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File: 10f14d8fa02fc0b⋯.jpg (28.73 KB, 800x550, 16:11, gadis-iceland-jumlah-pendu….jpg)

d108d3  No.12132632

How is it that this people calling themselves jews have been so successful infiltrating nations and changing them? My guess is that /pol/ knows very well, but what is stopping us from doing the same?

What if /pol/acks migrated to the same country?

For the sake og argument let's say Island. The saga island currently have a population of 331.668 thousand people and 250 kikes, no /pol/ in not saying that 250 /pol/acks should travel to Iceland and execute one kike each ninja style, that would be, i have no words.

397aa6  No.12132650


control of the fiat currency, and the financial systems are the two major ones, creating and then depositing 700 million dollars in your bank account would give you a leg up anywhere

48e310  No.12132658


I thought it was the media control that was key?

At least in a democracy.

9c3953  No.12132668


>How is it that this people calling themselves jews have been so successful infiltrating nations and changing them? My guess is that /pol/ knows very well, but what is stopping us from doing the same?

Control of the bank and breeding with the locals so they can speak for whatever country they take over.

11a649  No.12132669


You control the currency, you buy the media, you buy the politicians.

2bbba6  No.12132741

Just look at how they got started in the US. Their behavior hasn’t changed in thousands of years. We all think now as we did then. The only thing that changes over time are things which are superficial but human behavior / psyche doesn’t change.

The Jew comes to a new land under the guise of persecution, with stories of their “chosen” people (the modern Jew is not the Jew of Christianity they lied about that too). They burrow into banking, politics, law, any facet of society in which they can manipulate. The Jew can not help them self from this process like a dog will chase a ball or a termite will chew wood until it destroys the structure which supports its colony.

There are some behaviors which are learned and there are some behaviors which occur naturally. That is why genetics and racial purity are held in such high esteem here. Kikes are greedy and subversive, niggers are dumb and violent. Culture is the external societal manifestation of the psyche.

5b57ad  No.12132766

Jews are complete nutjobs

they cultivate different personalities and has no problem spending decades pretending to be someone else while waiting to score for the tribe

That is what i have observed on other boards how ZOG posters basically are sleeper agents, they are not part of the community, they hate it with passion yet they come every day looking for a opportunity to divide and promote israel and jews.

All day everyday year in year out they grind and refine their venom.

Humanity is fucking doomed unless every single cancer cell is tracked down and removed.

e7d874  No.12132773

Christianity declared them gods chosen and we have gone through continuous cycles of a christian european elite embracing jews and then being displaced by them, then after a short time jews are expelled from the country then we do this all over again after about 100 years

5b57ad  No.12132779


>worship us goyim

not really, Christianity declared you the "sons of satan" "the synagogue of satan"

397aa6  No.12132934

File: f80666bbe422adb⋯.jpg (212.07 KB, 1852x1043, 1852:1043, hapan.jpg)


not sure what I like better, blond or jap chicks

e7d874  No.12132942


Jesus was a jew the only reason jews are cursed in the bible is they rejected him as savior and king. They are still the chosen tribe in Christianity

c94f9b  No.12132967


This. We must remove the parasites, both from our own people and wherever else they are found on Earth.

c94f9b  No.12132972


Jesus was not a jew. He has nothing to do at all with the jews.

49ae15  No.12132973

I see a trap.

92d150  No.12132990


>not sure what I like better, human or insect chicks


c82021  No.12132993


Think with your heart, anon.

c94f9b  No.12132996


Race mixers are going to be purged.

923926  No.12133001

>kikes are the only ones allowed to practice usury because (((the Bible))) makes an exception for them

>gain easy wealth for no work

>use wealth to influence lawmakers

>vote in blocs as directed by rabbi when bribery fails only works in "democracies"



Get this uneducated shit thread out of here, faggot OP.

2f3366  No.12133019

White humans are very rural and introspective. They live in smaller communities and value morals and self improvement. Their narcissim is low, and they have an outgroup altruism.

Everything that is antithetical to a politician.

Jewish are very urban. Ever go to a large city and notice everyone that looks white ends up with a Jewish last name? Notice how there are bagel delicatessens everywhere? Jewish value Jewish morals. Anything is moral if it benefits the Jews. Therefore they will play dirty for power because the ends justify the means for their genetic and cultural group. They have a large outgroup negativity. They are neurotic and feel that they succeed when their strongest competition fails.

Jews are inherently different from Whites, and they gravitate toward positions of power. Whites must be taught outgroup skepticism and importance of leadership.

49ae15  No.12133023


Purge yourself alien.

ef020d  No.12133025

File: 50de28c5b683f04⋯.jpeg (147.45 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, D4E32931-FD47-4A73-9618-E….jpeg)

What’s so bad about jews?

I haven’t heard of anything they’ve done in Iceland.

49ae15  No.12133028

The pigs are posting now

641137  No.12133043


Iirc Iceland is one of the 3 countries that isnt connected to gay jewsish world banking system, or maybe im thinking of Greenland

ef020d  No.12133049

File: c6268e0e83cfb73⋯.jpeg (832.66 KB, 1600x1063, 1600:1063, CD89FC2E-BE60-47B5-B8CD-C….jpeg)


What determines if they are not connected? Iceland did let the banks go out bankrupt in 2008.

