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File: 4ce734cf917c50b⋯.mp4 (4.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, NIGGER KILLED BY WHITE FEM….mp4)

File: 020006aaf98572c⋯.jpg (58.84 KB, 634x593, 634:593, 4FD8DD3100000578-6143097-i….jpg)

File: d90c280220013ba⋯.jpg (31.38 KB, 620x471, 620:471, 3351505.jpg)

a0e0c5  No.12126236


Police name white cop who shot dead her black neighbor after she 'mistakenly walked into his apartment thinking it was her own' as video shows officer crying on phone while paramedics try to revive victim

Amber Guyger returned from shift and entered the wrong apartment, she says

Belonged to 26-year-old Botham Jean, who died in hospital after she shot him

Jean was from St Lucia and studied at Harding University before joining PwC

New footage shows female officer crying on a walkway outside the apartment

Moments later medics rush past pulling Guyger on a trolley administering CPR

Guyger also shot someone in 2017, this time a suspect who had taken her Taser

New video has emerged of the frantic aftermath of a deadly shooting on Thursday which saw a black accountant gunned down by a white policewoman after she mistakenly entered his home thinking it was hers.

The Instagram footage posted by a neighbor shows a female uniformed officer crying into her phone on a walkway of the apartment block in south Dallas. She is heard screaming 'oh God!' into the phone before she dashes away out of view

Moments later, 26-year-old Botham Jean is pulled past on a gurney as medics desperately try to revive him. Four officers follow directly behind and another runs to catch up.

The shooter was named on Saturday as Amber Guyger, who had worked for Dallas Police Department for four years on the Southeast Patrol Division. She is expected to be charged with manslaughter, although no charges have yet been filed.

'She is devastated,' a Dallas police officer close to Guyger told Dallas News. 'She is so, so sorry for this family.'



<Mod Edit: OP was a shill trying to make us look like retards asserting this was a false flag and crisis actors were involved proffering zero evidence or even a motivation for such.

<TLDR White female cop enters wrong door in commie block housing, shoots a nog thinking he's broken into her apartment. Everyone feels bad, she will probably go to jail.

Post last edited at

a0e0c5  No.12126247

File: 9d425784cf65cac⋯.jpg (54.67 KB, 634x423, 634:423, DEAD NIGGER ONE.jpg)

File: c673e937104693d⋯.jpg (37.54 KB, 306x453, 102:151, DEAD NIGGER THREE.jpg)

File: 9ca6ad6a53c2811⋯.jpg (41.99 KB, 306x453, 102:151, DEAD NIGGER TWO.jpg)

The officer is now being investigated by the Texas Rangers, who asked for charges to be suspended until they had examined new information that had only recently emerged.

Guyger, the sole woman on a elite crime response team of 10 officers who make high-risk arrests, shot another man in 2017, this time a suspect who had taken her Taser.

Uvaldo Perez, 47, was hit once in the abdomen, but survived and was sentenced to two years on drugs charges. Guyger was not indicted over that shooting.

The policewoman moved into the South Side Flats about a month ago but had never met Jean. According to police, she returned home in her uniform after a shift and then called dispatch to say she had shot a man.

She later told the officers who responded that she believed the victim's apartment was her own when she entered.

The responding officers administered first aid to Jean, a native of the Caribbean island country of St Lucia who attended Harding University in Arkansas and worked for accounting and consulting firm PwC. Jean was taken to a hospital, where he died.

a0e0c5  No.12126253

File: 418d84cc0f01a9c⋯.jpg (50.31 KB, 780x439, 780:439, amber-guyger-2.jpg)

File: 6b8337f4177daaa⋯.png (1013.16 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, Amber-Guyger-and-Botham-Sh….png)


a0e0c5  No.12126263

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just in time for Sunday morning services, let's reflect on that with a little ole' time god serving Mississippi

a0e0c5  No.12126270

>Jean's mother, Allison, suggested in an interview on Friday that her son might still be alive if he was white.

>'I didn't know she was white until now. If it was a white man would it have been different? Would she have reacted differently?' she told KXAS.

>Allison, who has held government posts in St. Lucia, where she lives and where her son grew up, said her son's death 'just feels like a nightmare.'

<State Senator Royce West also raised the racial aspect of the shooting, telling a press conference on Saturday: 'Is this a white on black crime? Yes,' he said, according to the Star-Telegram.

77bee8  No.12126280


Literally nothing to indicate false flag.

Stop calling shit false flag without Parkland bullshit or Sandy Hook bullshit. Either show the fuckery or refer to it as an incident, not a false flag.

63fe28  No.12126289

Wasn't there an article before of some negress cop killing a white guy in his apartment for basically the same fuckin' mo? Fishy either way that this specifically would happen / they mention the reverso days ago.

bb4651  No.12126293

File: 7f9e621e9d47479⋯.jpg (140.55 KB, 590x803, 590:803, 10-year-old-transgender-bo….jpg)

File: d666f79e3582a8e⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Whats wrong with no im no….jpg)


>Literally nothing to indicate false flag.

reject common sense goy

with jews you win

77bee8  No.12126296


Fuck off Joan

Parkland - Hoax

Umpqua - Hoax

Sandy Hook - Hoax

Aurora - Hoax

9/11 - False Flag

WMD - Hoax

Syria Gas - False Flag

ISIS Beheadings - FF and Hoax

get it? We know the difference and you fucks try to muddy the waters with bullshit LARPs like Flat Earth.

It does nobody any good to call shit a FF if there isn't any indication of FF. Fuckers.

247fa0  No.12126299

File: 7b2c3a7e9ce6a60⋯.jpg (50.19 KB, 526x251, 526:251, hysteria.jpg)


>walk into neighbor's apartment by mistake, in police full uniform

> ???

>end up shooting him

I wonder what actually happened in that apartment? Just a case of female officer panic? Or did the guy also overreact?

