

1) National Action was banned because one of their regional cells posted a Pepe meme on twatter. A fucking pepe meme.

2) Zach Davies was never a member of National Action - rejected for being unhinged.

3) Jack Renshaw was removed from Nationa Action months before he was arrested for planning to murder the pig who was trying to ruin his life with pedophilia accusations.

At this point, what option is ZOG leaving people other than revolution?

These are the actions of a jewish system that knows its days are numbered.

d051cd  No.12124336

File: 918b539b7bd8d4c⋯.jpg (13.47 KB, 275x142, 275:142, angry about kikes.jpg)


Didn't even get a kike free first post in

2a096f  No.12124350

File: 7915bb0ea6e53e6⋯.png (199.25 KB, 1544x612, 386:153, National-Action-All-Option….PNG)


This thread will be heavily shilled.

67ae59  No.12124363


Perhaps you are the newfag?

Oldfags don’t go around pushing supposedly ‘typical’ /pol/ memes like a typical glownigger does.

Ignoring this obvious shill, the story is that two young white Brits - a couple - are being hounded and persecuted by the increasingly desperate and xenocratic British State for the crime of wrongthink.

d051cd  No.12124385


>This thread will be heavily shilled.

Happens in every NA thread, the sad thing is, there's usually more faggot faggot retards from /brit/ than there are kike shills. The absolute state of Bongistan. That place is lost, unless there's some drastic happening out of nowhere, but I don't suspect that will occur.


>National Action was an MI6 psychological warfare asset gone wrong. Sage for shilling glow in the darks.

< everyone is controlled opposition goy, don't protest innocent people having their lives destroyed by ZOG

No it wasn't, fuck off Moarpheus.

78d6a1  No.12124387

File: 8fd5bdca081db62⋯.png (162.73 KB, 413x549, 413:549, wojack_10.png)


>tfw no qt goth gf

ab6ee2  No.12124399

File: 29065a00da98ceb⋯.jpg (184.89 KB, 900x613, 900:613, crusade sharia.jpg)


football hooligan revolution NOW! there is no other option

d051cd  No.12124418


oh, you're that retarded "if they haven't been assassinated by zog then they're controlled opposition" shill again.

fuck off back to gab or whatever. filtered and reported for mental retardation and shit-tier shilling.

2a096f  No.12124420

File: b6b447b6b17a556⋯.jpg (66.59 KB, 960x720, 4:3, National-Action-Britain.jpg)

Didnt take GCHQ and JTRIG long to show up.

b77ff2  No.12124433


^this is spot on. (((ecelebs))) are obviously glowing, never fall for it. look at what "regular" people get for not even 1% of what ecelebs are able to do without facing any consequence. you can and will go to jail just for saying "kikes rape kids" unless you're an (((eceleb)))

67ae59  No.12124434

File: 4ef3cbd0d865999⋯.jpg (560.9 KB, 1266x1600, 633:800, britanniarope.jpg)

d051cd  No.12124435


< he doesn't know what filtered means



>football hooligan revolution NOW! there is no other option


Bong football hooligans are all stuck in Tommy Robinsteins ZOG net

62f8d7  No.12124436

File: 1c58d6def7aded5⋯.webm (12.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Tommy Robinstein.webm)

But Tommy Robinson is the real hero, goyim. Ignore the fact that he intentionally got himself arrested to become a martyr.

098e08  No.12124438

They're only making more extreme people.

2a096f  No.12124439

File: 107287a1ba979ba⋯.jpg (72.76 KB, 532x486, 266:243, RWDS.jpg)


Death to traitors, freedom for Britain.

6d1f26  No.12124446

File: fbc44ee2166f1ea⋯.jpg (382.13 KB, 2785x500, 557:100, National Action M.I.6. U.K….jpg)


>National Action

2a096f  No.12124456

File: 837cd6becdeeee9⋯.png (28.72 KB, 1398x224, 699:112, bad-jacketing.PNG)


Kill yourself kike.

d051cd  No.12124457


Moarpheus, putting people and group names next to intelligence agencies doesn't prove any point at all.

46ceec  No.12124465


Solid video lad, what's the sauce?

2a096f  No.12124472

File: e3ae44a14ac0de9⋯.png (244.65 KB, 499x477, 499:477, merchant73.png)


>unsubstantiated and baseless claims are truth

796ee8  No.12124479


> National Action was banned because one of their regional cells posted a Pepe meme on twatter. A fucking pepe meme.

This is something I find hard to believe because how the fuck can you not fight back against posting the frog image? It's so easy to argue that its not hijacked by racial implications if you don't fold under the immediate accusation. Removing a platform because of an image is more immature than the poster ever could be.

2a096f  No.12124485


You do realize its the same government who still to this day signs a piece of paper in Ireland and interns people with no trial, right?

e346d6  No.12124488

File: 7931cc66c7ffb4d⋯.png (160.82 KB, 323x371, 323:371, bongwhore.png)

<muh dik

>Zach Davies

>Jack Renshaw

who are these people?

The UK legal system is a lost cause anyway. Bongs either need to rise up and riot and cause widespread destruction or they'll just sit and take it in the ass like they've done for the past 1000 years. We should have invaded the UK along time ago and split it in half with france. Atleast france beheaded their royalty before destroying themselves with sandniggers.

62f8d7  No.12124495


Johnny Gat on jewtube

434f37  No.12124501





d051cd  No.12124506


>This is something I find hard to believe

The oppression in the UK is quite unfathomable really, it's almost on par with the USSR - all they need is state sponsored executions although they have that already with their shitskin hidsquads and they're there.


>who are these people?


Guys that the UK state uses for "evidence" that NA was a violent terror group. Also shills (and /brit/ posters) use them to deride NA as a bunch of unhinged idiots.

> Atleast france beheaded their royalty before destroying themselves with sandniggers.

Has Bongistan even had one revolution?

6d1f26  No.12124512


>Also shills (and /brit/ posters) use them to deride NA as a bunch of unhinged idiots.

Who is Zach Davies (Rockerz88)?

b213b8  No.12124518


Remember that no matter the situation or people involved, shills will repeat the same thing every time:

>if two white men come together one is a kike and the other is a kike supporter

You will find absolutely no current or future examples of organization that will not be labeled as such, under any circumstance because organization is too dangerous. Publicly discussing any issues is too dangerous. Distrust and disinfo are the most effective tools that (((they))) possess. The shills will not give an example of any public group or figure, at least any that are even remotely relevant at this point in time, that are not controlled opposition.

Most importantly remember that jews are a minority of the population, both in the world and in the individual countries and do not have the numbers to make up the massive amounts of claimed kike operatives that the shills claim there to be.

Does this mean to fully trust any individual or group that promotes ideals, values or a direction that is conclusive to our race? No.

But do not quickly discredit every group or individual either.

Ask yourself the question that kikes do not want asked. Who benefits from disorganization? You or (((them)))?

6d1f26  No.12124521

File: b329d9cdc86bb90⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 600x600, 1:1, afr-8060_1024x1024.jpg)

File: 7883a4c6788a201⋯.jpg (14.61 KB, 244x313, 244:313, MIReadinessCmdSSI.jpg)

File: 5d6b7c8ab31a258⋯.png (462.79 KB, 893x903, 893:903, 234_Intel_Sq_emblem.png)

File: 7f7ab52c31ac1fe⋯.png (217.6 KB, 1200x1598, 600:799, 1200px-504thMIBrigade.svg.png)

File: 543ab25fe26b5b6⋯.png (65.47 KB, 250x295, 50:59, d36b5ce603d433abdf2b8b70e1….png)


Note the National Action logo contains a prominent lightning flash, which coincidentally just so happens to be one of the most common symbols of military intelligence.

6d1f26  No.12124522

File: edcf50bcebd98e7⋯.jpeg (55.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, civil_affairs_and_psychol….jpeg)

d051cd  No.12124527

File: 78086801c0e269c⋯.png (35.39 KB, 506x462, 23:21, Sturmabteilung.png)


>Who is Zach Davies (Rockerz88)?

