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File: 52e51ba4d41c9ef⋯.png (1.27 MB, 864x474, 144:79, Donald Trump Jewish Star.png)

c07c40  No.12130378

Trump: I Have A Personal Connection To Judaism


President Trump touts his accomplishments, highlights his 'Jewish connection' in pre-holiday conference call with American Jewish leaders.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 06/09/18 20:44

President Donald Trump spoke with Jewish leaders in a conference call Thursday, ahead of the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur holidays.

During the call, the president highlighted his accomplishments over the past year, including upholding his promise to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the deportation of Nazi war criminal Jakiw Palij, withdrawing the US from the United Nations Human Rights Council – citing its anti-Israel bias – and pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Trump also noted his administration’s decision to withhold funds earmarked for the Palestinian Authority until PA chief Mahmoud Abbas agrees to renew negotiations with Israel.

"I said to some of the past negotiators," Trump said. "'Did you ever do that before? Did you ever use the money angle?' They said, 'No, sir. We thought it would be disrespectful.' I said, 'I don't think it's disrespectful at all. I think it's disrespectful when people don't come to the table.'"

"Each and every one of these is something that his predecessors could have done, but did not. And so we owe him our repeated thanks. We were privileged to receive the President's wishes for a blessed New Year,” said Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Managing Director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, one of the organizations invited to participate in the conference call.

Known as the “High Holy Day Conference Call”, the tradition started in the Obama administration, and continued on with his successor.

According to a report by Channel 10, President Trump also mentioned his family ties to Judaism through his daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the couple’s children.

“I have a personal connection to Judaism: Ivanka, Jared, and their kids.”

000000  No.12130385


c07c40  No.12130389

File: ce0cd3850cfebba⋯.png (17.93 KB, 600x435, 40:29, Donald Trump Jewish Star I….png)

Trump To US Jews: I Won’t Give Palestinians Aid Until They Make Deal With Israel


In call to mark Rosh Hashanah, president also says Iranians have ‘lost their mojo’ since he quit the nuclear deal, and are now ‘fighting for their own survival’

By TOI staff | 6 September 2018, 8:42 pm

US President Donald Trump told Jewish leaders Thursday that the US would not give aid to the Palestinians until they reach an agreement with Israel. He also said the Iranian regime had “lost their mojo” since he withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal, and was now fighting for its survival. In quitting the deal, he said, he had done “a great thing for Israel.”

In a conference call with several dozen American Jewish leaders ahead of Rosh Hashanah, Trump noted that he had recently slashed immense amounts of US aid to the Palestinians — a reference to the administration’s recent cuts in overall aid to the Palestinian Authority and its complete defunding of the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA. The US would resume funding, he said, but only if the Palestinians reached a deal with Israel.

“What I will tell you is I stopped massive amounts of money that we were paying to the Palestinians and the Palestinian leaders,” Trump said to the Jewish leaders. “The United States was paying them tremendous amounts of money. And I say, ‘You’ll get money, but we’re not paying until you make a deal. If you don’t make a deal, we’re not paying.'”

“I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all” for US aid to be utilized as a bargaining chip, the president added. Rather, “I think it’s disrespectful when people don’t come to the table.”

Also in the call, the US president expressed confidence that an Israeli-Palestinian deal would be done.

Asked by Prof. Alan Dershowitz: “Should the Jewish community be optimistic that you can help bring about a peaceful resolution of the conflict that we all pray for all the time?,” the president replied: “The answer to that is a very strong yes — you should be. It is, as I said before, really considered to be one of the toughest deals to make of any kind. I don’t kind what kind of a deal you’re talking about. If you look at Israel and the Palestinians, it’s always top of everybody’s list in terms of levels of difficulty.”

Trump also said that he had removed the first obstacle to a deal: Jerusalem — which Trump last December recognized as Israel’s capital and where in May he moved his embassy. Further ahead, Israel would have to do something for the Palestinians, he said, without specifying.

“The fact is that I took something off the table,” said Trump. “If you go back and look at your negotiations with the Palestinians over the years, the first thing was Jerusalem and moving the embassy to Jerusalem, thereby making it the capital. And I will tell you, we’ve taken that off the table.”

He added: “Now, does that mean Israel is going to do something that will (inaudible) for the Palestinians? Yes. What is it going to be? I can’t tell you. But I can tell you that by doing what I did, Alan, we took the biggest bone of contention, a point that nobody ever got beyond for the second dilemma — for the second problem — they never got beyond it. We took it off the table. And I think it’s actually going to help a lot in making a deal, as we say, with the Palestinians.

“Now, most people think just the opposite. They said, “Oh, you did a mistake.” Well, I disagree. I disagree. So I think that we have a very good chance of doing it.”

c07c40  No.12130395

File: 152d946c393187f⋯.png (518.29 KB, 605x418, 55:38, Donald Trump Best Thing fo….png)


On dealings with Iran, Trump said that when he came into office, the question was when Iran would take over the Middle East, probably including Israel. Now, however, since he withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal, he said, the Israelis were feeling more safe. He also said he believed the Iranians would be in touch soon about a new deal.

“From the day I did it [quit the 2015 deal], they’ve lost their mojo… The day before I took over as president, Iran — it was not a question of how big and how strong they were; it was a question of when will they take over the entire Middle East. And that probably includes Israel, in the mind of a lot of people,” he said.

“And if you look at them today, they’re not looking at the Mediterranean any longer,” said Trump. “They’re not looking at places that they were going to routinely take over. And I think Israel feels a lot safer than they’ve felt in many, many years.

“Iran is fighting for their own survival,” he went on. “They’ve got demonstrations in every city. This is far worse than it was years ago when President Obama could’ve maybe crushed Iran if all they needed was a positive statement — the people that were demonstrating. Well, these demonstrations are larger, but they’re more widespread. They’re all over the country.

“So Iran is no longer the same country. I would imagine that they’ll be calling in the not-too-distant future to try and make a deal. If we can make a real deal, we’ll do it. If they don’t call, that’s okay too. Eventually, they’re going to have no choice…

“I can only say from the standpoint of Israel, what I did was a great thing for Israel. And what I did was also a very good thing for world peace, because everywhere we went — especially in the Middle East — where there was a problem, Iran stood behind that problem.”

In summation, said Trump, “I terminated the deal, like I said I would during the campaign. It turned out to have a much bigger impact than I thought. I did it primarily because of nuclear, but I knew it wouldn’t be great for their economy. I had no idea how devastating it would be… That is not the same country that was in existence when I took over as president of the United States.”

At the start of the call, which was hosted by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump spoke of his own links to the Jewish people: “My connection to Judaism is also personal. I am the very proud father of a Jewish daughter, Ivanka, and my son-in-law, who I’m very proud of also — I will say that very loudly — Jared, and my several Jewish grandchildren, namely three beautiful Jewish grandchild that I love.”

US Ambassador David Friedman, who was also on the call, meanwhile, said that the US Embassy in Jerusalem would be double its current size by next summer.

“We have a beautiful campus. We have continuously operated our embassy since May 14th. We have about 150 people working there already. We’re beginning phase two of the construction period, which is beginning in a week or two. And we will roughly double the size by June of 2019. After that, we’ll consider what final steps to make to complete the transition,” said Friedman.

“We are looking for a site, and we have — we think we have that site located for the Ambassador’s Residence — something near and dear to my heart. And we’ll have further announcements on that.

“But I would tell you that the embassy in Jerusalem has become a major tourist site in Israel. People — I’m there almost every day, and people just pull up their cars to the front of the embassy, they get out, they take pictures,” said the ambassador. “I’ve seen some people praying there. I’ve actually seen many people crying there.”

6dfd99  No.12130398


Whys the date change anything? Sure OP might be a baiting faggot but its not like the zionist puppet just up and changed his beliefs in threw months

a04e21  No.12130402



It's day/month/year dumbfuck

c07c40  No.12130406

File: fc74ee0402c2a0d⋯.jpg (589.79 KB, 1238x1500, 619:750, Donald Trump Make Israel G….jpg)

Trump: Iran Lost its Mojo Since I Quit Nuke Deal; I Did a Great Thing for Israel


Full transcript of US president’s Rosh Hashanah call to American Jewish leaders: ‘As we hear the Shofar’s sound this year, we have much to celebrate as a nation’

By TOI staff | 6 September 2018, 10:02 pm

US President Donald Trump held a 20-minute call with US Jewish leaders on September 6, 2108, to mark Rosh Hashanah. The following is the White House transcript of the conversation, which was hosted by Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner.


c07c40  No.12130409


This. It's from three days ago.

c6edf4  No.12130450

>/nu/pol will damage control this

I'm gonna make an archive before you fucks ban this thread.

f145d9  No.12130482

This is a paid government agitator who is trying to get you to assassinate Donald Trump by spreading character assassination.

Fall for it, and suffer horrible consequences.

243d18  No.12130488



897a97  No.12130492

>Your ancestors didn't migrate to North America, they pioneered it, developed it, they took the hardest roads possible and made roads where there were none

>Your ancestors were told by the Mayor Lopez de Santa Anna under the Queen of Spain, that if they developed the swamp lands, dealt with savages, savage weather, savage conditions and paid taxes to him, your ancestors would eventually own the land. Later, Lopez de Santa Anna lamented that he wished he had charged more taxes

>Your ancestors fought battles and wars constantly to keep all that they had worked for. There was no shortage of people wanting to take it all away from them

>Your ancestors lost some battles but ultimately won the war for self-determination, no longer under the thumb of foreign governments

>Your ancestors turned unwanted swamp lands into the cutting edge of everything; a 1st world which shined as a beacon to the rest of the planet. They're not swarming here because their homes are successful

The same people that ran the slave trade, owned slaves, and see the world as their own personal oyster, now own Whitey

29a0c3  No.12130499


heiled and checked

We are a board of peace. Trump does not want peace.

7df87b  No.12130524

File: 7091f3f69e6dfee⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 700x329, 100:47, leninquote.jpg)


> fuck off to reddit

Didn't the reddit admins ban one of the anti trump subreddits? Right after they took over the_donald .

Really makes you think.

bf48c0  No.12130553


Drop that attitude, yid.

99af41  No.12130571





This is funny right gais?

I'm starting to think accelerationism of the inevitable destruction of the west is a better option than Trump. Significantly better.

f145d9  No.12130582


This is a native of an enemy board. He uses the word 'heh' to signal to others from his board.

For reference, look up the "Take the Heh Pill" raid.

ab3efb  No.12130584

File: ebd2d51041da683⋯.png (176.87 KB, 426x568, 3:4, BeThere.png)

File: b8840ab6f7045dd⋯.png (71.96 KB, 555x555, 1:1, WhyVote.png)


That's nice, you're a kike attacking Trump, so as to kill all white people. whatever, you're the first to be strangled, and we shall not need to wait for the DOTR.

See this image for an explanation.



29a0c3  No.12130588

File: 38c16ce77e6e8c6⋯.png (28.78 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, retardapedes.png)




159e94  No.12130600


Not even a clue what you're talking about. "heh" is a fucking onomatopoeia you paranoid faggot.

f145d9  No.12130607


You're clearly a newfag then. The anti-racists on /int/ used to raid /pol/ often, using 'heh' to signal against our usage of Kek.

093398  No.12130611

File: 8cec28d1c654072⋯.gif (907.48 KB, 245x192, 245:192, shh.gif)

2c36a6  No.12130614

These articles disgust me. I find them repulsive because Trump is openly pandering to Jews and the Israel Lobby.



