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File: 239f6e88aad32aa⋯.png (526.94 KB, 662x574, 331:287, Ron Unz 9:11.png)

620ca0  No.12135095



>Unlike the 9/11 attacks themselves, I had closely followed the Anthrax terrorism, and was shocked by the strange silence of the government investigators and our leading newspapers. At the time, I generally assumed that the attacks were totally unconnected with 9/11 and merely opportunistic, but I simply couldn’t understand how a few minutes a day of reading Salon and the Hartford Courant on the web could seemingly solve the front-page whodunit that was baffling everyone at the FBI and the New York Times. It was around that point when I started to wonder whether the elite media publications I had always relied upon were merely “Our American Pravda” under a different name. Moreover, a 2014 book by Prof. Graeme MacQueen that I only very recently discovered has made a reasonably persuasive case that the Anthrax killings were intimately connected to the 9/11 attacks themselves, greatly magnifying the malfeasance of our media elites.

>Moreover, the complete ideological triumph of the Neocons after the 9/11 attacks was all the more shocking given their recent political missteps. During the 2000 presidential campaign, nearly all of the Neocons had aligned themselves with Sen. John McCain, whose battle with Bush for the Republican nomination had eventually turned quite bitter, and as a consequence, they had been almost totally frozen out of high-level appointments. Both Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were then widely regarded as Bush Republicans, lacking any significant Neocon ties, and the same was true for all the other top administration figures such as Colin Powell, Condeleeza Rice, and Paul O’Neil. Indeed, the only Neoconservative figure offered a Cabinet spot was Linda Chavez, and not only was the Labor Department always regarded as something of a boobie prize in a GOP Administration, but she was ultimately forced to withdraw her nomination due to her “nanny problems.” The highest-ranking Neocon serving under Bush was Rumsfeld Deputy Paul Wolfowitz, whose seemingly inconsequential appointment had been almost totally ignored by everyone.

>A thorough account of the Neocons and their takeover of the Bush Administration in the aftermath of 9/11 is provided by Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski in his 2008 book The Transparent Cabal, conveniently available on this website:

>Admittedly, I’d occasionally heard of some considerable oddities regarding the 9/11 attacks here and there, and these certainly raised some suspicions. Most days I would glance at the Antiwar.com front page, and it seemed that some Israeli Mossad agents had been caught while filming that plane attacks in NYC, while a much larger Mossad “art student” spy operation around the country had also been broken up around the same time. Apparently, FoxNews had even broadcast a multi-part series on the latter subject before that expose was scuttled and “disappeared” under ADL pressure.

>Moreover, around that same time I’d stumbled across an astonishing detail of the 9/11 attacks that demonstrated the remarkable depths of my own ignorance. In a Counterpunch article, I’d discovered that immediately following the attacks, their supposed terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden had publicly denied any involvement, even declaring that no good Muslim would have committed such a deed.



620ca0  No.12135099

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>Let us now suppose that the overwhelming weight of evidence is correct, and concur with high-ranking former CIA intelligence analysts, distinguished academics, and experienced professionals that the 9/11 attacks were not what they appeared to be. We recognize the extreme implausibility that three huge skyscrapers in New York City suddenly collapsed at free-fall velocity into their own footprints after just two of them were hit by airplanes, and also that a large civilian jetliner probably did not strike the Pentagon leaving absolutely no wreckage and only a small hole. What actually did happen, and more importantly, who was behind it?

>Although not explicitly endorsing those Truther conspiracies, filmmaker Michael Moore’s leftist box office hit Fahrenheit 9/11 seemed to raise such similar suspicions. His small budget documentary earned an astonishing $220 million by suggesting that the very close business ties between the Bush family, Cheney, the oil companies, and the Saudis were responsible for the Iraq War aftermath of the terrorist attacks, with the domestic crackdown on civil liberties being part-and-parcel of the right-wing Republican agenda.

