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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

afe398  No.12130496

== cis white male comic hate Gamergate nerds want white characters to be white again! == https://web.archive.org/web/20180910012830/https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/09/09/a-sadly-predictable-storm-approaches-as-netflixs-the-witcher-looks-to-cast-a-non-white-ciri/amp/

6b07fc  No.12130532

Why didn't they make the MC a nigger, and the female character red head?They do that all the time.

3474d5  No.12130542

Can't wait for The White Wolf to team up with The Black Bull.

6b7a53  No.12130563


I'd bet money that you belong to at least one communist facebook meme group.

684852  No.12130578


I didn't even know there was a Witcher show being made. I would have been excited for that but now I'm pissed cause it's going to to have niggers. If they wanted to add niggers they should have done a spin off plot where Geralt goes to some ape continent killing witch doctor nig monsters. That would at least make sense and the writers could even add a WE WUZ and HOTEP twist to it. Like Geralt comes in and fucks some black queen then kills a demon monster god called Hotep. Then sails back to white land a conqueror.

4ef8b1  No.12130583


74292a  No.12130592

I was first hurt by the news. But, I hate netflix and this will only further hurt there business so I hope it happens. I still have the games to play anyway.

932133  No.12130619


So is the media tacitly admitting that niggers are invaders?

one of the subplots of the witcher is that humans invaded during the conjuction of the spheres and proceeded to destroy the established elven and dwarven civilizations because they were unwilling to defend it.

71ee36  No.12130620


Because it's not made by the BBC.

afe398  No.12130643



Jews want to normalize oil drilling.

025023  No.12130687

Stand tall to ==NO MORE NEGROWASHING!!!==

924e47  No.12130702



only whites can "whitewash"

niggers cannot "niggerwash"

they can only "niggerdirt"

2e1c11  No.12130705

Fuck CD Projekt (((Red))). Their faggot-ass 'Good Old Games' (LOL) protected a pinko pussy. Poland is kiked, CD Projekt Red is kiked. They love globo-homo and want niggers everywhere in their country, so long as they're 'the right religion'.

Kikes will flood them with 'Christian Africans' in the decades to come, they just need to complete the anti-racist circle and promote rapefugeeism.

d5d3d3  No.12130712

I wonder if Sapkowski will fly into a rage and sue like he does with everything else. Kind of hope he does. Otherwise I guess I can add it to the list of things (((they))) have ruined, though, even if it falls under the category of bugman motivation.

Could redpill normies who like the Witcher as well, or be used to.

d5d3d3  No.12130717


Mudslide? Is that the right term?

polite sage

395143  No.12130719


Nigger just pirate already. Don't you remember the best thing about pirating.

Once it's in your hard drive, it's yours forever.

924e47  No.12130721


bumping only cus you're such a noob you fucked up your sage

e2d990  No.12130732



afe398  No.12130733

>CD project shits on gamers and promoted trannyism

>Apolgoized for offending furries in twitter

>/v/ desperate to defend them

It’s pathetic. Gaming never worth saving.

538852  No.12130735

Since they're going to make Ciri a Kang for no fucking reason except virtue signaling and "btfo racists cuz it's the current year," I'm skipping this. They've turned nigwashing into something mandatory now. This shit only ever goes in one direction. I mean, think about it: the reason they do this is "we don't want too many White people." Too many of us is bad to the people who produce our media. I'm pretty sure Whites were here before the kikes or their dark pets ever showed up.

dc9a5d  No.12130741

Hope this bombs.

Hope Netflix dies tbh.

aa4b62  No.12130746

>Ciri is now a nigger.

>Her dad is emperor of Nilfgaard.

Puts a whole new spin on "the black ones" doesn't it?

398914  No.12130758

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>Slavic Mythos


Its to be expected, but there are old stories of what the lady of the bog does with such insolence.

f5132c  No.12130759

File: 7f5838242fe0f0a⋯.jpg (10.37 KB, 235x235, 1:1, 7f5838242fe0f0af52360f63eb….jpg)

dc9a5d  No.12130762


This is fucking Netflix doing, don't fucking blame Poland.

924e47  No.12130763


wouldn't call them based but neither would call them pozzed

if they were trully pozzed they wouldn't have done anything that would warrant an apology

though it is right that apologising was the stupidest thing they could have done

dc9a5d  No.12130766


PR is the ruiner of men.

b41186  No.12130793

If this is is an indication of what's to come from CD Projekt they can go fuck themselves.

>Cyberpunk 2077 Blacked DLC coming to you in 2021 for only $39,99

252b69  No.12130797

File: 32297bbf2ccdc29⋯.png (777.69 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1536502727502.png)

This is what Poles look like in 2018 and it's beautiful

dc9a5d  No.12130800


This is Netflix doing, not CD Projekt Red.

dc9a5d  No.12130804


I would like to see those (((artists))).

40b81e  No.12130837


of course you cant. niggers like you can’t think with anything but your penis. its why white women are turned of by you

391cb9  No.12130842

It's netflix, what else is new.

What I'm more upset about is that Norm Macdonald has show coming out on netflix.

Hes great, but he won't be appreciated on there, or if he it, he will have to tone it way down.

f9db62  No.12130901

File: 6e5edf0e38713ea⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 300x200, 3:2, 9b74085855028694bfc11b8e95….gif)


i was looking forward to this too..

more ragefuel to throw iron to i guess

37bc91  No.12130905

Why the fuck are they making a Netflix series out of this?

I would've really preferred some novels based on the game world. Witcher just seems like one of those games that you play and you can't help but feel it would make a really good setting/theme for a book series.

c16f28  No.12130935


It is a book series go read it anon.

f9db62  No.12130946

File: 1a93f04acf94131⋯.jpg (41.56 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c53cc6b407005538c1787a4333….jpg)

File: 4f66fe892cd62b4⋯.jpg (42.32 KB, 632x474, 4:3, 139717609-e1390073456513.jpg)


the games are based on the novels, pretty much word-for-word too

c16f28  No.12130951


There is a zero percent chance that they weren't jewish as the Polish people are some of the most racist people on Earth. I mean they beat up niggers that go there on vacation for fun.

000000  No.12130971


That's tame compared to what happens to niggers in israel. Then again nobody likes em.

924e47  No.12130992

File: 4ae4d8554bd6300⋯.jpg (49.77 KB, 360x484, 90:121, elric.jpg)


>the games are based on the novels


and what about the novels

are they also copied word for word from the original?

9e1b14  No.12130997


Isn't the company behind the Witcher pretty redpilled?

Why would they allow that?

9e1b14  No.12131008


It wont hurt them though. They wont be hurt at all and they'll get to muddy a Eurocentric story.

Im really tired of people on this side of things trying to pretend these major companies are hurt by this sort of thing.

9fb93c  No.12131010

File: 3c368396d11a240⋯.jpg (55.44 KB, 539x481, 539:481, e3fec0802632e38a2669fcdc6a….jpg)


The first game's main storyline in particular is largely made up by CDP, the game basically starts right after where Geralt supposedly died in the books, everything that comes after that is basically stories from the books but in different ordering and context. This is also why Geralt has amnesia throughout the games, because it's a practical device to introduce all these stories.