This is not necessarily a 'Pro-Trump' board.

it is open for discussion.

please go back to reddit / the donald quietly.

thank you

c74b90  No.12130648


Holy shit this same faggot has been spamming and shilling the board for over 24hrs non-stop

29a0c3  No.12130650



You are either a sperg or a fucking shill. Trump is not, nor ever will be "the savior of the white race". There is no political solution to our ills. There is no vote that will take place that will save us in any way, shape, or form. We are truly fucked if we don't take action. Go ahead and go out and vote for the MAGA faggots, the same fuckers your God-Emperor said he wasn't like. They're all fucking useless hucksters as we circle the fucking drain. Trump is and has always been in bed with the enemies of the white race. As soon as you realize that a kike lover isn't going to save us from the fucking kikes the sooner you get off your ass and do something tangible.

c74b90  No.12130673


It's an obvious shill, he's been on almost the entire day posting this same shit

722988  No.12130690

File: 163eb15fdf7bd64⋯.jpg (125.57 KB, 650x424, 325:212, Be afraid.jpg)

It's the set up. You can trust me, I'm one of yous!

ab3efb  No.12130720

878b5c  No.12130791


Who is this 'we' you are speaking of?

ab3efb  No.12130799


He's right, you know. Donald J. Trump is, admittedly, not differentiated from the Democrats/establishment on some issues. But he's the only president you've had in your whole life, or political candidate, for that matter, who was overtly pro-white.

This is significant, because it's immediately resulted in good times for whites all over America.

a29a16  No.12130802

File: 63d6f330db52d17⋯.webm (16.92 KB, 499x500, 499:500, free chocolate.gif.webm)


They hate you because you tell the truth.

821410  No.12130813

Damn this place really turned to /n/ or /newsplus/

e4691a  No.12130816


>dat webm

>pieces grow as they get relocated


878b5c  No.12130825


'Pro-White' see, that doesn't really mean anything to me. If you had said 'Pro-European' I might have been receptive. But 'pro-white' includes a lot of bastards that I would never in a million years qualify as someone that shares any interest with me or my people.

d8cf99  No.12130853

File: 850df776e34f855⋯.jpg (68.49 KB, 600x800, 3:4, odd pod w ivanka a.jpg)

The Weekly World News should have carried the tragic story…

His daughter Ivanka fell victim to alien body-snatchers and a strange pod.

pic related

80db8d  No.12130854


Or what?… You gonna curbstomp me?

bab000  No.12130858


The latter is subsumed by the formal, implied therefore. lurn logic, stop being a nigger.

bab000  No.12130863


Tell me about how you don't care about whites. Just like your buddy:


da0847  No.12130865

>incessant trump is a zog shill threads conveniently appearing right as the mid-terms are coming up

>nothing to be seen all 2016 and 2017, or early 2018

Why, it's almost like it's planned and coordinated. No one on /pol/ knew Ivanka married a jew until today! Nope, no one! Fuck off, shill. Jesus christ you shills are stupid as fuck…

da0847  No.12130868


Imagine being some dumb shill thinking you're breaking the news to /pol/ that Ivanka married a jew. What is this, an entirely different company?

90b259  No.12130871

somebody kill this kike traitor already

bab000  No.12130875


Yeah, literally zero of them argue in earnest. They're all fake, every fucking one of them. Like I'm open to it, as well. I'm open to hearing how Trump is supposedly an anti-white choice, or at least useless to whites, but the proof's in the pudding. It's not perfect, it's not the literal Hitler people joked about but knew they weren't getting (He fucking gave a speech before the fucking AIPAC ffs).

060f47  No.12130892

I'm not voting for this fucking kike in the next election, should have voted for that kike bernie instead, or that lesbian kikess hilllary, it's a shame that jew obama couldn't have ran for a third term……. hey wait a minute, a thought just struck me….. why all the jews everywhere yaa look?


it seems you can not be elected to political office in the US unless your a jew, that's so fucking odd.

243d18  No.12130893

So glad to see agent orangensaft promoting white nationalism. It is about darned time.

bab000  No.12130906


We covered this, child.

Trump, pro-kike.

Hillary, pro-kike.


Hillary, anti-white

So, being WHITE, I vote for my white children. And if you don't. Then YOU ARE MY ENEMY, and your theeeroat must be slit.

243d18  No.12130913


>defending Trump against shills

>not trusting in his record of accomplishments

Your boss is a cynical man indeed, though he is correct that Blampf needs a little extra astroturf to fill in the (gaping) spaces between his campaign rhetoric and actual presidency.

243d18  No.12130918


Burp, not your boss but whomever it is you’re responding to. My bad! Please don’t circumcise me.

bab000  No.12130952


That's just a bunch of name-calling crap, and criticizing people for not making encyclopedic posts, which is an invalid criteria, which is what stupid bitches do. They accuse you of not doing shit you couldn't reasonably have done, or nit pick. Fuck you, kike. You have sub-man brains.

e647b5  No.12130954

Lots of faggots in here arguing about voting and which kike puppet they can live with and not getting armed to the teeth / preparing for the inevitable.

Let me just say it plainly for the 9000th time; Nobody gets into power they dont want in power - the election of Trump should tell you one thing, the internet and /pol/ are just as easily manipulated as any other platform (and they are getting better at it)

Heil Hitler.

060f47  No.12130964


molon vabe

3a4659  No.12130975


Reported for saying Trump is pro white.

3627e6  No.12130979

Trump outs himself as being a Jew owned Zionist. From his very mouth he admits it. I have seen so many defenders of Trump on this site, even after Trump has proven beyond a shred of a doubt that he is a Zionist FOR ISRAEL much worse than Obama was. Obama was critical of Israel and they hated him for it. Do you think Trump will ever speak critically of Israel? I just had an ephinany while writing this. We all know Jews control who gets to be U.S. President. We are all adults who are aware that the U.S. Political system is Zionist owned. So that means Trump was Zionist chosen to be President from before 2016. Here is the epiphiny. Obama screwed Hillary from becoming President because he was too critical of Israel. Since Obama and Hillary are of the same kind of political mindset, I think someone made a decision high up in the Jewish Empire that they wanted a U.S. President who would NEVER be Critical of Israel. They wanted a U.S. President who would sing Israel's Praises. They wanted a U.S. President who would unilaterally just give them Israel. Fuck the Palestinians or anyone who thought that shouldn't happen. Trump was the Zionist candidate early on. I don't think Hillary knew that Zionists had pulled their support from her and given it to Trump until late in the campaign, but at some point she knew her candidacy was doomed because of Obama's criticism of the country that nobody is allowed to criticize, certainly not the President of Jew S.A. I fucking Hate Trump. He is the worst dissapointment as U.S. President I can imagine. A do nothing person here but in Israel he jumps to action. He knows how to attack Syria. We know that. He is Israel's lap dog in the Oval Office.

e7bc9a  No.12130987

>Trump his entire life: I love Jews!

>magatards: he's been planning this all along. He'll say something mean about them soon and theyll all be surprised! Haha rekt

000000  No.12130996

Trump can say bye-bye to the midterms if he doesn't name the jews already. My area has a literal socialist communist the DNC establishment hates who wants israel to fuck off and I'd vote for that over any of Trump's GOP ZOG dogs. America should be free and it has values, one of the most basic values is not supporting the children of the devil, the jews.

243d18  No.12130999


No response without ad hominem.

c74b90  No.12131000


The fact you keep ban evading proves you're a shill fuck

243d18  No.12131014

Trump’s record should be the basis for his reelection =/= paste Trump’s entire record here, now, or your argument is invalid. Like there even was an argument. It’s Kushner Season is all.

3627e6  No.12131022

Edit to add to my Previous Post: Trump is Israel's lap Dog in the Oval Office. Just give him a thirteen year old girl and he'll do anything for Mother Israel.

da0847  No.12131023

Note how nearly all these people are (1) in this thread, and these using dumb-fuck rhetoric like "magatard." I swear they must have just hired a new group to shill /pol/. It's like the stupid fucking tactics started anew and none of these people have any idea about what goes on on here.

da0847  No.12131030


>trump is a pedo

Well this shill is a Huffington Post reader.

000000  No.12131046


Yes it is very blatant but 'magatard' aside, the shilling for the DNC is clear and obvious but every side needs to know this and that is whoever you elect you will only get zog because the usa is a whore for the antichrist.

f1921a  No.12131054

No Kavanaugh vote until Sept 20.

Yom Kippur is on Sept 19

Chicken swinging is on the 18th.

Kavanaugh will not be confirmed unless Trump swings a big enough chicken for them.

000000  No.12131080

>Trump also noted his administration’s decision to withhold funds earmarked for the Palestinian Authority until PA chief Mahmoud Abbas agrees to renew negotiations with Israel.

Are you fucking serious? Wikileak cable leaks, the same shit that helped get him elected proved it was kikes doing all the stalling and sabotage of negotiations. Even Bill Clinton couldn't fucking do it

>There he quotes president Clinton's reaction to Bibi's retreat from a commitment.

>"At times he was tough," writes Ross, "yelling at Bibi when he retracted an earlier pledge on Palestinian prisoners. 'This is just chicken shit. I'm not going to put up with this kind of bullshit.'"

>Aaron David Miller, who was Ross' deputy, also documented the days of Bibi and Bill. In his book "The Much Too Promised Land," Miller relates that during their first meeting in the summer of 1996, Bibi lectured the president about the Arab-Israeli issue, prompting Clinton to expostulate when it was over, "Who the fuck does he think he is? Who's the fucking superpower here?"

>Most definite of all is Joe Lockhart, who was the White House spokesman at the time. In a recorded interview to Clayton Swisher, author of the book "The Truth About Camp David," he described Netanyahu as "one of the most obnoxious individuals you're going to come into - just a liar and a cheat. He could open his mouth and you could have no confidence that anything that came out of it was the truth."


He still hasn't done anything for Assange either this fucking kikelover.

3627e6  No.12131106


I do not read any mainstream publications but get all my information from independent sources. What I said is based upon my own research about Trump. I supported the man in 2016 but he sure is not clean. Do you think Roy Cohn's Protege could ever be clean? You just have to do a little bit of digging to connect all the dots about who Trump has been for many years. I try not to see it myself because I want Trump to be the President he campaigned to be, but he is clearly a thousand miles from that. MAGA is dead. MIGA is alive and well. Do a Google search of Trump and Ivanka when she was around 13. Its not a coincidence.

b166d0  No.12131107

File: 254ad2347c026e3⋯.jpg (88.84 KB, 668x530, 334:265, 254ad2347c026e3fe68a56fcc4….jpg)


>totally not another shill thread

the more time passes by, the more likely the term [freedom of speech] is just a by word for [freedom to shit all over the place] like what these nigger shills are doing in this board right now

Sage for another stupid spam thread

c008ed  No.12131108


Right wing of left wing kikes? If Assange isn’t (assuming he’s still alive) actually a limited hangout working on behalf of Mossad, the implications would be earthshaking. Imagine, an entity that was not jewish-controlled! Maybe classically liberal or something non-neo.

da0847  No.12131117


>i don't read huffington post

>i'm merely saying the same exact stuff they say

29a0c3  No.12131124








You retarded fucking nigger. Obamacare is shit but the biggest affront to whites is having spics and niggers and chinks and pajeets and fucking jews in this country. Trump will do fuck all about that. Obamacare being top priority is republican fucking bullshit. He's taken on China and a plethora of other countries. If the trade war with China makes Trump pro-white then wtf does the trade war with Europe make him? Where is the logic in that?

As for Hitler, I do not think that is applicable in today's "democracies". For the main reason that the Jews have done everything in their power to make sure that no one like Hitler could ever take political power again. You would have a point that voting in Hitler would solve this because he would make the hard choices necessary for the preservation of out people. However, in order for that to be true, you must assume that you could be given that choice. My point is that the game is rigged and you will never have the opportunity to vote for someone that is not kosher approved.


For fuck's sake. Learn to spell.



You're the fake one here, buddy.


Anyone who is pro-kike is inherently anti-white.


"You have sub-man brains."

It looks like your translation failed. How's the weather in Tel-Aviv?