000000  No.12126300

How is this a false flag? It sounds like a garden variety fuck up to me.

74a416  No.12126313

>no happening

Call me when the riots start

95a960  No.12126319

How the hell could she even enter his apartment without a key?

247fa0  No.12126320


In high-trust neighborhoods doors get left unlocked.

77bee8  No.12126324


She though it was her apartment, anon. She used the key.

a0e0c5  No.12126325

real estate agent here, did this once showing condos, as soon as the door open it's a wtf moment. Why is all the furniture different, the walls different colors, pictures on the walls, etc.

f4a674  No.12126326


Is it just me or is she not white? She looks like a mutt.

f4a674  No.12126329


Got a link?

f4a674  No.12126331


>a diverse apartment building is high trust

Are you retarded?

de30ab  No.12126337



Was purged from both news and newsplus. I wonder what kind of shit they try to bury here.

77bee8  No.12126338

File: 71d226a8e4887af⋯.jpg (45.74 KB, 381x376, 381:376, 1513836501623.jpg)

woman comes home to apartment

woman uses key


wrong door


f4a674  No.12126345


>Put her in prison.

She killed a nigger. She did society a service. She finally did her fucking job right and removed a credible threat from existence.

77bee8  No.12126349

File: 8c1fb836460af9c⋯.png (885.23 KB, 784x727, 784:727, Scary_black_man.PNG)


<Removed a credible threat from existence

fc2a5a  No.12126352


>pussy pass

You do know people that get pussy don't need to be the (((nice guy)))

0692aa  No.12126353


>being this retarded

Change your diaper pissraeli

fc2a5a  No.12126356


>friends with a tattoo woman and a whore looking one

Hmmm… based on her friends, I wonder what kind of woman she was

fc2a5a  No.12126361

((( >>12126353 )))

You do know kike males are all (((nice guys))) right? The women have the pants in kike "culture".

ca671a  No.12126363

Not a false flag. Too low key and the shooter was a white woman. They only go for the men and almost always white men.

dac32f  No.12126364


>living around niggers

>not locking your door

>even as a nigger

seriously it wasn't a farm house in a white part of town, who leaves their door unlocked? especially blacks who know how other blacks act?

fc2a5a  No.12126370


Most people here (shills and retards) don't give a fuck about any of these events. Either because they are selfish newfag or kikes from a JIDF-tier group.

2e5949  No.12126375



>a native of the Caribbean island country of St Lucia

>Allison, who has held government posts in St. Lucia, where she lives and where her son grew up

please tell me this nigger is also a Dreamer

>wouldn't have happened if her son was white

it also wouldn't have happened if that jiggaboo would have stayed in his own damn country

3ffad1  No.12126376

If it was not her aparment, how the fuck did she enter it? Either she had a key and this is a false flag to rowl up the dindus (hasnt been one in awhile so im assuming this is the more likely) or this dindu didnt lock his door

highly fucking unlikely that the door wasnt locked.

>Smells of jewish fuckery

>rioting threads tomorrow should be amusing

77bee8  No.12126383


>rioting threads tomorrow should be amusing

Someone needs to tell the Dindus that the whole Black Lives Matter thing wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

346adb  No.12126389


> believing female cops can just be retarded and fuck up is rejecting common sense.

f4a674  No.12126399



You know you're not on /leftypol/, right? Take your lust for black dick back there where it belongs.

ddce6a  No.12126404


I seriously doubt this is a false flag. It's not like sandy Hook or Las Vegas, there's not as much to be gained. It's also much more domestic and believeable. White people get gunned down and killed by blacks all the time, it's not impossible that a White person would accidentally shoot a black. You're only hearing about this because it's the kind of story that the media wants you to hear.

In fact this seems believable to me because pretty much the only way White people kill blacks is either on accident or when they are defending themselves from blacks, unfortunately.

f4a674  No.12126407


>Either she had a key and this is a false flag to rowl up the dindus

I doubt it. Using a woman doesn't support that. Also the act is not what riles the niggers up, organization by well-funded community organizers is, which is then used for media propagandistic purposes, and the cycle begins. It doesn't even require a death. But what exactly would be the agenda here? What would be the central point of the propaganda? The big propaganda cycles always rely on demonizing white men, not women. Either way, who gives a fuck? If they spark a nigger riot it makes more white people hate them. If it's real then a nigger is dead. Win-win.

d788b9  No.12126409

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mayor Rawlings asks for the public's patient while the Texas Rangers investigate the shooting of Botham Shem Jean by an off-duty police officer.

f4a674  No.12126411


>taking offense to me telling people to go back to /leftypol/

>wasn't talking to him


It's almost like you're from /leftypol/ or something.

f2a578  No.12126415


you expect me to believe this shit?

>woman comes home from work

>'hey, i didn't leave my apartment unlocked'

>'hey, who completely redecorated my apartment'


babf0b  No.12126420


Well, at least this will make for a few comfy nights on Gloomtube watching the chimp-outs

- - - -


Question: How does she just walk into his apartment? Don't apartments have keys to the front door, or do they live in a barn?




- - - -


Yeah - that's true.

But I was just thinking that we are past due for a chimp-out too…

f4a674  No.12126421


/leftypol/ is indeed irrelevant, which is why they spend most of their time raiding /pol/. Wait, why am I saying they? I mean you.

f4a674  No.12126428


Yeah, because you faggots won't stay there.

03b06a  No.12126429



I believe it, it's a woman.

f4a674  No.12126433


Your only disagreement is that you're not from /leftypol/ when clearly you are.

f4a674  No.12126435





Notice also how every time I made the accusation I got dubs. Interesting.

ddce6a  No.12126447


Jeez, we get it, shut the fuck up. Every post you made is about that. Either way you clearly don't belong here.

f4a674  No.12126458


No. I only use /pol/.