Yeah, that guy. he was from Iron March but not from NA, he just had their flag.



It's just the SA logo you well poisoning cretinous kike.

6d1f26  No.12124535


>It's just the SA logo you well poisoning cretinous kike.

It has a double meaning.

Several WN groups also use a flaming torch in their logos, another very common symbol of military intelligence.

43370e  No.12124547

I only know TJ and hearing what he's subjected to by CTU I'm surprised he hasn't checked out already. We're truly living in a dystopia.

796ee8  No.12124549


>The oppression in the UK is quite unfathomable really

That's a way of putting it, I see stories and it feels so surreal reading them, like its out of some sick horror novel. I can't imagine why things haven't "popped off" sooner. My guess is everyone's using their phones and (((trusted news sources))) to get information and they're in a total blackout short of finding it on the internet themselves. Not surprised there's more right wing rallies taking place etc. Fire rises and whatnot

f4e6da  No.12124551


>every political group I don't like is a terrorist.

.t Londonstan

b213b8  No.12124556


Furthermore, it is established that we are facing white genocide now and continuing in to the future. Why would mass amounts of resources be wasted forming an endless stream of controlled opposition when, by your very appearance, you are already well on the way to being outnumbered and permanently removed?

What benefit is there to possibly getting your name and determining you may be trouble if you are easily identified and persecuted by your very appearance regardless of your willingness to support or oppose the very act?

What you will find is every person that walks over with a jug of water to put out the fuse (((they))) have lit will be immediately claimed to be holding gasoline in that jug. The fuse will never be put out or even slowed that way, which only benefits those that lit the fuse in the first place.

348339  No.12124557


Riot? So the media can paint vitriol all over us? This calls for small groups of people dedicated to the same idea but of whom are never in contact besides through the leader and a heavy encrypted line. The cell system pretty much. Heavy hits before they can even blink, nothing but this will cause change, but I wonder how many people will give up the struggle and recess back into their comfy lifestyle while everything crumbles around them.

404505  No.12124558




>posting UUID shill images

b28a7b  No.12124578


So, I’m guessing you’re gonna say Rockwell was controlled?

404505  No.12124599



>posting more shill images

c3113a  No.12124604

File: 49de3a53be51c6b⋯.jpg (46.95 KB, 1202x604, 601:302, buf.JPG)

d051cd  No.12124650

File: b550bbe7b142116⋯.jpeg (101.22 KB, 850x315, 170:63, shut the fuck up boomer.jpeg)


Go back to reddit you boomer faggot


>It has a double meaning.

no it doesn't you moron, it's just the Sturmabteilung logo slightly edited.


> Not surprised there's more right wing rallies taking place etc. Fire rises and whatnot

It seems like even the normalfags are sick of the kiked government there, not that they know its kikes.


>Riot? So the media can paint vitriol all over us?

I didn't say that.

The decentralized Atomwaffen structure (pre-satanic shit) is what nationalist groups should emulate. I guess that's what National Action were doing since both began via Iron March.

18c43d  No.12124693


>I can't imagine why things haven't "popped off" sooner.

Look at what they do to people who put up stickers on lampposts. It’s a bit like asking why North Koreans didn’t rise up during the four-year famine or why migrant workers in the Arab states don’t rise up after having their passports confiscated. Unless you have lived under an authoritarian regime it’s probably impossible to comprehend, but it has little to do with ‘being too distracted by smart phones to be aware’, an oppressive regime has to be acknowledged otherwise nobody would know they were oppressed. This is subjugation rather than distraction.

When you have a gun to your head and you know without a doubt that the person holding it will pull the trigger if you don’t comply, you comply. Perhaps it’s an instinctive survival mechanism. Yes collectively it’s a poor long-term strategy but the alternative is having your brains blown out then and there.

46ceec  No.12124959

bumping with some info:

quoting__ greentext is hard to read tbh

To update: Mark and Alice (arrested by Terror Police in their house on Wednesday morning) were both dressed in prison clothing and sent to Westminster today to court where they were judged for still being part of an old banned (since December 2016) nationalist organization, National Action. Knowing closely both of them we know such is untrue. Alice was a full time waitress working from Monday to Sunday, foraging and cooking in her free time and creating informative posts for @theedelweissalliance , while Mark has been working in construction until he got fired since the last time he was held for same accusations. He was now designing prints and more here @hyperborean_art …both recently engaged, with main wish of starting a family and working in order to be able to sustain themselves.

They are held in custody and treated as "terrorists" until October 12th, when they will be in trial at Old Bailey.

Their rental apartment currently is having due bills and also since Police broke main door (and won't pay for repairs) we came to the thought that a fundraising will be needed for them. Their faces, full names and address was published…you can imagine how impossible it will be for them to get any job even if released.

We will update how we will proceed with the fundraising as main platforms would remove such. #FreeMarkAndAlice #FreeHyperboreanArt

end quote

This situation is an absolute disgrace, NA was explicitly non-violent, getting banned for a Pepe meme is insane, even Combat 18 didn't get proscribed and they nailbombed a fuck ton of people.

These two young folk couldn't be further from terrorists - look at that girl's instagram ffs; gardening, cooking, nature and health and fitness.

Any nationalist who throws these people under the bus is a bigger traitor and more of a disgrace than the lowliest globalist.

Someone needs to get in touch with some e-celeb fags and get the word out on just how oppressive things are in the UK.


thanks. never heard of him, decent video.

9a6986  No.12124983


Anti national action posters are british intellegence assets they know about and monitor this place

9a6986  No.12124988


Your a cop. A filthy disgusting brit cop I can tell by the posting style and from the official police reports on the group it has been made clear the police intend to have a large media presence on the internet to try and dry up support for the group and justify the killing and psychological warfare.

b28a7b  No.12124995


But you’ve gotta admit, all of these controlled figures and e-celebs could possibly shift the Overton window in our favour.

9a6986  No.12125000


The fuck are you posting arab sand nigger images you sister fucking pakistani

d051cd  No.12125015

File: 4f5a7013d636540⋯.png (409.3 KB, 833x899, 833:899, time to summon hitler.png)



Probably some agent faggot from whatever the Britbong version of JIDF is, I forget the name. It's all the (((same shit))) anyway.

cf78a0  No.12125017

File: a8e397da9935d44⋯.png (248.43 KB, 704x396, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Whatever someone calls me a pedoneet or the like, I think of Aqua crying.

6d1f26  No.12125021

File: 7f70598357628c7⋯.png (1.25 MB, 800x1000, 4:5, Brandon Russell ('Odin').png)

File: 443c83f332764f3⋯.png (320.74 KB, 384x480, 4:5, Devon Arthurs ('kekman' - ….png)


>The decentralized Atomwaffen structure (pre-satanic shit) is what nationalist groups should emulate.

866fb2  No.12125022

I don't live in the UK, but I know that National Action got kiked by the (((legal system))). What can we do to help?

cf78a0  No.12125024


You can see Mr. Bond in there. Also



6d1f26  No.12125029


>no it doesn't you moron, it's just the Sturmabteilung logo slightly edited.

But I thought National Action wasn't a neo-Nazi group?

More gaslighting.

9a6986  No.12125037


Are you retarded? Its the symbol of the British union of facists Oswald Mosleys party

d051cd  No.12125048


Fuck off Moarpheus.


>But I thought National Action wasn't a neo-Nazi group?

It was an openly national socialist group.

Filtered for being a complete retard, like every other thread.


>You can see Mr. Bond in there.

Mr Bond is American


>What can we do to help?

Checked. Spread the word, I suppose. Try and get some e-celebs to start talking about how dystopian this is, Eric Striker would be a good man to contact, Weev inb4 mamzer gingsberg has actually been consistent on defending NA over the years. If you could get Wanglin to write a dailystormer article on it, that would probably get it attention, but unsure if that would get the right sort of attention. Possibly more middle of the road e-celebs would be better to target. Who knows really. The "freemarkandalice" hashtag is out there to follow.