>Unfortunately, this apparently plausible picture seems to have almost no basis in reality. During the drive to the Iraq War, I read Times articles interviewing numerous top oil men in Texas who expressed total puzzlement at why America was planning the attack, saying that they could only assume that President Bush knew something that they themselves did not. Saudi Arabian leaders were adamantly opposed to an American attack on Iraq, and made every effort to prevent it. Prior to his joining the Bush Administration, Cheney had served as CEO of Halliburton, an oil services giant, and his firm had heavily lobbied for the lifting of U.S. economic sanctions against Iraq. Prof. James Petras, a scholar of strong Marxist leanings, published an excellent 2008 book entitled Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of US Power in which he conclusively demonstrated that Zionist interests rather than those of the oil industry had dominated the Bush Administration in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

>Bush had lost the popular vote in November 2000 and had only reached the White House because of a few dangling chads in Florida and the controversial decision of a deeply divided Supreme Court, so most of the American media regarded his new administration with considerable hostility for those reasons. If the first act of such a newly-sworn presidential team had been directing the CIA or the military to prepare attacks against New York City and the Pentagon, surely those orders would have been regarded as issued by a group of lunatics, and immediately leaked to the hostile national press.

>On the other hand, it does seem entirely plausible that Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other top Bush leaders may have been manipulated into taking certain actions that inadvertently furthered the 9/11 plot, while a few lower-level Bush appointees might have been more directly involved, perhaps even as outright conspirators. But that is not the normal meaning of the “inside job” accusation.

620ca0  No.12135113

>Effective intelligence operations are concealed in a hall of mirrors, often extremely difficult for outsiders to discern, and false-flag terrorist attacks certainly fall into this category. But applying a different metaphor, the complexities of such events may be seen as a Gordian Knot, almost impossible to disentangle, but which may sometimes easily be cut by asking the simple question “Who benefited?”

>During 2000 and most of 2001, America was a peaceful prosperous country, but a certain small Middle Eastern nation had found itself in an increasingly desperate situation. Israel then seemed to be fighting for its life against the massive waves of domestic terrorism that constituted much of the Second Intifada.

>According to many analysts, Ariel Sharon had deliberately provoked that Palestinian uprising in September 2000 by marching to the Temple Mount backed by a thousand armed police, and the resulting violence and polarization of Israeli society had successfully installed him as Prime Minister in early 2001. But once in office, his notoriously harsh measures failed to prevent a wave of continuing attacks, increasingly made by suicide-bombers, and there was a widespread opinion that the violence would soon trigger a huge outflow of Israeli citizens, perhaps producing a death-spiral for the Jewish state. Iraq, Iran, Libya, and other major Muslim powers were supporting the Palestinians with money, rhetoric, and sometimes even weapons, and it appeared that Israeli society was beginning to crumble. I remember hearing from some of my DC friends that numerous Israeli policy experts were suddenly seeking berths at Neocon thinktanks so that they could relocate to America.

>The 9/11 attacks changed everything. Suddenly the world’s sole superpower was fully mobilized against Arab and Muslim terrorist movements, especially those connected with the Middle East. Sharon’s close Neocon political allies in America used the unexpected crisis as an opportunity to seize control of America’s foreign policy and national security apparatus, with an NSA staffer later reporting that Israeli generals freely roamed the halls of the Pentagon without any security controls. Meanwhile, the excuse of preventing domestic terrorism was used to implement newly centralized American police controls that were employed to harass or even shut down various anti-Zionist political organizations. One of the Israeli Mossad agents arrested by the police in New York City as he and his fellows were celebrating the 9/11 attacks and producing a souvenir film of the burning World Trade Center towers told the officers that “Terrorism is now America’s problem.” And so it immediately became.

>General Wesley Clark reported that soon after the 9/11 attacks he was informed that a secret military plan had somehow come into being under which America would attack and destroy seven major Muslim countries over the next few years, including Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Libya, which coincidentally were all of Israel’s strongest regional adversaries and the leading supporters of the Palestinians. As America began to expend enormous oceans of blood and treasure attacking all of Israel’s enemies after 9/11, Israel itself no longer had as much need to do so, and partly as a consequence, almost no other nation in the world has so enormously improved its strategic and economic situation during the last seventeen years, even while a large fraction of the American population has become completely impoverished during that same period and our country burdened with an insurmountable national debt. A parasite can often grow fat even as its host suffers and declines.

620ca0  No.12135118

>The history of military and terrorist attacks is even more striking. One of history’s largest terrorist attacks prior to 9/11 was the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem by Zionist militants dressed as Arabs, which killed 91 people and largely destroyed the structure. In the famous Lavon Affair of 1954, Israeli agents launched a wave of terrorist attacks against Western targets in Egypt, intending to have them blamed on anti-Western Arab groups. In 1950, there are strong claims that Israeli Mossad agents launched a wave of false-flag terrorist bombings against Jewish targets in Baghdad, successfully using those violent methods to help persuade Iraq’s large thousand-year Jewish community to emigrate to the Jewish state. In 1967, Israel launched a deliberate air and sea attack against the U.S.S. Liberty, intending to leave no survivors, and ultimately killing or wounding over 200 American servicemen before word of the attack got out and it was called off.

