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File: 86b877abfd299c9⋯.jpg (608.93 KB, 1600x1138, 800:569, 0_fd4f3_72a64c12_X4L.jpg)

a755b9  No.12132563

>The Russian security service, the FSB, says it has arrested an Islamic State operative who was planning to murder one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) on behalf of the Ukrainian authorities.

The suspected terrorist was identified as Mejid Magomedov, who was born in 1988 in Russia’s southern Dagestan republic. He was arrested on Sunday in Russia’s Smolensk region in the west of the country.

>The suspect said he was involved in a plot to assassinate a senior Ukrainian rebel commander Ukraine living in Russia. He said the mission was given to him by Ukraine’s SBU security service in coordination with right-wing extremists from the Right Sector movement, the FSB stated.



There is no lower form of life on this planet than that of Hohols.

8f885e  No.12132594

If this isnt some low brown Russian propoganda I dont know what is.

7f14c7  No.12132638


Based and redpilled.

Why didn't we think of doing that?

3e67fd  No.12132660

I applaud Russia for playing along that there's a make-believe boogieman called IS.

Ukrainian jews can't disprove it anymore than the international community can disprove IS isn't Israeli special forces.

The lies are getting bigger and bigger. I wonder if this is how the holohoax started.

cb525e  No.12132685

Isreali secret intelligence service

83b2ea  No.12132686

Many Dagestanians, Chechens and whatnot would kill Russians for free, I don't see anything wrong with giving them an opportunity to do so if this is real.

03dfb3  No.12132697

File: f6ffeee5c4619d3⋯.jpg (63.34 KB, 507x563, 507:563, ukraine-jews.jpg)

Now why would Ukraine call for kike funded group to do the dirty job?

Shouldn't they be based?

e1ec52  No.12132713

File: 2e6efb61e03570e⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 602x444, 301:222, heli.jpg)

What if i told you FSB browses 8chan? How much you would believe it? What you would get from that?

80fdfc  No.12132719


Of course they do, as does Secret Service.

We are the good guys.

8b1344  No.12132730


None of those people are jews. Idk if that's supposed to be a bait or an ironic meme, but it's too obvious since the names are altered to sound jewish

053376  No.12132794

Lurn how 2 spel

03dfb3  No.12132795

File: d829e13553df610⋯.png (245.86 KB, 605x338, 605:338, PM of Ukraine.png)


>Petro Poroshenko, president

>In some sources, it is asserted that the real surname of Poroshenko’s father is Walzman. Ostensibly, Alexey disowned his Jewish name and took the name of his wife to ensure unhindered career advancement.

>Volodymyr Groysman, PM

>Volodymyr Borysovych Groysman was born in Vinnytsia on 20 January 1978. Both of his parents are Jewish.


>None of those people are jews.

Get gassed, kike.

053376  No.12132800


Dem WASCAWWY, Wascawwy wooskies

053376  No.12132809


Unionized baby-burning pedos just like every other Federale

8f885e  No.12132849


Its from RT the literal Russian state media channel you snagle toothed sister fucking savage

2781d9  No.12132855

>Wow, western media is full of shit so everything Putin and friends say must be 100% based and true.

Ukraine's government is controlled by kikes and so is Putin's, Hoborussia is a fucking gay non-country filled with literal Soviet and Imperial Russia LARPers and westerners getting emotionally involved in the clay-grabbing pissing contests of slavs is pathetic.

053376  No.12132859


Dem wooski mediers aint free & unkiked like us 'muricans.

Your sister was a total freak!

20cd08  No.12132874


>None of those people are jews.

They must all be Tatars then cause sure as fuck they don't look White at least nowhere as White as the cheap Ukrainian prostitutes Schlomo provides.

ace7e8  No.12132907


>tfw /pol/ still falls for the Soviet tier "it's da fascists!" propaganda Russia puts out

Reminder that Russia is not your friend, it hates the right wing and the far right and has banned, arrested and killed members of the far right in it's country for their political views, the whole country is a shithole full of drug addicts, prostitutes, Muslims and nigger tier HIV rates, you work until retirement and then die the next day because the life expectancy is lower than 1800's England, it is not something that you should strive for, it's closer to the future of Europe if Europe keeps going down the path it is.

e0efd9  No.12132921


I would flip them off , tell vlad to go fuck a vodka bottle and remind them that the only good commie is a dead commie

Go fuck yourself russia

a04da4  No.12132969

File: 48bcc4c7623acbe⋯.jpg (104.03 KB, 1140x759, 380:253, ISIS-Omar-Photo.jpg)

Although OP is literally linking russia controlled journalism, I'd say it's plausable story. The guy in this pic was a georgian seperatist who led squads on attacks against russian tanks. he later became Islamic state minister of war.

f39a07  No.12133065

File: 1ab4bb74992aeed⋯.jpg (124.97 KB, 542x385, 542:385, russian guy arrested plott….jpg)


>Mejid Magomedov

The nose on that thing…

f39a07  No.12133080


Yeah…a lot of people in the West think; based Ukraine run by 'Nazi's' and they don't realize that it is worse than Weimar at this point. It is a literal hellhole and the people are being ground into mincemeat by their 'nazi' government.



f39a07  No.12133086


What if I told you that MANY intelligence services browse 8chan? It is pretty funny because most of them glow in the dark. Most of the time I note their presence and agenda and move on.

6adc6a  No.12133089

File: 4d93384336bd6b0⋯.png (683.54 KB, 1123x769, 1123:769, 1424322339752.png)


Fuck em, unless they wanna share info, those suits can go neck themselves like the traitors to the people they are.

Let them shitpost, the truth reigns free here, heil hitler.

