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File: 927b7c0af3acf9e⋯.jpg (28.11 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 16b7e9373f44cc1af505c19d67….jpg)

File: ab2eda2823ace35⋯.png (45.54 KB, 719x454, 719:454, swe9.png)

85b95f  No.12132749

As expected, neither the centre-left nor the centre-right bloc obtained a majority in Sunday’s vote. The far-right Sweden Democrats solidified their position as the country's third-biggest party with a vote share of 17.6 percent at the latest count.

That is a lower score than several polls had predicted for the right-wing populist party, but still sees a significant growth in its voter share and number of seats from the last election in 2014.

Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's red-green left bloc currently has a razor-thin one-seat lead over the centre-right opposition Alliance, with nearly 200,000 ballots from Swedes who voted abroad still to be counted on Wednesday. Both the Social Democrats and the Moderates, the two largest traditional parties on the left and right respectively, saw their share in the vote shrink from the numbers they posted in 2014.

Political scientist Nicholas Aylott, an associate professor at Södertörn University, shared his views how the provisional result changes expectations.

Does this result change any of the parties’ pre-election positions?

“The results for the Sweden Democrats don’t really change that much as far as the other parties are concerned. Whether they were the third biggest party or the biggest party is less important than the fact that they are now sufficiently strong to deprive either of the traditional blocs of a majority.

“That really puts the onus on those blocs to try to find a stable governing solution that might just involve the Sweden Democrats in some way, but more likely, probably won’t. So in a sense, the Sweden Democrats’ result is probably less important than the outcome of the competition between the two traditional blocs.”

Why are the Sweden Democrats, the third-largest party, still unlikely to be involved in government?

“It’s pretty much inconceivable that the left bloc would be prepared to accept that (Sweden Democrat) support or govern with that support. The really sharp dilemmas are faced by the four parties of the centre-right, the Alliance parties. In principle, they could take over power tomorrow – or as soon as parliament reopens – if the four of them were prepared to reach some sort of, even vague and implicit, accommodation with the Sweden Democrats. The trouble is, the two centre-most of them [the Centre and Liberal parties, ed.] have said that they will not under any circumstances consider that.

“So that puts those two parties on the horns of a really, really acute dilemma. Do they go back on what they said about refusing any support from the Sweden Democrats, particularly if the Alliance isn’t bigger than the left bloc, or do they go back on what they said about trying to remove a Social Democratic prime minister?”

85b95f  No.12132750

What about a right-wing government excluding the two smaller centrist parties?

“The fact that the Sweden Democrats didn’t do as well as some of them had dared to hope means that that trio [the Moderates, Christian Democrats and Sweden Democrats, ed.], which I think probably would be prepared to form some sort of government together, they can’t because they haven’t got nearly enough votes.”

How significant is the tiny difference in vote share between the two blocs?

“This is where it gets very interesting. For a start, we should say that the result is not yet in. The votes of Swedes abroad have not yet been counted, there could be 200,000 votes and we won’t get the final vote until Wednesday, so it really is going to be a nailbiter.

“But if, if – if we assume that the result is as it looks so far, and the left bloc has just one more (seat) than the right bloc, that does make a difference, because the Centre Party, in particular, has said time and again during the campaign and said again last night that if the Alliance was to form a government in those circumstances, when the left bloc is bigger, then they would have to get the consent of the left bloc. So it would have to be some sort of government that had the participation or support of the Social Democrats and maybe the Greens too.

“That frankly, is an extremely implausible scenario – why would the left bloc consent to an Alliance government when the left bloc is actually a touch bigger than the alliance? Much more plausible, I think, is that the Social Democrats either stay where they are or the government will resign and allow the negotiations to begin, but I think it’s more likely in those circumstances that the Liberal or the Centre would find themselves, in the end, compelled to tolerate a Social Democratic prime minister.”

If the Sweden Democrats were included in the conservative bloc, there would be a large conservative majority in this election. What is preventing the traditional conservative parties in Sweden from working with them to form a government?

