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File: 12aedebd5afef04⋯.jpg (21.78 KB, 350x217, 50:31, Cole_Thomas_The_Course_of_….jpg)

7c04e5  No.12132423

I'm curious as to what your opinions are on this matter. At a time when our civilization faces a series of critical choices, more and more "men", young white men specifically, are rejecting their traditions and ancestry and prefer instead to dress up in women's clothing and shove dildos up their ass. What is the cause of this? There have always been submissive, feminine men, but we see an unprecedented number of them today.

b72f6d  No.12132437

File: 2895db637fcb849⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 447x457, 447:457, 2895db637fcb849d492965c364….jpg)

>What is the cause of this?

Have you heard about the jews?

6981db  No.12132438

Idealization of a woman's life, thus trying to approximate their feminity. In the old times, women were seen as they were, meek and fragile, in need of protection from a superior figure. Then, being born a man was a blessing. Today, being born a man is a curse (that's what they want you to think).

92d103  No.12132441

we are in a 21st century version of Weimar berlin. the (((internet))) allows degenerates to fester in online forums such as 4/b/ without any IRL repercussion. however as we have learned from the past, after a period of extreme degeneracy there comes a period of extreme nationalism that purges this degeneracy. the only difference is we wont give these kike fucks a slap on the wrist, they will be exterminated

85ce19  No.12132442

Anytime you want to trade positions let me know.

7c04e5  No.12132444

While I'm certain there are those who wish they were born female, I somehow find it hard to believe that so many young men would take the bait of "being a man is terrible", surely they're not THAT easy to manipulate?

85ce19  No.12132445

Also I hate traps.

85ce19  No.12132447

Oh here we go with that demoralizing crap.

92d103  No.12132453




what the fuck is wrong with you? you are lucky that insane asylums are no longer the norm in today's society or you'd be in one

000000  No.12132455

It's MK Ultra Omega programming.

7c04e5  No.12132463




I didn't make the thread to demoralize anyone, we live in a period where hope is very important. I'm simply seeking to have a discussion on this topic, seeing as these men will one day be the torchbearers of Western Civilization

e51171  No.12132466


Perhaps there will be an SJW uprising that will burn the towns down from outside in and finish with a giant asexual orgy in the middle. We would call this asexual blob god and it would rule until the ocean rose and drowned us all.

Amazingly your picture captures what I'm prophesying here.

74fe56  No.12132468


White males in particular are living sedentary lifestyles eating artificial food and using drugs to cope with the depression that comes from failure. Over time they stop producing as much testosterone and all thats left is estrogen, boosted by the artificial food they eat. Couple female hormones with never ending lonliness and a hugbox imageboard culture that encourages you to hate women and not engage with society you come to either be the woman or become attracted to traps. Stop watching anime, go outside a few hours a day and engage with society in real life.

a47b73  No.12132473

You faggots are naturally low t so over time its easy to convince you to become women, this is why there are more asian and white traps than anything else. Low t faggots

caab1a  No.12132475

Porn, way too much porn. Gives you a positive re-affirmation whenever you come while watching a girl cum, slowly going deeper into more extreme porn like shemales and tg-shit. They brainwash you this way, by subverting your desires of wanting to impregnate women into wanting to be a "woman".

a47b73  No.12132478


funny that whites are susceptible to it in the first place.

a6866a  No.12132480


>What is the cause of this?


Bumplocked for QTDDTOT.

a47b73  No.12132483


lol are the jews also why you never did anything with your life?

85ce19  No.12132484


I think that’s the correct answer.

85ce19  No.12132489


Found the illegal

9c3335  No.12132493


> slowly going deeper into more extreme porn

>by subverting your desires of wanting to impregnate women into wanting to be a "woman".

if anything, my desire to impregnate women has become more extreme.

a47b73  No.12132499


Found the closet trap

2cc5ad  No.12132500


It affects whites and japs because we're the only races capable of empathy, so we suffer from empathy related mental illness more than the chimps invading our countries.

a47b73  No.12132518


>empathy makes you susceptible to becoming a trap

Do you think before you post? Must be all that anime.

0f8c1c  No.12132981


If you told a zoo animal, who had spent its entire life in captivity, that there was a place beyond its cage, do you think it would believe you? Boys today are bombarded from the earliest age to see masculinity as undesirable, uncivilized and unacceptable. They are burdened with the supposed misdeeds of their forefathers, reminded that what comes naturally to them is wrong; and forces them to idolize the female. Boys are conditioned to view females as these higher beings who are both systematically oppressed, yet strangely incredibly powerful. Male figures in cartoons and other entertainment boys are exposed to are almost always depicted as idiots, selfish neanderthals who are pitied by the capable, ever frustrated females.

By the time a boy reaches puberty, with all the hormonal upheaval it causes, he has already been discriminated against in more ways than most females have or will be in their entire life. Personal, communal, systemic. Then as everything is changing during the teen years, the more he becomes a man the more he is attacked. Combine this with the sexual maturing and you can see why a brainwashed boy, especially from a bad home environment filled with degenerates, could implode and feel the only way to achieve some kind of recognition or positive attention is to be female.

a426ae  No.12133739



It's poison in the food and water. There is a "propaganda" and "cultural" element, but the poisoning is the core reason, it appears to me.

What are these poisons? There are many. Some of them have a strong feminizing effect on males. Two prominent examples are birth control pill contamination that is excreted in the urine of women on the pill and atrazine (an herbicide). The birth control pill contamination is not effectively removed by most water treatment plants, thus direct feminizing hormones are delivered right into the drinking water of many millions. Leeching from plastic food containers of chemicals that mimic estrogen are also a factor, as is xenoestrogen in natural foods such as soybeans. Indeed, some "baby formula" is soy based so the undermining of masculinity can begin really early. Fluoride in the water is poisonous in several ways, and may cause hormone disruption and brain damage leading to, among other things, "gender" confusion.



Traps and soyboys will end up on the ashpile of history one way or another. Either shoveled under (literally) by shitholer invaders or pushed aside by White men who have some actual balls. They won't be carrying any torch.




>>Just engage with society goyi, er, guys!!

>>Go to work and make schlomoco shekels!!! Somebody has to be the cogs in the soulless shekel machine!!!!! DO IT GOYIM!!!!!!

>>Make "friends" with the shitholers that are invading your homeland!!!!! Create some mixed race abominations while you are at it!!!! BLANDA UP INTO A SHITHOLE, GOYIM!!!!!

Literally how you sound to me.

That said, don't eat processed food. As I pointed out above, it is poison. Also, discussing the absolute horror shitshow that is modern "civilization" is not a "hugbox." It's the opposite of that.

Also, if you are White, then find a White mate and create some White children. Raise them to be proper Nationalists.


The rate of "trannyism" in the USA is highest among blacks.

The "mighty black man" myth is exactly that. A myth. Schlomo media pushes the myth in order to further their long term goals of racemixing and White genocide. Also, USA blacks are literally 50% retarded. African blacks are even more stupid than that, somehow.





But in combination with the widespread poisonings of food and water (whether it's intentional or not is a good question. It appears that the government and health groups are certainly not doing anything to stop it.).

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