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File: 7a3375a34490172⋯.png (32.77 KB, 601x254, 601:254, Operation Magister.png)

File: 9b7d1ba0bbc6cc9⋯.jpg (121.02 KB, 488x455, 488:455, primaryclasssize.jpg)

File: 246110820c1f2d2⋯.jpg (124.66 KB, 463x439, 463:439, pubprivclass-size.jpg)

File: ddad1065bd0fe1f⋯.png (350.52 KB, 1920x986, 960:493, 1920px-OECD_member_states_….png)

d67b19  No.12129069


Operation Magister is a logical, legal, and common sense solution to the problem of educators and educational publishers throughout the western world indoctrinating children and young adults into believing that they are either responsible for, or victims to, the actions or situations their forefathers were involved in. Simply put, Operation Magister seeks to reform education in such a way that children are not made to feel guilty for the perceived and real sins of their fore-bearers, nor made to feel victimized for the perceived and real adversities of their fore-bearers.

>So how do we do it?

The plan of Operation Magister is as follows:

1. Participants must sacrifice their personal dreams for the good of the western world, and become *gasp* teachers, professors, and textbook writers.

2. Once within these positions of power, participants must work to remove all guilt/victim narratives from lesson plans/textbooks and replace them with more empirical methods of historical study. History is in fact written by the victor, but that doesn't mean you can't give a nearly accurate portrayal of history that avoids deliberately pushing deconstructive as in, deconstructs civilization politics.

3. Encourage legitimate critical thinking among students of all ages, and preach the value of researching important subjects for ones' self over passively consuming information, especially from "mainstream" sources. By the time students leave you, they should be able to research events past and present, coming to their own conclusions and synthesizing them in an understandable way, at least within the reasonable capacity of their development. i.e. seven year olds may not be able to write you a perfect essay on current events, but they can at least take to heart the base concepts and lessons

If Operation Magister has enough participants willing to accomplish these tasks, the western world would witness a generation of unabashed, critically-thinking individuals the likes of which may never have been seen before. It may sound too inefficient, too small of an impact, but think about it:

Imagine 1,000 people take Operation Magister to heart, and in some way or another fulfill their three tasks.

750 teachers, 125 professors, 125 textbook writers I am in fact aware that professors write or help write textbooks

Those 750 teachers –assuming they begin pursuing their teaching degree at 18 and finish by age 21– will teach for ~44 years until they retire with full benefits at the ripe age of 65.

According to a 2009 yes its older but still relevant to my point study by OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, see map for member states), the average number of students in a primary school classroom is 21.4

44 years X 21.4 students = 941.6 students

941.6 students X 750 teachers = 706,200 students!

Remember that this is for primary school alone, and that individual university professors deal with even larger numbers over the course of their careers.

Source: https://www.oecd.org/redirect/document/24/0,3343,en_2649_39263238_43586328_1_1_1_1,00.html

If people step up to educate the next generation in accordance with Operation Magister, even a mere 1,000 of them,


If that's not beneficial to western civilization, than I don't know what is. Feel free to critique Operation Magister all you want, but the core ideas and concepts MUST NOT BE CHANGED!

Only the processes by which the core ideas and concepts are realized are open for change, and if they are to successful, they must be logical, legal, and with a semblance of common sense to them.

d67b19  No.12129092


A Note on the OECD map:

Dark Blue = Founding Member

Light Blue = Joined Later

000000  No.12129098

<naming your operation


d67b19  No.12129116


Its called a rhetorical question anon, have you heard of it?

d67b19  No.12129131


>inb4 laughed at for you'ing myself

981280  No.12129138

just kill the joos fam

d67b19  No.12129215


<just kill the joos fam

0e1682  No.12129223

We can't do any of these operations properly without organizing. Shills keep accusing of us being intel agencies but we aren't calling for any violence. I, for example, want to team up with other anons making fascist-inspired e-businesses and market each other.

d67b19  No.12129275


That's the beautiful thing about Operation Magister, it requires no organization. All you have to do is say "ok, I'm going to follow this plan", and do it! There could be threads from time to time where people would talk about the progress they've made, but its not necessary in the slightest. People could read this thread once, decide to do it, do it, and never bother reading a thread like this again. Participating in threads would provide motivation and a more fleshed out idea of what must be done, but the necessary core is there.