No, the NA logo was the NSDAP SA logo.

866fb2  No.12125051


The Monarchy and the English/British government hasn't been legitimate since Cromwell.

9a6986  No.12125054

File: fa5e3ae3ac4f67e⋯.png (36.04 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 1200px-Flag_of_the_British….png)

File: c7912cd2afd853a⋯.jpg (9.75 KB, 264x191, 264:191, k.jpg)

d051cd  No.12125063


That's not the national action logo though.



He looks anglo. Filtered and reported.

46ceec  No.12125088







alright atomwaffen wannabe

you claim that youve read siege but youre here shitposting on /pol/ instead of implementing siege. what sort of pathetic, useless fag are you?

46ceec  No.12125112


you'll die in a pile of cheeto dust and mountain dew bottles having achieved absolutely nothing in life.

46ceec  No.12125126


reported for fedposting tbh

9a6986  No.12125127


Some really fucking weird images you are posting cop you sure as fuck aint from around here. Or maybe you really are a muzzie from iron march ass hurt because someone didnt want "hwhite sharia"

46ceec  No.12125137


NA started on ironmarch, not a bad place.

this is just some fed larping as atomwaffen and derailing the thread with blackpill shilling and sliding.

ce4da3  No.12125146

File: 285edd207e579e7⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1091x3334, 1091:3334, moarpheus6.png)

File: 35f41305b285233⋯.png (71.58 KB, 605x297, 55:27, moarpheus5.png)

File: 68cf1dbb91e5f2a⋯.png (299.38 KB, 1894x524, 947:262, moarpheus4.png)

File: 22e989b2c7e9bef⋯.png (62.7 KB, 738x841, 738:841, moarpheus3.png)


You'll always be a greasy schizo Moarpheus.

ce4da3  No.12125160

File: 364419ba9a16b9c⋯.png (172.27 KB, 1800x843, 600:281, moarpheus2.png)

File: 532fa0252dd9da2⋯.png (75.29 KB, 598x864, 299:432, moarpheus1.png)

File: e613d837f5a5436⋯.png (251.29 KB, 1323x749, 189:107, moarpheus.png)

File: ffcf3b9ad7c919e⋯.jpg (243.53 KB, 688x806, 344:403, moarpheus.jpg)


Nah, just a crossboarding lolcow spamming his nonsense on the board.

533e23  No.12125162


He doesn't look jewish from that picture but you could post pictures where he does.

He looks quite britbongish.

533e23  No.12125181


>black hair

Many Brits have black hair. Heck, many native Germans have black hair.

>jew nose

No it isn't. Again, feel free to post a pic where he does. He doesn't in that one.

>dark Semitic skin

He's not dark at all in that pic, the lighting is a lot darker than the one on the hot goth thot next to him tho, muh dik which has light shining on her face rather than from above.

>protruding jew ears

Many people have those funny ears in britbongistan.

533e23  No.12125186


>when 8/pol/

Didn't knew we were all one person.

46ceec  No.12125187



nah moarpheus is a different ID posting his usual nonsense:

>if i shoop a fed agency logo next to a face it means they're feds and nobody needs to see any evidence

the guy you're replying to here is a fed larping as atomwaffen


>when they don’t have any argument.

there is no argument to make against your shit-tier shilling. all youve done is well poison, you haven't posted a single argument ITT. it's a miracle you haven't been banned yet.

9a3cfb  No.12125200


>At this point, what option is ZOG leaving people other than revolution?

<implying kikes don't want a revolution against the system they created in which they can then offer a solution.


>Hegelian dialectic, usually presented in a threefold manner, was stated by Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus[26] as comprising three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction; an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis; and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.

>Smoke and mirrors. Slight of hand. Watch my right hand dazzle you while my left hand steals your wallet.

The kikes be tricksters eh? Not an honest bone in their body. All I've seen them do is steal ideas and use them for their own nefarious means.

>These are the actions of a jewish system that knows its days are numbered.

Aye m8. They're using every form of trickery to confuse and obfuscate.

>Watch the puppet goy.

>Watch it dance.

>Watch how it is attacked.

>Why aren't you a member goy?

<plz provide your contact information so that we can contact you when we say you should sing and dance.

Fucking glow niggers learned something from the past organized movements against their control.


Moral of the story is not to join a group which can ultimately be named and subverted; either by your good goy government glow niggers or by actual kikes.

The kikes don't fear an organization that they can named and subverted. What they fear is a million man strong gorilla warfare "army" which holds no name.

For example. /Pol/ knows what must be done, but /pol/ is not an organization.

/Pol/ is a simple politically oriented fly fishing origami board of peace.

All anyone can do here is offer information. Is the information you provide truthful or is it full of lies?

One way or another; the information will be validated as either a truth or a lie which than will be checked for validity by other Anon's.

533e23  No.12125270

File: bd0d98c638ef615⋯.png (839.89 KB, 727x1116, 727:1116, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b48c3db0d499d81⋯.png (379.72 KB, 503x798, 503:798, ClipboardImage.png)


>m-many Europeans look this way!

Hey faggot, how does first pic look like? He has black hair. Must be a jew! What about second pic, he looks supper jewish too!

9a6986  No.12125285


You just admitted you weren't from around here

533e23  No.12125395



Can't this nigger write HTML even? It's obvious this wasn't meant for printing, because of all the hyperlinks. It would only be practical when viewed in a web browser.

Format aside I skimmed through and it looks interesting, but also the premise makes little sense. Why would Hitler be jewish? Makes no sense at all really.

533e23  No.12125439

File: 4cce61f89da3490⋯.jpg (116.67 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1933 haavara agreement.jpg)


>If you believe Hitler was /ourguy/ then you should learn from his mistakes and not repeat them. If you believe Hitler was /theirguy/ you should learn from his deception and not fall into the same traps.

Both assumptions lead to the same conclusion - don't go around larping as a "Nazi". I think more of us should emulate the approach of Jared Taylor but without praising Israel as an ethnostate. Also WL Pierce and Zundel. Definitely not Lincoln Rockwell. A recent example of a role model is The Golden One, a Swede guy.

>Hitler is irrelevant because he didn't win – Hitler didn't solve the JQ

While your statement is true, he almost won. At no point did it look like he was half-assing it. Maybe he was a plant, but I still find it really hard to believe, and zionism was a way to deport jews rather than gas them. Of course, the sick fucks still claimed they were gassed, so I guess we learned our lesson for next time.

And we should use the haavara agreement in our favor. It's one of the best redpills on the illogic of the holohoax.

533e23  No.12125474


>They have a new coin now

They really like those huh

>We must fight Zionism at all costs

>Reluctant Zionism ("let's just deport kikes to Israel!")

I'm curious, why do you think we need to end the state of israel as a first step, rather than deporting them (or encouraging self-deporting) as a first step, and then thinking about ending israel? Do you think their stance would change if they were just a diaspora without an ethnostate? Or do you see israel as being key to their plans?

533e23  No.12125502

File: f940071e241a3a3⋯.jpg (248.86 KB, 1600x1091, 1600:1091, foreign aid israel.jpg)


I guess I should move to the safety of California then.

Jokes aside you raise a good point. Thankfully we only need two things: either stopping the foreign aid to israel or crashing the US economy, and inflaming the jewish-Arab conflict by not going against countries like Iran and Syria. There's a lot of people ready to bomb israel to pieces if we just let them.

2fde6c  No.12125553

Britbong who reaaaalllly dodged a bullet here. I won't say who I was talking to out of fear that they will think I "associated" with them and then come for me some day. But you lads have no idea how bad it is.

After NA was banned and made literally worse than ISIS in the eyes of the law britfags were trying to network like they did before because let's be honest here, there's not an awful lot we can do when just having the wrong opinions makes you a target for thoughtcrime.

