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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12127036

> A viral video showing the gang related shooting of 4 black men inside a GoLo gas Station in South Side Chicago, which had sparked massive debate about the situation in Chicago, has been removed from YouTube for "Violating Terms". The video is moderate in terms of its graphic content and most importantly, shows the horrendous state of chaos that the black community in Chicago is currently going through. The liberals in charge at YouTube are trying to remove this video from the internet for that exact reason.

> Below is a link to a video that everyone who had the ability to, should record in some way and save so we can keep it alive. It's videos like these that show the world the abhorant situation in Chicago at the moment, and the liberal left is trying to stop it because it makes Democrat run cities look bad. I would make a webm but I'm not sure how to do that.


35b199  No.12127063

File: 7c01a966ba2a1a6⋯.mp4 (2.84 MB, 854x480, 427:240, ARkaNkejjX3K.mp4)

5a448c  No.12127077


Last alive nigger checks hair then sail fone after shooting completed.


c8b22e  No.12127086


did that nigger just make sure his hair and cellphone were ok? what the actual fuck?

000000  No.12127100


So many levels of fucked up beyond just the basic flying bullets, blacks do not have souls.

55b16e  No.12127105

Absolute state of nigs. Sacrifices friend as meat jacket instead of rallying together to disarm shooter.

Proves low IQ and high levels of selfishness.

f14e6a  No.12127111


f14e6a  No.12127116


Take off your fucking fedora you probably don't even own a gun

000000  No.12127147




I know right what the actual fuck even chinks have more empathy what the hell.

cc4633  No.12127178

Why’s they shoot grandpa nog too? Looks like he dindu nuffin

a26e0a  No.12127192


>Speaking for myself, I think my friends and I would have gone into full-blown ninja assassin mode the second the shooting started. We're all high-IQ like that.

Come back when your balls drop, kid.

300eb1  No.12127194


Checked your dubs


Dude niggers are known as SUB (below) human for a reason , this is one of the myriad reasons

a34c9e  No.12127210

File: 36b6ee7252f3282⋯.jpg (126.8 KB, 500x587, 500:587, 36b6ee7252f328248160315074….jpg)


Plz leave Mr UN

f398ae  No.12127218

I studied for more than 15 years at the cobra kai dojo and would have kicked the asses of the shooters are over this board if I was there

9aa544  No.12127227


720232  No.12127236

File: 5f969be38159fd8⋯.jpg (270.69 KB, 500x546, 250:273, topmugi.jpg)


rekt LUL

d04684  No.12127255


Did anyone notice the one in the blue hoodie tried to use his friend as a human bullet shield

f398ae  No.12127274

2 killed, 2 wounded at Washington Park gas station: 'Old Man Bill got shot!'

only two killed????

Everyone on 51st knows Old Man Bill, who was wounded in a shooting. He is a quiet 64-year-old who does odd jobs at the GoLo gas station at 51st and Indiana Avenue on the South Side.

He was in the vestibule of the station with three other people early Friday when someone ran from a nearby car, opened the bulletproof front door and fired more than a dozen shots inside, sources said.

The door from the entryway into the main convenience store is locked at night for security. The men in the vestibule had no way to escape.

One man was shot several times and pronounced dead inside the vestibule. Another man, 24, was hit in the torso and legs. He was taken to Stroger Hospital and pronounced dead.

A 25-year-old was taken to Stroger Hospital in serious condition with wounds to the legs and a graze wound to the head.

Old Man Bill was shot in the leg. The man in the gray hoodie, Shawn Jordan, watched him being lifted into the ambulance and taken to Stroger Hospital.

“I seen Bill, I just started crying,” said Jordan, 42, who has lived around the corner for three years. “Bill never messed with nobody.”

Family members of the man pronounced dead at the scene declined to speak to a reporter. Police had not yet determined a motive for the shooting, sources said, but the man known as Bill likely was not the intended target.