Anyway, CDPR has nothing to do with the show, the writer sold them the eternal rights to his work for the purpose of videogames for a lump sum because he never thought anything would come of it, he absolutely hates CDPR and specifically said how he was going to make sure that the Netflix show was going to be nothing like the videogames.

I guess it's pretty obvious what he meant by that now.

f9db62  No.12131018

File: f6000027be6360c⋯.jpg (29.93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1c6ec801429ab323302b268c07….jpg)


>michael moorcock

idfk mane lel moorcock

9e1b14  No.12131040

File: de6015523054c0b⋯.png (4.7 MB, 2503x1429, 2503:1429, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 50d19be678ae816⋯.png (5.18 MB, 2535x1445, 507:289, ClipboardImage.png)





>Polish photographer Piotr Sikora decided to collaborate with a Polish artist Piotr Bondarczyk on a project

9e1b14  No.12131043

File: c4b05b0b04820e3⋯.png (196.61 KB, 2198x1370, 1099:685, ClipboardImage.png)

1b51e5  No.12131058

I'm honestly surprised they didn't make the main character some half-nigger mutt and make her the most Nordic looking blonde girl ever. The nigger female white male thing is usually bigger in the UK while the opposite tends to be bigger in the US. Actually all sorts of nigger lust propaganda is more common in the UK. Anyway, how big a part of the series is she? If she's just a small side character that won't be visible too often, I'll probably watch just for the setting, the combat, and the monsters.

9e1b14  No.12131059

File: 7fe7b1bf0b9d64a⋯.png (438.63 KB, 1545x979, 1545:979, ClipboardImage.png)

1b51e5  No.12131072


>against the backdrop of rapid social change. As ethnic diversity return to Poland

What the fuck is this kike talking about? When was it even in Poland, and how is it returning? They just say shit to try to normalize it hoping when you see it you think it's normal and don't say anything.

9e1b14  No.12131074

File: d5ccaa81ef1504e⋯.png (346.2 KB, 1345x535, 269:107, ClipboardImage.png)

9e1b14  No.12131087

File: 86c7231ae3e9d4d⋯.png (69.52 KB, 1336x998, 668:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b4f8335af46afd8⋯.png (1.11 MB, 2180x1520, 109:76, ClipboardImage.png)


Wow dude…. A Jew York kike shilling for niggerdo in Poland while pushing niggerdom in the US.

I hate these wretched little fucks.

8b84ad  No.12131097


1b51e5  No.12131099


I did a job for a Russian that looks just like him. Always cheap as fuck and trying to save a dollar, while expecting the cheapest prices on labor. I say something pertaining to Israel on his wall. Something he got from visiting. It all made sense. He's a fucking kike. I'm not good with Slavs, so I can't tell who's a kike and who's a little bean-headed Slav.

9e1b14  No.12131110

File: dc436362ea8d975⋯.png (1.2 MB, 990x738, 55:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0f40b2aab75c340⋯.png (1.48 MB, 2064x1002, 344:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c496de475cfe9fd⋯.png (1.57 MB, 2140x957, 2140:957, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 00d884b92ec1951⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2159x971, 2159:971, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Polish photographer Piotr Sikora decided to collaborate with a Polish artist Piotr Bondarczyk on a project

9e1b14  No.12131121

File: a910631187c464f⋯.png (294.19 KB, 570x708, 95:118, ClipboardImage.png)


Soyjew strikes again.

9e1b14  No.12131133

Now getting back on topic…



>Series Directed by

Alik Sakharov … (4 episodes)

Charlotte Brändström … (2 episodes)

Alex Garcia Lopez … (2 episodes)

>Series Writing Credits

Lauren Schmidt … (written by) (1 episode)

Declan De Barra … (1 episode)

Beau DeMayo … (1 episode)

Haily Hall … (1 episode)

Jenny Klein … (1 episode)

Sneha Koorse … (1 episode)

Andrzej Sapkowski … (novel) (1 episode)

>Series Produced by

Jenny Klein … co-executive producer (8 episodes)

Alik Sakharov … executive producer (8 episodes)

Philip Waley … producer (8 episodes)

Jason F. Brown … executive producer (unknown episodes)

Sean Daniel … executive producer (unknown episodes)

Jaroslaw Sawko … executive producer (unknown episodes)

Lauren Schmidt … executive producer (unknown episodes)

Tomasz Baginski … executive producer (unknown episodes)

>Series Cinematography by

Gavin Struthers … (1 episode)

>Series Casting By

Sophie Holland … (8 episodes)

9e1b14  No.12131149

File: d675834e1fc86af⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1409x1132, 1409:1132, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5f8dcf5a02697b⋯.png (369.78 KB, 2264x682, 1132:341, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Series Casting By

>Sophie Holland … (8 episodes)

<mfw the casting director is a catlady who has done this before

9e1b14  No.12131153

File: aa53631f045b103⋯.png (159.27 KB, 2369x924, 2369:924, ClipboardImage.png)

9e1b14  No.12131163

File: 6e69c36c14fdd30⋯.png (115.73 KB, 2253x1052, 2253:1052, ClipboardImage.png)

9e1b14  No.12131171

File: 8d86c2e7fd7ea08⋯.png (100.54 KB, 197x256, 197:256, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 772e4f4da11ff57⋯.png (649.66 KB, 1374x677, 1374:677, ClipboardImage.png)


>Paavan and Stephanie

<pics related

This shit is fucking disgusting.

9e1b14  No.12131184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This has to be a Jew(ess)

9e1b14  No.12131205

File: bfc39fcc6dc2781⋯.png (227.36 KB, 1159x504, 1159:504, ClipboardImage.png)

95aef9  No.12131214

Well we've got deepfakes. It would be a huge task but the salt involved in erasing the negress and replacing her with a valid white actress would be outstanding.

9e1b14  No.12131220

File: f05f072645141a2⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1314x1350, 73:75, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4fcd80bef17d065⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1194x1531, 1194:1531, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8a4734dabf892fd⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1215x1476, 135:164, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Series Directed by


>Alik Sakharov … (4 episodes)


>Charlotte Brändström … (2 episodes)


>Alex Garcia Lopez … (2 episodes)

9e1b14  No.12131226

File: 5e85001205a820c⋯.png (796.04 KB, 1209x1099, 1209:1099, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ce64f283c9c873⋯.png (469.33 KB, 1226x1002, 613:501, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9bc519402e00935⋯.png (593.92 KB, 1233x918, 137:102, ClipboardImage.png)

File: efa282a37b0b769⋯.png (129.07 KB, 1216x938, 608:469, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dfdfe0c914a7166⋯.png (1013.3 KB, 1207x1100, 1207:1100, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Series Writing Credits


>Lauren Schmidt … (written by) (1 episode)


>Declan De Barra … (1 episode)


>Beau DeMayo … (1 episode)


>Haily Hall … (1 episode)


>Jenny Klein … (1 episode)


>Sneha Koorse … (1 episode)


>Andrzej Sapkowski … (novel) (1 episode)

2e4d21  No.12131231

File: ab9dc79fa88a0dd⋯.jpg (8.76 KB, 236x236, 1:1, hopeIsNotAPlan--strategic-….jpg)


>Hope this bombs.

