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File: 86f4eb2f96c606c⋯.jpg (201.41 KB, 993x559, 993:559, bild.jpg)

2be046  No.12127964

Another German murdered by migrants - news publicized - are (((they))) stiring up a race war?

This kind of stuff has been covered up for years just like in Sweden and suddenly (((they)) are publishing incidents like this that probably happen by the dozen every week.

(((They))) either want a race war or (((they))) really believe in their ability to gulag bad goys at this point.

Anyway, this is the news:

Two afghans were arguing with a German waifu about who knocked her up.

Two German white knights came to help as they presumed they were harassing her.

One of the guys, a 22 year old German, got beaten up badly and died of a heart attack.

Keep in mind this is kosher news so who knows what really happened.

It happened in eastern Germany as well, close to the city where a German guy was stabbed to death by migrants the other week.


2be046  No.12127967



b86df2  No.12127969

>died of a heart attack

That's it. Germany needs to go full war now.

fe624f  No.12127976

Nice try arab you have to go back

ecc5b6  No.12127986



I copy from another thread…

It's an orchestrated invasion to destabilize the country. That's why that diversity nonsense is being pushed, that's why the UK has a sudden hard-on with censoring every bit of opposition, that's why the "luegenpresse" is firing lies from all directions, that's why Merkel advertised the "no religious oppression" dogma onto the invaders…the world wide escalation is an orchestrated event, and it won't be long now until we will find out why (((they))) did it.

199ee9  No.12127987

They feel the pressure and they know that if they don't report it it's going to grow the hatred towards the media, now you're seeing them take a decision, their ideology or they own existence.

681826  No.12127990


is that the body outline of a gondola?

9f38f6  No.12127996



>is that the body outline of a gondola?


756bd6  No.12127997

File: bbbef791f1b9e8a⋯.jpg (140.7 KB, 1600x600, 8:3, this is not how you do gon….jpg)

2be046  No.12128018


there might be reports on Facecuck that'd quickly get b& as fake news

anything that doesn't get reported by the main stream media never enters the minds of more than a few locals

there are some alternative sites but how can you take something as the whole truth without video evidence etc. from some random site that might as well disappear from jewgle soon?

my father saw a knife wielding mudshit getting shot at McKike many many years go by someone who claimed to work for the secret service who just happened to be there at random

nothing got reported ever

5e1dc7  No.12128045


Journos have to be given the same treatment as shitskins

199ee9  No.12128052


You're too soft on them.

I don't care if you get rid of shitskins silently, the reporters deserve a public lynching.

d9b69d  No.12128137

File: a9ab9585e2a8f21⋯.jpg (382.01 KB, 993x559, 993:559, 86f4eb2f96c606c8e2cf0865f4….jpg)

File: 2805987c7ab398f⋯.png (291.75 KB, 960x664, 120:83, 29314459_1562810410505279_….png)


Murdering Gondolas cannot be allowed.

0ad987  No.12128197


damn these horrid times! you cant tell if you are white knighting for a mudskank or not. fucking shame this brave man died for a worthless whore.

37482a  No.12128293


>Two afghans arguing over German coalburner

>Two German white knights show up

>One gets beaten to a pulp and dies of heart attack

Ahaha, fucking cuck nation…

cbb671  No.12128302


ETHNO-GLOBE…we have literally tried everything else. It is time for a European ONLY world so that we don't have to tolerate this BULLSHIT any longer…all of it is BULLSHIT, the fucking kikes are BULLSHIT, the niggers are BULLSHIT, the shitskins are BULLSHIT, the chinky bugs are BULLSHIT, poo in the loos are BULLSHIT, the faggot/pedos are BULLSHIT…it is time to stop having mercy and begin the extermination of these people who have MADE THEMSELVES OUR ENEMIES though we have given them everything and patiently tolerated everything they could throw at us. The are a fucking parasitic plague in OUR WORLD.

eb9033  No.12128528


>German waifu

Race traitor FTFU

85ccd4  No.12128666


What nationality is the first gondola?

05eb74  No.12128849

>which shitskin knocker her up

>german "waifu"


42b885  No.12129733

lol did a sandnigger draw that with chalk? thats not how those outlines of bodies are done

>crim justice major

8d8ad6  No.12129841

They will try and get the right angry, and then call for authoritarian means to subdue the "far right". In the end, everyone will lose rights.

I doubt it's going to work, this seem like a last resort. I think they wanted to let the refugees cause trouble, pretend it was natives, then pass socialist authoritarian government under the guise of keeping everyone safe. But they know they lost control and are using a plan b.

af0284  No.12129842


>died of a heart attack

a/k/a cardiac arrest due to blunt force trauma.

36bcbb  No.12129846

File: 08da91e8e0741d4⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 326x184, 163:92, 08da91e8e0741d4feeaa338e6a….mp4)

File: aef9ccf9145f2c1⋯.gif (11 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.gif)



How long can this go on?

2a4e3c  No.12129860


As long as we let it.

a25c99  No.12129878


>bootleg gondolas

wew, what region of china was this made in?