>This unfortunate conspiracy of silence finally ended in 2009 when Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the US Army War College, stepped forward and publicly declared that the Israeli Mossad had very likely been responsible for the 9/11 attacks, writing a series of columns on the subject, and eventually presenting his views in a number of media interviews, along with additional analyses.

>The late Alan Hart, a very distinguished British broadcast journalist and foreign correspondent, also broke his silence in 2010 and similarly pointed to the Israelis as the likely culprits in the 9/11 attacks, and those interested may wish to listen to his extended interview.

>One of the first writers to explore this topic was journalist Christopher Bollyn, and the details contained in his long series of newspaper articles are often quoted by other researchers. In 2012, he gathered together this material and published it in the form of a book entitled Solving 9-11, thereby making his information on the possible role of the Israeli Mossad in the attacks available to a wider audience. However, his volume severely suffers from the typical lack of resources available to the writers on the political fringe, with very poor organization and frequent repetition of the same points due to its origins in a set of individual articles. So those who purchase it should be forewarned about these severe stylistic weaknesses.

>Probably a much better compendium of the very extensive evidence pointing to the probable Israeli hand behind the 9/11 attacks has been more recently provided by French journalist Laurent Guyénot, both in his 2017 book JFK-9/11: 50 Years of the Deep State and also his 8,500 word article “9/11 was an Israeli Job” that is being published as a companion piece to this one. His background in 9/11 Truth issues vastly exceeds my own very limited investigation of the subject and he provides a far greater wealth of detail than I could possibly include in this simple summary. While I wouldn’t necessarily agree with all his claims and analysis, the overall account is certainly consistent with my own.

620ca0  No.12135120

>We would normally expect that terrorist attacks resulting in the complete destruction of three gigantic office buildings in New York City and an aerial assault on the Pentagon would be an operation of enormous size and scale, involving very considerable organizational infrastructure and manpower. Yet in the aftermath of the attacks, the US government undertook great efforts to locate and arrest the surviving Islamic conspirators, but scarcely managed to find a single one. Apparently, they had all died in the attacks themselves or otherwise simply vanished into thin air.

>But oddly enough, without making much effort at all, the American government did quickly round up and arrest some 200 Israeli Mossad agents, many of whom had been based in exactly the same geographical locations as the purported 19 Arab hijackers. Furthermore, NYC police arrested some of these agents publicly celebrating the 9/11 attacks, while others were caught driving vans in the New York area containing explosives or their residual traces. Most of these Mossad agents refused to answer any questions, and many of those who did failed polygraph tests, but under political pressure all were eventually released and deported back to Israel.

>There is also another fascinating tidbit that I have very rarely seen mentioned. One month after the 9/11 attacks, an Israeli intelligence officer and a local Jewish activist were caught attempting to sneak weapons and explosives into the Mexican Parliament building, a story that naturally produced several banner-headlines in leading Mexican newspapers at the time but which was totally ignored by the American media. Eventually, under massive political pressure, all charges were dropped and the Israeli agent deported back home. I remember first encountering this extremely suspicious incident in the early 2000s on an fringe Hispanic-activist website, and the scanned front pages of the Mexican newspapers reporting the dramatic events were once available elsewhere on the Internet, but after all these years I can no longer easily locate them. The details of this incident are obviously rather fragmentary and perhaps garbled, but certainly quite intriguing.

620ca0  No.12135137

Mossad agents were thwarted from perpetrating a terrorist attack the Congress of Mexico October 2001.







000000  No.12135152

Great article. Thanks, OP.

92c476  No.12135204

File: 7dbe4d83a321317⋯.png (160.89 KB, 1697x1109, 1697:1109, (((Ron Unz))).png.png)


Ron Unz, what a strange sounding name?

Ahh, I see…

86f4e0  No.12135214

File: 86770ddae9deca1⋯.png (432.52 KB, 1573x1343, 1573:1343, Oddities_of_the_Jewish_Rel….png)

File: 108c8ed5f5c6b9c⋯.jpg (154.26 KB, 2048x1302, 1024:651, 1463566240006.jpg)

Ron Unz has been on fire lately.

