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File: dde0b1b65a834ea⋯.png (1.89 MB, 6448x1327, 6448:1327, npcrealize.png)

39448a  No.12127476

>For thousands of years technological changes are very slow, and NPCs can live peaceful, uneventful lives, obeying the will of the thinking class.

>The 19th and 20th century's rapid technological, economic and demographic changes cause instability in the lives of the NPCs.

>Many NPCs become sad, confused and angry.

>Some NPCs start lashing out.

>Anti-depressants are designed specifically to pacify the NPCs. Either to prevent them from thinking, or to simply cause them to be content in an unstable modern world.

Are anti-depressants for NPCs?

Maybe normal psychology like talk therapy and CBT doesnt work on NPCs because they don't have an internal dialogue. Therefore they need anti-depressants.

Also, Socrates challenged people's ideas by means of dialogue. People got so angry at him that they executed him. Maybe the Socratic dialogue was so triggering to the Athenians because most of them were NPCs who cannot internally dialogue.

Can NPCs become self aware?

36728e  No.12127493

Do those people even get depressed? They're the ones who live in ignorance and escapism, in drinking and MUH DICKing.

0562ca  No.12127495

Anti-Depressants are for anyone who's dopamine receptors are completely fucked up from unhealthy food, porn, drugs and just unfulfilled lives. A PC can fall into these traps when they're young and naive.

39448a  No.12127502


An NPC would probably become depressed if his job was taken away. A working horse or dog becomes depressed if it's job is taken away.

5013df  No.12127508


I take Anti-Depressants to kill the voice in my head. Feels great,but, I kinda miss my voice sometimes. Can't really think well without it.

a77291  No.12127522

"Inner monologue" or "inner voice" is a poor choice of terminology.

caf963  No.12127529

At first I thought NPCs was tismspeak for normies. Now after the inner voice thread I'm not so sure. Most vices and hedonism is for normies yeah. Delaying pleasure or getting a kick from beauty and order is the philosopher's way. Most vice is bred from ignorance.

c8623c  No.12127533


anti-depressants makes a Person an NPC

26f855  No.12127538


Antidepressants would have killed my awakening. Yeah it's gayer than two men sodomizing each other to call it that, but there is no better word. Wasn't really an NPC before beating depression, but letting myself hit absolute bottom, experience something akin to ego death, and realizing what actually motivates me was the best thing to ever happen.

If an NPC can survive that without suiciding, they would almost certainly develop consciousness. Antidepressants are like taking Advil so you can walk on a torn ligament. It only helps you ignore the problem rather than realize how bad things really are and make radical changes to fix it.

c8623c  No.12127541


>worker drone

a77291  No.12127545

Modes of thought in decision making: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3110939/

Visual vs verbal thinking. Yes some people actually sub-vocalize all the time. Yes it's stupid. Yes they think everyone does it. https://dyslexia.com.au/free-dyslexia-learning/visual-thinking-verbal-thinking/

More on visual vs verbal thought. https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2017/05/visual-images-often-intrude-on-verbal-thinking-study-says/

Visual thinking is faster and usually accompanies advantages in math and science. Verbal thinking promotes better communication for obvious reason. Kikes have a racial advantage in verbal thinking. Aryans have a racial advantage in spatial and visual thinking.


c8623c  No.12127552

Anti-depressants take away the symptoms but not the problem..So instead changing what is causing it, The drug makes you ignore it

5d9715  No.12127557

File: 9dde5f56406ce4e⋯.jpg (61.07 KB, 604x428, 151:107, 1535676240067.jpg)

I don't expect something from the pharmaceutical jew to help me in any way

c8623c  No.12127569


Some people are confusing this with silent reading. or they are deliberately doing this to confuse others. We are talking about the spark of our conciseness.

ce4353  No.12127575


depression is a natural reaction to the modern world

anti-depressants drugs are the System proscribing you poison they created to fix a poison the created

c857f9  No.12127596


>Are anti-depressants for NPCs?


Best analogy for anti depressants is wrapping rags around a broken pipe

Does it fix the problem?

No, it only delays it.

They scramble your brain, if it goes long enough irreversibly.

a79af2  No.12127599

I stopped taking anti depressants cold turkey after I became redpilled and actually read the bottle of pills one day.

>manufactured in Israel

I don't miss it.

b28751  No.12127621

Its fine to take antidepressants for treatment. Its another thing entirely to be years-long into it. Its the exact same problem with autism. People are looking it through the wrong lens because (((someone))) decided to intentionally use the wrong approach.

Let me tell you. Vaccines were around for many years. Autism was not something that was widespread. Now it is. Why? Because (((someone))) broadened the definition to sell.more drugs to your kid. Mild autism today would not be identified as an illness a few dozen years ago.

Back to antidepressants. No one would ever recommend years of treatment for whatever mental problems you have. They would recommend that if you are depressed to lift some weights. Now you take receipts. Now, if your case was BAD, then they gave you a mild antidepressant to deal with it. See a pattern here?

573dd7  No.12127654


mild autism isn't a mental disorder either. Just shy kids with introverted thinking.

ae506d  No.12127660




ae506d  No.12127662


In humans.*

Who would otherwise have an inner-voice.

1b901d  No.12127714

File: fadfabf2d601eec⋯.png (120.31 KB, 674x779, 674:779, screenshot-www.aafp.org-20….png)


Four years ago, the DSM-5 was updated to allow prescribing antidepressants to people mourning the death of a family member. In hindsight, this was probably done to medicate "people" without the mental capacity to go through the grieving process.

ffc20b  No.12127725


info? I'm on anti depressants.>>12127599

8b63db  No.12127727

I'm going to come off my antidepressants. I went from being a borderline functioning but highly thoughtful and introspective person to being completely numbed by these pills. The only strong emotion I'm having at the moment is being resentful that these jew pills have killed my libido, my confidence and my lust for life.

Does anyone have any recommendations for coming off them? I'm on 300mg Venlafaxine and 30mg Mirtazipine

9df3b0  No.12127735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



NPCs will break in a matter of hours if deprived of external social stimulus. Consequently any period of time an NPC is left alone, is a state of total suffering - interpreted as depression.

39448a  No.12127769


Or we could simply have a real culture with effective traditions and rituals to help people through challenging times. Even the jews have a ritual called "sitting shiva" that they do where the immediate relatives of the deceased are required to sit on the floor for 30 days and are forbidden from sitting in chairs. Also they are not allowed to cook their own food for 30 days and other people are required to visit them and bring food to them. There are also other part of the process that last for a whole year. They also have people physically stand next to the deceased person's body for several days until it is buried.

We need to start robbing other cultures of the smart things that they do.

a77291  No.12127771


This is a much better test of what is an NPC then whether you forced all thought into constraints of language. Can they stop and be self reflexive? Can they be creative? Can they enjoy even momentary periods without stimuli? If they cannot then they are probably seedling souls (NPCs). Their interaction with existential threats and souled humans draws them up toward fuller consciousness.

c568ab  No.12127773

Does anyone have the post cap of the anon who first started discussing about NPC Theory? My own images are disorganized, and I know I capped it as well. But since I can't find it, does anyone else have it. I'm trying to explain it to someone, and am sort of failing in doing so.

39448a  No.12127777


If all TV, radio and anti-depressants we're suddenly deleted from existence, would people go on with their lives, or would there be ass criminality?

39448a  No.12127805


Reduce your dosage by 3.33% per day for the next 30 days? Smoke weed if you feel the need to scramble your mind? Eat fruits and vegetables every day? Make smoothies? Cook your own food and eat grass fed, organic, free-range meat? When you cook meat, fry or bake it and use all of the fat to marinate the meat, potatoes, vegetables, and consume all of the fat that drips off the meat? Eat as little vegetable fat as possible and as much animal fat as possible? Don't sit down at work? Stand up all day at work?

1b097a  No.12127814

well you have to ask yourself this question: why are we depressed?

for me its because i was abducted as a child. i was brought to indonesia when i was 10 from canada. i am 19 now and i'm looking to leave asap. the people around me arent my people. i have been here for 9 years yet there are still language barriers. i dont have a job because i never had a role model to teach me life skills.

the anti-depressant pill is designed to prevent people from waking to make a real change in their life and their society. the anti-depressant is designed to keep you in an eternal "feel good" mindset which makes you oblivious to the obvious societal dangers around you. depressed anons are people who feel as if they have no purpose in life.

i sometimes wonder to myself: how were the kikes able to brainwash us so completely and thoroughly? that answer i may never know, i do however know that this society we currently live in is meant to enslave us. we must break free of our mental shackles and bring National Socialism into our lives. for any newcucks who may be reading this, i dont mean neo-nazism. Read Mein Kampf. (if you have the mental capability) and watch The Greatest Story Never Told.

ecd16c  No.12127860

File: c67369b9a0c5a8f⋯.png (905.93 KB, 1188x899, 1188:899, ClipboardImage.png)


Take your pills goy.

fe00fa  No.12127879


I'm reading this post and I don't understand what's going on in the west. There are really people who don't have the think-voice?

129da6  No.12127903


>take your NPC pills goy

2e69f6  No.12127956

It depends on the reasons and application for why someone is on anti-depressants.

I think they're fine if you're actively seeking treatment for depression with some type of therapy or life improvement strategy in order to get out of said depression. Since their purpose, at least it my eyes and experience, is to put someone in a neutral state, so they can move forward with the right help and stop taking them when they are no longer needed. They're god awful to be on, but sometimes the mediceine feels worse then what it's trying to treat.

However, if someone just takes them thinking they're some sort miracle pill for their problems, they're either dumb or trying to ignore their problems with drugs. These people are fundamentally lost.

Or worse, put on them without the proper assistance to deal with why they're depressed when they do need help or are just simply should not actually be on them, but a doctor put them on it for whatever reason. These people have been given a massive disservice.


If you take them because you actually need and are being helped, it's fine.

If you take them because you think they make you feel good, you're a faggot.

If you take them because some doctor/family member makes you take them when you don't need them, you're being fucked with.

b02517  No.12127966

Please stop with your half assed meme coming from half-chan

e830d0  No.12127970

>le nujak

39448a  No.12127977

File: f80a69d0cbe589a⋯.png (330.93 KB, 500x578, 250:289, barron disdain.png)


NPC detected.

129da6  No.12128017

File: d06f7a3e1b152cd⋯.jpg (12.76 KB, 234x264, 39:44, 1536476373039.jpg)


The NPC is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a normie, a redditor, nigger cattle, normalscum, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him an NPC and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."

c76e4e  No.12128040


>Are anti-depressants for NPCs?

Not exclusively. They'll kill you inner voice though, so you'll become one.

42e807  No.12128084


Checked, nice digits, and I've wondered this too, because my thinking start to change when I lowered my antidepressant dose, I'm weening myself off them now, and I've felt wayyyy better than I ever had on them. I will admit that the redpill helped stabilize my thinking, and gave me a reason to live. The only antidepressant that people should be taking is the redpill honestly.

I always had higher levels of thinking before, so I obviously wasn't an NPC, but due to that, I feel that antidepressants may inhibit thought patterns of non-NPCs.

a8cf84  No.12128096


Hold the phone, not everyone thinks? Fucking excuse me?

519865  No.12128122

File: 371ac808f078251⋯.png (275.24 KB, 788x1025, 788:1025, sapience.png)


This one anon?