>Hope Netflix dies tbh.

Hope is not a plan. Netflix is a corporation. It dies if it loses money or other resources. Hoping for its death is less effective than planning for its death. No one in this thread has posted any actionable suggestions for facilitating the corporate demise of Netflix.

9e1b14  No.12131232

File: 249def5eec7811d⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1204x1460, 301:365, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 91c0d36ac30df1b⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1292x1568, 323:392, ClipboardImage.png)



9e1b14  No.12131235


Because there are no actionable mechanisms at our disposal at this time.

There isn't one. They're huge, they're rich, they've got the normalfags minds wrapped around their little finger.

What the fuck are we gonna do to them, eh?

9e1b14  No.12131241

File: f5015601c5bd38b⋯.png (61.71 KB, 2275x407, 2275:407, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 376427a9602a125⋯.png (192.83 KB, 299x256, 299:256, ClipboardImage.png)


>Lauren Schmidt

Name Game.

9e1b14  No.12131248


We don't own all the guns, people own all the guns, and those people are more likely to sit back and call you a Nazi while watching cheerfags dance at an NFL game.

That's the reality.

You wanna do something? Then fuck off here, go make some friends, train, work, grow, do something about it.

Otherwise shut the fuck up.

9e1b14  No.12131254

File: 6a7aca99c6b72dd⋯.png (1.41 MB, 900x622, 450:311, ClipboardImage.png)


"Hello goyim. Lookit dis nice light-skinned Schwartze woman we put in here for you. Doesn't she make you want to race-mix?"

19ac88  No.12131256

File: 95aa62f3503cddb⋯.png (3.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>a sadly predictable

Report the story you kikes, don't try to emotionally spin it. I hate journalists.

Sometimes I give nogwashing characters the benefit of the doubt. Some characters are loosely defined and the cast director doesn't give a shit about the source material so you might get a nog in a role that was traditionally white. I don't like it but I understand. When you see characters like this, a beautiful pale-skinned European woman with silver hair, changed into some snaggle-toothed mentholgolem it's obvious what they're doing. They're purposefully shitting on the work for political brownie points and then acting like anyone who's against it is a white supremacist. Fuck these whores.

9e1b14  No.12131268

File: 07f97ebd7b14eb2⋯.png (309.26 KB, 1161x945, 43:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0db9add6877320d⋯.png (40.46 KB, 1148x208, 287:52, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e688c6e95f44095⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1166x948, 583:474, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fc42ed1331e5118⋯.png (38.47 KB, 1164x218, 582:109, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 447f915a4e021e2⋯.png (40.85 KB, 1167x200, 1167:200, ClipboardImage.png)


>Declan De Barra

9e1b14  No.12131271

File: a4e1268ae935864⋯.png (796.3 KB, 523x700, 523:700, ClipboardImage.png)

cdde9e  No.12131274

File: f270b2bea97b308⋯.jpg (183.24 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, bix nood it.jpg)

>white woman

must. bix nood it.

e2de82  No.12131277

Eagle, your goons aren’t even following your own standards claims.

9e1b14  No.12131278

File: ed40b7e4800f363⋯.png (130.3 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Beau DeMayo


019165  No.12131283


WTF are you talking about. The games take place after the events in The Lady of the Lake.

I bet you think I Robot was faithful to teh books too.

9e1b14  No.12131291

File: 4257d2c2bd3f58d⋯.png (803.69 KB, 1331x1490, 1331:1490, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8330047e3709709⋯.png (162.83 KB, 1675x982, 1675:982, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cc9791515ba467d⋯.png (1.35 MB, 984x1485, 328:495, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f0858094b3fd4ab⋯.png (6.83 MB, 2638x1514, 1319:757, ClipboardImage.png)



What empty justification from this under-sexed kike whore.

9e1b14  No.12131293

File: eb87da8a43677e6⋯.png (6.84 MB, 2638x1514, 1319:757, ClipboardImage.png)

9e1b14  No.12131302

File: 426168ce77ab0a6⋯.png (502.33 KB, 540x404, 135:101, ClipboardImage.png)


Jesus Fucking Christ this show is going to be absolute dogshit.

19ac88  No.12131307


>why are you changing the established characters to suit trendy urbanite politics?


I didn't expect logic from a schizophrenic catlady and I'm still unimpressed.

9e1b14  No.12131371


I hate this shit.

I hate this shit so much.

I don't even really like the Witcher that much, I'm just so fucking sick of seeing this kind of trashy bullshit transpiring.

There are 200 million Whites in this country.

If even 1% of them holds views like ours - and they do, FAR MORE than that do - we could take this country and others within a relatively short period.

If we just stopped being such utter faggots, found a shared belief that we could grab onto, worked together and didn't pay any mind to those who would decry us, we could crush our opposition with overwhelming force - the likes of which they simply could not hope to muster from their ranks, nor the ranks of the normalfags - and BE DONE WITH THIS SHIT.

But we don't.

We sit here, and we bitch. And we moan. And we argue and infight and get turned upon ourselves so many times that we're tied into a fucking knot. I'm so sick of this shit.

We have the means and ability to do this TOMORROW. To fucking END THIS TRASH once and for all.

But we don't.

And that's more maddening than any snarky faggotry that all the catlady twats and nigger faggots and kike subversives working in harmony could ever hope to concoct.

9e1b14  No.12131409

File: 232df5930a9e83e⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 2632x3024, 47:54, Witcher 2019.jpg)


This thread has successfully made me angry.

I'm out now.

f9db62  No.12131424


it wasn't chronologically in order, but many most even of the quests, interactions & dialogues were lifted pretty directly from the books

3c3524  No.12131440

File: 3f53b9a911bd42a⋯.jpg (15.73 KB, 250x306, 125:153, 156462012_1451399270.jpg)


Michael Moorcock, unfortunate name.

But we shan't dwell on that, on family television.

f333a7  No.12131441

File: afa8d671556089d⋯.jpg (134.86 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, afa8d671556089d26eec204dad….jpg)

>Ancient One in Dr. Strange is turned from a Tibetan man into a white woman

<massive freak out, "how fucking dare they whitewash a non-white character?"

>Heimdall and Valkyrie are both niggers

<"there was always black people in Norse lands, anon. Don't freak out. It's unbecoming. It's just fantasy."

Kill all the hypocrites. Kill them painfully. I'm not sure if impalement or scaphism would be preferable.

9e1b14  No.12131512

File: d5b1dcf3b0f0471⋯.jpg (422.98 KB, 1132x1668, 283:417, Jews - (((White Washing))).jpg)

File: 1e5ead6b192feb7⋯.png (1.04 MB, 781x1024, 781:1024, ClipboardImage.png)


>White woman

>Tilda Swinton

<While at Cambridge, she joined the Communist Party; she later joined the Scottish Socialist Party.