Thoughtcrime… Wrongthink… It's funny really, we use these terms from 1984 almost as naturally as they did in that book now. It has become part and parcel of our lingo on /pol/ and practically across the internet now because it is really accurate of what's going on, especially here in Britain.

People would talk to eachother on encrypted chat apps like Tox and Riot, the alt right kids would use Discord like idiots so there was a push to get them from Discord to a more safer platform. I think that's another reason why this sting operation of sorts has been so effective, Discord gave info to the SPLC, what's to say they didn't hand over information to Big Brother?

NA was classed as a terrorist organization and thus anyone associating with it was going to get thrown in the slammer, no questions asked. Thanks to the very wooly worded PREVENT Agenda cooked up by former home secretary Amber Rudd it has become very easy for the governmemt to consider something "against fundemental British values" (defined in black and white as someone who does not tolerate diversity and multiculturalism) and consider them an extremist.

You hear that word thrown around a lot now and the idiot public still think it means ISIS wankers, the truth is anyone who disagrees with what's obviously happening to the country and wishes to publicly make a stand will be thrown in prison quicker than a man with a truck of peace.

What makes things worse is that the prison system here is one of the worst ran systems ever, you want to know why? Because instead of deporting all of the worst scumbag Muslim criminals they decided to house them in prisons until they're literally overflowing with violent invaders.

Britain is a small island compared to mainland Europe or America you must understand, sure it's not tiny but it is very overpopulated and it's only going to ger worse.

Anyway, the prison system would be hell for a white person, prisons are race segregated and if 90% of a prison is Muslim you get an idea of who runs the show there.

Why are the British nuremberg ttials still going? Well that's simple, just like tha 97 year old man who eas convicted for being a nazi back in the day they want to still make an example of this shit. After NA there has not been any far right demonstration in this country to speak of nor is there any organization of that ilk, but the media still wants to paint the picture that every other white man is an evil nazi bigot and thus will string men up publicly for crimes that should not be made criminal. It's one of the reasons Tommy Robinson got done for, that low key backfired because most normies don't even have a problem with him and saw how he literally did nothing wrong.

When they run out of people to nab expect some very dodgy shilling on /pol/ when they try and make a controlled sort of group to have become another sacrificial lamb for the slaughter. If it looks too good to be true for Britain then it probably is.

It's worth noting that those who take this struggle serious will naturally try and find ways to network even in a place as dodgy as Britbongistan, we literally only started out as a group of likeminded individuals who would occasionally meet up at a pub because it turned out we were fairly local. But when we heard former NA members were getting nicked and that men organizing this were part of NA then we all agreed to jump ship and hope that no one did anything naughty.

Which none of us did, we went to pubs and had a drink and talked about current events in hushed tones.

If that's illegal then I guess half of the country's population are criminals.

2fde6c  No.12125573


Efforts are being made to make a movement that is more proper and hopefully successful. But it is very early days yet and I can't be confident that it won't just turn into a small fringe Facebook group or whatever.

No matter what it is, even you use a fluffy red squirrel instead of a swastica, if you get popular enough the government will use force.

2fde6c  No.12125634


Oy vey

(((Schlomo Shillstein)))

You've got the wrong person.

What makes /pol/ so great is that we don't have names here and are all anonymous for it. People can either take my word or not.

But I'm sure your kike overlord didn't mention how it works here.

2fde6c  No.12125638


I hope it turns out legit too, mate.

d051cd  No.12126542


>hitler was a zionist meme

Wanting kikes to fuck off without having to butcher them all does not a zionist make. But yes, mistakes were made by the NSDAP and we can learn for the future.


>what are your opinions about his paper?

This is the ridiculous paper by autistic tinfoilfag Mathis that baselessly claims that the NSDAP were all jewish homosexuals. It's ridiculous.


> even you use a fluffy red squirrel instead of a swastica, if you get popular enough the government will use force.

The Red Squirrel Nationalism seemed like the safest route for the UK to go After NA. We all know that NA is being cranked on so hard by the state because they were a genuine threat, we all know that they're shilled against so hard because they were a genuine threat.

> After NA there has not been any far right demonstration in this country to speak of nor is there any organization of that ilk

Scottish Dawn did some but they got b& pretty fast because that retard shouted about them having two guys from NA. Situation looks pretty hopeless from that respect, any nationalist organization that starts and has a vaguely memetic style, like NA, since Ben was from /pol/, will probably get that accusation levied against them.



jej the absolute state of shills

53c653  No.12126575


>Britbong version of JIDF

MIDF . Masonic internet defense force.

6c0725  No.12126579


>This is the ridiculous paper by autistic tinfoilfag Mathis that baselessly claims that the NSDAP were all jewish homosexuals. It's ridiculous.

Miles Mathis is a CIA psych warfare agent, and a transparent one at that.

6c0725  No.12126597

06ee3b  No.12126608


that image id

6c0725  No.12126613

File: 817bcd810d032c1⋯.jpg (21.23 KB, 300x261, 100:87, Joseph Jordan ('Eric Strik….jpg)

File: 0fb3bf9793bb34d⋯.jpg (20.21 KB, 205x300, 41:60, Joseph Jordan ('Eric Strik….jpg)


>Eric Striker would be a good man to contact,

Yes, a half Puerto Rican midget CIA agent would be a good man to contact about your CIA psych warfare ops.

f0bbed  No.12126660

File: a6becde8aaacfb5⋯.jpg (292.72 KB, 1577x981, 1577:981, lolis did 911.jpg)

National action did literally nothing wrong. Here is the full story on what happened:


693e40  No.12126683

One of the main points of interest I have in National Action is that they weren't promoted by a single self-proclaimed 'jew-wise' alt-right group in the UK

Instead they elected to campaign for every jewish neoCon and counter jihad kike instead.

Even if they were infiltrated by MI5-kikes, they were the only group in the UK that told the truth, and that to me is the only true test of legitimacy.

Which explains why they were shut down in an instant by the state, meanwhile every single aut-right kike group is on hatreon/Patreon collecting shekels

48d14f  No.12126693



>Let’s single out Little for a moment and ask ourselves how it is that he hasn’t been taken out yet by the kikes?

this is how i know you're a fucking kike

>anyone not arrested yet is controlled op

talk about a fallacy

>img file name

fuck off joan. go stuff more donuts into the hole in your soul

2ed7d8  No.12126750



>posts anime

>posts pozzed link

>doesn't post archived link that has already been made


you glow too bright, even in the daytime


>ITT JTRIG goes fishing on Sunday

Everyone knows shit's fuck mate, so go for a walk in the sun you'll feel better. /pol/ is a board of peace.

2ed7d8  No.12126766

File: a4d703b17f7a5e1⋯.png (512.41 KB, 600x581, 600:581, ClipboardImage.png)




>3 anons independently call out the shills ITT all at once

when the hivemind hits

789b1e  No.12126797


>Atleast france beheaded their royalty before destroying themselves with sandniggers.

Have you genuinely not heard of Oliver Cromwell?

b0ce33  No.12126809


b0ce33  No.12126814


Pretty much this.

d051cd  No.12126820




Fuck off Moarpheus.


>One of the main points of interest I have in National Action is that they weren't promoted by a single self-proclaimed 'jew-wise' alt-right group in the UK

NA was constantly derided by shills and controlled opposition in the UK. Even to this day the feds spend excessive resources deriding them.




So confirmed for an obese well poisoning fed. I knew it.

935b8b  No.12126827

File: ba80020e2402390⋯.png (475.58 KB, 600x908, 150:227, untitled.png)

6c0725  No.12126842


>He looks anglo.

