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File: d8d9a654af53f5c⋯.jpeg (310.67 KB, 1402x1870, 701:935, 846D2386-D1A4-4D24-8F8C-3….jpeg)

4e03b8  No.12132517

Obama calls the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi a “wild conspiracy theory” in his speech to students at University of Illinois


Among this he talks about Russia, the Nazi’s from Charlottesville etc. Kris “Tanto” Paronto’s response:


Pic related


7f50d8  No.12132519


So what's Trump going to do about it?

4e03b8  No.12132524


Idk. I hope declassify the documents before Election Day

fd97b8  No.12132526

These people are fucking retarded.

41c67f  No.12132527

This, 'white cheer-leader' and 'was it autism' threads seem to be the beginning of a raid. Get lost you pathetic failures and stop crapping up our board. Mods please delete, anchoring is not enough when its blatant BS like this.

4e03b8  No.12132532


Wtf are you blathering about?

5c4a30  No.12132534

File: 330498dbe13fac2⋯.jpg (349.85 KB, 1776x2733, 592:911, obongo.jpg)


The audacity of this gay nigger.

7c4078  No.12132551




4e03b8  No.12132560


Got that part, why’s he want m0d$ to shoa this thread though? It’s important IMO to spread the word to normies about blatant lies like this

da2426  No.12132573

File: 434328f86f6145f⋯.jpg (63.44 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 1khbze.jpg)

d4acfd  No.12132593

File: 268bb30fdb0e0df⋯.mp4 (1.92 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Thank you, Barack.mp4)

Nigger always wants to trash talk at every white people that he can.

41c67f  No.12132602




Genuinely convinced this is a raid or else you people are brainlets. Obama thinks Benghazi is a 'wild conspiracy theory'; HOLY SHIT, WHAT FASCINATING NEW NEWS!! It's not like this has been the case for years or anything? Why do we need a new thread now? What relevant information is there to discuss?

4e03b8  No.12132613


To show normies how fucked up the left is. To prove a deep state etc. it’s actually politics. I’m sorry you want more circumcision threads

41c67f  No.12132619


You know what fuck it, let's a have a thread about how "fucked up the left is". I personally do not think this alone requires a thread though, but if we edit the OP and start discussing all the insanity then we could actually get some good stuff.

4e03b8  No.12132625


Then we should

05a793  No.12132706


I do think that Obama saying it's a conspiracy theory is noteworthy, but I agree that there has been an increase in suspect threads lately. I believe this one is genuine as it doesn't fit the typical MO and OP has actually commented several times with real posts even if it is low effort.

4e03b8  No.12132729


Low effort is my fault. I’m trying to get the kids on the bus etc. It’s noteworthy to listen to the YouTube speech because IMO there’s an almost steroidal kicking up to the projection aspect of the liberal narrative. It may be midterms, something tells me however, until something is done about the MSM, this will continue. Idk what the answers are except hanging them for treason.

18da22  No.12132740

File: 851a415346e22e3⋯.jpg (105.87 KB, 799x559, 799:559, 777vgdsi9.jpg)

File: cac0f709506657a⋯.jpg (24.87 KB, 512x309, 512:309, DeJKPjBXUAEeHv1.jpg)

>“wild conspiracy theory”

You can bet the SPECFOR group protecting the ambassador will be pleased to hear Obama's description of how things really are. Maybe they'll stray from protocol on "just following orders" and do gods work. There is no better group to ask how best to avenge their own

a6e4ae  No.12132769

i just got done watching the 20th part (of 27) of The Greatest Story Never Told. and honestly i couldnt care less about america and britain now. id say let them lay in the bed they made themselves. maybe the muds will figure out how to use the nukes and end our suffering once and for all

05a793  No.12132789


No worries, here's a hooktube link as well.


Same old tired talking points being used by Obama, man just now realized how bad of a speaker he is especially compared to Trump. There's something weird about seeing him without the constant Jewish media pushing him in our faces as if he's the best man to ever live, it's like he's just a hollow frame. I wonder if they will use him much more approaching midterms, he definitely represents the old, unadaptive ways of the Democrat party and it will be interesting to see if they decide to evolve instead. If they do, the Republicans are in trouble, but if not I think they are safe.

