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File: c8a1165496743dd⋯.jpg (343.8 KB, 720x1480, 18:37, pres trump declassify.jpg)

File: fe68a30364db76b⋯.jpg (398.2 KB, 927x1200, 309:400, indictments.jpg)

bb7f4d  No.12131575

>President Trump is expected to declassify documents pertaining to the FBI’s surveillance of Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

>Allies of the president say the declassification could come as soon as this week, according to Axios.

>The president has attacked the warrant used to spy on Page, saying it was illegally obtained and political bias played into the overall decision.

>Other documents related to Bruce Ohr’s investigative activities are also expected to be released.

>Republicans on Capitol Hill believe the declassification will permanently taint the Special Counsel investigation by proving it was illegitimate from the start.

>House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows says lawmakers have been waiting two years to see the FISA applications.

>He added once they’re released, the American people can decide for themselves if the FBI and DOJ acted properly.


6839a9  No.12131606


>the American people can decide for themselves if the FBI and DOJ acted properly.

And if when we decide they didn't because they didn't, we have absolutely zero recourse we can do except continue waiting for the band of cocksucking faggots Donny put in the DOJ to actually do something, which would make it the first time any of them did in two years.

7d1e55  No.12131612

File: 904cd6cabddc860⋯.gif (536.09 KB, 480x348, 40:29, 1533421948918.gif)

kike free

4f8e4f  No.12131625

Welp, that confirms that another chemical weapon false flag is imminent.

Buckle up.

5690c3  No.12131629

>citing the network that debunked the Q LARP in a thread to promote the Q LARP's 6 gorillion indictments

1bc45f  No.12131649


Yeah, thats nice. Let me know when he actually does it and it matters for anything other than saving his ass from the Jewish lawyers he should have fired over a year ago.

1bc45f  No.12131655


Obviously, people have been shouting that for like the last week Anon, where have you been?

Everyone from Russia to Dick Black have been yelling about the US planning to run a false flag in the coming days to get the US into Syria.

c0461e  No.12131666


.02 cents have been deposited into your account


.02 cents have been deposited into your account


.02 cents have been deposited into your account

ad84e1  No.12131670




1a7fd3  No.12131680

Depends if he ever will do so. But seeing those documents that were the very basis of starting this Mueller probe is interesting to see.

1608ca  No.12131684

Didn't he declassify a different set of documents months ago?

ce4d0f  No.12131695

Someone explain exactly why this is a Q thread so I can decide whether to get rid of it or not.

1a7fd3  No.12131705


>Allies of the president say the declassification could come as soon as this week, according to Axios.

This one maybe? I have no clue what's with this "everything is Q" larping actually is, if it's not some derangement case.

c0461e  No.12131706


kek kill yourself

ad84e1  No.12131715



>and when HE DOESN’T unseal anything about “the indictments”, we can use it to mock Q-LARPers even more.

You know nothing is going to be declassified - if anything is going to be declassified, it will be so heavily redacted taht it will still be classified for all intents and purposes.

that second image in OP is definitely 100% from q-larpers. I've seen it before.

d1c135  No.12131718


Those border states and their sealed indictments

whew lad

cf5ba5  No.12131723

File: 272b57d7146dcba⋯.jpg (45.41 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 18ftiw.jpg)

Dis gonna be gud.

33f2d8  No.12131727


>seriously threads discussing the utter shit-show trump has allowed to unfold in syria

>goggle silencing syrian government channels

>russia warning of false flag

>fox/cnn claiming assad is going to gas people

>trump threatening military action



Go fuck yourself trumpnigger.

5690c3  No.12131741


The "sealed indictments" infographic.

83960b  No.12131758


>you know nothing is

Of course, but you tend to be called a shill when you speak the truth here.

>second image

I imagine they’ve made images about the indictments, sure, but the indictments DO exist. They’re just not for what the Q-LARPers say they are.


Funny how we’ve known Q was a hoax since LITERALLY THE FIRST WEEK IT POSTED and how you paid shills instantly expose yourself every time you post. Reported for supporting Q-LARP. You have a containment board to post your jewish cocksucking lies. Go there.

4262ba  No.12131773


they're really ramping up the duping delight lately these shills.

This latest one saying Hannity is a patriot is hilarious. They're either trying to manipulate people into getting agnry to signal boost that 911 was done by Israel or just datamine the angry responses while they sit on their couch eating donuts they bought with bitcoins or they really believe they can fool people this badly.

1a7fd3  No.12131779


>Everyone, this is a distraction from real one

And I thought that CNN shilling here was a joke.

d1c135  No.12131791


>They’re just not for what the Q-LARPers say they are

They're something to do with import/export


4d470c  No.12131803

Fuck the document declassification.

Night of the long knives now!

Traitors Die First

50700d  No.12131848

>inb4 they're actually something

I'm on the fence of Q, the shilling pushes me to think it's real but the incoherent boomerism of it all is laughable. Here's to hoping I can add more people to my list that I don't already have, and that it's a list of all/most of MOSSAD or similar something to do with jewish child rapes and blood sacrifice rituals.


Satan is right for once

64d644  No.12131849

File: 938fdeaf2bcf1f7⋯.png (169.41 KB, 1155x1223, 1155:1223, debunked.png)


>muh indictments



8c2114  No.12131899

File: a0173fef3fcebb3⋯.jpg (48.78 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 14066843743f023e_l[1].jpg)



Kill yourself, niggerfaggot.

64d644  No.12131907


facts are facts trumptard

0898ae  No.12131909


This Q thing could definitely really be attached to some government faction under the trump admin umbrella. They could probably use it as a real life limited hangout, purge some unheard of FBI and cia goons for spying on trump or whatever, and then just continue the Zionist war adventures and white genocide with a more united zombie army. Even sacrificing killary might not be too much for them to handle. I’m beginning to see it as a sort of shedding of weight like as if you were in a small car and wanted to go so fast that you start chucking heavy luggage out of the window. Because hate to say it even if they did arrest a bunch of congressmen or whoever for corruption, we would still have a fundamentally poisoned society. We need the shock that this Q thing tells anons that they are trying to avoid. We need the defibrillator.

