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000000  No.12130084

>The Danish politician and OSCE election monitor Michael Aastrup Jensen says that in all his years as an election monitor, he has never seen an election as undemocratic as the Swedish one, which he says is far below the Swedish standard. Jensen is foreign policy spokesperson for the liberal government party Venstre in Denmark, and has acted election monitor in Russia and other Eastern European countries.


6f96ec  No.12130087

Based. Democracy is Jewish.

8c4eee  No.12130142



The Swedish voting system "shocks" Danish politicians

>Danish politician Michael Aastrup Jensen strongly criticizes the Swedish voting system. He will address the question at the next meeting of the Council of Europe, he says.

>"During all the election observations I have been on, I have never seen a choice as undemocratic as the Swedish," he says.

>"It is far from European standard.

>He criticizes criticism primarily against the system of ballot papers, which he does not mean guaranteeing election secrecy. (((JUST LIKE THE JEWS WANT AN ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEM SO THEY CAN HACK IT)))

>Jensen is foreign policy spokesman for the Liberal Government Party Left in Denmark and has been electoral observator in Russia and more eastern European countries.

>The election is over, but the struggle for government has just begun. The Alliance demanded Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's departure already on election night.

>- This government has done its own. Now it will resign, "says the Moderate Leader and Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson.

>He stated that Monday's Alliance leaders will meet to discuss how Sweden will get a new government.

>However, Prime Minister Löfven announced that he intends to remain in the two weeks until the new parliament opens. It is only when the Alliance, together with the Swedish Democrats, can assign Löfven to the mandatory prime ministerial vote.

>Calls for peace

>Löfven invites the other parties to pragmatism, reflection and calm, and to wait for the final election results to see which block is greatest. He sees that the greatest political "constellation" should provide the basis for a government.

>It probably means that Stefan Löfven looks as the one who will lead negotiations on a government if the reddish green remains greatest when all votes are counted on Wednesday.

>Regardless of which side gets greatest, no majority gets, because the Swedish Democrats are the wavemasters. Therefore, cross-border cooperation is natural, according to Löfven.

>"Whatever the currency, this evening should be the funeral of the block politics," he says.

>In his speech on the party's whale, Löfven prevented his party from harsh days waiting and urged them to "keep together".

>"Absolutely illogical"

>The prime minister thinks it would be completely illogical if the least government alternative was to govern the country.

>Löfven did not go on if he intends to resign if the Alliance were to be greatest when all votes were counted later this week.

>Löfven's rival for prime minister, moderate leader Ulf Kristersson, has said throughout the electoral election that he will try to allocate Löfven, regardless of whether the reddish grows bigger than the Alliance. The reason is that Kristersson does not count in the Left Party in Löfven's government background.

>The moderators also support their retirement requirements by referring to the basic investigation. It interprets the Constitution as if a prime minister should resign after an election if it is unclear if there is support for the government of the elected parliament.

>Over the block limit

>If Kristersson is to be a prime minister, it is likely that passive or active support from another party is needed in addition to the Alliance.

>However, the Alliance parties have said that they will not negotiate with the Swedish Democrats. The Liberals and the Center have stated that they can not sit in a government that is dependent on SD support.

>Liberals Jan Björklund stated that the Alliance should hold together in the upcoming struggle for government, but that an Alliance government requires anchorage above the block limit.

>Otherwise, Alliance leaders did not understand how a Alliance government could get enough support.

>Requires influence

>The Swedish Democrats Jimmie Åkesson gave no signals at Walnut that he could passively accept an Alliance government without any influence. Åkesson instead argued for jubilant party members that SD's influence now has to increase, while he invited Kristersson to a conversation.

>"Now it's up to evidence. How are you going to form government? Do you think you choose Stefan Löfven or Jimmie Åkesson, "said the SD leader at the party's party.

>Left-wing leader Jonas Sjöstedt also requires influence over a possible future red-green government. If the reddish green grows best, then he believes it is the Left Party's merit.

>"We're going to have a red-green prime minister," he said on the party's whale watch.

>"We want more influence.

>According to Sjöstedt, it is natural that the biggest block may try to form government.

029471  No.12130149


I don't know when the last time I thought about democracy and didn't think communism. That is the main reason I never vote…seems silly to vote in a communist system. Obviously these people/'candidates' are complete foreigners to our people and in our nation's and our people…what is the point of voting for kike foreigners who have uspered and murdered all our natural leaders and monarchs…??