42e807  No.12128156


Checked, not that anon obviously, but I've been wondering about this screen cap, I wasn't in the thread. I'm glad there's written proof of the idea, and not intermingled with other jargon that makes it harder to decipher for other people. It's very interesting, and makes a hell of a lot of sense.

f79978  No.12128160


note that the vaccination schedule is also way up. Most doctors don't give their kids all the shots in one go, but if you're poor and can't afford to take time off to go to the doctors multiple times for (IIRC) ~130 innoculations before the child hits 18, you might give them as many doses as allowed at once. Vaccines are (barely) tested for safety individually, and never tested for interactions with other vaccines. Overdiagnosis is a problem, but the rate of autism is astronomically high at this point, and most of the kids diagnosed with autism that I ran across as a teacher had something obviously wrong with them. Actually, I'm not sure I ever ran across a kid with an autism diagnosis who I thought could have flown under the radar in a previous era, although perhaps some could have received different diagnoses. The chief overdiagnosed disease I saw was AD(H)D, where a lot of kids had temperaments such that they struggled to cope with the toxic structure of school.

851ca6  No.12128172

File: 19cef504c22b70d⋯.png (128.06 KB, 912x869, 912:869, rPQgL.png)

File: 98db868437e2f65⋯.png (2.73 KB, 1x1, 1:1, 98db868437e2f65449263e281b….png)



Or is this the one you had in mind?

f79978  No.12128236





I always struggle to find the book I read on this topic, and I'm not finding the title now, so I'll just say that antidepressants are bad news. You may suffer severe withdrawals when you finally complete tapering off, but you must not return to your meds.


Edit: I read Cracked. You can probably find it at your local library; that's how I found it. It goes over a lot of the same material as other books, but if you don't have any knowledge of how and why the psych meds and their underlying "chemical imbalance" hypothesis got started, it's good to read someone lay it out for you.

Good luck, anon.

f79978  No.12128282



>EM: If you had a loved one in emotional or mental distress, what would you suggest that he or she do or try?

>JD: Well, the best we can do for our loved ones is love them, or try to love them better. If after any energy remains, and if you were looking for practical suggestions, I could make some general recommendations. Firstly, apart from the obvious pragmatic considerations such attending to one’s diet, one’s physical health, one’s social predicament (financial and occupational position), I would also articulate the idea that emotional distress is not tantamount to being disordered, ill or sick.

>I would suggest that one’s suffering may be trying to communicate something essential that needs to be learnt – about one’s past, one’s social group, one’s society, one’s family, one’s values, choices, meaning, etc. If asked for advice then I would advocate using what is available to gain support and insight. I would advise books, and if it seemed relevant, possibly psychotherapy, possibly group work, peer support.

>Most importantly, I would help the person seek out healthy and facilitative relationships. If their crisis were acute and they wanted professional support I might suggest the Open Dialogue approach; if they were hearing voices, the Hearing Voices Network. In short, I would suggest that they do and try anything before even considering subjecting themselves to bio-psychiatric ‘treatment.’ In fact, I would dissuade against the latter option given what an honest appraisal of the evidence teaches: that apart from some minor gains for the most severely distressed when taking medication short term, biological or ‘technological’ psychiatry will ultimately make a person’s predicament worse.

39448a  No.12128344

File: f7e428523c1159f⋯.png (270.25 KB, 634x448, 317:224, 1CC7FE68-BC03-4450-9746-D3….png)


The structure of school is very harmful to children. I also think the increase in autism is due in large part to people having tiny social networks compared to the world pre-ww2. Back then everyone had large families and grandparents, and lots of uncles, aunts and cousins living in the same town or very close by. All the other families on your street and in your town were also very large with extensive family networks in the same town. This meant that young children had an abundance of social interaction from their own families as well as from other children living on their street. Any social abnormalities in a young child would have been worked out by way of constant interraction with other children and adults. By the time they reached puberty they would have been very balanced, properly socialized and capable of greater reaponsibility. Nowdays children are being raised in what is almost solitary confinement in comparison to how children were raised pre-ww2. Any social abnormality will linger and fester for years because the child has so little contact with other people that he doesn't know what is or isn't normal. He's basically raised in isolation, learning social behavior from actors in mass media, and then goes into a crowded school, and he simply doesn't have the social experiences to interract with properly socialized kids or adults without being ridiculed or shunned, so he abandons emotional expression and retreats to rationality. I think alot of autistic behaviours are an attempt to protect the ego from embarrassment.

I believe that the Chans are actually a cure for autism because they give people the kind of ego-less social interaction that is missing in the modern world. People can figure out if they have retarded thoughts or behaviours and change them without taking a hit to their ego.

000000  No.12128397


OP post tries to sneak TWO UNPROVEN PREMISES past your conscious mind.

1. There are NPCs.

2. NPCs have no internal dialogue.

Neither of which are facts.

39448a  No.12128435

File: caf61048ba721c2⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 308x224, 11:8, 1534231019877.gif)


Holy shit. Could you be any more obvious of an NPC?

30de36  No.12128669


fuck off kike

b02517  No.12128719


I've been found out.

1f08d3  No.12128734


Fun fact: you are an NPC, a ban evading shill, and objectively wrong.

dc995f  No.12128908

File: 3adff78c03134dc⋯.jpg (67.81 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 3adff78c03134dcbc2b822e72f….jpg)


The imbalanced brain chemistry theory is a joke. The doctors just found that patients reacted well to these kinds of medications that promoted serotonin in the brain and VOILA, "that might be the cause". The way you would determine if that were even the case which would be almost impossible since you can't analyze brain serotonin levels in real time btw would be of a proxy metabolite that breaks down excess serotonin in the brain that gets left out in between neurons. Meaning that if you are depressed you must have less of this metabolite, right? Wrong, in control and depressed group this metabolite was in same proportions.

Depression is caused by auto immune response to social stressors. The same kind of bodily reactions happen to us being ill. Lethargy, low energy, apathy, anhedonia. All signs of either outward bodily sickness or depression. Depression helped us a lot in the past when we fought off other illnesses because our body was "practiced" on it's own, but during the today any social stress might cause depression.

In my common knowledge, and years of study, it was shown that this mind body connection reverts to its normal state after about years time. Episodes of depression are caused by your own mind because the limbic system feels in danger, personal danger of infection.

One thing to note too is that depressed people have higher on average body temperatures and lower magnesium count (both kill infections rather good).

Reverting yourself from social activity was crucial for survival of your own genetically close tribe if someone had an infection (meaning that you would rather die alone than maybe threaten your own genetics to die out completely).

The easiest way to remove depression is to do some cardio. Physical activity such as cardio greately were shown to alleviate inflamation.

Next over is cortisol levels. Your fight or flight is connected to auto immune whether you believe it or not. After any fight the auto immune kicks in to protect the body of infections that might have happened due to trauma. High spikes of cortisol levels might cause depression.

Remove social stress, remove body stress. Low cardio. Full on carnivore diet. Relaxed mindfulness meditation and image streaming technique. In years time tops you will not feel crippling depression that might have caused you to stop pursuing your goals. You will feel at ease and little to no stress from previous social stresses would trigger you back into depression.

129da6  No.12129168

File: eb3e84e24d2e9ef⋯.jpg (51.72 KB, 800x668, 200:167, 1536470990762.jpg)


Give me a non-fetch quest pls.

b82073  No.12129210


taper that venlafaxine slowly and be prepared for brain zaps and a freight train of depression to hit. I came off the same combination but at 75mg ven 10mg mirt and it was brutal

a2e0bd  No.12129213


>he thinks it's just in the west



Go the alchemy shop across the street.

8b63db  No.12129225


Thanks my man. How long did the freight train last?

7bd31b  No.12129259

File: 925f6f358c497f2⋯.jpg (78.01 KB, 700x700, 1:1, socrates-philosopher-once-….jpg)


You should of made the thread about Socrates you faggot. Marijuana is a kind of antidepressent, you can call a lot things antidepressents and every type of thinker uses them because they dull the pain.

b82073  No.12129268


I tapered off over 6 - 8 months. About 2 months after I was off and in a pretty steady routine I lost my job and fell into a black hole for about 6 months. I'm just about out of it now. Ironically ritalin saved me, turns out most of the depression was from my inability to get anything done. Now I can get stuff done the depressions drying up.

Brain zaps will get worse as your dosage decreases then fade away once that poison is out of your system

ecf899  No.12129280


The NPC is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a normie, a redditor, nigger cattle, normalscum, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him an NPC and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."

501ad2  No.12129328

File: 2a6b921107f927f⋯.jpg (30.74 KB, 583x583, 1:1, 2a6b921107f927fda89a4215ca….jpg)

I basically self medicate with alcohol instead of pills and I keep wondering if the perceived positive effects of alcohol are just placebo. Every time I put away the bottle I eventually get worried that I won't enjoy things anymore. I hate this mental prison.

7bd31b  No.12129334

File: 0e93308cff5c51b⋯.jpg (129.91 KB, 678x832, 339:416, 0e93308cff5c51b98c9ce7eec6….jpg)


>The NPC is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a normie, a redditor, nigger cattle, normalscum, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him an NPC and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."



>Depression is caused by auto immune response to social stressors. The same kind of bodily reactions happen to us being ill. Lethargy, low energy, apathy, anhedonia. All signs of either outward bodily sickness or depression. Depression helped us a lot in the past when we fought off other illnesses because our body was "practiced" on it's own, but during the today any social stress might cause depression.


>In my common knowledge, and years of study, it was shown that this mind body connection reverts to its normal state after about years time. Episodes of depression are caused by your own mind because the limbic system feels in danger, personal danger of infection.


>One thing to note too is that depressed people have higher on average body temperatures and lower magnesium count (both kill infections rather good).


>Reverting yourself from social activity was crucial for survival of your own genetically close tribe if someone had an infection (meaning that you would rather die alone than maybe threaten your own genetics to die out completely).


>The easiest way to remove depression is to do some cardio. Physical activity such as cardio greately were shown to alleviate inflamation.


>Next over is cortisol levels. Your fight or flight is connected to auto immune whether you believe it or not. After any fight the auto immune kicks in to protect the body of infections that might have happened due to trauma. High spikes of cortisol levels might cause depression.

This contradicts the cause of anxiety/depression you stated earlier as caused by primitive feels for danger or sickness.

>Remove social stress, remove body stress. Low cardio. Full on carnivore diet. Relaxed mindfulness meditation and image streaming technique. In years time tops you will not feel crippling depression that might have caused you to stop pursuing your goals. You will feel at ease and little to no stress from previous social stresses would trigger you back into depression.

And normal sickness multiplies depression.

7bd31b  No.12129341

I flipped the IDsin the post >>12129334 the lower was a question for >>12128908

7bd31b  No.12129355


The issue is the things you're worrying about not the booze or feels, genius. You got problems

4edda1  No.12129370

File: 7d193ee732661c6⋯.jpg (7.22 KB, 106x120, 53:60, sheep.jpg)



>not sheeple

9/11 copy pasta otherwise.


It's all placebo. Alcohol actually makes you more physically depressed.

4edda1  No.12129391

File: 958b445fd32b75f⋯.gif (145.33 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1400223383340.gif)


>NPCs talk in bullet points

>NPCs walking to quest dialog options

It's fucking true. Oh fuck, all the power point bullshit makes sense.

5c7f11  No.12129441

File: 6f5e4b386b34771⋯.png (626.49 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>6 inner monologues simoultaneously

Gee bill, how come your brain lets you have more than one internal monologue?