618dbd  No.12126496

>I only use r/the_cuckold

Fixed that for you, civnat fagget.

8027ba  No.12126524


this is why women have no place in the police and have no place in the military.

36085b  No.12126531

File: dfde61a4cba12c8⋯.jpg (339.7 KB, 1400x1976, 175:247, dbaae61710337517e25e1834a3….jpg)


She was fucking the nigger and something went wrong. Women are more likely to use firearms then men because they are physically weak and have the mental faculties of a child.

26660a  No.12126534


>this is why women have no place in the police and have no place in the military.

I was looking for a post like this before posting it myself.

Woman should not be in positions of Authority or life changing responsibility.

780a82  No.12126899


>woman cop enters wrong apartment, kills nigger

>woman proves women don't belong in police/military service by not being able to examine her fucking surroundings upon entry and then (possibly) overreacting

>dindu probably chimped out upon her entering

Do we have footage of everything from the entry to the shooting, or have they released that yet? If he chimped, that's justification under the law for her shooting him.

>either way, woman proves useless at policework and nigger dead


c24ea0  No.12126915


so was the door not locked?



where is the key?

2e5949  No.12126958


>Do we have footage of everything from the entry to the shooting

probably no footage. since she was off duty, her body cam (if it exists) was certainly not turned on

4a9273  No.12126965


There are white woman gatting angry at all the bullshit, maybe they qant to make dindus angry to beat white woman into nigger dick slaves again?

77380f  No.12126978

Pretty sure police departments hire low IQ individuals for the sole purpose of their inability to question orders. She is probably just dumb.

f8ce78  No.12126994


I remember seeing this version of the story on /n/ the other day too.

2e5949  No.12126997


>Pretty sure police departments hire low IQ individuals for the sole purpose of their inability to question orders

don't be "pretty sure" – this is unequivocally true

29d062  No.12127011


I've heard as much from current and former police who get burned out by all of the fuckery in every department. Also, we all remember what they did to Dorner before he snapped.

66f57a  No.12127014

I imagine pretty quickly you'd realise you weren't in your own apartment, unless they're all decorated identically.

29d062  No.12127019


Unless you had just moved in days earlier, it's pretty damned hard to enter the wrong apartment unintentionally. Shit, I haven't lived in an apartment since 2000, and when I visit people in their apartments once a damn year, I still remember which door on which floor is theirs, and I've got a dozen concussions to jumble all of that information up.

000000  No.12127023

I approve.

We need more women in leadership position, the armies, and the police forces.

bd9959  No.12127037


This is actually interesting. If she thought it was her apartment, the key she tried to use wouldn't of worked. The only way she could barge in is if both his door was unlocked and she had no intention of unlocking her door with a key. Am I off base on this? Why would she walk up to a door she assumed would be locked (thinking it was hers) and try to open it without a key?

66f57a  No.12127044

She was probably trying to buy something less than legal from him, and doesn't want to admit it.

4ac788  No.12127047

File: eef1b4bc1586622⋯.jpg (296.5 KB, 800x533, 800:533, img2520edit.jpg)


>How do you enter the wrong apartment? Wasn't the door locked?

>Who opens the door to their own apartment without first inserting a key into a lock? She would have immediately found that her key didn't fit the lock.

>Didn't she immediately notice that the decor of the apartment wasn't her own?

>Was she drunk or high?

4ac788  No.12127054


WTF do you mean "she used the key"? Her key wouldn't work in someone elses lock you utter imbecile.

161d87  No.12127079


>Last time I lived near a black guy I got raped.

Was it fun?

161d87  No.12127082


>t. /b/

0142dc  No.12127084


>She was fucking the nigger and something went wrong

This is where my mind went. Explains door access, and murder. But also reminder that anime is not an art form.

0142dc  No.12127087


>either way, woman proves useless at policework and nigger dead



ec61a5  No.12127088


That pink thing looks have dead.

ec61a5  No.12127098


So everyone who uses firearms instead of their bare hands to kill is weak and has poor mental faculties? Time to turn in your guns now boys, it is an indication of your feminine nature.

0142dc  No.12127110


>inability to decipher an argument


Go plug your cunt moron. Tits or gtfo

cd18e1  No.12127141

File: 602a82ef6555904⋯.png (187.12 KB, 1607x617, 1607:617, Nig_Flowchart.png)


>Last time I lived near a black guy I got raped.

Tits then?

ec61a5  No.12127165


>inability to frame an argument without even being subtly anti-gun

>thinking that they were taking a piss on women when they were taking a piss on all gun owners

4a86ff  No.12127168

ec61a5  No.12127174


Had a nigger neighbor until he beat the living fuck out of his gf and her kids. No more nigger neighbor.

d8cbdb  No.12127228


Ban female cops.


4fdab6  No.12127260

>I'm going to report you for what I saw you doing unless you got something for me? *wink*

<sure, I'll come round after my shift, OK?


<BANG! Gotcha bitch!

>Oh shit nigga!.jpg

<I'm literally crying right now guise

094f07  No.12127264

It's obvious : they were having an affair, she came to get her muh gorilla dick, he wasn't alone, she chimped-out because fucking a nigger slowly turns you into one, and she shot him. Simple.

6054eb  No.12127280


>false flag

No this is just typical female stupidity. I'm inclined to believe she did walk into the wrong apartment.

>floors all look the same

>lighting looks the same

>doors look the same

Everyone has their own equal and identical residential hole in the wall. She definitely panicked though when she saw the nigger, and after she shot him she started trying to figure out why he redecorated her place.

1db1c1  No.12127282

And this is why you don't give responsibilities (especially life or death responsibility) to women, ever. They are so fucking stupid and emotionally driven (and their emotions are fucked and going off charts in a rollercoaster up to weeks every month) that they cannot ever be trusted. Still kek for DÖDA NEGRER

5c7661  No.12127387


Don't cops dress up and down in their precinct locker rooms?

