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File: 86c6f8b67b613c3⋯.jpg (761.34 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-white.jpg)

File: 364791ea3891368⋯.jpg (785.32 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-whitebritish.jpg)

File: 7417b30e324305f⋯.jpg (737.04 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-asian.jpg)

File: 86256451d11a46e⋯.jpg (475.72 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-pakistani.jpg)

File: 49717e57e16daed⋯.jpg (751.09 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-indian.jpg)

35a18a  No.12127107

Demographic maps + 2018 Murders in Bong capital

Since the UK has no real crime statistic data available, I've overlaid locations of murders from 2018 with demographic maps lifted from wikipedia. Outdated maps (2011) are surely quite different by now, but this is the closest data available. I think there's a new census soon, so maybe more maps will be published.

Until then, check out image lated for some incredibly unsurprising trends.

35a18a  No.12127129

File: d91ff06445bc050⋯.jpg (505.53 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-black.jpg)

File: db827da9b0e0ff2⋯.jpg (690.3 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-bangladesh.jpg)

File: b065e9e626cdab4⋯.jpg (625 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-african.jpg)

File: efeb8a4afb34c37⋯.jpg (735.81 KB, 1606x1026, 803:513, LDNmurders-carribean.jpg)


here's the goods.

46b5e0  No.12127325

If bongs are anything like Americans it wont matter. Look at Detroit or Chicongo. More deaths than war zones, but the liberals don't give a shit.

000000  No.12127332


It's not that they don't give a shit they clearly do when its brought up but they short circuit in the face of reality.

70ea2e  No.12127343

do a regression analysis per race and overlay with a hotspot of welfare and keep the murder points as plotted

statistically relevant data will show up in a regression analysis

looks like one might be able to show that "asian" is race crime reporting code for shitskins based on data broken down many of the high percentage blocks for asian are high in paki etc

f8a17d  No.12127348

funny how you clearly see that the niggest areas have the most murders, whitest areas the least….

70ea2e  No.12127363


correlation does not mean causation

>clearly see that the niggest areas have the most murders

naturally but can it be shown statistically?

that said this data looks like it can be used to show at a statistical level that diversity in race does mean diversity and abundance in crime

a7459d  No.12127375


>white brits

No shootings.




Notice the obvious clustering of shootings in these areas.




No noticeable pattern.

2ab390  No.12127379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I am so tired of seeing racism used statistically

d19a13  No.12127394

But what about (((the city of London)))?

35a18a  No.12127472


Don't know the precise location of that tbh.

c801f7  No.12127689


>correlation does not mean causation

>naturally but can it be shown statistically?

just FYI: these are two very, very different arguments

babcba  No.12127715


>but the liberals don't give a shit.

They want it that way. People aren't looking at the bigger picture: Protected mega cities for the elite while the rest remains a disaster area. When people are too hungry to fight back or retarded to know the language or laws they'll have everything to themselves.

db506e  No.12127721


This is not funny anon friend, it is sad. I means that most likely Europeans are not capable of fighting in a war that slaughters their enemies like we need. Being PEACEFUL is fine when you are surrounded by your own people and living quietly and thoughtfully. Being peaceful when you are inundated by demon subhumans filth…not such a good thing.

babcba  No.12127729


>funny how you clearly see that the niggest areas have the most murders, whitest areas the least….

That's because the whites make them feel isolated because of their racism. Nothing to do with their subhuman dna.

c801f7  No.12127843


>They want it that way

no they don't, fuckwit. it's one thing to have an active imagination – its good in fact. but, its quite another thing to let that imagination run away with your grounding in reality, which you most certainly have done. "the liberals" – most people, in fact – believe their own bullshit, even believe that THEY, and no one else, is really the "good guy" in the situation. then, they invent all-too-convenient rationalizations for why things didn't work out: rationalizations which, naturally, absolve themselves from all responsibility. Even the kikes do this… most of them anyway


>this is not funny

would it change your opinion if i told you that 98%+ of the time the niggers were killing other niggers?