Bill's real name is David Scott. An aunt started calling him Bill when he was little. Scott's wife, Angie Anderson, stood at the scene rubbing her hands together for warmth.

A gas station employee had called her right after the shooting: “Get up here, your husband just got shot,” she recalled.

Her husband, a Vietnam veteran, had health issues, she said. She worried that someone had targeted him; maybe someone in the neighborhood was preying on older people.

Nobody would do that to Bill, said Jordan.

“Everybody know him on 51st,” he said. “That’s why when they brought him out I started crying. Everybody knows Bill.”

In other shootings in Chicago on Thursday, two men were wounded in separate South Side attacks in the Englewood and Gresham neighborhoods.

About 10:30 p.m., a 58-year-old man was shot in the foot in Gresham. He was in the lobby of his apartment building in the 8200 block of South Ada Street when he started arguing with another man, who pulled a gun and shot him in the foot. The incident may have been domestic-related, police said. The man went to St. Bernard Hospital and was in good condition.

About 1 p.m., a 23-year-old man was shot in Englewood. He drove to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn with a gunshot wound to the leg after an attack in the 7100 block of South Aberdeen Street, police said. His condition was stabilized.

Police initially said the man had been shot in the 7200 block of South Racine Avenue. That information was later corrected.

29c645  No.12127275






720232  No.12127279


I'm more surprised that they didn't take his shoes, hat, and watch after one guy got most the barrage of bullets.

Anyways wheres the YT video on the Chicago gang violence, I can't find it.

000000  No.12127295


>niggers forcefully hold down fellow 'friend' and nig to use him as a bullet sponge then main priorities after is checking its hair and phone

Probably the most poetic recorded work of art in all filmography on the mentality, solidarity, psychopathy, and soullessness of blacks.

f398ae  No.12127302

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Delmonte Johnson, an active volunteer with GoodKids MadCity was shot to death on Chicago's South Side Wednesday night. https://abc7.ws/2Ni1erd

good, who fucking cares

a26e0a  No.12127309

File: 415373cac5b7dc2⋯.jpg (405.94 KB, 1250x1749, 1250:1749, Del_Monte.jpg)



f398ae  No.12127314


in this case aiming the gun seemed to be the problem, only 50% kill ratio amiright?

f398ae  No.12127315


Delmonte "Peaches" Johnson

8e3744  No.12127345


>Bill dindu nuffin

>oh lawd why!!??!?

6475ec  No.12127350


>muh hollow points nugguh

use ball ammunition next time you stupid nigger. He would have gotten more penetration and killed the hiding nigger or just shoot over the nig youve already hit 4 times. Dumbass.

d7fbc7  No.12127354


>why dey be blastin grandpa

He diddu somethin' befo do

d7fbc7  No.12127369


Literally the cheapest FMJ from the range would have gotten all of them.

5a448c  No.12127370

>>12127255 (Checked)

>Did anyone notice the one in the blue hoodie tried to use his friend as a human bullet shield

Yes I noticed that but I thought the hair sail fone check were more hilarious.

But fuck it anon wouldn't you use a dead shot up nigger for a bullet shield as well?

41ff24  No.12127374


>good, who fucking cares

First I need to know if he was working on any critical research projects? How vast is the void in human knowledge now that he is gone? Did he leave any incomplete mathematical theorems? Scientific breakthroughs, or important discoveries?

de8563  No.12127383


Wishful thinking…everyone knows BBC is a lie.

73bf28  No.12127389


Big Banana Cock?

de8563  No.12127395


Was he registered on any patents that might have ground breaking implications on the future of computers or weapons or energy?

41ff24  No.12127417


No. In fact it appears that no person named Delmonte Johnson has ever patented, anything. Perhaps he was an aspiring scientist, with his whole life ahead of him, he jus' got mixed up in da wrong crowd nesheeit.