5c7f11  No.12129542


While we're on the subject of autism and depression…

>It's a not-well-known fact that counsellors and shrinks who are not well-versed in patients with autism cannot really help patients with autism who also have depression or whatever (outside of medication)–the talking phase is completely hopeless.

>An autistic person will talk the therapist into circles and give a million excuses why not to try x, or they will have already tried x but it didn't work, or the therapist will give useless suggestions to the patient that the patient CANNOT carry out in a workable fashion - particularly if the suggestion is way too broad; or the patient, when questioned, will not be able to give answers that are helpful to the therapist because they don't understand their own situation.

ddabf3  No.12129593


>CBT doesnt work on NPCs

Cock and Ball Torture doesn't work on post-op trannies either.

dc995f  No.12129614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

33078a  No.12129843

No, OP. The fact you would even suggest that says you're a tard on pills. Probably because people around you don't want to deal with you, hence sedation/drooling mongoloid fucktard state that you exist in.

39448a  No.12129910


How much gold for a (You)?

129da6  No.12129933

File: 7359a26cf58440f⋯.jpg (82.8 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 1536481003199.jpg)

33078a  No.12129938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's most medications. See vid.


Not personally but this site looks like it has helpful info.



How would you get that reduction? It's too small and specific. It's more like a quarter of a pill. Get a chopper (little plastic case with a razor blade in it) and halve it then halve the halves. From what I've read, this shit is serious business so fruits and vegetables and so forth isn't going to cut it. You think the jew wants to lose a custie? People going on shooting sprees and kill themselves while coming off this stuff.


>>Brain zaps

Do I even want to know? I'm thinking, literal electrical misfiring of some sort happens in your head. If so that's fucked. Does it hurt? Do you get headaches? Wake you up?


English, nigger.

33078a  No.12129944


A White man, you faggot, jew.

aed9b1  No.12129947


Anybody who has experience real grief will know its one of the most painful things even years later, offering anti-depressants. . . comes off as cruel to me and I don't know why.

39448a  No.12129980


>How would you get that reduction.

It's not precise, but here's what I would try.

A) take a whole pill and drag it 6 inches across sandpaper. Count how many drags you need to disintegrate the pill. Let's say it's 100 drags - therefore each drag reduces your dose by 1%.

B) you can pulverize an entire pill and weigh it on a very precise scale and then weigh out tiny doses.

C) pulverize an entire pill, mix it thoroughly with 4oz of apple sauce or yogurt. But eat less and less of the apple sauce or yogurt each day.

39448a  No.12130020

File: 69c6a14eed3346f⋯.png (31.32 KB, 655x522, 655:522, 1536097607920.png)


It is cruel because for thousands of years many cultures have developed ways to properly handle grief and move past it in a healthy way, but the ruling class is deliberately withholding that knowledge from us and deliberately leading us astray and financially profiting from our ruination.

7bd31b  No.12130038

File: 2fb99fe58cf4374⋯.jpg (81.89 KB, 720x739, 720:739, daddy feminism is cancer.jpg)


>>NPCs talk in bullet points


>>NPCs walking to quest dialog options


>It's fucking true. Oh fuck, all the power point bullshit makes sense.

Impulsive fucks

0157a5  No.12130075


Anti-Depressants shouldn't be for any human that wishes to fully experience the full range of humanity.

>>12127533 (checked)

It's not a bug, it's a feature


This is a better indicator of NPCishness IMO. They feel incredibly uncomfortable/depressed while alone or in silence, even if it's only for a few hours. They draw all of their self worth based on how the herd perceives them, so if there is no herd there is no self worth.

>>12127777 (sweet digits)

You'd have to walk outside to find out anon. My bet is they would panic and wouldn't leave their homes.

4eb93f  No.12130151


>I'm just about out of it now. Ironically ritalin saved me,

If you're still taking ritalin,

consider modafinil fam.

7eef65  No.12130239

Anti-depressants are drugs used to suppress PCs and make them resemble NPCs.

3fd252  No.12130276

File: 09bf3f729272aed⋯.gif (489.38 KB, 550x600, 11:12, eb2.gif)



c6e9c5  No.12130460


Those are the creepiest necrons ever especially with that mouth.

ff4c78  No.12130580

File: 311d7bc7e7d91a5⋯.jpg (135.34 KB, 624x950, 312:475, 05ba81f06221db4b7f6ec753a9….jpg)


Make sure you're getting adequate nutrition, especially for vitamins that affect mood and cognition. Zinc, vitamin B, magnesium, vitamin D. Be prepared to sleep a lot. Withdrawal is much easier when you do.

4a6149  No.12130617

File: 70eb9138c804d1f⋯.jpg (196.75 KB, 807x509, 807:509, 70eb9138c804d1fc3953eb775f….jpg)


Yur mum

7f2f80  No.12130696



there are literally 3 treads with more than enough proof that Normalfags are actually NPCs

you not knowing how we speak outs you as an (((outsider)))


f85d61  No.12130786


>nigger cattle

Truly, Terry "Pedo" Davis is the Milhouse of e-celebs.

a79af2  No.12130794


Cymbalta is made in Israel.

f4969b  No.12130908

File: 50e8643c199193d⋯.png (37.22 KB, 112x134, 56:67, ertyhjm.png)

and how is one aware one isnt an npc? fags on 4chan say its about talking to yourself, but is that all?

51972f  No.12131137


>they draw all of their self worth based on how the herd perceives them

Holy shit, that is fucking weird. What a bunch of faggots.

5c25f4  No.12131367


cool a fellow anon who beat his own depression

a26d72  No.12131405



5c25f4  No.12131619

File: de747645a93fc44⋯.pdf (3.18 MB, _pol_ - Study finds most p….pdf)

File: 8b5366e8f1669bc⋯.pdf (3.93 MB, _pol_ - Study finds most p….pdf)

File: 7620fa5b322a082⋯.pdf (2.28 MB, _pol_ - Study finds most p….pdf)

26f855  No.12131752


Take a hike. Find a state park and hike in it until you run out of park or energy. Bring more water than you think you need.

f0a9ed  No.12131940

In general, having a soul corresponds with being highly intelligent. But what happens when an individual is highly intelligent, but lacks a soul? That's what sociopaths are - NPCs that can think. And they are beyond any doubt the worst threat our species faces - they are more or less synonymous with world jewry. Because jews do not have souls, any jew of high intelligence is by default an inhuman sociopath. Therefore while the intelligent elite of a gentile nation - for example, the core ranks of the NSDAP in Germany, the samurai class in Edo Japan, or the founding fathers of the USA - is comprised of PCs with souls, the intelligent elite of the jews are, in their entirety, sociopaths. They are smart enough to be capable and dangerous, but lacking souls, they have no moral restraint or ability to direct their energy towards productive forces of good, instead turning their intelligence towards decay and destruction.

39448a  No.12131945


> But what happens when an individual is highly intelligent, but lacks a soul? That's what sociopaths are - NPCs that can think.

Those are bosses. You get lots of XP for defeating them.

66e772  No.12131966


They do now (or at least they "think" they do) because depression is trendy now. Take a look at any millenial's twatter- it's full of "ha ha I hate myself and I want to die" and related shit.

fd09df  No.12131994

Talk therapy doesn't work because it's absolute garbage. I take anti depressants so I don't kill myself. Are they good for me? No.

734368  No.12132027

File: 53128c614c979bf⋯.jpg (3.02 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 9126348716347891.jpg)


>I basically self medicate with alcohol instead of pills

I do this but with pic related. And I generally microdose it once, sometimes twice a week. Sometimes once every couple weeks. Dose being between 0.75 to 1g. But I don't worry about not having it. If I didn't have it I just wouldn't have it. There are sometimes I go a few months without a dose. But eventually I'll feel the grind bearing down a bit too heavy and I'll dose to give the neurons a good kick and give myself a fresh perspective.

I've done larger doses, 2.5g-3g, 5g being the largest. These doses I feel are over kill and deliver the same 'insight' you would gain from a microdose, just will a more intense way of getting there. Usually I'll dose and just put on some music like the following embed related. It's amazing how the brain can paint a picture or narrate a story under such a substance while listening to immersive music. It's as if psilocybin acts as a bridge between different parts of you brain that don't usually get to communicate very often or on a very deep level. Other times I'll go through yoga poses or lift. It's amazing how your mind can meld to your body so well under this substance. You feel every detail of your muscles contracting, stretching and releasing. Attention to perfect form before executing the lift, it comes so natural. The mind and body truly become one in a way it's hard to explainable, you'd just have to experience it to know. The only thing I could think of to compare it to would be runners high or something along those lines.

Anyway. NPCs are real and pharma dugs exacerbate the problem.

734368  No.12132032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c385f9  No.12132052

In the things I've read basically an npc is an extrovert, an introvert has the inner voice and therefore enjoys time alone for meditation, thinking and self discovery.

Are there ways to test for this inner voice.? I think i've been dating npc's and it causes a huge issue.

9bb97f  No.12132066

File: fd5e3bb5afb5d01⋯.png (368.52 KB, 593x474, 593:474, JUST isolate my shit up fa….PNG)


Was meant for >>12129328

I quoted >>12127735 because I was going to comment on the dumb personal items those people brought with them into isolation. Art supplies was literally the only good one. I mean, not one of these people thought to bring a fucking book?

hoping vpns because psychoactive mushrooms are highly illegal in my country

e1054e  No.12132069

File: b4bd6eda0d92481⋯.jpg (446.89 KB, 1200x855, 80:57, 789y7iuki678o8yoyuk68itik7….jpg)



>It's another subversion thread by kikes to deem every race as an "NPC"

Sounds like pure psyops, fuck off niggers.

e1054e  No.12132078

File: 4317c6359bbec5c⋯.png (21.29 KB, 960x599, 960:599, jtyj75u7ubhfhfn5n76i6ugvje….png)

>There are anons in this thread who drink and take drugs like total fucking morons.

Fuck I love being white and not raised by sub human niggers.

Anyways, nice slide thread kike.

9bb97f  No.12132104


Since written history began human kind has sought to salve his ails, be they physical or mental. Drugs and intoxicants are a very natural part of this existence and will continue to be so for as long as man walks this Earth. Should man leave this terra and move into space you can guarantee he will bring his medicines with him and seek new ones in the frontiers of space.


Sorry friend. Even among whites, there is still a hierarchy. This is the natural order.

cb86f0  No.12132151


It served a purpose back when water was almost always shitwater. Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine also served a purpose.

31dc20  No.12132162


I don't know anon. I've been reading biographies and studies on great European minds. I'm fairly certain a lot of them were verbal thinkers. This is just my opinion from how they would write, the topics they would write, personality traits, and hobbies.

9bb97f  No.12132173

File: 6ee92306e7b5910⋯.jpg (840.65 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, 1928739821931.jpg)

000000  No.12132174

I met this guy once. He had known some girl for 10 years but nothing ever happened. Then he went on anti-depressants and all of a sudden he decides to get married.

Think about this. The only way women can get men to marry them is to dope them up with drugs.

31dc20  No.12132194

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This experiment would only annoy me because of being in the box. I'm fine being alone and cutoff. I would just get frustrated from lack of fresh air, nature, and natural light. This is a good test for filtering NPCs no doubt but I think the flaws of the box would break some non-npcs after a time. I know after a week I couldn't take it. Put me in a cabin in some nice woods where I can go fish, garden, sleep in a meadow, etc and I'd be fine for years.

000000  No.12132206

c385f9  No.12132232


>A fair question.