The only thing that I like is that it did specifically post about Rahm Emmanuel not seeking re-election. But they could probably afford to lose that psycho too, in a strategic retreat. Plus I’d feel comfortable if and only if he sees a firing squad.

1bc45f  No.12131913

File: 8431dbecc35fd8a⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 7224x3768, 301:157, Jews - House Jewdiciary Co….jpg)


Thanks for the 4 pennies Satan, I guess?

You're a massive fag.


>Because hate to say it even if they did arrest a bunch of congressmen or whoever for corruption, we would still have a fundamentally poisoned society

That is the most honest fucking thing I've heard on here in a long time Anon.

8c2114  No.12131914

File: 404dce9ccae92f2⋯.jpg (1006.91 KB, 550x1722, 275:861, genderfluid.jpg)


You have no facts you retarded shitnigger you have projections and delusions.

3c3a54  No.12131923


whats the story on that pic?

64d644  No.12131924


Literally everything in that post can be verified and re-verified by you or anyone else. Thanks for playing, Trumpenstein nigger.

8310e6  No.12131929


>opinions written by some leddit asshole are facts

Forget where you are, nigger?

8c2114  No.12131935


Your buzzwords were pathetic the first time you used them and absolutely no one here believes that you aren't from plebbit. You can't even realize how obvious you are, kikeshill. Do you feel naughty for being to type nigger, plebbit. Must a fun new experience for you, I hope you enjoy it.

>everything in that post can be verified

>literally qcumber bullshit

Holy fuck you retard, kill yourself and your family in front of a camera for our amusement, niggerfaggot.


She's a fucking spic living in a spic shithole. Her story is that she pissed someone off or rejected some spiclet or was just chosen at random. Usual stuff.

64d644  No.12131937

File: 121cbaa937f5208⋯.jpg (50.96 KB, 962x642, 481:321, 40AA187A00000578-4530634-D….jpg)



Grief Stage: Denial

8c2114  No.12131942

File: b65df647a20784f⋯.jpg (93.14 KB, 394x394, 1:1, everyone_is_happy.jpg)




>maybe even working for joan the hutt

Pathetically predictable.

0b2b6b  No.12131949


this >>12131690

It's likely as not that Trump would pardon you if you gunned them down, given the proper context and time/place.

64d644  No.12131952

File: 54283521014ad5e⋯.png (544.83 KB, 1481x1314, 1481:1314, Donald Heeb Trump.png)


>Pathetically predictable.

Like Trump's twitter on every Jewish holiday?

8c2114  No.12131963

File: 1aae4cf60ade1ae⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1484x1572, 371:393, 1aae4cf60ade1ae266906ac2c0….jpg)


If your are stupid enough to fall for his meaningless pandering to kikes that have infested the system for over a century, then his plan seems to working exactly as he wanted.

I bet you believe in the lolocaust too.

4262ba  No.12131969


please just stop posting here "imkampy", just buy another forum

d1c135  No.12131975

File: e12ca69754fe432⋯.png (86.17 KB, 881x633, 881:633, jews_cant_say_God.PNG)



Hey I think we can exploit this

Apparently, jews Can't say God's name.

Lol, GOD loves me and he hates jews.

God is good


GOD GOD Lololol

1bc45f  No.12131979


This is embarrassing.

8c2114  No.12131986

File: 500936fde75f179⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 620x620, 1:1, 0d12ecfe18dac2a50ae757f2f1….jpg)


Go oven yourself fucking shityid.


You think so? Well I hope God makes sure that the yets get eternally tortured in whatever stinking hell they have.

d1c135  No.12131992


Tell us how much you love God, anon

Be a good Christian and tell us you love God.

Or be an atheist and tell us you hate God.

Just say God, anon.

4262ba  No.12131993


oh well, I asked nicely

Israel did 911

64d644  No.12132000


>this post

>your entire existence


d1c135  No.12132005


Tell us you love God please

Go on, prove me wrong

661053  No.12132008

File: f4c539b92069462⋯.jpg (15 KB, 255x201, 85:67, 1461125120271-0.jpg)

So what is it gonna be lads?

1. Chemical attack in Syria

2. School shooting

3. Mass shooting in a random location

You have time till tomorrow.

8310e6  No.12132010


Sadly that only works for the religious ones.

4262ba  No.12132016


How come you keep getting away with saying God ? Did your rabbi knit you a nice bracelet to wear ?

d1c135  No.12132017


Say "I love God"

64d644  No.12132018


Trump is going to greenlight another mass shooting on his supporters like he did in Vegas.

8c2114  No.12132019

File: 0bc0c4cf5d44754⋯.png (350.28 KB, 480x480, 1:1, jimmy's_dad_6.png)

File: 8503ae8f53197dc⋯.jpg (57.48 KB, 624x552, 26:23, kekpill.jpg)


Tell me you don't really believe it. Muh 6 gorillion jews gassed and turned into lampshades and soap. It would be hilarious if you still do because it means your bosses sent you here completely unprepared.

Don't forget faggot, you're here forever.

4262ba  No.12132024

Israel did 911

Donald Trump has done nothing to expose fraud perpretrated by the media which has allowed incremental gun control to continue to take place

dc7402  No.12132029

File: 09e3f14da94efc7⋯.png (262.73 KB, 590x355, 118:71, 743214562345.png)



Oh look, and right around the time when people are returning to school. Time for another (((school shooting))) to happen to take up the news cycle. Be on the look out for a shooting happening. Worst case being a happening on 9/11

64d644  No.12132031


>has allowed

most of it was his idea

>raise age limit

>confiscate guns without due process

>ban bumpstocks

8c2114  No.12132038

File: 634cb91f0ee1cf5⋯.mp4 (4.29 MB, 480x320, 3:2, changing culture.mp4)

File: f89fa280e07e201⋯.png (408.27 KB, 577x653, 577:653, Capture.PNG)


Prove that it was Trumps DIRECT actions that caused to increased those actions in a measurable way instead of democucks and republikikes either ignoring him or openly working against him.