000000  No.12127454


>Proves low IQ and high levels of selfishness.

what do you expect when the president of your country is the lodestar for this attitude?

ed3dae  No.12127484


Do you legitimately believe Trump's IQ is less than a 100?

8a71b2  No.12127491

File: dd2970ed42e8d4c⋯.png (535.56 KB, 607x811, 607:811, kingdumbdumb.png)

d18085  No.12127546

Chicongo, the new Detroit

300eb1  No.12127695


Hey kids , did you know? You can make nigger chicongo (redundant , I know) sock 'berg accounts and actually take out hits on rival gangs. They are stupid and easily provoked.

>ayo you dissing me homey?

Bang bang like eight birds with one stone

a69587  No.12127732

File: e70a2425cbd2132⋯.png (339.07 KB, 1789x2154, 1789:2154, mud map.png)


That's actually a pretty good idea.

ee2550  No.12127760

Why doesn't Trump just legalize guns everywhere through executive order.

7dd4cb  No.12127798


That is unneeded as the second amendment already does so

7acd6b  No.12127802

>4 guys laying on the ground

>12 bullets fired

>Only able to kill 2

Seriously they are retarded.

b884aa  No.12127845

Wait, that video was pulled? They have worse when they show cops gunning down idiots all the time. Re upload it with a title celebrating diversity.

1b3e1c  No.12127863


Ah, what a beautiful celebration of the joys diversity brings us.

02f1f7  No.12127899


>Scott's wife, Angie Anderson, stood at the scene (((rubbing her hands together)))

nog kikess tryn ta gets her husban's gibs by trynna assassinate him

dde773  No.12127909


>works at station, bullet proof glass

Why didn't he just lock the fucking door when the dudes approached?

1b294d  No.12127913

File: 87553b901aa127a⋯.jpg (143.23 KB, 1200x816, 25:17, 28d8d2e5f75cd32be905cf3970….jpg)

File: d7aba09d1169640⋯.jpg (76.97 KB, 620x827, 620:827, 369d501ea7d85371f20e299dfe….jpg)

File: 0c8369dfc31780a⋯.jpg (317.97 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, b4ae6799a6aa2eddd3632be566….jpg)


Chicago is extremely segregated, with the whites to the northwest far from the gang violence. Apparently liberals don't want to live with the consequences of their insane forced integration experiment either. All this to say that the people who care and could do something about the situation have already washed their hands of the whole thing.

b8e8b9  No.12127919



This looks like a drug hit. One nigger stiffed another by not paying for crack, the nigger tracked him and his friends down and shot them.

Just your average day in Chicongo.

79df87  No.12127975


>the one black guy in the top left who saw the shooter coming and played dead


b8e8b9  No.12128020


I think he just got a bullet in the gut and collapsed.

9aa544  No.12128151


I hate niggers but according to this post


he was grazed by a bullet in the head, but the phone check is pretty funny.

000000  No.12130118


>Do you legitimately believe Trump's IQ is less than a 100?

He can barely read and he can't think straight. Anyone who thinks he's of average intelligence must have a skewed idea of what constitutes "average"

He's about 86.

05f1de  No.12130140


>that old nig and his situational awareness


05f1de  No.12130156


he doesn't read from a teleprompter and doesn't have speeches ready made. he just wings it. you're aware of his teleprompter speeches which makes him seem more eloquent than obama and we all know what a mess obama is without a teleprompter. you're fooling no one, chaim

410bb9  No.12130313


>when we golo, we get high, I mean shot

a69587  No.12130685

File: da78d102d689f15⋯.jpg (55.03 KB, 663x541, 663:541, edaf3252521f1fb382cdaed797….jpg)


>Every single fucking thing about this weebm

As if I needed more reinforcement about how quickly we would win an actual race war.