“The biggest factor is that the Sweden Democrats are a very different party with a very different background to, let’s say, the Progress Party in Norway, and even to the Danish People’s Party. They’re not a very old party, they were only formed at the end of the eighties, and they have roots in overtly racist, Neo-Nazi organisations. That history means something, no matter how much the party professes to have changed and maybe really has changed, that background means something and it makes it more difficult for mainstream parties to consider treating them as a normal party.

“But of course you have to think about the nature of political debate in Sweden, and the parameters of what can be said at any time. What is considered legitimate and what is considered illegitimate to say and do are relatively narrow in Sweden, particularly on some questions. And so those two factors have really served to underpin the isolation of the Sweden Democrats.

“That, I think is going to continue in the near future, but in four years, maybe we will have got closer to a Norwegian or a Danish situation.”


85b95f  No.12132761

Previous thread: >>12111496


8d036f  No.12132786

The following posts were blocked by Facebook by Johan Jäderström. He asks everyone to share this further.

Johan Jäderström has added 3 new photos.

2 hours ·

Hey! I'm barred from posting in ALL groups until September 24th (all groups on FB)

This happened after I went out with saved site data and asked savvy people to analyze this data in different groups on Facebook. I'm completely censored and it's possible that I can not even post this post. Please help me copy this in different forums and groups, welcome from Johan on SR1-Opinion.

Anyone who can analyze website data (Ab, Ex, SvD, SVT live data after the crash on the election's live vote bill, as well as the site data election authority after the page starts working again several hours later)

SD's numbers went up as the US economy last year, at 23 percent crashes val.se and valmyndigheten.se (I had suspicions that this would happen if the Swedish Democrats were to explode in the election results) the media continues to report results, even though it did not there are some data to retrieve in the election … Media reports now, five minutes after val.se crashes with 23% on SD, SD is now turning down, I'm watching Expressen get its site data because val.se is down and earlier been from there as they have taken their website data. I review Expressen as much as I can, but also saves website data from several of the major TVs and web magazines selected. What I can see is that Expressen retrieves its live results from its own underside, I'm quite poor at analyzing website data, (SVT, SVD, Expressen and SVT website pages during the current SD decline, and under the crash of the election authority, saved in the left-hand zip File. Validation's living data after the crash is also included in the ZIP-file link, maybe someone skilled here may also dig a little in this?)

At all, I can not see any link to the Authority. In about this live reporting after the crash, but as I said, I'm not an expert on this. If so, I wonder where did they get their numbers with the update rate that was going on !? Is it just a coincidence that the Swedish Democrats shot in the sky just before the crusade crashed, and that they only begin to dive minutes after the crash? And in the same vein, both the Liberals and the Environmental Party, which are the media's yellow-leaved crisis, are rescued from outside the Riksdag. What happened yesterday really? The Swedish Democrats would receive 31.3% according to the error index, the Environmental Party & Liberals would be, for example, parliamentary parties. It is not logical that the Swedish Democrats get less in reality than in many opinion polls, it has never happened before and the taboo it means to acknowledge SD sympathy means that they will always be heavily underestimated in opinion, so this must be an extensive electoral fraud It is not enough that there would be a few election districts with corrupt voters - this must be a much greater attack on democracy. And how can Löfven get 28% when opinion shows 20-25%? S has always been either spiked or easily overestimated in surveys. There is no doubt that electoral fraud has occurred, rather on the contrary when you read # valfusk2018 The question is if someone can prove something happened when the crusader's side crashed? Help Democrat to investigate this - Is there concrete evidence of a major electoral fraud like the Swedish media and the electoral authority carried out together? There is a newspaper that will address this: News Today

MVH Johan SR1-Opinion

8d036f  No.12132790



Also fuckery with all the alternative sites. Largest forum down, largest alternative site under Ddos-attack during the counting.

6684dc  No.12132792

Is… anybody… going to protest the obvious voter fraud?

e4df7f  No.12132802


It's Sweden, what do you expect?