6d3f5a  No.12129887

>some whore fucks two arabs

>gets hastled by them because thats what arabs do

>two german gentlemen see a damsel in distress and rush to m'ladys aid

>get fucking curbstomped to death

>the girl probably went home to her non-white boyfriend glad that a filthy racist was killed


699660  No.12129900

File: 8ea7a4455f1e05a⋯.jpg (93.9 KB, 739x960, 739:960, muslims eu rape.jpg)


for being stupid

They want war in the Middle East AND race mixing. That's the whole point you fucking moron. So they stir and mix, stir and mix.

8b9ea1  No.12129918

File: f8996d25c4baa7c⋯.png (79.64 KB, 300x308, 75:77, 97fc39c147289568c884b99c73….png)

File: b0ef125082208fe⋯.webm (9.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Köthen-National Socialism….webm)



Not much longer…

ad803c  No.12134496

>died of a heart attack

The police even claimed that there is no connection between the injuries/the attack and the heart attack and I even saw left winger comments that "it could have happened any time when he had stress he would have died anyway".


>there might be reports on Facecuck that'd quickly get b& as fake news

Sadly a big mass is so afraid of reality that they actively would accept fake videos from Chemnitz so that they can keep claiming the evil east german neo nazis made a migrant hunt than seeing that it all was a lie.


((they))) might have a plan, but many parts change, people involved high on the power string might change direction, might have a different reason and some even regret it.

Right now they were not able to actually increase race mixing to a relevant amount, get it to all classes and areas ect.

They spread the antisemitism of the Islamic world (were people take any reason, religious reason, racial reason, because of Israel or simply because they a jews and hating them is what a good moslem has to do) to europe. The anti migration, the white-only, the (white sub group) only people, the right wing are either not the ones that want to support the jews/Israel or hate them, muslim invaders either hate them, don't care or want them dead and only the not breading and only the left-wing is left and they are literally dying.

Also right now they got the european people to try everything they can to stop the middle east to make new wars, kill or fight each other.

They dig their own grave and will die when we fall.

And even if they succeed they will have so many people that want Israel to have open boarders and want them to breed with non-white goys.

e01b00  No.12134579


>>died of a heart attack


>The police even claimed that there is no connection between the injuries/the attack and the heart attack and I even saw left winger comments that "it could have happened any time when he had stress he would have died anyway".


Who is Heather Heyer?

ec9ede  No.12134699


The one good thing about (((Charlottesville))) is that it showed our brothers in Europe that they weren't alone, that there are actually large numbers of people who want change.

adc5ba  No.12142125







no archive…

what a fucking newfag





f016a3  No.12142150


Jews dont want a race war, they are doing everything in their power to cover this stuff up.

8b61ab  No.12142171


They do, but not right now. The chances of their pets winning are still too small. Fuck, I bet in a decade or so the media will do a sudden 180° turn and stoke the fire to force a race war.

a8e80d  No.12142312

Haha I can't wait for the next time the krauts get spanked. They are setting you up again and you snowniggers still don't get it.

690f66  No.12146584

>22 year old German, got beaten up badly and died of a heart attack

This little cuckold was so scared of a physical confrontation he had a heart attack. What the fuck? Man the fuck up, Germany.

9907d0  No.12146592


Is there even a point in trying to save those whores?

690f66  No.12146622


I don't live in an urban shit-hole, but if I did I'd assume the white woman was a marxist piece of trash and leave it at that, whether she's being harassed or not. Although I don't see myself ever going to a city again, so that won't even happen…

000000  No.12146654




Oh we are getting "raided" by lefties. Do you feel the flames rising?

b2c5c4  No.12147059

File: 25fb36de6ddd17c⋯.jpg (303.23 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 14413095657_1eb38dc871-b.jpg)


Heather Heyer

Was a fat fat bitch

The SS got her

Now she's lying in a ditch

a71072  No.12147174

Yes, because in Frankfurt even cops will admit that subhuman crime is highly censored by them and the news media.

2cf84d  No.12150625


>(((They))) either want a race war or (((they))) really believe in their ability to gulag bad goys at this point.

probably the latter but possibly the former

8d92b0  No.12151155


Since when is not helping coalburners a leftist idea?

Bitch decided to fuck Arabs enough to get her pregnant, she can go live/die with her stupid decisions, there is no reason to have good men die to defend her.

3668a9  No.12151215


>german man gets clobbered to death by rapefugees – death by heart attack

>lardass heather heyer sees a car accident and freaks out – murdered by neonazi

oh jew…

b0a171  No.12151228


This. The few jernos that haven't fully drank the multi-culti coolaid see where the tide is going and are either trying to save face or run damage control. Of coarse they'll try and down play it as a one off tragedy and ignore the bigger issue.


>are they stiring up a race war?

That was inevitable from the beginning. They intended to open the floodgates and never see them closed, but now many of the migrant routes have been closed. If they want to destroy the Europe with a race war now might be their last opportunity as ethno-nationalism continues to rise, hence why they keep doubling down.

2c6b8f  No.12154836

File: 108c436d093913e⋯.png (2.24 MB, 480x366, 80:61, mugshot.png)

>yfw the MSM was actually on our side the whole time and trying to start a race war

a76982  No.12154872

File: f83f78fe163b009⋯.jpg (101.22 KB, 846x781, 846:781, 87910b450a983fb1d5b81f853a….jpg)


Good point.

d1b667  No.12159260


We all know how vulnerable 22 year olds are to heart attack.

4c16a1  No.12181492


8chan mods are thin skinned nigger

clean it up polvol and put in the work you fucking faggot

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