33f937  No.12130693


Nigger are you fucking serious. A multi-billionaire with an IQ below 86. Have you heard his kids talk? They get their intelligence from Don, not his past two wives. Regardless of whether or not he is a kike puppet, he is not a moron.

c4f8c9  No.12130707


He's just pushing the 'racists are stupid' narrative.

a69587  No.12130713

File: f008ce268417a4a⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 345x420, 23:28, 1437316564083.jpg)



If you look closely, he's actually stealing meat shield nigger's phone jejejej

27232b  No.12130722


So he was in on the hit? I noticed that too. It seems like they set up the one who died

95ab0c  No.12130743


he ded

There were two shooters the one off camera killed the older nig. You can tell he was hit and dying by the way his feet slowly move at a consistant rate as he loses control of his limbs.

b18f82  No.12130748


No anon it is proven that intelligence is primarily inherited from the mother.

0f10a1  No.12130811


nah, the old guy lived. he only got shot in the leg

ac15a3  No.12131003


True diversity isn't bad. Diversity means non-white. This is 100% diversity. No white people around to be injured by the rabid niggers. Only niggers get hurt. That's when diversity is best. When it's only niggers being killed by niggers.

ac15a3  No.12131007


>first pic.

Man, casual style has really fallen off the wagon. This guy is dressed in some basic casual clothing, but he looks on par with someone going for a job interview these days. He's so clean cut and well put together compared to the average person these days.

5e81d5  No.12131177



5e81d5  No.12131201


hahaha triggered nigger spotted! sage doesnt downvote nigger faggot! thats your people in the video hahaha BUMP!!!

14687d  No.12131217


>shows the horrendous state of chaos that the black community in Chicago is currently going through.


>shows the horrendous state of chaos that the negros put themselves through while blaming whitey.


55563a  No.12131449


Top kek

Niggers are so shit at warfare.

8dc78e  No.12131656


>why didn't he deprive us of this video

I'm glad the cashier was slow this time

011ed1  No.12131698

File: 31550d18e3f0499⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 508x381, 4:3, bluemonkey.jpg)


I just don't see why this is illegal?

Why not just legalize black on black crime?

581485  No.12131700

>all anti-semites/racists in Chicago replaced by nigs

>America is goodbye

Trump will ignore this, look down on us and talk about fuckin China and fake jews again.

99edb8  No.12131856

File: e4bedbbc84344fd⋯.jpeg (130.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, image.jpeg)

They looked like they did something. Pay attention to the video. We don't know the whole story, maybe they had it coming?

afcbf5  No.12131881

when they golo we go high

aa41e0  No.12131887


>that one who was so fucking scared he hopped behind his friend and used him as a shield

>you can see the life actively leaving him until there’s just nothing left

I feel bad for these nigs. I feel bad that we live in a society that enables them, makes excuses for them, and demonizes the people who try and contain the violence in them.

ee7f31  No.12131932


>Shots fired

>Hide behind your meatshield friend

>Guy shoots all your friends

>Blood gushing from riddled meatshield

Checks phone

>Mashes hand in blood pool to nonchalantly get up

aa41e0  No.12131938


To be fair, he’s probably in shock.

9af75c  No.12131962

>checks head

>"gud. no blood!"

>"oh look. a shiny metal looking object"

>"got me a fee sail foam. homie ain't gon be needin dis nomo"

could have dialed 911 but no

c19791  No.12131972


>a lawyer, a doctor, a physicist and a Pyramid engineer walk into a lobby

472c4d  No.12132236


Somebody revise this map. Arizona and Colorado are gone too.

0264b8  No.12132712

File: f005078950c51d7⋯.gif (20.21 KB, 568x367, 568:367, CanANiggerEscape.gif)


It's like watching a lab experiment to see how niggers react to danger of other niggers in small confined spaces. Survival rate: 1/4 due to human nigger shielding.

375949  No.12132737


The fact a gas station needs bulletproof doors due to its proximity to diversity tells all.