Burden of proof is on you, kikeshill.

4262ba  No.12132043


the proof is donald trump just letting it happen

8c2114  No.12132064

File: 7a241a54ba1b58e⋯.png (882.6 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, bingo.png)

File: 148e7b8acb35c1f⋯.jpg (261.96 KB, 888x1024, 111:128, 1524849935169.jpg)


Good thing a century's worth of kikery can just be removed in 2 years, huh? Holy hell I would be so lost if it wasn't that easy to remove the all kikes embedded deep into the power structure of the US, not to mention their shabbos goy. Thankfully Trump only needs a few more months to take down ZOG on his own. For a second there I was afraid we were going to need to use violence or something.

4262ba  No.12132084


Trump being a fraud isn't the fault of the people who voted for him.

64d644  No.12132097


>putting all of Trump's failures into a single image to "btfo the shills"

This is why you keep losing. You're retarded.

8c2114  No.12132100

File: 970b7adc5ae77b4⋯.gif (644.43 KB, 219x202, 219:202, 183d2a9b0b0e8fe4f2a8756bf7….gif)

File: 0c1841ae822cc7f⋯.png (371.45 KB, 500x334, 250:167, touchingpoon.png)


You completely sidestepped my point and are spouting bullshit that is completely unrelated to anything I said. Now again, do you really believe Trump can simply remove over a century in kikery within 2 years?

His voters don't have anything to do with it. Just like your arguments, if they can be called that.

How about you try some more projection, thats a neat trick.

4262ba  No.12132108


>Trump can simply remove over a century in kikery within 2 years

Just so I understand, you're advocating that Trump can call out a "deep state" but some how it's too hard for him to actually call out any fraud and actually halt a single part of their gun control agenda after 2 years, and somehow i'm a shill for not thinking that's good enough.

You're a fucking moron, why are you posting here ?

8c2114  No.12132130

File: de4b7a6ac665738⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1290x1080, 43:36, oy_vey_goyim_.png)


But you are a shill and you got BTFO years and years ago but because you are so singlemindedly retarded, not to mention paid horribly, you continue your pathetic shtick without even the semblence of an argument or even a point. Tell me kikeshill, do you enjoy your job? Are the shekels keeping you warm. Do you really believe your shilling won't have consequences for you in the future? How are your collueges? Have any of them killed themselves yet? You must realize you were never able to fool anybody with your retarded scripts and it's time you underpaid niggerfaggots understood this.


So you think because he's not fighting for every minor issue means he is a traitor or kike? The man has his eyes set on saving America as a whole and is focusing on bigger issues. Gun control agenda is important but not vital and who knows what obstacles lie in wait for him there. Again, you fucking retard, we are talking about decades of kikery and none of it can be removed easily. I admit freely that I wish he did more, especially on guns and maybe some GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW however, I am not going to be a fucking retard about him not doing it. He is politicking as is unfortunately necessary.

I am posting here hoping you would eventually kill yourself but tell me, what are you doing here?

3add31  No.12132135

File: e459663b38f7813⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 2762x2000, 1381:1000, 1529872442106.jpg)

File: 96a25be7070192c⋯.jpg (481.97 KB, 1002x1366, 501:683, d1da6b688d962c6e4bde0baeda….jpg)

File: f7485a3774097c9⋯.jpg (313.88 KB, 1660x902, 830:451, 5a1a2ce28446d0a648cb63dded….jpg)

64d644  No.12132138


>calls others retarded

>posts pic related

delusional kike

4262ba  No.12132143


>The man has his eyes set on saving America as a whole and is focusing on bigger issues

Trump is a fraud, you are a fraud

Exposing these hoax false flags would damage their agenda and create a casdaing effect that would be almost terminal and you're the feckless cunt defending this feckless cunt who won't do anything

8c2114  No.12132144

File: 135bd87ef66f28e⋯.jpg (174.82 KB, 797x1000, 797:1000, 9e7b088fef4904c5eebf63a6eb….jpg)

File: e5955bb3b42f7b5⋯.jpg (589.23 KB, 1076x1430, 538:715, 1529738180315.jpg)


But you are retarded kikeshill and using our words won't convince anybody you aren't. How about you post touchingwall.jpeg a few more times. Surely that will finally convince people!

8c2114  No.12132150

File: 88eb70b7dd82829⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, (you)_dropped_this.jpg)

File: 057150f2006af3a⋯.jpg (43.31 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 057150f2006af3a9caf6b70818….jpg)


And what should I do FBI-kun? Do I need to go out and start killing niggers and kikes? Maybe that will get Trump-sempai to finally notice me! Then we can talk together about guns and how wonderful it would be if everyone had them.

Tell me, kikeshill, are you starting to get nervous?

4262ba  No.12132158


i'm only implying you are feckless because you keep supporting Trump despite every indication he cares neither for any type of national socialism other than one that benefits Israel or any part of the US constitution that correlates to liberty.

The only thing I get nervous about is that this fraud keeps selling everyone out and won't take the simple steps of exposing fraud

1bc45f  No.12132163


>Tell me, kikeshill, are you starting to get nervous?

What would a kikeshill be nervous about exactly?

797901  No.12132164


>reddit is evidence of anything

d897f4  No.12132171



Chem attack in Syria. The media has already basically announced it on Yahoo.

b2ce02  No.12132181


>Like Trump's twitter on every Jewish holiday?

fucking cancer on the eyes that makes me physically wince away from my screen but Trump has more than just a 72yr old arm up his sleeve.

8c2114  No.12132190

File: 7049f1ff78786b3⋯.png (1011.26 KB, 1119x768, 373:256, 2.png)


Bullshit you fucking kikeshill you need to urgently kill yourself and maybe even your family. Upload it so we can amuse ourselves too.

