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File: db01f0f82620cd6⋯.jpg (23.81 KB, 366x400, 183:200, savitri.jpg)

4ded6e  No.12127859

First and foremost, i am not hinduist or from India. I want an unbiased debate, so please refrain from pulling your own religion into this.

We are indo-europeans, aryans. Heinrich Himmler could not stop talking about Bhagavad Gita, while Hitler himself was a close friend with Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the man who introduced the Hare Krishna movement to the west. I know, Hare Krishna right? But some say they used to be based, why it didn't work was because Prabhupada tried to convert the nihilistic youth of the west, the movement was soon taken over by communists and hippies. Prabhupada himself was actually killed by a jewish man.

India used to be a nice place before it was destroyed by atheistic buddhism, islamic invasions and being part of the British Empire. They have practiced their religion untouched for over 5000 years and back then India was aryan. According to the Gita, Maharaj Pariksit used to rule the entire world under a vedic regime. The Bhagavad Gita describes a very accurate history of the world, it survived the religions of Abraham. Is there something to this? If so, what was Hitler trying to do? He was very inspired by Vedic India. The castes are not based on classes, but on race and family lines. I haven't read much into the subject because, hey indians, but i feel like i have touched into something. Lurk more right? Maybe read Savitri Devi or Bhagavad Gita, well should i?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4osChDnPyQ [Embed]

be739d  No.12127873


Well i also wanted to read about the vedic religions since they come up into so many aryan related discussions.

Also, of course you should read anything that might elucidate you on this, since it seems an important topic

4ded6e  No.12127893


I saw a video on youtube (this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VOrnSWZ-Hs) and it seems like there is some based far-right hare krishnas. He makes a valid point, could the aryans survive without a religion, especially in regards to the islamic "invasion" of europe?

30e746  No.12127914

I need to know about something. So India is split between the Northern Aryans and the Southern Dravidians right? So in that case, were the ancestors of Dravidians Aryan BEFORE getting mudded by Africans or did Dravidians existed for a long time?

6e1f3b  No.12127929


Dravidians are not Negroid - they are Australoid. Not only that, but they had their own civilization before the Aryan Invasion.

cceedc  No.12127931




How many sticks did they invent?

159680  No.12127940


>some based far-right


71d49e  No.12127946

>wants unbiased debate

>brings no argument

>brings no sources

>trying to spread eastern nonsense

>trying to find a way to not be a poo

This is a "what does /pol/ think of X" thread.

6e1f3b  No.12127958




db553f  No.12128011

File: 7ea26f6e1d46944⋯.png (638.73 KB, 1457x1826, 1457:1826, DjiYlfEW0AArtv7.png large.png)


Hey, I've been quite a reader of Savitri Devi and other associated works for years, if you're looking to get into this, the greatest book to start with would be Lightning and the Sun, her work synthesizing the Vedic worldview of cyclical history with National Socialism.


If you want a copy. For Bhagavad Gita, get the one with commentary by Prabhupada to get the best initial understanding of it as a westerner.

Northern India and early Persia were indeed once upon a time Aryan kingdoms, kin to those of Europeans, the original Vedic and Zoroastrian scriptures have a profound amount of overlap and parallels with pre-Abrahamic religions in Europe and in reading them one will find a deep resonance and mirror to the internal feelings of one's own racial soul. The current state of these nations should serve as grim reminder, Aryan India and Aryan Persia were infiltrated, undermined from a thousand channels, overthrown and absorbed and mongrelized to various degrees with the dravidian/semitic locals. The same fate awaits Europe and her racial colonies unless we act.

db553f  No.12128046

File: 3ef43691f31dedd⋯.png (93.11 KB, 532x173, 532:173, Screenshot_2.png)

File: b09ebb4c633c87a⋯.png (193.41 KB, 573x314, 573:314, Screenshot_3.png)

File: d98a30f5b436456⋯.png (101.97 KB, 635x209, 635:209, Screenshot_6.png)

Also the Vedic God Indra, a parallel to Thor spends most of his time smiting and hating niggers instead of ice giants.

c54436  No.12128050

File: d762db468ba0778⋯.jpg (83.53 KB, 700x529, 700:529, a54511d2aa569ec4d95b7e7ba5….jpg)


>Whites build a legendary civilization due to the vicious ingenuity and inborn resonance with divinity

>Kikes and muds proceed to brown it up and drag the world back to the animal mean

I wonder exactly how many times we've been through this bullshit.

279869  No.12128066


>could the aryans survive without a religion

If my understanding is to be correct, the aryan is considered the "highest form" of humanity. IE, the last launching point to escape the samsara cycle. It goes something like this: Aryan > White > remaining caucasoids > causasoid mixes > ainu > asiastic mixes > chinese > juden (The nature of the chinese are soulless bugmen, and the juden are nothing but evil parasites. If we must include the negro and negro offshoots, they would be above the chinese, below everyone else.).

Since the Brahman priest caste were by definition Aryan, and were the highest caste. So, the cycle of reincarnation pushes you to whiteness. The tricky part is that Aryan means "noble ruler," and historians love to say "no no, it wasn't attached to whiteness." They'll ignore that Buddha is traditionally described as having blue eyes and from a pre-dravidianist mixing era. Oops. (Something of a note, Buddha is also named Jessos. Keep that in mind when reading pre-jewish influence works).