No he doesn't. He's clearly Mediterranean, and possibly crypto-Jewish. Like Mark Collett.

de8509  No.12126848

People chasing a rabbi again with this 'hes not white'-shit. When will you learn.

a43e32  No.12126854

File: 92e331023f0e43f⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 535x466, 535:466, 1519321410824.jpg)


fuck, I wondered why he hadn't posted in IG fora while ;_;

d051cd  No.12126862


< hehe the nationalist who spends his days producing Hyperborean artwork with his girlfriend who spends her days educating European women on environmentalism is actually a jew, goy


46ceec  No.12126909

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

for those who aren't aware

the jo cox murder used to ban NA was a false flag. tommy mair is a patsy. see video related for more info


try getting in touch with the edelweiss alliance and see how you can help them out. i think they're doing fundraisers somehow. if I hear anything I'll update itt

41d1f6  No.12126919


Reported for being a "Joan is tracking you" poster. Those filenames have been confirmed to originate from recent versions of iOS: >>12121881 They have nothing to do with that hamwhale Joan.

Morphaeus is a greasy lolcow faggot, but your boomer-tech shilling of this retarded disproven theory is unacceptable.

46ceec  No.12126981



>suddenly two "anons" appear shilling some tripe about "Joan"

>third "anon" appears shilling "muh hivemind, goys" to confirm

totally organic

6c0725  No.12127005


>After NA there has not been any far right demonstration in this country to speak of nor is there any organization of that ilk,

That's because MI5 and MI6 haven't created any more.

935b8b  No.12127021


Yeah, I've seen it too already. Still a suspicious influx of ios posters all of sudden though. Did this shit come with an update or latest model or what? Some anon claimed to check how many uuids he can find on other boards and if it pools in /pol/.

The silicon faggets love their apple crap, maybe the shill brigade really got handed some work devices?

The poster I called out is still a cock gobbling tryhard.

935b8b  No.12127060

Every anon who privately uses an apple device should consider smacking themselves hard in the face and then get rid of it straight away.

3d0050  No.12127065


>Don't listen to him because he's short

This shills really need to up their game

46ceec  No.12127123

File: 26d5455769a8f69⋯.jpg (32.74 KB, 496x482, 248:241, anim why kim should nuke t….jpg)


even if NA was created by MI5/6 (which it wasn't), why are you spending your time shitting up the thread instead of devising ways to help young nationalists who are being fucked over by the state? even if you think that these people were honeypotted by glow in the darks, the fact that you choose to derail and shitpost this entire thread unveils your colossal hooked nose

9a6986  No.12127193


I honestly think NA is just the beginning before long maybe a couple years they are going to start getting those GI kids and some of the more radicle in the mainstream political scene

27d8d2  No.12127215


>>Don't listen to him because he's short

No, don't listen to him because he's a US Govt. intelligence operative.

The fact that he's a freakish looking half Puerto Rican midget is just extra.

27d8d2  No.12127219


>even if NA was created by MI5/6 (which it was)


19e41e  No.12127226


That's as normal as how Iraq dealt with daily car bombs.

9a6986  No.12127231


You m16 guys are so transparent

346ffa  No.12127261



hate speech is illegal in England, yet NA got police escorts to go and yell about gassing people

The glow in the Dark from a mile away. They did however manage to recruit some pretty good speakers before they got shoaded.

46ceec  No.12127278

File: ce0057dfa7f6f98⋯.png (50.52 KB, 524x158, 262:79, this thread will be heavil….png)






thread full of totally organic off topic redditspacing shilling

>totally not MI5

>totally not the same zogbot hopping IPs

9a6986  No.12127318


They are all in jail the way all of you shills talk about them is pretending they arent being hunted and murdered one by one

2a096f  No.12127335

File: e923ccceddc644c⋯.jpg (234.93 KB, 554x800, 277:400, Goebbels9.jpg)


Dont even joke about that.

104e6b  No.12127341


It's pretty obvious really just from the thumbnail. The picture on the left should not exist. How does the press get a picture of the suspect that isn't the official arrest picture like on the right?

A: A policeman took it and leaked it to the press in an extraordinary moment of stupidity, jeopardizing a terror/murder case.

B: The press were informed of his imminent arrest and were allowed in the police station in advance.

C: The person in the picture is an actor or agent, and the police, media and both sides of the government are acting out a real time soap opera, giving the illusion of a democratically built power structure, whilst we argue about sides and pay taxes to watch them.

46ceec  No.12127423


you can tell the shills because they would rather accuse the founders of NA of being state assets than discuss how to help their fellow national socialists who are being persecuted by the state. quite disgraceful, really.

f0bbed  No.12127594




You just quoted yourself as someone who was "breaking the hivemind". Stop samefagging, and leave this board forever boomer.

137c95  No.12128827


pls post lewds of pic left. must choke and hate fuck. really, really wanna choke that

5a8ee4  No.12128901

File: d524c1217aea0db⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 4000x3542, 2000:1771, WhoWhereAyransToNatsoc.jpg)


Pic related.

According to the official publications by the NSDAP, virtually all europeans are considered "aryan". As with jews, there is a large degree of variability. Not all Jews look like Henry Kissenger, but again there is variability.

d051cd  No.12129540


>hate fuck

< he hates white women

fuck off kike tbh

9e28a5  No.12129568


>found the virgin

she'd fucking love it, anon. its an act of love. love-hate, pleasure-pain, fucking-killing – its all related my kissless permavirgin newfriend

cce4d7  No.12129665

File: 89110a51fac984a⋯.jpg (423.43 KB, 1212x1445, 1212:1445, truth about hitler's histo….jpg)

File: 0e9add6329f2c54⋯.png (174.82 KB, 1680x2006, 840:1003, banks and finance and ww2 ….png)

File: 8546c2e29f3946f⋯.jpg (170.22 KB, 800x575, 32:23, DailyExpress-March1933-jud….jpg)


>Their guy

We are talking about a guy who didn't mind other races as long as they lived within their own countries, Hitler didn't mind deporting the kikes either, the only flaw of hitler is that he is one big softy, but of course the disgusting liars that these kikes are lie about him because he nearly destroyed them and their organization, I wouldn't call him that he is their guy for many reasons.

cce4d7  No.12129684

File: 90c8149567a0873⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1500x6000, 1:4, B but the jews said hitler….jpg)

File: 780a794d5a14b74⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 1500x6000, 1:4, (((Hitler had african dna)….jpg)


691233  No.12129957

File: 5431d7f86ec0380⋯.png (345.34 KB, 460x601, 460:601, 1531427408563.png)

46ceec  No.12130451


alright chill out atomwaffen

4e0813  No.12130921


First he has to bunk them. Vague suppositions and calling everyone a faggot are not evidence. He's just re-hashing old bolshevik propaganda.

4bace3  No.12131178


That's horrifying but it's a direct measure of how threatened they really are at the idea of white people waking up.

699a2e  No.12131319

File: 14a48ca3c3a1d95⋯.png (439.59 KB, 700x857, 700:857, 1535407420443.png)


>Eternal Anglo

>Freemason logo

Fuck off

8b297b  No.12131330


>Freemason logo

What? I suppose next you're going to tell me that the Germans were controlled opposition and Hitler was a Rothschild.

699a2e  No.12131707

File: 74d33b4023f8dec⋯.jpg (41 KB, 449x447, 449:447, freemason.jpg)


Are you a professional artist? I mean, do you make a living selling your art abilities? Well, I do… and as an artist I am telling you there are elements of the freemason emblem embedded into their logo. In fact, it is clear as day to any veterans eye.

Never listen to anything coming out of (((England))). You act like this warning is the first you've ever heard such a call.

Kids these days

6e8d2d  No.12131714


The compass is also an "A" in that stylized masonic font you see everywhere nowadays

699a2e  No.12131722

File: a1f802e86912c68⋯.jpg (106.35 KB, 909x909, 1:1, Freemason Alt-Right - Brit….jpg)

Have an additional british-freemason eye candy. Who is that?

6e8d2d  No.12131731



Hey man… does the NA logo spells MASON to you?

From the bottom white space "M" to the black A that forms the compass, the S in the lightning logo, the O is obvious and the N is formed from the top of the edge at the top… with the white

699a2e  No.12131740

699a2e  No.12131756


Yes it spells mason.