Now, you fucking shitnigger, I support Trump because he is the by far best possible man to be sitting in the white house. I never thought he was a NatSoc, I think he actually loves the American Republic too much but the point is he hasn't benefitted pissrael or the yids in any meaningfull way. Cunton would have already started another war on Syria and maybe even Russia. But he hasn't. In fact he is shitting on pissraels plans every other day as we can see in other threads and no, that fucking embassy doesn't mean shit. At least no good shit for the kikes. In fact it has already gotten the yids into more trouble than it is worth considering they already get all the fucking "legitimacy" from other governments they want. They already have many people especially leftyfaggots, kek screeching about their "inhumane" treatment of the local sandnogs and the embassy hasn't helped a single bit. To be fair, pissing off the sandniggers to the point where they get themselves killed by the shityids at he border more than 80 on the day of the move is extremely funny.

64d644  No.12132197


You can check it yourself at any time. Sorry reality doesn't match your delusions.

8c2114  No.12132204


Stop projecting, kikeshill. You have nothing which is why you refuse to discuss any of the points in your fucking plebbit post.

aee329  No.12132210

File: 7b15c0e76a62e2f⋯.gif (496.94 KB, 500x395, 100:79, 1516497486508.gif)


Why not a chemical attack at a school?

64d644  No.12132220


You have yet to disprove anything about that post. In fact, it's been verified by many people, yet you can't even disprove a single aspect.

8c2114  No.12132221




>verified by so many people

Sure thing kikeshill. I am taking your sauce super cereal right now.

1bc45f  No.12132223



I asked you a question, faggot.


1657fa  No.12132230

File: 4f4c5c14fc71492⋯.jpg (155.9 KB, 962x1290, 481:645, bored_hitler.jpg)

Should have done it immediately upon discovery.

Declassification is one of the most powerful political weapons he has and he should have been firing from both barrels on day fucking one.

bf1bc7  No.12132955

Alex is mossad connected. Info wars is a mossad op. Q told me and soon yall will find out.

875f1f  No.12132957


We’ve got a live lizard over here. Hello FBI lady.

6f6cc6  No.12132988


You should run for president and show him how things are done.

21be0a  No.12132994


Only the ones that observe and follow the talmud to the letter will do that; i.e. not say god and not write cross shapes. Every other jew, the ones who have no boundaries, will do so freely. This is why saying jews won't do this or do that doesn't apply. They will do anything if it means causing more misery.

Spreading stories about what jews won't do and expecting others to follow that is almost disinfo. Jews will spread disinfo like that if it means throwing you off their trail.

67b3c8  No.12133032


moar like these

000000  No.12133036

It's a shame Nixon wasn't president today where cronyism is rampant and free, the era of post-responsibility.

d78822  No.12133038


tell that to the democrats

000000  No.12133039


and consequences*

98d49b  No.12133191







98d49b  No.12133217






ad84e1  No.12133219

File: f4901ddbef60b0d⋯.png (2.09 MB, 2129x1410, 2129:1410, ClipboardImage.png)


I'll say it again:

Nothing is going to be declassified.

If anything is ever going to be declassified, it will be so heavily redacted that it will still be classified for all intents and purposes.

LARP-Anons will call me a black-pilling shill for this, and I will be reported.

ad84e1  No.12133228


Dude -

The whole LARP-Anon thing is bullshit.

go to >>>/qisfake/ and read some of the stuff there.

Its' not complete. I think the BO has been out for a while.

76264a  No.12133229

File: bfe01702501c628⋯.mp4 (11.04 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Alex Jones Deemed Kosher b….mp4)

File: 0ab17933725af5b⋯.jpg (283.66 KB, 800x827, 800:827, 1402005310596.jpg)


We've known that long before the Q LARP was even a thing. Embed is Corsi, a long-time Qcumber, talking about their affiliation openly.

And speaking of the Q LARP. What radio show did two of the LARPers appear on, that blasted the whole thing into the mainstream? Check the google trends. Jonestein.

22e8d8  No.12133234

File: 3655583e994366d⋯.png (666.75 KB, 1008x760, 126:95, Donald_Trump_Skips_White_H….png)

File: fafc7d40c373464⋯.png (558.98 KB, 593x646, 593:646, Sean_Spicer_on_Twitter.png)

File: 59d63834906dbbc⋯.png (505.24 KB, 599x893, 599:893, Sean_Spicer_on_Twitter_.png)

ad84e1  No.12133240


Keep getting everyone's hopes up LARP-Anon

But get your fake story ready as to why it didn't happen now, if its not already prepared.


go to q research, go to Pamphlet anon, go to Peacy, Breadbox, Pen Shitlord, whoever - make sure you guys are all on the same sheet of music now

run along

38a500  No.12133243

File: 75ad04523007606⋯.jpg (16.34 KB, 288x353, 288:353, 1325258604570.jpg)

>Trump plans to declassify shit the deep state has been doing

>Holy crap I bet the shills are gonna come out of the woodwork in this thread

>MFW I was NOT disappointed

ad84e1  No.12133253



Never seen this before

>Got a text message from Top Intelligence in Israel


Then he goes on to talk about the Bible - (((THEY))) are going to use the bible to sho that the next war has been prophesized in Revelations. The next war that (((THEY))) start.

7e322b  No.12133256



>went to Israel

>touched wall

Sorry man, you don't get to post one headline and then ignore the week he spent "muh holocaust-"ing in Israel and being the first sitting president to touch their wall.

7e322b  No.12133258


I'm reading those declassified documents right now. Oh wait, I'm not.

ff0103  No.12133260


Yeah skipping passover is totally equivalent to bombing Syria and sanctioning Iran. Do you chessniggers yet realize that you're the pawns?

38a500  No.12133267


The OP was made today and it does say they will be released tomorrow.

As long as they are released before November thats more than adequate.

76264a  No.12133269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This was the interview that made the Q LARP originally. But yes, when the jewish MSM started promoting it get even bigger.