<She lives in Nairn, overlooking the Moray Firth in the Highland region of Scotland, with her children and partner (((Sandro Kopp))), a German painter.

< In July 2013, Swinton appeared photographed in front of Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral holding a rainbow flag in support of the country's LGBT community, reportedly releasing a statement: "In solidarity. From Russia with love."

<In September 2009 Swinton joined a petition of Hollywood stars in support of Roman Polanski, and calling for his release from custody.

That stoppped being a White woman a long time ago, but I get what you mean.

a5a939  No.12131622


I've never played with the witcher virtual dolls.

c0d840  No.12131902

File: 618669478096632⋯.png (598.58 KB, 600x886, 300:443, 300PercentMad.png)

I am so fucking done with this shit. You can't argue with these people. Any criticisms you have of them raping the source material is dismissed using the same "muh racism" excuse they use to demonize anyone who disagrees with them about anything. The only thing you can do is mock them, harshly and relentlessly. To turn them into the logical conclusion of absurdity.

Any anons want to audition for my new all white cast original series "King" about the civil rights era and Martin Luther King?

0c417a  No.12131917

File: fedb49eccd1817d⋯.jpg (60.28 KB, 400x457, 400:457, Polska.jpg)

Really starting to hate these filth.

0c417a  No.12131925

Can't wait to see how this all ends up shaking out with niggerpunk 2077.

481472  No.12131974

File: 085f69ea2b6cca9⋯.jpg (35.61 KB, 454x340, 227:170, Who's_behind_that_post.jpg)


Spotted the jew.

afe398  No.12132208


>Room full of soyboys

>Nigger still the gayest in the room

That’s almost impressive faggoty.

02628d  No.12132246


They apologized for having Postal 2 on their gaming-service.

7f83f9  No.12132251

Americans are so retarded… just wait untill the serie is finished and dowload it using torrent, that shit is worse than a shoa for them.

7f83f9  No.12132252


Underrated nigger.

57ebf5  No.12132308

File: 07ca141cf6d30b0⋯.webm (433.09 KB, 640x360, 16:9, that snout.webm)

cf7e8d  No.12132311

tbh you shouldve done somthing this past decade to change it but you were to busy living like society was going to collapse. All that anime instead of doing somthing to prevent this future. You wasted all your time while everyone else worked to make the world the way they want it. Its your fault lesbians are in this game.

efb16c  No.12132316


> I still have the games to play anyway.

Reminder that books are filled with leftist drivel because Sapkowski is a fat socialist who can't even handle his booze.

Witchers being treated like shit is how sapkowski thinks skilled professionals providing difficult but necessary services for money should be treated IRL



Thought provoking.


>Violently stripped of minorities

Epic revisionism, before the war both Sanacja and National Democucks wanted to get rid of them, except Sanacja with Piłsudski wanted to help neighboring countries get independence and become allies against bolshevism, so minorities fuck off back to their countries while Dmowski and democucks believe that you could just assimilate everyone and even have BASTE AFROPOLES Lithuanians Poles or alternatively just fucking kill them.


During the partitions ethnic replacement operations took place so once Poland got it's independence back in 1918 there was a huge issue with non-Poles being there, made worse by treaty of versailles that made minorities in countries bound by it answer to (((League of Nations))) and not to native government, or the government where they reside.

So if LoN got news of some rural drunkards of ukrainian, polish and jewish ethnicities, government would have to go all the way to League of Nations to explain why some drunkards got into a brawl.

5f93ca  No.12132317

File: 448e8c2ba875ab2⋯.jpg (27.71 KB, 323x318, 323:318, 448e8c2ba875ab24a7ff077886….jpg)


Sure thing, tor faggot.

5f93ca  No.12132320

fuck, mods were fast that time

cf7e8d  No.12132322

Thinking the world is going to end all the time is exactly why most of you never did anything important in your lives. You keep living everyday like its your last

cf7e8d  No.12132324


Your mod masturbates to anime

18344c  No.12132334

Ciri was always mixed race though. Despite Elves being portrayed in the lore as fair skin what's to say they are? They're a fictional race. They can be anything because Elves aren't real. To say she ISN'T mixed race is defying the LORE

This is the argument they will use

57ebf5  No.12132336


>With that, we start talking. And talk and talk and talk. We write the things we say on dry erase boards. Often the lowest level writer does it


>3rd + 4th pic


57ebf5  No.12132363

File: d100c8d14c9e1f3⋯.png (45.92 KB, 621x289, 621:289, nowrasteh - economy with a….png)


Daily reminder this is what lolbertarians actually believe.

57ebf5  No.12132366


meant for >>12132341

18344c  No.12132377


I am happy.

Western Culture is the optimization and upholding of the human spirit. Does that mean that we consume more? Of course we do. Because we're humans.

We rage against the storm, we slay demon and dragon, we genocide our own, we rape and pillage and kill but so too do we paint and create and compose.

Christianity is a slave morality, agreed, but so too is a nihilistic approach to life. The only one who can choose life's purpose is the individual but sadly the individual scarcely exists in this day and age. Thus, I choose a life of meaning and a life worshipping gods that my people have for they force me to better myself.

Agreed with this point.

There is a great family model in which you can be a patriarch. It's called good parenting. I know you're attempting to black pill but the new generation is the most radically right and are sick of their limp wristed parents. Not to mention I have anecdotal evidence that the children I have taught and interacted with are good souls.

My wife doesn't have social media. She hates being spied on more than I do.

It takes two men in a room discussing what to do to create a conspiracy my friend.

There is a great struggle. It's 'grandness' is purely subjective. Valor, Fidelity and virtue are in line WITH intellect.

For the rest:



4ab58c  No.12132404

Professional actor here.

I trained at one of the worlds to ten acting schools and I’m working, so I feel that gives me the grounds to say Henry cavill is a contender for worst actor in Hollywood right now. This show will flop, trust me.

9e1b14  No.12132410

File: f39d5449a09805b⋯.jpeg (49.74 KB, 600x340, 30:17, Jews - Lolbergs.jpeg)


I was gonna correct you and say that that's what Jews actually believe, but is there really a difference?

7f83f9  No.12132422


That shit about "dark elves" was stealed by nips years ago and is used just for the sake of promoting oil drilling.

Niggers, you people created piracy.

8f194a  No.12132424

Not surprising really. I never thought Geralt, Triss and Yen would be miscast, just that Yen and Triss will be average plain Janes they love to use at the moment. Or Triss will be beautiful but will certainly have a race mixing scene. Cavill is also a bad choice for Geralt. Mads Mikkelsen with some make up would make a better Geralt as he could pull off that mutant/not-quite-human image.