86f4e0  No.12135218



Everyone knows, or should know, that Unz is Jewish. Lurk more.

a67377  No.12135230



72163c  No.12135234

File: 08a6e141abeac75⋯.jpg (382.48 KB, 1642x1282, 821:641, brain 2.jpg)

a67377  No.12135282


Read the article nigger. The conclusion is that Mossad carried out 9/11. Unz being jewish only helps the message reach the correct audience.

d78c23  No.12135405

giving this a bump; its anti-semitism coming from a jew

f8237b  No.12135468

File: 0d36a2e572a93c8⋯.jpg (56.84 KB, 492x432, 41:36, gj.jpg)

Most of it seems legit. Sadly the article starts with partially false data and dumb appeals to his own authority and how special he is for knowing things. The truth is in the article but it should be repackaged into smaller pieces. It reads like the worlds longest tumblr blog post and looks unappealing to the anon. Namefag e-celeb forming a cult following of plebs for himself. Just separate the truth from there and share it instead of inviting people into some fanclub.

Almost declares himself a messiah.

The word " I " appears over 100 times in his article. There is no I in truth.

7b4183  No.12135529

File: 7618add9a99e80e⋯.jpg (94.08 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, Richard-Nixon-David-Frost.jpg)


When the jew does it, it's not antisemetic.

6dbea5  No.12135535





This is a survival instinct.

The mindful jew seeks to protect themselves from the overt jew by exposing the overt jew as he continues to jew from the shadows.

no good jews

f8237b  No.12135587

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah self preservation is the most probable reason. Too many people already know.

92c476  No.12135670




I'm reading through the article, and he even thinks the the holocaust was probably mostly fraudulent.

Unusual for a Jew to drop that specific redpill.

3c5986  No.12135783

does the jew unz and his website full of other disinfo jews ever actually name the jew? because being slightly anti-israel is meaningless to kikes.

>wesley clark

the thing where he revealed the neocon plan was interesting, but he's still a literal lefty jew.

92c476  No.12135864


This is his article on the holocaust.

He essentially names the Jew in a matter of fact manner, rather than an accusatory manor.


92c476  No.12135875



For examle, from that article:

>Much of this very interesting story is told by Joseph Bendersky, an expert in Holocaust Studies, who devoted ten years of archival research to his 2000 book The “Jewish Threat.” His work chronicles the extremely widespread anti-Semitism found within the U.S. Army and Military Intelligence throughout the first half of the twentieth century, with Jews being widely regarded as posing a serious security risk. The book runs well over 500 pages, but when I consulted the index I found no mention of the Rosenbergs nor Harry Dexter White nor any of the other very numerous Jewish spies revealed by the Venona Decrypts, and the term “Venona” itself is also missing from the index. Reports of the overwhelmingly Jewish leadership of the Russian Bolsheviks are mostly treated as bigotry and paranoia, as are descriptions of the similar ethnic skew of America’s own Communist Party, let alone the heavy financial support of the Bolsheviks by Jewish international bankers. At one point, he dismisses the link between Jews and Communism in Germany by noting that “less than half” of the Communist Party leadership was Jewish; but since fewer than one in a hundred Germans came from that ethnic background, Jews were obviously over-represented among Communist leaders by as much as 5,000%. This seems to typify the sort of dishonesty and innumeracy I have regularly encountered among Jewish Holocaust experts.

7b4183  No.12135876

File: 72672b52adb02b8⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 132x197, 132:197, why are mods so kiked.JPG)

File: 72672b52adb02b8⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 132x197, 132:197, why are mods so kiked.JPG)

File: 72672b52adb02b8⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 132x197, 132:197, why are mods so kiked.JPG)


Who the fuck are these mods?????

92c476  No.12135967




>Both of these simple facts have been widely accepted in America throughout my entire lifetime. But combine them together with the relatively tiny size of worldwide Jewry, around 16 million prior to World War II, and the inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close. And yet, by the astonishing alchemy of Hollywood, the greatest killers of the last one hundred years have somehow been transmuted into being seen as the greatest victims, a transformation so seemingly implausible that future generations will surely be left gasping in awe.

I'm starting to wonder if this guy is actually jewish or some sort of cryptogoy.