By the definition aren't the people dogmatically puppeting what seems to be the general consensus the npc's.






I think there is danger in this type of thinking, Npc vs. non Npc, I would imagine that all groups of people would read this and assume they are the self aware individuals.

Furthermore, I postulate that somewhere right now on some antifa forum this study has been posted and they are saying "those stupid drumpf fags are totally npc nazis"

31dc20  No.12132237

File: 015cca724a2017f⋯.jpg (162.09 KB, 1125x1494, 125:166, 7ggh8ce4woc11.jpg)


Sad truth is that most people never read a book after school. If they do, it's some trendy shit like 50 Shades of Grey. When was the last time you saw someone reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Machiavelli, or poetry? Never. I nearly short-circuited some NPCs at my college recently. I was reading Meditations while everyone was on their phone in the club room. Eventually one of them asked me "Are you reading that for a class?" I said no. She then asked me about Discourses on Livy. Same thing, I told her it isn't for a class. Her response? "Oh, well then why would you read them anon? They are old books aren't they? Those are boring. I wouldn't read a book like that."

That wasn't the worst part. It was when I tried to explain why I was reading meditations. I asked the NPCs this.

>Marcus Aurelius is one of the greatest Roman Emperors and was credited for saving the Empire at his time. This book is a collection of his thoughts and it was for sale for $1. Why wouldn't I buy it? Certainly there is something to learn inside of it.

I swear I thought I saw the matrix fail briefly at that moment and agent smith was going to kill me. These aren't dumb liberal arts people either, these are all engineers.

Studying History you can really see how many more NPCs we have today compared to humans. The colonial Americans despite not all being literate, had a basic classical education. That is why you find many tributes to Cinncinatus in the United States. How many people know who that is today and why there are tributes to him here?

31dc20  No.12132249


Well for radio going away we'd be fucked by the massive amounts of non-media infrastructure that rely on it. Excluding that, if all modern media went away overnight there would probably be a period of mass anarchy. All those people glued to their phones 24/7 would shut down from withdrawl. If they are human, they will survive and recover. This scenario would basically be 1-2 steps away from the lights going off completely.

000000  No.12132255


>dangers of NPC vs non-NPC

I think the defining characteristic is herding behavior. If you can buy something or do something because it is objectively useful then you are not an NPC. If you only do something because someone else does it then you are. It is probably a spectrum; people would feel varying degrees of social pressure.

87a9ff  No.12132259

>>12128344 (checked)

>Nowdays children are being raised in what is almost solitary confinement in comparison to how children were raised pre-ww2. Any social abnormality will linger and fester for years because the child has so little contact with other people that he doesn't know what is or isn't normal. He's basically raised in isolation, learning social behavior from actors in mass media, and then goes into a crowded school, and he simply doesn't have the social experiences to interract with properly socialized kids or adults without being ridiculed or shunned, so he abandons emotional expression and retreats to rationality. I think alot of autistic behaviours are an attempt to protect the ego from embarrassment.

I grew up in a literal tropical jungle in the middle of nowhere, where you couldn't hear your closest neighbor scream bloody murder. I remember rationalizing my thoughts/feelings in school exactly like that.

989036  No.12132284

I keep obsessing about how insecure I am and I keep getting depressed because of it. Therapists don't work on me and I don't ever plan on taking antidepressants or other medication. Does that make me an NPC?

Polite slightly off-topic sage

61268b  No.12132304

File: 8f46b87369f2545⋯.jpg (89.37 KB, 701x1000, 701:1000, Goebbels-1930-b.jpg)

Liberals and Nu-Pol people are NPC They Take Autism pills or ADHD pills and are most likely cut off from reality and Ever sense Trump was elected they been shit-up all the threads with this based black man shit ect ect

>move over bug man NPC is the new retard weakness.

33d834  No.12132325


It's likely because they live in mind control, which is mostly psychology of mass control. The moment they are alone they have to contemplate the state of affairs. Perhaps the price of your flat doesn't make it beautiful, perhaps you see the world for the first time in a long time…

This means that they are addicted to their control grid. I imagine same could be said about me, but I spent a few months away from this place and I felt better than in a long time. Too many blackpills, shills and bogus for my taste.

77a309  No.12132340


A book, a chessboard, a large puzzle, an instrument. I could think of so many things to bring, if electronics are allowed i would bring a fully loaded game console. Art girl took the time to be introspective and drew things to help her cope.

1b3de3  No.12132353

File: bd78cbfe8dcd0d6⋯.jpg (25.42 KB, 500x303, 500:303, who's laughing now.jpg)

I take anti-depressants currently, and started near the end of Highschool because I became barely functional. Felt like shit, but things improved after I started taking the right dosage.

Now I'm working a good job, biking, and eating healthy. Not an expert on medicine, but things seem to have worked out for me. Best of luck to anyone in this thread that's feeling like an empty husk, like I did.

d27f2a  No.12132448


Honor is a PC only concept. That's why older civilizations tended to have PC leaders. We now live in a world that promotes NPCs due to them wanting to be around one another so we end up with NPC leaders who have no qualms about doing anything.

The NPC doesn't think or feel anything that hasn't been told for him to do before so. He doesn't contemplate things like the nature of good and evil. He doesn't feel that drive to learn or to discover. He doesn't contemplate his own actions before or after they're preformed.

2af38e  No.12132471

Anti-depressants helped me to focus on the JQ.

129da6  No.12132549

File: 6bc53ea1dc6e946⋯.jpg (182.5 KB, 672x524, 168:131, 1519660725651.jpg)


>t. CIAnigger

90403e  No.12132557

File: 20abdb5d747910c⋯.gif (21.4 KB, 689x572, 53:44, 1530041116036.gif)


>But what happens when an individual is highly intelligent, but lacks a soul?




This leads to interesting hypothetical questions you could pose to a suspected NPC posing as a PC (lol im such a nerd).

>"You're sent into solitary confinement for a month with all of your needs provided for. How would you handle it?"

NPCs would respond with "I'd go insane". And they'd take pride in admitting it.

>"You can take three items (non-electronic) into month-long solitary confinement. What do you bring?"

NPCs would bring in utterly retarded, poorly thought out items such as a teddy bear, alcohol, a picture of a thot, or an extra cushion. Then they would go insane. PCs would bring in a musical instrument, a journal and pen, art supplies, literature.


I'm diagnosed with autism and I was forced to socially interact from a young age. Needless to say, it was ineffective at best. You're completely uninformed on what autism actually is. It's not difficult to look it up.

27001e  No.12132572


lol you take chemical lobotomizers

64e91a  No.12132576



I can't believe that's actually a link.

1b8cc0  No.12132583

Where is this push for 'NPC' coming from, its akin to RUSSIANBOTS and i dont like it. Its artificial, not organic.

64e91a  No.12132591

File: 423c16b21b72698⋯.jpg (315.53 KB, 1265x604, 1265:604, npcs.jpg)

File: ab699d6f510535c⋯.png (14.41 KB, 9x9, 1:1, pixel bypass.png)


>Its artificial, not organic

I've seen pic related reposted several times and it's old. Incidentally, I've first read this notion on that Montalk site linked above >>12131405

4105ef  No.12132635

File: 04f712df0f5db0f⋯.png (877.16 KB, 1600x1448, 200:181, 1534519790168.png)

>NPC meme finally blowing up

I've been waiting months for this

0a6750  No.12132667

File: 38baeac806e8dc5⋯.jpg (41.26 KB, 500x500, 1:1, vinesauce.jpg)

Did you know that considering other people NPCs is actually a mental disorder, thinking that you're the only real human being or the ones who think alike to you? You're cynical sociopath.

People literally end up in mental hospitals for thinking like that.


64e91a  No.12132678

File: 48db7a74efac675⋯.png (26.58 KB, 527x409, 527:409, is this bait.png)


>thinking that you're the only real human being or the ones who think alike to you

You really don't understand this do you? It's not "Us vs Them".

For example Steve Jobs is not an NPC even though I disliked him and what he stood for. Stalin as well. And pretty much anyone that thought for themselves, even if I don't like what they thought.

4105ef  No.12132694


It's ironic satire. The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood.

Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

0a6750  No.12132701


Have you ever heard saying "Sweden has no culture" or "Europe has no culture" and that muslims are real human being who have "culture"?

Well what about whites being devils who have no soul?

Or "i am not like other girls" bullshit?

This NPC shit has same fundamental values as those sayings.

b67449  No.12132707


No shit. These jew pills were given to me when I was young and naive and I want to come off them

129da6  No.12132709

File: 2f749c5f415089e⋯.jpg (10.2 KB, 234x264, 39:44, 1536470086862.jpg)


>"Stay a while and listen."

129da6  No.12132720

File: c6ce099b63b0497⋯.png (222.55 KB, 467x449, 467:449, AgentJonesPossess.png)

File: 61f6a64ecc71aaa⋯.png (251.82 KB, 560x300, 28:15, Agent-Smith-in-The-Matrix-….png)

Reminder that NPC humans can be possessed by Agent Smith at any moment to carry out the will of the hyperdimensional aliens (archons) that feed off of humanity's suffering:



>Most people in this world place no priority on awareness or attentiveness, and instead live life in a semi-conscious dream state that makes them very prone to being nudged by external influences. Some are born with insufficient levels of individualized consciousness to ever experience a lucid moment, and it is these who form the primary class of “Matrix agents,” the rest of us functioning as agents only part of the time when we fail to watch ourselves. Due to the plethora of spiritually asleep people in the population, the Matrix Control System has no problem finding chess pieces to maneuver into place around a target.

6ad9d8  No.12132721

Wow, surely people who disagree with me or my totalitarian nazi values have no soul. Now i can justify my desires to murder!

a7a15b  No.12132722


I just don’t believe I read your post, but there it is. Clear as day.

b67449  No.12132725


Thanks for the suggestions my man


Them resources are great. When I first came off my meds I hit rock bottom but knowing that it'll get better will keep me motivated.


This looks really helpful, thank you anon


I'll be sure to stock up on them supplements, thank you. Have you had much experience with withdrawal yourself?

6ad9d8  No.12132727


>one of the memes says about that npcs unwillingly believe they enjoy hollywood movies

>proceeds to quote things from hollywood movies

Can an NPC be a "Nazi Player Character"?

129da6  No.12132732

File: f1d6186917844c6⋯.jpg (85.56 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, NPC_Dialague.jpg)


I love how the NPC meme has triggered the NPC normalscum cattle so hard that they are going out of their way to visit our boards and post NPC dialogue such as this.

129da6  No.12132744

File: 334bb22b2b11ea1⋯.jpg (58.32 KB, 800x521, 800:521, flail.jpg)


Identify this item for me and I'll give you 100 gold.

59c0c4  No.12132755



/pol/ was always a factory for psyop bullshit, and you are the npcs. YOU ARE THE NPCS PROGRAMMED TO THINK THEY ARE PCS. What emotions you're currently experiencing is only result of your programming.

3e1e7b  No.12132760

File: 3dd38d601c6c89a⋯.jpg (95.24 KB, 728x546, 4:3, overexcitabilitiesgifted-5….jpg)

File: efd597f95156ac1⋯.jpg (75.05 KB, 314x210, 157:105, levels.jpg)

File: f03293e1ffe682e⋯.png (68.17 KB, 1424x790, 712:395, Capture.PNG)

File: 7e412cb2d202faa⋯.jpg (20.54 KB, 352x431, 352:431, dabrowski.jpg)

Time for a non-bullshit psychology lesson. This is a theory created by one of the greatest minds ever to walk this earth of whom you'll probably never have even heard: the polish psychiatrist Kazimierz Dabrowski.