4ce70f  No.12132827

You’re joking

54260e  No.12132839

Remember when the extreme right won big at the german elections? Nothing changed, because they were isolated and pushed out.

bfb703  No.12132841

File: a0089ae5fa4c190⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 640x352, 20:11, hate.webm)

File: c0d451780c9cc5f⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 3200x2000, 8:5, 486876.jpg)

File: 4e39e78f75901dd⋯.jpg (3.44 MB, 3200x2000, 8:5, 786783783.jpg)

File: 4bda468d9026434⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 3200x2000, 8:5, 48642318.jpg)

1e6e24  No.12132845

New documentary, of course a with Sweden-demonizing spin and lies but also interesting factual information

>The Social Democrats have a unique position in Swedish history. No other party has had such power and influence over the Swedish society and its population. No other party has controlled and censored media to the extent that the Social Democrats have done.

>No other party has made racial biology a science and divided the population by race and conducted medical experiments on helpless patients. No other Swedish party has systematically and forcefully sterilized its own population. No other Swedish party has, to such an extent, helped Nazi Germany and refused jews a sanctuary. No other Swedish party has, to such a degree, deprived women the possibility to bring children to the world.


4ce70f  No.12132851

You’re joking.

Colorado has Angel posers

7c7df4  No.12132860


Lol, no. People are gonna whine on facebook. What i'm hoping for is a new election since there is no majority in parliament.

873611  No.12132891





0a0d91  No.12132904

File: 6dfd714b2a09240⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 480x314, 240:157, current_year_one_image.jpg)

b41ca5  No.12133066



>Extreme right

Really activates my almonds…

485342  No.12133087

File: 5c212448f6f723c⋯.jpg (35.87 KB, 314x263, 314:263, two-cases-of-family-voting.jpg)

File: b4d765900e4303c⋯.jpg (108.59 KB, 354x342, 59:57, ballots-in-sweden-e1536501….jpg)

File: c25a32c0592d52c⋯.jpg (84.09 KB, 773x826, 773:826, unlocked ballot box.jpg)

File: d75ac36693ae7f2⋯.jpg (58.69 KB, 750x750, 1:1, How votes are rigged.jpg)

File: 1a0879963997106⋯.jpg (275.78 KB, 478x1594, 239:797, Election 2018.jpg)

Preliminary statement from the international observers now released


Mysteriously unmentioned are the remarks of the Danish guy who stated on the record that it was the most undemocratic shit he had ever seen, having been in Russia and other eastern former Soviet states, and his statement that he would bring it to the attention of the European council at the next meeting.


e09f4b  No.12133121


Now the mail votes finally has appeared at the vote counting station 24 hour late ..

thats like 1,7+ something

aabd38  No.12133150

File: 2677c0b66c28bc6⋯.png (108.19 KB, 438x544, 219:272, ClipboardImage.png)

d2c4dc  No.12133152


It will force them to decllare color, voting on parties that don't get into the goverment at all will not even do that.

7d8916  No.12133162


Man this map confuses me, so the city dwelling Swedes aren't the cucks its the rural middle of nowhere ones?

b921ad  No.12133176


>Remember when the extreme right won big at the german elections?

13% isn't winning big. Its getting a seat at the table to make a mockery of the shitlibs in office.

6684dc  No.12133197


They haven't been exposed to enough dieversity yet.

8d036f  No.12133202


Other way around. The flushed the small villages of hundred people with 200 immigrants, so it's basically a foreign village with some old swedish people in it aswell.

aabd38  No.12133207



485342  No.12133208


The people who have to actually live with the multiculture are the ones who despise it the most. The rural areas up north are also typically a mix of Finns, reindeerniggers, and the odd jew descended from a couple of them who were banished up there during the 1700's because nobody fucking wanted to deal with them.

As for the blue areas, that's where the big city jews live, who own the publishers and media so they're going to always vote for the party which gives them the most tax breaks. Sweden is a very segregated country for the most part, and it's easy to advocate multiculture when you don't actually experience it beyond the "exotic" food.

b63978  No.12133324


Could be like Norway also where the left parties have tradtionally been the supporters of rural areas so they have a lot of votes locked in. If you don't have any kebabs around your farm, why vote for those right people who never did anything for you?