What makes it even worse is Alex used to actually talk about how Christian Zionism was bullshit, and hosted documentaries by Rev. ed Pike that said as much. He isn't just some duped "judeo-Christian", he's a jew-owned liar.

83960b  No.12133279


>posted yesterday


Reported for supporting Q-LARP and actually believing that Trump supports whites or EVEN the rule of law.


Reported for ban evasion.




Reported for admitting to being a paid jewish shill.


Reported for supporting zionism.

83960b  No.12133280


>plausible deniability

And yet Q-LARP is nothing but provable falsehoods. It was disproven last november.

6f77ed  No.12133285



>check image in the OP

>UPDATED 7:43 a.m. - Sun. Sep. 9, 2018

>OP claims "tomorrow".

>Monday follows Sunday

>it's not "tomorrow" yet

How much do you want to bet that OP is a reddit Q-nigger trying to keep the fantasy alive and you both took the bait.

83960b  No.12133291


Oh, he may well be. If the end of the day comes and nothing is unclassified, I'll report the OP again and the mods will just delete and ban him. They already asked about it and we gave it the benefit of the doubt.


Reported for paid jewish shill. Reported for supporting Q-LARP. Reported for shilling for civic nationalism, zionism, white genocide, the Oded Yinon Plan, the continuation of the ZOG, and everything else Q-LARP says. You spam every single thread with the exact same content. You have a containment board and need to post there. Reported for mass ban evasion.

83960b  No.12133292


>today isn't yesterday's tomorrow because I say so


Reported for not even trying.

ad84e1  No.12133293

Q is real, and if you say he's not, you are a Jewish Shill!

This is the mentality of the LARP-Anon.

The LARP-Anon is incapable of seeing that he is actually a Divide and Conquer tool, manipulated to divide the right, so that less voters do the right thing.

LARP-Anons will call you a shill if you say that they have been lied to and manipulated.

LARP-Anons don't like the facts pointed out that they have been duped into buying all sorts of "Q-Paraphernalia" so people like - Pamphelet Anon, Baruch the Scribe, Tracy Beanz, Peacey, Breadbox, and others can suck sheckles off of unwitting Baby Boomers who are retired and spend alot of time on Facebook and such.

LARP-Anons don't like the fact pointed out that the whole LARP is creating sheckles for YouTube Streamers such as Pamphelet Anon, Baruch the Scribe, Tracy Beanz, Peacey, Breadbox, and others.

LARP-Anons will call you a shill if you call Trump a Kike Puppet.

- These are just some of the observations and conclusions that I have come to since it started in Oct/Nov '17.

And, yes. I fell for it at first too.

Stay away from it.

It is poison and cancer.

It is a tool used to split the right.

6f77ed  No.12133296

I did warn people years ago that the MAGApedes would be the weakest link in the Trump voting block because they would do something retarded and make people want to get away from them. What did we get? Q-tards. I was right.



Nigger you what?

ad84e1  No.12133297


>It is a tool used to split the right.

More like it is a tool to make the "Right" look like a bunch of fools, which it has been doing successfully. Kind of like how Alex Jones looks like a fool. Fuck him. He's a Jewish Paid Shill.

ad84e1  No.12133312


You must be someone who likes BReadbox and Pentultimate Shitlord on that Discord.

22e8d8  No.12133331

File: 1b3ce0585430ba2⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 567x720, 63:80, 1b3ce0585430ba298b9d2e3099….jpg)

File: a95ac89ca48145b⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 624x589, 624:589, 1455087284451.jpg)



hi shill. this is a global board. this isnt 4chan :)


>muh syrian airport

>my bombing raid done after telling them so they can prepare

nice argument, shareblue.


>he touched the wall! forget his actions! he made a symbolic gesture! you dont get to…!

hi israel.

2a0c27  No.12133334

File: 8c3d6d6610d2be6⋯.jpg (19.96 KB, 407x157, 407:157, it's a larp goyim now buy ….JPG)

Filterman is now screaming muh laaaaarp.

a30e08  No.12133338


reported for ancient bait.

2a0c27  No.12133341


>still doesn't get the purpose of Q

Decent parody though.

83960b  No.12133344


L here. I obviously don't know as much about these things as Q or T, but I can verify three words of this post, so you may as well listen to it because it's true because we say so.

-- L Clearance Patriot


Reported for being a paid shill.

83960b  No.12133346


The purpose of Q-LARP is to stop whites from fighting back, to make them accept jews, and to support the ZOG arresting any white nationalist elements within their own ranks.

80c69a  No.12133353


Well he's right sometimes.

22e8d8  No.12133355

File: ca82d9bbc507687⋯.jpg (86.62 KB, 732x227, 732:227, 1458659130061-0.jpg)



do you shills even know where you are?

shouldnt you be on reddit "debunking" the massive gaping plot-holes in the holocaust?

38a500  No.12133361


OP says 'tomorrow' in the text of his message. Which he posted earlier today.

The image doesnt say when its going to be released. I have no idea why you are focusing in on that.

2a0c27  No.12133362


Just not on this. Now go take your Super Female Vitality.

8ef4e9  No.12133363



you're bad at your job

2a0c27  No.12133366

File: 1ef36d2c75c4e88⋯.png (48.89 KB, 1220x619, 1220:619, 5a456e_6467957.png)



>I have no idea why you are focusing in on that.

Because they're shills, anon. It's called pilpul.

2a0c27  No.12133372


Desperation. Trying everything to cause FUD.

83960b  No.12133377


>Trump plans to declassify shit the deep state has been doing

Citation needed.


>The OP was made today and it does say they will be released tomorrow.

See: http://archive.is/YoP28

<Sun. Sep. 9, 2018

Kill yourself. You were proven wrong.


> I have no idea why you are focusing in on that.

Because you have no argument and think we'll fall for this shit.

76264a  No.12133381


Only when he was forced to be, after pushing an obvious LARP for months.