You guys really need to learn about Dabrowski's theory of positive disintegration to understand the phenomenon you call NPCs. The guys you call NPCs are stuck in level 1 (Unilevel integration) of their spiritual development. When you are stuck in this level, you are primarily influenced by your impulses (wanting to fuck, drink, eat and social approval) and by social norms. Some individuals, who are by virtue of their genes more sensitive to their environment, realize that reality as it is told them by their parents, their schooling and the media is not what it ought to be. They subconsciously know there is something wrong with their current behavior, but they do not know what it is. This misalignment between what their soul craves and what they currently are manifests as neurotic behaviour, such as anxiety, psychosis or depression. Thus, they arrive at level 2 (Unilevel disintegration): They are actually reaching a critical stage of development, which manifests as maladjustment to current society.

Dabrowski states in his theory that level 2 is a point where 3 choices can be made: they can fall back to level 1, to NPC mode. Then they will be happily adjusted to a shit society again. Conventional antidepressants facilitate this process of falling back from level 2 to level 1. You will be happy again, but happy like a blind person in the matrix. You are integrated into the jew system. The second choice is like falling off the cliff: either suicide, or permanent psychosis. This happens when you cannot reconcile your inner world with the outer world. The third choice is moving on to level 3, multilevel disintegration.

At level 3 (spontaneous multilevel disintigration), you start realizing there are alternative ways for you to behave in this terrible society. You start behaving according in the way your soul demands, as opposed to what your base instincts demand or what society demands. However, as you grow, you are still wavering between your baser instincts, social pressure, and the demands of your soul. That is why it is called spontaneous multilevel disintigration, whereas for the previous levels are unilevel disintigration because when stuck at these levels (like an NPC) you are literally unaware that higher levels of existence even exist.

Nearing the end of your personal metamorphosis, you reach level 4. Now you are an empathic, caring morally strong person. You've risen above the NPCs. You have an inner drive to fight injustice and better the world around you. You are no longer blind to the world around you, and you behave according to strong morals and an inner drive, both of which are completely absent in those stuck in level 1 (NPCs).

Level 5, which basically means moral invincibility, the upmost top of development, can according to dabrowski only be reached by a very select number of individuals. Personally, I believe Adolf Hitler to have been one of those individuals.

Armed with Dabrowski's theory of positive desintigration, the world makes a lot more sense: We now understand why NPCs exist, we can understand where depression comes from, and we can understand how antidepressants work to fuck you right back to level 1 with the rest of the zombies. Conversely, psychedelics such as magic mushrooms and LSD have the opposite effect of conventional antidepressants: They will facilitate development to a higher level by letting your conscious self come into contact with your unconscious self and laying your soul bare. Now you understand the critical difference between the antidepressant effects of SSRIs and other conventional antidepressants: They numb the senses of sensitive souls who realize they live in a fake reality, so they can happily adjust and continue living in that fake reality, while psychedelics sharpen the senses and allow you to fully comprehend reality as it really is.

Dabrowski's theory of positive desintigration goes a lot deeper than what I just explained, but this is the gist of it. For me, this is the defining theory of psychology and the best explanation for why mankind is the way it is. The link below has some more information, but is by no means the best or only source. I recommend reading the scientific papers, preferably the ones written by Dabrowski himself.


59c0c4  No.12132767


>by virtue of their genes

Stopped reading right there. There's no "virtue" in genes. All this is superficial nonsense.

3e1e7b  No.12132778


Fuck off, kike. Superior genes are the reason aryans are virtuous and niggers are beasts. Empathy and morality are encoded on a genetic level, and can not be thaught to most individuals of the lower races. With few exceptions, only whites and the Japanese have the necessary genetic material to make it to the higher levels. This is why, with a few exceptions, the Chinese will always be borg like insect people and niggers will forever be savage beasts.

3e1e7b  No.12132782


To clarify, morals themselves are not encoded in genes, but the predilection for moral behavior is encoded in white genes.

50861f  No.12132783


Is it a coincidence that you're the same torfag posting this shit in every NPC thread? Just because you can ==redtext== doesn't mean shit.

Also you are niggercattle



59c0c4  No.12132801


>us are are virtuous

>them are beasts

Good riddance you show your true face with all your fancy psychological bullshit.

3e1e7b  No.12132804


Kill yourself, fucking MGTOW nihilist. Go enjoy your empty life of hedonism, drugs and skanks. Meanwhile, the real men will work together to fight for a better tomorrow. Even if we fail and the world burns in flames, we can say earnestly we fought to save our species and die without regret. Off all the scum that walks the earth, I hate you the most. You are a prime example of a person who, realizing the truth, regressed back to level 1 as I mentioned in my post above:


3e1e7b  No.12132812


You clearly don't live around niggers. If you truly think niggers and chinks are just like whites, you watch too much TV. Go take a walk around in any black or sandnigger neighborhood at night if you think all humans are the same. No, you won't, because you know you'll get mugged and killed. You're a fucking hypocrite.

000000  No.12132813


Good goy. Fight like a good slave.

209388  No.12132816

File: 0884933629bc14d⋯.jpeg (25.21 KB, 643x469, 643:469, 0884933629bc14d8e6462d05f….jpeg)


Its a spammer.

Seen it in 5 threads so far same shit posted.

Report and move on.

Good read on Dabrowski, will definitely give his papers a look. Cheers anon for bringing him up.

000000  No.12132822



here is some reality for you: read the comments on this video:


99% of what you call humans are NPCs. And you want to fight to save them? You are a cuck.

d27f2a  No.12132824



Don't go to link it's CNN. Shills so desperate to appease their overlords they scrapping for views.

000000  No.12132828


This is the response of a NPCs. The only difference between you and the comments from the CNN video is that you were programmed differently. But you have same responses like the other NPCs

>muh shill

>muh e celeb

>muh fight

>muh civilization

and so on..

d27f2a  No.12132837


No in fact your response sounds exactly like some NPC shill who either is so new doesn't know how to post videos or is a slimy underhanded NPC. Continue being a drone with no internal morals.

2aa6d0  No.12132864


Antidepressants are to suppress the cognitive ability of low level players so they function at the NPC level. There’s a reason no high level players even go near such things.

000000  No.12132873


I will fuck your wife with my black friend while you are out fighting the j00s

e64f9b  No.12132879


>Are anti-depressants for NPCs?

NO! SSRIs are for people with too many voices in their heads.

f76bfe  No.12132888


Npcs dont have souls, their feelings arent real.

39448a  No.12132892

File: e15e27009c683a9⋯.png (15.65 KB, 237x224, 237:224, 1510723374836.png)


Glad to be memeing with you.


It means your a player with low charisma stats and very little XP. You need to talk to a wise man and start going on quests.

f76bfe  No.12132894


This isnt cuckchan bucko, back you go.

39448a  No.12132895


Are animals NPCs? Animals have feelings. Working dogs and horses become depressed if they lose their jobs.

321a2d  No.12132901


Dr. Steiner: That little girl L.K. in the first grade must have something really very wrong inside. There is not much we can do. Such cases are increasing in which children are born with a human form, but are not really human beings in relation to their highest I; instead, they are filled with beings that do not belong to the human class. Quite a number of people have been born since the nineties without an I, that is, they are not reincarnated, but are human forms filled with a sort of natural demon. There are quite a large number of older people going around who are actually not human beings, but are only natural; they are human beings only in regard to their form. We cannot, however, create a school for demons.

A teacher: How is that possible?

Dr. Steiner: Cosmic error is certainly not impossible. The relationships of individuals coming into earthly existence have long been determined. There are also generations in which individuals have no desire to come into earthly existence and be connected with physicality, or immediately leave at the very beginning. In such cases, other beings that are not quite suited step in. This is something that is now quite common, that human beings go around without an I; they are actually not human beings, but have only a human form. They are beings like nature spirits, which we do not recognize as such because they go around in a human form. They are also quite different from human beings in regard to everything spiritual. They can, for example, never remember such things as sentences; they have a memory only for words, not for sentences.

The riddle of life is not so simple. When such a being dies, it returns to nature from which it came. The corpse decays, but there is no real dissolution of the etheric body, and the natural being returns to nature. It is also possible that something like an automaton could occur. The entire human organism exists, and it might be possible to automate the brain and develop a kind of pseudomorality.

I do not like to talk about such things since we have often been attacked even without them. Imagine what people would say if they heard that we say there are people who are not human beings. Nevertheless, these are facts. Our culture would not be in such a decline if people felt more strongly that a number of people are going around who, because they are completely ruthless, have become something that is not human, but instead are demons in human form.

2aa6d0  No.12132902


> Take the medicine goy



Congrats on destroying your own emotional and cognitive ability


You’re not depressed because you were abducted. You’re depressed because you’re living in the past and allowing it to define your existence today.

(Was molested as a child. Not remotely depressed)


> Suppress your cognition goy, it’s fine

Another JIDF/NPC Shill, filtered.


That’s exactly what they’re for, they turn you into a pseudo-NPC capable of tolerating your NPC environment without resistance.

000000  No.12132906



2af38e  No.12132915


An interesting explanation, anon, thank you for sharing. Anti-depressants have calmed my anxiety, but not really made me happy (not even content). They have however helped me to think clearer and deeper on the JQ; and piece together why it is I always 'felt' certain things were lies or unnatural growing up. It's as if the core of me knew.

2aa6d0  No.12132919


I’m abundantly happy, torfag. My life is phenomenal. You’re projecting.

000000  No.12132922


Christianity is the slave morality which Nietzsche correctly identified. If you make people believe in an afterlife it will pacify them in their actual life – the only one they will ever have.

04a9fe  No.12132943


see, my first instinct was to call that a ridiculous practice but after thinking about it for even a few seconds I can see the virtue in it. It's not all that different than watching gore until you're not bothered by it anymore.

787dc3  No.12132960

File: 504aa2023e901bb⋯.png (486.24 KB, 916x1693, 916:1693, screencap - real life huma….png)

39448a  No.12132962


That ritual forces people to be sad for 30 days in order to prevent them from bottling up their emotions and letting them spill out into the rest of their life. The modern western culture is anti-emotional and wants people to avoid and suppress emotions, which is actually impossible. The emotions still exist until properly handled and released. The result of suppressing emotions is emotional static in the mind, mixed signals and the confusion of all other emotions.

af46df  No.12132968

my theory is that they have intentionally (consciously or subconsiously) turned off their inner voice and as a result have severely silenced their inner thoughts.

This is how these people silence thoughts about obvious racial and gender inequality, and take obvious inncorrect stances on things like open borders, gun control, censorship, illegal immigration, and large horrible inconsistencies in government.

It's a coping mechanism.

these things bother them. their experiences and inner thoughts tell them something, and the news and society tells them something completely opposite. So they silence their own voices, and over time silence their own thoughts. This is why they respond with emotions and anger instead of thoughts and ideas.

Silencing this voice leads to other choices that send them down a road of nihilism and despair. they reject the family model, they reject gender roles, traditions, tribal-race-unity, religion, and freedom on their thoughts and ideas. they ultimately remove any purpose and meaning in their lives.

this leads to massive depression. so they take antidepressants.

f59837  No.12133008

The whole time I was on anti-depressants, I was caught between feeling pretty fine, but having this nagging sense that it wasn't real and I shouldn't feel fine. If there was less going on on the inside, maybe I would have been content.