3627e6  No.12131130


Which would be the case if the information is true. Wow, why didn't you think of that instead of jumping to a false conclusion that fits your agenda? Hmmm, I wonder who could be behind this Post?

da0847  No.12131144


>my leftist propaganda source is true

Oh man, you're not standing out at all…

3627e6  No.12131173


A shill is incapable of being convinced of anything, regardless of supporting facts. But I will give another one. Roy Cohn, if you research is the inventor of sexual blackmail of Politicians to control them using Prostitutes and even children. It's called Brownstoning. Research it yourself. Now this same man who was into that very heavily from what I understand is Trump's mentor. Roy Cohn was a very corrupt, evil man and Trump was his Protege. So you figure out what that means, Shill.

6883e7  No.12131187


NEXT Time…vote for the Democrat then!

that simple

They have us between a rock and a hard place.

The only thing you can do is ACT* or keep naming the jew and trying to get other to name the jew

da0847  No.12131206


>ur a shill if you don't agree with my leftist propaganda

Oh man…

000000  No.12131227



Look at this tweet


She's anti-israel and so are her allies and she causes the (((establishment))) endless headaches. She will gas the kikes more than zognald ever will.

fe60a8  No.12131233


>(((1))) post by this ID

you TIDF niggers are pathetic.

da0847  No.12131246


>professes an ideology created top to bottom by jews


I see, you're from /leftypol/. No, we are not supporting sub-human commie, anti-white trash.

e867e8  No.12131251

File: 7cc0cce957caaa6⋯.jpg (3.05 MB, 3648x2736, 4:3, 1523206402200.jpg)

It doesn't matter how fucking jewed Trump is he's the best we've got for now,what's your fucking point op???????????????

c008ed  No.12131255


anti-israel may still be pro-diaspora.

000000  No.12131262


>give up!

>don't try to do better!

kike kike weasel like

90970c  No.12131263


You're retarded.

>christ insanity

Yeah, that's REAL fucking important.

da0847  No.12131287


She sees kikes as white. She hates white people. She propagates jewish political ideologies that genoicded millions of ethnic Europeans last century. She's a shit-skin. I don't give a shit what she thinks about Israel, she's anti-white to an extreme. She's /leftypol/'s favorite shit-skin. The tor nigger is a leftist shill. Ironically two rat shills now profess leftist affiliation or support. Yet they think they fit in around here.

7c8806  No.12131296

File: f4ce7fea436ed4d⋯.jpg (86.63 KB, 992x744, 4:3, jakiw-palij-abc-exclusive-….jpg)

>the deportation of Nazi war criminal Jakiw Palij

da0847  No.12131311









Also >>12131305 Funny how you latched onto that one. Could it be you hopped IPs?

da0847  No.12131315


IP hopper confirmed.

7c8806  No.12131316


Why did you link me in your faggy paranoid post?Not everyone wants to suck ZOG dick, get over it.

da0847  No.12131326


>reddit spacing

>ip hopping

>i'm totally from around here guys

7c8806  No.12131338


I think you're both stupid and paranoid and should just get off the internet.

29a0c3  No.12131339


What is so hard to understand that voting for either kiked party is retarded?


Go back to /leftypol/


Voting for kike pets is not a solution.

We cannot vote our way out of this. For the game is rigged.

We cannot shoot our way out of this. For the government would slaughter us.

We cannot march our way out of this. For we are still too disorganized.

So what is the point? If there is no hope why bother? But that is the cruel thing, there is always hope. That is why it hurts so much to see our people marching to their doom. Oblivious and indoctrinated lemmings who are just as likely to oppose us as they are to aid us in this struggle. We can see the truth. That all they have to do is go against their Jewish indoctrination and they would be saved. That is why we cannot accomplish our goals (the 14 words) by voting for any kosher candidate. Because it is their very nature that is enemy. Their perfidy, their boot-licking for kike support, their celebration of everything kosher, from ((DIVERSITY)) to ((Zionism)) and everything in-between.

Our time is better served by turning casting out the jew rather than sucking him off.

a2abd9  No.12131349


>I Have A Personal Connection To Judaism

So did hitler

7c8806  No.12131354

File: 63e8335e4d49a3b⋯.jpg (619.64 KB, 1594x1058, 797:529, 1864WildernessAlfredWaudCa….jpg)


>We cannot shoot our way out of this. For the government would slaughter us.

You don't fully understand the disconnect between parts of the government and military personnel logic. They won't shoot you retard, they are you. You however can't just be a small band of LARPing retards, 'you have to be a sizable force, but not 'everybody' like leftists assume. Just enough, as the Bolsheviks and the CIA were/are aware.

94836b  No.12131360

Dear Mr. President;

This is why you will not get reelected. It doesn't fucking matter what you do with the economy when you're shoveling all the gains straight into israel.

6f1aeb  No.12131373

Literally the worst president you stupid burgers have ever elected.

Should have voted for Cruz, tbh.

80db8d  No.12131374


Me on the middle-right

e8163b  No.12131376

>another "muh drumpf" bitching thread

Truly the epitome of reasonable discussion thread

c5f201  No.12131377


Why did mods delete the thread about Trump's jew tweet?

7c8806  No.12131380


Cruz would have been the same.

3a4659  No.12131383


Bump because it triggers you, paid jewish shill. Go back to reddit.


>thread destroyed by redditors

>whining that mods deleted it

Disavow civic nationalism, zionism, the existence of jews and other nonwhites, and anyone who supported these concepts. Right now.


>kikey is back because no one does what he wants


7c8806  No.12131388

File: 919526bdca1e5eb⋯.jpg (152.34 KB, 698x898, 349:449, 1980sdim-martin-artafghan.jpg)


then go back to reddit ya faggot

2c36a6  No.12131394


>This is nu/pol/

Your post was worse than >>>/gore/

absolutely disgusting

tough to figure out if you are serious or if you are just fucking with my mind

80db8d  No.12131398

File: 9366e7535405fcc⋯.png (327.51 KB, 748x884, 11:13, 2c1955174c7b2149b69833ce69….png)


6f1aeb  No.12131401


At least he didn't bullshit you with being an anti war, anti globalism, america first stories only to deepthroat Israel on his knees the moment he got elected.

7c8806  No.12131407


>At least he didn't bullshit you

You're pretty stupid.

e8163b  No.12131410


>because it triggers you

Nigger, are you saying that this thread is meant to fill your shivering ego due to your obsession over Trump.

>Waaaah, drumpf a meanie. Let me bitch about it for 4 straight hours. Maybe someone will share my huge burden in life.

As if you have any.


>go back to reddit

Is this your only response that you're capable of?

7c8806  No.12131415

File: 1326d320f91118b⋯.jpg (120.42 KB, 1200x806, 600:403, 2006main_1200.jpg)


>Is this your only response that you're capable of?

No, but it's the only appropriate one.

d21aa7  No.12131419

what's the point of telling everyone about fake news and a deep state if you won't do anything about it, won't expose it even when you've become the leader of the free world ?

Now this where, ok, no one expects the guy to be Hitler, but he said America first, you can't be America first unless you stand up to Israel.

39a100  No.12131433












e8163b  No.12131447


>n-no, but go back to reddit

An underdeveloped mind, I guess. Or simply due to mixed blood.

39a100  No.12131458


> clinically insane

You're that guy from the meta thread, aren't you?




39a100  No.12131467

File: 6d4d8631427a3cb⋯.png (509.42 KB, 1224x1310, 612:655, ClipboardImage.png)

9d6e93  No.12131474

File: f25cbbddb95337e⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 3200x1800, 16:9, cylinder.jpg)


Regardless of how much you suck up to them, Jews will stab you in the back, or in the front, if it suits them. They've done it to many folks who post here on /pol/. They've done it throughout history to all sorts of people, from serfs to kings. Jews hold no allegiance of friendship sacred, no matter how you suck up to them. In fact, sucking up to a Jew makes them only respect you less. They can't help it. They are predators of other human beings. It's in their genes. It's what they do. That's not to say that you can't have a relationship or a contract with a Jew, only that you can never give them the opportunity to lie to you or turn on you, 'cause they will.

As long as Jews continue to exist, humanity will be in strife.

7c8806  No.12131476


Because I totally said what you put in that greentext. You're pathetic.

80db8d  No.12131491

Okay, now this is some epic 6D chess.

da0847  No.12131492



The telltale sign of a shill. Not to mention, again, the reddit spacing. Oh man, (11) already? You're really patrolling the thread waiting to hop IPs again, huh?

e8163b  No.12131497


>n-no, you!

And that's because that's all that you are capable of. Maybe next time re-evaluate yourself of why every word of yours reeks of a thin-skinned mongrel.

c01816  No.12131510

File: 8db2e81a894559f⋯.png (78.49 KB, 555x555, 1:1, fixed.png)

da0847  No.12131513



I wonder where this shill is from.

7c8806  No.12131521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Saging and posting like you are, it's all so salty.

7c8806  No.12131529


>everyone who isn't some faggy magapede is a shill

39a100  No.12131534


That's about the sum of it, yes.

da0847  No.12131536



>i'm totally from around here guys

7c8806  No.12131540


what are you trying to say? I don't speak faggot

e8163b  No.12131542


You can pretend how much you want, however the degeneracy that yours reeks is laughable as some entertainment show that tries really hard but fails miserably.

da0847  No.12131547


>doesn't understand why he stands out like a sore thumb

Filtered. Go away shill.

7c8806  No.12131548


so "blah blah blah I'm a big faggot"?

7c8806  No.12131550


Filtering someone isn't a downvote, faggot.

e8163b  No.12131556


Great way to express of yourself. How about posting more about your insecurity?

7c8806  No.12131567


I thought you filtered me?

da0847  No.12131568


Just filter the shill. When no one responds to him and the little IP hopping nigger still bumps the thread, he'll make it all the more obvious.

39a100  No.12131572

7c8806  No.12131579


Nobody gives a shit what you think.

39a100  No.12131583


You cared enough to respond.

39a100  No.12131585

7c8806  No.12131586


You think that means I care? Seriously? How long have you been on the internet dude?

39a100  No.12131591


Long enough to know that if you actually didn't care you wouldn't have responded. Humans are strange like that.

7c8806  No.12131596


You don't know humans from fucking fish.

39a100  No.12131605


Third time now.

e8163b  No.12131609


>why didn't you filtered me, you said so

>ever said that

And incapable of reading? You sure have a warped sense of humor, I might add. Maybe you might also proclaim that everyone who you "disagree" is one person and start calling them schizo.


Entertainment is still an entertainment. Especially when some with a Down syndrome tries really hard.


>look at me for replying to everyone. Aren't I some really important person

Not even worth it.

7c8806  No.12131614


Third, fourth, fifth, make it sixth.

7c8806  No.12131620


>And incapable of reading?


edc1fb  No.12131624

yuck I hate jews

e8163b  No.12131630


Finally someone accepts their own downsides. I hope your mother is so proud of you, if you have one.

39a100  No.12131634


As I said, trash. Trash that found my commentary of him, simple though it may have been, important enough to warrant response AND avoid giving a (you). Thanks for going that extra mile.


Nah. I actually don't care what you think. You made one good post though.

7c8806  No.12131639


I can't speak faggot anon.

af0a50  No.12131644

File: be85ea24bcc0f88⋯.jpg (4.51 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20180504_213111.jpg)

File: 1a4d7fab71762f2⋯.jpg (4.32 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20180504_213124.jpg)

7c8806  No.12131646


>Nah. I actually don't care what you think.

Still don't care, lol

e8163b  No.12131654


Well, you are also giving this trash attention. Still, how much he wants, just look at the way he's been reduced to. Pity, and I thought that he might last a bit longer instead of biting his pillow while crying.

894a92  No.12131671

File: 8108643c1b251f5⋯.jpg (83.2 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 9187623013478634.jpg)

Who here /dieforisrael/?

I've died for Israel twice today and I must say, it's quite a rush.