Its going to be a letdown and not many will like it. A lot of fans will not like it, especially as Ciri is your daughterfu. This is all part of the plan though, muddy every white work, whatever your opinion on those works may be, with non-white actors. They have done far worse, as this is all made up fiction, our actual legends, myths, religions and even our history have been dragged through the dirt. Look at Heimdall being black, Merlin being black, Achilles being black. Its all intentional and they know it pisses people off and doesn't do good box office or ratings. They don't care, as this work will stand the test of time if things go to plan. In the future, when the mixed race sub-class has to watch their mandatory TV programming, they will watch shows like the Witcher or Troy, with their race mixed cast and believe that that was what Europe always was.

18344c  No.12132454


They even call Brock black. Negroes will take anything they can find and claim it as their own

506c7d  No.12132992

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is sad I really liked the games and books. Well there's already a show that came out in Poland but….

000000  No.12133030

Interestingly and also expected there are a lot of angry white women I found. Does /pol/ support them?


Seems like Kalergi Plan propaganda to me.


I'm surprised you even know who she is.


But the Japs based Dark Elves on South Asians half of Indo-Europeans, hence the clothing and cultural elements. There was a writer or producer who explained this in an interview years ago.

380f9d  No.12133042


>Anyway, how big a part of the series is she? If she's just a small side character that won't be visible too often, I'll probably watch just for the setting, the combat, and the monsters.

She's extremely important to the series. With limited spoilers, Gerald raised her as an adopted daughter, although her role only truly surfaces by the 3rd game, in the 3rd game the entire plot device revolves around her even to the point that she has whole segments dedicated to actually controlling her for her story as a character. In terms of lore she has by far the most potential and is ridiculously powerful and she's always been portrayed as a beautiful, blue-eyed nordic girl.

Turning her into a nigress is honestly a huge slap in the face to all the normies that are big fans of the series. For the sake of "get woke, go broke" I hope they get a crapload of backlash for it. Although the blacklash will be difficult to sustain because (((they))) will easily counter it with "stop being racist, bigot, nazi's". Unlike the recent Battlefield controversy of "we wanted realism, women with robotic arms fighting in the front lines is an insult to real WW2 vets" can't really be used to mask why people hate this since it's a game based entirely on fantasy.

One last notable thing to mention, the game very specifically takes place in a medieval Europe setting, where dark skinned people were about as common as a cell phone was in those times, which makes it even more insulting. In fact, (((they))) tried to cry foul on the games for not having any mudslimes and CDProject red flat out said it's because the game is based on Medieval Europe and they refuse to change it by adding darkies because it wouldn't fit the lore. I'm pretty disappointed in them lately because they used to hold firm like that but they have been apologizing a whole lot lately, although I doubt this whole scenario with the new series has anything to do with them. Seems more like the writer of the novel sold the rights to Netflix so they can do whatever they want with it, so of course Netflix will virtue signal with it.

380f9d  No.12133044


Ugh I hate myself for typing his name as Gerald instead of Geralt, my bad.

aa91d9  No.12133053

File: 2f55a46785f02ca⋯.jpg (20.97 KB, 458x349, 458:349, why.jpg)


>A goybox program about a vidya is totally kiked

8f194a  No.12133100


I can understand why the apologize so much. Companies and PR departments have to tow the line or face the backlash. That said, they keep doing things and creating things that get them in hot water, so it could be intentional. Going to be fun with Cyberpunk 2077. Will the Marxist journalists who don't play games be upset that a corporatist, multicultural city is dystopian and unpleasant?

02628d  No.12133134


No, they have to apologize because they are funded by the polish government that still cucks out for the EU-politicians who succesfully rule every nation that's in the EU (not something they tell the public though).

07cd53  No.12133141

File: 53854714576099e⋯.png (551.16 KB, 1500x960, 25:16, netflix witcher movie anti….png)


>didn't post pic related in OP


Now that I have your attention, direct it to pic related.

efb16c  No.12133224


Oh, and other than jews all the minorities were white, Hitler did Poland a great favor by rounding up and separating kikes from innocent civilians.

924e47  No.12133250

File: 40b0d406886cdf8⋯.jpg (75.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ogga bogga.jpg)


never interrupt your enemy when they are doing something stupid

this will bleed netflix money just like every single other PC pushing bullshit has ever done

it will antogonize the fanboys who will burn it all to ash just like they did with Soywars

i honestly can't wait, we wuz wizards n sheit was just a theather play so there was no way to acuratelly measure how much damage niggerdirting the IP's main waifu would cause to the bottom line

but this is a fucking TV show, boradcasted to the whole world, ignored by all who don't give a shit about the witcher and scorned by all who are fans of the witcher

it will bleed them as much money as high guardian spice will bleed crunchyroll and the salt harvest once will be glorious

witcher is one of the most succesfull vidya IPs of the last decade, and netflix is the spearhead of the old media as they try to dip their toes inthe waters of the internet before TV dies out completly, when their high production, highly shilled TV series based on such renown IP flops becos of waifu remooval it will be fucking glorious

on thath note, i'm still wondering how the Castlevania animu can be so damn good considering where it's coming from

maybe they are keeping it poz and cgi free cus they know it's their only safety net once this shit flops

563631  No.12133263


I don't play gay video games so I don't know how old she's supposed to be, but that character looks 31 not 13. I suppose they're going to make this a pedo thing while their at it.

917d56  No.12133301


nfl ratings are down

506c7d  No.12133302

File: 20b6dd780e4aa60⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 700x477, 700:477, oldseries.jpg)

I just had an idea for anyone with a sockpuppet twitter or something - invoke outrage that a "white" guy decides to steal a "brown" child. Manufacture outrage relating to slavery or something

e277d3  No.12133354


Not a bad idea. Any suggestions as to how to word it best?

915e81  No.12133385


Kristoff is played by a nigger in Frozen on Broadway.

06fb01  No.12133430


>I think it would be cool to see a black or Asian Ciri, because why not?

>heh it's cool the white character with white hair is going to be some black chick

<heh, why not? what are you, some kind of r a c i s t?

These people should be asking themselves "why?" instead of "why not?". And not in a theoretical or rhetorical sense. Literally WHY would they do this? I'm also positive these are the same people who would call it "problematic" if someone made a video game adaptation of the Black Panther and made the main character white.

f0bef9  No.12133438


>These people should be asking themselves "why?" instead of "why not?".

Because it will make whites upset. There, I just outlined the one reason leftists do anything.

506c7d  No.12133441


Depends on the style of attack, either needs to be black or jewish sounding (or both)

f0bef9  No.12133477


>on thath note, i'm still wondering how the Castlevania animu can be so damn good considering where it's coming from

What's so good about it other than the fights? Castlevania was always very clear on Dracula being the personification of evil that needs to be killed, yet the pozzed anime makes him out as some poor, misunderstood soul. Also, Christianity is constantly demonized for no good reason, when most protagonists in the games are shown to be devout men on a holy mission to vanquish evil.

It really speaks volumes that a game series that is 30+ years old has more respect for Christianity than a Western funded anime shitshow.