1580f8  No.12133048


medfag here, enjoy your dick failing after years of ssri's. Also how does it feel learning that mild-moderate depression is literally treatable with placebo?


>its ironic satire, /pol/ actually LOVES jews more than israel does! the holocaust and dotr memes are just ironic and satirical jokes :^)

Sure thing rabbi, it's just a joke, come step into my oven real quick its just for a meme bro dont worry about the heat.


>constant debate

>only thing that matters is an idea that by definition is written and developed thanks to an inner monologue present in 25% of humans

>zero hugbox

>zero social approval

>most typical adjective used literally means subversive outsider







>whites virtuous

>nonwhites beasts

Bro literally just look at the rest of the world for literally all of human history, the only peoples with a sense of virtue and morality were and are whites.

1951c7  No.12133074


Definitely ass criminality. Big time.

fa4c77  No.12133090


I've been keeping tabs on cuckchan. There have been probably 100 threads there on npc theory in the past week and a half. Shills are trying to push that this is a new theory, newfaggots are buying it, and no one is rebutting them. Absolutely infuriating.

2ac486  No.12133104


My interpretation is that NPC theory is triggering the shills because so many of them are NPCs.

2af38e  No.12133114



1b8cc0  No.12133119


More of this NPC shit – also pushed by a (1) again.

fa4c77  No.12133139


verbal thinking, subvocalization as you put it, is indeed slower and tends to be at the pace of slow and steady speech. But, just as that study is kinda missing the point in labelling it merely 'verbal thinking' so too is it missing the point with visual thinking. I would say that there are different tiers of both. Thinking in images only goes so far if you are unable to mentally manipulate said images, and it has been proven that the vast majority of people are pretty fucking retarded when it comes to thinking mechanically. Without mechanical thought an image is just an image. With mechanical thought it becomes a model.

The same with verbal thinking. A word is just a word if you can not attach metaphor to it. Which, would be the verbal equivalent of mechanical thinking. So, the key here is the marriage of defined thought and abstract thought. If one is limited to defined thought, i.e. thinking in terms which have been taught, then all they can ever do is regurgitate what they have been instructed on, making them for all intents and purposes a robot, an npc with defined and limited thought patterns. Conversely, if one could only think in terms of abstraction, metaphor becomes foolishness and mechanical images becomes insanity.

But, if one is able to take defined words and images, and apply metaphoric and mechanical thought to them, and afterward update their list of definitions, i.e. think, evaluate and learn for themselves then they set themselves apart from the sheep.

Also, like I said in my previous post, what fucking nerve these shills have trying to claim they came up with this theory and that it is new.

fa4c77  No.12133142



/pol/ came up with npc theory verbatim like fucking 5 years ago you faggots.

1060f1  No.12133157


dumb fuck. since jokes need explaining now

<you’re the only one who can hear your internal monologue

<therefore you are the “protagonist” of your story

<therefore others have no internal monologue and are NPCs

>hurr durr acting like a retard is funny

You get into trouble here because we already had a definition of “NPC” that other sites call “small souled bugman” and other things. It’s not a literal “they aren’t alive” it’s more “they’re conformist normies and fuck them”

2af38e  No.12133161


Don't get your panties in a twist, anon, it was just a joke. Besides, people here aren't the first to notice such behavior; albeit not under the same microscope as we.

fa4c77  No.12133169


>they have intentionally

This is a plausible conclusion to draw. It may be the case for all of them or maybe just some of them. I have noticed that alcohol definitely numbs the subconscious or what ever we want to call this voice I have also noticed that when I am allowing myself to be overly angered that it seems to die down quite a bit, the longer I am given to anger the longer the silence. And the same goes when I am thinking materialistically, when I become excited about wanting or getting a new possession, that my 'infatuation' with said object seems to override the 'inner voice'. And, also, when I am doing what I should be doing, especially when it is something that I would rather put off like yard work or cleaning the house this 'voice' or 'connection' seems to become more noticeable.

I've been gaming at this for a long time and the more that I build up my awareness, in general, the more aware of this voice I become. And there also seems to be layers of it. There is the "inner monologue" type thought.. But then there also seems to be another voice. I first started noticing this when I began asking, and rolling around in my head, power questions. I started to realize that sometimes the answers where not in my 'inner monologue voice', but rather a different voice, maybe my direct subconscious? I have no idea but various conclusions could be drawn from it.

Either way, what a time to be alive.

4edda1  No.12133173


>Agency egalitarianism

>not a faith

It's only triggering because it shits all over a noble lie that's the basis for our entire legal and psychological systems.

The reality is that only a minority of humans have agency, it's fundamentally why we have hierarchies.

fa4c77  No.12133181


Eh, my bad im a bit burnt out on all the shilling lately. They definitely must have gotten a huge new contract recently. Anyway, yea it has been described before but all the past descriptions, that ive read atleast, fall short. Dunning-Krueger could be considered to be one and the same as this, even though it just describes stupid people thinking they are smart and smart people assuming stupid people 'just have to be as smart as them'. Ironically, I believe this stuff will eventually completely invalidate iq testing and maybe replace them with some sort of metric of consciousness.

f8fd4b  No.12133185

File: 62751f88cb15f53⋯.jpg (53.32 KB, 700x656, 175:164, NPC quicksave.jpg)

>NPCs are actually real

Who wants to do some grinding?

000000  No.12133190

There is one strange revelation I have found. This isn't really a revelation, but a straight up fact, actually:

Most anti-depressants negate or cancel psychedelics.

Psychedelics are also capable of allowing people to have epiphanies, including horrible feelings, like the most profound sadness, fear, "bad trip" type feelings.

Psychedelia is very likely our ally, unless of course: "Hurrr, take psychedelics for EVERYTHING."

A wise person will understand that drugs can be useful sometimes. Other times, drugs will not be useful. It is up to the person and situation that they are in.

506323  No.12133201

File: 07513bcb18c7c5f⋯.png (30.48 KB, 381x353, 381:353, boomer npc.png)

>get job pay taxes and buy house mortgage children dog

fa4c77  No.12133206


>its fundamentally why we have hierarchies

Indeed. I've been calling this the 80/20 rule. That in any given group 80% will gravitate towards the bottom. And of the top 20%, 80% of them will gravitate towards the bottom of the 20%. Kinda like bell curves within bell curves. I wasn't applying this theory to agency, however, but rather that 80% will gravitate towards the bare minimum of what is deemed acceptable behavior, with the bottommost 80% rolling around in their own proverbial shit and only 20% of the population ever seeking, in any capacity whatsoever, to rise above that. Which, I suppose, could be seen as a definition of agency.

This thought experiment of mine could be seen as a blackpill but I dont think it has to be. The 20% of the 20% of the 20% etc wind up being "the chiefs" or leaders. If everyone were capable, or desiring of such we would have more chiefs than indians. And, in that case, we would have much more internal struggle. Civil war would be a rule rather than an occasion. Maybe that would be a good thing. But, it could just as likely result in us constantly destroying each other and never making any meaningful progress.

90403e  No.12133211


Okay, what do shills have to gain from NPC threads?

c01689  No.12133212


I'm starting to notice all this talk about NPCs more and more. How's it different than to claim that some people are goyim and other's are woke/selected few?

Is /pol/ turning spiritually jewish?

What if it's just a psyop to make you lose empathy towards others?

506323  No.12133216


Shills are trying to prevent the npc meme because it could possibly wake the npcs of their own nature and reality.

1951c7  No.12133222


This is essentially internal dialogue. Unless it's intrusive thoughts, "the voice" is ok.


Very astute explanation. Another interesting view on depression is it is inflammation (like you said, preinfection stressors) that overflow into central nervous system dysfunction. If you consume poisions like vegetable oil, plastics, emulsifiers, phytates, and you don't move around, and have poor life habits, you are building up inflammation that presents as CNS inflammation which is depression. Antidepressants don't fix inflammatory habits.




I've figured it out

Hobbies are the litmus test to an NPC. Since NPC's only consume media, they don't have any identity that prefers producing an activity of what they like. There is no internal fountain to form any desired activity. Thus said, I still have not found any woman that has a hobby.

506323  No.12133225

File: 3b2e16966d27d7b⋯.png (99.23 KB, 416x435, 416:435, feel npc.png)

>the government said soy is healthy and I ate it

fa4c77  No.12133227


The key word is sometimes. In many 'esoteric' circles psychedelics are seen as a necessity rather than a tool. And I would posit that it is in this thought pattern that psychedelics become a crutch instead of a tool. I do not take any such substances. I have, a time or two in the past, but haven't in about a decade. When I meditate now, the experience is much more powerful than anything I ever felt on hallucinogens. And, not just powerful in the "wow thats fucking trippy" way but rather.. I have learned more from meditating over the past year than I have in my entire life prior. And the stuff that I have learned was all stuff that I was later able to verify as true. Mathematical functions I never learned in school, summaries of old texts which I had never read. Real fucking interesting shit.

fa4c77  No.12133230


keeping people asleep is vital to them not getting the rope.

43be2f  No.12133239

I've never been on antidepressants but i abused MDMA analogues years back in college and im 99% I experienced the brain zaps because these are serotogenic drugs. They're fucking scary especially when you're driving, it feels like you're just about to faint then zap you feel jolted awake. They go away. I also had odd sleeping patterns as i got over the poison. My whole life it took 30-45 min to fall asleep but while my brain was fucked it only took 5min and then I'd get the night terrors, hypnogogic dream followed by pure terror that i forced myself awake out of every time by screaming. It goes away but it took several weeks, months. I wonder how it compares to antidepressant withdrawal.

2ac486  No.12133254


That's exactly what the mods and shills on cuckchan are trying to prevent. They're shutting down every NPC thread. We're gonna grind our way across the entire Western world.

fa4c77  No.12133264


To add to this. The gut seems to be vital to mental health. When we eat shitty our insulin levels go up. Insulin captures carbohydrates after they are broken down and stores them in fat cells. Of course, too much insulin leads to diabetes. BUT, insulin is a hormone, any increase, or decrease, in a hormone will affect the production levels of other hormones. To add to that, some hormones bind with other hormones and this process serves as a sort of internal storage where those bound hormones are stored until they are unbound. Insulin plays a direct role in the storage of testosterone. Insulin also affects the bodies ability to manufacture and process vitamin D. Yes, the body makes vitamin D. This makes vitamin D a hormone. It is called a vitamin because "our bodies dont make enough" yea only because we eat like shit and dont get enough sun and exercise. Pure kikery.

Vitamin D is fucking hyper important. It is necessary for higher cognitive ability as well as bone and intestinal health. There are medical studies on this that have all been suppressed, but can be found online.

Further more, niggers do not make vitamin D. It is not a hormone for them. Studies continually show that vitamin D levels in niggers only correlate to the vitamin D which they ingest with food. AND, the studies dance around this fact but prove that niggers bodies do not even fucking metabolize vitamin D. Which, explains so fucking much.

fa4c77  No.12133272


>Insulin plays a direct role in the storage of testosterone

Should have expounded upon that. This means that a portion a large portion of the testosterone that the body is producing gets stored as a result of higher insulin levels. When it is stored it is not bioactive until it becomes unbound. Resulting in lower actual test levels.

000000  No.12133277

The NPC is not "evil" or "bad."

It is akin to being one cell in an organ. The NPC is a follower. They are not meant to have minds. They are meant to follow. And thus, it is right to lead them, not to their doom, but to glory. Even if it means their doom.