2f3366  No.12133054

File: fb50ca9821be1c8⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1438x1018, 719:509, fb5.png)

Just an aside. Icelanders are freakishly stoic. They all wear black, and don't show emotional response. They need to uncuck their government because it's all apartment complexes and you can't own land. Icelanders are much to similar to communist Slavs.



1d9429  No.12133062

Bait is bait. When you’re watching fish all around you, and hoping they won’t notice you’re not one of them.

db6062  No.12133069


Unlike the eternal Jew we are human and have roots. Distinct cultures that we live and breathe. The Jew has superstition and subversion. No foundation but the essence of evil, from which all that has ruined the world spread. When your only principle is to have none, it is easier to infiltrate a nation and like any parasite infect the host from within.

bf8224  No.12133083

>How is it that this people calling themselves jews have been so successful infiltrating nations and changing them?

Because they are a parasite

just like all other parasites they are adapted to find the best ways to gain access to and then live off their host.

They are particularly good at finding weak spots and exploiting them with no compunction, morals or empathy.

It's just nature.

09fa6b  No.12133092


Largely because of threads like this. The board’s been here for years, but every new day brings a newfriend infestation and discussion goes nowhere.

d108d3  No.12133095

Iceland have been talking about banning circumcision, anons should migrate to iceland and help them make the 250 parasites move before they multiply.

d108d3  No.12133099


12cf81  No.12133106

Read a book you nigger.

1dd77a  No.12133130


there must be a way to stir up all the northlanders.

Scandinavians, Icelandic and so on. it is in the blood to rise against all threats, human, animal and environmental, what is keeping them asleep.

d108d3  No.12133135


This board is a redpill factory and maby some /pol/ack might just evolve the new "Hitler" on day. But only if you say Sieg Hail

1dd77a  No.12133136



1,000 /pol/ in Iceland would make a difference. especially if their are of Scandinavian stock, and I don't mean american with 1/256th norweigian/scotch ancestry.

db6062  No.12133144


Their relative inexperience with the worst of non-whites and difficulty pinpointing the Jew.

db6062  No.12133148


How do you know it hasn't already?

d108d3  No.12133160


Really Hope so

397aa6  No.12133170


it's interesting to me that so many of you here project the ideals of childhood sexual repression through-out your entire adult lives. As if, what may apply to a 19 year old applies to a 48 year old, or someone who is old and gray, youth long gone at 67. Poor repressed bastards.

6fed54  No.12133172


kikes are very close and small group

they've been gathering wealth for centuries and their nepotism allows the few rich kikes who infitrate preying on the host's greed to replace host national with other kikes who are loyal to only other kikes

they are succesfull because they are a small group so it's not hard for them to divide the stolen wealth amongst themselves and making everyone rich enough so that they can't be brived by outsiders

they're complete lack of human empathy also allows them to sink to depth no other human group would dare to go

i don't think even niggers, savage and primitive as they are, would have a ritual to sacrifice their first borns to the flames

d108d3  No.12133194


Relax strongnose

d108d3  No.12133281


Propaply many anons there already,

/pol/ gives hope and inspiration to many people, it's only a matter of time before something really good happens.

eb846f  No.12133305


Fuck off (((Freud))), try projecting elsewhere.

f987d8  No.12133320

Because Satan is helping them.

d108d3  No.12133325


I guess you in the big nose club want us to focuse on the blacks, using the word nigger you will propaply manage to scare of some normies also. Good job

d108d3  No.12133335


Read and live by haavamaal, and you'r ancestors will help you

326944  No.12133351


The centralization of banking, centralization of media, seeding and centralization of academics, finally, and almost complete, direct seeding of law enforcement and municipal services to centralize them as well. They had to be done in that order.

It's too bad the nations are so dumb. When they finally have a solid grip on LE funding (maybe another 10 years), they will go full retard. It's going to be a very violent response. We dont stand a chance unless people somehow become intelligent enough to identify whats going on, understand the severity. It will be much more common for people to blame red herrings and attack eachother, which will change nothing at all.

9d5959  No.12133370


Jews entered into Europe after the fall of rome which fell from christian infiltration into politics, subsequently purged european religion, and continued to use christianity as a mask for their movements. Through the establishment of the catholic church, they commanded the populace through the illusion of monarchies, and created the banking system that benefited only jews.

If you wish to emulate them you first begin with religion based around debt, where moral transgressions are debts and you owe your servitude towards someone sentenced to death and the institution that sentenced that person to death is the current state which you will eventually help overthrow.

d108d3  No.12133387


What small steps inn the right direction can a white man take, ofcourse have many white children, live an honurable life and spread redpills.

e7d874  No.12133406


The delusion of some of you is honestly just sad

7d7bd1  No.12133445

File: d278ff4aafb01c9⋯.png (853.9 KB, 986x1118, 493:559, GLL0M9y.png)


Well, Icelanders have R1a haplogroup ie Slavic. And all nordics are stoic.

2e7b53  No.12133468


This board is a government op. The only redpills it reposits are 70+ years old, and they echo as badly as the supposed target of these barren discussions.

7d7bd1  No.12133471


Then leave?

d108d3  No.12133478

I really think anons should move to Iceland, it will not take many anons to redpill this small country. Iceland has potensial to be a base for the good, as Israel is for the bad.

d108d3  No.12133489


Then thanks government, i like this op

2e7b53  No.12133490


>USA: Love it or Leave it!

Found the Boomer.

7d7bd1  No.12133492


>thinks the board sucks

>doesn't leave

Found the retard.