609547  No.12131683


I though in order for you to be a Jew your biological mother had to be Jewish.

b92e00  No.12131713

File: ffc5180ca7a6781⋯.jpg (100.49 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Fred C. Trump.jpg)


>I though in order for you to be a Jew your biological mother had to be Jewish.


ab43eb  No.12131734


Thanks to Trump the emerging White consciousness was complately neutralized and replaced by disgusting civnat cuckery shilling for based jews and godly nogs. Once again the overton window has shifted further left as the magaspastics make sure everyone too pro-White and ant-jew is purged due to accusations of purity spiraling. American far right is now no more radical than the jew-loving republicans.

39a100  No.12131742


According to Jew law, correct.

But the Jews don't express Jew-law publically, they pretend its not a thing because its obviously racially-focused and extremely exclusionary - the last thing Jews want is goyim to know they don't consider someone Jewish, converso or no, unless their mother was biologically Jewish.

Its matrilineality, and matrilineality comes in two flavors: Muh Dik (the males don't give a shit about the females or their children) and Fuck My Daughter (the males are effeminate pussies dominated by the lasciviousness of their women, and use this for social function in dealing with external groups).

The Jews are a case of the latter.

In the case of Ivanka Trump: Ivanka will never be Jewish. Her children will never be Jewish.

Her husband, however, is very Jewish.

And so he will make sure his children marry Jews.

His sons will marry Jewish girls and their sons and daughters will be Jews.

His daughters will marry Jewish men and, though their children will not be Jewish, their sons will be able to marry Jewish woman and have Jewish children thereby.

Point being: Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump's favorite child. She will undoubtedly receive a large share of his inheritance. Via her conversion and entrance into a Jewish family, despite not being Jewish (a fact that can be "remedied" generationally) she will effectively bring with her a large portion of her father's fortune, bringing it into Jewish hands.

The same is true of the other Trump children who are with Jews, which I'm pretty sure is all of them, including Tiffany at this point.

I don't care about Jew law though - if you have Jewish heritage of more than 1/16th, you're a Jew. Period.

609547  No.12131745


What does that have to do with what I said?

>Anon. Don't think about that. Look at this picture instead.

a2558c  No.12131748


>Thanks to Trump the emerging White consciousness was complately neutralized and replaced by disgusting civnat cuckery shilling for based jews and godly nogs. Once again the overton window has shifted further left as the magaspastics make sure everyone too pro-White and ant-jew is purged due to accusations of purity spiraling. American far right is now no more radical than the jew-loving republicans.

if you reject our based jews yur a shariablue kike!

39a100  No.12131754


I have seen nothing to suggest Trump's father was Jewish, he was merely courting Jewish approval.

Many WASPs did likewise, especially during the period in question (mid-1960's).

609547  No.12131762

File: 96bfcbc1052e732⋯.png (1.33 MB, 773x772, 773:772, 96bfcbc1052e732656077c4d06….png)


Thanks for the clarification.

39a100  No.12131783



159e94  No.12132780


As opposed to what? Trump isn't a tool of israel? Care to provide some evidence of that please?

693005  No.12132788

c35f8f  No.12132806

Please, I would like to know precisely how many levels of chess, we are on currently. Can someone make a full list of Trump's kike moments and sum it up?

f59984  No.12132815

File: 64a1e1e8c3c5bcb⋯.jpg (48.5 KB, 720x509, 720:509, c5196bd9f0964e4f58235e70b6….jpg)

>politician gives lip service to powerful lobby that can easily oppose his interests

c35f8f  No.12132821


>Trump's father was a kike

Not sure about that, all I know is that once Donald dies, the Trump name will be considered a jewish one. When somebody's sons convert to judaism, you have to be really stupid to try and pretend he will be an anti-globalist hero.

000000  No.12132844

Even king nigger was better than trump on pissrael and you can say what you want about king nigger but he was the most antiisrael president we have had so much so he used the irs to target kike organisations and jew lobbies and got away with it. Sure he targeted some rightwingers and the tea party too but they were mostly neocohens and literal kikes. Can this kikesucker trump do that shit? No. He goes and pardons a criminal kike that utilises illegal labour while platforming against illegals. How the fuck can you be that kiked? He has no convictions trump is not a man he is a puppet monkey and a slave worse than king nigger.

f59984  No.12132862


>lets side with the other semites so we can get rid of those nasty semites

inshallah my brother achmed, how was morning prayer

000000  No.12132866


I never once mentioned or sided with one. These semites whether arab or jew and the entire sandbox deserve be dead and glassed.

0757b9  No.12132881

The fact that we tricked you nazi idiots into promoting and voting for Trump, and that many of you still think he's secretly your guy, has been a never ending source of amusement for me since the election.

Your memes were useful, but you are no longer needed now that we have r/The_Donald. When the truth finally clicks in for you imbeciles, I hope it hurts :)

021326  No.12132899

What if his personal connection to Judaism is learning how Jews consume and prop up other Jews in New York? Withdrawing from the UN Human Rights is a good step to withdrawing from the UN. Just use the bias as an excuse.

0f73f4  No.12132954

>ZOGbot defends ZOG and Pissrael


159e94  No.12132974


>powerful lobby

There doesn't exist a lobby Trump couldn't strike down in the normies hearts and minds with a simple tweet.

Trump is more powerful on social media than King Nigger who was the social media president.

614cb2  No.12132986


>4-4D chess, g-goy!

3627e6  No.12133005


Its people like you who totally ruin this place for the rest of us. Any time we start to come to a consensus about anything real here, Shills like you are quick to jump into the mix to derail it with dismissmive green text. I could say more but why waste my breath?

b00c9e  No.12133031


I would run for president but unfortunately I am ineligible. Shame, as I would really make America great. Then probably be assassinated.

87a1e2  No.12133367


The Bolshevik's took advantage of wartime misery with the backing of international finance and their entire old world network. If the CIA is worrying about any kind of grass roots uprising under current conditions I can only laugh.

8e1396  No.12133396


wow, I never knew chocolate bars grow when you move them. neat.

f59984  No.12133502


>implying Obama is not a crypto-sandnigger


you are underestimating the number of social conservatives who voted for trump because they hate hillary but reluctantly because they think trump is too unpresidential

ca4f64  No.12133503


>We are truly fucked if we don't take action.

Lead the way, "anon".

523c9c  No.12133859


Not that guy, but when you use /intl/ memes or lefty beliefs your post became garbage.

ab43eb  No.12133865


trust the plan save the world

91e277  No.12133996


>"No, youre an idiot! Trump only made that netenyahu commercial to get his foot in the door. He's just toying with the enemy when he bombs syria, puts wilbur ross and goldman sachs in his cabinet. He's completely surrounded by zionist jews. He's got them exactly where he wants them."

t. Shabbos goy

9e6bae  No.12134020

wtf I love trump now

7602f6  No.12134166


>He's just toying with the enemy when he bombs syria

If you think America's intervention in Syria post Trump election is comparable to Obama's, Iraq, or Libya you are retarded. Simple as that.

23a97d  No.12134205


>still in syria

>using US marines as meat shield for "moderate rebels" to prevent SAA/Russia from crushing the last pieces of ISIS

>everyone else is retarded

f5bcf6  No.12134224


Yes, goy, trust the plan. This is just the deep state going against the ZOG Emperor!

bab000  No.12134412



That's nice. But my identity isn't "fuck over whites if it fucks over niggers, kikes, and spics". I'm white.

White first.

14 first.

1488. But 14 first. Even Adolf Hitler knew this - but you don't. You are not one of us.

82a056  No.12134476

He could have had Hillary do all that while he played golf with Onigger.

bab000  No.12134509


If you refuse to vote for the #MAGA agenda this November we shall be forced to slay you as a race traitor. May as well limber up your neck for the day.

ba91cc  No.12134621


>refuse to kneel to kike

>race traitor


bab000  No.12134682


So, that's um.. not an argument, in fact, really we can't know what you're saying. Please use complete sentences, and attempt not to sound like World Star Hip Hop nigging out.

27fa3e  No.12134723


>the Jews run everything! They control everything! They have completely infiltrated and taken over the american gov! Normies are brainwashed into freaking out if you criticize the Jews!

Also /pol/:

>Trump should just rant about the Jews all the time and do his best to piss them off for no discernible gain. Why flatter them when he can try to holocaust 2: electric boogaloo - despite not having support for it in his own admin, let alone the general public? Alienate all the normies just because.

b3167c  No.12134734


shit b8 m8.

11e88d  No.12134782


>#MAGA agenda


c78262  No.12134922

File: 573893693e59bfd⋯.jpg (234.48 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Ivana.jpg)

File: a5b4da98010586d⋯.jpg (296.77 KB, 962x1177, 962:1177, Ivana1.jpg)

File: 0129d775c5a5a29⋯.jpg (120.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ivana2.jpg)


Zognald the race-mixer married a kike, had abominations with her and had them marry kikes. His bloodline is jewish and if you had an ounce of integrity, you'd call for his neck, not ours.

c6edf4  No.12134944

>/pol/ still sluprs on that kike cock

this place is a honey pot now.

edc1fb  No.12134954

Does the president agree with the talmudic view of Christ?

1ca56b  No.12134961

File: 9294159d90c578b⋯.png (126.4 KB, 544x609, 544:609, 2e6e5689d4024a07d5c87b66f8….png)


ITT: jewish fanfiction

39a100  No.12134985


>You have to suck Jewish dick bro, there's no alternative!


>You have to pick a side goy, and if you pick the muzzies over the kikes that makes you a muzzie!


>Like I said goy you have to support the jews or else the 'social conservatives' wont support you anymore!

Hello there. How is Tel Aviv this time of year? A bit muggy?

1ca56b  No.12135004

File: 0c1468dbd68861b⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 1024x770, 512:385, e2ae7fba01fe40f875b38b9296….jpg)

Honestly it should be pretty clear that the democrats are generally the chaos candidates. Trannies and batshit crazy retard nogs galore. I think it's funny to stuff congress with them, it'll just make the government collapse that much faster. Nobody needs stupid drumpf or his stupid wall or his stupid amnesty. In fact I don't see why we need any more US government at all. Its existence is superfluous and totally based on the value of the shit paper dollar, which is bound to collapse sooner or later no matter what drumpf tries to do. Voting republican just legitimizes the government to white boomers. Fuck it. I say full accelerationism, send a horde of crazies at that idiot jew lover trump.

485869  No.12135045


>I don't want a wall keeping out shitskins

>I want white people to interbreed with animals because muh acceleration

You, my friend get the gas first.

At least you stopped asserting that the wall was a total fiction.

1ca56b  No.12135052


drumpf is building a very short fence last I heard, something like 14 miles of a 1700 mile border. We can call it the great wall of drumpf, take the kids to it in 200 years, we'll run government concessions like they do at Mount Rushmore and everyone can be amazed. Anyway, there won't be any beaners anymore, because the real wall will be dead mexicans on spikes and it will be renewed regularly.

255ffd  No.12135096


The storm is here.

I predicted the shills would shriek "what about Israel" and look at how hysterical they are now.

We will win

f1dc22  No.12135165


You're an idiot who has had their mind warped by /pol/, you're also probably under 20. The government isn't going to collapse this decade, and possibly not this century. The dollar is strong right now and getting stronger, in fact the strength of the dollar is considered a bigger issue by serious economists than any theoretical crash. Makes it difficult to export, and it makes importing even more attractive.

"Full accelerationism" doesn't exist, because the enemy gets a say. There's a bunch of weird niggers getting nominated right now, you're right, but a lot of those people will lose, no matter that some miniscule fraction of the already small white nationalist segment of the American population will vote for them, which is a mistake on the part of the Democrats. They could have won some marginal number of those seats with a more traditional candidate. But there's also a record number of 'retired' intelligence analysts running as democrats this year, and those people are not stupid. They're dangerous as hell and if they get power they'll at minimum shut down all our open lines of communication, and they might even be able to manage the decline into Brazil status, which is our most realistic loss scenario.