848bd0  No.12133414


and they are allowed to vote no less

e2c1e0  No.12133456


i mean at that point the takeover is complete

maybe sweden will die without a whimper

8d036f  No.12133546



e54afe  No.12133603


>i mean at that point the takeover is complete

>maybe sweden will die without a whimper

Maybe those 20% will move to a neighboring country (Finland or Eastern europe) to strengthen their right movements. Eventually these consolidating migrations will only strengthen the countries they end up in. Some will be lost but some will be made stronger.

That said I wouldn't give up on Sweden yet, that NRM movement has piqued my interest.

accf5b  No.12133643

File: 8266c69dd6a271e⋯.jpg (127.27 KB, 1600x1168, 100:73, delighted anon.jpg)

The Latest: GERMANY calls Swedish vote a 'TURNING POINT'

"A senior German official is describing the Sweden’s election, in which the governing party lost ground and a far-right party made gains, as a “turning point” for Sweden and Europe.

"Michael Roth (>parenthetically Roth?), a deputy foreign minister, was quoted as telling Monday’s edition of German daily Die Welt it’s good that pro-European parties which support an open and liberal society still have a clear majority. But he noted that Sweden has seen an emotional discussion about migration and said that “the gap between facts and perceived reality is getting ever bigger.”

"Roth said “this election result is unfortunately a turning point for Sweden and Europe. Nationalist populism is still advancing.”


1ab36d  No.12133762


Damn that's a good webm.

Do you know where the clip at 1:10 with the guys in suits is from?

b46612  No.12133815


>pro-European parties which support an open and liberal society still have a clear majority

ONLY because you fuckers are still powerful, organized and resourceful enough to continously rig the votes….but this is ending.

dc60ab  No.12133897


it actually kind of is even though the swing isn't as severe as it was supposed to be. at the end of the day the commies are at their lowest point in a hundred years while SD were by far the ones that gained the most votes since last election

dc60ab  No.12133918


how many of the mail votes were late?

7b1d97  No.12133963


>the gap between facts and perceived reality is getting ever bigger

Indeed it is. The media, politicians, educational institutions and various ngo's are all working overtime to keep projecting the rosy image of happy multiculturalism and drown out any dissenting voice in a sea of "muh racism" and "muh nazis".

9778f4  No.12133995


>it actually kind of is even though the swing isn't as severe as it was supposed to be. at the end of the day the commies are at their lowest point in a hundred years while SD were by far the ones that gained the most votes since last election

Its also about changing the mindset of a generation instead of repeating the zombie millennials who bought everything their commie overlords sold them.

accf5b  No.12134018

File: ab8087d4654b6ae⋯.jpg (35.94 KB, 705x365, 141:73, winning.jpg)

File: 10e5fb31b06a931⋯.png (154.98 KB, 1920x3075, 128:205, Sweden Democrats results.png)

Sweden's general election results in stalemate as far-right support surges

""Sweden's center-right and center-left blocs have fallen short of a majority. The far-right Sweden Democrats have seen a boost in support''"

"The far-right, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats who rose from the white supremacist and neo-Nazi fringe, saw their share of the vote rise from 12.9 percent in 2014 to 17.6 percent in Sunday's poll… it represents the largest gain by any party in the Riksdag.

If confirmed, the result translates to 63 parliamentary seats for the Sweden Democrats, up from 49 seats in 2014. Party chief Jimmie Akesson told members: "We will gain huge influence over what happens in Sweden during the coming weeks, months and years."

dc60ab  No.12134021


S has always been the working class party until relatively recently when it became the mass immigration party. M is the upper class party. SD is still very new and people are slow to change.

what you are looking at is basically sweden as it used to be but with SD finally starting to take over

accf5b  No.12134024


source of the article above


dc60ab  No.12134047


forming a government is gonna be a shitshow

f92ca4  No.12134084


The socialist just changed the outcome. Sweden is beyond fucked.