135ed6  No.12133493


> They are still the chosen tribe in Christianity

Blood? ashkenazies arent that semitic as any othe people of that part of the world or any other arab, Religion? talmudism is antichristian to the core and replace Torah for them, stop spreading lies please.

For other anonos, please notice how in every thread about jews some "white men protector" launch garbage to christianity to change the subject, remember this and please notice the title, this is how they infiltrate things.


>Jews entered into Europe after the fall of rome

Lies, Kitos war happened before that.

>which fell from christian infiltration into politics,

No, thats a lie spreaded by (((academia))), we dont know the exact reasons, but we have hints that talks about multiculturalism, race mixing, lost of identity, climate change (real) and migrations.

>subsequently purged european religion

A good thing.

>and continued to use christianity as a mask for their movements.

Exactly the opposite you paid shill, the rebellion that staged the Kitos war was about torturing and killing christians.

The rest can be argued, but still we tak about "earthly powers", so fedoras in charge, maybe menorahs.

Kids, remember that shills are on full force, Syria palestina videos are banned, american troops can do as they please protecting their allies and lies against christianity are being puched every time the truth is showed, dont fall for the shills.

23bda4  No.12133497


Reported for lying about Christianity. You know nothing whatsoever.

2e7b53  No.12133499


Did I say it sucks or that it is an op? Projection at its finest, fellow troglodyte.

7d7bd1  No.12133506


Then how about you post some good redpills to rejuvenate the board, fellow channer!

2e7b53  No.12133509


Because they are unpalatable to national socialist true believers. And I want to fit in as an extremist, militant anti.

7d7bd1  No.12133514


Oh, you are one of those


type boomers.

2e7b53  No.12133525

The hypothetico-deductive model is heavily in play on this board. It is not a free speech board but an “all propositions deducible from “Hitler was right” are acceptable, while those that are not are jewish, kike, shill, etc.” Lots of faith in WWII historiography around here (redpills!)

2e7b53  No.12133530


See what I mean? It’s just your conditioning, which you cannot rise above.

1b797d  No.12133538


Their banks were tricked into buying bad debt. The scam was that bad debt was sold as AAA debt. This almost completely destroyed the country which was the richest in Europe at the time. jew tricks

d108d3  No.12133548

I really think anons should move to Iceland, it will not take many anons to redpill this small country. Iceland has potensial to be a base for the good, as Israel is for the bad.

2e7b53  No.12133557

>muh only two sides to every argument

>if you want truth, read our shitposts not theirs, simple as that (redpills!)

>no such thing as lies by omission

>it’s not cognitive dissonance if I deny the authority of every piece of evidence that comes my way

d108d3  No.12133562


That test i propaply kiked

d108d3  No.12133565

9cc0b0  No.12133597


Fun fact; One of the men (Björgólfur Guðmundsson) who wrecked the economy was married to GLR's ex-wife.

000000  No.12133608


A Jew will explain it themselves here


Probably the best article of the 21st century.

d108d3  No.12133610


Noted, thanks

0fdb44  No.12133628

Many times I have traced a source on this site and found a jewish author. Also, jewish authors are well represented in the canonical works posted to the pdfs board and I’d not be at all surprised to find that some of them “dial home” when opened on a networked computer. Sadly, a large number of people who come here don’t even distinguish between WN and NS. I suspect this is because both ideologies have always been compromised. Luckily, no one cares either way so it doesn’t become a topic.

d108d3  No.12133647

Iceland is considering legislation that would make it the first European country to outlaw male circumcision in children.

The bill proposes up to six years imprisonment for anyone who performs a circumcision on a child that is not for medical reasons.

Jewish religious leaders say it tramples their beliefs.

Iceland is good but it need anons, all unmarried anons should go there and help

, so they never get "white left"

d108d3  No.12133649

File: 107befa3e89a4ce⋯.jpeg (76.82 KB, 720x481, 720:481, 5a8ab7c52000004d00eaf464.jpeg)

61f42e  No.12133672


Tell that to the evangelical christcucks.

They worship Israel and kikes more than they worship YHWH.

03b56c  No.12133678

File: 264da6133dbed5d⋯.png (370.38 KB, 816x684, 68:57, rope culture.png)


This is your answer. Until currency can be wrestled from the Jewish claw hands the Jews will have a huge influence / control over the Nation's Government and leaders. Get rid of Usury and you can get rid of the Jew. The Church leaders used to do this, but the Church is weak and merely a puppet of the Jew. Until the Christian Church or a Christian Leader ala Martin Luther gets the rope for the Usury Jews it will be more of the same.

7d7bd1  No.12133691

000000  No.12133702


Yes but Evangelicals are heretics who disobey Christ's word and warnings so they'll all just be tossed into the eternal lake of fire. So Forget the Evangelicals, they are devil worshipers.

2f3366  No.12133710


Wait, give me a non 70 year old red pill. A juicy one. No sarcasm, I'm genuinely interested in this secret information you have.

0fdb44  No.12133732


No imagination whatsoever. Sad. Many such cases.

0fdb44  No.12133740


Who said anything about secret? Unit 8200 is no secret, but instead of discussing it /pol/ prefers to talk about what a meany O’Connell is, how he’ll never front a mass movement and change the world by shifting muh overtons.

7d7bd1  No.12133750


>doesn't deny it


Who the fuck is o Connell?