38a500  No.12133393


Do you actually know the difference between the OP and a news article?

2a0c27  No.12133394


>g-g-goy, he was forced to change his mind

Holy shit, you people are stupid.

83960b  No.12133395


I sure do. The difference is that you are trying to hide the fact that


38a500  No.12133402


If you did you would be able to see that the OP was in fact posted today.

2a0c27  No.12133404


Just filter the pilpulfags, it's all they have.

db36e1  No.12133407


Go ahead and make a new thread is something actually happens for those of us who have hidden this thread already.

22e8d8  No.12133412

File: 47e9c4597dfd8ce⋯.jpg (90.77 KB, 640x613, 640:613, 1418220055825.jpg)


>Reminder that your paid jewish shill is a proven hoax and that no one here believes its lies.




are you having a stroke? maybe you should go to (((your))) beth israel hospital. im sure there is one around the corner :)

2a0c27  No.12133415


>we've hidden the thread, goy


Then how come you're posting here, hmmm?

2a0c27  No.12133418


That pic: /thread

83960b  No.12133419


Reported for supporting Q-LARP.

38a500  No.12133423


Yeah your right.

Sometimes I get them confused for ignorant people. Rather than purposefully being retarded to annoy people.


Anyone reading this post can go to the top of this thread where it says this

<Trump is Declassifying the Documents Tomorrow Anonymous 09/10/18 (Mon)

22e8d8  No.12133433

File: 81f6d9796c8c473⋯.png (865.62 KB, 925x570, 185:114, 1410444437792.png)


>mentions holocaust

>thats supporting Q!

you argue like a kike


i-it's tomorrow!

maybe in tel aviv, kike.

83960b  No.12133437


Post the following statement without a quote:

>Q is a hoax and has been proven to be a jewish shill.

Do this or you will be reported for Q-LARP spam again.

>i-it's tomorrow!


reported for paid shill

22e8d8  No.12133453


i dont know anything about Q, but it sounds like retarded bullshit. know why i dont know anything about Q? it's because im not a 4chan refugee that doesnt even know what site he's on.

fuck off kike.

getting caught up in Q shit to the point where youre yelling at people on the internet that dont even pay attention to "Q" is like getting hung up on fucking e-celeb bullshit.

lurk for longer before posting you newfaggot.

83960b  No.12133475


>i dont know anything about Q

Reported for Q-LARP spam. You had one job. All you had to do was copy and paste, and you refused to do it. You support Q-LARP and all its civnat bullshit. You support Trump and all his civnat zionist neocon bullshit.

>you're 4chan because I can't reply to anything you say

>you're 4chan because I can't answer your questions

>you're 4chan because I can't prove my own claims

Thank you for admitting that today is tomorrow and that Trump released zero documents, disproving the OP and your entire narrative.

1894aa  No.12133491


If you dont know that trump is a jew plant by now youre a fucking idiot. He made the most faggot commercial for israelis promoting bibi while running. He assigned wilbur ross in his cabinet, literally a lifelong employee of rothschild RIT. Hard to blame them for enslaving us when you just give it to them so easy.

22e8d8  No.12133498


>calls me a nigger

>types in all caps

then why aren't you saging. why are you posting (12) deep in this thread? is your yamuka on too tight?


>do what i say or else!


no, kike. you have no power here.

youre 4chan because youre autistically shouting about Q, which is eceleb bullshit.

reported for spamming the thread with repeating redtext. which is actually a bannable offense, unlike eceleb Q bullshit

22e8d8  No.12133510



i never said anything about Q. youre the one talking about Q bullshit, you retarded kike. go back to cuckchan.

83960b  No.12133520


Thank you for admitting that today is tomorrow and that Trump released zero documents, disproving the OP and your entire narrative.

ad84e1  No.12133531



The two of you faggots are on the same side.

quit trying to be dickheads to each other


One of the mods deleted the Q-Larpers

22e8d8  No.12133542


what narrative is that? you know this site has IDs, right newfriend?

now admit that the holocaust is a giant hoax, for kikes to get pity, money, and a nation. do this or youre a kike shill.


dont try reasoning with kikes. he's just spamming the thread and dropping kike-tier accusations.

76264a  No.12133553

File: 29e12c1f793ab24⋯.webm (4.52 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jonestein 8chan.webm)


He was forced to because it was such obvious bullshit. Similarly to how he and Bermas had to acknowledge (but downplay) the dancing Israelis when they made Fabled Enemies in 2008, since Missing Links was already out.

83960b  No.12133556


>what narrative is that

lol, kike doesn't even know his own narrative

>you know this site has IDs

Thanks for asserting something no one questioned, paid jewish shill.

>now admit that the holocaust is a giant hoax, for kikes to get pity, money, and a nation. do this or youre a kike shill.

The holocaust is a giant hoax.


83960b  No.12133558


>a paid jewish shill, who makes his entire living on purposely lying about something, was forced to admit something

I'm not sure that's how it works.

ad84e1  No.12133560



>pair of niggers

go back and look at both of your IDs and all your postings

you both are anti-Q

both of you are calling each other kikes

Today is suicide prevention day

please prove them wrong

76264a  No.12133561


Because lies become unmaintainable, and his less retarded listeners would be able to see though them.

76264a  No.12133571


He maintains most lies well, but like I said, he occasionally has to tell the truth to keep his followers who are only semi-retarded listening.

83960b  No.12133573


Anon, there will always be more people who believe lies than truth. They're the moneymakers. Q-LARP maintains itself just fine. Jonestein has his own play.

ad84e1  No.12133575


>He refuses to disavow Q-LARP and pushes the "trump totally hates the jews trust me goyim" narrative.

then FILTER him you retarded nigger

22e8d8  No.12133582


he got triggered from me posting trump missing the sader, after someone said he doesnt miss a jewish holiday and started calling me a q larper as a result.


>The holocaust is a giant hoax.

thank you my little pet.

i already said Q was bullshit. please quote where i said anything pro-Q, using IDs you silly kike. learn how to use the site before posting.