4e0813  No.12132600

File: 176dc2a317b2b4e⋯.png (50.42 KB, 836x483, 836:483, SA vs NA.png)

File: f32f2cc0909bb9e⋯.png (171.03 KB, 796x303, 796:303, shillfail.png)


>nowhere are those his positions in the paper

So "the NSDAP are faggots guys trust me how much more evidence do you need bro?" is not his position? That's literally what he says in the paper numerous times. he's a CIAnigger peddling old jewish bolshevik propaganda

>im led to think you're not arguing honestly..

You can't read or you're a kike.


That's not even their logo you fucking retard, that's the SA logo you're claiming is (((masonic))). Now you're just claiming that the NSDAP were masonic.

>Kids these days

Shills these days, they can't even samefag properly while switching IP vvvvvvv






4e0813  No.12132614


Your first post ITT is calling the guy in maximum security terrorism jail a jew you fucking concern troll COINTELPRO kike >>12125059

59ac8f  No.12132642


>what options are there?

None outside of killing all occupying kike forces. i just had a dream about that, incidentally.

59ac8f  No.12132648


>let me make autistic refutations

You people approach it all wrong. If someone says that Hitler was a kike, just ask, "how can he be 'anti-semitic' then?"

Fucking retard.

866fb2  No.12134293


It's more complicated than that, you stupid fucking nigger.

9a6986  No.12134693

This thread was successfully derailed

1ff4ac  No.12135123

the fact that the kikes come out of the woodwork to derail and throw shill accusations at every single genuine white resistance movement points towards those movements' authenticity.

>oy vey, NA were controlled opposition, the only true non-controlled-opposition is to stay online and never, ever do anything in real life!

the absolute state of shills.

eecee3  No.12135278


Heil Hitler

118fdf  No.12135338


>1) National Action was banned because one of their regional cells posted a Pepe meme on twatter.

Kek, imagine being this wrong

9c8b5b  No.12136934


Why did you just dox this guy you faggot?

f18273  No.12136936


This thing looks like a tranny to me.

118fdf  No.12137033


>at least france started republicanism and socialism

Wow, gee, thanks.

Have you ever heard of Oliver Cromwell?


>Has Bongistan even had one revolution?

I know it's the stereotype for Americans to be completely ignorant of everything outside of America, but Jesus Christ.

118fdf  No.12137041



Hello, reddit

3b2b37  No.12137060


you can edit your post by replying to your own message with the [edit] command. use "image" instead of "img".

4e6edf  No.12137153

File: c05bd292a3f72fb⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1196x676, 23:13, jews2.png)


I mean really do these faggot rat kikes still think their shilling is working? I hope these useful idiot rats die a slow fucking death. If there are any whites among you cocksuckers know that your shilling for status quo will never prevent you from becoming a displaced jizya taxed minority in your own country.

Britain is becoming the next multicultural coffee-colored gutter trash JewSSR faster than you know it, their traitors gave up their entire empire to wage war instead of accepting Hitler's peace offers including The Last Appeal To Reason.

I hope the (((situation))) there can be changed but personally I think Britain is a lost cause, because i see ZERO vital signs from that place, if there is a god perhaps it is destined revenge for WW2. Anyway If i was British I'd get the hell out as soon as possible before they make emigration illegal. (That's what they were threatening during brexit, remember?)

d5e8b7  No.12137391


I think britain was zoghub1 before the united states became jewed. Look at rothschilds taking over britain after the battle of waterloo. That was before the fed created the jewnited states of zogmerica.

1acc2a  No.12137411


>Tell me when you find something that can actually turn shit into gold.

46ceec  No.12137979


>Why did you just dox this guy you faggot?

obviously because that 'anon' is some cointelpro fag here to shit up the thread, like 60% of the other posters on this godforesaken shithole of board these days


>the absolute state of shills.

I've seen some really autistic shill angles, some moron was claiming that no genuine national socialist groups exist because if they did exist mossad would already have assassinated them, and then claimed NA was controlled opp despite the fact that the UK state is literally trying to assassinate them by throwing them all in their savage infested jails

de8509  No.12138088

File: 22b47058a0f9f6b⋯.jpeg (13.51 KB, 337x450, 337:450, 8675643.jpeg)


checking truth

9a6986  No.12138305

Bumping because it was slid

f1641c  No.12138313


Don't listen to him because his co-host is Kike Eunuch.

4e0813  No.12138495

File: 732c0267a5dc973⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, hitler releases holocaust ….jpg)


hailing victory

66df15  No.12138586


They can say that, but they don’t have the authority there.

583a3d  No.12138910


Lmao. You're the antifa who posted that dox on their site. This board is severely compromized. Poor demoralization shilling, faggot.

46ceec  No.12139060

File: 464f44234573102⋯.jpg (186.29 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, anim angry dog noises.jpg)


>nice demoralization shilling

<does his own demoralization shillling


390357  No.12139144


>trying to get a response that makes sense out of a shill

anon, I…..

989c69  No.12139154


>before they make emigration illegal

Just like South Africa. Oh shit….

583a3d  No.12139185


>calling out antifa


Just reverse image search the dox he posted. It's a sad reality this place has a ton of antifa infesting it, they're the ones who call anyone feds, or allege a conspiracy by X white nationalist figure.

987bed  No.12139304


I remember doxxing this slut

46ceec  No.12139348


I didn't dox Striker you dumb fuck, can you even read? turn on colored IDs if you're really this much of a brainlet.



thanks /leftypol/, we'll remember stringing you all up on lamp posts

987bed  No.12139354


Nah this was brit/pol/, it got us all banned.

46ceec  No.12139359


Good, you're a bunch of faggots who deserve truck of tolerance.

987bed  No.12139362


Rent free

16613f  No.12139454

File: 2238531e8830b93⋯.png (74.57 KB, 300x309, 100:103, disgustpepepng.png)


>Bongs actually dox the most effective people of own team

No wonder everyone hates you cryptojews.

46ceec  No.12139729

987bed  No.12139810


They weren't effective, they made the far-right look like a joke. If they were serious they should have dropped the Hitler shit. Also focus on the British identity and on current day issues rather than shit like the holocaust who no gives a fuck about.

ba20f6  No.12139863

File: f0b38c7dfc4a44f⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1440x1033, 1440:1033, ClipboardImage.png)


>They weren't effective

>they made the far-right look like a joke.

Top kek you salty britpol fags say the same shit in every NA thread. If they were ineffective the state would expend zero effort in shutting them down and would expend zero effort in continuing to ruin the lives of ex-NA people. The quantity of pressure against them proves that they were effective. Nothing could make the state of your "far right" look like any more of a joke than it already is.

> If they were serious they should have dropped the Hitler shit.

< Don't tell the truth :^)

< Don't push the overton window :^)

< Don't shitpost IRL

>Also focus on the British identity

What identity do you even have? Sucking kike cock and destroying white country after white country, culminating in destroying the entire continent during WW2? Congrats.

>shit like the holocaust who no gives a fuck about.

The main moral blockade that prevents white people from organizing to remove jews and shitskins because people constantly cry about muh lamp shades? Sure, leave it in place, see how far you get without addressing the issue. Not that you'll get anywhere, you'll go back to your containment board hugbox and do absolutely nothing while (((your country))) turns into mud.

987bed  No.12139903


You clearly know fucking nothing about British politics. No one gives a shit about Jews expect for politicians who pay lip service, we aren't like America where the people love Jews. They didn't shift the overton window because no one was listening to these people screaming like hooligans on the street. If you want to reach people you have to look and act respectable. >no British culture, out of all euros we have the richest due to being the most successful nation in Europe over the ages.

NA achieved fuck all and wasted nationalists time and effort.

ba20f6  No.12139953

File: de81f7350c0d526⋯.png (929.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Another tragic britpol saltpost

Go onto the street and ask a Tommy fan what they think about jews and israel. You fags are the most philosemitic whites in history, your entire history is sucking kike dick after kike dick. Maybe you dont know enough about your own politics, perhaps if you left your containment board once in a while you may learn something

>Build one of the biggest youth groups from nothing in 3 years that becomes such a threat to ZOG that they have to warp laws in unheard of ways

>Achieve nothing

Pick one

>If you want to reach people you have to look and act respectable

How's that gone for you so far cucklord? Enjoying living in 1984?

f651b8  No.12139993


>Tommy fans

So few people give a shit about that kike I don't see why we should care about his followers. The working class will hate anything given any sort of direction from a leadership figure.