6f96ec  No.12130275


I swear it's the same guy complaining about every new thread can you fuckoff and die?

bed48c  No.12130360


In most countries you get mailed a form that you can bring with you to get your ballet at the polling station. If you pay your taxes you get this form.

1df0e4  No.12130375

File: 2162b0ea91d6b42⋯.mp4 (12.32 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Ballots AfS.mp4)

File: a9638c118bbe7c2⋯.mp4 (3.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bernst Gunnar --1038751380….mp4)


yes sir that is accurate

1df0e4  No.12130421

The Swedish voting system "shocks" Danish politicians

Danish politician Michael Aastrup Jensen strongly criticizes the Swedish voting system. He will address the question at the next meeting of the Council of Europe, he says.

"During all the election observations I have been on, I have never seen a choice as undemocratic as the Swedish," he says.

"It is far from European standard.

He criticizes criticism primarily against the system of ballot papers, which he does not mean guaranteeing election secrecy.

Jensen is foreign policy spokesman for the Liberal Government Party Left in Denmark and has been electoral observator in Russia and more eastern European countries.


9f4cdb  No.12130473


>SD is controlled opposition

If they don't fight back against this bullshit it proves it.

3659cd  No.12130491



9d3bdf  No.12130527


So everyone can see what party you're voting for except SD because they didn't have ballots? And the commie hags that always volunteer for this shit have no problems with this kind of sham democracy?

73d627  No.12130560

The media is all "the far right surges in the polls". They want SD voters to revel in the small concessions their ruling elite gave them instead of question if their election was rigged.

bab23f  No.12130562

File: a5f9e3d9c94db7e⋯.jpg (58.16 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Killing_Fields.jpg)


It's weird how communists only respect democracy when it's convenient.

ef423c  No.12130569


native swede mind telling me what's going on in these webms?

1df0e4  No.12130586


in the first one it appears many ballots were hidden in the second it appears to show ballots thrown away in the back alley

6a39e2  No.12130708


I suppose this is what happens when (((women))) run your country. Men just want to see naked bodies. Women want to see naked minds!

1232ac  No.12130754


Was that first webm showing the final storing place of the ballots or something? Or were they taken back there and not fed into the proper ballot box? I guess I don't really understand how your system is set up, over here (burgerland) in my district we have paper ballots that get fed into electronic cabinets for storage, then those ballots are tallied. Suffice to say I'm a little confused why the ballots are on display like that in the first webm.

4b9847  No.12130769


Its not weird at all is part of the plan.

c60019  No.12130777


>Danish politician Michael Aastrup Jensen

Did he ever ask for this?

573242  No.12130784


hi /leftypol/

239de7  No.12131120

File: 47a25b9923ec8cc⋯.jpg (213.99 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Awareness For Those Who La….jpg)



e0209d  No.12132747

File: cd0b005b05d4111⋯.png (391.34 KB, 795x972, 265:324, Smug anime Skurt.png)


Since the election thread is now dead.

New development in the comment section of this: https://archive.fo/pMHSd

>Hi! I'm blocked from submitting posts in ALL groups until the 24th September (all groups on facebook)

>This happened due to me having released saved website data and asked people with the know how to analyze this data in different groups on Facebook

>I'm completely censored and it's possible I can't get this message out.

>Please help me spread this to different forums and groups, send them regards from Johan at SR1-Opinion

>Anybody who can analyze website data (Ab, Ex, SvD, SVT - livedata after the crash on the election authorities live vote count, as well as website data after the site began functioning again several hours later)

>SD's numbers went up like the US economy the last few years, then at 23% val.se and valmyndigheten.se crash (I had my suspicions this would happen if SD were to blow up in the tallying of votes) the media continues to report results, despite there being no data to get from the election authority's site…

>Media now reports, five minutes after val.se has crashed with 23% on SD, that SD are now dropping, I check where Expressen gets their website data from, since val.se is down och that was were they were previously getting their numbers from.

>I investigate Expressen as well as I can, but also save website data from several of the large TV and newspapers.

>What I can see is that Expressen get their live results from their own subsite, I'm pretty bad at analyzing website data, (website data from SVT, SvD, Expressen and Aftonbladet during current SD-drop, and during the election authority's site crash, saved in linked zip file

>The election authority's live data after the crash is also included in the zip file, maybe somebody with the expertise could dig a little in this?