So no. The aryans could not survive without the religion blessed upon them by the gods. No religion = no aryan. Why do you think there was such a push for materialist atheism everywhere in the early 00s? Religion gives you hope for the future, atheism provides none. The white DNA is specifically written to have hope for the future. Any worthwhile white belief system ALWAYS has hope for the future. Atheism leads down the path of nihilist hedonism, with no future. When you're atheist, there is no reason to not live a life of reckless objectivist indulgence. A lack of cohesive meaning and future means no civilization.

No faith = no future = no meaning = no hope = no Aryan. It's pretty simple.

What is white religion then? >>12128011 overlays it pretty well. Racial soul is an important concept, and the racemixed mutts have no racial soul. Look to the old myths, of hybrids monsters like manticores and basilisks. Forcefully mixed beings that only have one purpose- destroy. The mutt underclass has no ties to the past, the very best a mutt could be is 2/3rds of a person (The time divisions of past, present, and future. You cannot ignore any. We know that atheism seeks to destroy the future part of people. Woe to the atheist mutt, who is but 1/3rd of a person. This is also why the media love to push the "the past doesn't matter lol" meme.). Racial soul symbolizes the past, aryan religion is the future.

a65abe  No.12128073

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good lecture for those who are unfamiliar with savitri devi

0d3ee0  No.12128082


db553f  No.12128108

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Quotes from Lightning and the Sun for anyone who wants to get a feel for it and her works.

412271  No.12128187


I like the idea of Aryanism but I don't believe that we have anything in common with your average street shitter…and I didn't really dump the jew so that I could be ruled over by street shitters. At some point you all will start to assess people by WHAT they have done/contributed to the planet. If it is not 100% obvious to you that poo in the loo's are (maybe) one step above niggers, you have another thing coming. If their were any Aryans left they would be Europeans. Does anyone on this board want to go live under the rulership of street shitters, because of the 'glorious fucking future' they have made for their people in India? I mean be my fucking guest, just don't expect any mercy when the time for extermination comes. The way I look at it, YOU CHOSE what was important to you by DELIBERATELY elevating an INFERIOR PRODUCT over your own people A VASTLY SUPERIOR PRODUCT. So live with the consequences. This, to me is just ONE MORE FUCKING STAB in the dark by the jew mongrel niggers to obtain a position of authority over our people that in NO FUCKING WAY DO THEY DESERVE. DISGUSTING PARASITES…ALL OF THEM.

4ded6e  No.12128198

The Brahmins were the descendents of Indo-Europeans, and they established the caste system. It isn't based around "class" exactly, because back in Vedic India caste was class. Think of it like your slavery days, a black person was a slave, while a white person could be anything.

Brahmins served as priests and interpreted religious texts, for over a few millennium only they had the right to learn Sanskrit. Kshatriyas were divided into various groups, Rajputs served as the royalty as well as warriors and soldiers, Kayastha served as the nobility and took care of recording taxes.

Vaishyas were businessmen and artisans, they served as sculptors who were commissioned by the royalty to construct various monuments and sculptures.

Shudras were the lowest caste, their job was usually cleaning and collecting trash. They weren't considered untouchable so they were employed in palaces, or worked as people who washed clothes etc..

Dalits and tribal people were considered "untouchable", meaning that they were not present in the varna system.

Just see how the Vedas calls the "caste" system as "varna" system. "Varna" in Sanskrit means "colour".

Even today, certain castes have large amounts of Indo-European DNA, all Brahmin castes average about 17% of Yamnya DNA, while certain castes like Haryanvi Jatt have almost 30% Indo-European DNA. The most common Haplotype among the upper castes is R1a1, while in the lower castes (and non-Brahmin Southern Indians) is J.

Tamil Brahmins speak a Dravidian language, but the interesting part is that the Tamil they speak is filled with Sanskrit words, and so is modern Tamil.

279869  No.12128351


>I like the idea of Aryanism but I don't believe that we have anything in common with your average street shitter

I like how you ignored the description of the buddha, you fucking idiot. There's a complete difference between the Aryans of back then and the dravidian poo in loos today.

4ded6e  No.12128360


Say a group of pollacks went to India and started a real vedantic sect, they would have gotten millions of followers.

e636db  No.12128372


>but i feel like i have touched into something.

Was it poo you found on a designated street?

289e9d  No.12128386


Stepped on a fresh pile in his sandal and it squished all up over the side of it

4ded6e  No.12128392


Yeah, it was fresh from your mother

412271  No.12128549

File: a6219a059e1149d⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 306x431, 306:431, samantabhadri (1) blue bud….jpg)

File: e2dc0de094a50de⋯.jpg (826.38 KB, 640x2160, 8:27, buddhist monk muslims are ….jpg)


If there is a complete difference and we know that we are vastly superior, why would I look to them for anything? I don't need a street shitter or a poo in the loo or a buddhist to tell me anything about what is valuable or important in life. They can fuck right off to their ghetto people. There is nothing on the entire planet as wonderful or as beautiful as Europeans. I know everything about 'buddha' already. I have done all the investigations into the subhumans and their religions and I find them all as lacking and inferior as I find their people. This isn't my first rodeo, bucko.