1ca56b  No.12135198

File: f08ef38197f543a⋯.jpg (77 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 6015122d1217dedd162e714eda….jpg)


>You're an idiot who has had their mind warped by /pol/, you're also probably under 20. The government isn't going to collapse this decade, and possibly not this century. The dollar is strong right now and getting stronger, in fact the strength of the dollar is considered a bigger issue by serious economists than any theoretical crash. Makes it difficult to export, and it makes importing even more attractive.

I figure it's even odds I've been posting on a chan since you were in grade school. But you're very wrong about the dollar. G-dubs and Obama performed the hyperinflationary printing (and drumpf hasn't even slowed down) and eventually that money is going to get set loose in the broader economy. Hyperinflation is a monetary phenomenon not a price phenomenon. The thing is, like I said, it's already baked into the cake, the money printing already happened, now we're just waiting for the price inflation. Any day now. Bitcoin will probably be a mechanism of it, when it goes to $150,000 you're going to see a lot of new fiat millionaires to drive price inflation.

b37cf8  No.12135220

File: fc7d014d103925d⋯.jpg (95.66 KB, 1200x540, 20:9, fc7d014d103925ded530a394d2….jpg)


>Drumpf <3 Israel Thread

>218 Replies, most featuring freshly made guttertrash /leftypol/ memes


I see your work in your "meme laboratory" is really turning out well, all that money you spent on your "meme scienstists" appears to really be paying off! :^)

3a4659  No.12135222


Reported for Q-LARP spam.


>I figure it's even odds

You figure wrong. You're an idiot if you think the ZOG will fall.

>it's already baked into the cake

It literally doesn't matter. THEY OWN EVERY CURRENCY. That shit you're talking about? It cannot happen ever again. They are the banking system. It's not one country. It's not one region. The entire world is theirs. Nothing is collapsing.

3a4659  No.12135239


>trump doesn't love israel

>trump doesn't love nonwhites

>trump totally supports whites in any way

>trump is definitely going to gas the jews

Reported for reddit.

1ca56b  No.12135254

File: 59ff9a3845b88b9⋯.jpg (70.45 KB, 810x780, 27:26, 1337815587767.jpg)


>It literally doesn't matter. THEY OWN EVERY CURRENCY. That shit you're talking about? It cannot happen ever again. They are the banking system. It's not one country. It's not one region. The entire world is theirs. Nothing is collapsing.

OK I'm sure things will be different this time.

f1dc22  No.12135291


>Any day now

That's the mindset of an apocalyptic cultist, not a rational person. If you want to see just how much strain the American economy can take look at WW2. We haven't gotten close to that point since, we have economic downturns, and there is likely to be one of those in the next few years, but not the kind of collapse you have imagined.

The American dollar is backed by those sweet sweet oil dollars, government bonds, Apple, the US military, and more. Bitcoin is backed by drug and porn exchanges, and its volatility is a downside when trying to use it as a currency.

>Anime nazis with some Asuka knockoff, a brown elf, and lolis

Do you see why I'm saying you've had your mind warped?

b37cf8  No.12135303

File: 9fcb9bb8fcc884b⋯.jpg (739.54 KB, 1544x1260, 386:315, 1462163053614.jpg)

File: 2edd773deb5cda8⋯.jpg (457.83 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1460500969654.jpg)

File: e8588d70e35d81e⋯.jpg (22.87 KB, 255x212, 255:212, 1457392206567-0.jpg)


>You like Trump? Go back to /r/Donald!

Clearly you're a newfag, Trump had colossal support on /pol/ months before the /r/Donald controlled opposition even existed.

3c7653  No.12135305

He's always been a jew lover, what's new? He's not our savior, he only woke up white America. I got off the Trump train years ago, I'm just waiting for him to do something good for once.

b37cf8  No.12135312


Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most presidents take it easy with their rhetoric and political ideals in their first term, only to go full blast in their second term because they have nothing to lose then?

3a4659  No.12135323


Reported for jewish spam. You were literally just proven that things are FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT NOW THAN THEY HAVE EVER BEEN. You have been proven wrong. 1913 was the collapse of white civilization.

b37cf8  No.12135333

File: a599d21ef8589dd⋯.jpg (93.63 KB, 690x757, 690:757, ef96925301fb0e21f5a949b60d….jpg)


How is any of this any different from Weimar Germany?

1ca56b  No.12135336

File: 2b828361c3d3eeb⋯.jpg (193.22 KB, 599x599, 1:1, 1186968999852.jpg)




swallow a shotgun

b37cf8  No.12135365

File: c3d54f60ccd976c⋯.webm (534.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c3d54f60ccd976c0a16e1d5d2….webm)


>Racheposter supports Trump, ever

e7c43e  No.12135369


Trump had some support here and then people figured out he was just another Zionist stooge. 2016 is over. It was a bait and switch. Time to correct.

e7c43e  No.12135375


This isn't even shilling. It's just the lowest quality shitpost on record.

3a4659  No.12135376


>the reason this board was unusable shit for 3 years totally didn't happen in the first place

Reported for not even trying to hide the fact that you're a paid shill.

1ca56b  No.12135382

File: 13a5a350ef5dba5⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 550x550, 1:1, f0679ecafd1e4057908b1ec817….jpg)


>Reported for admitting that things are fundamentally different now. You have no argument, no proof of any of your claims, and no refutation for what I said.

jews aren't as powerful as you think they are. Kikes fuck up all the time, and they always end up jewing too hard. History rhymes, the same things keep happening over and over because human nature doesn't change, so your assumption that jews have somehow attained ultimate power just because they can print bux proves you're either a smart subversive or a low IQ money worshiper. zimbabwe had all the bux in the world until they ran out of ink, you obviously have no understanding of what money is or why it's valuable. National currencies collapse all the time - none has retained value for more than a couple hundred years.

b37cf8  No.12135386


>It's so much better now that we're a global board and our (((benevolent overlords))) have taken over!

Yep, you're new.

faee89  No.12135391


This, only revisionists disagree.

b37cf8  No.12135398


Go co-opt someone else's opinions, kike.

3a4659  No.12135400


>jews aren't as powerful as you think they are.

1. Prove you know how powerful I "think" jews are.

2. Prove any of your own claims.

>Kikes fuck up all the time

Thanks for asserting something that no one questioned.

>and they always end up jewing too hard. History rhymes

Not this time. You were already told that you are wrong.

>your assumption that jews have somehow attained ultimate power just because they can print bux proves you're either a smart subversive or a low IQ money worshiper.

1. Strawman.

2. You didn't read the posts, and you don't comprehend how things are different now.

>zimbabwe had all the bux in the world until they ran out of ink

Totally unrelated, completely incomparable, and you betray your lack of understanding of the situation.

>you obviously have no understanding of what money is or why it's valuable

No one is talking about money but you, shlomo.

>National currencies collapse all the time

Oh yeah? So how is every currency on earth going to collapse simultaneously, you kikeloving son of a bitch?



Also for strawman and false dichotomy.

1ca56b  No.12135408

File: f52774b27932265⋯.jpg (21.78 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


You seem a little triggered bro. What kind of autist cuts up a coherent argument into little pieces like that and then accuses me of being a jew on top of it? Are you a jew? You know you have to admit it if you are, it's the rules around here. You're obviously way out of your league here.

b37cf8  No.12135432


>Ignores >>12135365

Wow, you have great reading comprehension! If you don't understand what happened that day moderation changed then you should just fellate a shotgun, because you'll never understand anything deeper than a kiddie pool. The raid massive raid which lead /pol/ moderation to mass ban IPs was a false flag for global mods to move in and take over /pol/, the Imkikey witch hunt was a (((convenient))) rallying cry for popular support of the global mod's coup. If you honestly think /pol/ is better now than it was before it went global you should quite honestly fellate a shotgun and blow your brains all over your room. When was the last time someone who openly admitted they were a kike got nigh insta-banned?

1ca56b  No.12135438

File: aa8bb295fcea6d7⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 626x422, 313:211, 59c81d1145d2a027e83b66fa.jpg)


Have you ever heard about how a man goes bankrupt? It happens gradually and then all at once. Guess what? china is a shitshow, europe is a mess, africa is still full of niggers, there isn't some magic jewish formula to keeping the pot from boiling over. It boils over again and again in history; you are the one resorting to special pleading, that it has to be different this time. Your argument is much less substantiated by the evidence of history than mine.

5b2a63  No.12135442


Wait, who is (((we))) in this context?

1c568f  No.12135460



You are not from around here get out.

b37cf8  No.12135463


Did (((them))) having COMPLETE control of the German economy, government, and education system stop or stifle Hitler in any way? No, if anything it made it easier for him to come to power since even the normies hated what (((they))) were doing to Germany. Just look at the current happenings in Germany. Why should it stop anyone, from anywhere, from being the next Hitler?

1c568f  No.12135477


Here is the thing…. Most normalfags are brainwashed!

b37cf8  No.12135486

File: 8c1723cd007210f⋯.gif (7.43 MB, 454x250, 227:125, 8c1723cd007210f0cac24f0387….gif)


Your dubs of truth concern me.

ba91cc  No.12135490


This is so fucking autistic it has to be a LARP.

3a4659  No.12135491




>the global financial system is “a man”

You are mentally ill.

>china is a shitshow Europe is a mess what the fuck ever else my computer shut itself down as I was typing a reply and I don’t care enough to type it all out again


b37cf8  No.12135498


It's called the overton window, anon. The more Trump wins the more SJWs, leftists, MSM, deep-state niggers, globalists, etc. get depressed and kvetch nonstop, the more this happens the better for Nationalism in general.

5b2a63  No.12135502

File: 4d56661f868f809⋯.jpg (116.05 KB, 672x613, 672:613, 1536389476650.jpg)



No, >>12135303 is absolutely correct. /pol/ was dabbling between Sanders and Trump, until we discovered that 'outreach' program run by pro-Sanders which turned out to be almost the entirety of Sanders' support on /pol/. With that, all approval defaulted to Trump for obvious reasons. And even then, all the way back to 2015, everyone knew about all his Jewish connections, we knew about Cohn, Kissinger, all of them. He was never seen as bait&switch literally hitler like you portray it now, but as a stepping stone from clear and expressly anti-white policies back to putting a country's own interests above those of other countries. Or to make it short: Obama was the SJW president, Hillary was also the SJW president. Trump's election was a step from SJW as the primary driving paradigm of federal and global politics, to civnat.

Imagine there are two sandwiches. Whichever sandwich is chosen, you have to eat it and you have to eat the whole thing. One of them is made 100% of shit. The other is 50% shit and 50% good and healthy stuff. That said, which of the two do you choose? If you choose none, the 100% shit sandwich is chosen for you and you will have to eat it whole whether you like to or not. What you advocate is to either choose none and eat the 100% shit sandwich or choose and eat the 100% shit sandwich. Both variants you approve of involve eating the 100% shit sandwich and the only argument you have in favour of that, is that the other one is still 50% shit.

Since 4cucks today is crawling with a certain suddenly appearing, dedicated crowd that are irrationally angry about Trump not doing everything it takes to take down and kill Assad and who blame anyone not agreeing on Russia, methinks you like the taste of 100% shit sandwiches a lot more than you care to admit.

1ca56b  No.12135532

File: fef027899d76555⋯.png (143.55 KB, 247x311, 247:311, ed9c04625bf18425bc73f3af67….png)



Take a chill pill guy. I think you're trying a little too hard to convince me here. The jews are toast. Fucked. Finito. About to exit the stage. They jewed too hard and the déluge is breaking through the dam bit by bit. Gradually then all at once.

1c568f  No.12135534


Well a lot of /pol/acks are having their doubts on trump on either he is on our side or (((their's))) the only ones who seem to not criticize him is cuckchan, but even then they are slowly waking up, since the zog is everywhere, so a lot of support for the guy died here, except cuckchan.