>disavow Q!

>even though you never supported it!


holy shit, youre like the kikes trying to get trump to disavow his right wing base. do you get your talking points from (((them)))? it sure sounds like it.


why should i disavow something i never acknowledged in the first place? why should i disavow e-celeb bullshit?

76264a  No.12133588


>Q-LARP maintains itself just fine

Because Q appeals solely to the lowest of the low. The average Qcumber is considerably dumber than the average nigger.

83960b  No.12133589


>i already said Q was bullshit

This is the first time you have said it. Reported for lies.

Thank you for admitting that today is tomorrow and that Trump released zero documents, disproving the OP and your entire narrative.

38a500  No.12133591

Basically if you didnt vote for iIllary you are a Q-larper.

Remember that in 2020 when Hillary randomly turns up on the ballot again.

22e8d8  No.12133605




>i dont know anything about Q, but it sounds like retarded bullshit


>youre the one talking about Q bullshit


>eceleb Q bullshit

learn how to use the site, newfaggot.

>reported for lying

kek, holy fuck, calling you a cuckchan refugee was a compliment. youre straight up reddit. possibly even faceberg.


reported for spam.

83960b  No.12133607


Where are the documents that trump was supposedly releasing to day, paid jewish shill? Why can none of you answer my questions about your documents?

9e211b  No.12133609


fisa docs?

22e8d8  No.12133612


i dont know. day's not over.

22e8d8  No.12133615


he's going for the high (score)

22e8d8  No.12133617


i can't predict the future, but there are none so far. i never said their were. are you having a stroke?

9e211b  No.12133619



someone rustle your jimmies page? or are you strzok?

76264a  No.12133626

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Even if the documents are released, that would just legitimize OAN, the people who recently did a piece debunking Q. It's a lose/lose for the Qcumbers.

9e211b  No.12133644


I never mentioned documents I asked you why your jimmies were rustled

oh wait a minute its a shill

22e8d8  No.12133653

File: 555ece40365198e⋯.jpg (50.91 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 375.jpg)


even if trump released the documents, it'd still upset him because it meant trump kept his word. and that'd piss this shill off because he's still angry hillary/bernie sanders lost.


i never said they'd do anything. i just said yes, they were not released as of yet.

are you ok? do you need to take a break?

83960b  No.12133656


Reported for spam. You were proven wrong.

22e8d8  No.12133659

File: 334a27c6bafa94d⋯.gif (2.83 MB, 294x524, 147:262, 334a27c6bafa94d95d0659bafc….gif)



83960b  No.12133666


Reminder that there are no documents and your narrative was proven wrong yet again.

9e211b  No.12133673


toppest of keks

9e211b  No.12133674


fuck off satan filtered

22e8d8  No.12133675


>you were proven wrong on statements you never made.

you argue like a kike straight out of mein kampf.


nice job (((satan))), but nobody is buying your ploy. is this the best israel has to offer? its pathetic.

what was my narrative again? that trump didnt attend a jewish holiday dinner? how was this proven wrong exactly?

3d4342  No.12133742





ad84e1  No.12133832

File: cfccdad93510946⋯.png (311.12 KB, 581x659, 581:659, ClipboardImage.png)


(Satan Trips Checked)


>the two of you still attacking each other

aee329  No.12133948


>never watched dbz

I pity you

aee329  No.12133975

Mods need to chill the fuck out and stop falling for these faggots mass reporting good threads that aren't even contextually connected to a (((larp))).


>main points greentexted

>archive provided

>article and relevant information capped and posted

<bumplocked because of kvetching shills+faggots

the absolute state of this board

aee329  No.12133980


You are not in a sound state of mind. Turn the caps off, cruise control for cool it is not, faggot.

dc6db1  No.12134061


So he'll bomb some more empty buildings or an empty runway again, for the third time. Whoop-de-doo.

ad84e1  No.12134067


>Trump declassifying documents

<Not happening

HA HA fuck you

aee329  No.12134253

File: 2454936552cd23f⋯.gif (1021.67 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1440192442730.gif)


I don't give a fuck what happens. The thread was made properly and the preferred posting procedure was followed. There is zero (0) reason for the thread to be bumplocked or filled with kvetching faggots like you touting some kind of hardline victory/opposition stance to some (((larp))). You fucking ruined the quality of this thread with bullshit.




83960b  No.12134342




Reminder that there are no documents and your narrative was proven wrong yet again.

aee329  No.12134419


>are no documents

Wat, are you stupid?

They already released the fisa docs, it was just heavily redacted, almost 20 pages blacked out. This article is claiming trump will declassify those pages.

<hurr durr narrative qcumber larp larp

>I win!

fe800f  No.12134443

This is a basic shill post, could be any group, Mossad-funded or CIA-funded:


It's designed to feed negative emotions, nothing more.

Generally-speaking shills are paid to spread negative emotions. Once you are aware of this it's easy to spot the difference between a shill and someone merely misguided.

aee329  No.12134452


I'm well aware I'm dealing with shills and/or faggots, but what I want to know is why is the faggot hotpockets falling for the bait and bumplocking a perfectly good thread?

fe800f  No.12134461


Oh, pol is kike controlled.

aee329  No.12134471


I can imagine one vol or a handful of kike jannies squeeking by but I refuse to acknowledge that /pol/ has been completely subverted because codemonkey is still at the helm.

fe800f  No.12134489

File: ad7db2320edf968⋯.png (60.58 KB, 591x340, 591:340, ClipboardImage.png)


Well, there's this.

Corsi has, you may recall, been attacked by the kike's own pro cocksucker Mueller - he's to be (((interviewed))) (where's that nigger shit in the Constitution?!).

Hell, maybe that's the answer, why Mossad went after Jones the literal kike fucker. He went against Q after going for him.

Maybe that lady, wtf is her name? That had that goddamn TV show, fuck. R something. Fat kikish bich. They canceled her because she said Valarie Jarret didn't look black (and she(???) doesn't).

fe800f  No.12134499


Rosanne. That's the name. Rosanne Barr (sp?). She was all Q. Maybe she went ex-Q.