012f26  No.12127404

She’s killed a nigger. Give her paid administrative leave, and a pay raise when she comes back.

262b9d  No.12127405

>be a cop wahmen

>enter wrong apartment, shoot nigger dead

>'She is devastated,'

>'She is so, so sorry for this family.'

>The officer is now being investigated by the Texas Rangers, who asked for charges to be suspended until they had examined new information that had only recently emerged.

What new information?

d8e0bf  No.12127482


So you had sex you regreted?

4b254e  No.12127509


Either that she is getting the pussy pass or that she was fucking the nog and didn't enter the wrong apartment by mistake.

d31151  No.12127544

Investigate her social media, you'll find out she had a relationship with the nigger. The wrong apartment story is a cover up she got away with, due to pussy pass.

e82de2  No.12127573

Its murder, and on top of that, women have no business being zogbots.

And before you say she shouldn't be brought up on murder charges

>black cops

>thinks your house is his house

>(assuming you are white) shoots you

Its murder. Pigs cant come into your house cause they're dumb niggers, nor can thots

65c97f  No.12127574


>every white woman fucks niggers

Do us and yourself a favor and kill yourself you insufferable cuck

e82de2  No.12127577


While I agree there should be different penalties for shooting different races, there isn't, and this sets a bad precedent for cops killing whites

262b9d  No.12127582


well, it would make sense if she found out the nog had a "side chick" or that the dunb bitch cop was the side chick to begin with, she kikled him un a fit of jealous rage?

Bit is getting the pussy pass anyway they all do. Good riddance though, dont need more emotionally unstable women into beastiality being zogbots

77380f  No.12127587



77bee8  No.12127781


>where is the key?

That was the question I didn't even know to ask until after I had posted about her walking in the wrong apt.

Most apartments nowadays have doors that pull shut / won't stay open on their own. this appears to be a newer building in an urban area, so I'm doubtful she came home to find her door opened. How did she get in? You don't try the handle on your own apartment when you locked it on your way out in the morning and you don't leave without locking it.

Very odd, indeed.

77bee8  No.12127790


I know it for a fact. I worked for a recruiting firm and police stations want nothing to do with talented prospects. If every law firm wasn't completely jewed, there's a major discrimination suit sitting on the table to be had. It's a national agenda. I called from California to Chicago. Every major police department and not a single hiring manager could entertain a proposal to get more adept police officers on the force.

77bee8  No.12127796


do you even sarcasm, /b/ro?

bb5181  No.12127820


>Nog sees police

>Begins chimping

>Becomes a threat

>Gets shot

>Nigs rage about wypipo bein rayciss

954595  No.12127840


A nigger died.

It's like the op doesn't realize that niggers die every day and nobody gives a fuck. Well, unless they think they can win the ghetto lottery, and profit from their death via lawsuits against the city or state.

Otherwise, people die every day. If we are honest with ourselves, we could say, outside of our family and friends, we don't really give a single fuck about anyone dying, let along a worthless nigger.

1ce543  No.12128200


>Police name white cop who shot dead her black neighbor after she 'mistakenly walked into his apartment thinking it was her own'

Woman suffrage - not even once. They are like child. You put them in position of responsibility and shit happens.

ec61a5  No.12128230


Sure…no man ever killed anyone by mistake…ever.

If there is something infantile on this board it is your reasoning.

ab5c25  No.12128424


>accidentally walked into his apartment

Sounds like bullshit.

ab5c25  No.12128439


Proportional representation exists you worthless cum-dumpster.

a7f70c  No.12128453





>get home

>try to unlock door

>that's weird, it's jammed or something

>try jiggling key

>hear movement inside! wtf!

>ovaries in panic mode

>footsteps coming towards the door

>draw gun

>door opens, it's a black!

>open fire

>cats are safe, phew

Is it really that hard for you to imagine how this could happen in spite of muh wrong key?

2235b1  No.12128489


This. You can be 100% sure she fucked him.

5c2b59  No.12128495


><Mod Edit: OP Everyone feels bad, she will probably go to jail.

No one feels bad a nigger was killed, that's good news Moshe, what are you doing here?

488b8b  No.12128550






>"obvipusly she was fucking that nigger dick go-guys, all white women love negros!"

All these (1)'s pushing the interracial affair narrative.

6751a0  No.12128671

women shouldn't be allowed to vote own land or work outside the home.

93fc9b  No.12128673


its the only angle that makes sense tbh. he was probably an MLK-tier 'gud chuch boi' who was in fact a typical filthy abusive two-timing nigger. not hard to understand.

375534  No.12128679

Any evidence that she had a previous sexual relationship with this … guy?

f1688e  No.12128687

The nigger probably had it coming, but women still shouldn't be cops.

375534  No.12128773


Only reason for female cops is so they can arrest/body search/etc female perps… if possible

2235b1  No.12128821


It explains a lot. For example why she "accidentally" walked into another apartment, how she got in there and relationship drama can easily explain the shooting.

f7e746  No.12128832

>Nigger should have stayed in his own country

>Woman should have stayed in the kitchen

Hey, MSM, am I reading this right?

b0ad30  No.12128836


>no wai that could ever happen


Admit it. You're a beta.

562a1a  No.12128838

1. Nog shouldn't have been here. Deserved repatriation, but not death.

2. Twats should not ever, ever be police.

13e6ae  No.12128850


a dead non-white is always a good thing, kill yourself faggot

13e6ae  No.12128855


>Deserved repatriation, but not death.


488b8b  No.12128895



Its certainly possible but to rush to that conclusion is detrimental to our cause. I'm not saying white women dont race mix, but to assert that is SURELY what happened is irresponilsible and comes across as borderline defeatist.