563631  No.12133486

File: 4ccf5f85f2043ff⋯.jpg (83.36 KB, 670x960, 67:96, YQitQGo.jpg)


Agree and amplify usually works well and can be lots of fun.

Come at it pretending to be all for it then act oblivious when people tell you how horrible it it.

"I'm a genderqueer transracial otherkin who wants blormpf to be impeached and I approve of white guys abducting brown children let me tell you why. Too long we've seen news reports and movies based on a 'true' story of blacks abducting and raping whites. We won't have true racial equality until whites abduct black children. Why should whites be able to claim to be 'victims' of interracial crime?"

506c7d  No.12133500


I think we have a winning strategy right here

8f194a  No.12133517


Game Ciri is an adult, book Ciri, which I assume the series is following, is a child/teenager.

040b61  No.12133639




>Fuck CD Projekt (((Red))).

You fucking retard.

They didn't write the books and they have nothing to do with the show.

Sapkowski sold the rights to netflix and nobody else did.

The only thing that matters to faggots like you is being as outraged and self righteous as possible, with no regards for what is true or not.

5436d2  No.12133699


Well, fuck faggot-ass Sapkowski then too. After reading some of his positions in this thread revealed by other anons I no longer give a shit about his work. A shame though, the world and characters of the Witcher had potential.

Do you have a source though? I'd like to read what his thinking was, if there was any at all.

297027  No.12133711



>this rumor started based on a piece anonymously posted on a UK acting website

>the netflix manager previously said they wanted a all white polish cast to sty close to the source material

>there is currently a rumor that a half-mexican half white girl got picked, forgot her name, but she looks OK

see here >>12133141


Witcher isn't based on the Moorcock's Melnibone stuff. Very different books.


Sapkowski stayed on as a assistant for the Netflix project, so any cuckery on the show reflects badly on him

000000  No.12133722



Would you not take the money if you were him?

42f88a  No.12133725

Sapkowski was always a liberal and a leftist I dont see why hes being called fucking based. Ive read all the novels the writting is ok and entertaining but it's not great and you can clearly see the "progressive" agenda like female empowerment(ciris entire book and chapters) and being pro-abortion(when the vampire gives the huntress the potion to abort) in the fucking script

those are just 2 small examples off the top of my head.

a055e6  No.12133749

File: 70a5859df620a1e⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2554x1699, 2554:1699, 1521158463082.jpg)


Fun thing, race swapping in this case is much more problematic than negro in slavic setting.That kike writer has done something completely destroying Sapkowski's only achievement - making Tolkien races more realistic.

For those who don't know witcher includes all popualr races but main spotlight is reserved for three - humans,elfs and dwarves.

Why does this setting feel more real than Tolkien one? Tolkien described races extremely binary,all orks bad, all elfs good,there are good humans and bad humans but good ones are pitch clean and only act evil under influence of the ring.

In Sapkowski's world it's not the case. Elfs were living peacefully until merge of spheres when humans came into their world. At first elves were tolerant and open for newcomers,helping humans as they were inferior. Humans were breeding much faster than elves which quickly caused humans to take over wider territories. Racism started, slaughters started. All the good stuff. At the point of events described in the book elves are dying race, their last fertile younglings went for hopeless war and died fighting humans. Humans are simply pushing elves to woods and ghettos ocasionally slaughtering them because of racism.

Now you can clearly see that setting already has strong racism rhetorics, what happens when you throw nigglet in it ?

1) They pretend that human on human racism doesn't exist which breaks creditibility of the world

2) They will focus on human on human racism which will overshadow initial racial issues and alter story into current USA racial,imaginary problems.

Anyway she fucked it for good,unless it's just a PR stunt,in that case good job,you've made a lot of people talk about this pile of shit.

f333a7  No.12133785


>unless it's just a PR stunt

I highly doubt it. It's going to be made by a British firm, yes? That means they have to go by British law which demands a certain amount of diversity. So your period piece about Mid East England in 1600 has to have niggers running around in period costumes as if there were always at least 20% of the village population that were non-white. It's Jewish antiwhite rot at its purest. It's for the sole purpose of trying to plant the seed that European and white societies were always open and free to shitskins and they were always there instead of being brought in at most 3 generations ago, ever since the 60s and the collapse of the European colonial empires.

d272ad  No.12133800


We need organisation

e3c34d  No.12133813


>Nigger still the gayest in the room

Proof the jews know the truth about niggers. This is a good thing. Jewish promotion of black faggotry assures niggers will never like the jew, and they don't.

8ca42a  No.12133828


They don't have to like each other to benefit from a symbiotic relationship.

000000  No.12133889


Some Slavs indeed have big noses, so it's sometimes hard to tell; look at mouth and ears. Also a decent rule of thumb is testosterone levels, if a guy is low-T cuck, it's more likely that he is a kike.

t. Slav

41d255  No.12133946

I saw that Netflix is going to make a movie about Scottish hero Robert the Bruce, called "Outlaw King".


From a cursory look at the cast, it doesn't seem that they've attempted to slip a nigger into 14th century Scotland. I'm sure they'll work in some degeneracy somehow though.

f0bef9  No.12133979


It's a pity too. Finally the leftist cucks have done some minimum research on medieval armor and I know they'll shit it up. I just wish that, for once, we could get a decent, somewhat realistic show about event in the middle ages.

3c3524  No.12133990


>the white savior complex is reflected deeply in the new Witcher TV series, where Ciri, a young black girl, is raised by Geralt, an old, crotchety white man.

>the implication is clear: blacks cannot be trusted to raise their own children. The White Man will be a better parent than they ever could.

Funnily enough, none of what I've said here is even a lie.

f0bef9  No.12134001


We even have data to back it up. Niglets raised by white parents are usually smarter than little chimps raised by fellow niggers.

3c3524  No.12134019

File: 9420b8363450935⋯.gif (1014.58 KB, 245x302, 245:302, 9420b8363450935148fddfefc8….gif)


>leftists sperg out over Ciri's race-swap as racist

>Netflix backs up their decision with statistics on adoption and intelligence

>mfw nuWitcher redpills everyone on how horrible nigger parents are

737c6c  No.12134031

File: 9a9b09c486dc8fe⋯.png (828.7 KB, 730x1033, 730:1033, ciri.png)


>Ciri, a young black girl

Wait a minute. What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK?!

Is some show seriously niggerifying fucking Ciri?



b52b96  No.12134034


Someone should make the video game adaptation of the Black Panther and make the main character white.

53d06a  No.12134043


He already fucked himself out of any royalties when he signed the deal with CDPR so this Netflix show is his last chance for seeing any serious money. Not to mention the fact, that he was always one of those old-school leftists and his political views were rather cuckish to begin with.

f0bef9  No.12134048


>Wakanda is a stand-in for Rhodesia

>you play the blonde, blue eyed prince trying to drive the savage nigger hordes out of your ancestral lands

>beat the shit out of (((Avengers))) in the process

737c6c  No.12134050


That would not be a bad idea, considering how Fascist the Wakanaarmy of niggers was in Infinity War..