085699  No.12133751

Jews are a nomadic people. They've fit into whatever role other groups allowed them to hold. Christians in the Medieval era made them money lenders. Christians did not value literacy except within the church, so Jews became scribes. Money lending eventually led to banking, though note that Jews have largely left the financial sector, and now only dominate entertainment. Reading and writing led to a value of education and success in academia, which runs parallel to the same success among East and South Asian communities, which valued the same things.

These niche concepts shaped the roles other marginalized peoples inhabit as well. Blacks were forced into hard labor, and were even bred for it, hence athleticism amongst African-Americans. Roma were forced to keep moving, living on the outskirts of society, and thus found roles in entertainment, organized crime, and nomadic work like photojournalism. This same dynamic exists elsewhere in the world; in Africa, the Fulani are an ethnic group who became herders and traders because of their traditions of migrating seasonally, so as to avoid competition with other groups.

Whatever niche you allow people to have will shape who they are.

0fdb44  No.12133754


The point is that id this were truly a politics and current events relating to politics board people would be digging, sharing links, pastebins, treating what’s wrong in civilization as a criminal investigation, naming names not “jews”. This is a hopeless echochamber. It is a total bore. What began as a joke has become “one little place left for people like us”. That is no accident; it is an op.

326944  No.12133755


Im not going to bullshit you. On the human psyche level, the world would have to deal with 100 years of patently false history and the pride of being defeated. Thats never happening.

There are only two ways this will end, with jews winning, or with jews being routed, either way, it will necessitate a sea of death, the magnitude of which, man's imagination cannot encompass.

The best you can do is to stand firm when your time comes, and dont give an inch.

0fdb44  No.12133758


If you don’t know, I’m certainly not going to help you find out.

7d7bd1  No.12133764


If the board aggravates you so bad, you can always leave.


>this board sux, no one wants to learn anything

>Me, giving out information? Fuck no.

d108d3  No.12133766

So all unmarried anons migrate to Iceland and help them get rid of usury for good, then spread the new kike free system to the white world from there. I like it, you know what to do anons, we are migrating to Iceland.


0fdb44  No.12133767



7d7bd1  No.12133769

d108d3  No.12133771


Thanks to kikeQ people come to 8ch, then to /pol/ and stay forever

0fdb44  No.12133773


In containment. Impotently raging.

7d7bd1  No.12133775


You would think the racism and jew stuff would drive them away.


You are right, qresearch is far superior


0fdb44  No.12133778


See the above: no imagination, no intelligence, no purpose but to maintain a Hitlerite safespace.

d108d3  No.12133781


We are growing "people like us"

7d7bd1  No.12133786


That's nice.

0fdb44  No.12133787


And if you’re mistaken?

d108d3  No.12133790


I say only you have to pay money for a nose as straight as mine;)

013bb8  No.12133793

File: 19de90967238dde⋯.jpg (54.87 KB, 397x357, 397:357, sbhj.jpg)


ah weesh ah wuz as smarts as yoo

0fdb44  No.12133797


I wish you were as well, or that you at least made your sincere intentions evident. Too bad subversion never worked that way.

7d7bd1  No.12133798



Someone seems worried…

0fdb44  No.12133802

I’m hard pressed to think of a reason it’s not either the case that you’re youg and/or stupid, or you’re busy running the op, shilling, distorting, putting on the same show seen every day here.

2bb99b  No.12133806


See when you say patriots, I get confused, because illegals are patriots as well.

0fdb44  No.12133807


I’m certainly not worried the west will become national socialist.

d108d3  No.12133809


Shills don't like that anons are leaving to Iceland, just watch them start talking about jesus and what have you.

2bb99b  No.12133811

Oh look white trash with faggot boys.

7d7bd1  No.12133812


You seem worried enough to try and shill here.



013bb8  No.12133817

File: c074776ed4f3165⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 255x233, 255:233, 7b13e9105371865058f58cb280….jpg)


I do so apologize for concealing my sincere intention of mocking your posts. Have another (you) in recompense.

326944  No.12133818


This is sad. You know there is a hundred years of historical notes about the destruction of the United States. If you cant be bothered, why should I? You want names? It's like 100,000. Where should one start? Zionism and communism in the 1800s? With Theodore hertzl? Mosses Hess? The failed revolution of 1890s? Should we FF to the federal reserve? It was passed just before ww1. It's board was composed of all jews and/or zionists. Warburg's, wells, schiffs. Ww1 was completely funded by jews, first the germans then the allies. Warburg again, bleichbroder, hoensthorn, rockefeller. Then the jews, specifically, "the zionist organization" presented the balfour declaration to the delegation at paris 1919. Or should we talk about the guy who wrote the patriot act, who just so happens to be from a long line of Talmudic scholars yet served to create DHS? Maybe we should talk about the dangoor family?

7d7bd1  No.12133819

So, are 0fdb44 and 2bb99b bots?

2bb99b  No.12133821


Shut up bagel popper

0fdb44  No.12133822


What kind of monetary system does Iceland have?

7d7bd1  No.12133826




Them things don't matter, you hitlerite scum!!

t. 0fdb44

2bb99b  No.12133827

Walking talking human

d108d3  No.12133831


It is impossible to not understand what i am trying to do here, so if you are not a shill what are you?

000000  No.12133835

1920's American prohibition would never be voted for "by the people, for the people."

The working class, the elite, the poor, the intelligent, no one would ever vote for prohibition.