1c568f  No.12135540

File: d8091075169d4f2⋯.png (541.38 KB, 806x940, 403:470, 2qvx.png)

File: 5b19142326224c3⋯.png (858.68 KB, 640x715, 128:143, individual vs collectivism….png)


Well the holocaust finally be real anon?

1c568f  No.12135543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dfa0c6  No.12135548

Do we really have to have a new thread every time a politician pays lip service to the kikes?

Or can you kikes finally admit this is just shilling to try to get people to not vote for Trump again?

ea2d2a  No.12135557


>actions are lip service


dfa0c6  No.12135565


Which specific actions?

1db145  No.12135567


the esoteric gathering of fellow whites to thinktank against the kikes, duh

dfa0c6  No.12135574


>Kikes will ignore this

1c568f  No.12135576

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>tep from SJW as the primary driving paradigm of federal and global politics, to civnat.


And you expect us to support it?

1db145  No.12135583


I want to vote Republican, but I will need guarantee that my gf won't get deported (she's from Sweden).

dfa0c6  No.12135588


>He would rather support World War 3 and the systematic eradication of the white race than even entertain the idea of supporting a Civic nationalist

bbe98c  No.12135597


>muh holocaust

>visit to kike wall

>approval of giving money to kikeland while not building out wall

>"we're going to be so good to israel"

>still in syria

>using marines are meat shields for the "moderate" rebels in south east syria to prevent the syrian arab army and russia from finally ridding the region of isis


and reported for shilling civcuckery

fe002b  No.12135606


The weak will always need to be culled from the strong. We need to cull the weak from leadership of our nation, if not then we are the weak.

b37cf8  No.12135616


Spaniards aren't just honorary, anon, they're Aryans. The half-breed mutts in Mexico aren't Spanish anymore.

dfa0c6  No.12135630


>Making you choose between white genocide and civcuckery is promoting civcuckery

Reported for advocating white genocide.

b37cf8  No.12135649

File: b4311864af14ad6⋯.png (126.03 KB, 612x792, 17:22, 43bb449bdf51775e50845ee22e….png)


>That attempted reset

c74b90  No.12135655


civic nationalism IS white genocide, faggot

5786bc  No.12135660

File: a12ea59ac52f801⋯.png (19.31 KB, 300x300, 1:1, deepfry.png)


Imagine being so dumb as to think big orange faggot will save the white race

b37cf8  No.12135661


How am I a butthurt kike? I think one of us is confused. It's probably me. When you said "Send 15 million Hispanics to West France" you meant Spaniards correct?

5786bc  No.12135669

File: 4fb51a1a59bca6a⋯.jpg (7.69 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)


Hitler was for all races

b37cf8  No.12135682


No I mean who did you want to send to the Western part of France. Who do you mean when you say "Hispanics". I assumed you meant Spaniards, but you called them honorary, which they were not. Spaniards are Aryan.

5786bc  No.12135683


Autism prevails

1db145  No.12135686


This is pretty esoteric. Nice!

3a4659  No.12135688


Reported for supporting white genocide and claiming that Hitler supported white genocide.

3a4659  No.12135689


Get out, redditor.

c580e3  No.12135690


That's weird that you ignored the actions listed.

c580e3  No.12135696

>>12135655 (checked)


5786bc  No.12135700


Who the fuck would want to send beaners to France? Unless you're some 42% amerimutt tier to consider such a thing would be clear evidence of retardation




jesus niggers i was being ironic

d83612  No.12135703


So are you in control of the world government? Because that's pretty much what's happening right now.

b37cf8  No.12135706


Civic Nationalism will only ever work if segregation is implemented, even then it's just useful as a step towards true Ethno Nationalism.

5786bc  No.12135707



>*cries in nigger language*

d83612  No.12135712


Yeah but everything to the left or right of a White ethno-state is White genocide.

e11e4f  No.12135717


>being this retarded

Mods need to clean this shit up.

d83612  No.12135726



>honorary Aryans

You should be banned for such retardation.

1c568f  No.12135728


>Unironically supporting civicnationalism


5786bc  No.12135730



holy shit dude - letting any shitskin into europe is big gay - how would they even get there? the moment italy declares war the east african colonies are cut off. Spics? how tf do you get them there? you do realize there are celts there who have been in that land since antiquity


immigration is not natural, it is a policy - it could be halted tomorrow if one of you fuckers sank one of those fucking boats

1c568f  No.12135732


>ht of a White ethno-state is White genocide.

>White ethno-state is white genocide.

Who said were going to vote left?

d83612  No.12135733


>Freaking out and spouting gibberish

What are you even talking about?

Is everyone in this thread doing PCP?


>Who said were going to vote left?

Who said I said that?

1c568f  No.12135741


Also mind explaining

>White ethno-state is White genocide.

Despite a white ethno state is what /pol/ is aiming for.

5786bc  No.12135742


>doesnt read my responses

>"oh everyone here is doing PCP since they dont agree"

>drug addict

kys dude

5786bc  No.12135752


a white ethnostate is the most gay thing that could happen and even if it did happen it would be nuked almost instantly. WHY give up the land (especially in europe that whites have inhabited for thousands of years and which different groups have developed very distinctly from eachother for some retarded and autistic """white""" """ethnostate"""? That would be the capitulation of tens of thousands of years of work. However, I wouldn't expect an amerimutt like yourself to understand that.

3a4659  No.12135753


Ironic shitposting is shitposting. Fuck off, retard.

e2388d  No.12135754

File: db3a020d17026ab⋯.jpg (134.62 KB, 1026x600, 171:100, b5aa11fd5572d887d333ae344b….jpg)


I wonder what Hitler would have thought about seeing France into Central America


1c568f  No.12135758


Who said were giving up land?

No when I mean white ethnostate, I meant germans in germany, british in britain.

d83612  No.12135760


>>White ethno-state is White genocide.

I never said that.


I don't think you quite grasp what is going on. Your response is unintelligible so I can't agree or disagree with you.

1c568f  No.12135765


That's cuckchan, they managed to get bullied out or btfo easily here, so a lot of them don't come here as much.

b37cf8  No.12135768


It's a stepping stone, anon. Unlike you, I'm willing to listen to your observed criticisms of it when utilized with segregation.

5786bc  No.12135772


civic nationalism is an oxymoron - nationalism is fundamentally rooted in race, people, folk, and blood & soil. What does civic lead to? What does it even stand for? Some rootless buzzwords in which nigger, half-breeds, orientals, and near-easterners will larp as us for some time before miscegenation drives us to extinction? Segregation in the long term never worked. Look at aryan india, persia, even rome and greece. Globalism will lead to our extinction by replacement while Civic "nationalism", which also tolerates immigration and promotes ""assimilation"" will also lead to the death of our race

8f7fc8  No.12135773


Define what you mean by segregation.

1c568f  No.12135776


Not really, both civic nationalism and multiculturalism are basically the same thing on the same coin. Also because other races don't like us and simply want to destroy and sit around and getting Gibs, is either face genocide or deporting them.

5786bc  No.12135788

why give an inch of land to non-whites (including half-breeds) in the first place? Did the romans show any sympathy to the alien Carthaginians?

5786bc  No.12135795

File: 9ff244db95cfd0c⋯.jpg (13.61 KB, 282x179, 282:179, download.jpg)


>i post clear and legible points

>ur gay lol

out nigger

5b2a63  No.12135796

File: 27f8e3ead804bca⋯.jpg (245.7 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 5863aa2e86126ccc8653e692f6….jpg)


Right then, be the change you want to see. Go into politics, do so without accepting help from a kike any step of the way, advertise an expressly pro-White natsoc platform and I promise, I will meme for you and I will vote for you. I supported Patrick Little even when he achieved peak autism, but that doesn't mean I'm pro-Hillary unless whoever she's running against is full-natsoc, too. That's not how politics works you pleb. You move towards where you want things to go. You can't just zap there instantly.


> admitting to not having been here in '15

> admitting to not even having lurked here in '15

Why don't you just cut that entire post down to 3 words:

< I'm a newfag

There, you could have said it that way.

06775c  No.12135800

Yeah and so did Hitler. So what? Keep shilling you chicken spinning, baby dick sucking faggot

5786bc  No.12135805


>go into politcs

right, see how well that ended up - even for jew-accepting ethno natioalists. In Flanders our party won in 2004 (Vlaams Blok) and then it was very promptly banned by the government

b37cf8  No.12135806



At this point America has been too pozzed and the only logical easy way to Ethno Nationalism is through civic nationalism with all of the races in America separated. There are many ways to do this: Jim Crow segregation, regional segregation, etc. Once this has been done the Overton window could be moved towards the various races being returned to their ancestral nations. Obviously the more direct difficult approach would be forced deportation or DOTR, this would be maximum acceleration and would most likely get bloody for both sides pretty quickly. I have no problem with this method it's just that it results in Aryans dying for something that could have been achieved with patients and little to no bloodshed.

1c568f  No.12135807


You make a good point, without the civic nationalism promotion thing I am fine with it, but getting in power will be hard and possibly to late to change it's effects. Some say trump is giving us time but I doubt that.

3a4659  No.12135809


>you weren’t here in 2015 because i say you weren’t

Reported for spam. You have no argument. You were blown the fuck out. At no time did /pol/ support a communist jew’s presidential run.

1c568f  No.12135810

File: 0e9add6329f2c54⋯.png (174.82 KB, 1680x2006, 840:1003, banks and finance and ww2 ….png)

File: 8546c2e29f3946f⋯.jpg (170.22 KB, 800x575, 32:23, DailyExpress-March1933-jud….jpg)


No… Not really.

5786bc  No.12135811


>civic nationalism with all races separated

Never will happen anon, the only hope for america is its collapse and balkanization. Read Siege by James Mason

3a4659  No.12135817





1c568f  No.12135819

File: f8395495f23c9f9⋯.jpg (282.14 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1524022882458.jpg)

File: 7ac438810f526c7⋯.jpg (170.94 KB, 1500x1234, 750:617, 7ac.jpg)


Though it was minor.

5786bc  No.12135827


go on then, tell me your solution to the clusterfuck that so arrogantly has the audacity to claim it "liberated" half a continent and has become the very seat of international jewery.

1c568f  No.12135832



>Mind telling me more about siege, been on cuckchan and told me it was evil and all that crap, however this /pol/ seems to be more supportive of it.

3a4659  No.12135840


>tell me your solution

1. Not follow jewish controlled opposition (so not do what you say).

2. Grab guns, kill jews and shabbos goyim.

1c568f  No.12135842


Alright how do we get to that solution?

b37cf8  No.12135847

File: 44efa7d54c88b61⋯.png (27.63 KB, 1788x500, 447:125, Phonics&(You).png)

fc6a62  No.12135853


You were asked to define what you meant by segregation. Does that include excluding all non-whites from government? Get specific.

5786bc  No.12135855


Siege is more or less an execution policy of our struggle in the present day US. It recognizes the US govt as the most evil and destructive tools of the Jews. Instead of advocating for political action (which has been shown to be impossible post-1945 with the exception of fucking Uganda and maybe Rhodesia, though even in the latter's case it was an active white minority that took up arms rather than some multicultural browntown). From this it concludes that all action should be taken against "the system" - that being anything that holds up society. It also recognizes that time is running out and simply waiting around for whites to finally "wake up" is a poor course of action as the exact same thing was said in the 60s, 90s, etc and that even since things have gotten much worse and in many areas whites are still not rising up against the system. Should be a good intro - it is more applicable in the US than anything.

5786bc  No.12135863


>calls siege controlled opposition

>"hey kids do you wanna go on a mass shooting?"

stop fedposting nigger

b37cf8  No.12135866

File: bcf436a485c40b9⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 250x231, 250:231, bcf436a485c40b91e579e1b786….gif)


>Hitler was funded by the Rothschilds!