>I cannot whatsoever see any link to the election authority about this live report after the crash, but as stated, I'm no expert. If this does add up I'm curious as to where they got their numbers from at the rate which they did?

>Is it just a coincidence that SD shot up just before the election authority's site crashed, and only minutes after the crash began dropping? And at the same time which both the liberals and green party, who are the medias favorites, are saved from not getting into parliament?

>What happened yesterday? SD were polling in at 31.3% according to felindex, the green party and liberals would have been former parliamentary parties.

>It's not reasonable that SD get less in the actual election than in many polls, it's never happened before and the taboo of admitting sympathizing with them means they will always be strongly underestimated in polls thus this MUST have been a wide encompassing electoral fraud, it can't have just been a few districts with corrupt ballot counters.

>This must be a significantly larger attack on the democratic process. And how could Löfven get 28% when polls placed him between 20-25%? S have always been perfectly estimated or slightly overestimated in polls.

>There's no doubt that electoral fraud has been committed, rather the opposite if you go through the #valfusk2018 hashtag. The question is if somebody can prove that something happened in connection with the crash of the election site.

>Help the democracy investigate this - If there is concrete evidence of significant electoral fraud which Swedish media and the electoral authority has committed together there's one newspaper which will bring it to attention: Nyheter Idag.

>Regards Johan SR-1 Opinion

So this was posted, and apparently it was enough to get him banned from Facebook and social media. So now people are spreading it around, along with the link which supposedly contains website data

19c4fc  No.12132838


This, what's to stop people from taking a whole stack and just slipping it in a box? The guy was holding a handful at the end. Paper ballots are usually better, but this just looks absurd. Of course the commie kike didn't have a problem with how insecure it is, but with that fact that it might not be private.

More people like us should volunteer at polling places and use their tactics against them, if not stop them from their tricks.

4a3c8c  No.12132865

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Appropriate theme for this thread

939f51  No.12132882

File: a5cf5c4ea3b5634⋯.png (99.17 KB, 928x758, 464:379, IP.png)


In case anyone's curious

14da4d  No.12132947


There's a middle-man who will check your name off the list and then put it in the box for you. However, they can just stuff the boxes with their own votes and check off names that didn't vote after the voting has closed.

f79d9e  No.12132950


It's a good thing the US isn't a democracy like all those swarthy europiss nations.

We are a republic.

55a7dc  No.12132971

Government vote count site went down as sd reached 23%

media was still somehow able to continue counting the votes

People pointing this out is being banned by facebook

000000  No.12132987

781d65  No.12132997


We had/have to deal with this in the US. Since like 2006 they kept jewing Ron Paul out of votes, magically in the counties that use electronic voting machines.

In his home district in Texas they used paper ballots, so he always got re-elected, same with Rand. Kentucky uses paper ballots. But when the vote would go Nation wide, like for the Presidential Primaries, he would always under-perform in electronic voting counties.

Since Sweden uses paper ballots, what is with all these websites? Is that how they add them up?

781d65  No.12132999


You Swedes need to investigate, this is what they have been doing to us in the USA for years until Trump. They had to counter hack to get Trump elected.

ccbc3e  No.12133007


the US is a jewish/anglotraitor oligarchy with heavy corporate influence. pretty fucking far from a republic at this time

f332ba  No.12133013

>the more parties i dont like get votes the less it is democracy

NPC hypocricy at its finest

6c41b8  No.12133017



They see this word as refering to the system of moderate centrist social-democracy, as if that was the inevitable product of every peoples will ever. Welfarestateism.

18224b  No.12133022


Yeah, it used to be really great when the entire electorate were WASPs or at least Northwestern Europeans. But then Woodrow got us into World War I, FDR got in, then Kennedy got domed, then everything went to shit. Now I get to vote whether I want a socialist spic or a zogbot neocon to take my rights and/or income away, more than they already do.

Founding Fathers should've made the first ten amendments unchallengeable and added an eleventh that controlled immigration entirely.

e0209d  No.12133027

File: ceee53f68a14f6d⋯.png (48.61 KB, 705x499, 705:499, valfusk1.png)

File: 3d467217abbb938⋯.png (121.2 KB, 813x422, 813:422, valfusk2.png)

News site reporting on days before and after election which had received "numerous reported on election fraud" and was planning a report on it now unavailable.