9b7300  No.12132854

File: d9db393845be02f⋯.png (142.12 KB, 920x562, 460:281, forced memes.png)


>you people are brainlets


you can go back anytime now

4e03b8  No.12132900

File: 978049aaf0c2c27⋯.jpeg (110.3 KB, 568x424, 71:53, 5DA2C8FE-1E13-4F40-BD06-D….jpeg)

File: b5033496c5014d6⋯.jpeg (50.5 KB, 300x240, 5:4, 57ACDB91-226C-4E1A-AA32-E….jpeg)


These pics are so sad. Pic related changed my mind from Republican to hard core Conservative and once & for all to loathe HRC

d3a15b  No.12132908




Those pics aren't sad , they're fuel for when the season turns cold

4e03b8  No.12132914

File: fe9ed76594f2eb6⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 400x317, 400:317, 99A7C74E-C8D2-413E-951A-AF….gif)



Man he’s fucked. As I said, the projection is on overdrive

4e03b8  No.12132918


DOTR when?

d3a15b  No.12132925


I don't have anything super important going on this weekend , DOTR will be Weekend OTR

Fuck the kikes , oven party on Saturday

94d3a2  No.12132948


wasnt he suspended for that?

19100c  No.12133266

I'd like to see our current administration round up and execute all leftists like Pinochet did.

ce5f6d  No.12133303

There a politicians and filmmakers pushing this agenda that the superiors dont give a fuxk about navy seals and special forces. True, army privates are considered meat bags for incoming bullets, but our most elite forces are always delicately taken care of.

They are taking shots at our most beloved soldiers and its fucked up they have to stop the criminals wil hang!

8dc693  No.12133308

>wild conspiracy theory

Doesn't make it wrong though.

a31e56  No.12133448


>needing Trump to fix everything

fae9ca  No.12133634


Go fuck off somewhere else you blackpilling kike. You are clearly just trying to demoralize or to cause some of us to strike before the time is right out of anger. Shit WILL continue to get worse until either civil war breaks out or Marshall law is declared, and on that day I will load up my FN Ballista .338 Lapua and start dropping elitist kikes left and right. I already have plenty of addresses. If they leave the country before I get to them so be it. But the Aryan man has never lost a war he wasn't fighting against himself, and he won't start anytime soon.

4e03b8  No.12133982

File: a0fcff031497fa2⋯.png (175.76 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 76C394F2-7E22-475C-8CEA-75….png)


Yes. 12 hours. This tweet followed

Pic related

4e03b8  No.12133989


Benghazi was far from a wild conspiracy theory. Fuck off Obama. KYS

39917e  No.12134049


Is Obama purposefully trying to get people to either vote R or just plain not vote at all? What will it take for these fucking idiots to learn that no one likes their suicidal anti-life, anti-white, anti-family, anti-America policies? What will it goddamn take for these idiots to realize that these policies are so goddamn unpopular that it just pisses everyone off to hear them? Just how little self-awareness do these idiots have?

>Celebs shill like a motherfucker for Hillary

>every news media outside of Fox shills hard for Hillary

>Every show is pushing some sort of racemixing and/or lgbt propaganda

>every award show has a required 15 minutes of FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK WHYPIPOL

>the NFL is the most cucked sport on the planet

>cable cutting is at an all time high, and ratings are at an all time low

Even Obama has told the democrats to tone all this shit down. This has to be intentional sabotage. He might be a faggot with a lot of audacity, but even he has two brain cells.

4e03b8  No.12134318


Truest fucking post ITT

f69a8d  No.12134356


What reason did twitter give?

a93944  No.12134370

This is what a Mossad post looks like:


Why is it permitted the affliction, the kike, to meddle in our affairs?

84af75  No.12134478


>Why is it permitted the affliction

Hello Master Yoda

2e19f5  No.12134684

File: 035bb227d88538f⋯.mp4 (805.51 KB, 512x288, 16:9, Sigrun Eva Armannsdottir.mp4)


Day of the Reuben now


They will never learn and you should thank them.

55166a  No.12134825


>Is Obama purposefully trying to get people to either vote R or just plain not vote at all?

2020 republicuck presidential candidate is completely compromised.

4e03b8  No.12135058


Who? Which one?

3d419c  No.12135080

File: 5306d3f96924a48⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 768x885, 256:295, 56 goblin.gif)


The more loyalty you show to a jew, the more they feel like they can get away with abusing you.

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