Do I need a buddhist monk to 'tell me that muslims' are half nigger parasites? Did these other people somehow think that I couldn't see things correctly for myself when I am, literally the Light Bearer of the World? No, I don't think so.

Quit trying to elevate things that don't deserve elevating. The only thing that is worthy of Life on this planet are Europeans. We are the only thing of value and as such we don't need to look outside ourselves for anything that (supposedly) someone other subhuman race could offer us.

c2ff6e  No.12128610


Vedas (and similar texts) are based on ancient Indo-European (Aryan) religion, and are probably a remnant of lost ancient, advanced civilizations, and perhaps a race of demigods that perished (or left) for unknown reasons. Those texts contain A LOT of coded messages, which if interpreted correctly can bring immense knowledge, not only of religious, but civilization/technological nature as well. They tend to be muddied as most interpretations available to us today are made by Hindus, which are a lesser race, but if you disregard their primitive understanding of it, the knowledge is still there, just in a form more understandable to the poos. I highly recommend reading this, but be prepared to read the same paragraphs over and over again in order to "get them" as otherwise it won't make much sense to you.



>the greatest book to start with would be Lightning and the Sun, her work synthesizing the Vedic worldview of cyclical history with National Socialism.

She overdoes the Genghis Khan part and her veganism makes me cringe, but is quite spot on about most other things.

c2ff6e  No.12128743


>If my understanding is to be correct, the aryan is considered the "highest form" of humanity.

Exactly. Aryan race is the next step of evolution. Whites at their peak are still their degenerated offspring, especially modern whites. Jews are the anti-race, and other races cannot even come close. Racial quality could be seen as a gradient.

>So no. The aryans could not survive without the religion blessed upon them by the gods.

You are on the right track anon. But be wary of the false religions.


They would be suppressed hard by the Indian government


>Keeps ignoring the fact that Vedas were originally written by whites (or are based on their teachings)

3cc04e  No.12129859

>We are indo-europeans, aryans.

Indo-Europeans =/= Indians or Europeans.

They were a people inhabiting the volga river area north of the black sea on the pontic steppe.

Modern-day northern Indians of the highest caste (priests) and "white" Iranians/Persians have ~20% PIE DNA, while southern Indians and other castes have nearly none.

For comparison, southern Europeans have roughly this amount, while northern/eastern Europeans have roughly 40% PIE DNA.

>Hitler himself was a close friend with Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

sauce? i havn't seen anything about this before.

76aa06  No.12131781

Why has this thread been anchored?

385a92  No.12131793


Because you shit in the street pajeet

70ce85  No.12132505


Why did Hitler recruit Sikhs for the SS?

2abea8  No.12133294


You realize the average street shitter is a low caste mostly dravidian?

Northwest is filled with the descendants of the scythians Huns and aryans… You realize Alexander was stopped in the Punjab?

Enough of your superior bullshite. Hitler tried to recruit from there for a reason…

b5dedf  No.12141072

File: 37e55248e654345⋯.jpeg (39.94 KB, 418x480, 209:240, 094C5102-56E5-4000-BB3E-6….jpeg)

File: 0bf42d663eee4c1⋯.jpeg (137.97 KB, 960x540, 16:9, CED6B808-7AE7-41DA-9616-F….jpeg)

File: 14ce87f827dd5f3⋯.jpeg (101.23 KB, 960x636, 80:53, 663F62D6-5416-498F-A5E1-B….jpeg)

File: 80b9560aa10d779⋯.jpeg (920.63 KB, 1000x1469, 1000:1469, 2C593A01-1779-4A50-9D6B-8….jpeg)


>Hitler himself was a close friend with Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

>sauce? i havn't seen anything about this before.

Pics related. They weren’t friends per say, but the Swami and Ghandi were both supporters, holohoax deniers, and helped hide NSDAP refugees after the war.


I recommend the “BGita As It Was” by the aforementioned Swami who was very vocal against race mixing and feminism. This and his popularity is why a kike joined the Krishnas, rose through the ranks and poisoned him. Thus resulting in the commie cucks most people think of when they hear Hare Krishna. Other cannon for PIA Vedic culture are the Rig(Rg) Veda and the Upanishads. These came from the same culture that spawned our European ancestors; different environmental pressures altered the two but can still be linked etymologically. The link below and “Survive the Jive” on YouTube are good jumping of points on this. StJ is a well respected scholar of pre-Christian British and Scandinavian History, anthropology, and Indo-European haplogroup migrations for those who don’t care to read academic papers. I’m beginning to study Vedic cannon because most of our European “pagan” religions was destroyed and subverted by Christianity and kikes for nearly 2000 years. Whereas Vedic dharma wasn’t actively subverted by kikes and their pets until the last hundred years and therefore is easier to find the path to universal Aryan truth imo.



>17 min StJ video on Ingvi Frey

f22830  No.12141204


Fuck the vols.

take it to /tok

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