That'd be the Germans and the Polish.

>threat to the ZOG

Based on what?

>Build one of the biggest youth groups from nothing in 3 years

They had under 100 memebers

What did NA achieve? They never touched the heights of NF, BNP or even fucking UKIP.

ba20f6  No.12140069

File: 814fa8ba1f2092a⋯.png (112.83 KB, 355x201, 355:201, ClipboardImage.png)


>So few people give a shit about that kike I don't see why we should care about his followers.

Lying, are we? How very Anglo of you. The free Tommy marches had tens of thousands of attendees, and that's according to the leftist lugenpresse.

> The working class will hate anything given any sort of direction from a leadership figure.

Then why don't you work on directing that hate towards the actual enemy? If you look and act respectably enough it'll be impossible for them to say no

>That'd be the Germans and the Polish.

Your empire was ZOG, your royal family is ZOG, all of your historic wars were fought for ZOG. Your people adore the poor oppressed jews. Your "far right" hate muslamic ray guns because they hate jews. Are you shitpol anglos even capable of telling the truth?

>Based on what?

The reaction from the system says it all. Did they do this to any of the other cucked groups you mentioned? No.

Keep dreaming that your suit and tie nationalism will achieve anything, Muhammad.

<if only my shoes were shinier and my hair was combed up nice and neat, then we'd win over the hearts and minds of the (((UK)))

f651b8  No.12140112


>couple thousands fans of tommy

As I said who cares? They are old football fans that love based blacks and their voting power is shit all. Are you implying they are a vanguardist group? If so. You'd be very wrong. Also football lads alliance does it better.

>Then why don't you work on directing that hate towards the actual enemy?

I'd like to but there are no real groups and I'm ill-equipped to create my own.

>Your empire was ZOG

We had a few Jews in our empire but both Poland and Germany had way more Jews. Also Poland had a massive Jewish population. Jews were more integrated as a part of their society than ours.

>The reaction from the system says it all.

No it doesn't, their achievements do. Which is to say fuck all.

><if only my shoes were shinier and my hair was combed up nice and neat

Are you saying appearance isn't important in politics? That's some next level brainlet stuff.

ba20f6  No.12140195

File: efeb9a7fc78e4d9⋯.png (173.47 KB, 583x523, 583:523, ClipboardImage.png)


>As I said who cares?

It's evidence that even your hooliganistic working men adore muh based jews.

>Poland and Germany had way more Jews

Trying to downplay the philosemitism of kike central and palm of with some horseshit about (((Poland))), as if polandball was ever used by the jews to conquer the planet, is hilarious

>We had a few Jews in our empire

Your entire empire was controlled by jews from the beginning.

>No it doesn't, their achievements do. Which is to say fuck all.

<built biggest and internationally influential national socialist youth group in 3 years

<fuck all

Kek, shitpol, what have you all achieved? Doxing fellow nationalists? You people are en embarrassment

>I'd like to but there are no real groups and I'm ill-equipped to create my own.

shitpols very own suit and tie nationalist group coming soon to a pipedream near you. Why don't you go join one of your adored cuck nationalist groups? You can join UKIP with fellow sodomite PJW. Your cringelord "respectable" nationalism will appeal to nobody. You will amount to nothing.

>Are you saying appearance isn't important in politics?

More kikeish dishonesty from the eternal Anglo. Sad!

89915b  No.12140456


The industrial revolution.

0c962f  No.12141827


>It's evidence that even your hooliganistic working men adore muh based jews.

But they don't, these groups comprise a small number of them and are anything but representative. Anyway a pro-jew stance is usually to piss off lefties rather than any real conviction.

>as if polandball was ever used by the jews to conquer the planet, is hilarious

Germany was though, after funding Hitler the Jews have dominated the world like never before. Germany destroyed all Europe colonial empires which were getting bleached by the whiteman. Also it has destroyed nationalism and racial pride in Western nations.

>Your entire empire was controlled by jews from the beginning.

Not true at all, got anything to back that up?

>built biggest and internationally influential national socialist youth group in 3 years

They didn't, there numbers were tiny. Not even hitting a thousand. Do you have any proof that you are right?

>Kek, shitpol, what have you all achieved? Doxing fellow nationalists? You people are en embarrassment

I don't visit brit/pol/ anymore and I don't see why you'd compare this group and a board on 8chan. But that being said the one that's had the most negative effect for British nationalism is NA. The whole group is toxic, that's why it never had a large membership. Also NA really isn't a nationalist group, it's a German imperialist one.

>Why don't you go join one of your adored cuck nationalist groups? You can join UKIP with fellow sodomite PJW. Your cringelord "respectable" nationalism will appeal to nobody. You will amount to nothing.

So BNP, the people who created NA, were cucks? You realise until 2010 they had a real chance of gaining a seat one day. UKIP managed to get us to leave the EU which is a nationalistic action, even if they themselves are kosher.

>More kikeish dishonesty from the eternal Anglo. Sad!

Are you saying it's dishonest to say that public image and relations are important?

You keep spouting shit but you've yet to tell me what NA achieved. They had a very small group that screamed at people on the street. Their only achievement was giving British nationalism a worse public image.

9a6986  No.12141908

46ceec  No.12142009

File: f388afdec9a76b3⋯.png (253.22 KB, 362x391, 362:391, ClipboardImage.png)


>hitler was funded by jews

>germany ruined europe, not bongs and jews and commies

>NA was german imperialist, despite using british imagery in vast amounts of their propaganda and talking about Britain in all of their speeches

>bong empire wasnt just a cabal of capitalist jews using white grunts to die for their profit

>winning one seat one day in a system that is entirely controlled by jews will save the day

>UKIP, a bunch of capitalist, globalist, multiculturalist jews are based and nationalistic

wew lad

/britpol/ go and stay go.

your lies and retardation are not welcome on this board.

390357  No.12142409


bbbut muh madlad farage tho ;^)

and the UK was the original zog. then after 45, they moved it to burgerland

9a6986  No.12145132


Im reminded why we banned all you cocksuckers

e24874  No.12145163

File: e922ab53228a74b⋯.jpg (81.14 KB, 500x301, 500:301, get out animu.jpg)


This isn't even worth responding to. Run along to your containment board and cry about the nasty /pol/acks calling you gay again.

f2c6fe  No.12145608

d9aaf1  No.12146863


>Yeah, that guy. he was from Iron March but not from NA, he just had their flag.

Nah. He didnt post there very much. He was known for posting on fringechan.

abf844  No.12178180

b for awareness

e56e3c  No.12178658


>Who is Zach Davies (Rockerz88)?

A hero

879e8a  No.12178819

File: dbddcf8c12c90fd⋯.jpg (451.45 KB, 743x844, 743:844, Anglo subhumans suffering ….jpg)

File: 2ab7b44a7891bbd⋯.png (129.37 KB, 903x474, 301:158, subhuman anglo.png)

File: 1715ea0c57a7328⋯.jpg (136.55 KB, 748x533, 748:533, anglo subhumans btfo brits….jpg)


>the Hitler shit

This is why you filth anglo subhumans deserve to be bred into mutts by pakis, starting with Rotherham. Crooked teeth subhuman fucks.

879e8a  No.12178823

File: b143eb89803cae3⋯.jpg (932.33 KB, 2465x2285, 493:457, Anglo subhumans paying for….jpg)

File: 2a836a5f5f09eeb⋯.jpg (117.94 KB, 634x837, 634:837, Pissing on a piece of shit….jpg)

File: 49c19b35e708286⋯.png (306.9 KB, 1199x782, 1199:782, Anglo scum paying more for….png)


>most successful nation in Europe over the ages


879e8a  No.12178832


Yup, anglo subhuman trying to slam two neurons together and fail miserably, again.