000000  No.12133047


first of all, he's probably not a billionaire. second of all, his wealth is thanks to his father, who he not only inherited it from, but who also intervened on his behalf and got banks to loan him money even though they didn't want to because they knew trump jr's a moron who would lose it.

the reason he "wings" his speeches is because he can't read. and can barely speak english "google is very anti-trust!" "anomanus! source"

his kid's intelligence has nothing to do with him. he wasn't their teacher. Their school teachers were their teachers.

keep convincing yourself though if it makes you feel better though. we all know the truth serves no purpose in trump's presidency.

8377e9  No.12135870


so epin. is that all or is link in OP longer?


>old nig lived



>use ball ammunition next time you stupid nigger

I was wondering why the other nigger didn't dead. I didn't think about it being hollow point ammo; i was thinking "really? a 44 won't go all the way through a skinny nigger?"

f2ce5e  No.12135874

File: 72672b52adb02b8⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 132x197, 132:197, why are mods so kiked.JPG)

File: 72672b52adb02b8⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 132x197, 132:197, why are mods so kiked.JPG)


Who the fuck are these mods???

ca927c  No.12136038


Not so much: he still got shot and died.

A killer won't play hide and seek, he goes wild and just puts as many bullets as possible into each corpse, to make sure the deed is done.

Of course, shooter was a nigger, so he thought the bullets pierced the corpse of the other and killed the guy behind, instead of actually going and shooting the nigger that survived.

1ada73  No.12136065


>Delmonte Johnson, an active volunteer with GoodKids MadCity

His mother wasn't technically lying when she said "He was a goodkid, he dindu nuffin"

a69587  No.12136124

File: 52b1e0249c40762⋯.png (183.1 KB, 364x780, 7:15, sheeit.png)


Made Good

f8c5d3  No.12136228

File: 76d182c539daa57⋯.jpg (123.79 KB, 1465x1209, 1465:1209, ug7w1f7p7i4z.jpg)




8377e9  No.12136237


looks like maybe it was an accident. stop shitting up other threads with your retardation, newfag

390d28  No.12136249

adbb9a  No.12136262


Florida has the most /pol/acks

a69587  No.12136285

File: 90a23a3514959e5⋯.jpg (27.09 KB, 229x407, 229:407, 90a23a3514959e5a653910e4e0….jpg)



<Not a multikult shithole


<Not the Los Angeles county of the east

adbb9a  No.12136297


95% of the whites are redpilled

1ef3f0  No.12136301


This map is disgraceful. So much mud is unrepresented.

8377e9  No.12136316

File: b2416d40029a663⋯.mp4 (2.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, flaaarida.mp4)


why doesn't jew york have a huge hooknose?




a69587  No.12136334



It's not my OC. I agree it could use a few corrections. Oregon needs a lobotomy scar up by where portland is as well.

f8c5d3  No.12136338


This is a good meme pic

>white man looking chad as fuck

<thought bubble

>fucking hell. I'm surrounded by idiots; paid by kikes; forcing me to go to school with illiterate monkeys.


f8c5d3  No.12136404

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A rifle shot to the head endz the hissing real quick.

The people of Louisiana say it tastes like chicken.

I myself haven't had the pleasure, but I believe it.

9dab8c  No.12136434


The taste is chickenlike, but it's really greasy and tough like a steak.

988433  No.12136435


>Woman hunter……Her body language suggests this is so out of character for her. Even the moments when any real danger exists, there's a man or men there while she's behind them cowering.

e569ef  No.12136472


I bet he'd type up a better post than this slop.

f8c5d3  No.12136484

File: 65bea909087bb75⋯.jpg (285.68 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, dog the bounty hunter.jpg)


>The taste is chickenlike, but it's really greasy and tough like a steak.

What if I slow cook it? Like in a crock pot. What are some good recipes?


>Woman hunter……Her body language suggests this is so out of character for her. Even the moments when any real danger exists, there's a man or men there while she's behind them cowering.

I thought that was the point of the video. Woman suck at hunting.

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