48d06d  No.12133117

>People bitching about muh state funded media ITT

So is NPR(usa) and the BBC(uk) you dumbfucks

But never-mind that it's jews behind corporate news media conglomerates

f39a07  No.12133196

File: 0723aeab816ea32⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 78x82, 39:41, ISIS-Omar-Photo nose.jpg)


ISIS Omar: The nose knows

07d8c4  No.12133221

File: 9f1d90f27b6d9a1⋯.jpg (37.76 KB, 515x372, 515:372, Gulmurod Khalimov & Abu Om….jpg)

Nothing fake about it. This sort of info is well-documented and anyone closely following ISIS is well aware of this intel.

1. ISIS commander, Gulmurod Khalimov, former US-trained special forces commander from Tajikistan.

2. ISIS commander, Abu Omar al-Shishani, trained by US special-forces in Georgia.

000000  No.12133262


>FSB says


Блять! Ёбаный стыд! Каждый раз одно и тоже, одно и тоже, да сколько сука можно то, а? Какое на хуй ФСБ? Это те пидарасы которые сажают за репост вконтакте свастики по 282-ой? Это те которые проебали взрыв в метро в Санкт-Петербурге? Или те которые так ненавидят чуркобесов и прочий Кавказ, что готовы отдавать свою преданность и честь Путину - чтоб он здох, гнида плешивая - положившего их под Кадырова??? Вы серьёзно? Путин убивает русских! Путин убивает украинцев! Путин продал Байкал и Сибирь китайцам! Он занимается геноцидом славян. Вы видели вчерашние митинги где ОМОН ловил малолеток протестующих против ограбления стариков по указу Путина? Вы там ёбнутые?

А RT? Это контора говна по промывке мозгов от горской еврейки Симоньян - ты вообще в курсе что это не русская фамилия? М? Ты её ебало видел? Эту жидовскую харю? Это же она визжала что боится прихода националистов к власти в России в совете по делам президента.

Моё мнение простое - Кремль и убил Захарченко при помощи дагестанца от украинцев. Они все там одна большая, дружная семья - все под Хабадом. Это война гоев для евреев и выгодна только евреям. Пиздец, видимо придётся делать английские субтитры к видео Эдуарда Ходоса, чтоб вам было проще понять про Украину и Россию, он хоть и жид выкрест, и верит в светлое прошлое коммунизма даже после отсидки в лагере, но уж в жидах лучше жида ни кто не разбирается.

f39a07  No.12133270

File: c07354ce1b2114d⋯.jpg (71.06 KB, 529x720, 529:720, scary isis militants star ….jpg)

4410d8  No.12133278


Global ruskie traffic collection incoming 1st october. Little hope here you're ready and won't write stupid shit like you just did.

20cd08  No.12133345


>Reminder that Russia is not your friend

Neither are shabbos "nationalists" with EU gibs in mind.

8b1344  No.12133373


Yeah, I'm not gonna check every single one of them and dig up some speculations when the other 12 of them are definitely not jews. It's like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

971d02  No.12133376


Ukrainian nationalists and Chechen/Daguestan islamists go way back.

You had Ukrainian volunteers fighting with the Chechen during the 90's.

Ukrainian nationalists are batshit insane that will allies themselves with actual xenomorph aliens if it gave them the opportunity to kill more Ukrainians civilians (because they're not Ukrainian enough).

They're literally the "evil Nazi caricature" from propaganda, look up any WWII horror story that is not pure jewish fan fiction and you quickly will find that "the evil German troops" were mostly Ukrainian nationalists…

See this post >>12132686 that's an Ukrainian poster. That's their mindset.

See this post >>12132730 Ukrainian too, they really think that that's how much they're deluded/don't believe anyone will call them out on their BS.

Ashkenazim are Ukrainians… they have the same exact low brown cunning, the backstabbing pettiness and depraved mentality (which is normal since they come from the same place).

Ukrainians are just far less successful at it.

8b1344  No.12133431

File: 95e5eb36fb2013d⋯.png (243.96 KB, 380x383, 380:383, 15365074470420.png)

3a6662  No.12133495

File: 219016df6903e56⋯.jpg (292.33 KB, 1024x756, 256:189, Daily Briefing.jpg)


I would get that you need to lurk more and catch the fuck up.

e790c3  No.12133789

File: 35f15fcb011eee7⋯.jpg (129.34 KB, 750x1087, 750:1087, 35f15fcb011eee704ba5bae60c….jpg)


You have a point, but it will go past everyone's head in here.

Sorry you have to live in Russia, I understand how difficult it can be lived there for 20+ years

I wonder what will happen to Russia when true gassings begin. Probably they will go full gommie again and will try to undermine/nuclear blackmail broken countries into submission.

000000  No.12134381


>What if i told you FSB browses 8chan? How much you would believe it? What you would get from that?

From where do you think they get their info of the world?

3e67fd  No.12137586

File: 9e126beaace7f18⋯.jpg (161.52 KB, 960x479, 960:479, socialism.jpg)


>Probably they will go full gommie again

Nobody in Eastern Europe wants to live like that again.

Strangely young people US, Canada, and European Union have this fanciful idea that it's a good thing. Fucking retards.

If you want a strong society, you need individual freedoms like being able to own property.

db476b  No.12137612


of course they browse 8ch. As does china, israel, france, germany, the UK (all of them) , even canada's special mounties fuckin browse 8ch. So if you told me "they browse blah blah im an inside man i know these things"

id be forced to believe you.

92f6a9  No.12137899

Dombasses. Fuck you Putin go suck jew cock some more

6a8883  No.12138308

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

f9c258  No.12138500


Whoa the Israel/Obama/EU/US/Globalist funded Ukrainian "nationalists" are soooo baste

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