>norwegian whos been monitoring swedish news

848bd0  No.12134094


>that third pic

what are they saying here anon?

f92ca4  No.12134102


They are explaining the rules regarding voting boxes.

>voting boxes need to be sealed so they cannot be opened without the seal being broken

>voting boxes can be sealed with either plastic or security tape

voting room in forssjø had neither

f92ca4  No.12134111


>they sendt the wrong ballots to be counted in one location

>one mathmatician was sendt to the counting office to fix the issue

>this has been rectified and now SD has recived one more mandate, centerparty lost one

848bd0  No.12134114


god that is depressing well at least the fraud is being well documented I guess

802c7b  No.12134129


>"The ballot box should be sealed so that it can't be opened without the seal being broken. The ballot box can be sealed with a plastic-plombation or security tape."

>Election authority

>The polling station in Forssjö had done neither.

The ballot box looked the same in my polling station now when I come to think of it.

f92ca4  No.12134152


There is litteraly hundreds of sweds crying about voter intimidation & vote fraud on various social medias.

Its being documented. Whats next i have no idea.

802c7b  No.12134169


>There is litteraly hundreds of sweds crying about voter intimidation & vote fraud on various social medias.

>I-if you complain about e-e-election f-fraud YOU'RE A WHINY BITCH!!!

-t. mountain/island Schlomo.

f92ca4  No.12134198


>I-if you complain about e-e-election f-fraud YOU'RE A WHINY BITCH!!!

This was not my point at all…

845a22  No.12134221

Immigrants being allowed to vote is electoral fraud on its own.

fcf454  No.12134238


SD, M, L and KD can do it

802c7b  No.12134249


Yeah, that's never going to happen.

937409  No.12134260

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What do you guys think of Styx's take on the election?

I feel like he's being overly optimistic and doesn't understand how all of the parties except for KD are willing to completely bend over backwards and fuck up not only their own political agendas but the country as a whole, simply to spite SD.

ec8bdc  No.12134264


Tell him to keep it in his pants

fcf454  No.12134265


its pretty much the only way it can happen, unless C and L join MP S and V.

802c7b  No.12134292


Yeah, what you just said there, that's what's actually going to happen.

802c7b  No.12134300


He's an outsider with no understanding of the Swedish establishment, his commentary is basically worthless.

392b3c  No.12134523


So nothing new there.

e09f4b  No.12134567


this is huge if true

accf5b  No.12134590

File: 03b3c05f3fa8cb4⋯.jpg (88.4 KB, 960x1538, 480:769, Sweden Democrats results h….jpg)


>all of the parties except for KD are willing to completely bend over backwards and fuck up not only their own political agendas but the country as a whole, simply to spite SD

Even a cursory knowledge of political history -whether recent or in times past - will tell you that reality often intervenes to thwart such simplistic plans.

None of us can see the future.

What Styx is right about is the same thing that the cuck politicians in Sweden (and the jews of the MSM) are pissing and moaning about - the populist politics of European nationalism continues to make strong gains.

We have to let the future tell us the rest of the story.

802c7b  No.12134596

File: 8d513ca7d0dcea5⋯.jpg (48.04 KB, 540x960, 9:16, valfusk2.jpg)


According to this woman the Sweden Democrats went from 40% of total votes in her district by preliminary count to 22% of total votes when they were to send the ballots in to the official election agency for final counting.

802c7b  No.12134604


I had only skimmed through it previously, there is a correction:

Excuse me she says that 22% of the Sweden Democrats votes went "missing" when they were to be sent in to final counting at the election agency.

de42ee  No.12134628



>this is huge if true

The swedish gov stance will be "Elections are over faggots. Better luck next time"

e09f4b  No.12134766


she say ~50% of the SD votes vent missing after their local count. From around 40% to 22%

802c7b  No.12134797


Technically she says "22% of SD's votes are missing", which probably does mean what you say it does, but it many also mean that 22% of SD's specific ballots went "missing".