>Lefty fags were right all along!

>He took their assets by force. :^)

5786bc  No.12135873

File: 174f6dc5240aa67⋯.jpg (19.44 KB, 219x230, 219:230, image0.jpg)

Just thought i'd post this here

fc6a62  No.12135880



5b2a63  No.12135904

File: 7008bd96de97ded⋯.png (274.81 KB, 393x357, 131:119, (you).png)


> I-I'm not a newfag, just because I clearly wasn't there based on stuff I post in this very thread

> you were blown the fuck out

> if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn't remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.

Kike spotted


Then I suggest not advertising a full-natsoc platform until you've acquired the clout necessary to prevent the ban of a possible full-natsoc party. As I said before, you can't just snap your fingers and get your way in politics. There need to be steps.


> thread flooded with retards who don't seem to approve of fucking any approach whatsoever, are against literally everything based on what they post

> turns out they're siegefags

I actually did what you said, and those satanic cult practises you have going on aren't among the things Mason tells you to do. If you actually believed in the contents of Siege, you wouldn't be raging on about the cheeto civnat and instead planning an assassination on either a Jewish judge or government official or a White engineer in a highly specialized field working in a globally operating commercial business. Some target that is irreplaceable to the system itself.

> then how is the Jewish judge not replaceable

There are only so many Jews, only so many of them work in law and only so many of them become judges. The less of them there are, the harder their competition from people of other ethnicities becomes.

5786bc  No.12135912


Vlaams Blok was not even National Socialist nigger, they were at best an ok ethno nationalist party - they banned anyone who even said a peep thing wrong about the jews

1c568f  No.12135918


>That's right goyim, if you won't believe us that hitler is a genocidal maniac than we will make propaganda on how hilter is the ultimate giga jew 5000.

06775c  No.12135923



If I ever got close enough I'd squeeze his head between my hands until it popped. Pope Francy, Schmancy, or Baby Raper Yancy.

oldest trick in the book. They even slander Christ by mocking him as King of Jews. Don't let this shit stand. Peter was ready to sever heads. The ear was because the guy dodged his killing blow. First "pope" my ass. First apostle of Christ.

Sorry anon, I was getting into a rant there. Catholics just piss me off. Almost as much as their daddy, the Jew.

1c568f  No.12135926

File: ec0d2746ef4cd14⋯.png (77.22 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 80c.png)


So you expect us to pick up guns and wait till the collapse happens or do something?

That honestly doesn't sound smart anon.

5786bc  No.12135928



>this is my first time on 8chan in years nigger


>Who said i was Atomgay?

>on another note, Siege is not fully applicable to Europe, it was an american book written by an american for americans

1c568f  No.12135933


Interesting…. Would guriella warefare help us?

1c568f  No.12135935


I mean useful*

d83612  No.12135942


>There are only so many Jews, only so many of them work in law and only so many of them become judges. The less of them there are, the harder their competition from people of other ethnicities becomes.

Yeah and besides, the kikes who are judges now are their ideal judges. If they need to replace them they'll be forced to rely on decreasingly stable degenerate freaks to enforce their genocidal agendas.

Not that I'm advocating anything. Just sayin'

5786bc  No.12135950


Guerrilla warfare is literally why the remaining ZOG bots would never succeed in wiping out any resistance in the US - could you imagine what would happen if the US govt carpetbombed, let's say, rural Illinois? Even with the upmost "ebil nazi" propaganda and fake genocide/atrocity shit? Assuming that the press would even exist?

5786bc  No.12135952


nigger even speaking in hypotheticals will get you a knock on your door, dont

5786bc  No.12135957

File: eec89ed835b222e⋯.png (65.55 KB, 190x225, 38:45, magik.png)


This retarded short spic sacramento-California Vex fagging over "muh wait for le collapse XD" is the gayest thing that has ever existed in history

pic related

1c568f  No.12135958

File: cb67d32f89a408a⋯.png (215.65 KB, 1192x477, 1192:477, 1525328746193.png)

File: 85a87bd96ba6e2c⋯.png (812.89 KB, 1587x2245, 1587:2245, national or slavery.png)


Also does anyone still have that redpill, where the nip btfo op about guns that one time?

74e143  No.12135959


>are the other options any better?


Fuck off already.

You didn't manage to co-opt /pol/ when it spawn from the rotten womb of halfchan, you aren't going to co-opt now that we're at our strongest point.

d83612  No.12135966


That's actually parianoid, childish delusions of grandeur.

No organization on earth is large enough to keep track of all the hypotheticals on the internet. And I have produced threads on assymetric warfare for years now and never once have I recieved any attention from anyone.

Get over yourself nigger. You're not as important as you think you are. You're just a disobedient ant in a sea of ants.

And so am I.

5786bc  No.12135972


Trump was only good for an accelerationist candidate. Anyways, settling for the most fresh piece of shit has never been something that has been desired until fat lazy americans like you came around and forgot you could go do things yourselves

Old but good article: Trump supporters, regardless of many of their retardedness, have essentially guaranteed a civil war in the US -


1c568f  No.12135974

File: ba5edcfe08e221f⋯.jpg (385.42 KB, 697x621, 697:621, HitlerFoughtNWOtruthMeme-1.jpg)


I doubt this for many reasons anon, a lot of people simply can't trust trump.

> that we're at our strongest point.

Only if we are on par of pic related I would agree, but no.

5786bc  No.12135979


sure, information is abundant, and it is very hard to track even a very small portion of it. it is however possible (and has been done in the past) that some obese cheeto-eating niggerball-watching 600 kilo fed data analyst picks up one thing that could be used to blackbag you whenever they feel the need

06775c  No.12136078


I feel this distrust. And I understand it. But I have to consider this: Trump is 72 years old. Trump's papa immigrated to the United States from Kallstadt. German fathers like to teach their sons. Trump may very well be the most red pilled president we have ever seen. I believe he is using the Jew the way the Jew uses us. Unwittingly to them, and to their detriment. Only appearing as a friend

258f77  No.12136123


>t. shitskin

Stop posting. Your drunk m8

It be best to pick up your shilling another day

12edc9  No.12136147


I agree… I heard Trump causally speak of kikes on a golf course & his tone was they're crooked (they cheat in golf & everything else.) He knows the game - you have to jew the jew 100% & if we all jew the jews we'll curb stomp the kikes & usher in paradise for future generations.

310586  No.12136151


Trump's dad, Fred C. Trump, donated land for the construction of the Beach Haven Jewish Center.

310586  No.12136160


Was never building the wall a part of the Jewing the Jew chess games?

1c568f  No.12136171


ALl I can say is hopefully you are right, but trump isn't the end game, but hopefully the opening gates of good times to come.

12edc9  No.12136177


If you don't understand misdirection (meaning look at actions) the kikes in the beginning couldn't call openly for the destruction of the west! They "integrated" from within & like a cancer slowly eroded western society. Trump is jewing the jew & kikes CAN'T STAND IT. If you cant see this strategy your eyes are closed.....

06775c  No.12136182


How many kikes have the middle name of Christ?

I'd donate an entire planet if I could fit (((them))) all on it

1c568f  No.12136204


Isn't deporting on an all time low, I mean no offense shouldn't he be getting rid off of invaders?

12edc9  No.12136206


Wall is being built moshe & Trump has 6 more years… After the wall is mostly built we'll see a mass deportation. Don't think for one second Trump didn't notice the hate spics came with after the election. Frankly it was kind of spooky the fire in their hate WE ALL NOTICED.

b3167c  No.12136231


>wall is being built

Anyone spreading this lie needs a ban.

12edc9  No.12136242


Faggot Trump isn't the one to gas the kikes & he never was. He is an outlet to call them liars & crooked. What do you think lying media means! Faggots have a fast food mentality when things take time. Without Trump nobody would callout pc bullshit or fake news so when you all say he's kike driven that's bull because kikes rarely call themselves out.

7c8806  No.12136247


>2016 is over.

Exactly. He did nothing, he's another Reagan or Bush. Neocons pretend to be right-wing populists all the time.

12edc9  No.12136264


Military can build an entire wall in 10 months - Trump uses military funds & labor… He has 6 years to complete but I predict it'll be done in the next 15 months. Money coming back from spic land will go to the military for construction.

7c8806  No.12136266

File: 6479cb1ecadcbc8⋯.jpg (596.84 KB, 1966x2048, 983:1024, 6479cb1ecadcbc8d46c742f70e….jpg)


>Without Trump nobody would callout pc bullshit or fake news

That's such a load of crap, liberals (which make up most of the country) still listen to the same set of news companies and (((conservatives))) like you do the same but with Fox, Breitbart and all those faggy e-celeb commentators. The country didn't fucking change and you're still a faggot that needs to go back to reddit.

06775c  No.12136286


>"Mexico will pay for it"

Hahaha promise kept motherfuckers

12edc9  No.12136292



Kikes are scared & on full alert - the tide is turning & you all are on damage control. Trump isn't a globalist like Regan/bush…. I love seeing you rats squirm! Trump has Whites excited & voting - his rallies alone have you all skaking.

3d55f1  No.12136302

9999D chess?

7c8806  No.12136318

File: 565e5b4efbe13d9⋯.gif (285.91 KB, 220x122, 110:61, tenor.gif)


>Trump isn't a globalist like Regan/bush….

b6b7cb  No.12136332


This is the best the DNC think tanks could come up with? You can't out-vote Trump with the brown hordes yet, so you have to try to dissuade his voters.

Trumps a kike-loving boomer. But he's pushing the Overton and emboldening candidates with far more right leaning beliefs to run. Being called a racist and a Nazi has lost its bite, thanks to Trump.

Go astro-turf endchan, faggots.

1c568f  No.12136343


I may believe in him again after he deports more spics and build the wall asap, but we'll have to wait and see, you also have to remember anon a lot of /pol/acks in this particular /pol/ are mixed about trump a lot of us don't trust him, unless he didn't fall for the gassing meme and declare war on iran and syria, calls out israel, and doing a lot of his campaign promises.


You mean cuckchan? What are they going to accomplish at over there?

1c568f  No.12136345


Or at the very least get our troops out of the middle east.

7c8806  No.12136377

File: 3bba9908e12f5d2⋯.jpg (176.35 KB, 1280x512, 5:2, GuangyuLiMuse1.jpg)


He already announced in his State of the Union address that he would agree to a DACA deal, which is what Reagan did back in the 1980s. He's not even going to limit legal immigration, which fucking none of you bring up as if immigration is a superficial issue when it's legal or something.


>he's pushing the Overton

More like he's pushing the right back into being neocon business yuppies that care more about money than the death of their culture. He has done as much as Bush, which is to say he's probably involved in with the jews in making it worse for whites, lord forbid one questions his motives and looks at his connections.

12edc9  No.12136471


Anon I'm fully aware of the board politics I'm 100% 14/88 & comfortable calling out kikes irl. I've been a lurker for about 4 years now & I don't even recall how I found /pol/ but I did. I'm an older Anon (just turned 40) I've seen a lot - born & raised in chiCongo (I told a friend chiCongo 6-7 months ago & wrote it on a thread & see it all the time) Trump isn't perfect but he knows he rallies Whites. Growing up in this shithole I know 1st hand the horrors of kikery & would love for nothing more than an ethnostate. I see something different in Trump than past faggotry. I have hope - I have hope because of you young people! Seeing you all on here gives me hope….

1c568f  No.12136504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Careful out there anon, remember even if we may disagree with each other on certain parts of /pol/itics, were still all in this together for a better future. Hail victory lad.

3a4659  No.12136506




Reported for supporting nonwhites and a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist.

4aa726  No.12136791

Friendly reminder that not voting or voting left allows the kikes to win faster.

The kikes don't want you to vote at all, and especially not for Trump.

Watch how many of them reply to this.