Fight me irl faggot

ab5c25  No.12128913

4c8f72  No.12128938

First things first. Why in the fuck are we letting niggers like this in, in the first place? As if the nigger problem isn't bad enough we are STILL importing this sub-human filth. He had a pleeb-tier job at a bugman accounting sweatshop. Do we not have CITIZENS who could do that job? Of course we do. But PWC needs "Diversity".

Secondly from the article:

>Residents of the building said they can access their units with a key or through a keypad code.

Meaning it is plausible that she used the keypad and didn't notice it didn't unlock because the nigger already had the door unlocked from the inside. Have any of you used keypad or keycard access regularly? Once you are used to it you don't wait for the green light your other hand instinctively turns the handle a nanosecond after you hit the keypad.

7f2e26  No.12129030

give her a promotion for the free overtime

ceaea7  No.12129065


Female cops always shoot first. They know that they weaker than virtually every male on the planet and can easily be beaten by a guy in a wheelchair, so they immediately reach for the gun every time. Female cops are a danger to society and civilization as a whole.

92876b  No.12129105


>1. Nog shouldn't have been here. Deserved repatriation, but not death.

Shut the fuck up Murdoch Murdoch

488b8b  No.12129135


Is Murdoch Murdoch responsible for civnat leanings? My friend irl wont shut the fuck up about it and he's always the first to unironically tell me #notall

92876b  No.12129163


They definitely subscribe to civnat behavior, always making calls for softening of extremism and cucking out to neocon moderates and t_d cuckservatives. Seeing as how they are affiliated with TRS, praise Richard Spencer and go out of their way to exonerate Kike Enoch it comes as no surprise that they're a bunch of soft little bitches.

1c108e  No.12129230


>Syria Gas - False Flag

both; it wasnt sarin

386f59  No.12129290

>nigger gets shot

>woman is probably no longer an officer

win-win in my book

5e9146  No.12129387


Women shouldn't be in the police force. This isn't news.

243eb2  No.12129534


Please send this fucking dumb piece of shit cop to prison for 20+ years.

cfd798  No.12129584



>Armed Services

This is why the West is in decline.

4bebf9  No.12129604


Pussy whipped bitch confirmed. You didn't even get to fuck her either.

e9a985  No.12129610

File: e7d1226a5c20fab⋯.png (278.02 KB, 558x376, 279:188, isis_beheading.png)


>ISIS Beheadings - FF and Hoax

Some may have been, but there are hundreds of videos and images of real ones.

1525a7  No.12129631

File: 5ab0a8aa7d34541⋯.jpg (20.93 KB, 361x450, 361:450, lol.jpg)

1525a7  No.12129646

File: cd4ad4b3dc24720⋯.jpg (114.88 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1532795075937.jpg)

488b8b  No.12129655


Thanks for your assesment and the ammo. Between his bastardized and frankly cucked idealogy, adamant refusal to make an effort in fitness and fairly poor genetics, I'm worried he may be a lost cause at this point but I'm going to keep trying.


Are you a nigger or a boomer by any chance? Why are you so upset?


Elaborate. How am I pussy whipped bitch? For what? You post like an anally ravaged shill, disappointed that not everyone on /pol/ falls for kike tricks or is an unthinking reactionary.

95ed87  No.12129675

File: 1a3c9d320315525⋯.png (57.07 KB, 680x680, 1:1, db869b156149cffd44a9793746….png)

>As of Aug 2018, the average pay for a Police Officer in Dallas, TX is $49,377 annually or $24.57 /hr.


>living in commie block housing


4d00bf  No.12129981


>murdoch murdoch are civnats

what? no they fucking arent lol. one episode was specifically about how civic nationalism is suicide for your society

488b8b  No.12129989


Can you refute any of his othet points?

9d5b07  No.12130093

Dead niggers always put a smile on my face plus we have a woman being a dumb bitch. However the story is fishy as no one leaves their door open especially in shitty apartments like that. A pig comes home and just tries the door knob without putting a key in? I don't think so. Also, how the fuck do you enter an apartment and not realize it isn't yours? It smells like nigger and has nigger shit on the walls. So what did she think? Tryone broke in and redecorated???

187d56  No.12130141


>I I am not on /leftypol/ I swear

>Sperges out.

187d56  No.12130145


Did you even bother to see murdoch murdoch?

659fa5  No.12130202

no dob, you can't get her voting records.

6e470d  No.12130437

File: 04ec164c30f1b65⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1296x860, 324:215, 04e.png)


Sorry this happened to you anon

b71a66  No.12130662


Fucking anime niggers

ffd3db  No.12130679

File: dbc098c24ac25db⋯.jpg (3.04 KB, 96x96, 1:1, kek.jpg)



>Women Police

babf0b  No.12130757


yeah, I suppose…

>Its a black?

nigger. it's spelled, N-I-G-G-E-R

try it once in a while

fc00bd  No.12131088


Not only that, but don't forget about dirty cops. That adds an entire other axis on the chart for happening fuckery.




Yes, you fucking tripleposting retard, she's a mutt. So are you.


There are no girls on the internet.


A lot of cops are barely trained and don't handle stress very well. That's why they fuck things up a lot.


<virgin can't read


No shit. Cops are more likely to shoot Whites in any given situation. They only shoot niggers so often because niggers are often doing extreme/stupid/crazy shit.


>muh alpha delusions





Jebuz-chan really needs to go cavort with the whores and get crucified. Follow your kosher book and all.

d4a061  No.12131179

She was fucking that nigger no doubt. White women are the death of the west

a6b89f  No.12131195


Or maybe he had pet fish and trusted her with a key because she was a cop to come into her apartment and feed the fish while he was gone. Or maybe he walked out to smoke a blunt, came back in forgetting to lock the door and she stumbled in. There is more than one angle.

a3305c  No.12131223

File: 88b83872e1dc1a2⋯.mp4 (3.68 MB, 638x412, 319:206, 8bitniggerkiller.mp4)

Womp womp.