>That's because the whites make them feel isolated because of their racism

so much this. look at those areas with no whites… that's WHITE FLIGHT! and those areas that have whites? that GENTRIFICATION! … all of this done with conscious malice just to hold a brotha down

c63397  No.12127874

Oy! This information is racist! Shut it down!

480f95  No.12128006

File: dd38c6ff78ce971⋯.png (83.57 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, diversity strengthens.png)

daa45c  No.12128947


>would it change your opinion if i told you that 98%+ of the time the niggers were killing other niggers?



eb251c  No.12129144



so… you're saying niggers killing niggers isn't funny? …perhaps you're not appreciating the irony of them taking care of the immigration problem their existence embodies, for you, while claiming anyone wanting to physically remove them is an evil racist?

deed79  No.12129201

I want to rape you!

743e29  No.12129512

File: 277547eb7173eda⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 311x171, 311:171, Donkeyrapetime.gif)


>I want to rape you!

000000  No.12129771

Check this maps:



1b13da  No.12129908


Fags: totally normal people. Just like every one else.

db506e  No.12129925


india bangladesh pakistani

You would see a noticeable pattern if you looked at child rapes and acid attacks…don't be so quick to let the subhuman shit off the hook.

db506e  No.12129946


Not really…I have lived in far too many big cities and these people are really subhuman filth on this planet. Probably the only thing that is going to make me happy is ETHNO-GLOBE.

696763  No.12129967


i haven't seen mr.hands posted in quite a while.

i'm still glad he died.

87cdc5  No.12129971


>No noticeable pattern.

Try overlaying employment, welfare recipients. The rag trade is over, the convenience store is over, they can't all own takeaways, or have fuel station franchises (which are rapidly becoming owned by the supermarkets). Their time here is over, they are nothing but a burden now. They aren't as rapey or violent as the muslim but they are of no use to the indigenous anglo saxon or celt.

e65917  No.12130023



>right in the center of mudslime 1/3rd





db506e  No.12130029


I don't understand, that was obviously not pleasurable but very painful. Did that guy get paid to do that? He is lucky they found a horse with such a small penis. It sort of seemed like he was probably rupturing his intestines…which is thousands of dollars in hospital bills and most likely death…I'm confused.

5e5e61  No.12130200


let's be honest, 90% of the british public are useless feckless farts who should all be gassed anyway

9bd99a  No.12130330


lol was that for this >>12129876

he died from that btw. rip in pieces Mr. Hands. Boeing lost a good engineer


now you're just spouting off at the mouth


lol Mr. Hands is an old one


>Did that guy get paid to do that?

no, he was part of a club called Zoo that would go sneak into farms and get fucked and tape it. afterwards they'd often then tape each other fucking each other. they apparently weren't true zoophiles as they didn't truly love and care for the animals. they just had an obsession with huge dicks according to this shrink. they made a documentary about it. he was an engineer at Beoing. that stud that fucked him, they called "Big Dick" – he was apparently too big as Mr. Hands died from internal trauma. it has a wiki page. search it

db506e  No.12130386


Yeah, I could tell in the video that he was being raped to death and that there was no way that wasn't going to cause massive internal trauma. Thank you for that info…I guess I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't coerced but was a voluntary suicide. I don't think I will look it up, but thank you for sharing.

They were wrong about that being a big dick…I have seen a lot bigger dicks on horses. That was a relatively small penis for a horse.

e6206c  No.12130489


Mr. Hands deserves a medal for disposing of a degenerate.

9bd99a  No.12130506


well, he'd been doing it for awhile, so perhaps horses have small dicks where he's from. fun fact: he was building his dream home in the country when he died. he had just signed all the papers…

it had a stable



good point

e6206c  No.12130540


What's even funnier is that they ruled his death 'accidental'.

He just accidentally got a horse cock up his ass. Happens to the best of us.

db506e  No.12130589



Nothing of value was lost.

9bd99a  No.12130598


>What's even funnier is that they ruled his death 'accidental'

well… like i said, he'd been apparently taking horse cock (and other cocks) up his ass on the regular for quite some years, so I guess the death was technically accidental.

kinda like i accidentallied a needle in my armed an heroined to ded

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