34a34c  No.12135977


Spooks and semites

3878bb  No.12136112

>they still think we'll let some jews live if they sell out their kin

There are no good jews.

3878bb  No.12136121


It only hit that because you cunts keep spamming that slide.

c346fc  No.12136612

File: b107129315443c9⋯.jpg (48.73 KB, 500x351, 500:351, ChertoffjewishAmerican7.jpg)


Agreed. Now it's just damage control for the tribe.

000000  No.12136991


I think it's more like "holy fuck these goyim are stupid, look at the shit they believe!"

48ed7f  No.12137200


He also owned a company that manufactured security body scanners and x-ray machines that were sold to the TSA after 9-11.

0afd7f  No.12137211


Looks like a noseferatu

620ca0  No.12137690

File: dae2af88dfee58c⋯.webm (2.75 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 911 Widower.webm)

662160  No.12141839


So people should put their trust in this Unz rag because he said something you like? Obviously this could never backfire as in Unz, one day, starts including some subversive poison amongst his articles, and since so many goy trust him now, thanks to people like you, the readership happily laps up whatever shit he says.

fmd, it's no wonder these hebes dominate us so easily

3e8556  No.12141904


That doggo just knows that the guy will snap.

f4b683  No.12142041



9cb04e  No.12143158

File: b4cc548ca5f0ae3⋯.jpg (131.18 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, jews911PrimeMinisterGladFo….jpg)


The bullshit intro about hispanic crime rates is fucking retarded and 8 years out of date to boot. He's full of shit and toots his own horn about that, constantly fillating himself in how smart he was and how dumb his peers were.

Even a year later it is disproven completely - http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2011/05/25/california-the-color-of-crime/

It's far worse in 2018 numbers, but he still links back to his own article and brags about being so right about everything when he's fucking lying and outright wrong.

He comes off as pandering to right leaning groups in all his recent articles. I've only read the Holocaust, 9/11, hispanic crime and McCain ones. They all read the same - 'I was a good liberal boy that din know nuffin bout no conspiracies, but while doing my nifty programming article archive work (dont forget to click the link! I'll post it couple times to make sure you remember I do this), I came across X and thought nothing of it. But then I talked to a good friend of mine Y who told me about X and I started looking into it. While I only have a couple weeks of experience reading about it, here's a bunch of links and rewording of these topics from experts and conspiracy people with noteworthy backgrounds. Xseems very obvious to me now and I dont know how the population doesnt know about X."

Every new section is 'but then i remembered this' or 'I vaguely remembered something about it' and so on - its fucking smarmy as fuck and he constantly relates how smart he is, even though he didnt know anything about this stuff - he remembered it all and now that something made him read about it, he obviously knows everything about it. It reeks of intellectual dishonesty despite having many things the audience he is targeting want to hear and many that are true statements (mostly just reworded or directly cited/copy pasted). Gives him air of expertise and unquestionable. The length of the articles also make it difficult to contest any statements with the overly wordy (lots of flavour words/ajectives/adverbs/flowery writing padding wordcounts) and you hear enough of what you want to hear to not question things he glosses over or throws out without quantifying or jumps to a conclusion tha tyou should follow as he drops more info or text dumps.

Reminds me of a Ben Shapiro or Juden Peterstein, though Unz is at least mentioning Israel and Jewish interests. He's just a further right pandering gatekeeping fraud making sure you dont question his authority and expertise because he name drops politicians and letter agency people he "knows". How do you do a 9/11 article and not mention current PM and non-political member at the time predicting 9/11 6 years before it happened or his rise into various minister positions after 9/11?


He makes many statements and expert opinion testimony leading to war on terrorism and other Middle Eastern policy, but never mentioned once in this article? He focuses on the then current PM, but is afraid to mention the actual problem? There's so much worng with his articles and it all gets lost in the sea of actual facts and text dumps and links to 100k word articles by actual sources he rips off or videos he ripped off. It's devoid of actual detail and knowledge and is a fluff piece, but somehow everyone on chans and rightwing are jizzing over his pieces lately. Someone telling you what you want to hear shouldnt lead to accepting everything they say or praising mediocrity because he summarized people that did actual work and posted actual content.

2c5729  No.12143179

d5817c  No.12143210


>I was a good liberal boy that din know nuffin

Exactly the backstory claim made by Kristol; father of the Neocohens.

"A liberal mugged by reality"

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