4c01b9  No.12132349

Why are the girl on top of him allowed to perform the CPR on him?

d788b9  No.12132364


seriously what a bunch of cucks

480916  No.12132386

This is actually sad. It sounds like this black dude literally got his life together and found jesus. I would trade 100 trayvon's for him.

The woman who shot him is guilty. Its shitty, but that's life, sometimes its shitty and doesn't make sense.

Not a whole lot to politicize except what we already know in a broad context that the 13th, 14th and 19th amendments were terrible fucking ideas.

77bee8  No.12132392


>Why are the girl on top of him allowed to perform the CPR on him?

You see, when you get hired as a paramedic a part of your job responsibility is to try and keep the patients alive. I know, it sucks having to keep niggers and spics alive but not doing your job in a situation like this could present bad optics on your fellow paramedics making your paramedic team lose money or something. So the girl on top of him is being selfish trying to not lose money.

c9fe2c  No.12132395


Yet you’re still here.

If I were a nigger I would have left this shit hole already

0d9f31  No.12132401


Its probably going to boil down to a manslaughter charge and she will get off lightly. If she can prove that it wasnt intentional and indeed some kind of mistake she wont have much done. If it proves to be something else entirely this is first degree homicide.

cf7e9b  No.12132409


Fucking white people, what the fuck is wrong with you? You all act like the world is coming to an end or some shit.

488b8b  No.12132415


[Insert "this is bait" image here]

28ec3b  No.12132425


I do not care that this nigger is dead and neither should you. Even if you aren't on board with extrajudicial killings, the fact is the white race is not any worse off because of one fewer nigger in this world.

The woman would be more useful raising white children than is jail, even if she is a fuck up cop.

4c01b9  No.12132426


Nigger need a guy to perform a CPR to keep him alive and they used the weak girl to perform on him instead. That’s why he died.

4c01b9  No.12132428


I think that will be difficult for her to prove that it is unintentional. Maybe I am wrong. Who knows?

28ec3b  No.12132429


Sounds more like a sick Jew fantasy to me. The woman panicked because she is a woman. Hitler would never have made jokes about a white woman defiling herself.

0d9f31  No.12132431


You never know, its up to the reports to pain tthe picture now, not the mobs on the street.

d788b9  No.12132434


she's a cop and a woman, shes going to get a slap on the wrist, women should never be allowed in the police or military or…well you fucking name it really

4c01b9  No.12132459

Anyway this would be avoided if she segregated herself away from the niggers unless she’s a coal burner.

a0e0c5  No.12132490

White Texas cop is CHARGED with manslaughter for gunning down and killing a black neighbor after she walked into his apartment by mistake, a year after she was involved in another shooting

Dallas Police Officer Amber Renee Guyger, 30, (left) was booked into Kaufman County Jail at 7.20pm on Sunday on a charge of manslaughter in the Thursday shooting of Botham Jean, 26 (right). The Texas Rangers, who took over the investigation on Friday, said the investigation is ongoing and declined to offer further information about the case. The Rangers, a law enforcement group equivalent to state police, took over the investigation to avoid the appearance of any potential bias, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall said at a press conference on Friday


0d9f31  No.12132513


I fucking called it.


28ec3b  No.12132562


Congratulations Cpt. obvious

0d9f31  No.12132575

File: 4c720f7159003f3⋯.jpg (75.67 KB, 1000x888, 125:111, 4c720f7159003f3638e3fdd3e0….jpg)


Thank you

4bb347  No.12132687

ban assault niggers

34aacd  No.12132883


the only time it happened for me in a decade of living in commie blocks was in an AirBnB in a commie block in Tokyo where I was staying for two weeks and went on the wrong floor

maybe she was drunk and disoriented, suddenly hearing loud sounds


pulls gun, shoots through the door, hears a big thump and a guy shouting:


c4e4db  No.12132898


>She was fucking the nigger and something went wrong.


39c3a1  No.12132938

File: cc54c209d4e0b4c⋯.jpg (90.96 KB, 1080x1024, 135:128, 40457764_819460475111453_7….jpg)

So I checked out where this actually happened.

Wasn't section ape housing so it's plausible that she actually lived there.

It's one of those overpriced soulless hotel like places to prime the next generation for permanent hotel like living without any ownership ever.


Lots of flashy nogs living in there whose names sound like they're straight from apefrica doing ??? for a living, probably living off embezzled apefrica money from their parents.

Notice how you need a key to enter the door?

d0ccce  No.12133440

evil white bitch

c99449  No.12133458


You sound demoralized, what are you going to do about it?

15d978  No.12133487


ac943a  No.12134251

How the fuck do you enter somones appartment by accident?!

Is it an murican thing that you can just open unlocked appartment doors from the outside?

1a08bc  No.12134289

File: aadcffc8541eb4a⋯.gif (2 MB, 360x264, 15:11, rapey rapey i see a libera….gif)


The nigger DA has already come out and had an gleeful response to this and stated with an clear smile in her voice that 'justice will be served'. The fucking niggers in charge of dallas are going to serve up yet ANOTHER white cop up for public roasting and will not rest unless guilty is delivered with the harshest punishment possible. And all the nigger 'clergy' in the area are rallying around her, the 'victim' and its family demanding swift punishment for this murder.

If you are not aware of what is happening in Dallas and Dallas county right now you are ignorant of a host of issues /pol/ points out constantly with nigger infested areas and DFW is getting it in spades up the ass right now. It is ground zero for the invasion of the US as well as the main focus point of turning texas purple so it can quickly roll blue. They nail another white cop to the wall this soon and they cement their power here and will be able to openly start attacking anyone and everyone whom leans 'right' here, and the cuckservatives in the area are faggots whom willingly roll over constantly so long as their jewish sheckel check clears and the nigger ball keeps playing.