1df0e4  No.12133040



9c276f  No.12133068


Of course it was rigged.


So did (((they))) just take all the SD votes and toss them outside?

14da4d  No.12133088


And to continue, the previous government established a direct phone line to Google and other media-companies to take down "fake news" and propaganda from the right. I wouldn't be suprised.

c41bf0  No.12133096

Havent voted since 2010 when I cuckservatly voted for Moderates and they went ahead and bombed Gaddafi. Felt sick in my guts how they take your vote and then go ahead and use it to legitimize the most twisted shit you don't even want to imagine.

The whole thing is nothing but a left-right stageplay march and yesterday blew away the last bit of doubt I had that they'll even go as far as tamper with the results, to get the results they strive for.

14da4d  No.12133098


Yes, the website showed the result. Before it got shutdown it showed SD at 23% and going up. After it came back it showed 6% lower somehow. Way below all predictions and trends for the last 15 years.

1df0e4  No.12133318


and theyre trying to memory hole this

5aa721  No.12133357


I think this is how its done, Finnish media is going on how voting percentage is nearly 90% in sweden.

4b8a24  No.12133358


>You Swedes need to investigate

Sweden does not have some kind of supreme justice organization they can appeal to.

029471  No.12133369


Toned it down the D&C have we there kike faggot? I hope you don't think anyone on this board other than you is blaming 'women' and not kikes, none of them are quite as stupid as you are…cheers!

029471  No.12133378


We haven't been a republic in anything but name since pre-1913. Dream on with your MAGA-KIKE dreams.

b8a3d7  No.12133403

File: de1ed2c344fe85f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.2 KB, 970x647, 970:647, 1519093294688.jpg)

haha, you stupid cucks. keep voting :^)

What are you going to about them throwing out your ballot? vote even more rightwing for the next election? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

1df0e4  No.12133444


>plebbit spacing

voting for Hitler even if he is dead is better than not voting at all unless you are a kike

b8a3d7  No.12133450







>throws out ballot

lmao fukin plebbit fag

b8a3d7  No.12133460


ur vote matters, ok?

>wait another 4 years

throws out ballot


1df0e4  No.12133461


>this bitch didnt even check em

reported and filtered

b8a3d7  No.12133464


ooh he used a script who gives a fuck

1df0e4  No.12133473

File: 1baa24e80e0e3d4⋯.jpeg (49.65 KB, 500x504, 125:126, 1baa24e80e0e3d4e324c086bb….jpeg)


>its still replying

b8a3d7  No.12133484


>(((Still voting)))


8d28f7  No.12133488

continued from another thread:

>Out of the ones with dual citizenship it's 578 000.

The actual number is probably around 2 million non-whites

So, take that off the the social Democrats vote of 1,775,636 and you get 1,197,636, that would hav meant roughly 30 less seats for the Corrupt social Democrats and 2nd place.


d01c9f  No.12133496

>when some autist doesn't want this discussion to continue

What are these people called again? A Brit?

b8a3d7  No.12133501


yeah just wait next election this time. vote even more so they have more votes to throw out they'll get tired of throwing them out eventually and we win!

b8a3d7  No.12133504


keep voting you fukin dumb goy. dont ever think we through ur vote away

73d627  No.12133507

Before the election even started, Säpo was warning there would be no electoral fraud by gaslighting people with the usual "any critical ideas are just Russian interference" rhetoric. Those fuckers had this planned out for quite a while.


b8a3d7  No.12133512


dont be a sore loser. get'em next time tiger!

1ea919  No.12133519


>We are a republic.

A zogbot democratic republic, amerimutt.

d01c9f  No.12133521

Touched a nerve, I see. Even resorting to desperately separately replying everyone like some whorish Romanian trannie, it never will end up how much you so desire. Derailment.


>muh Russia

Of course those fuckers would blame anyone but themselves.

b8a3d7  No.12133532


how dare u

774501  No.12133534


>then everything went to shit.


oh sweetie…

14da4d  No.12133544


They even released a whole pamphlet to every household in the country named "If the war comes". A bit in it was about Fake News.

e0209d  No.12133706


I suspected all the planning to "avoid foreign interference in the election" had some ulterior motive like this, but then the observer was announced and I thought surely they wouldn't with observers present. But here we are.