144349  No.12129896

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thread theme.

aa1266  No.12129932


This is a strong, well thought out plan. My only question to you is why continue Prussian style schooling at all? I believe home-schooling is the future of education as it removes the (((socialization))) elements that destroy proper learning, and furthers the bond between parent and child

d67b19  No.12131331


I can't prove anything to you without revealing my private identity, which is antithetical to the purpose of an anonymous image board. I understand your concerns though. In all honesty, how could telling people to become teachers be a honeypot or controlled op? If you want to change how children are educated, you either a. change the system, or b. change the people within the system. The left did b, so why can't we, but better and with actual morality?


I have personal anecdotes on home school, and all I can say about that is while parent/child relationships are extremely important, in my opinion most parents and children spending that much time with each other causes problems. Child isn't socialized as much with other kids (though that could be remedied by playing with neighborhood kids), and spending TOO MUCH time with parents could do the opposite of bringing the family together. Let's face it, most parents don't want to raise their children, so let's teach those parents children how to raise their own properly by instilling basic, important principles for life. Take this with a grain of salt though, home school is entirely dependent upon the temperaments/dynamics of the parent and child.

d67b19  No.12131345


First paragraph was meant for you, don't know why I've seemingly developed a habit of clicking the wrong person.

21d3ff  No.12131352

File: 2c52fafc047f5d4⋯.jpeg (134.14 KB, 464x700, 116:175, 0AADE5D1-8A64-4CD5-B6B3-6….jpeg)

File: 2987935b64f09e2⋯.png (1016.48 KB, 616x2030, 44:145, 0E70178E-F5BF-4EF3-9CD1-F4….png)

File: 49d60d682ecc09e⋯.jpeg (43.63 KB, 720x348, 60:29, D08E301C-33F8-4330-A996-B….jpeg)

File: cf73070b9876d02⋯.png (543.25 KB, 647x782, 647:782, EDA01083-B7D6-451B-987E-9F….png)

File: 0161ad0d966c0f7⋯.jpeg (3.88 MB, 4500x4602, 750:767, 8EFA50C8-DECB-4963-8A90-A….jpeg)


>are not made to feel guilty for the perceived and real sins of their fore-bearers

for starters, Whites are guilty of nothing. change that and you might be on to something

d67b19  No.12131381


Whites have committed malicious and vile acts in their histories, believe it or not. So has every other race on the planet. The difference is that whites "moved past it" and attempted the whole "peaceful multicultural society" thing. It didn't work out, as you are well aware.

For example, mass rapes/brutal murder of innocents after battles/wars/sieges is something our white forefathers are guilty of, but that in no way means the modern white man should be held accountable for it. Same goes for every other race that has invariably done the same vile shenanigan.

d67b19  No.12131395


To say whites are guilty of nothing is foolish at best, delusional at worst.

To say the lesser races are guilty of nothing is all the more foolish for obvious reasons, but I'm getting off topic here.

b99b49  No.12131912



Whites did nothing wrong. Accept it.

aa1266  No.12132699


If it isn't too revealing to ask, are your anecdotes about homeschool with the father or the mother as the teacher? I am also going to implement tutors for specialties that I want my child to learn(e.g foreign language, engineering, physical excellence, firearms, programming) to try and not overwhelm with just myself as the teacher.


I understand you are trying to use a measured approach with this statement, however I fundamentally disagree with it. Collective wrongs are measured by scale and volume. I would venture to say the murder/rape of innocents by non-whites to Whites in the post WW2 era vastly surpasses all the pre WW2 crimes by Whites to non-whites in volume. Consider the population growth, the proportionality of non-white crime to White crime and the ongoing indignities against our people

5a56e6  No.12132715

e02de9  No.12132751


>Whites have committed malicious and vile acts in their histories

Name one

e8d476  No.12132771

Why not become financially independent first and then go into teaching history, not because you have to but because you want to. When you have 6-7 figure passive income which is generated out of anyone’s control but your own you don’t have to worry about any repercussions for ‘wrongthink’.

fcf776  No.12132775


c3603c  No.12132798


I like the idea of becoming teachers, professors and whatnot. If enough people on the right were to actually go forth and do it then the damage to education might be undone within a generation or two. The problem is that there is enormous risk to the individual, dedicating one's life to studying bullshit for the sake of getting in a position of power and subverting it. The other issue is that in particular, education faculties at universities tend to be very left-dominated, to the extent that you can get a bad mark for having wrong-think in your paper in an ed class.

