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File: 8ea166670ae8fde⋯.jpg (19.85 KB, 399x400, 399:400, 152125164496.jpg)

d0fb40  No.12127089

>ask leftypol why commies don't push for sexual comunism where every guy has at least one girl

>use same logic commies use againts the rich guys but about Chads

>ask why the left doesn't talk about sexual egalitarianism

>making babies isn't a mean of production

>lmao, permabanned incel


I literally used their own logic againts capitalism but in the sexual marketplace.

The left should be pushing this.

32aeaa  No.12127101



There's your problem

d0fb40  No.12127108


why don't we push the meme of sexual egalitarianism and use commie logic but for sexual marketplace?

000000  No.12127114

They literally do though, for example the Socialist leader of the UK Corbyn endorses state sponsored girlfriends. It's just /leftypol/ knows they're too much of losers to even get one even if provided by their masters.

043282  No.12127126


The terminal conclusion of communism is Soddom and Gammorah where all sexual potential is forcibly distributed to everyone, aka institutionalized gang rape.

b2056c  No.12127127

Leftists don't have rules, only realpolitik. They screech about "toxic masculinity" but they'll gladly make fun of you for being a virgin loser or whatever when they somehow extrapolate that you can't get a date from your criticism of feminism.

d0fb40  No.12127132


we can push their own commie logic about opressed minorities but about incels.

abf402  No.12127136


>I literally used their own logic

They don't care. They're not going to change their minds, ever, on anything. It's the plan they're serving, they'll pick and choose their evidence to serve the plan. They don't care.

413e73  No.12127142


Did Corbyn really say that?

d0fb40  No.12127145


yeah, but we're using their same arguments.

b2056c  No.12127149


Doesn't matter. Do you even Rules for Radicals bruh?

d8af57  No.12127153

File: 573833ccf0de695⋯.jpg (100.09 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Communism.jpg)


>yeah, but we're using their same arguments.

Like that matters. Why do you think Based Pinochet declared the argument over and sent the helicopters?

d0fb40  No.12127158



but we can make normies realize how retarded communism is.

at least average female.

ef80f5  No.12127161


You’re fucking retarded. Get out.


Because the communists in Russia DID THAT and everyone rebelled. Go watch a fucking documentary.

45926b  No.12127162

I remember watching the Yuri Bezmanov video and he mentioned that when he was a diplomat in India he actually had a state sponsored wife. They chose her and married them. Her job was to inform the government of his doings. He hated her apparently

b2056c  No.12127163


You have to do that through charisma and clever wording, not logical arguments.

d8af57  No.12127169

File: 1c20d49eb52d40b⋯.jpg (39.72 KB, 619x387, 619:387, Corbyn_and_His_Pet_Ape.jpg)


I started looking into that too, but instead I found this and have to stop now:


>Jeremy Corbyn “showed off” a naked Diane Abbott to impress his Left-wing friends when he was a young Labour activist, a new book has revealed.

d0fb40  No.12127170


I was thinking about maybe making this a meme and post it on twitter.

413e73  No.12127171


Best thing would be to pose as one of them, and argue in favour of just that.

In fact, now I think about it, it's actually a really good idea. wtf I'm a communist now.

043282  No.12127175


just use gang rape analogy

>everyone should equal stuff?

<yes anon that's fair

>well then should everyone get access to sex? What's more important than sex?

<uh I guess so

>And not everyone is equally attractive so we need to make sure everyone gets the same amount and same quality of sex.

<I'm not so sure anon

>communism for sex means everyone gets to fuck everyone, all the time. Or maybe on a schedule. But in any case consent is capitalism.

<wtf I hate communism now

d0fb40  No.12127177



I think we should push this as some kind of memes at least.

043282  No.12127186



Be careful because a small but non-negligble portion of women will go for it. The whole handmaiden larp group wants enforced chad semen distribution.

d0fb40  No.12127189


I think some kind of commies memes about killing Chads would be pretty kek worthy.