737c6c  No.12134054


*Wakanda. Fascism by the way, meaning a bundle of sticks. A group. Any fucking group. Ever.

8f194a  No.12134081


I don't think it is British law, just British Film Institute won't fund productions which don't have diverse casts or diverse production teams.

c6a335  No.12134090


Impotent anger won't change anything.


That would just be petty and meaningless retaliation that hurts no one.

If anyone has to die, then they HAVE to really die. Be it the ones who owned the IP (not sure if it's the book's author or CDProject Red) or those that run Netflix. But outrage on the internet won't change their plan to subvert and destroy your culture, heritage, history and even fictional comfy universes. Let's actually doxx these people and groom some unstable gamers to do what we should not talk about doing.

Fedpost over :^)

737c6c  No.12134104

File: 450934eb1842654⋯.png (463.02 KB, 1280x1503, 1280:1503, 97.png)


Who said it was impotent anger? I swear, if someone casts a nigger as Ciri for any Witcher adaptation, I am actually going to buy the plane ticket, fly over where they are, and stab the mother fuckers an insane amount of times.

9e1b14  No.12134120


They're just doing it to spite the fan base. That's it. Its the same cunt doing the casting as the cunt who cast that nigger as a fucking valkyrie in Thor.

They just do this to be subversive.

I'm so sick of these fucks dude, so fucking sick.

9e1b14  No.12134126

File: c0bc3023f352fe8⋯.png (109.57 KB, 1472x651, 1472:651, ClipboardImage.png)


No, they aren't. That's a cope.

c6a335  No.12134130


You already made the mistake of sharing that intention.

If you truly wanted to do this, you'd have to erase connection and affiliation as best you can for a while, with anything you don't want to smear by an action like this. Better to just be "a looney" lone wolf that disrupts their plan, than a queen that takes out a bishop only to be lost to a pawn. If that makes sense.

9e1b14  No.12134131


>Sapkowski sold the rights to netflix and nobody else did.

Why did this faggot do this? Didn't he make enough money off the games?

Is he really THAT FUCKING DESPERATE that he'd happily watch his works be desecrated like this, or is he just a massive fucking ethnocuckold?

eaae5b  No.12134132


Whelp, this is how /pol/ gets thrust into CNN.

9e1b14  No.12134137


>We even have data to back it up. Niglets raised by white parents are usually smarter than little chimps raised by fellow niggers.

No they aren't. We have the data on this.

The data suggests niggers are niggers, so see some minor improvements due to being raised by Whites, but its minimal.

f0bef9  No.12134144


He sold the game rights for $10k.


>see some minor improvements

I didn't say the improvements were major.

737c6c  No.12134148


> for $10k

Shit. I have that in my bank account. It's not even enough for a used car. What a cuck.

737c6c  No.12134151


No, I don't think you understand. I plan on dying at that point. When Witcher 3, such a great white game, is desecrated, I will suicide by cop after the actress nigger is mutilated beyond recognition.

9e1b14  No.12134153


Dude, fuck /pol/. The longer I'm on this board, the more I realize that this is nothing but a waste of time, a means of distracting us long enough to allow us to die out, a faux-rallying point prone to massive acts of subversion and easily driven into bickering and waste.

/pol/ is okay at redpilling peple, if you can even get them here (and half the time they just fuck everything up when they come here), but beyond that its basically fucking worthless and may actually do harm through its existence.


>sold for 10k


>I didn't say the improvements were major.

They're so minor as to be completely unworthy of mention, and you implied that there was some meaningful differentiation in this capacity.

f0bef9  No.12134158



Because he's a retarded leftist cuck on top of being a /lit/ snob that looks down on games. Imagine how much it must burn to know the only reason his books are popular worldwide is because of video games, and that he didn't see a cent of it.

c6a335  No.12134162


I do understand. Your personal anger, over something as silly as a fictional universe - the gamer equivalent of Harry Potter - is enough to trump the consequences that murder might have on a place like /pol/ if linked, since you posted about it here.

Man, I only wish people were this passionate about killing government kikes kek.

Whatever happens, I wish you well and bless your heart anon.

737c6c  No.12134179


I will REEE when I go down on live television. Trust me. I'm going to REEEEE

9e1b14  No.12134183


>hes a leftist cuck

God I hate this guy.


>oy vey goyim! muh optics doh!

>being upset that cultural artifacts you love are being desecrated by jewish and mudpeople factors for the sole purpose of being subversive and destroying what you like? THATS THE EQUIVALENT OF BEING UPSET ABOUT HARRY POTTER GOY!

Your sentiment is what convinces me more and more that /pol/ is actually bad news, a faux-secret club that can be constantly monitored by our enemies and is run by a fat Jew who makes his money hosting pornography websites.

If even half of /pol/ genuinely espoused the sentiment of the man you're decrying, we wouldn't need /pol/ anymore.

f0bef9  No.12134195


Why would it be strange to be passionate about stories? Stories and myths are an essential pillar of any civilization, it's what creates a shared cultural framework between people. It helps convey important moral lessons, creates a shared sense of identity and allows people to inhabit the same mythical mindspace.

What would the West be without Arthurian legends or Aesop's fables?

72fa0b  No.12134229


^this. i'm so tired to see so many people that seem to have the same ideals do nothing but just argue with eachother, when they could simply use their potential for good and finally organise and act. i wish people could just stop arguing and throwing shit at each other just for some time at least and finally do something in a coordinated effort to fight all this for real

c6a335  No.12134244


I agree, I probably just fucked up in what I was trying to say.

Though I'm not talking about optics, but rather opsec.


That's a good point.

aa91d9  No.12134261

File: a4d879be87b828a⋯.png (64.98 KB, 327x265, 327:265, gcsurething.png)


>Arthurian legends or Aesop's fables

Comparing softcore porn monster stab vidya with classic literature

c6a335  No.12134271


Also a good point.

>main character is infertile

>whores around

>cucks people

>hired blade

f333a7  No.12134272


>He sold the game rights for $10k.

This is why you always sell your shit and demand a percentage of future profits in royalties. Don't end up like that cuck.

f0bef9  No.12134275


Don't be a fucking retard. The Witcher draws from a narrative legacy spanning some 4,000 years. It's not high-brow literature, sure, but the themes, motifs and tropes found within are Western in nature. It's why, when you read/play through the story there's no need to infodump the audience on what a dwarf or elf is, or why the people behave as they do in fantasy medieval Poland.

You can argue that the mythology surrounding the bestiary has more to do with Slavic lore, but even that fits into the wider umbrella of Western mythology.

And even if that wasn't the case, do I really need to explain to you why letting leftists shit up something is a bad idea?

aa91d9  No.12134285


Dial it back, niggerwit. Vidyas are aready shit, so they can't be shat up any worse no many how many tardfilms you make from them. If you have emotions about the electric goy box, you're a fucking child. You might as well get worked up about the black female lesbian race car driver printed on the latest batch of Hot Wheels cars.

f0bef9  No.12134299


What a sad sack of shit you are. Trying to shame me the same way a leftist would by whining I'm childish for doing something I like. Go choke on a bitter lemon you vapid bitch.

eaae5b  No.12134305

File: 526fa855e285fc1⋯.jpeg (27.4 KB, 590x310, 59:31, stantz.jpeg)


/pol/ is but a door, the internet is but a window, truth will be back.