The NPC is not your opposition, but a tool you must utilize.

But of course, there is a sly smile on my face as I completely understand that if you are not able to lead them, then you are most likely one of them. Can you comprehend my words?

They are individual cells in an organ. They are individual beings in a society, and some people understand this inherently, and lead because they are NPCs meant to lead, and some are true ubermensch.

They know the truth. But you don't. It's not a sentence you can speak. It's an experience you feel.

2af38e  No.12133306


>Eh, my bad im a bit burnt out on all the shilling lately.

It's alright, gets a bit much after even a short browse.

2af38e  No.12133311


I inject insulin daily and can feel the difference from the moment I do so each night.

531696  No.12133314


They are shutting it down because you are annoying fucks who think they are special snowflakes.

You are the same as everyone else and you will end up in the same dark place like the rest of us for all eternity.

1951c7  No.12133321


Really good exposition. From your explanation, the child's exposure to adults vs. children was likely much larger pre-WWII. Back then the whole community's elders made an effort to interact with their own and other's children. Adults had adult conversations with children, and when children said, or did something incorrect, they were guided into the acceptable response. Remember when your dad's friend would talk to you at the store and you'd wonder, why the hell is he talking to me, I'm five? Then our society transformed into "Children should be seen and not heard" and then to boomer's watching TV and careering instead of having conversations with their children.


>Stop this right now. Seriously guys. You'll all never get any ass and tits talking about NPCs.


Awesome shit. Level one - Psychopathic and criminal: controlled by lower instincts. whereigoimustrape.sh


Where is this from?

90403e  No.12133340


How the fuck are NPC threads keeping people "asleep"

3178eb  No.12133400


How did this meme go from

>some participants in our supers small study didn't report doing self-talk at the times we randomly buzzed their beepers



in a few days? I swear to god people's reading comprehension is borderline retarded.

3178eb  No.12133413


>The corpse decays, but there is no real dissolution of the etheric body

>the etheric body

pseudoscience LARPers please go

234a12  No.12133429


Regarding NPCs, I was just banned from 4chan for posting the NPC wojak. Why is that even allowed? What websites are left where wrongthink isn't a bannable offence?

1c663a  No.12133443

I got put on 20mg Lexapro for panic attacks. It didn't help me at all but the effects of the drug are fucking terrifying and subtle. They really just numb you out completely and inhibit emotional response. So when the doc makes you take a survey about how shit is going surprise surprise you do well on the test because the test asks you about negative emotions. Well it turns out that the pills completely fucking suppress positive emotions as well. This is fraud. Imagine having pain in your leg and they cut off your leg and then ask you specific questions about pain in your leg only. On paper they did a great fucking job because you don't have pain in your leg anymore but now you can't even fucking walk. For serious anxiety take benzos and beta blockers together carefully, nothing else comes even close.

1f08d3  No.12133451



We don't care. Shut the fuck up and go away. You have no business being here. You're too fucking retarded to do anything in real life and you stay on paid shill websites half a decade after they were proven to be controlled opposition. You aren't one of us.

234a12  No.12133465


>You're too fucking retarded to do anything in real life

What exactly do you guys do in real life? Because this place appears almost identical to 4chan. I'd like to hear about these perceived differences. This thread, for example, is full of nutjobs talking about their drug addled experiences. It's probably a good thing that I'm not one of you.

fa4c77  No.12133467


>reading comprehension

aa3777  No.12133469


The NPC meme alerts the NPCs.

234a12  No.12133476


That was my first assumption. Every time I posted the NPC wojak, the NPCs would react with hostility. I didn't realise the mods themselves were NPCs but now I know. I don't know if I'll return to 4chan. The ban for posting the NPC wojak has left quite the sour taste in my mouth. It seems like only certain memes are allowed.

eff234  No.12133480


>butthurt npc without internal dialogue detected

24ae1c  No.12133485


Exercise and detox your body, intermittent fasting, or just cut carbs and eliminate all sugar from your diet. Helped me a lot.

1b8cc0  No.12133527


what are you pushing rabbi? The blogposts you made here dont say anything; and all of them deflect to you attacking shills. Interesting.

Why is this NPC rubbish being pushed everywhere?

834f16  No.12133611


There are people who don't do both?

0b3546  No.12133712


>I was just banned from 4chan for posting the NPC wojak.

Because you're a nigger that doesn't belong here either. fuck off to reddit and stay there

378c82  No.12133747


Thank you anon

b309dd  No.12133842


Read what I posted here. That's my guess at least.


0c9883  No.12133925


>(X)Shut it down

90964c  No.12133998

File: 7208f11ce77b2a9⋯.jpg (5.78 KB, 210x230, 21:23, hmmmm.jpg)

How do you know if you're NOT an NPC?

962db1  No.12134017


The NPC meme is just a meme m8. It's not a real thing. It started off with an OP by an anon who couldn't into reading comprehension and mistook the findings of a study, which snowballed in a game-of-telephone like fashion into the retardation it has become.

90964c  No.12134044


Always good to see a (1) come in with all the right answers.

a7f1ea  No.12134046

>The Birthing Creche,[1] or Farms,[2] were a series of breeding farms[3] where women were impregnated to help repopulate the Human race. Under the Fortification Act, all males were placed in the Armed Services and women in "war work". Some women could choose (or be forced) to go to the farms. Women who were impregnated were given extra rations over a non serving male.[4] Doctors gave girls hormones at age ten so they could begin menstruation and were able to be impregnated.

>t. GoW wiki

we should do that

962db1  No.12134051


this anon >>12133400 has it right

it went from

>some participants in our super small study (30 people) didn't report doing self-talk at the times we randomly buzzed their beepers



ef5058  No.12134069


Every word is true.

4620bd  No.12134086


I did just that to my shrinks

They failed to present an acceptable incentive at every turn

4edda1  No.12134177

File: 216ad7413367057⋯.png (359.14 KB, 758x693, 758:693, 1510255499687.png)

>mfw psychosis is what broke my NPC spell years ago

I've integrated the voices into my daily retinue and now I realize the rules of this world. This is a PvP server and the devs trolls his player-base like a douchebag.

d27f2a  No.12134231


Does vague platitudes and bullshit work on NPCs?

64e91a  No.12134266

File: b65d23c5beda68c⋯.png (38.47 KB, 558x614, 279:307, ClipboardImage.png)


>Or "i am not like other girls" bullshit?

You've outed yourself as either a woman or a beta white knight type with that statement.


>This NPC shit has same fundamental values as those sayings.

No it doesn't and you still didn't get it.

498dc1  No.12134295



Say kike

5c7f11  No.12134297


>merely disgrees without posting any solid evidence to back any of it up

NPC detected.

96e5db  No.12134311


Some stuff to agree on and other that's not.

I am pretty sure that they are able to see live activity of serotonin.

Some people can be helped with anti depressant because their brain chemistry once got out of balance and is able to get back this way.

But the majority should not get drugged.

With the basics of proper sleep, the right diet, exercise ect. and away from the stuff that is negative on the long term.

Less of the fast dopamine releasing consumer stuff, doing things that need time to get the reward.

Living a more minimalistic and sometimes on a minimum to live just to appreciate what they have.

And even longer water fast can help and boost the immune system and it's health, give the chance of the body getting rid of many things or "detox".

96e5db  No.12134354


I like that people start spreading these information.

The first time I was in ketosis for more than 8 days in a row was the first time in years I had energy, had this mindfog I didn't realized was there blown away and never had these depressive episodes ever again. Also I had to see my doctor like every 6 weeks because I got the cold or the flew or what ever. Took me 18 month from that time until I actually had to see my doc after everyone including my family around me got sick over and over again.

> yea only because we eat like shit and dont get enough sun and exercise. Pure kikery.

I used to get "professional" ""help"" from nutrition consultation to diet doctors and their plan kind of was eat 5-6 small meals a day, not fat, avoid meat (because of fat and some feared animal protein) with food that even not only were mostly carbs, but even many fast metabolized or high insulin releasing ones. Literally did the opposite what the people partly paid by tax money and health care money and it actually worked.

b82073  No.12134360


Brain zaps are difficult to describe but you'll know when you start getting them. Best i can describe them as is a wall of white noise for a second or two that runs across your head. They don't physically hurt or give you headaches just leave you a bit weirded out for a minute or so.

13bd51  No.12134388

File: 1fa970a1d483d7e⋯.png (1.26 MB, 892x1348, 223:337, spec ops.png)


>High spikes of cortisol levels might cause depression.

That explains a lot.


Why would being antisocial lower the human psyche? Removing oneself from the pit of sameness and the masses propels a mind to wander to new, unexplored thoughts above the ones of normalcy. Hitler had this exact idea; fight for the people, but do not mingle with them.

Also, what is the point of altruism and sociability for high-level personalities if you are aware that those around you are less than what you are?

bd2e6d  No.12134399


Alcohol is a drug, my dude.

Drugs are tools. All tools, especially powerful ones, deserve respect.

fa4c77  No.12134587


Alcohol is especially bad for you. It numbs your senses in ways that only one versed in the esoteric would comprehend.

46d141  No.12134691

Every drug except mainly DMT is for NPCs. DMT puts you in control of the NPC.

58ae16  No.12134753


So should I skip all the other ones and go straight to DMT? partly serious, had a friend whos first drug expirience was lsd and loved it

b262da  No.12134780

File: 8f3d88375bf294d⋯.pdf (4.68 MB, the_phase.pdf)


Fuck off Joe Rogan, you don't need drugs to release DMT, you can train your brain to do it manually.

6442db  No.12134882


Should be titled "instructions on how to an real human bean"

9a214f  No.12134978

are painkillers for npc's?

does chad get migraines?

bc5f45  No.12135112


Don't invoke Nietzsche when you don't understand him.

You are a despairing nihilist with a superiority complex.

You think you hold the truth and are so arrogant as to worship your own egotistical faux-wisdom... worse still, advertise it as gospel truth.

I feel genuinely sorry for you and I hope that one day you have the requisite experiences to wake up and experience the metanoia that will demonstrate to you just how wrong you are.

How do I know? Because I was once like you... and I was unbelievably wrong.

However, I would never stoop so low as to actively advertise such a pathologically anti-being anti-life stance as what you are.

You are not superior and you have not sufficiently demonstrated you understand Nietzsche well enough to invoke him.

Just because your life seems meaningless doesn't mean it is. Go smoke some DMT or take 5DG of Mushies in silent darkness.

You are not awake yet... you are merely stirring.

bc5f45  No.12135136


No, try mushies first.

Also, you won't get the maximum benefit of DMT unless you are adept at regulating your breathing and heartrate so start meditating 10-30m a day and focus on deep breathing and breath retention.

Going straight to DMT (especially if smoked/vaped) is ill-advised because it's going from 0-100 without passing through the intermediate stages… and that can be a real shock to the system, which can lead to anxiety/panic, which can lead to a bad trip.

Learn to walk before you run. Mushrooms or LSD.

5e70ab  No.12135139


as if youre not an npc.

b262da  No.12135200



Seriously nigger

c8623c  No.12135313


>Alcohol is a drug

Technically it is a poison.

bed860  No.12135345

File: 6e8e4fb9dbad580⋯.gif (897.09 KB, 800x430, 80:43, WHY_DIDN_T_YOU_LISTEN.gif)



I was strongly anti-drug of any kind and regardless of jewish pushing or banning but a chance reunion with an old friend of mine from high school made me question at least the usefulness of psychedelic mushrooms. After meeting at a (intentionally not specifying) right-wing rally, we caught up and I was especially surprised to see him there because the last I had seen of him, almost ten years ago, he was especially degenerate, a liberal, and going nowhere.