In any case, this plan is effectively highlighting the need for right-wingers to be more active in academia. On that note, in order to avoid being cast out for going against the current dogma, if one such person wishes to become a professor or educator, throughout their process of education they must hide their power-level until they are in a safe enough position to speak freely. More specifically, a tenured professor at a university is nearly impossible to fire. Using Juden Peterstein as an example, he has received a lot of hate from fellow academics for saying things which go against the dogma. In any other profession he would have probably been canned by now, but since tenure affords you near rock-solid job security, he can be fearless in that regard. I don't like him, just using him as an example. Anyway, the only issue in this regard is that becoming a professor can take 10+ years.

Becoming a teacher is more realistic. Anyone can do it in 4 years. The trade-off however is that you can't speak nearly as freely. You can certainly challenge students to evaluate teaching material in a way that the run-of-the-mill leftist teacher would not, but as soon as a more "socially conscious" student becomes aware of a teacher espousing right-wing views, it would be a problem. Many high schools (including my old one) have "Social Justice" clubs, where extra cunty dyed-hair young-feminist types tend to hang out. So, while a professor is essentially at liberty to say whatever they want, high school teachers must constantly walk on eggshells.


This is also a viable alternative. As long as one has personal fail-safes then that removes the risk.

39ed20  No.12132834


>let's become right wing teachers

Good luck with that. What do you think happened to everyone conservative in education? Commie gatekeepers ganged up on them and expelled them. It's everything you wish we had the power to do, but they actually do it.

See, the big problem with nazi larping is that you eventually lose sight of the fact that you're the weak fool and they are the human predators. You end up wondering why those idiots can run circles around you. That's because our problem is that we're honest working joes, while they are trained to lie and kill people like us.

c3603c  No.12132893


Hence the thing about "hiding your power-level". Can still definitely make an impact, although it needs to be subtle at first.

In any case, thankfully plenty of normalfags don't buy in to the socjus bullshit. In Canada, Trudeau successfully turned many shitlibs against the diversity obsessed bullshit by being such a tool. Education might be trying its utmost to drill its nonsense in to the younger generation, but plenty of people are rejecting it. It's not anywhere near hopeless.

7b0b2e  No.12133316


Whites have done wrong things. I’m proud of my race, not oblivious of its willingness to get its hands dirty.


The anecdotes are about homeschool with the mother. She was a good mother, a certified teacher even, but her personality clashed with her son’s horribly when they tried to get anything math-related done. She was certified in English.

You’ve got me there on the “measured response”. I agree with you on non-whites committing far more atrocities over the course of history. I just don’t want us to be blind to the imperfections of our race, because that can cause arrogance and overconfidence, which leads to defeat. Believing that on 8chan makes me appear cowardly, but I’d rather be proud and aware of history than proud and unaware.


Accusations like this are the bread and butter of derailing discussions on imageboards. How is this data mining? Someone agrees to become a teacher in a reply, and some gov. agency puts their IP+associated info in an “ebil natzee teachur” database?



>Catholics disobeying God yet again by going on murder sprees

47b296  No.12133327


how is it a honeypot if it is just an individual with no connections to any group? can you read?

3c1f92  No.12133336


<Just be teacher goyim, they have so much power

Teachers don't create the curriculum, the school board does. Teachers get fired for saying the wrong things to their students.

This would only work well if we all become college professors, and even then, we need to preach the BS for several years before getting our Tenure so we don't get fired.

Not saying it isn't a good idea to infiltrate universities, but most kids get indoctrinated before that through social media, childrens television, even highschool teachers.

7b0b2e  No.12133386


Precisely my intention.