000000  No.12134728

For those who think you shouldn't care about this; don't. Never stop caring. As someone who has gone to the edge of the line and then over, I am not sure there is any going back. I can't care anymore. I am the soyboy of my on creation and that is perhaps the best part.

Once you stop caring about the core of the fight you've lost. Because, you see, it's a domino effect. "I don't care about the Witcher, it's a video game". "Who cares about fictional characters? It's just stories". "Who cares about niggerification of media? It's just entertainment". The progression is extremely simplified but the general trend is the same. You may never lose your core beliefs, but you lose the will to continue struggling for them because everything else doesn't matter.

Use us who have lost the struggle as a cautionary tale. Do not allow them to make you fall into the same trap.

000000  No.12134737


Meant to say "worst" instead of "best".

c58697  No.12135658

File: aa5f7075e396d0d⋯.jpg (67.43 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1517681886546m.jpg)

File: 280192c3f6624dc⋯.jpg (2.62 KB, 104x125, 104:125, 1517680385940s.jpg)

c58697  No.12135680

File: e2169622a1cab4f⋯.jpg (712.79 KB, 800x1024, 25:32, 1517615078775.jpg)

93eff9  No.12135748

File: b7c89ebb622d62c⋯.jpg (43.18 KB, 960x960, 1:1, KlpEBtR.jpg)


You're not childish for "muh hurr durr hobby," you're childish for having a juvenile outburst over a child's toy. Even worse, you're getting upset over a jewish soap opera about a degenerate jewish pornography toy. Getting rectal pain over a worthless gewgaw no white man should know or care about is the essence of mental retardation.

13c8ae  No.12136284


Blacks are to Melanin are Moths are to Light.

1dca43  No.12136365

Read HUNTER by William L Pierce

ee591b  No.12136386


no fuck you

ee591b  No.12136390


(((polish))) (((artists)))

000000  No.12136591


But the black panther was a white European boer… I mean the real historical spy/soldier called "Black Panther."

f74f62  No.12136667

File: df1107979120ba1⋯.png (223.98 KB, 659x1116, 659:1116, White Syri by Cheshire TIT….png)


>The Witcher' Looks To Cast A Non-White Ciri

Any /hgg/ or /f/ anons getting deja vu from this

a3b822  No.12136721


Geralt will watch Ciri be fucked by six niggers at once, too.

e0aba6  No.12136731



A sadly predictable swarm of hornets has attacked me after I kicked their nest.

A sadly predictable outcrop of jagged rocks has smashed into me after I jumped off this cliff.

A sadly predictable outcry from some White males after I antagonized them by deliberately fucking up the media they enjoy.

2fee29  No.12136767


Fuck off, Fenoxo

f74f62  No.12136788


Fenoxo is the one who was for it anon

Its just that its the exact same show playing out

f333a7  No.12136839

File: 44f00ab15693b04⋯.jpg (147.08 KB, 766x960, 383:480, 1459371998490.jpg)



I remember when all that shit was just succubi and some monster girls with little furry. Then the furries, traps and other shit came in with force.

0ddcbb  No.12136996


Almost every game now has hybrid daughter-wife-pedo vibe going on. It's virtually all degenerate shit and always has been to some extent.

Put it this way, a decade of supposed 'red pilled' games actually created the current generation (30-40yo) of faggots so what does it matter how based these games are tbh

efb16c  No.12137194


Sick RP.



>being this asshurt over a worst game in the series based on pulp fiction YOBA fantasy

Sapkowski doesn't seem to object to niggerization of his work either




Sapkowski explicitly rejected offer of residual payments in exchange for a single payment upfront.


Being passionate about Young Adult lefty fantasy that became popular because of a video game is strange, or rather retarded


>motifs and tropes found within are Western in nature

<white knighting





Very western values there, I sure do love sapkowski so much I'll elevate his pulp fiction to national legacy

f74f62  No.12137218


>Sapkowski doesn't seem to object to niggerization of his work either

This is a common theme with writers, take for example Stephen King's "The Dark Tower"

Originally he wanted a Clint Eastward type character and instead they gave it the 'Black Knight' treatment

Point is, if they object they get labeled a racist and the pozzed hollywood media will refuse to make any more movies from their books

It would be like shooting yourself in the foot

This is even more so for Sapkowski who's even smaller-time than Stephen king

If even Stephen King cannot get his works character-typed properly, what hope is there for a small time slav?

f54af4  No.12140498

File: 5070851d11ed069⋯.png (158.71 KB, 422x401, 422:401, 6-53-00-1.png)


If you want to know about true cucking media, Star Wars lead to Magic the Gathering, which lead to Digimon, which lead to Harry Potter, and together that garbage created the entire soy queendom.

b7b355  No.12140511

File: 78f48bd2ea1f2f6⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 618x449, 618:449, c0b25f3eaa5c601b040e02bd18….jpg)

95222f  No.12141365

File: cee7b05d4a876f6⋯.jpg (218.82 KB, 848x1134, 424:567, witcher.jpg)

c329ae  No.12141918

File: 1c56f3ea9650e9b⋯.jpg (101.62 KB, 600x900, 2:3, poster 1.jpg)

File: 8ed8c6691f13e6d⋯.jpg (101.28 KB, 600x900, 2:3, poster 2.jpg)

Dropping some OC.

2727a9  No.12142164


Why would they? Think for a moment. It doesn't matter which races are mixed, as long as its pushed.

0c56e5  No.12142181

File: 55ea068690bb89d⋯.mp4 (332.06 KB, 720x518, 360:259, nvxpHED.mp4)

3a7e34  No.12142606

File: 91070a4ee80a570⋯.gif (207.89 KB, 410x268, 205:134, 91070a4ee80a5700e14f5e2b9f….gif)

f74f62  No.12147014

File: af52c41623ee4e4⋯.jpg (20.27 KB, 305x315, 61:63, Cirno smug laughing smile.jpg)

c7e5d5  No.12147021



these are great

85dc4c  No.12147210


To be honest, no, probably not, not without creative control being written into the agreement. If that means my work remained a book, or didn't get as much traction, fine. They're not pozzing up my work with my name attached to it, and they're not getting the rights to do so without my name attached to it.

Granted I don't make my living as an author, but I would never expect a rationally thinking author to expect to do that anyway. Art is a side passion until your presence becomes large enough you have leverage to deal with these kinds of manipulators. Further, your work is an extension of you, whether you are a working stiff or a brush-pusher. If you compromise on the integrity of your work, you compromise on the integrity of yourself.

Sapkowski was a Neoliberal cuck apparently though so I guess I shouldn't have expected that thinking anyway.

8b9b63  No.12147255


I'm fucking dying, holy shit

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