504242  No.12134828

Reminder of the Austrian elections, if people try to pull the "tee hee, elections aren't rigged in 1st world EU countries" meme, then remind them of what happened in Austria.

e09f4b  No.12134843


yea i saw that now

but i think she means 50%

341375  No.12134854


That would be racist, goyim.

c2aaf1  No.12134871

This always happens, the (((media))) hype the "threat" of evil far right racist nazis and people believe we might actually have a chance. Nope. Voting solves nothing.

e09f4b  No.12134887


Actually they mostly ignore SD

I didnt follow the regime controlled "debate" but from what i heard they avoided talking about migration problems.

"Its a non issue - lets focus on the 60billion budget surplus" - prime minister

7e9cfb  No.12134899

So what's the plan B?

848bd0  No.12134905


jesus christ the swedes cant let them get away with it this time

5eed67  No.12134932

it was reported by some NMR-men in ludvika and kungalv that the ballots for them (and also for AfS) kept getting stolen and needing to be replaced, and most of the staff (or whatever it's called who monitor it officially) didn't give a shit or help at all.

802c7b  No.12134945


Yeah, that's pretty much the standard.

The selection for this "duty" of election supervisors (I just made that term up) is not random, it isn't like jury duty, they're chosen by the local municipal government if I remember correctly, so they're always leftists.

1694bd  No.12135515


>populist politics of European nationalism

This is really the best they can do for a put-down. "The people's will is wrong"

6684dc  No.12136625


It's going to be nothing. We saw it a million times during the lead up to the US presidential election, anything of value will be dumped immediately… bullshit will be waved around and teased for maximum "impact":

>we have information that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary's campaign is totally done for!!!!!

>cue the very weak Donald Ducks "scandal" that nobody cared about

6684dc  No.12136636


Just like with Hitler in Germany, elections are a way of putting pressure on the machine… they aren't the solution but they are a way of showing the average Joe that our power is growing. They have some value but we need to be out there with knives and guns to send a message that we're getting our way by hook or by crook.

f1b783  No.12136661

Can someone explain what "far-right" means to swedes? For all I know it's the equivalent of our democrat party.

947d88  No.12136663

Reducing the SD vote percentage from 40% to 17.6% is insane. How are they getting away with this???

Add in the intimidation and the other shenanigans… wtf? Is a recount possible? Shame that no anons were inside the voting counts.

6684dc  No.12136693


There was basically no Swede-anons communicating with the rest of the nationalist community, despite most Swedes speaking perfect English. They're desire to "keep it all in house" hurt their chances, methinks. Now the only option is knives and guns to intimidate a recount… or at very least some high grade weaponized memes.

7b1d97  No.12136811

>An European county, and a scandinavian one at that, needs to have international observers during a vote like they are a bunch of niggers.

This is not the future that was supposed to be.



I'd say redo the whole vote using a procedures that less sensitive to fraud. And from what I read here you basically have to have observers present everywhere.

6684dc  No.12136854

File: 6a8c1c2a34af76d⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 784x1133, 784:1133, blue-fingerprint-impressio….jpg)


Paper ballot in true secrecy with fingerprint ink voting (to prevent multiple or fake votes).

7b1d97  No.12136887


I'd say no mail in votes, no voting on behalf of somebody else and absolutely no "guided voting" or "family voting" as they call it.

You would also need a single ballot with every party/candidate on it to prevent most of the retardation shown in this thread from happening.

With a single ballot you can start to do basic things like checking if the amounts of ballots in the box and remaining at the end of the day add up to the right amount.

If you want to get real fancy you could add a custom id per polling boot, with the ID's kept secret until voting day to prevent stuffing/replacing votes.

264762  No.12136931


It means libertarians who got fed-up getting raped.

f1b783  No.12136932


I like the ideals of libertarians but they just don't function in the real world

4394c3  No.12137155

File: cb240e0e20a6839⋯.jpg (42.05 KB, 252x223, 252:223, cb240e0e20a683973bcb10b05b….jpg)



How about also requiring fucking citizenship in order to vote, and prohibiting literal retards from voting.