A reasonable idea, but it would mean less students taught for the sake of your financial security. It’s a trade off. Depending on what colleges I’m accepted to (I’ve already been accepted to a good one) I will follow Operation Magister (OM) myself. Otherwise I’d be a hypocrite and this whole post would be a worthless larp, lol. Yes I am of legal age.


Exactly… And it’s perfectly legal, morally defensible even…


A very good point anon, which is why I included the whole “textbook maker” part. I need to research who exactly makes curriculums, and how to become that person. You’re right in saying that it would have a large impact, but never underestimate the power of a personal relationship with a competent teacher.

As for other dealing forms of indoctrination, it’s a relatively simple process , though requiring effort.

A. Call out the BS at every turn (being done)

B. Get into positions of power that allow you to change it (not being done)

It’s all about being as nepotistic and under the radar as Jews. Pretend to agree, bring others of your kind up with you, and slowly shift the paradigm back towards fact, unashamedness and constructiveness, as opposed to (((their))) feelings, guilt tripping and deconstruction of western society.

2e1c83  No.12133584

File: d6bb58d0c63b9f5⋯.jpg (958.16 KB, 2080x2963, 2080:2963, canadaPedoOntarioSchoolSys….jpg)

File: 82f899e7b9e636d⋯.jpg (499.99 KB, 1454x1283, 1454:1283, canadaPedoOntarioSchoolSys….jpg)


This is retarded. Teachers are sophists - they do it for money and money alone. No one teaches because they want to help kids. They might say that, but they dont mean it. It's easy job, weekends, holidays, and summer off and union makes you untouchable for incompetence.

Ministers of Education and other such titles are the ones that dictate curriculum. They are the only ones that matter. One pedophile paid for by (((Non-profit organizations))) and commanded by (((government policies))) dictate all education, textbooks and what is and isnt acceptable at school. Dont do it? Lose your license and unemployable. Care if a pedo wrote the program and has a bunch of marxist shit? Too bad, doesnt matter what you say. Teach it or waste 6 years on your university for nothing as you get blackballed.

You need university professors and intelligencia - like 50 people in a combined effort in a couple of fields only citing each other and attacking everyone else. Publish papers non-stop and force through your own textbooks in that department. I'd recommend garbage professions like arts and other retard level degrees to reach the most women - men are already red pilled enough by the time they start working. Influence women and theyll push your message faster. Psychology (not confused with psychiatry - the pseduobabble from freud - show the nonsense is disproven, attack their ideology and enforce positive recognition with certain viewpoints and negative with marxist views), Gender Studies/Womens Study (teach women differences between men and women on a biological level and psychological differences alongside the bullshit), English/Literature (force conservative views and punish liberal/diversity bullshit papers), Anthropology (push race realism, darwinian evolution as relates to humans) and other types of fields.

Only a concerted group of 10-15 per field and at the top of their classes (ie not community college graduates - go through harvard, yale, and other top universities to add weight to degrees and opinions) and seek positions in similar high end universities. Would take 20-30 years to push the ideology through and educate an entire generation back to their roots. Doesnt matter what they learned in K12 programs - university is where they formulate their worldviews completely and are most susceptible to ideologies. K12 will fall in line when universities are teaching your doctrine.

7b0b2e  No.12133788


<teaching is an easy job

Oh no, it’s retarded.

The latter part of your reply makes sense though. A cohort of professors working together, potentially with a friendly secretary of education in power, would be a MASSIVE positive influence.

aa1266  No.12135542


Thank you for your answer. Your anecdote further fuels my own internal confirmation bias on the matter(that boys cannot truly learn from women) but I'm sorry to hear of the troubles. Hopefully they resolved their quarrel.