45926b  No.12127198


Needs to be withheld from them at all costs, mental defectives all of them

6dd9fc  No.12127222


They also claim to support the poor while stealing land from dirt poor farmers and forcing them to starve to death.

Communism is full of contradictions which is why they believe so much crazy shit. After a certain point their brain just shuts off.

000000  No.12127229


f8e24c  No.12127237


In the early USSR they, and it was a complete and utter disaster. Rape everywhere, fatherless children everywhere. Of couse they wont talk about it.

4ae7d6  No.12127244



The party leaders got all the women and everyone else had to fight for the scraps. Same as it ever was.

76c105  No.12127253

>Trying to reason with communists

bbdad5  No.12127263


that pretty close to charisma and clever wording

d0fb40  No.12127277



we need to make this a meme.

bbdad5  No.12127284



d0fb40  No.12127312

>private ownership of the means of production is capitalism.

this means women having the freedom to own their own sexuality.

>public ownership of the means of production

this means women not having a right to decide who are they're going to fuck.



1cfb85  No.12127317


It needs a name, something that sounds like an offshoot of communism, like just another sect and then just claim youre part of lefty/pol/s community. The same thing they did with Ancaps.

0944ef  No.12127320

File: 7edddd8bda4c62b⋯.jpg (29.47 KB, 320x247, 320:247, 1532986523684.jpg)


Dude there is a reason people that believe in communism are failures and a joke. It isn't just because we want to be controlled by the rich and want a fucked up system. Most of us arent rich and are eating a shit sandwich.

Think of it this way, imagine you want to have sex and god tier waifu. Right now it sucks girls dont jump on your dick on command and they act like cunts a lot of the time, and many are fat overweight slags. Communist solution to the problem is to cut off your nuts, your dick, and lobotomize yourself and others so you dont have the sexual urge. The current shit state is a FAR BETTER situation than the communist solution.

They are too stupid to understand basic shit like monetary policy vs economic policy, the difference between, fascism, socialism, and capitalism.

d0fb40  No.12127322


sexual egalitarianism.

sexual comunism.

d0fb40  No.12127324


we're just talking about making communism memes about the sexual marketplace.

0944ef  No.12127327

File: aa44db6bbc49d2f⋯.jpg (535.24 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 1511977466389.jpg)


It may be a simple enough concept for the retarded leftist to realize since it involves their crotch.

756008  No.12127331

It would not surprise me if communists supported affirmative action for the sexual marketplace.

>State enforced BBC, comrade

1d62ea  No.12127334

That sounds incredibly disgenic.

All healthy mentally sound men should be able to find mate(s). If they can't attract one then there is clearly something wrong with them and they shouldn't be breeding.

6360d3  No.12127342


So the male culture of a prison. That sounds exactly like what I would expect.

b13cf0  No.12127344


Her face looks like a cartoon. Why.

937d5d  No.12127351


which is a stupid idea under everyone's perspective, except the establishment's.

the jews have fantasized about it for decades though: Read "This perfect day" by Ira Levin

0944ef  No.12127352


Look at the nose

d0fb40  No.12127357


I dunno bro, I'm just some retarded spic talking about communist sexual memes.

6360d3  No.12127358


I'll never be able to look at a nose again, without LOOKING at the nose. These rats are everywhere, I was watching this ancient black and white video this morning where someone was interviewing an artist and viola, THE NOSE was right on the face of the interviewer.

946648  No.12127430


Leftys don't even have realpolitik, it's their (((masters))) who do. They are simply pawns being used to subvert and destabilize societies allowing their (((handlers))) complete control to form a new government. The new Masters desire stability in their totalitarian nightmare of goy slaves. If they don't get with the new program after the revolution, and still cling to their society wrecking ideals, then they are lined up against a wall and shot. Truly, leftists are the Earth's most pathetic creatures.

ce07c4  No.12130344


…he doesn't know about commie cunny coupons, you guys

a7ce34  No.12135570


Kek has spoken.

a9e1e0  No.12136976


This was a good thread. Naturally, anchored. Interesting. Clever. But they are worthless trash, that anchor threads, curses beyond infinity upon them.

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