Yet it was made law. What does this indicate?

Well, as far back as the 1920's, the government has been rogue. The USA government has been out of the hands of "the people."

This makes it our enemy.

There is no rebellion. There is no revolution.

We are the people; we are the militia; we are the state.

We do not need to hide our presence or pretend that we are not angry.

We are the nation.

0fdb44  No.12133847


History is not the present. More of the same shoehorning bullshit. “Well, they have been working on this plan, see, so it’s The Jews!” Starts out great, with names and dates and facts, then ends with a generalization. It ends in complacency, overstepping entirely the question of falsifiability with respect to the historical record not to mention problems in the present and their causal agents. Pol lives in a world of racial enemies and monolithic conspiracy, but surrounding that world is one filled with spooks, espionage, sigint, intrigue, money. My opinion is that the jew thing is far too limiting, and it fosters attitudes and behaviors that are quasi-religious and ineffective. But that of course only matters to someone who wants to do something about it as opposed to learning what evil jewish men do.

7d7bd1  No.12133858

01623d  No.12133860


I fucking hate shitskins with that type of face. They're asking for at least heavy beating, or better a rope by sheer existence.

0fdb44  No.12133864


That any of the books you can get your hands on are telling the truth is a foregone conclusion. Well, it should not be. History is adaptable, does not represent reality as it occurred, is as much propaganda as the news. That is why I tease people who ask me to read their shitposts not others for the plain truth. They have no understanding of such matters and choose to be dogmatists anyway.

0fdb44  No.12133866


Thanks for your contribution.

d108d3  No.12133867

What is past is past, what happens next only we deside.

That shills don't want anons to migrate to Iceland makes it seem like a very good idea indeed.

And fuck all semite religions, you live only by the words of Haavamaal and you'r ancestors will always be with you.

326944  No.12133872


You are out of your element. You fail to grasp the scope of this thing. The problem with jews is old. Their tactics are multi generational, they use host population's greed to inforce dominance. Even if you had an army right now, youd fight and kill and die by the hands of your own citizens, of your own state, as they are the enforcers of this empire. There are entire generations of people who were born into the system of artificial resource transfer. They wouldn't even exist if it weren't for this satanic beast. Do you think they care about justice or truth? They care about two things only, feed and reproduction, which means they care about one thing only, perpetual growth of the system that provides those. They are cattle. Literally artificially selected for obedience and subservience. We are not the founders sons. We are undeserving bastards from stock that gave it all away and didn't even try to stop it. You want to change things?do it! Make no mistake there is no bucket of roses at the end of that road.

7d7bd1  No.12133873


No problem, foreigner.

d108d3  No.12133878


Uuu im sooo scared

0fdb44  No.12133880




>can’t do better

7d7bd1  No.12133883


That's nice, dear.

326944  No.12133886


You should be scared, because the problem isnt jews, the problem is us, allowing the jews to do what they do, to make us do what we do to eachother. Mechanically, if you dont eliminate the fed, nothing really matters. We need US population owned currency, not global currency.

326944  No.12133893


Best thing you could do is start a family on land, provide yourself with everything you possibly can and figure out a good way to dispose of bodies and cell phone tower location issues for when the shabbos goys come for you. Or just go batshit on the current controllers. Im sure there will be armies coming, but anything that is public will be a controlled opposition, just like trump.

0fdb44  No.12133909

Two prongs of jewish power: finance and sociocultural revolution.

d108d3  No.12133912

But I'm not, something has changed, something felt collectively, an awakening of the unconscious. We are not attacking the fed, we are coming from the shadows this time, and you should be scared, and you are. >>12133886

d108d3  No.12133916

7d7bd1  No.12133923

bot thread

d108d3  No.12133926


Kek that's funny kike

d108d3  No.12133978

Check out the history segment on Wikipedia about Islandic National Front.

Anyone have information on their leaders?


92a35e  No.12133994


go research the shape shifting meme. jews match height and characteristics to host nations. unironically parasites.

a7466c  No.12134006


>How Jews do it

1. High verbal achity to lie and the absolute lack of genetically mandated sense of fairness or honesty.

2. High host nation empathy and openness

3. They look like us kinda

This sort of subversion is genrtically impossible for whites enmass. If we were to pull it off we'd only manage to pigeon hole our eveolution into a parasytic format.

82ddf6  No.12134055


Look at this newfag. Gtfo here

d108d3  No.12134073


I'm not even suprised, they have made the game og power a industry.

There really are no good ones are there?

Do you have a link or something for that meme?

0fdb44  No.12134099


>link me, brother, to a meme

d108d3  No.12134115


Guess you'r right, but something most be done. Migrating to Iceland, a country that have had problem with the kike, and reformed their system, and are pushing for a bill to give people that sircumcise their child 6 year in prison.

Anons should go there and help push that bill, before the new rabbie that moved there imports tons more, and ruining a place that have a real chanse to be a refuge and a base to work from

92ea6b  No.12134118

File: 19528600b032c8c⋯.jpeg (350.58 KB, 937x1171, 937:1171, 6CB78864-A2D3-485D-8DA5-6….jpeg)

File: c9b47a28ebd7628⋯.jpeg (465.79 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, B52E5D6C-3C91-4ED7-AAF3-0….jpeg)

File: c98287bec673038⋯.jpeg (151.27 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 9EDFB5AA-DB16-48C6-834C-7….jpeg)


Isn’t it partially the banks’ fault for believing that scam? What was Iceland supposed to do, bail them out? I don’t know if they can legally prevent banks from making stupid choices but I wouldn’t feel happy about paying for someone else’s mistakes.

d108d3  No.12134125


It's not a meme, he called it a meme som i went with it :9

0fdb44  No.12134133



cc23c4  No.12134139


>all that makeup

It's like icing on a cake, except it makes the cake worse.