You sound like someone I know who also preaches against arrogance and overconfidence regarding this matter. It's important to be aware of history but not to dwell on past mistakes, yes? At this time I would encourage you not to be negative towards violence, even if committed by our people. So many have lost the will fight, had it removed before it could spring up or are ardent pacifists. That it not what is needed at this time from our people. They need to be strong in spirit, body and mind. If you truly love the White race you will understand that there is a time and place for utilizing the tool of violence. We need our people to fight back, and to want to fight back, so being condemning of the warrior spirit is not useful

d9dbeb  No.12136732





reported for repeatedly self-bumping with shitposts


you're a stupid faggot. "operations" are not decades-long events, and you engage in "operations" in order to inspire individuals to do shit like this on their own (which is already happening). kys retard

d67b19  No.12165671

File: 7f44822e5df6405⋯.jpg (20.29 KB, 326x308, 163:154, I saw the movie yesterday ….jpg)


I figured it would fuel that, I've developed those own feelings myself to a degree. In my own experience, women can teach boys to be boyish or girlish in their mannerisms and usage of knowledge, but only men can teach boys to be men with such things, if that makes any sense. Its conjecture and anecdotes at their finest.

>It's important to be aware of history but not to dwell on past mistakes

Precisely my point of view on the subject. I condone violence when it is necessary for the protection of your family and your race, but no further, for from then on that righteous anger becomes violence and destruction for the mere sake of itself. I beg pardon for taking so long to reply back.


>retorting a reply or posting a self-reply within 5 minutes is self-bumping

Whatever you say anon, though I do admit I need to condense my posts more succinctly :^)

Operations are as long as they need to be, and entrenched leftists are verifiable proof that such things work quite well. Doesn't matter if its just a basic, decentralized idea, it works just as well. If you simply find the term "operation" to be lolcow-ish, ignore the name altogether and focus on the content of the post. Not that you would bother, lol.

9a2286  No.12168833

File: 9d366f74f9255f4⋯.jpg (99.58 KB, 381x750, 127:250, 9d366f74f9255f4f7cbcb259de….jpg)


It's not to be thought of as a failure of women that they can't teach boys to be men, but one of the purposes and honors of men/fathers to shepherd boys toward their growth and maturity into actual men through setting the proper example. I still come here because of the conjecture and anecdotes. Don't apologize, I'm glad you thought this exchange worthy of a response anon.

d00dca  No.12168968

Get me a green card and I'll go teach "your" kids. I have expertise in several STEM subjects and experience in teaching.

Otherwise I'll stay in this shithole and be happy with a better paying office job.

The country I'm in is hopeless to save with schooling

c4992d  No.12178744

File: c4f7f1f4a80c83f⋯.gif (23.94 KB, 500x301, 500:301, c4f7f1f4a80c83f7a416225bcc….gif)


You speak truth, and your magnificient double dubs confirm it. Keep on, good Sir.

266392  No.12178786

File: 8cb52f8e0911045⋯.jpg (703.65 KB, 975x1920, 65:128, tumblr_nwj4n93CBS1slbwszo1….jpg)


I found a higher resolution picture if anyone wanted one.

eb917f  No.12178891


Hi joan!!

5ecbd1  No.12178946


Any indication that you don't to the leftist line and you're out. Leftists do not tolerate ideological dissent and they have a stranglehold on all of this.

The real solution is to discredit and destroy the higher education system.

5ecbd1  No.12178958


There is nothing wrong with raping and torturing your enemies, faggot.

9f4603  No.12179033


>1. Participants must sacrifice their personal dreams for the good of the western world, and become *gasp* teachers, professors, and textbook writers.

>implying this is a sacrifice of my personal dreams

There are people on /pol/ who are looking at doing this type of thing, and more.


Becoming a professor takes a massive amount of time, and the chances of success are low because the field is competitive. Failure to succeed, however, is usually met with a much more secure and cushy teaching job than usual (or, if in STEM, a great job in industry).


>This is retarded. Teachers are sophists - they do it for money and money alone. No one teaches because they want to help kids.

There's also a chunk who teach because they failed at climbing higher on the academic food chain, and a chunk who sincerely like helping kids.

There's a degree to which teachers have control over the curriculum and to which they don't. You *do* have to teach these things…

But since, as you said, it's hard to get you fired for incompetence, you could simply teach them poorly.

Also, the last part of what you said is retarded. Sure, if you *had* such a thing, you'd win, but you can't get such a thing reasonably. You might get one person in such a position of power, tops.


><teaching is an easy job


>Oh no, it’s retarded.

It depends on who you are. Teaching would be an easy job for someone of notable intelligence - IQ 130 or more. It's not an easy job for idiots or autists.