835e12  No.12133709


The whole point of voting is so that they are forced to do shit like this, and prove voting means nothing. If you don't vote, you just make it easier for them. Why make it easier, it takes so little time out of your year to inconvenience these jews greatly. Voting is never a waste of time, even when its pointless due to corruption.

1df0e4  No.12133736


it wouldn't surprise me if the observer in the OP gets disappeared or has a sudden change of heart and black eye

d77da9  No.12133890


Excellent point.

Stealing this for future use against fatalists.

0fabcc  No.12133903

So I guess all the other parties will just sit on their hands and congratulate the incumbent largest party and go on business as usual? That would be your big telltale sign that all opposition is controlled opposition in Sweden.

602615  No.12133930


>The whole point of voting is so that they are forced to do shit like this, and prove voting means nothing.

Fair point. Now what happens when its proven voting does nothing?

890c17  No.12133997


> Voting is never a waste of time, even when its pointless due to corruption

the absolute state of votecucks

890c17  No.12134007


the swedes have guns

they seem to like things as they are

not untill the system breaks will people be forced to do anything

and the swedish genepool will likely die before the system does

a32d95  No.12134011


>Fair point. Now what happens when its proven voting does nothing?

You vote to piss (((them))) off and continue on planning for the next 50 years.

55140d  No.12134062


A nation of catladies

13a547  No.12134143


You identify everyone who participated in the scam, then you make the rubble bounce.

Don't let them memory-hole it; bring it up every chance you get, and don't let up.

Also, don't listen to any of these blackpilling shills when they try to push the false dichotomy of armed revolt and resigned apathy; the elephant can escape any time, he just has to come to the realization that the rope can't hold him.

6caf5b  No.12134365

There's only so much you can rig. From my observation, you can steal 10% of votes top, then you can have those 10% votes out of the nation,.

Rig more than that and it gets unbelivable and you risk a civil war. Even if the cucked sd has been rigged, they would barely reach 33%.

835e12  No.12134376


Votecucks like the votecucks that voted for Hitler? What was your point again chaim?

835e12  No.12134396


Outrage is a slow fire to kindle. But there is nothing more triumphant than the collective fury of a people.

000000  No.12134599


Thank you for naming the eternal anglo as coequal conspirator with the international Jew.

f12d24  No.12134678


"When I am weak, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles. When I am strong, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles."

1e62de  No.12134790

ef4322  No.12134806


You vote so as to make the corruption in the system obvious, then when you have the proven corruption you can convince people of the need for more direct action.

I have so many Burned Bernouts who know that the elections are rigged now, all in their 20's, all gaining status. They will never forget that the system is rigged, and that just makes them more able and willing to swallow more truth.

ef0be8  No.12134840

Reminder of the Austrian elections, if people try to pull the "tee hee, elections aren't rigged in 1st world EU countries" meme, then remind them of what happened in Austria

4b9847  No.12134856


You know damn well that Hitler would have never accepted defeat, he probably would have attempted another putsch, after all he was a Natsoc and not a votecuck .

fe8f09  No.12135055

>The Sweden Democrats, which has roots in a neo-Nazi movement but has worked to soften its image, won 17.6 percent, up from 13 percent in 2014, for a third-place finish. That showing is not strong enough for it to lead a government, but it reflects how deeply that Sweden, famous for its progressive policies, is being transformed by migration.

Next election, bro.

890c17  No.12136874


>Votecucks like the votecucks that voted for Hitler?

I didnt know Hitler was running

and like >>12134856 said

Hitler was a by all means, bullet or ballot, kind of guy

Meanwhile jews steal yet another election and zero people have been shot or stabbed or clubbed to death over it

no one cares enough to do anything

eb6223  No.12136895


The next election will have even more ballot stuffing in the form of newly imported, or by then adult, shitskins.

273731  No.12136918


Which, in any other European nation would easily get them a large part of the government. (Remember: Europe has more than two parties, over 30% would usually mean they're the biggest)

Problem with Sweden is that every other party wants to keep SD out of government at any cost, even if they end up having to make a coalition of literally everything that isn't SD.

eb6223  No.12136974


They pulled that trick in the Netherlands, where Wilders came in second place but was not even considerd as a coalition partner.

So they tried for 3 months or so to form a coalition between liberals and our (cultural)marxist party but that failed.

Then they made it work with a tiny 5 seat christ cuck party to get a coalition of a whopping 76/150 majority.