0fdb44  No.12134150

First they came for the christians, and i said nothing. Then the muslims, jews, and retard atheistniggers. Finally, they came for wotan’s foreskin and there was no one…

d108d3  No.12134160


Yeah a rabbie just moved there also, propaply with a buss load of rigth sized propagand machines. We need to go there, and make Iceland a refuge for nationalists. This is a golden possibility, don't loose it

d108d3  No.12134165

0fdb44  No.12134170


Give it a try, definitely. If they’re not ready to murder their foreign invaders yet, maybe they will be when the 400lb hacker 4chan shows up to wreck shop.

d108d3  No.12134191


I'm belive many will go, and many even from pol. Myself and others see this as an good opportunity to make a change. Things will take time, but the more people going the better. The kikes are now trying their luck changing the little country, i think anons will have a better chanse

7d7bd1  No.12134330



0fdb44  No.12134366


Daily (example) reminder that in 2018 NS is a religious faith, not a political ideology.

fdb182  No.12134427

File: c87d7795e591d6a⋯.png (60.89 KB, 210x207, 70:69, ClipboardImage.png)


>Fun fact; One of the men (Björgólfur Guðmundsson) who wrecked the economy was married to GLR's ex-wife.

Which GLR are we talking about?

82ddf6  No.12134438

File: 3157b53480e4a8d⋯.jpg (148.12 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1528135663133.jpg)


>Brendon O'Connell

>Alt-Kike Anglo

Fuck you're stupid.

82ddf6  No.12134472


Celtic master race confirmed.

ef020d  No.12134610

File: 97ce17bf6a1c338⋯.jpg (665.74 KB, 1800x2534, 900:1267, Ashley Greene photo-030.jpg)


I did not find the second article, there is a rabbi criticizing their ban on circumcision but it isn't the same one.


There was also this


9c333b  No.12134641

File: 8d5e3dafc75fbf5⋯.png (427.72 KB, 1000x1413, 1000:1413, 351092AF-3290-437B-9C2F-1F….png)

File: 84777b9918040b6⋯.png (503.86 KB, 690x5604, 115:934, 4097D769-91A0-4DA6-AA5B-FC….png)

File: 145fa1ca8ca1978⋯.jpeg (129.77 KB, 599x604, 599:604, DA9B8DE4-A807-49B4-9947-C….jpeg)

File: 400dbc40e0d4d56⋯.png (421.62 KB, 617x574, 617:574, 92A2F7B6-37EB-4F95-BBBA-49….png)

fb0d8c  No.12134655


>anons move to iceland

>they inform and redpill the local population

>icelanders start shunning the kikes until they leave their country

>anons move to another country

So what you're basically suggesting OP, is that /pol/ should act as WHITE blood cells? The idea can work, it just needs proper organization and a decent number of brave anons willing to settle on iceland.

Also I find this quite funny because after reading so many books on the jews and their modus operandi I've noted how they fit almost all the criteria to be classified as a pathogen but in human form.

d108d3  No.12134704


Yes like white blood cells that's a perfect metaphor. There are 250 kikes in Iceland at this time if we are to belive Wikipedia, so it wouldent be so hard fighting them in the cultural scene in that small country.

Just by moving to Iceland much is done since there are only 331618 people.

With some hard work the whole country is pure natsoc within some years.

a7466c  No.12134725



Progressive protestants, Marxist, and sabbateans are already entrenched in Iceland. It won't be as easy as you think. 250 overt kikes means 500 cryptos forming a beachead.

a7466c  No.12134732


500 cryptos means thousands of braindead prog zombies

d108d3  No.12134820


Depends on how many willing to migrate, quite sure this will work, there are nationalist political parties that propaply can use som fresh blood. Someone can infiltratrate liberals, fucking them up from inside. I see only possibility

af7069  No.12134910


There was a conference on an upcoming vote to ban infant genital mutilation. It was set up by a tranny and HE invited rabbi's and plastic surgeons to speak against the ban. Only two people spoke against it, poorly.

af7069  No.12134913


Only two speaking spoke for the ban, poorly*

5b57ad  No.12134927


They tried to crash islands economy and en debt /enslave them - didnt work.

The main banker fled to UK and they refused to extradite him for prosecution

ef020d  No.12134928

File: 8019ba4c439bf1f⋯.jpg (4.16 MB, 2380x3000, 119:150, ashley-greene-snapchat.jpg)


Don't forget these goys.


5b57ad  No.12134939


The jews no1 advantage is that humans cannot believe what a alien and malicious mindset he as.That makes it very hard to warn people about his ways, because it sounds so unbelievable.

d108d3  No.12134953


/pol/ knows and soon people of Iceland will to, i expect to meet some of you there in a few years. Cant wait to see what kind of positions anons have aquired.

af7069  No.12134998


yep, that was just before the conference in June

a8d9cd  No.12135032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How is it that this people calling themselves jews have been so successful infiltrating nations and changing them?

Hey OP, if you do me a very substantial favor then I will reward you with something you might want.

