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File: 9514deff458fe89⋯.png (201.36 KB, 1768x686, 884:343, Screenshot 2018-09-09 21.0….png)

99d177  No.12130349

Why do you choose to only operate within a containment board?

Why are you not branching out to other parts of the internet to spread the truth?

This board is not anonymous, if you are too effective you will be found.

Are you willing to be doxxed for the movement?

Are you willing to be effective enough to be labeled a threat?

Are you here to create change or be another drip in the bucket?

99d177  No.12130481

Why don't we have a basket weaving subreddit that appears to be (((normal)))

One that won't be shoah'd easily, where we can have time to fine reinforcements.

Reddit needs to be a recruiting ground, not a place we scoff at and refuse to use to our advantage.

Current /pol/ needs to continue growing and this is an effective strategy to reveal normies to the JQ.

Nofap is a by-product of the jew: Normies seeking help from each other to cure the jew-induced illness.

This is a necessity.

9aba40  No.12130515


You know that your reddit spacing is making you become identifiable.

99d177  No.12130519

File: eb72059f0599edd⋯.jpg (20 KB, 220x254, 110:127, jaredtaylor.jpg)


Are you a paid shill or oldfag?

I'm sure some people here actually care about making some change..

You sure you didn't take the Juden peterstein pill by a mistake?

9aba40  No.12130520


>no one here is actually serious about this day of the rope shit

cream of the crop sarcasm gents

15fdd4  No.12130535



>the absolute state of this board.

99d177  No.12130548

File: 60b63c156b0e0c5⋯.jpg (26.89 KB, 445x486, 445:486, t-shirt-lady.jpg)


I fail to see how suggesting making a subreddit to help addicted goys see the light leads to "muh gubberment buildings plot"


If I am a redditfag who wants to help other redditfags see the JQ, is that really so bad?

Bad spacing is the least of my worries on this board and cuckchan right now..

8307ff  No.12130564


>/pol/ ever helping Reddit

oi vey Moishe

99d177  No.12130593

File: 447c245e7660b25⋯.jpg (368.11 KB, 2880x1800, 8:5, Michael_Griffin_Escaping_T….jpg)



I think I misunderstood this board or you're all blackpilled. I'm going back to my Nintendo 3DS and cuck porn.

511903  No.12130601


>can't stop adding a simple space and hitting Enter one less time

>expects to help anyone

Your heart is in the right place, but you obviously lack the thorough knowledge necessary if you depend on so many extra spaces to give off the appearance you know what you're talking about. You should probably stick to reddit, faggot.

99d177  No.12130606








Should I remake the thread?

99d177  No.12130613

File: 6c1df4279aee21b⋯.jpg (7.07 KB, 253x199, 253:199, index.jpg)







9aba40  No.12130624


Listen dumbfuck, /pol/ is asking nobody to go out and blow up buildings or shoot people. Sure there are several anons here who that but SAYING things doesn't mean DOING it. If you unironically think that the calls for violence are legitimate, you should leave because you cannot handle banter.

99d177  No.12130630

File: 1c1791e5d56728e⋯.jpg (102.24 KB, 855x545, 171:109, Neon.Genesis.Evangelion.fu….jpg)






8307ff  No.12130634



Go troll AskFatWomen or some shit.

99d177  No.12130649

File: d862140e153894f⋯.jpg (222.36 KB, 1084x1328, 271:332, WoochieWO124.jpg)


Unironically looked it up, not a real subreddit.

Imagine my disappointment..

d908c8  No.12130663

Little do my doxers appreciate that I think the Reich were most likely jews, my favorite conspiracists are Miles Mathis, Rae West, and Bill Gaede, and I regret not voting Hilldoff in the last election. I’m basically clasically liberal now after 7 or 8 years of indoctrination into the racist right wing.

cef89c  No.12130671

nobody on this board does anything. it's just demoralization from government agencies and russian shills. notice how the actual people out there fighting antifa in the streets get maligned on this board while yuropoors sit in their homes while antifa runs their streets. this board is trash and got taken over by all kinds of government agencies

8307ff  No.12130672


>Being this retarded

d908c8  No.12130688


Agree wholeheartedly.

8307ff  No.12130698



Why don't you faggots make your own board then? Not even kidding

99d177  No.12130728

File: 59954ff87e086b2⋯.jpg (27.55 KB, 645x729, 215:243, DhTT7xXUwAAofId.jpg)

d908c8  No.12130768


My hugbox, all mine.

d908c8  No.12130780


Pitiful counter is pitiful.

d1611a  No.12130801


Thank God this is locked. Other places online are already falling to our subversion - everywhere and anywhere without total moderation. We don't even have to do it directly, we have James Woods dropping redpills on Twitter, we have net censorship going to congress and probably supreme court. The internet is a battlefield but we've pretty much won it. If you think I'm just stuck in my bubble of perception, think of the hundreds of kvetching articles - Trump, Charlottesville, our agenda in the nightmares of every late night talk show host…. if butthurt or lulz was the goal, we would have already won..

Meatspace is the final frontier, not other websites. And we're making inroads there too: Trump rallies, IOTBW, MBMC, and now fucking riots in Germany. I'm publicly a nationalist and semi-publicly natsoc.

Want a real fucking goal? Make it acceptable to say "kike" and "nigger" again. Say it in public, especially near other white people, loud and proud. Perfectly legal, unthreatening, almost apolitical. Just the word nigger, and old fashioned American freedom of speech. Build a white camaraderie around saying nigger when they aren't around. The new American white identity.

d908c8  No.12130859


Good to have a goal, brother sir.

99d177  No.12130888

is this locked?


73bc3a  No.12131878


I know of a dozen popular subreddits where naming the Jew gets upvotes. Even cringeanarchy and t_d have become woke (mods notwithstanding)

Its going swimmingly. I reconnected with some friends from years back lately. We're all educated and used to be apolitical, of different political leanings if we had any. Basically respectable normies

Independently of each other, we all became rightwing conservative nationalists. It is so easy to redpill even the most normie white men now.

And when you do, any silly attachment to secondary political concerns evaporate. I frequently talk to redpilled lefties (not hardcore lefties) and rival white nationalities I used to hate (Brits, Spanish). Previous animosity doesn't exist between former enemies when you appreciate who the (((enemy))) really are

73bc3a  No.12131905


They already exist you dumbass

Mde, bss, chadright etc

7a377f  No.12137127


She's got those Barbara Streisand / Mel Brooks / JImmy Kimmel eyes. Gotta be a cohencidence.

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