If they consider it discrimination to not allow someone with the mental acuity of a 10 year old to vote, one would logically think that they'd also fight for actual kids to vote based on anti age discrimination.

I've also been thinking that maybe prohibiting old people with alzheimer and dementia from voting would be a step in the right direction.

1ab36d  No.12137161


Only people who should be able to vote are men with at least three biological children.

Same for politicians, citizens should only be able to take public office if they are men with three biological children.

Make sure the people running the country and deciding on its fate have a stake in the future.

7c7df4  No.12137205


Anything that talks about immigration and it needing to be reduced in any shape or form that isn't an established party.

t. average swede

e2c1e0  No.12137208


>prohibiting old people

i agree

65 should be the cut off age

after that age their property gets transferred to the patriarch of their family and they become legal dependants

none of this waiting for them to die BS

0c797d  No.12137236


Old people are gonna be the Downfall of this country

36f157  No.12137271

Svens are basically fucked from a democratic point of view then

Literally the only other alternative is street protesting, outside the political system. We'll see if the Svens have the stomach to save themselves

6684dc  No.12137410


Protesting in the streets AGAINST being invaded by hostile aliens is seen as the equivalent of marching in full natsoc Germany uniforms.

aed189  No.12137488


They already have that in sweden. If you are too mentally unfit you cannot vote.

b6b618  No.12137527


It's hilarious how these cucks thing stonewalling elected officials is going to make them more popular with normies. The boogieman is fading every day.

b2b5ba  No.12137541

File: c03e40fa4716f8b⋯.jpg (78.85 KB, 653x960, 653:960, oberst.jpg)


Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

f17167  No.12137596


make a copy while you can. this is a pretty comprehensive take on ALL the corruption in Swedistan.



3d5f55  No.12137839



Anyone that doesn't parrot the shitlib talking points. Then they're labeled a nazi who promotes hate speech. I'm sure that sounds familiar.

If you question any of their retardation the response is "but goy thats a right wing talking point!". Never acknowledging if that point was true or not.

Ex. The republicuck party is considered far right because they want a wall on the southern border.

7b1d97  No.12137852


>glowing this hard

Redice are cia niggers

b63978  No.12137855


It pretty much is the equivalent. Are you new here?

4394c3  No.12137962

File: 8708748d264aac5⋯.jpg (125.83 KB, 915x952, 915:952, 1459076037412.jpg)


>They already have that in sweden. If you are too mentally unfit you cannot vote.

I can't find anything that says there's a lower limit to how 'low functioning' you would have to be in order to not be allowed to vote. According to what I've found the only requirement is that one is above the age of 18.

>Den senaste svenska rösträttsbegränsningen som togs bort var myndighetskravet som försvann 1989, vilket bland annat innebar att flertalet psykiskt handikappade och utvecklingsstörda fick möjlighet att rösta.

<The latest law prohibiting certain people from voting that got removed was myndighetskravet (not sure of the best translation, basically means that being over the age of 18 but still having a guardian didn't make you a minor for the purposes of voting) which enabled a multitude of mentally handicapped and retarded people to vote.


>Personer med funktionsnedsättning är kanske inte den grupp som tar mest utrymme i den offentliga debatten men till skillnad från i andra länders rättsordningar har denna samhällsgrupp en röst i Sverige.

<People with disabilities might not the the group that takes up most space in the public debate but unlike the situation in other countries, these people have a vote in Sweden.


8d5c4c  No.12139344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Varg Vikernes laying it on the table



beb533  No.12139511

American here. I wonder how much our own country is going to rig the midterms for the DNC. The (((elites))) are getting scared and desperate.

beb533  No.12139543


He probably doesn't get English nuances and he thought crying in that context was more like "crying out" or yelling instead of blubbering.

0baaf4  No.12140106

>Sweden votes for suicide

Congratulations, jews. What a way to start the kosher new year.

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