Deal? Deal!

Oh, you held up your side of the bargain I see.

Well, I would give you your reward but I actually shook a chicken over my head to relieve me from my wrongdoings toward you, thanks though.

Or in other words.

The west is built on oath and law with very few if any ways around that.

jews on the other hand have several ways to circumvent this.

kapparot, the chicken thing

kol nidre , the oath voider

taschlich, the emptying of the pockets into a body of water and with it emptying oneself from sins

taking off the yamulke to temporarily sever the connection between yahweh and the jew so the jew can lie and cheat.

of course none of these are required for jews since they hate your guts and want you dead, ruined and all things you ever achieved be attributed to them, but the point stands.

they are a people of no oath.

this makes it easy for them to subvert people who do have oath and law for themselves, that's why they are also lawyers and bankers, both heavily codified institutions that can easily be hijacked by them.

then they also shift between "white" and jew"

Christianity was also perpetrated by them.

They allowed the "one and only true and only and one and singular and unique and 100% real and true and only true word of the one true god" to be amended and changed for easier spread among the goyim, who then took their currently amended version of Christianity "at face value" and defended it as if it really was an immutable thing.

This lead to many wars and many many denominations, but this is an American imageboard so I have instantly lost 90% of all Americans reading this one paragraph ago.

Ah, well.

af7069  No.12135054


>Christianity was also perpetrated by them.

that was created by the Flavian Caesar family with the help from Josephus the jew who was adopted because he saw them in his prophecy as future world rulers, and had a Kings Tamlud for religion crafting, and goy killing purposes. Should note that they were Pharisaical Talmudic jews and not pagans as (((history))) mentions.

d108d3  No.12135071


I don't care about semite religions, i live by the words in Haavamaal, the words of my ancestors and i care only for my people.

But what you are saying is correct, that's why i have to fight them, and so should everyone. People only need to know were to start and what they are up against, from there what goes, goes

f0d394  No.12135176


Step 1. Control the money

Step 2. Control the media

Step 3. Tyranny.

6321e0  No.12135411

File: 8acd40b72cb3542⋯.jpg (937.85 KB, 952x1408, 119:176, 3424a5c6f19a52010c68c5e8ed….jpg)


I knew you were a foreign jew from your first sentence. Your bullshit about "chicken shaking" was a dead giveaway that you are hooknose liar.

The real reason, the reason why this lying sack of nigger semen was called a "son of the devil" by Jesus Christ, isn't because of chicken dancing. It is because he and filthy tribe have declared war on the goy. As the offspring of satan, they have been promised the only thing their father can offer. Worldly wealth, unlimited sexual satisfaction, and political power is the reward, but only if they obey satan completely. It means to be a fully evil in every possible way, even when goodness would be more profitable. That evil demands nothing less than the destruction of humanity, meaning the white tribes, the last humans on earth not completely tainted by inbreeding, cannibalism, and greed.

A rational person knows that a world without white men would be a dismal, miserable pit of despair. One non-tourist trip to China, Peru, Michigan, or Egypt instantly provides a glimpse of the nightmare sub-humans create. Why would jews work so hard for such a world? Because evil demands it.

f5d93b  No.12135447

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jews often can't help themselves and announce to the world these very facts about themselves.

>Jews are complete nutjobs they cultivate different personalities and has no problem spending decades pretending to be someone else while waiting to score for the tribe

000000  No.12137145

Evil and stupid leaders use Jews to collect taxes from their subjects. This works well at first because the Jews don't feel anything towards the subjects and will extract more for the leader. Eventually the subjects get sick of being ripped off and launch pogroms against the Jews. When this happens you either get what happened in Spain (Jews expelled) or what happened in Russia (Jews took control).

04334f  No.12137154


I dunno, man. I have found this site (pol specifically) to be incredibly censorious. Do you believe those who run it to actually be Nazis? I need to know, because I need to know what is the stench.

I have already learned to completely reject the infrastructure that is the Christian religion - entirely. I have learned also to detest the kikes and their nation and their diaspora.

But I have found that no less than the obviously detestable liberal sites like FB and Twitter and others there to be no toleration for reasoned debate about matters of substantial importance.

In what way is there to be praise for the Nazi, then? While it may be said they were wonderful, they sure as hell don't act like it here.

Or is this place controlled by kikes?

135ed6  No.12137163


That was in the times of sultan, now it just war from Russia or Usa if you dont sell your people.

04334f  No.12137165


< now it just

d35908  No.12137189


This is always the order. First they send their merchants, which are usually non-offensive socially and religiously moderate or secular. the merchants network and build a financial empire, usually intermarrying with goy elites along the way. Then they buy or erect the means of propaganda, which are run by the propagandist kikes, the thinkers of the tribe like Saul Alinsky and the mouthy ones like Ezra Klein. Then they use their words and their shekels to control the political, social and cultural organs of their host.

d35908  No.12137193

File: 5ac0d23e3f186a2⋯.jpg (831.51 KB, 1650x2199, 550:733, 2ad1f03ffa926751959b702fe3….jpg)


The additional component—how they have run the West for so long without any major pogroms, Uncle Adolf aside—is the credulity of the Northwestern European man. Our gullibility is related to the high trust that allowed us to build such longlasting and durable civilizational structures, but it has also allowed the Jew to control our minds with viral memes like democracy and multikulti.