3f28d0  No.12136797



3d85e2  No.12136806

File: f24952cb2c483a9⋯.jpg (354.23 KB, 800x472, 100:59, Russia_-_putin_and_rabbis-….jpg)

File: fb2e114214f6ede⋯.jpg (291.79 KB, 857x750, 857:750, BE-BORIS-CHABAD-14.jpg)

Trump supports the Chabad Lubavitch sect and visa versa, all the Alt-Right friendly Jews are Chabad, decent article on this from Globalist Rockefeller

>The greatest influence on this presidency is not Russia but (a) members of a messianic sect of Judaism that traces its origins to Russia of the 1770s (Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Jason Greenblatt, David Friedman, et.al.), (b) senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, a Tea Party/Freedom Party enthusiast and former policy adviser to pro-Israeli presidential candidate Michele Bachman, and (c) several (Jewish) advisers from Manhattan, including economic adviser Gary Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.


If there is such a thing as a good Jew it's the Chabads, but whatever the case they're the ones the European Right is working with.

cbe516  No.12136849


There's no such thing as a good Jew. Kikes care only about their own wellbeing and Trump's presidency proves that. No money to construct the wall on the southern border plus financial cuts to ICE but ample funds for Israeli border security, the JUST act fucking over Eastern Euros, the increase in H-1B visas that shit all over the White worker and American boys are still deployed in Southern Syria and Afghanistan shedding blood for ZOG.

f1dc22  No.12136866


No that's a jewish lie. They rig the numbers for Obama by counting people turned away at the border as "deportations" under him, but not under Trump or W, then say Obama deported more than either of them. ICE officials have commented on this, and said that under this administration they have had more freedom to act than under any regime in living memory.

f1dc22  No.12136868

e0133e  No.12136873


So this is what nu-/pol/ looks like

3a4659  No.12136876


>not even trying to have an argument now

Reported for spam. Donald Trump is a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist who publicly disavows white nationalism. He is not supported by /pol/. Put a bullet in your brain, redditor. You don’t belong here.

14c0e2  No.12136884


Why the fuck would you support Obama?


Checked. I'm sick of this shit, these shills against reason. We're in their containment machine, and they ban anyone with intellect enough to fight their shills. It's a kike brainwashing operation.

cbe516  No.12136892


The overton window has once again been shifted further left. Even the far-right is now kosher as fuck and closer in ideology to neocons than to national socialism. The swarms of redditors and magaspastic make sure everyone too critical of yids and who's explicitly pro-White is silenced by accusations of purity spiraling and the never-ending desire to find the good jews and based non-Whites continues uninterrupted.

14c0e2  No.12136905




OK, maybe YOU can answer the question I'm asking. Like fucking even defend your position. I invite you, though I substantially doubt you have a damn brain cell. Bring it, nigger brain.

(if the nigger brain kikes leave it up long enough):


14c0e2  No.12136909



Fuck, sorry, this thread:


3d85e2  No.12136913


I don't necessarily disagree but without Chabad support Trump wouldn't have been elected, in terms of realpolitik they are the only potential allies of the Right in being against the Neo-Frankist secular Liberalism/Globalist.

I do realize that those are two sides of the same coin, that the Left and Right ultimately work in conjunction, but the issue goes a little deeper and it's a question of coming to terms with the God responsible for his Chosen, it is essential to counter the evil machinations but that Deity must still be accommodated within the Pantheon, thus we must tolerate 144,000 Chabad virgins.

14c0e2  No.12136929


>in terms of realpolitik they are the only potential allies of the Right in being against the Neo-Frankist secular Liberalism/Globalist.

That's what I've been trying to say. However, you might say that it has caused some very slight disruption of my signal.

I'd appreciate your input here:


LITERALLY the same topic.

We must eat. And DNC will starve us (actually, they did. Suddenly we have some fucking relief with Mr T. - Bush Sr. and probably Jr. literally voted for Hillary).

3d85e2  No.12136942


Well i know it's a lot easier to say to Hel with the lot of them and just do our own thing but ultimately in terms of the greater picture they are part of the puzzle and resolution is required, if that means accommodating 144,000 chabad virgins of the Alt-Right then i guess Papa JF is showing us the way.

But there is more to it than that, it's a question of what we bring to the party, in Divine terms.

1a9869  No.12136957

Another day, another Trump D&C. Everyone here already knows Trump isn't Hitler.

3d85e2  No.12136969


I don't really worry or concern myself about any of that, seems like minor issues, Trompe le Monde

3d85e2  No.12136986


I don't really worry or concern myself about any of that, seems like minor issues, went to the store and bought something great which samples this song from Washington state

3a11c3  No.12136989


I know he gave a record amount to Israel for "defense," but HE TWEETED ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA!!112

000000  No.12136994

>blah blah trump

Fuck what he says. Look at what he does. Record defense spending for Israel and kicking Israel's regional enemy.

5b2a63  No.12137016

File: 966b2662fd51729⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 480x470, 48:47, image-27.jpg)

File: ec6281d1ce25701⋯.jpg (47.84 KB, 513x600, 171:200, ec6281d1ce257019141c08003c….jpg)

File: 6c4bc19a90ada3b⋯.jpg (48.53 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 6c4bc19a90ada3b199741479e6….jpg)

> this thread is still going

> still flooded with buttblasted neocucks and mentally ill siegefags

Jeezus christ. Let me guess, they haven't come up with a single solution or approach that they'd agree on approving of in all this time, either, have they? Shitting on everything for the sake of shitting on it.

> read thread

Nope, no they haven't. Everything is wrong and bad and JEWS JEWS JEWS from people who themselves spend their time defending Jewish interests, it's impossible to win with shills.


> he omits all the shit around the omnibus bill

> he omits the funding for the wall

> he omits the military funding that is also written in to go towards the wall

> he omits the part where the wall is already being constructed as we speak

Watcha doin' schlomo?

> the increase in H1B

You mean the pro-white switch from anyone gets in to merit-based visas? The one that had you rats kvetching across the planet for two weeks over getting your ass handed to you by a fellow kike on top of it all? That H1B-related matter?

000000  No.12137026


Legal immigration hasn't slowed. No wall built. Stop with the gaslighting please you monstrous faggot.

5bbc1f  No.12137038

Trump is a kike slave? you don't say!

000000  No.12137065


>Trump can't control the things he needs to control to fix the country

Which means that people are taking him for granted and he needs to start walking away. If he won't do this then it probably means he is afraid of irrelevance.

>basic civics


>I'm not gaslighting you're just crazy hur duuuuuuuurururururururrrr

Civcuck boomer detected.

000000  No.12137084


What have you done recently to help the cause?

ba91cc  No.12137092


>military can do it

Someone has been watching too much Fox.

9423e7  No.12137100


>if you don't vote for the kike enabling, spic importing gop you're a race traitor!

Go back to reddit you fat fuck.

9423e7  No.12137108


looks like mods did their job. reported for ban evasion.

000000  No.12137111


Yes I will vote.

And after voting? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but leftist scum still organize socialist meetups and openly call for war against whites whereas people on the right have their lives destroyed for lighting a torch. This is AFTER Trump was elected. Trump can't even protect his own mouthpiece Alex Jones.

8f7fc8  No.12137123



reported for spam.

000000  No.12137126


>Meanwhile, I have pro-T sentiments. In particular, I believe that any opposition to Mr. T constitutes an anti-whiite position, purely on the basis of money. Whiites die out without money.

Fucking incoherent. Filter and sage.

d21aa7  No.12137129


JTRIG only hire gays

9f22a6  No.12137150


Poop Francis, not pope

5e751a  No.12137152


no goy has the middle name christ. Only a slippery crypto would do something like that.

523c9c  No.12137168


Saint Malachy was right, the red calf is there, somebody has a non shabbos goy timeline please?

cb5de8  No.12137175


What did he say, and why can't I see it?

db59c7  No.12137286

File: 426e2fa5552f893⋯.png (316.11 KB, 492x393, 164:131, ClipboardImage.png)


they created him.

and we released him

335653  No.12137318

Reminder Trump gets the rope too.

5e751a  No.12137424


>chabad are good jews

Yea no. They are the hands and feet of worldwide tikkun olam

3d85e2  No.12137776


It depends how serious they are about the morals and ethics agenda, we have no reason to trust them and until there's open discussion and disclosure it's just a puppet show.

3c66b1  No.12137821

File: 9a3810384d5c92e⋯.jpg (7.27 MB, 7152x7512, 298:313, us legal immigration in th….jpg)


>trump is pro white

3c66b1  No.12137825

File: 83fe1e9cd4b337f⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1976x3720, 247:465, us legal immigration in th….jpg)

3c66b1  No.12137827

File: 6a755392aa1cc55⋯.jpg (825.71 KB, 1918x3454, 959:1727, us legal immigration in th….jpg)

295b58  No.12137843


>h-he hasn't had a personal connection to Judaism in almost 3 months!

God you cucks are pathetic

3c66b1  No.12137858


Your willful subservience to the Jews is the same as just being a regular bluepilled faggot

3a4659  No.12137859


>It depends how serious they are

They are not serious. They are jews. There are no good jews.

>we have no reason to trust them

Ever. They are jews.

>and until there’s open discussion and disclosure

There will never be. They are jews. They are raised from birth to lie to the goyim. They are raised from birth to believe goyim are not human. They are told that they may lie about anything and everything to hide what they are. They may lie about converting from judaism. They may lie about no longer behaving like jews. They may lie about their intentions. They may lie about their beliefs. They may lie about their goals. They may lie about their god.

For millennia, prominent jews have said that no amount of conversion or outbreeding will ever remove a jew’s jewishness. There are no good jews. They will all be exterminated. Not deported, not arrested, not sequestered on an island. Exterminated.

295b58  No.12137865


I left 4Chan because of word filters and I left 8Chan because of word filters

295b58  No.12137871


Most wealthy Germans hated Hitler

d52917  No.12137878


Mostly the Freemasons who Hitler sought to stop

a609ae  No.12137885


>unironically defending imkikey

3d85e2  No.12138032


It's a question of God Wars and whether some of the Chosen of El deserve to be redeemed, they probably don't except as a face saving exercise towards resolution.

3d85e2  No.12138045


Yes i consider these things and generally arrive at the same conclusion, they just don't do morals and ethics except for the purposes of deception, the whole Trump thing is because they need someone in the WH to support their building of a Temple.

5cb2d7  No.12138059

Yeah, Trump's connection is the Mossad is blackmailing him.

85eb1f  No.12138079

I am gonna point out that this is the shit the libshit elite is silent on, they act like they hate trump but when they hear this their pants get audibly wet, just like every rino. I wish there was a way to weaponize the libshit grunts against this.

b37cf8  No.12139084


>Supporting Trump

>Defending imkikey

Pick one. If Jews promised to hang all niggers would you then let them mass immigrate here from pissrael?

a609ae  No.12139390


Of course not. Niggers are animals. In the grand scheme of things they are not a problem that would be hard to bring to heel. It is the kikes that foisted them upon us. It is the kikes behind the refugee crisis in europe. It is always the kikes. Remove them and remove all problems. Imkikey needed to be removed. But, honestly, he probably just picked just lost the namefag and is still on board. This board has been compromised, with anons talking about another exodus, since before Trump even mentioned he was running. And, I never said anything implying whether or not I support Trump. You stupid nigger.

e647b5  No.12139503


>/pol/ was dabbling between Sanders and Trump

Leave this place and never come back

b37cf8  No.12141063


I never said you supported Trump, I was talking about myself. The other anon was accusing me of supporting imkikey when I was simply saying they used him as a scapegoat to make /pol/ a global board.

9bcd4a  No.12141201

Any time the slightist Jewish thing out come the shills with their slide threads. Trump isn't lying, his "personal connection" is his daughter is married to a Jew, which gives him armor against criticism

2250cf  No.12142212

That's right, and he's going to hell for it.

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