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File: 5814fbcfb2ba7ea⋯.jpg (2.91 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20180908_211557.jpg)

6a4339  No.12128905

Walmart is pushing the gay/race mixing agenda to level 6 million. It was too much of a sight and I immediately had to vomit in my mouth a little. The face on this little boy says it all. I typically dont shop at Walmart, but when I do I usually leave with a similar disgusted feeling. This time I think I got visual aids. Thanks jews. I appreciate you destroying everything innocent and natural.

d89cd2  No.12128919


That is fucking horrendous! I hope you accidentally set it on fire.

813582  No.12128930


Doesnt deserve its own thread.

000000  No.12128941

Slide thread.

08229d  No.12128942


This is problematic, it usually is a black male with a white female.

6a4339  No.12128949

>>12128919 I've seen bad propaganda before but this takes the cake.

7304d9  No.12128957


Be careful when walking by those things. You might accidentally knock one off the shelf and damage the box… every time you walk by.

6a4339  No.12129021

>>12129005 wheres the wall shlomo? Why isnt Hillary in jail? Why do I see MORE beaners in my working in my town than ever before?? Fuck off back to r/the Donald.

dbc7c2  No.12129041


>every time you walk by.


0fa3cb  No.12129056

File: fe15e71365bae6e⋯.jpg (190.32 KB, 999x754, 999:754, 67aae7001abca9aa315d5de06d….jpg)


6a4339  No.12129074


SO BASED. Trump is really gonna help the 14.

0fa3cb  No.12129103


Its already anchored, because its a shit thread.

Donald Trump was a pressure relief valve. He isnt here to save our race. We can use him to buy time, in which we can prepare for the coming war. But I'm torn with the timeframe, because the longer we put off fighting the more brown people we have flooded into our country.

ee9637  No.12129208

Really, I think the idea here was just to touch the most customers possible. When you study sale or ad, they literally tell you that blacks can't identify to whites and whites can't identify to blacks so you must always have diversity in your models. I remember me and most other students telling the teacher that this was a stupid idea, and he just said something like we didn't know how people think.

As for the boy playing with dolls, I knew a lot of boys who admited that they played with their sisters dolls when they were kids, and they did not become homosexual. Again, the purpose is clearly to sell to most customers possible, telling little boys "See, dolls are not only for girls, so ask your parents to buy you this !".

6a4339  No.12129793


No one could possibly think trump isnt /our guy. Therefore we MUST be astroturf.

9d1016  No.12129976

Walmart just sells it. It's a chink made product. Some yellow nigger just giving Americucks what they want. Complain to the shitheads at babyalive.com

434c66  No.12130279


you must not be keeping up with (((advertising))). the current trend is white male/non-white female, and the omnipresent black father

0696ee  No.12134313

And of course the thread got (((anchored))).

3eccc3  No.12134609

>>12134313 mods here are faggots.

cb26a8  No.12138755

Snapchat news today has video thumbnail of a white woman, titled something about giving birth in the car.

Strange, a white woman featured on Snapchat giving birth. Must be a niglet birth they are celebrating.

Clicked it. Yep. +1 niglet, two more in back seat watching

Every time.

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