000000  No.12137201


Wrong, unfortunately. Most of the top tax farmers in my country are Jews.

d108d3  No.12137335

1) Start looking for Iclandic girls on dating sites, if you find a woman, marrige is your ticket in.

2)If not by an airline ticket to Iceland, as a tourist and start to look for a work, if you dont have an edicatuon working at a fishing boat will make you very good money (easly 100.000usd a year), and they always need people coming fall.

Maby you have an good education and can find another job or you can always "buy" a job, cafe or restaurant will do.

3)Apply for a work permit

4)Learn the Icelandic language

6)Find woman, get married and train your children to be good little national sosialists.

7)Find a way to influence the people, find work for a radio/tv station. Newspaper colomnist will be good, volunteer work is a always good, the kikes have propaply already put up an antiracism non profit where you can do some volunteer work and map the cryptos, before you destroy them from inside

8) Show interest for the synagoge, saying you have always admired jews and are thinking about beeing one(always record with dictaphone).

If they don't want you, make drama about that, you know have them recorded.

If they want you, study the talmud and become one of them, destroying them from inside.

135ed6  No.12137353


>grammar natsoc


Well, kick them out like spaniards did, now that i think about it, its plan b.


But i am a christian, i dont worship winged little ladies or magic midgets.

d108d3  No.12137372


No one do, that's stories we tell our kids with hidden meaning(metaphores).

135ed6  No.12137717


Yeah, sure.

028ddb  No.12138920

>How is it that this people calling themselves jews have been so successful infiltrating nations and changing them?

Degenerate behavior appeals to most people. It's an easy sell. Local elites allow it because money.

2b3776  No.12138962


That and they don’t like when people don’t comply with their edicts. Especially the older leftist women. Had a pair tell me recently that I wasn’t fit to be a father.

I have no reply for that sort of narcissism.

04334f  No.12139894


< grammar doesn't matter

I literally have no idea what you said, because it was incomprehensible. Are you from Indya yah?

d108d3  No.12141711


You all (not kikes) need to migrate to Iceland and learn Icelandic grammar.

Now that Doodle Drumpf are to make criticism of Israel a hate crime, white people need a place from where to work. This place will be a beacon of light for white people around the world, a place to look to for reason, and a refuge for whites targeted by tought police.

ae9f88  No.12148437

File: a5ea72784f10795⋯.jpg (26.61 KB, 435x477, 145:159, you fucking sperg.jpg)

b29367  No.12148455


Fuck off we're full!

4e4b17  No.12149227


Fugg, this is deep. Saved.

51d0d5  No.12153412

File: baa02297028fa3f⋯.jpg (220.07 KB, 600x800, 3:4, naom_uk.jpg)

d108d3  No.12154464


Who said anything about migrating to Israel?

af683b  No.12154558


>not the jew of christ insanity

So who was and where did they magically disappear to, genius?


There are a few key strengths of the kikes regarding subversion:

1) They hate everyone else with a bottomless hatred. Even if you think you're rayciss, you have no idea of their savage hatred and never will if you're White. It's very similar to niggers mutilating Whites in South Africa (you should have seen the pictures already if you're posting here). They are absolutely psychotic in this regard.

2) The obsessiveness in their personality is in large part due to their inferiority complex. This was magnified by their leaders telling them they were Gee Tac Dee's Chosen People (tm). Schizos are very big on contradictions like that.

3) They have turned negative qualities into strengths for themselves, which dovetails with their Saturn worship (there is no such as "satan," obviously–SATURN is the diety of eating children). Jonestein was diversion from this single point alone. Kikes NEVER want anyone talking about that. It's very similar to how the Dark Brotherhood in Elder Scrolls universe follows Sithis–the Void. I wouldn't be surprised if these sick fucks would literally completely undo the universe existing if they could. It would be the logical conclusion of their System.

4) This type of dedication to inferiority is difficult to manage because it requires a dedicated and extreme response. They call everyone else "extremists" and "terrorists" when actually THEY are. I have never enslaved a country, and I don't know a single goddamn cracker who has. I don't know of even one Not See (lel) who is half as evil as the kikes, and that's counting our most dysfunctional "larping" faggots and controlled opposition, as well as assorted degenerates.

5) FINALLY, since the kikes are MUCH more extreme that merely controlling banks, how do you think they got that way? Everything they do is pure criminal filth. They are raping and murdering kids–cutting them up and eating them as an outcast psycho group WAY before they get into power. They get into power by offering immoral faggots (politicians) favors and taking over and outright ruining industries. Such favors involve things like getting to rape kids. They then put these fuckers in power. Just like the old warning video on faggots from the 1950s in the US (which tells you that once some of them get in your organization, they bring in more and more and take over because they're only comfortable around their own kind), kikes do the exact same thing. Once some of these TERMITES get in your government, they will export misery and slavery and absolute suffering all over the Earth.

It is terrible what they have done too ALL the races of man. Libtards would kill them with their own hands if only they knew.


This shit is leddit tier. Contribute, you dumb faggot, and stop saying stupid shit. This nu/pol/ faggotry is coming to an end, and you casual niggers had better get on board.


Indeed. Kill them all. That's what I mean about having a serious response.



Kill yourselves, shills.

d1d114  No.12154854


Please God let it be me

6ff419  No.12156380


Obvious shill post. Kill yourself you race mixing kike

1c9b6f  No.12181497


8chan mods are thin skinned nigger clean it up polvol and put in the work you fucking faggot

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