If you area a white cop anywhere in the DFW area you need to pack your bags quick you have a major target on your ass right now, and half the back the blue faggots do it only because it pisses off liberals not because they give a shit about you. Bolshevism is already spreading into the well to do areas and the leadership across the area is as blue as fucking jewyork. Plano, Allen and Sachse are infested with muslims, mckinney now has hordes of niggers walking its streets 24/7, little elm is lost while the outer areas are infested by hordes of wetback families, ft worth is tipping over very fast into liberal hands and directions and the national banks are giving away half million dollar homes for dirt cheap interest to any shitskinn whom wants to move to the area. Several developers specifically target pajeets to sell their homes to so many of the newest communities are now nearly 50% poo in the loo with much of the rest being sold to upper class spics, niggers or asians while your lucky to see two whites on an entire street, this in the 'good' areas being built.

>any white cop in dallas is an idiot.

>bad pay in an town every nigger in town knows can get an ghetto lottery payout out of you

>horrid hours beyond anything anywhere else due to understaffed

>they stole your retirement years ago

>niggers hate you in the nigger infested faggot city

>you will never advance past LT now, and even then your fucking luck to get that far

>niggers are king in dallas, so the leadership in charge are gunning for you to get reelected

>your nigger leadership is so corrupt it makes chicago look normal

1a08bc  No.12134338

File: d71baa267b687ac⋯.jpg (43.66 KB, 600x528, 25:22, ca3d82e96f9655c346fa9df002….jpg)


She just came off an 15 hour shift. She just moved into the apartment the last month. She parked on the wrong floor, each floor had its own parking garage at level. They use those faggot hotel type swipe keys with optional keypad. The apartments on each floor are identical from the outside just like an hotel. She autopiloted to her front door not realizing it was the wrong floor. She swipes the lock, walks in since nigger doesn't lock his door.

Immediately wake the fuck up because its dark and a hulking nigger is in her fucking apartment, probably watching nigger ball with only the tv light on while smoking blunt. Shes a cop, she knows damned well no time for anything, niggers always rape, and often kill when they take you in a house. Likely knows you cannot hear shit in an upscale apartment if he gets his hands on her and pulls her into the room. Pulls gun, shoots nigger dead.

Flips light. Oh fuck moment as you realize you don't recognize apartment. Now DA wants to send you up the river for murder 1 and the investigation hasn't even started while the niggers outside are braying for your head or pussy for daring to not accept diversity.

How stupid do you fuckers have to be to not realize not every 'apartment' looks like an individual domain. Hell, cops are constantly called out to suburban houses because some random walks into the wrong house. And those are relatively differentiated compared to even the average apartment, much less the commie condo shit she just moved into.

a73b65  No.12134385



>South German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a violin player or maker, Middle High German giger (an agent derivative of gige ‘violin’), German Geiger.



They gassed Dr. Pierce because he was too extreme.

7793a3  No.12134405


This is completely believable

ae6f14  No.12134422


As a matter of fact, police officers should be physically fit, and also not women, so that they can respond to these types of situations with less than lethal force.

f5cad7  No.12134425

>black officer

>white victim



>New video has emerged of the frantic aftermath of a deadly shooting on Thursday which saw a black accountant gunned down by a white policewoman after she mistakenly entered his home thinking it was hers.


77bee8  No.12134430


come on. do something about it. make us do nazi stuff.

f5cad7  No.12134434



Fuck off with your niggerkike language.

f5cad7  No.12134453


>(((he))) doesn't know what murder requires

Oh (((you))).

f52cee  No.12134455

Thats what you get with endless progression, packing humans into mass housing so they can pay slave wage to not own property. Why anyone would value living 2ft from a stranger with a paper wall in between is beyond my comprehension. Id rather live in the woods on property I own, in a tent.

09c783  No.12135550

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



999c91  No.12135580

File: c6ccf6fef8e6188⋯.png (970.41 KB, 1064x825, 1064:825, watcha doin.PNG)


I turn on that stream and this is the first thing i see.

27e1dc  No.12135636

File: f9313f4222549f4⋯.jpg (16.5 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 1335617904939.jpg)

That's actually pretty sad. I know it's SO FAHNNY XD to be an edgy cunt when this kind of shit happens, but this is pretty much the definition of a tragedy. I guess that's what happens when you live in a nig-infested shithole, and immediately shoot somebody when you don't realize you're not even in your own home.

999c91  No.12135667


The real tragedy is that that womans life has been ruined by her own incompetence.

You dont belong here if you pity a nigger.

09c783  No.12135698

File: e22d4e7c7355fde⋯.jpg (7.06 KB, 235x250, 47:50, 1450738848625s.jpg)

f4a674  No.12136440


>wah, wah, y u tripleposting?!

5c10cd  No.12136466

A. No one leaves an apartment unlocked.

B. She walked into someone elses apartment and she didn't immediately realize it wasn't hers? Did they have the exact same furniture and layout?

C. As soon as she saw him did she just shoot him?

None of this makes sense.

cd18e1  No.12136482

>'She is devastated,' a Dallas police officer close to Guyger told Dallas News. 'She is so, so sorry for this family.'

Not a woman. She's scared of what will happen to her, not sad over what has happened to him. Nothing of value, etc.

cd18e1  No.12136490


Cheer up. It was probably a domestic and the coal-burning whore covered it as a big accident.

15d978  No.12136742

She was probably fucking him and killed him so he couldn't rat her out. She is also of questionable heritage.

2cdb43  No.12136760


So how is this not a false flag? Because Mods says so?

a0e0c5  No.12136847


content provided to this board will no longer be allowed by board users, unless the editors and censors approve.

db2834  No.12136946



There's no evidence at all that this is anything other than a tragedy.