> Germany destroyed all Europe colonial empires which were getting bleached by the whiteman. Also it has destroyed nationalism and racial pride in Western nations.

How can one be an ally of bolshevik rats and say this? Must be the inferior anglo genes.

49d68e  No.12179005

File: 18afbaa1675f480⋯.jpg (25.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 10899216_1521469388125436_….jpg)


>what option is ZOG leaving people other than ARMED revolution

ftfy…. only those afraid to die are afraid to truly counter zog, they are so entrenched at this point the jo cox treatment is honestly the only way to undo what they have done

390357  No.12179092



>thinks that this stuff only happens in bongland

I have seen stories like this from all over western Europe. Glass houses and all that.

we both know you are that german larper who used to go on 50 post rants about MUH MERIMUTTS and MUH ANGLO FILTH

eaf1e7  No.12216287

c843fe  No.12216320


Jews were at home in Spain and the Netherlands before Britain

a9fe08  No.12216375


The kikes didn't rule Spain back then. They aided the Moors in their invasion, but didn't not occupy the kingdoms of Iberia at the time.

b95b4e  No.12216480


Did you not read the thread or something? Maybe vols deleted the mass of shill posts already. Every NA thread gets shilled to death and shitposted to death by faggots from brit/pol/

cce4d7  No.12216526


He said something fucking retarded and I needed to back my arguments he repeated the lie of a jew thus I called him out on it, it's already been debunked many times that there are people like me who unfortunately have to repeat the same answer down right through a person skull who didn't lurk 2 fucking years.

cce4d7  No.12216539


>Jews are using Hitler as an excuse to promote Zionism through Trump

How? The reason why they are pushing this now, is to sway us from the 3rd position into disliking hitler again it is literally the opposite of what they are doing when we were teached hitler was the most evil man on earth. Lurk one more year.


866fb2  No.12241645

File: 762072da1df4c73⋯.jpg (224.78 KB, 1196x1147, 1196:1147, DmmXFXcXoAAaQeH.jpg)


>The "freemarkandalice" hashtag is out there to follow.

Found this on Twatter. They made this? Nice.

866fb2  No.12241671

File: ce4e4d9482fe0a1⋯.jpg (22.99 KB, 240x333, 80:111, Arnold_Leese2.jpg)

I have to say, NA also seems like a group that Arnold Leese would have been proud of.

d5c80b  No.12241701


Not really brit/pol/ just your run of the mill shill who is instructed to undermine organised, open action, by spreading confusion and paranoia by bad-jacketing anything they can.

ae8d1c  No.12241838


at least one or two of the faggots shilling are from brit/pol/, by self admission. a truly cancerous board.

ae8d1c  No.12241848


You certainly don't get banned if you benefit the jews, just look at (((generation identity))), free to roam around promoting their duginist cancer, and tommy mossad, free to roam around spreading his multiculturalist cancer.

56eca5  No.12241965


Literally never thought about this before. Thanks anon.

7434d4  No.12242000

File: 4c42a2c286c5355⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 640x558, 320:279, hojs893.jpg)

The place formerly known as Great Britain needs to make some choices - in particular about a certain alien groups within its body politic.

866fb2  No.12242305


That's true. Being that they're the first group since the Second World War to be (((proscribed))) in Britain is really telling. It means that they were not controlled opposition, and are the real thing.

6c9d77  No.12242484


You realize all those military orgs are Aryan in origin and use Aryan symbology, right, you cretin? To this day, basically anything that hasn't been changed in the past 100 years by kikes is Aryan tradition that's thousands of years old.


The best part of all this is that the JewK government is a bunch of terrorists, just like kikes everywhere else. The more evidence and discussion about this, the better.

For the record, those of you who spread unsubstantiated bullshit about any pro-white or perceived pro-white will be punished in the future in such a manner that the shit ZOG does will seem tame by comparison. You have been warned. No, the shekels aren't worth it.


There wouldn't be. That's why Jonestein got deplatformed in the US despite being an obvious kike tool. It wasn't working even in this ignorant ZOG shitpile of a "country."


The best part is what happens to those fags when even a few isolated bits slip through their fingers.


Heiled. It's too bad I couldn't see that faggot's post. They are right to be afraid, though, being known as traitors and all. Most pigs are total pussies, in my experience.


>Weev the kike

Holy shit, nigger. No. I'm telling Seana Fenner–someone pro-white who isn't a clown and has an audience that isn't retarded.

ae8d1c  No.12242491

File: e7c97bb48f0aea0⋯.png (72 KB, 286x176, 13:8, ClipboardImage.png)


it also means that their strategy was threatening to the system.

all of these cucked britbong faggots come out with the most ridiculous mental gymnastics to try and deny the fact that a bunch of nazi shitposters from /pol/ and iron march made a more threatening and successful group than all of their suit and tie votecuck PRfaggotory combined.


6c9d77  No.12242516


You need to false flag normalfags into being clamped down on by your occupation regime, clearly.

7434d4  No.12267360

File: 0ddc2d95ac07570⋯.jpg (47.3 KB, 718x539, 718:539, bilgeo3.jpg)

Bump for our Nationalist brother and sister.

Wit political dissent outlawed and crushed, and free speech gagged and silenced, one has to wonder what recourse is still available to good White people who disagree with ZOG's policies.

I sure hope nobody among us turns to the creation and use of biological ethnic weapons.

7f2ed0  No.12267371

can you not pose ugly people please , thx

6ec0c7  No.12267453

This is the vulnerability with organized public groups. Stop making it easy for these kikes by announcing yourselves.

6c60c8  No.12268666


shut up jew


>This is the vulnerability with organized public groups.

depends on what you want to achieve. NA was basically just a nazi youth club organization that did community building, fitness etc while shitposting memes about jews IRL. can't really do that anonymously or in a totally decentralized manner. they were shut down because they connected white people in ZOG central.

878086  No.12268682


So the court date was today? Any news?

878086  No.12268711


>Also WL Pierce and Zundel. Definitely not Lincoln Rockwell.

Pierce himself stated that he was misguided and that Rockwell had the correct approach in his later years.

4cf4cb  No.12268778


You fucking kike.

6eb17a  No.12268785


About what I expected.

Fuck this communist.

fe1d0f  No.12275138



Alice is free on bail, along side a 17 year old kid. Mark didn't turn up to court for "technical reasons" - because ZOG wanted to punish him more for producing Hyperborean Art?? That's all I can think of. Multiple other NA members still locked up.


b6ec35  No.12278043


Protocols as of 13/12/2016

In effect until such at time as the proscription against National Action is lifted

1. National Action never had a ‘membership’ system or claimed to have ‘members’ but for all intents and purposes National Action has been disbanded in full – there are no members, activists, spokespersons, or any other affiliates in the present tense. It is done.

2. We urge for calm and coolness in wake of this atrocity, our enemies do not deserve our anger.

3. In the United Kingdom, nobody is to display or distribute material that promotes the group, nobody is to identify or pledge allegiance to the group. Nobody is to ‘fund raise’ for the group. Anyone who breaks this protocol poses a risk to themselves.

Having consulted legal advice we must impress that the proscription is not retroactive – anything that may have been posted to the internet in the past or whatever will not legally affect you. It is possible that the British Government will target social media accounts.

It is also not illegal to privately possess any paraphernalia or electronic materials relating to the group.

Benjamin Raymond is the founder of National Action.


It is also not illegal to privately possess any paraphernalia or electronic materials relating to the group.

Having consulted legal advice we must impress that the proscription is not retroactive – anything that may have been posted to the internet in the past or whatever will not legally affect you. It is possible that the British Government will target social media accounts.


looks like bongstate breaking their own laws

38b9ef  No.12299813


>Atleast france beheaded their royalty before destroying themselves with sandniggers.

it didnt work out to well for robspierre either.

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