That could be it. CIA operates Q, then guides it so as to fuck over these people, they come to their senses, ditch Q, so CIA assets Twitter, FB, Apple, "suddenly" dispense with them, because their big trick, which was designed to be their excuse to get rid of them ultimately failed. So they force it, failing at gaining it "authentically" through the unpardonable sin of speaking out against the goddamned kikes.

aee329  No.12134503


Corsi is a literal mossad agent connected with bnai brith.

aee329  No.12134510

File: 32271b8bf3ed6fc⋯.jpg (205.72 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, DcJtN6FVwAAxP2E.jpg)

>said Jerome Corsi, president of mds securities inc

aee329  No.12134515

Also look at the first image of this series, here:



fe800f  No.12134517


So you're pro-Q? Or what? codemonkey is pro-Q.

aee329  No.12134532


Neither here nor there. I follow it because I'd rather form my own opinion on the matter than have kvetching shills tell me what to think. The threads are undiluted cancer rife with newfaggotry and boomers, complete chore to read and not worth it. I just peruse the latest posts by Q and compare it to news articles and current events as a backdrop.

>guess that makes me a qcumber faggot kike hurr durr

fe800f  No.12134542


Eh, whatever. I haven't sussed Q either. But it seems, touch Q, get blasted from all sides.

But yeah, pol is controlled by kikes, definitely. So they infiltrated. Whatever. They're in charge.

aee329  No.12134612

Welp, just lost a fuck-huge post I had written up due to (((cloudflare 502 bad gateway)))

Kikes are on a warpath to shut this place down because I have an inkling the OP was right. The fisa application files will be declassified very soon.

fe800f  No.12134620


I think it's just that the right-wing 1A existence is under assault by the hackers & by the communists at every level of (((Big Tech))).

76264a  No.12134722

File: 3eddd0cc6c07921⋯.jpg (107.01 KB, 1080x618, 180:103, Corsi.jpg)

File: 6199d231f003991⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 3265x2242, 3265:2242, Qanon-redpill2.jpg)


A few weeks ago Deanna Spingola had him on to talk about his book, at the request of his agent. She went along with him for the first 50 minutes or so of the interview, then asked him about the USS Liberty, which he said we should just forget about because it was a long time ago.



He's doing Q "decodes" again on Gabbai.

794459  No.12134749


It's interesting to me that you have a pile of anti-____ memes ready for dropping no matter the subject.

(((gee who could you be)))?

aee329  No.12135001

File: 72146386fa7eee5⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 817x857, 817:857, 1536010977803.jpg)


Showing me how asspained you are just makes me laugh.

76264a  No.12135021


Weird how I have memes against jewish things, I must be some kind of anti-Semite or something.

72d6e3  No.12135189


lol, Deanna went there. And Corsi flamed out.

I used to listen to her, haven't lately, looks like I missed a Best Of moment.

b39ead  No.12135211

Qlarpers need to get the fuck out. that nigger Q defends the jews and blames all the problems on 'secret nazis who infiltrated after WW2'.

3a4e8b  No.12135431


>when it's your first day on image board patrol and you try so hard to get the other cool kids to like you

aee329  No.12135613

Anchor removed. Thank god, guess the mods finally woke up.

31ec3c  No.12135685


>sealed indictments.

saging this shit

They're probalby just illegal aliens that are going to be deported soon.

Is there a non-shill thread on this declassification?

955045  No.12135711


While covering for all of Israel's bombings. Whoop-de-doo. Thanks Trump! MAGA!

63b085  No.12135734


Papadop says Communist agent Steele is downer and he set him up to fail at the UK's request. I had a feeling it would 9/11 prepare to see the whole world change again on that day boys.

83960b  No.12135744


Go away, reddit.



Are you stupid? The indictments are for white nationalists.


Nah, we won’t be hyped for things we know won’t happen.


I reported the OP to be bumplocked since IT IS A PROVEN HOAX THAT DID NOT HAPPEN.

83960b  No.12135792


>oy vey goyim you have no numbers or support

Reported for jewish spam.

>sage negated

Reported for bumping a hoax thread.

71c724  No.12135793


Checked your sage negating dubs

aee329  No.12135889

File: dd749fa212db78c⋯.jpg (83 KB, 540x540, 1:1, loool.jpg)

>all for a larp

>all for a larp

>(50) posts itt for a larp

5c6082  No.12138116

It's tomorrow.

7334fd  No.12138143


Reading those sick ass declassified docs right now! No, wait. I'm not.

16bd06  No.12140056


If Q isn't a LARP, why haven't the mass arrests, that were supposed to happen last November, happened yet?

83960b  No.12140058


It was tomorrow yesterday. Trump did nothing then, either.


Their response is “oy vey goyim, he didn’t say WHICH November!” No, seriously.

8b73d1  No.12141194

ITT: Mossadniggers trolling Langleyniggers

5e1544  No.12141217

File: 7813ab49a7d633e⋯.jpeg (20.91 KB, 174x255, 58:85, barry.jpeg)

8310e6  No.12141303

If Trump wants to be the hero to end all heroes he will declassify EVERYTHING. Fuck this cherry picking bullshit, let the people know EVERYTHING. Let the people decide. Kind of like how it was supposed to be before we got too big for our britches that we made room for jews.

8310e6  No.12141306


Which arrests are you referring to? Quite a few arrests have been made and quite a few deals are being made.

8310e6  No.12141309


>Oy it didn't happen when I looked at it, kvetch kvetch kvetch

Fuck off cunt, you will never be white. Now sperg for me.

e954e6  No.12141312

Not getting my hopes up so I'm pleasantly surprised when kikes get btfo again

84bc7b  No.12141318

Is it tomorrow enough yet?

510ecd  No.12141422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12141498


This, we’re hitting salt deposits which shouldn’t be possible here.

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