If they took the 4 largest parties, which isn't even that far out of an idea they would have gotten 91/150 instead.

But if you think that is bad, wait until hear about our Rotterdam (2nd city) municipal elections.

>Only non cucked party wins again with 11 seats. Down 3 seats though.

>Next 4 parties have 5 seats each.

>Need 23 seats.

>After 107 days finally get your 6 party coalition done so you can sidetrack the winner.

All because of literal playground tier shit like x is friends with y and a friend of y said z so nazi racist hitler.

Do you want to know what z was implying in the most unoffensive way possible.

Differences in cognitive capabilities between groups of people.

3d53c7  No.12136981

File: ebca3b028c89fe8⋯.png (209.51 KB, 1730x584, 865:292, religion of mad men.png)

File: ebd2d51041da683⋯.png (176.87 KB, 426x568, 3:4, BeThere.png)


Oh look. The containment thread permits discussion of foreign politics, but not American politics. Seems about right. What a laugh.

3d53c7  No.12136982


>All because of literal playground tier shit like x is friends with y and a friend of y said z so nazi racist hitler.

Well, that's how things are here. You get banned if you so much as suggest it wise to vo XXX te, much less speak well of any dimension of Mr. T (can't say his name, because you'll get raided by shekelsbergs reporting it).

d5693c  No.12137063

File: d84c10a6ff58255⋯.png (330.09 KB, 400x600, 2:3, p76tvzPojl1w9he66o1_400.png)


Who did the GOP run in the Presidential elections of 2008 and 2012? John McBraintumor and Shit Romney were lackluster zogbots, the first selected for his obvious neocon loyalty and the latter for his 'conservative' economic policies that were contrasted with Obama's quasi-socialist ideas that he floated in his stump speeches.

If the GOP were serious about winning elections, they would embrace the Sailer Strategy without reservations, quit shilling their based blacks and pajeets like Dinesh D'souza, and field more Trump style nationalist-lite candidates. Even a paleocuck like Ron Paul would walk back our failed and overextended imperial policies, and actual nationalists like Pat Buchanan would redirect our focus on actual 'defense', at the border. The Overton window would normalise, we would penalise white-hating cultural enrichment programs in the universities, and pave the way for Literally Hitler to take over before collapse were immanent.

That the GOP is being taken for a ride by Sheldon Adelson & Co. means they aren't serious opposition. Best of luck to my swedebros.

3d53c7  No.12137082


jejjed @ that screenshot

890c17  No.12137104



fuck you dude



you mimic us but you are not us

and you try to guilt US into doing something?

really? you really fucking think we can be guilted into anything?

no, i know you cant think and you'll be back here tomorrow as if nothing happened but if anyone has been historically persecuted its us not you fags

3d53c7  No.12137130


Whatever. You're a member of a doomsday cult that's highly useful to the kikes. Stupid.

8d28f7  No.12137151

the government’s Statistic Sweden keeps track of those “Swedes” not born in Sweden, and according to its latest “Population by country of birth, 2017” table, there were 1,047,923 “Swedes” living in that country who were born in the Third World.*

This figure does not include those of Third World origin who were born in Sweden, of which there must be several hundred thousand.

Taken together with the recent fake refugee influx of nearly 180,000 nonwhites, this means that the total nonwhite population of Sweden must now stand at at least 1.4 or 1.5 million—and most likely more.

Given that the country’s total population stood at 10,142,686 on 31 March 2018, this means that least 13 percent of the population is of Third World origin. In reality, the figure is likely to be even higher than this, but there is no accurate way of determining the true figure at this stage.

This in turn means that of the 1.4 or 1.5 million nonwhites in Sweden, at least half would be eligible to vote, which means that around 700,000 would have voted in the election of September 9.

This figure of 700,000 translates to over 10 percent of the total number of votes—which is also precisely the number of votes which the Social Democratic party polled more than the Sweden Democrats.

That the nonwhites voted for the Sweden Democrats was obvious from polls and anecdotal evidence—such as when the leftist Local news service—an English-language outlet aimed at English-speaking expatriates in Sweden—interviewed a number of voters in Sweden during the day. https://newobserveronline.com/swedish-elections-10-nonwhite-voters-swung-election-to-far-left/

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>t. roastie

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File: ff0ffc21fbfabc5⋯.jpg (13.29 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 49700.jpg)


>the swedes have guns

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