2f926d  No.12179083

File: 9b4d60718af7d9a⋯.png (32.59 KB, 1013x451, 1013:451, Teachers_Australia.PNG)


>teachers in Australia

An "ATAR", or the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, is essentially a ranking of students. Students with scores "as low as zero" literally puts them in the bottom percentile.

Universities hand out teaching degrees to mud people who can't even function in daily life.

5ecbd1  No.12179100


All teachers deserve to be exterminated

5ecbd1  No.12179120


Weekends off, holidays off, snow days off, summer off, piss easy work hours, insane benefits, can retire at 50 with full pension for life, etc. Teaching is easy as shit and all teachers should be hanged.

2a960f  No.12179138


Thanks tumblr.

ec41a2  No.12179256


>Hence the thing about "hiding your power-level".

Ok, suppose you hide it and manage to get a job into academia. Congratulations. It doesn't change the fact that as soon as you open your mouth, the rest of the marxists will sack you. Because eventually you'll have to try saying something.

91cb98  No.12179286


>western world

amerikike shill

5ecbd1  No.12179300


I don't get why this is so hard to understand for some people. You cannot infiltrate and subvert leftist systems because they do not allow it.

c0b589  No.12179307

File: 48746d9275eb8ff⋯.png (130.34 KB, 1332x1050, 222:175, 9c28d81b78dfa067ab63aecbd1….png)

>>12178744 (checked)

I'm just doing the best I can m80. Your digits aren't bad yourself

1bd8fe  No.12179979

File: a05225a307698c8⋯.jpeg (136.33 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 55512bbcbfc09.jpeg)


Honestly this is a bad idea. Not because we shouldn't be fighting the indoctrination, but because it's fighting on our enemy's strongest front. You fight the enemy where they are weakest, then in doing so expose more weak points.

The teaching industry is filled with an incredible quantity of brainwashed and numbed individuals. These individuals will not rock the boat, and will happily attack someone that is marked as "outside" the group. Meanwhile the upper echelon are corrupt as fuck: Marxists, Feminists, and career outrage cultural exploiters.

As a result of 50 years of infection, they have instituted layers of bureaucracy which blocks any capacity for real change. Making a difference against this tide of degeneracy and inertia is near impossible. Because you will *never* have the numbers. If you hide your power level you'll never make any real impact.

This is not to say that an individual cannot make an impact. But to do so requires acting independently, outside of the establishment. A good approach would be extracurricular. The reason they want to lock down the internet is because of alternative voices acting outside of their control.

Starting a private school would be well outside of the financial ability of a typical person, but starting an extracurricular project within a community? 100% feasible. I'm talking clubs outside of schools, in public places. Sports teams, book clubs, camping/outdoorsy groups. The best way to shift people towards the right is to teach strength, and to bring about community.

Start a family, then once you are a trusted member of a community, take a leadership role. Educate and guide large numbers of children in an environment they actually want to be in. Show them the real world outside of the institutions.

That's how I'd approach it at least. Even if you acted low-key you'd wind up being accused of sexual impropriety and then fired. It's largely a waste of time and resources spent better elsewhere.

06e74e  No.12180043


are you really suprised that the inbred neanderthals, lacking all morals, are instituionalizing paedophilia ?

ec519b  No.12181161

File: 2359f9e27d1053d⋯.png (37.54 KB, 457x429, 457:429, 2x9g8jxd9r2jxrj.png)


>for example, want to team up with other anons making fascist-inspired e-businesses and market each other.

im in

0adbce  No.12181386

File: 23295e8bf0de80b⋯.jpg (837.99 KB, 828x1080, 23:30, 56474846j46j46j.jpg)

Teacher anon here.

Already doing what this 'operation' is suggesting. High School youth today is extremely frustrated with social justice and marxist ideology. They listen and crave for more when I talk about all the things they feel but can't put their finger on. All it takes is a little push and they're half way to 1488.

9730e3  No.12181901


your heart's in the right place, but you're not thinking things through. we need people like you, just in the front lines, not behind the scenes.

9730e3  No.12181913


they say the slippery slope is a fallacy and mock it, right? just need to find a slippery slope that makes them squirm but leaves them helpless to do anything

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