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File: 25a71f11b153df6⋯.jpg (981.46 KB, 1073x1280, 1073:1280, 9b28bd33b83ef79031c2c33156….jpg)

8b1e44  No.12125604


639a7b  No.12125610

Fuck off kike. Info gathering hasn't worked before, why the fuck do you think it would work now?

8b1e44  No.12125626



just want a screenie to send whenever fedoras and protojews start arguing at eachother and derailing threads without having some sort of stats.

they usually stop immediately after.

if you don't believe me, go off this post in this thread.


e48ba5  No.12125633

Keep an eye on /christian/'s catalog. They may mobilize to manipulate the survey results through underhanded methods.

8b1e44  No.12125654

File: 68cefa9fa67f8ec⋯.jpg (34.48 KB, 494x494, 1:1, 1531527698527.jpg)


I doubt it.

mfw jewish is at 63%

58f9d8  No.12125664

This isn't cuckchan, fuck off.

4d76d4  No.12125665

>no "Esoteric HItlerist" or "Christian Identity"

e48ba5  No.12125667


Well, you have to account for the JIDF posters too, you know. They get a raw deal, after all.

8b1e44  No.12125671


Last time it was added it got like 2 votes of 800

I just added the top 10 or so options of the last poll somebody else made.


Something tells me it being at 56% was done on purpose

371c8b  No.12125676

File: af5755267fa8371⋯.png (43.91 KB, 837x1034, 837:1034, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)


>jews and poos

>this is /pol/

8b1e44  No.12125679


I'm honestly dying of laughter right now

I voted pagan

e48ba5  No.12125686


Atheism is misspelled btw.

8b1e44  No.12125687


fuck im stupid

840065  No.12125693

File: 5e850074c1c4805⋯.png (454.15 KB, 620x804, 155:201, rexfeatures_3838110a.png)



I love how it has eight different flavors of Abrahamism, how it calls atheism a religion, and how it failed to spell "atheism" correctly.

8dc85a  No.12125698


Who fucking cares?

e48ba5  No.12125702


Those who value accuracy do.

8b1e44  No.12125705


Like I've said in the thread, those were just the top voted options in the halfchan poll.

My bad for not knowing how to spell atheism.

I should've titled it "Religious poll", but I couldn't be assed to do a check on everything.

Next time I'll try to up the quality control.


OCD people and the middle class.

e48ba5  No.12125712


You might have to restart if these Jewish votes are the result of fuckery.

c51bd5  No.12125714


There's a world of difference between Aryan Hinduism and Chinky Confucianism and Shinto and Buddhism, faggot.

8b1e44  No.12125721


What's the difference between buddhism and hinduism? enlighten me.

8dc85a  No.12125723

File: 712787276c5eb6b⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 254x198, 127:99, laughing midget.gif)

File: 57aed5f3485d6ae⋯.gif (104.46 KB, 500x497, 500:497, PFFFAHAHAHAHA.gif)

File: 6f7ae366717f979⋯.gif (298.59 KB, 500x373, 500:373, Laugh.gif)

File: c79ccf44412180a⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 360x270, 4:3, laughing death.gif)


I beg to differ. If you value accuracy, you can't also value atheism :^)


>The mentally disable and boomers

Yeah but those are PEOPLE.


>if these Jewish votes are the result of fuckery.


c51bd5  No.12125724


one believes in a soul for a start

e48ba5  No.12125738


>believe in


Pick one. Choosing not to have a hobby isn't a hobby.

91bcaa  No.12125740

>dividing christian into denominations

Fuck yourself with a large spike

8b1e44  No.12125746


>half of this website isn't mentally disabled by (((mental health expert's))) standards

most people are a little OCD to some extent

would it bother you at all if I took a bit out of the side of a roll of gum?


Pretty sure people are answering it to keep it at 56%, but if it happened once it's going to happen again.

Or you know, half the site could be jews. that's always a possibility.


You can just add them up if you don't like how it's formatted, but they always complain if you don't do this. Same as how I grouped weird asian religions together and got this.


467265  No.12125747

File: 326d0b2a8fba128⋯.png (53.12 KB, 1350x768, 225:128, Big thonk.png)

Reaaaly makes you think :^)

8b1e44  No.12125785

File: 21b59f8a533d6fe⋯.jpg (63.28 KB, 724x606, 362:303, 1533643422121.jpg)

8dc85a  No.12125818


When the fuck did I use the word "believe" you cock mongling sub-humanoid faggot? Go shove a banana up your ass and pour chocolate syrup on your micropenis you degenerate cum guzzler.


>would it bother you at all if I took a bit out of the side of a roll of gum?

>Unsanitary hygiene practices are the same as typos.

a u t i s m






also, if was your gum, probably not. I'd think you were a weirdo, just like I'd think you were a weirdo if you put your shoes on BEFORE your pants, but it wouldn't exactly upset me.

e48ba5  No.12125905


You said value. Fair enough.

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