The way he was then, an out of shape party tryhard animal, versus now; a /fit/ chad that is a business partner and works hard intrigued me. He told me that he was exactly the same up to 3 years ago when he started to do psychedelic mushrooms when his then roommate who was a 420weaboo NEET started growing them. He said that after his first trip he started to question his life and he specified, "Not in a pretentious way, but in an emotional & urgent way - the question: what am I doing with my life held no meaning until then." He realized he hated everyone he considered friends and they didn't care for him. He found the disgusting celebrities he once had unwarranted fondness for to be repulsive and any man or woman that emulated them even more so. Casual sex with women turned out to possess no thrill. Probably the most important change: He became obsessed with making his life mean something.

He tried out philosophy and found more questions than answers but that didn't scare him. His dead end job felt like a "trap," and he took a chance on a nearby business and applied. Within a year he became co-owner. His new outlook on life, responsibilities, and disgust for media personalities translated into a healthy hatred for the media and its leftist bias after he seriously started to question its role. I caught up with him soon after and after keeping contact we're close friends and I've redpilled him on jews and 1488.

It's been over a year and I still can't make up my mind on psychedelic mushrooms. They turned this adolescent friend of mine into one of the most logical-minded men I've ever known. Even regarding minor things (or perhaps coincidence) he has a fascination for good art and music like never before.

If this is what the jews are afraid of and this is indeed not coincidence, I would advocate for the legality of psychedelic mushrooms. I have no other explanation for how he changed and neither does he.

P.S. He says he was seeing swastika tiles on the walls of his home the first time he tripped and didn't feel alarmed at all.

0f5f05  No.12135433



> take drugs

what are you some kind of nigger

Try meditating instead

2e9df6  No.12135480


Anon, I think the realization of him taking psychedilic mushrooms was the reason why he realized how fucked he was. A situation that low can change somebody if they realize what their life has turned into. Even if your friend claims that it is solely because of the mushrooms, you should still avoid drugs at all costs.

>>12135433 suggests an infinitely better alternative.

c8623c  No.12135483

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nice introductory series to the "Human Spark" from years ago when PBS use to make actual decent programs. Posting the relevant one on the human brain. It is a 3 part series.

a77291  No.12135488


No you're confusing spark of consciousness with what many people experience as a constant stream of verbal speech inside their heads. This is what "inner voice" refers to directly, what the study is referring to, and what many many of the people in this thread are referring to.

a77291  No.12135503


Mushrooms and other psychedelics are basically a hard RESET button for the brain. It can undo years and years of programming overnight. However, with the wrong person in the cockpit they can just build it right back up. Dog to their vomit, so to speak. This is why for some it is a radically positive transformation and others just mash the reset button until their brain melts.

c8623c  No.12135731


I am not confusing anything. I have gone through about 11 of these threads on Halfchan and here. I should have been clear on that. Majority of the posters were confusing the two. It is annoying that some people cannot distinguish the two. This mostly occurred on halfchan. That really shouldn't have surprised me.

cf94e6  No.12135769


What is their inner monologue?

2d42ec  No.12135798

One of the saddest things is having to see somebody I love, somebody who used to have a moderate level of intelligence, NPC themselves with Alcohol. For the past 12 years I’ve seen them go from writing poetry, creating art/stories, and exploring nature, to just sitting in front of a TV with a can of beer in their hand. I fucking hate alcohol, and now I hate anybody who drinks it because I see my fallen loved one.

c8623c  No.12135802


For dogs it's bacon

aec420  No.12136507

File: f05aa8f95ca790a⋯.png (412.19 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, thinking-highres.png)


Good exposition, my own thoughts were similar.

I'll add my own thoughts to this, as you've covered almost exactly my own thoughts regarding home life. School life compounds this shit, due to mandatory association.

I'm not sure if this is the same everywhere, but in my country, schools and teachers interrupt the normal social development of kids, in a bad way.

Good interventions, such as stopping a kid being beaten into a coma by a bully are rare as fuck. But GOD FORBID kids who hate each other don't play together. Instead of learning how to negotiate, kids are forced to do things with people they don't like.

And then in some dark paradox, some teachers insist on forcing kids to negotiate with each other when there is NO resolution, such as when kid #1 has stolen something because he hates kid #2. There's no way to negotiate there.

Play courts were basically socialised. I remember at one school I went to, If you wanted to play ball on the court, you had to let everyone play, even though it was your ball. This lead to these weird interactions where people would cheat as much as possible because there were no consequences if only a few people saw you; if one of them grabbed the ball to call it out, they'd be the one who was out. Only if the whole herd witnessed something did it count.


Excellent summary, thank you.



Yeah, it's a pareto distribution. And you get those inside each other to. Inside that 20%, about half of the contribution will come from 20% of the people. So with say, 100 people, 80 will be NPCs, 20 will be capable of independent thought, and 4 will be capable of higher level.

ff4c78  No.12136630


Yes. Antidepressants of many classes, multiple times. Antidepressants and antidepressant withdrawal can make people suicidal. It's tough and give you difficult feelings that make you feel not quite yourself. Remember, it's transient. Fulfill your obligations, but do not overextend yourself with unnecessary commitments.

318e4b  No.12137295

File: cf1f0199b848bbd⋯.jpg (84.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1530629801563.jpg)

My pet theory regarding NPCs devoid of soul is something broader:

We ourselves are organisms, capable of movement within our environment much like the cells that compose our bodies, however there exist meta organisms which constitute the collective consciousness, and may be simply termed the Race to which we belong (part of why deracinated individuals have a high predilection for mental illness). If we ourselves are metacells, then it is natural to assume that there is a degree of variance in terms of individuality. Some cells in your body are more independent than others, nerve cells being highly independent and muscle cells being highly dependent.

In much the same way, however at a higher level, we who have an interest in such things as spirituality, and are less interested in material concerns are far less attached to that collective consciousness, more independent and autonomous and free. I can only speculate that there is a purpose for this, otherwise this prediction would not exist. One interesting effect it has (your results may vary) is a high degree of alienation; the more your personal subjective is aligned with objective reality, the more you find yourself alienated from the collective being, yet joined with everything else.

In summary: we are the nervous system of society metaphysically, NPCs are just mindless flesh.

39448a  No.12137551


I agree with all of this except I don't think flesh is mindless. Not only are there neurons throughout your body, but your soul also extends throughout the body, including the hair. Your flesh tells you important information about the environment (if something is hot, cold, sharp, rough, slippery, etc) and information about itself (if it is injured, healthy, itchy, infected, etc). Even your gut bacteria communicates with your brain about the kind of food it needs.

6522a8  No.12139660

File: febd9659e1597ff⋯.png (629.56 KB, 585x486, 65:54, 1519436963282.png)


> Mindless

That was meant to be relative to the "nerve cells", however I agree with your point. In general, function is derived from purpose.

674e79  No.12144136

File: 88586a192541eec⋯.gif (434.58 KB, 600x608, 75:76, gondola snowy walk.gif)


I think the chans encourage both as images so often accompany words or images are used to represent abstract concepts.

For instance the gondola. It represents no word but a concept. We're creating a new kind of language here.

3e1e7b  No.12147078


Antisocial in this context means behavior that is destructive to the people around you. It doesn't mean social withdrawal, it means your behavior has a negative impact on society as a whole. It refers to egocentric behavior like stealing, murdering and raping. The point of altruism and sociability is the belief that those around you can also live in a way that is morally correct without going through a personal metamorphosis. For example, Adolf Hitler led by example and as a consequence even people who would in a different society live like degenerates led upstanding and exemplary lives. He led by example. Even though he was more man than those around him, he managed to uplift a whole nation to a higher level. That's the point of altruism and sociability, to positively uplift those around you to a higher level. This benefits you as well, for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to live in a society of degenerates.

3e1e7b  No.12147085


Yeah, the cultural decay of society has led to otherwise functional individuals becoming degenerates due to the environmental influences negatively affecting their personal development. In Dabrowski's theory, personal development is a combination of genetics and environment, so a bad environment might lead somebody to stay in level 1, while with a good environment he might have progressed to higher levels.

d9c94c  No.12150429

File: b85f75e61491d7f⋯.png (33.13 KB, 696x422, 348:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be5de545894c714⋯.png (24.93 KB, 314x210, 157:105, ClipboardImage.png)


Agreed. But the thing is, these people aren't NPCs. Think about artists; I've known a lot of artists. Both online and offline. Almost every single one is depressed, neurotic, anxious, or some combination of the 3.

They need to be. Why? Because you can't be creative at Level one (Unilevel intergration, aka NPC level). I've seen NPCs try to be creative. It's garbage.

So that means that artists and creative types are, at a minimum, level two. This is exceptionally bad. I've noticed something. look at the artistic talent of our generation, the ones that don't get tumblr-ised, where do they go? Into smut, of varying degrees. They get into this, and they can end up drawing some pretty degenerate stuff. The tame end is big titty girls in bikinis. The degenerate end is… Pretty fucking degenerate.

These people, in a good society would not become like this. They KNOW what they're doing on some level, they do it anyway. What's the alternative? Nobody they know told them to stop, and lots of people are telling them to continue.


>We're creating a new kind of language here.

Once, humanity called that 'culture.'

3e1e7b  No.12151050


>Lots of people are telling them to continue

They are still influenced primarily by their environment, like the average person in level 1. They are also primarily influenced by their evolutionary impulses, as evidenced by the smut drawings and other general degeneracy. The difference between them and the average person which sometimes causes them to reach level 2 is they develop depression because the same artistic senses that allow them to make art, allow them to know there is something very wrong with either them or the world, which manifests as depressive symptoms. The same lateral thinking that allow you to be a good artist also allow your thoughts to go to places you might really not want them to go.

2240cc  No.12151339

File: ee6ea077d01e791⋯.png (363.4 KB, 585x486, 65:54, febd9659e1597ffb80a08831f3….png)

File: 18ff93d10c87ce5⋯.png (103.9 KB, 894x894, 1:1, farnsworth_first_draw_by_l….png)

47c1ea  No.12161139

File: 49fdff3b39bfd5e⋯.jpg (14.29 KB, 230x307, 230:307, Ass.jpg)


ass criminals

e28fdf  No.12167357


I don't know how to help you in this, I've never been on meds.

I can say that my current gf told me she was put on them because she has anxiety, but that she stopped using them, day to day (before we met). She only keeps a bottle of some specific med for emergencies. She says she has only used them a few times in the year we've been dating (once when her dog was put down this summer, once before semester finals last year, and maybe once or twice more but I can't remember when/why; she tells me each time she takes them because she says she doesn't want to be unaccountable in her useage).

Anyway, she said she went through withdrawals after she quit but was happy to do it because she hated being numbed to the world. She's really imaginative and artistic without them, but this allows the anxiety to creep in sometimes.

I'll just say to you what I said to her, regarding my assessment of someone who can quit using their pills day to day:

It's courageous and brave as hell, period. You have an issue which I don't fully understand, but despite this, you have a willingness and a desire to face it with a clear head and a sober mind. This is really, really brave.

I wish you luck and I hope you can accomplish what you want to do.

8b2090  No.12168535

File: 6307e53d81b0d7c⋯.jpg (138.72 KB, 500x492, 125:123, 1487530280911.jpg)


>ass criminality

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