580581  No.12136967


Likely a spineless american writing this, copying 'briddish' slang to sound trendy.

"twots" isn't a word.

316293  No.12137110



Both these questions need answering

000000  No.12137169



OP says it is a false flag. Occam's razor says it is not. Not everything is a conspiracy.

6c31d3  No.12137346

>maybe this happened

>maybe that happened

why don't you retards stop speculating out of your assholes, you're just shitting up the thread especially when 10 other (1)s said the exact same thing

read the thread and if your dumb ass idea has been posted already and you have nothing to contribute (like some proof) just stfu, lurk a million more years then just go back to reddit

2d74be  No.12137475


>Female cops are a danger to society and civilization as a whole

100% spot on, but cops in general are never to be trusted under any circumstances; pigs kill White men more than niggers ever year despite what msm kvetches about.

f558e9  No.12137483

>Be in your own home.

>Retarded cunt Cop wants to play "Killer Simon Says"

>You fuck up because you don't want to play

>Get shot to death, but you're a nigger so retarded whites cheer.

Only in America!

51390b  No.12137490

sounds like burglary to me

f558e9  No.12137493


But if you rob and kill in police uniform, it's okay!!

We are gonna be so South Africa when the negroes take over the country it isn't even funny.

afdb0b  No.12137509


Lol, police are trash. I'd take merciless street fighting with niggers over the badge cuck gang. Their direct and unflinching cuckoldry is the reason so many people are going to die.

8134b2  No.12137512



Use the proper term, "whore."

7a42a7  No.12137514

Women shouldn't be part of law enforcement. But its a dead nigger so nothing of value was lost…

fb0064  No.12137555


Fuckin boomer post

f2f8f4  No.12137929

File: e8508687b52d47e⋯.jpg (19.46 KB, 307x235, 307:235, good news, it's affordable….jpg)



1e8a7f  No.12137948


There is no cylinder in that lock. Strange.

25c8e8  No.12137965

inb4 this gets counted in "blacks murdered by police" stats and glossed over forever

c4db38  No.12138103

File: 52530dfeff2967f⋯.jpg (14.76 KB, 600x581, 600:581, 71e.jpg)


>they gassed Pierce

And then they brought him back and he was crucial with helping get their shit together. Bet tou didn't even watch the other episodes after the gassing you turbo nigger.

a73b65  No.12138214


>defending the use of ebonics


Nope, I haven't. Even before that I thought the animation was south park tier shit, and that the jokes are garbage.

000000  No.12140543

This is why departments shouldn't hire incompetent people just to fill up quotas. Then she wouldn't believe she would actually be qualified to handle a potential active break in situation on her own. Instead, she's set up to fail, thinking she can handle the situation with her training and gun, attempts to do so, and doesn't realize it's the wrong location and she just murdered somebody after trespassing in to their home.

It's really not uncommon for people even in sketchy areas to leave their doors open or "ajar" as quoted by the female officer. Various reasons for it, passive air cooling (ac broken, or not paying electric to keep it running, or something), keeping an eye out for people snooping around (Much easier to hear people approaching your door, see shadows from the crack, and be in a safe location inside vs trying to look through a peep hole at the door waiting to get your ass shot), or even just waiting for a visitor (drug dealer, drug buyer, tinder hookup, or just a friend to come over).


Most likely scenario. Or some other beef with him. (IM GONNA GO UP THERE AND TELL HIM TO TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN BECAUSE I AM THE LAW AND HES GOING TO LISTEN TO ME then shit goes wrong)


>Pretty sure police departments hire low IQ individuals for the sole purpose of their inability to question orders. She is probably just dumb.

They do and she is a woman after all.


>So everyone who uses firearms instead of their bare hands to kill is weak and has poor mental faculties?

Firearms are an equalizer for the weak. Firearms in the hands of someone with poor mental faculties usually ends up with the person murdering somebody instead of defending their own lives or the lives of others because they don't treat it as an equalizer but instead power trip off it.








In her statement, she said the door was "ajar" already even though she had her key out ready to use.

24bb39  No.12140552


That's actually the cringe. They should have left his ass in the chamber.

d64818  No.12142003

File: 45b8ccd6e24d00e⋯.jpg (86.25 KB, 634x630, 317:315, 4FE6F6AE00000578-6157897-i….jpg)

File: 79e372501dfda2e⋯.jpg (116.64 KB, 634x840, 317:420, 500E601E00000578-6157897-T….jpg)

Family of Dallas cop who shot dead her black neighbor in his own home are forced to publicly deny they are racist after photos emerge of members 'flashing white power signs' and wearing All Lives Matter shirt

fuggin kek


d64818  No.12142014

File: a44061309551aa9⋯.jpg (77.2 KB, 634x425, 634:425, niggers being niggers.jpg)

Outrage as police are caught on video shooting pepper-spray balls at peaceful protesters in Dallas just a day after a 26-year-old black accountant was shot dead in his home by a white officer

outrage? where?


ac89c8  No.12142015


so she was either ashamed she fucked the nigger, and shot him, or her family found out gave her hell about it and she shot him, or the kikes mk- ultra'd her to shoot him to create moar chimpouts..

d64818  No.12142064

'flashing white power signs'

these fucking jews

c4e4db  No.12142209


>Blacks are disproportionately killed by the Police so you wearing a shirt that says "All Lives Matter" is somehow a racist dog whistle

I don't get why anyone buys this - neither of these premises are true and the first is demonstrably false.

9c96e4  No.12142223


now all they need is someone remotely related to her in a MAGA hat

c33c49  No.12150815

I honestly can't tell how much of this thread is bait.

That's impressive.

a461d9  No.12150923


why did the nogger leave his door unlocked?

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